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=- gMtttW. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS THE Counties of SOUTH WALES, bor- J- dering on England, offer the most valuable and Profitable fields for ADVERTISERS that can be found within the same extent in the empire-if we exclude the great Metropolis, and the rich teeming districts of the ever,productive, the ever-absorbing NORTH. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, ^ith their large population, commercial enterprise, and "pidHy-increasing wealth, are, unquestionably, COUNTIES to which Advertisers may look with confidence for an return for any outlay they may incur, in pushiDg their several interests, with a view to large and produc- tive sales, &c. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN, LAMOItGANSHIRE AND BRECON SILURIAN, ND SOUTH WALES ADVERTISER, haa been for more than a quarter of a century, the GREAT ADVERTISING MEDIUM OF THE DISTRICT. Advertisers desirous of availing themselves of the pub- licity of its columns, are requested to address the Publisher, Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, NEWPORT, MoN- MOUTHSHIBE. Advertisements inserted on a Moderate Scale; and when 4 Contracted for by the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, the terms are proportionately reduced. NEWSPAPER CIRCULATION. PAPEP- EXTRACT FROM THE LAST ANNUAL STAMP RETURN; ISSUED—ending 31st December, 1854 :— 1814 weekly ■Loos. Average. MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN 110,425 2124 CAMBRIAN 79,000 1519 Star of Gwent 76,100 1463 Merthyr GUARDIAN 61,500 1163 Swansea Herald. 58,250 1120 MONMOUTHSHIRE Beacon 36,500 702 SILURIAN 35,375 661 .s. At the close of the year 1855, the circulation of the Silurian was added to that of the MERLIN. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE + IfUrlitt lieiteral printing (fffiw, 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. <BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &c. EDW ARD OSTLE R, (From Finigan's, Bath) PERFUMER, HAIR DRESSER, ■< ■ WIQ MAKER, an HAIR DYER, rntNT FLOOR, 173, COMMERCIAL-STREET, (Three Doors from the Westgate Hotel), NEWPORT, MON. [1010 WOOLLENS I WOOLLENS!! TEWIS AND KERR L keep the Largest Stock of CLOTHS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS in Newport. CROCKETT'S PATENT^LEATHER CLOTH. CLOTH-HALL, 31, HIGH-STREET. [1125 CIDER! CIDER! J COX begs to tender his sincere thanks # to his numerous friends for their kind patronage, and to inform them that be has just received a Cargo of very Prime Sweet DEVONSHIRE CIDER, and now SELLING at his STORES.—Apply at 31, Lower Cross- Itreet, Newport, Mon. [1371 EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHING-" I HENRY POOLEY AND SON, ] 20, COMMERCIAL-STREET NEWPORT,MON PATENTEES OF THE PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGH-BRIDGES, &c., Suitable for all Commercial, Mining, and Manufacturing Purposes. WORKS AT LIVERPOOL. AGENTS for the SALE of DONKEY-ENGINES < IMPROVED TAPS & VALVES; I PRESSURE GAUGES, and all BRASS MOUNTINGS for Steam Engines.and BOILERS, &c.; AMERICAN VULCANIZED INDIA-RUBBER RFTTING PACKING, HOSE, &c 1 BOLTS, RIVETS! &C.; ^GHI^ETH?E^PRO(5F ^UBBLAFBS?DBTKCTOTT LCKJKS^S. THE FRANKLIN PATENT GAS REGULATOR. CAOUTCHOUC HOUSE, 14, CORN-FTREET, BRISTOL, AUGUST 14th, 1857. "VTTE beg to inform Boot and Shoemakers, V V Wholesale Buyers, and the Public, that we have Just received our first consignments of LADIES' GENTLEMEN'S. AND CHILDREN'S OVERSHOES, Of French and American Manufacture, for this season The quality is excellent. The fittings are high, medium and low. THE LADIES SLIPPER OVERSHOES are exceedingly neat and light prices low. JOB LOTS Of last season's Overshoes, at less than half price. Samples and Prices forwarded on application to- BEESLEY AND HEYES, IMPORTERS OF OVERSHOES, 14, CORN-STREET (OPPOSITE THE OLD BANK), BRISTOL, [1226 IV/TR CHARLES HENRY TASKER, THEPIIHF?TOKTE.ST P*UL' N,WI»RT. OF RESIDENCE—DRAYTON VILLA, MAINDEE. [IQQQ WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLEN FIELD PATENT STAPPW SEE THAT YOU GET XT H As inferior kinds are often substituted. [1027 TO CO NT R ACTO R S7 B UILDERS WHEELWRIGHTS, & THE GENERAL PUBLIC MR. JOHN THOMAS, Usk Timber-yard, east-side of Newport Dock, begs to draw special attention to his large Stock of SLEEPERS. FENCING STUFF, ASH and ELM TIMBER (,he Elm of large dimensions), ASH and ELM PLANK and BOARDS SPOKES FELLOES STOCKS. HBLVES.dHURDLES: (5 BARRED)* TRENAIL PINS, SCAFFOLDING POLES &c., all of which are constantly on hand, at reasonable Prices. N B.—Powerful and convenient Cranage for ^°ods on Trucks. [1634 ° 1 IMPORTANT. you want to BORROW MONEY, at a 16 T)CVAP aml Easy Rate, go to Mr. WM. WILLIAMS, an'^ whiSireet' ^ewP°rt» Mon., and Insure your Life, up to i-9 ^curity» y°u can have any amount from £ 50 r3?Ptt7abl° Half-yeaxly Instalments in n> with iRterwt at 5 per cent, [1313 QMttW*. C, MILNES, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, BEGS to apprise his friends that his Stock, adapted for the present season, is now ready j he respectfully solicits an early call. Newport, Oct., 1857. STRAW HATS, OF every SHAPE and DESIGN, at the MAKERS, CALDICOTT'S, (Late Michael's), OPPOSITE THE WES TGA TE HOTEL, NEWPORT, (Established 1828.) Cleaning, Dyeing, and Altering. [1268 R. MATTHEWS and CO., TEA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT. A large and well-selected Stock on Sale; good quality sombined with moderation in prices. [5 JAMES LEACH, Wholesale and Retail BEDDING, BEDSTEAD, GLASS, and CABINET MART, 117, Commercial-street, Newport. Every descrip- ion of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, French, Arabian, Four- ost, and Canopy Bedsteads, in Birch, Mahogany, Wal- at, and Painted Woods. Furniture bought, or taken in exchange, to any amount. [1111 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, PABK- STEEET, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last ten years) at NEWPORT, the first WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following THURSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to to his Profession. Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as follows :— NEWPORT-At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial- street—Wednesday, October 7th. CARDIFF—Mrs. Williams, No. 64, Crockherbtown— Thursday, October 8th. [863 [A CARD.] MR. R. N. OSBORNE, SU BOEON-DENTIST, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. r ol At Mr. EWINS'S, Hair-dresser, High-street, Cardiff, every MONDAY. [1127 LENFIELD PATENT STARCH USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, And pronounced by HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS, to be THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. Sold by all Chandlers, Grocers, &c., &c. [1027 RAIN, BARREL FLOUR, OATMEAL, U INDIAN CORN, RICE MEAL.—G. W. FOWLER. 11, DBURY t, Liverpool. [IDA URPHY'S IIMPROVFD BOLTS and NUTS for FISHING PLATES, and all Varie- ties of Machinery. Warranted not to Work Loose.- Apply to JAMES MURPHY, ENGINEER, RAILWAY WORKS, Newport, Mon. 1166 THE ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, ENGINEERS, BOILER-MAKERS, AND RAILWAY WAGON BUILDERS, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. N.B.—Switches. Points, and Crossings, Railway Iron Work, and General Repairs. [1098 —" iipn| FIRE! y ■Pyg ♦ •( \f] THIEVES!! rTT^ Jn <. i ti FIRE!! IT is a well known fact that thousands upon thousands are annually lost in not having a fire-proof Safe; an opportunity now offers to secure second-hand Safes' by the most eminent makers, at nearly half the original cost. Warranted to be sound and perfect in every respect, and quite equal to new. Price of Safe, 24 height 18 width, ahd 16 depth, 23 10s. Gentlemen in search of any descriptions of Fire-proof Repositories, are respectfully requested to apply to C. W. jRIFFITtiS, 191, Whitechapel Road, London, near Mile- 6nd Gate. [1107 CARDIFF DEPOT OF PREPARED JOINERS WORK. MESSRS. JAMES & PRICE have for SALE Skirtings, Mouldings, Architraves, Sash-Bars, Wood Cornices, Door Jambs, Angle Beads, Doors, Sashes, and ill kinds of Joiner's Work. Prices sent on application, of which the following will rive an idea—1^ inch 4 Panel Doors 6d. per foot, lj inch Bead and Butt Doors 8 £ d. per foot; 2 inch Doors, Moulded both sides, lid. per foot; 14 inch Sashes and Frames, with Deal Castings, Baltic sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared bo bang double, at 9d. per foot; 7 inch Torus Skirting 12s. per 10J feet. The work guaranteed of the best quality. Messrs. JAMES & PRICE are the Cardiff Agents for Messrs. Henry Doulton & Co.. and have a large quantity of Doulton's Drain Pipes, Closet Pans, Filters, &c always in Stock. Roman and Portland Cement, Croggan's Roofing Felt, Caen Stone, Bath Stone, Forest Stone, and all kinds of Building Materials constantly on Sale. Tenders supplied for Asphalting Garden Walks and House Floors, Apply to Messrs. JAMES & PRICE, Builders, &c., Cardiff. 11463 £1,000 IN CASE OF DEATH. A FIXED ALLOWANCE OF £ 6 PER WEEK, IN THE EVENT OF INJURY BY ACCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, may be secured by an Annual Payment of £ 3'for a Policy in the RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY. Smaller amounts may be secured by proportionate payments. NO CHARGE FOR STAMP DUTY. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS ALONE may be insured against by the Journey or by the year, at all the principal Railway Stations, where also Forms of Proposal and Prospectuses may be had-and of the Provincial Agents -and at the Head Office, London. N.B -The us,fulness of this Company is shown by the sum paid as Compensation for Accidents, 222,722. Poilwav PasscD^ors A.ssux £ inc6 Conipmy} Offices, 3, Old Broad-street, E.S. fll^ HARVEY'S SAUCE.—The admirers of this celebrated Fish-Sauce ^^P^t^iLKefrfthe observe that none is genuine but that which Dears tne name of WILLIAM LAZENBY on the back of each bottle, in addition to the front label used so many years, add signed ELIZABETH LAZENBY. 17 LAZENBY & SON'S ESSENCE OF -ANCHOVIES continues to bo prepared with that Afonl foare which has rendered it so universally esteemed. Zn}y at their old-established Fish-Sauce Warehouse, 6, Edwards-Street, Portman-Square, LondoD. [1490 TENNENSAND BETT RIDGE, O PAPIER MACHE QMANUFACTERERS TO THE QUBEN Beg to annonuce that, in consequence of an altera- tion in their firm, they are now SELLING at greatly Rednced Prices, a considerable portion of tTioir superior STOCK, of PAPIER MAC HE GOODS consisting of tea-trays* tables, chairs, desks, inkstands', &c-.—6, Halkin-atreet, West,,Belgrave-square, LONDON! and BIRMINGHAM.. [16ia A.ddrtooto. I DUCK AND COMPANY, TEA DEALERS AND COFFEE MERCHANTS, UNITY STREET, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL, BEG respectfully to inform Families that they will be supplied from their Establishment with Pure and Unadulterated TEAS, COFFEES, of the finest growth, also COCOAS, and all kinds of the finest qualities of SPICES, at WHOLESALE PRICES. [1675 DRESSING FOR SEED WHEAT. THE FARMERS TRUE FRIEND, is a complete cure for Smut, or Black Head, stimulates the growth of the Seed, and is sold in Packets only, One Shilling each, sufficient to use with Six Bushels of Seed, and make it fit for sowing in Ten Minutes. Prepared only by RICHARD HALL, CHEMIST, BRECON. AGENTS: Mr. W. H. WEATHERBY, Seedsman, Builth. Mr. R. HARRIS, Chemist, Crickhowell. Mr. C. GIBSON, Castle-street, Hay. Mr. S. GRIFFITHS, Chemist, Llandovery. Mr. C. SPENOER, Chemist, Monmouth. Mr. J. WATKINS, Chemist, Abergavenny. Mr. R. M. DAVIES, Chemist, Caermarthen. Mr. J. THOMAS, Chemist, Cow bridge: Mr. J. COLEMAN, Chemist, Cardiff. Mrs. S. THOMAS, Corn Merchant, Bridgend. From whom may be obtained testimonials favourable to this preparation. [1682 ALL Persons having any CLAIM on the ESTATE of RICHARD TREDWEN, lateof Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, Shipbuilder, who died on the 3rd day of June, 1857, are requested to send particulars thereof to me the undersigned. And all Persons INDEBTED to the said Estate are requested to pay the amount of their respective Debts to me without delay. THOS. DALTON, acting for the Executors. 6, Working-street, Cardiff, Sept. 15, 1857. [1679 JW. BENSON'S • WATCH AND CLOCK MANUFACTORIES, 33 & 34, LUDGATE HILL; 47 & 63, CORNHILL, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1749. It is absolutely nGCessary before you buy a Watch, that you should send for Pam- phlet (enclose two postage contains nu- merous and prices, and information as to what Watch to Buy, where to Buy it, and How to Use it. In fact. no ought to buy a Watch until he has first consulted this Pamphlet, which will perso s in any part of the N;orld to select a Watch adapted to their use, thus saving the trouble and ex- =Of a Persor-al visit to n. Gold Watches Z4 4s. to 100 Guineas. Silver Watches £29. 2s. to 50 Gui neas. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS ON BENSON'S WATCHES Perfection of mechanisn."—Morning Post. "Excellence of design, and perfection in workmanship."— Morning Chronicle. The qualities of his manufacture stand second to none." Morning Advertiser. All that can be desired in finish, taste, and design. Globe. "The Watches here exhibited surpass those of any other English manufacturer."—Obseruer. The Morning Herald, Sun, «a< Mnwwin BttW inwn baa»-testimony fo fh» feeaijty, filu&b. ui excellency af timaa celebrated Watches.. A two years' .warranty with each Wirtoh, and sent, carriage paid, to any part of England, Scotland, Ire- la-'d, or Wales, on receipt of Post Office or Banker's Order. —Benson's Indian Watch, made expressly for India, i silver cases, 10, 15, and 20 ^Guineas; in gold cases, at 20,30, and 40 Guineas. Merchants ^shippers, and watch-clubs supplied.- J. W. BENSON, 33 ana 34, Ludgate Hill and at 47 and 63, Cornhill. Establishe 1749 ll658 DR. DE JONGH'S LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by eminent Medical Men as the most speedy and effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, DIABETES, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, NEU RALGIA, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, GENERAL DEBILITY, .AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS, CONTAINS iodine, phosphate of lime, volatile fatty acids—in short, all the most active and essential curative properties—in larger quantities than the Pale Oils manufactured in .Great Britain and Newfoundland, mainly deprived of these by their mode of preparation. The well merited celebrity of Dr. de Jongh's Oil is attested by its extensive use in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Italy, by numerous spontaneous testimonials from eminent mem bers of the faculty and scientific chemists of European reputation, and since its introduction into this country, by the marked confi- dence, as well as great success, with which it has been prescribed by medical practitioners. In many instances where other kinds of Cod Liver Oil have been taken with little or no benefit, it has produced most imme- diate relief, arrested disease, and restored health. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS:— A. B. GRANVILLE, ESQ., M.D., F.R.S., Author of The Spas of Germany" The Spas of England," On Sudden Death," &c &c Dr. Granville has used Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil extensively in his practice, and has found it not only effica- cious, but uniform in its qualities. He believes it to be preferable in many respects to Oils sold without the guarantee of such an authority as De Jongh. DR. GRANVILLE HAS FOUND THAT THIS PARTICULAR KIND PRODUCES THE DESIRED EFFECT IX A SHORTER TIME THAN OTHERS, AND THAT IT DOES NOT CAUSE THE NAUSEA AND INDIGESTION TOO OFTEX CONSEQUENT ON THE ADMINISTRA- TION OF THE PALE NEWFOUNDLAND OILS. The Oil being, more- over, much more palatable, Dr. Granville's patients have them- selves expressed a preference for Dr. de Jongh's Li"lit-Brown Cod Liver Oil. ° CHARLES COWAN, Esq, M.D.,i.L.R C S.E Senior Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Consulting Phy- sician to the Beading Dispensary, Translator of Louis on Phthisis," d-c. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that the Profession has some rea- sonable guarantee for a .genuine, article. The material now sold vanes in almost every establishment where it is purchased and a tendency to prefer a colourless and tasteless Oil, if not coun- teracted, will ultimately jeopardize the reputation of an un- questionably valuable addition to the Materia Medica. Dr Cowan wishes Dr.. DE JOXGU every success in his meritorious undertaking.' C. RADCLYFFE HALL, ESQ., MD, F.R.C.P.E., Physician to the Torquay Hospital for Consumption, Torquay, Author of Essays on Pulmonary Tubercle," &c. "I have no hesitation in saying that J generally prefer your Cod Liver Oil for the following reasons:—I have found it to agree better with the digestive organs, especially in those pa- tients who consider themselves to be bilious; it seldom causes r nausea or eructation; it is more palatable to most patients than the other kinds of Cod Liver Oil; it is stronger, and consequently a smaller dose is sufficient." Sold ONLY in IMPERIAL Half-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s. 9d Quarts, 9s., capsuled, and labelled with DR. DE JONGH'S Stamp and Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and CO., sole British Consignees, 77, Strand London, W.C.: and by many respectable Chemists and Druggists 0" Proposed substitutions of other kinds of Cod Liver Oil should be strenuously resisted, as they proceed from interested motives, and will result in disappointment to the purchaser. 11616 Wtm. OTTERY ST. MARY SCHOOL DEVON. ESTABLISHED 1845. WILLIAM R E E D-Pritlcipal, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS; Six Years Resident Head Assistant Maslel. at the late Great School at Summer-Hill, Bristol. The Educational course embraces the Greek, Latin, English, and French Languages Euclid's Elements of Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Navigation. Land Surveying, &c.; Geography, History, Arithmetic, and Writing. In short, the System includes a sound scientific and liberal Education in accordance with the present ad- vanced state of Society. Ottery St. Mary is situated near the banks of the river whence it derives its name, in one of the most delightful localities of Devon, and seems from its position expressly destined to attract the admiration of the genuine lover of nature. For the important purposes of Education the favouring circumstances of its situation, as well as its unrivalled salubrity, and its seclusion from every external influence of a deteriorating nature, constitute attractions of no or- "^Tlie Premises have been devoted to Educational pur- poses for nearly forty years, and the Establishment is re- plete with every convenience for the accommodation of the "kiSSSI'ReefereSis'win be given to Gentlemen resid- injj in Monmouihshire, Glamorganshire, &c., whose Sons are HOW in the School; and Terms andfurther part.cu- may beknowa on api&eaiiott to twrrmoq* (13&0 §totiwg. REGISTRATION OF VOTERS. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that WILLIAM FENTON FLETCHER BOUGHEY, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, having been duly appointed to Revise the List of Voters, in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Monmouth, will make a cir- cuit of the said County, and hold Courts for that purpose, at the places and times, and for the several Parishes, Townships, and Places undermentioned, that is to say, at CHEPSTOW. At the BEAUFORT ÅRMS HOTEL, on Friday, the second day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Caerwent and Criok Moanton Chapel Hill Newcburch East Chep9t0 mand Hardwiclc Pen terry Dinhaai, ■ Portskewitt Howick Saint Arvans and Hamlet of Itton Portcasseg Kilgwrrwg St. Pierre and Runstone Llanvair Discoed Shirenewton Mathern MAGOR. At the WHEAT SHEAF INN, on FRIDAY, the second day of October next, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, for Bishton" Llanvihangel Roggiett Caldicot Magor Goldcliff Penhow If ton Red wick Llangstone and Llanbedar Roggiett Llanmartin and Llandevaud Saint Brides Netherwent Llanwem Undy Llandevenny wilcrick Llanvaches Whitson NEWPORT. At the ToWN HALL, on SATURDAY, the third day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, for Bettws Nash Caerleon Borough of Newport Christchurch Risca Henllis Rogerstone Mal pas St. Woollos CASTLETOWN. At the COACH AND HORSES INN, on SATURDAY, the third day of October next, at Two o'clock in the after- noon, for Coedkernew Micbaelstone-y-vedw Duffryn Peterstone Graig Rumney Machen Upper St. Brides Machen Lower St. Mellous Marshfleld NEWBRIDGE. At the NEWBRIDGE INN, on TUESDAY, the sixth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Aberystruth Llmhilleth and Monythus- Bedwas Upper loyne, including Hamlets Bad was Lower of Clawrplwyff Mynyddmaen Penmaen TREDEGAR. At the TitSDEGAit ARMS INN, on TUESDAY, the sixth day of October next, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, for Bedwelty, including the Uchlawrcoed and Hamlets of Iahlawrcoed Mammoel CROSS-Y-CEILOG. At the UPPER COCK INN, on WEDNESDAY, the seventh day of October next, at half-past Three o'clock in the afternoon, for Lkngattock-j uxta-Caerleon Llanvrecliva Upper Llanthewy Vach Llanvrechva Lower Llan vihangel.Llan tarna m PONTYPOOL. At the CBCWtf INN, on WEDNESDAY, the seventh day of October oext, at Two o'olook in the afternoon, for Llanvib^Dgsl pgntymone PanteagU8 -Mamhilaa Trevetnin USK. At the TOWN-HALL, on THURSDAY, the eighth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Bettws Newydd Llangwm-Isha Glascoed Llangwm-Ucha Goytrey Llanhennock Gwebelog Llanllowell Gwernesney Llantrissent Kemeys Commander Monkswood Keiueys Inferior N ewchurch West Llanbaddock Tredunnock Llandegveth Trostrey Llangeview jJsk Llangibby Wolvesnewton RAGLAN. At the BEAUFORT ARMS INN, on THURSDAY, the eighth day of October next, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, for Bryngwyn Llansaintfraed Clytha Penrose Llangoven Pen-y-clawdd Llandenny Raglan Llansoy Tregare Llanarth ABERGAVENNY. At the CYMREIGTDDION HALL, on FRIDAY, the ninth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Abergavenny, including the Llanvapley Hamlets of Hard wick and Llanvair Kilgedin Lloynddee Llan vih angel- n i gh- Usk Bwlch Irewyji Llanwenarth Citra Cwmyoy Upper Llanwenarth-Ultra Cwmyoy Lower Llantilio Pertholey (citra Llanellen and ultra) Llanfoist Llanthewy Skirrid Llangattock-nigh-Usk Llanvihangel Crucorney, in- Llanover Upper cluding the Hamlet of Llanover Lower Penbiddle Llanthewy Rytherch Oldcustle CROSS ASH. At the NEW INN, on FRIDAY, the ninth day of October next, at Turee o'clock iu the afternoon, for Grosmont Llantillio Crosseny Llangattock Lingoed Llanvibangel-yestern-lewern Llangua Skenfrith Llanvetherine MONMOUTH. At the SHIRE HALL, on SATURDAY, the tenth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Dingeslow and Hamlet of Monmouth Treworgan Penalt Dixtoa Rockfield Llangattock-vibon-avel Saint Maugbana Mitchel Troy Wonastow TFIELLEUK. At the CROWN INN, on SATURDAY, the tenth day of October next, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, for Cwmcarvan Tintern Purva Llandogo Trelleck Grange Llanishen Trelleck Parish Llanvihangel Torymynydd Trelleck Town And for all other Parishes, Townships, and Places in the said county, if any omitted in the above notice. MEMORANDUM,—It is requested that those Overseers who have not already sent their lists to the Clerk of the Peace, will IMMEDIATELY send them, together with a Copy of the List of Persons objected to. The punctual attendance of Overseers at the time fixed, is required. All Overseers are required to bring with them to the Revising Barrister's Court, the several Notices of Claims of Voters, and all Notices of Objections to Voters sent or delivered to them and all bills, receipts, and vouchers for expenses incurred by them, must be produced to the Revising Barrister. N.B. Wilful neglect of duty in any particular required or set forth in the Act of 6, Victoria, cap 18, will subject an Overseer o a fine of not exceeding five pounds, nor less than twenty shillings. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, September 22nd, 1857. [1696 npIIE DIRECTORS OF THE LONDON JL WINE COMPANY (LIMITED) have decided upon despatching a gentleman, of very great experience, to the Vineyards of CHAMPAGNE, BURGUNDY, and the BOR- DEAUX Districts, for the purpose of selecting Pure Wines at moderate prices. The Public are respectfully info) med that the Directors will undertake the execution of orders from a dozen case upwards. The packages can be marked with the name and address of the purchaser, and forwarded direct from the places of growth. The Directors will un- dertake to deliver, at a saving of at least from 12s. to 15s. per dozen on the prices usually charged by retail mer. chants, the following Wines, via. Sparkling, creamine or still CHAMPAGNE, red and white BURGUNDY red and white HERMITAGE, CLARETS of tlio diffeient Growths SAUTERNE, LARSAC^ and CHABLIS. The Directors ha^ received the fullest information respecting the coming Vintage iu France, and tOey have every reason to believe *-° offer CHAMPAGNE at from 4«Js. 6d. to GJS. per dozen, CLARETS at from 30s. to 72s., according to quality. The other descriptions mentioned can be supplied at equally low prices. By order of the Directors, HENRY ROBERTSON, MANAGER. 43 and 44, Lime-street, E.C., and ri/w> 1, PriacM-jitreet, Regent-street,, W» UWg NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next 1 General Quarter Sessions of the Peace far the County of Monmoutlt, will be held at the Town Half, in Usk, on MONDAY, the 19th day of October, 1857, and that the Court will sit at half-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and immediately proceed to administer the oaths to Magistrates and other persons desirous of qualifying for office. The Court will then proceed with all business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County Stock or Rate, or any Fund or Funds used or applied in aid thereof, and make orders for payments, aMI consider and direct the general business of the county. All bills and demands relating to the public expenditure of the county, must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace, fourteen days before the Sessions, and all Appeals and Traverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, before twelve o'clock at noon on the second day of the sessions. At half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, 1857, the Grand and Petty Juries wilt be called over, and are to answer to their names, or in default, they will be fined; and all persons bound by recognizances are to attend, as the Court will proceed to try appeals, indict- ments for felonies, and traverses, and transact the other business of the sessions. All convictions and recognizances, and all informations and depositions, must be delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace three clear days previous to tJie Sessions. All costs allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, September 23rd, 1857. [1-694 COUNTY POLICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace, to be holden at Usk, in and for the County of Monmouth, on MONDAY, the 19th day of October next, and at One of the clock in the afternoon of the said day, a MOTION will be made to the said Court that the present number of POLICE CONSTABLES appointed for the said county, pursuant to the Acts 2 and 3 Vic., c. 93, 3 and 4 Vic., c. 88, and 19 and 20 Vic., c. 69, some or one of them, be increased. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, Sept. 23rd, 1857. [1695 BRECONSHIRE SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next GENE- RAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County of Brecon, will be held at the Shire Hall, in Brecon, in and for the said county, on TUESDAY, the 20th day of October next, at Eleven o' clock in the Forenoon. At Twelve o'clock at Noon, the business relat- ing to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Rate or Stock, will commence. The Court will also order and make a Police Rate, under the provisions of the 19th and 20th Victoria, c. 69, and of the several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be ready in Court, to answer to their names, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, on the above-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Respondents must also attend. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Wit. nesses, must attend on Wednesday, the 21st day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. .Depositions muse be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace seven clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases arising subsequently, immediately upon being taken. AND NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having claims upon the County, must attend, with their Acssunis, before the Visiting Magistrates to the Goal, &-the Shire Hall, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 13<A day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several Accounts will be audited-A lid that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County, must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwards be allowed. And further, that all Appeals and Traverses for Trial must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sit- ting of the Court, at Fleven o'clock on Tuesday. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Peace. Brecon, 22nd September, 1857. [1699 Mnsrance RP H E ROYAL FARMERS J AGRICULTURAL AND COMMERCIAL IN- SURANCE COMPANY, 3, NORFOLK-STREET, STRAND, LONDON. FIRE INSURANCE on every description of property on ti-rms as moderate as any other well-establiahed Office. No CHARGE for New Fire Policies if for JE300 and up- wards, or if removed from other Offices to favour this Company. HAIL INSURANCE.- The BONUS allowed in the year 1856, was upwards of 6J per cent. on Insurances of Five years' duration. LOSSES promptly and liberally settled. LIFE POLICIES pa) able to the Registered Holders, by which much inconvenience and expense is prevented. BONUSES GUARANTEED, and therefore secured to the Assured, irrespective of the profits of the Office. Insurers in 1857 will be entille(i to participate in the Bonus to be declared on the profits to the 31st of December, 1858. No CHARGE for Life Policy Stamps. ADDITIONAL AGENTS wanted. Application to be made to JOHN REDDISH, Secretary and Actuary. THE RENEWAL RECEIPTS for the Michaelmas Quarter are uow in the hands of the following AGENTS. NEWPORT J. D. PAIN, Esq., Solicitor, Dock-street. MONMOUTH .Mr. W. Metoalf, Surveyor. ABERGAVENNY..Cornelius Lloyd, Esq., Solicitor. CHEPSTOW .Mr. John Morris, Abbey Tintern. CYM CELYN.Mr. W. Roberts, Blaina. USK Mr. Jas. H. Clark, Printer and Bookseller. f 166f) PHCENIX FIRE ASSURANCE COM- PANY, Lombard-street and Charing-cross, London. Established in 1782 TRUSTEES AND DIRECTORS. Decimus Burt n, Esq. James Home, Esq. Octavius Edward Coope, Esq. William James Lancaster, William Cotton, Esq. Esq. John Davies, Esq. John Dorien Magens, Esq. George Holgate Foster, Esq. John Masterman, Esq. George Arthur Fuller, Esq. John Timothy Oxley, Esq. Charles Emanuel Goodhart, George Stanley Repfcon, Esq. Esq.* Benjamin Shaw, Esq. James Alexander Gordon, William James Thompson, Esq. Esq. Henry Grace, Esq. Matthew Whiting, Esq. Kirkman D. Hodgson, Esq Francis Wilson, Esq. M.P. AUDITORS. John Hodgson, Esq. I Peter Martineau, Esq. Henry Heyman Toulmin, Esq. SECRETARIES. Wilmer Harris, Esq. George William Lovell Esq. ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR. John Shaw, Esq. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Dawes and Sons, Angel Court pJ^xanCo,rpgAvv1 L°SS bj *?re a'e eff<*ted by the PHO.NIX COMPANY upon every description of Property in eVpJrww ? ° 0n ^'le most favourable terms. Persons insuring with the PH(EN'IX COMPANY are not liable to make good the Losses of others, as is the case in some offices. Insurances with this Company expiring at Michaelmas, must be renewed within fifteen days thereafter, or they will become Void.. Receipts are now ready at the principal Offices, Lom- bard-street and Charing-cross, and w.th the respective Agents ^NMOUTHSHIRE. NKVPOKI-COBNELIDS EVANS FT SON, AGTAJJM n Birf.Esq solicitor; Mr. David W. Jones, Cardiff -\y. H. Fuller, cashier of National and ABERGAVENIW provincial BANK. Chepstow—Messrs. Baldwyn and Morgan, solicitors. Monmouth—Mr. Charles Hough, bookseller and stationer. Pontypool— Mr. John Philpot, estate agent. Pontypridd—Vacant. Usk—Michael Davies, Esq solicitor. New Radnor—Vacant. Preateign-Mr. H. M. Jones, printer and bookseller. Merthyr Tydfil—Mr. John Edwards, gentleman. Cwm Avon, Aberavon, and Taj bach—Mr, Edward J. JJurgesa, at the Iron Works, [1697 i«sura«« Notices. ESTABLISHED 180(>. BOUNTY FIR Ro F FICE OUNTY FIRE, OFFICE 50, REGENT STREET, LONDON CAPITAL, £ 400,OOI). RETURNS PAID TO Potr<rr HOLDER'S, £ 21&X)0. Policy-holders are repectfully informed that the Michael- mas Renewals are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company, and should be paid before the 14th of October. Farming Stock and Implements 4S. per cent. No extra. Charge for Thrashing by Steam. The PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, established in the same Year and under the same Management, has been eminently successful. POLICY HOLDERS' CAPITAL, £ 1,307,921. ANNUAL INCOME, £169,290. BONUSES DECLABED, £960,000. Claims paid since the Establishment of the Office. £2,573,523. AGENTS FOR NEWPORT AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. NEWPORT W. DANIIT. Abergavenny JN<K Brecon M r. T. Evans. Carmarthen and Pembroke Mr. W Hulm. Haverfordwest MR< J. Saies. Hereford .1!.lr. C. Bennett. Monmouth Mr. E. Richards. Swansea .Mr. J. Hore. [1693 UARDIAN FIRE & LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. No. 11, Lombard-street, London, E.G. DIRECTORS. HENRY HULSE BERENS, Esq., Chairman. JOHN G. HUBBARD, Esq., Deputy Chairman. John Dixon, Eaq. John Martin, Esq., M.P. Francis Hart Dyke, Esq. Rowland Mitchell, Esq. Sir W. M. T. Farquhar.Bt., James Morris, Esq. MP. Henry Norman. Esq. Sir Walter R. Farquhar, Bt. Henry R. Reynolds, Esq. ThomsonHankey,Esq.,M.P. Sir Godfrey J. Thomas, John Harvey, Esq. Bart. John Labouchere, Esq. John Thornton, Esq. John Loch, EilCJ. James Tulloch, Esq. Stewart Marjonbanks, Esq. Henry Vigne, Esq. AUDITORS. A. W. Robarts, Esq. Henry Sykes Thornton, Esq. Lewis Loyd, jun., Esq. | John Henry Smith, Esq. Geo. Keys, Esq. Secretary. Samuel Brown, Esq., Actuary. LIFE DEPARTMENT.—Under the Pro- visions of an Act of Parliament, this Company now offers to future Insurers FOUR-FIFTHS OF THE PROFITS WITH QUINQUENNIAL DIVISION, OR A Low RAT* OF PREMIUM without participation of Profits. The next Division of Profits will be declared iu June. 1860, when all Participating Policies which shall have subsisted at least one year at Christmas, 1859, will be allowed to share in the Profits. At the Five Divisions of Profits made by this Company, the total Reversionary Bonuses added to TIE Policies have exceeded £ 913,000. At the last valuation, at Christmas, 1854, the Amu. rances in force amounted to upwards of J64,240,000, the Income from the Life Branch in 1854 was more than £200,000, and the Life Assurance Fund (independent of the Guarantee Capital) exceeded £ 1,700,000. FOREIGN RISKS.-The Extra Premiums required for the East and West Indies, the British Colonies, and the northern parts of the United States of America, have BEN materially reduced. INVALID LIVES.—Persons who are not in such sound health as would enable them to insure their Lives at the Tabular Premiums, may have their Lives insured at Extra Premiums. LOANS granted on Life Policies to the extent of their values, provided such Policies shall have been effected A sufficient time to have attained in each case a value not under £50. ASSIGNMENTS OF POLIOIES.-Written notices of re- ceived and registered. MEDICAL FEES paid by the Company, and no oharaa will be made for Policy Stamps. B NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Fire Policies which expiro at Michaelmas must be renewed within fifteen days at this Office, or with the Company's Agents throughout the Kiugdom, otherwise they become void. Losses caused by Explosion of Gas are admitted by this Company. AGENTS NEWPORT THOMAS WILLIAMS Monmouth Wil TM Wanklyn. Abergavenny James Gosden. CARDIFF GROVER. WEST OF ENGLAND FIRE AND W LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ESTABLISHED AT EXETER, 1807. Office for the Metropol is, 20, BRIDGE-STREET, Blackfriars. EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT CAPITAL, 2600,000. TRUSTEES Right Hon Earl Fortescue. I Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. Right Hon. Earl Morley. Edward Divett, Esq., M.P. Right Hon. Lord Clifford. | Samuel T. Kekewich, Esq LIFE INSURANCES. This company offers to the Public, besides the security of an ample paid-up Capital, a Bonus of 81 per Cent., or four-fifths of the Profits to the Assured for £100 and upwards, every successive period of Five Years. The Share of Profits allotted to each Policy may be added to the sum insured, and payable at the death of the Life,-or its present value in cash may be received,-or an equivalent reduction of the future Annual Premium obtained at the option of the assured. At the last DIVISION OF PROFITS for the Five Years ending Christinas, 1852, the REVERSIONARY BONUS declared upon the Policies participating in Four- fifths of the Profits of the Company, ranged BET VEEN TWENTY-FOUR AND FIFTY-FOUR PER CENT., according to age, upon the Premiums paid during the. Five Years. Assurances may be effected at alower rate of Premium, without a participation of profits. Money advanced on the security of Policies of adequate value. Reversions purchased, and Annuities granted. NO CHARGE FOR LIFE POLICY STAMPS. FIRE INSURANCES Are effected by the Company at the usual Reduced Rates, on the various descriptions of risks. The Forms of Proposal, and Prospectuses detailing the advantages of the Company, may be had on application at the Chief Office, or to either of the Company's Agents. WILLIAM CANN, Secretary. CHARLES LEWIS, Actuary. Exeter, September, 1857. N.B.—Agents are required in Towns in which tha Company is not represented. AGENTS. Newport. Mr. David Griffiths. Chepstow Mr. Joseph Daviea Neatli Mr. Thomas Thomr.S. TN O T I C E onty Establishment in. Newport "where NWAINLL \VTTCTAQOR?,!YR0GRAPH PORTRAIT can be obtained W ILL SHORTLY CLOSE. PORTRAITS FROM ONE SHILLING. MRVN Messrs. VILLIERS & ANDREWS, Old Canal Office. High-street. GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND MONMOUTH- SHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. ABERGA VENNY UNION. T the unim^^EDWAKTMUKRELL, 1 • „r the above-named District, do hereby "M I have appointed the Audit of the give NOTL<*> AB9RGAVENNY Union, and of the Parishes contSned (fnd mentioned at the foot of this notice) for the halt-year ended the 29th of September, 1857, to commence on Thursday, t 'ie Fifteenth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, at THA Work- house of the said Union, when and where all persons who by law Are bound to account at such Audit are required to attend, and to submit all Books, Documents Bills and Vouchers, containing or relating to the accounts or to- moneys assessed for, and applicable to, the Relief of the Poor. Dated the Thirtieth day of September 1857 (Signed) EDWARD MURRELL, District Auditor. Parishes comprised in the above-named Union. Abergavenny Llanwenarth Citra Bulch Trewyn Llanfoist Cwmyoy Upper Llansaintfraed Cwmyoy Lower Llanvihangel Juxta Usk Fwthog Llangattock nr. Usk Llanvihangel Crucorney Old Castle Llangattock Lingoed Bryngwyn Llanthewy Skirrid Bettws Newydd Llanvetherine Clytha Llanvapley Llanarth Llanthewy Rytherch Llanover Llantillio Pertholey Llanellen Llaowenartli Ultra LlaaTair KILGODDIII