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A Iisf '°»»L and M. DANCING ACifS wi" Rs-0FE!' <"> Tdes- 1857' I°89 ~yI(jTOBlA PLACE, NEWPORT, MON'. MISS HALL'S Boarding and Hay-school Aril! RE-OPEN" on MONDAY, JANUARY 19th [985 BRYN DERYN VILLA, CHRISTCHURCH. MRS. M. BREWER AND MISS JY.NKINS have the pleasure to announce that their Pupils •<i]i ^e-assemble on MONDAY, the 26th instant. LAD LBS' SCHOOL, >. CIFTON PLACE, NEWPORT, MON. J RS. SIMON ET'S School will RE-OPEN 1 on TUESDAY the 20th inst. K.B. Mr. SIMONNET, Professor of Languages and J>rswin<* attends Schools and Families [991 *\f R.' YO RATH receives Pupils at Lis residence, YORK-STREET, near Stow Church, to instruct in the Classics, Mathematics, and such general :w\\}ç,es of education as constitute a course for public s or professions. "factory References, as to qualifications and assiduous fcfei 1 jn, can be adduced, if required L1011 (C A~NTTL FT A NT> M \TH KM ATI C AL l?i DAY & EVENING SCHOOLS, CROSS HOUSE, Stow IIILL. f" CTKD BY MR. AND MRS. O'BRIEN, AIDED BY MISS AND MASTER O'BRIEN. A dancing Class every Tuesday and Thursday Evening, 1'r n, seven to half-past Nine o'clock. Classes dailv, after the School duties are finished. A ■ w Boarders can be accommodated, who will have the Konefit of all the classes, if so disposed. at for the People's Provident Assurance Society; r the Guarantee of Fidelity in situations of trust. Newport, January, 1857. [930 "HEMATICAL AND COMMERCIAL ACADEMY. XfR. F. H. ROB ARTS begs to announce _i JL to his friends that his School will be Re-Opened o>> Monday, JANUARY 12, 1857. 0,) Monday, JANUARY 12, 1857. i Mr. F. H. Robarts receives a limited number of Boarders. Terms may be had on application at. his resi- dtvj 13, Blewit'-street, or 2, Charle^-ssreef [988 NEVILLE-STREET, A BE HO A VEN Y pHE MISSES PRITCHARD beg to inform their Friends and the Public that their School will PF-N On MONDAY, the 19th inat. [994 IFTSTYAUGHAN'S SCHOOL will RE- 11 OPEN on TUESDAY, the 27th Instant. i Li %msdowt't Cardiff, janu ry 5tb, 1857. [1008 ALBION-HOU SB AO A D E M Y CHARLES-STREET, CAELDIFF. R. TRICE begs to announce that the j i 1 Duties of his School will re-commence on MONDAY, tb.3 l">th instant. Prospectus and Terms sent on application. tith January, 1857 [10 9 W F S~T'LEAZE HOUSE, LONG ASHT O N NEAR BRISTOL. rpKE Duties of this Establishment will be 1 Resumed on MONDAY the 19th of JANUARY, vrhen Mrs. SANDERSON will be happy to receive ipili. Ig Aditon, January 2nd, 1857. [9"7 (X'MMERCIAL SCHOOL^ NEWPORT, MON" \/i U. W. P I.TLllEN begs respectfully to I 1 be inhabitants of Newport an 1 neighbour- hood. that the duties of his Academy will be RESUMED f ^Monday, 19th of JANUARY, inst. 5, Rupura-street. [10 0 LONG ASHTON SCHOOL. NEAR BRISTOL. PRINCIPAL-Mia. JOHA KEMP. f next Half-Year will commence, D.V., A. on MONDAY, the 19lh instant. .i. • :g Ash on, January 1st, 1857. [975 ~k T BROAD OAK HOUSE GRAMMAR 'u^V. SCHOOL, NEWNHAJI, (conducted by Mr. POOLE, Site "f the University of Cambridge,) young gentlemen are Jibe;ly and genteelly Boarded, receive a First-rate Cifttoi-ial, Mathematical, or Commercial Education Terms—Eighteen and Twenty Guineas per Annum. I?- .ad Oak House, which is a spacious mansion, and yep'eta with every convenience for the accommodation of Boarders, ia well known for the pleasantness and salubrity of i-s situation; it stands on the high road, and near the KaiWay from-Gloucester to South Wales, and is distant f: •- 'jhat city only ten miles, from Ross eleven, Chepsiow aoveuteen, and witlnn a short distance of the Xewnham ra;'way station. I ^pcctuses, with highly-respectable references to the t a? ts ot irnpils uow t, £ e School, aiso numerous testi- Irotn Clergymen, and others, whose sous have been «*iuoated by Mr. Poole, will be forwarded by post, on plication. Poole would meet at the Newnharu railway station young gentleman entrusted to his care. The School will be Re-opened January 19th. [967 TTEL,I.Y ST. MARY SCHOOL, DEVON. Established 1845. WILLIAM R E ED-PRINCIPAL, MJIBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS; Six Years Resident Head Assistant Master at the late Great School at Summer-hill, Bristol. r jpHE Educational Course embraces the Greek, JL Latin, English, and French Languages Euclid's Eft- o-otsof Geometry, Algebra Trigonometry, Navigation, 'in' surveying, &c.; Geography, History, Arithmetic, anting. In short, the System includes a sound S'-cvit lc and liberal Education in accordance with the PtP.nt advanced state of Society. -i-y St. Mary is situated near the banks of the river wueaco it derives its name, in one of the most delightful ^'walir eS 0f Devon, and seems from its position expressly aostinna to attract the admiration of the genuine lover of IVUVU'r. .or the important purposes of Education, the favouring cu-«*ar. stances of its situation, as well as its unrivalled iwiaVity, and its seclusion from every external influence J' leteriorating nature, constitute attiactions of no "u ry kind. Z i Premises have been devoted to Educational purposes for i-riv forty years, and the Establishment is replete Wilt, very convenience for the accommodation of the most lnao^able Pupils. vir .it-Class References will be given to gentlemen je, ju Monuiouthsbire, Glamorganshire, &c., whose now in the School and terms and further par- "S may be known on application to the Principal. next Term will commence on Monday, the 19th of .¡ ry. ;ry St. Marv School, 26th December, 185(;. [639 ")',tMAL COLLEGE, S W A S I .1 < R-HINCIPAL -EVAN DAVIES, A.M. ASSISTANT MASTERS DAVIE 3, B.A., London, Fir.tin Honors. ,cAYD BALSHAW, B.A., St. John's College, C.tmbridge, in Honours. S WRITING AND ENGLISH Master from the British and Foreign School "■'•;iety's Training College. \y. r ^Otical CHEMISTRY AND MINERALOGY: — .■'LIAM VALENTIN, from the Royal College of —euiistry, London. INM-O DRAWING: — ■'» Arts T p^ver Medallist (1853) Royal Academy 'London. r.^IIAR^^RINTENDENT OP "WORKSHOPS:— Pl'ospectus, coivt from theNea h Abbey Works, tems, &c., foi'warjn|n2 copies of testimonials, references, h>.{->;crsity Distinetia °n aPP^cation to the Principal. ns awarded to Students of this 'IVEKSITY OF EXAMIN-A'rr^ MATRICULATION William Williims, with 1, 1855- ••vn Thomas Davies William 'E"'n's 13 Mathematics 1856. ,lns- ■J 'hn Pugh Thomr.3 Griinths John-\r "UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW Vl^V „ r-.l ai" "Williams obtained the first priZe f lllig^Yy, lb»)6> ;,v;s t in th arns-—T^e first pr:z3 (equal) for general volunt^ lla^ural philosophy class ami the first prize fiist prif«e?aminatioU»n mathematical astronomy; ;■ .triples of hp. f an examination on the mathematical Ue'lt and electricity. tivan Williams „ TI and one '0f f,l\PMze,m Lat,n' a.nd /tfl,in per annum, for tlm»<» *^1^iarns Scnolarships, value EVENING CLASSEsy?rS'p f- P, A-alyse., of Ores, MineJ^' ?rractlcal Chemistry, &c. '>tficuted. uuiajs, Manures, &c.f promptly present session cOIllwencel on Tuesday, January [548. MR. JOSEPH BOTHOMLEY, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENP, No. 47, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, BEGS to return his grateful acknowledg- JD ments to his Friends and the Public, for their kind support, in the above businesses, and to announce that he has REMOVED to the above address, and there Opened an AUCTION MART, for the Sale of Goods of all descrip- tions, and he respectfully solicits a continuance of their favours. Furniture and Light Goods warehoused Money ad- vanced upon Goods consigned for Sale. Insurances of every description effected, and House and Estate Agency undertaken. tl K MATTHlTw^S^anX^Ct)., TEA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT. A large and well-selected Stock on Sale good quality combined with moderation in prices. [5 TURNIP CUTTERS. JS. STONE respectfully invites particular • attention to bis NEW STOCK, at the following Reduced Prices £ s. d Lev, r Turnip Cutter 1 15 0 Single-action ditto, Wood Frame. 456 Ditto ditto Patent Iron 4 17 6 Double-action ditto, Wood Frame. 5 4 6 Ditto ditto, Patent Iron 5166 Bushe and Barter's Root Grater 366 SHOW ROOMS, GREAT DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. [1'02 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of 5, UNITY-STREET, k3 COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last ten years) at N B WP RT, the First WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following TXIU USDAY in every Month. NEWPORT-At Mr. WANSBROUGH'S, Commercial- street. CARDIFF-At No. 64, Crockherbtown. [863 NOW OPEN, FROM TEN O'CLOCK TILL THREE I V I L L I E R S' and ANDREW S, IROTOGRAPllIC ESTABLISHMENT, OLD CANAL OFFICE, High street, Newport. Portraits from 3s. to Ids.: highly finished, 7s. 6d. to £ 1 Is. Family Groups 10s. Oll. to 30s.; Lockets, Brooches, &c., fitted with Miniatures, SUITABLE for PRESENTS. [834 JONES and COX (LATE L. HOWELL'S,) ORIGINAL RED ASH COAL YARD, Newport, Dealers in IIA Y, STRAW, CHAFF, OATS, GUANO SALT, POTATOES, BUTTER, CIDER, &C. HOUSEHOLD and SMITHS' COAL, of the best quality and Weight. GOOD STABLING, &C. P.S.—Forty Barrels of the Best Scotch White Herrings just arrived. [884 EDWARD OSTLER, FROM FINIGAN'S, BATH, PERFUMER, HAIR DRESSER, WIG MAKER, AND HAIR DYER, IRST FLOOR, 3, COMMERCIAL STREET, OPPOSITE TilE WESTGATE UOTEL, NEWPORT, m oNr. [Iotz) NVE W TOKT STEAM SAW-MlLLs, (LATE HU.PE FOUNDRY) CANAL-PARADE. E 0 R G K J A Y N E Junior, and Co., VJT respectfully announce to Timber Merchants, Builders, and others, that they have OPENED SAW- MILLS, as above Parties favouring them with orders, may rely upon their being executed with proinpti, utle and upon inodoi ate terms. THE PilICES OF SAWING ARE AS UNDER, VZ. s. d Yellow Pine Baulk 1 10 Per ( superficial Ditto Deals and Battens 2 2 do. Men>ol and American Red Pino 2 O Ditto and Spruce Deals 2 2 Oak, Birch, Aab, and Mahogany 3 0 Elm and other Rouud Timber 3 6 F1 Uting with circular Saw, 4iuclies per 100ft. and under 6 inches j | run. 2 inches and under 4 inches 0 Q ,l'r, Under 2 inches 0 g T: READY ('ASH. '[430 TRUNKS, TRAVELLING" BAGS, 130 RTMANT KAUS, GKRMAN FANCY BAGS, and other articles of a similar description, may be obtained at the LOWEST PRICES, at J. CORIN'S, 123, Commercial-street, opposite Cross-street, Newport. [734 i* KD E KICK JOHN HOLL begs to state that he has resided in Newport a few years,and has kept a Grocery Business at No. 53, Commercial-street but, through badness of trade, the business failed. In addition to this, he has been afflicted with a paralytic stroke, which has deprived him of speech, and the use of hia right side.—He humbly solicits aid, as he has not yet sufficiently recovered to be able to work, and would be most thankful for any kind assistance. SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Subscriptions previously announced 7 1 0 Mr. Penny m m 0 2 6 Mr. Gregory 0 3 0 Mr. Russell n *9 n Mr Powell 020 CimTí'IJ"'T ''TI, QJ.J.UJVI.A-N u rs SUPKRIOK, FORKs AND bt'O^NS ELECTRO-PLATED ONF ALB \TA. WM. STICKLAND respectfully informs f T his friends that he has, at considerable trouble and cost, had a Set of IMPROVED MODEL PATTERNS, made expressly for the Manufacture of the above Articles, and completed arrangements with Messrs. Elkington, Mason, and Co., for strongly Electro-Plating with the purest Silver, so as to ensure the very best Goods of the kind next to Silver. They will be composed of the finest Albata (white Silvery Metai), stamped with an Escallop, and the Initials. W. S., also Messrs. Elkington's, as a GUARANTEE of the first rate quality of the Plating, and in 0HAPE, COLOR, HARDNESS, TASTE, FEEL, and FINISH equa in every respect to STERLING SILVER. PRICES OF THE LEADING ARTICLES :-Ei(idte Pattern. £ s. d. Soup Ladles 0 15 0 each Sauce ditto 0 10 0 per pair Gravy Spoons. 0 7 6 each Table Forks 2 2 0 per dozen Dessert ditto 1 12 0 Table Spoons 2 2 0 „ Dessert (litto 1 12 0 Tea ditto 1 1 0 Salt, Egg, and Mustard 1 4 0 King's, Queen's, and all the Fancy Patterns, made to order. Ciphers, Crests, and Armorial hearings, engraved as on Silver. An inspection of the Patterns is urgently solicited, as these admirable substitutes are fast super- seding Silver in the Houses of the Wealthy, as well as in large Public Establishments. Price Lists forwarded on application, STICKLAND'3 PLATE POWDER for Cleaning Silver Plate and Electro-Plated Goods, warranted the purest and best made, Is the box. GOLD AND SILVERSMITH, WATCHMAKER, &c., 24, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. [901 I? U R l l i ITg o f IT, pndTTTAr?r;;r' £ ING FROM BUSINESS. 1 OSITI\ ELY TO CLOSE IN JANUARY NEXT. PIT A H GREEN, BR 1STOL. ™ M t vSAA,CS nearly cleared out his Stock of Manufacaued 1 urs last Winter, but. as his esteemed Patrons are aware, he invariably kept a large quantity of the most valuable okms unmanufactured, he now begs to announce that duimg the Summer Months be has had them worked UP> k'8 "sual care, into the most Fashionable Articles that will be worn in Furs the ap- proaclnng Season, and as he has mAor m, „„OT POSITIVELY ARRANGED TO CLOSE Ilia BLSI- NESS IN JANUAKY NEXT, He has Determined to accomplish a Clearance by that peiiod. In order to do so, he has now made a Furthcr Reduction, amounting, in the whole, to fully 40 per Cent., or 8s in the round, from his original Prices C. ISAACS returns his thanks to those Ladieswbo have so long favoured hi:.i with their patronage, and, for the last time, solicits the honour of their inspection of his Slock. CLEANING AND ALTERATIONS AS USUAL. 1837 HARVEY'S SAUCE.—The admirers oi this celebrated Fish-Sauce are particularly requested to observe, that none ia genuine but that which bears the W+l° °- Wl^pIAM LAZENBY on the back of each e, in addition to the front label used so many years, ancl signed ELIZABETH LAZENBY. ELAZBNBY & SON'S ESSENCE OF I IL'i 0 AiSCHOVlES continues to be prepared with that peculiar care which has rendered it so universally esteemed Manufactured only at their old-established Fish->auc< Warehouse, 6, Edwards-street, Portman-square, London. [984 INSOLVENT DEBTOR, to be heard at the COURT-HOUSE at the Gaol of Morpeth, in the county of Northumberland, on FRIDAY, the 23rd day of JAN- UARY, 1857, at Ten o'clock in the morning precisely, REES THOMAS, late of Wallsend, in the county of Northumberland, Furnace Manager, previously of Wil- lington Villa, in the parish of Wallsend, in the said county of Northumberland, Furnace Manager, formerly of Glanrhyd, in the parish of Ystradgunlais, in the county of Brecknockshire, in South Wales, Furnace Manager, and now a prisoner for debt in the Gaol of Morpeth, in the said county of Northumberland. CHARLES S. SWAN, Insolvent's Attorney. TO BUILDERS. TO BUILDERS. THE Directors of the West of England and South Wales District Banking Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for a NEW BANK to be Erectel at PONTYPOOL. The Drawings and Specification can be seen at the Office of the Architect, Mr. LYSAGHT, Imperial Cham- bers, Corn street, Bristol or at the present Bank, Pouty- pool, on or after the 17th inst. The TENDERS to be forwarded to the ARCHITECT 9n or before the 29h inst., endorsed and sealed. The Directors do n,)t bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. I Bristol, 9th January, 1857. THE TRUSTEES of the SAVINGS BANK, Established at CHEPSTOW, in the County of Monmouth, in Account with the Depositors. DR. CHARGE. s. d. CR. DISCHARGE. £ s. d. To balance due on the 20th November, 1855, By sums actually paid to the depositors in including interest as per last return 21,787 7 1 money, including interest within the To sums received from depositors within the year ending 20th November, 185G 3,910 18 2 year ending 20th November, 1856 4,554 15 1 By «ams actually paid for ma- To interest on monies invested with the nagemeni within thesaidyenr: Commissioners for the Reduction of the by Actuary. 40 0 0 National Debt, viz. by Clerk 25 0 0 Receipt B., dated 21st May, by Rents 10 10 0 1856 329 13 11 by Printing and stationery « 14 11 Receipt B., dated 21st Nov., by Advertising o 11 0 1856 347 15 1 8< lo 11 e To interest on sums drawn for by By balance on the General Ac- the Trustees, upon the Corn- count invested with the misionerswithin the said year 11 17 2 Commissioners for the Re- ————— 689 6 2 duction of the National Debt, including interest, on the 20th Nov., 1856. 22,330 4 8 By ditto on Account of Sepa- rate Surplus Fund invested with the Commissioners. 170 0 0 By ditto in the hands of John Best Snead, treasurer. 502 9 7 —————— 23,032 14 3 zC27,()31 8 4 227,031 8 4 RATE OF INTEREST ALLOWED TO DEPOSITORS IS B2 18s. Od. PER CEXT. (less fractions). Total number of Depositors 795 We do hereby certify that the aforegoing is a true ac- Charitable Societies. 20 count of the Funds of the said Savings Bank. Given Friendly Societies 22 uuder our hands at the General Annual Meeting of the Vice-Presidents, Trustees, and Managers, held at the 837 Bank-room, this 10th day of January, 1857. Witness, "\VTT T N AT n? } Two of the Tiustees WILLIAM COOPER, F HORT toiir;5'S of the said Savings Actuary. J Bank. THE TREASURER IN ACCOUNT WITH THE COUNTY OF BRECON, From Michaelmas Sessions, 1855, to Michaelmas Sessions, 185G. DR. CR. 1855. £ s. d. £ s. d. Dec. 26. Balance due by the Expense of County Bridges 1867 0 11 Treasurer, as by last BridgeLoans. 436 9 7 annual abstiact. 2408 8 6 County Roads Rate, as by certificate of Amount of County County Roads Board. 2191 17 8 Rate then in arrear 163 19 4 Gaol expemes 899 4 11 Dec. 18. Amount of County Shire Hall ditto 123 6 1 Rate at I'd X1254 16 n Judges' Lodgings 76 15 6 1856. Coroners 295 10 11 Mar. 22. Ditto ditto at Id. 836 11 1 Clerk of the Peace 'flP £ June 1.4. Ditto ditto s-t 11J- 16 71 Kr-j/igtrftt' k -i i sept. Ditto ditto atlyd. 1254 16 74 Weights and Measures • ••• 7O 5 1J Instalments .and Interest of Shire Hall Do': en- S4G01 0 lli tures, with Income Tax ou Ditto 103 8 0 Less in arrear— Printing and Advertising 64 17 0 Precon,P,hay- Police 555 17 11 ader, and Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum 514 14 0 Castle 182 1 5 Removal of Convicts 6 9 3 Fractional Criminal Prosecutions 484 11 11 parts of pence Conveyance of Prisoners to Gaol 55 1 7 not received 0 5 21 Militia 29 8 3 182 6 7 Miscellaneous 75 11 9 4418 11 4 Treasurer 40 0 0 March Amount of County Roaila Rate at 2fd. £ 2195 19 1 3x59 9 g Fractional parts of ponce nut rece ved. 0 1 2 ————— 2195 17 11 Penalty of 1 < f cent. on Rhayader Union 2 5 0 1 Amount of Fines re- ceived, less Clerk's commission when punctually paid 83 15 0 For the maintenance of soldiers in gaol. 14 9 0 From her Majesty's Paymaster General B lftnc0 m3 l5 for the expenses ot criminal prosecu- tions andeonveyaiice of convicts, for the half-year ending the 31st Dec., 1855 423 12 9 From Treasurer of the County Court, being money expended in firing 110 From the Clerk of the Peace, being the amount received by himunderthe Regis- tration of Voters Act 0 12 6 From Superintendent P.C. Rattigan, for stamping weights. 0 9 10 wiJ X9713 5 2 1856, December 30th, Examined and found correc'. J. PARRY DE WINTON JOiIN POWELL. PENRY WILLIAMS. HENRY MAYBERY, Treasurer. THE NEWPORT ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION BALL "WILL TAKK PLACE AT THE NEW ASSEMBLY ROOMS, KING'S HEAD HOTEL, NEWPORT, ON THURSDAY, THE 29TH OF JANUARY, 1857. THE arrangements will be under the management of the same Committee as last year. TICKETS. £ S. d. To admit a Gentleman and Two Ladies 110 Lady 0 7 8 Gentleman. 0 10 6 DANCING TO COMMENCE AT NINE O'CLOCK. Applications for Tickets to be addressed to the Committee, at the King s Head Hotel, Newport. January I st, 1857. [096 NOTICE TO LADIES. JMINCIIIN has just received a large and splendid Stock of BALL and EVENING HEAD DRESS 15S, FLOWERS, and FANCY" RIBBONS also, NEW NOVELTIES in MILLINERY, BONNETS, MANTLES, &c. OBSERVE!-VICTORIA HOUSE, 110, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. GOLDEN KEY GENERAL & FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISEfllEUT, 19, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS. IJOWDER and SON beg to call the attention of their friends and the public to their extensive stock of GENERAL aud FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, consisting of Bronzed and Black Fenders, Fire Irons, JAPANNED GOODS of all descriptions, DISH COVERS, BATHS, MODERATOR and other LAMPS, COLZA OIL, REGISTER STOVE GRATES, COOKING APPARATUS, Gas, Ventilating, and Suspension STOVES, JOYG'li'S STOVE & PATEN 1 FUEL, IRON BEDSTEADS. &O., KID., >K:E. AGENTS FOR MILNELT'S SAFE AND DEED BOXES. [998 Every Saturday, price Fourpcnce, of any Bookseller, TWENTY-FOUR Oil THIRTY-TWO LARGE QUARTO PAGES. THE ATHENiEUM JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART; (Stamped to go free by post, od.) C0XTAIX3 :— REVIEWS, with copious Extrac s, of every important New English Book, and oi tne more important. Foreign Works. REPORTS of the Proceedings of the Learned and Scientific Societies, with Abstracts ot all Papers of Interest. AUTHENTIC ACCOU NTS of all Scientific Voyages and Expe,litiolls. i FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE on Subjects relating o Literature, Science, ana Art. CRITICISMS ON ART, with Critical Notices of Exhibitions, riettire Collections, NOW Prints, MUSIC AN-D DRAMA, including Reports on the Opera, Concerts, theatres, New Music, &c. ? BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICE of Men distinguished in Literature, Science, and Art. ORIGINAL PAPERS AND POEMS. WEEKLY GOSSIP. T T, • MISCELLANEA, including all that is likely to interest the mforme.I and intelligent. THE ATHENAEUM Is so conducted that the reader, however far distant, is, in respect to Literature, Science, and the Arts, on an ¡ equality in point of information, with the besL-inforaie 1 circles of the Metropolis. The ATHENJBUM is published every SATURDAY, but is re-issued each Month, stitched in a wrapper. The Volume for 1856, complete in itself, and containing about 1600 large quarto Pages, with Title-page and Index, 3 may be had of any Bookseller, immediately after the conclusion of the year, price One Guinea. J Office for advertisements, 14, Wellington STREET NOKTH, STRAND, LONDON. [920 > ,b COUN T Y OF M 0 N M 0 U;T H. ADJOURNED SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES,the GESERAI QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace, held at Us7c, in and for ths said County, on Monday, the Fifth day of January, 1857, will be continued by Adjcniriimcnt, and that such Adj duned General Quarter Sessions will be held at the Town-hall, fIsk, aforesaid, on TIIURS-D,4 Y, the 29th day of la,i?ta?-y, 1857, at Tvselve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of proceeding to establish a sufficient Police force fur the whole of the said County, pursuant to the Acts 2 an.i 3 Vict., c p. 93 3 and 4 Vict., cap. 88 and 19 and 20, Vict., cap. 69, some or one of them and for taking into consideration a Report of the Police Com- mittee, prese¡¡tcd to the said Geueral Quarter Sessions on the subject. Also, to didare the number of Constables pro- posed to be appointed for the said County, and the rates of pay which it will be expedient to pay to the chief and other eon;stes, and to report such proceedings to one of Her Majesty's Secretaries of State. C'HAULKS TROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 15th January, 1857. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. AT the Genex-al Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Usk, in and for the said county, on Monday, the Fii'th day of January, 1857, the following Bills and Demands were ordered to be paid :— BWIDGES' ACCOUNTS. £ s. d. The County Surveyor, a quarter's salary 25 0 0 Thomas Williams, for hauling stones to Pandy and Alterynis bridges. &-c. 2 7 0 Trustees of Cacrleon roads, for materials and labour in repairing, &c., roads over Caerleon, Pontheer, an i Pontygoron bridges 6 4 1 Thomas Watkins, for rebuilding railing at Grosinont bridge, as per contract 10 0 0 William Jam s, for repairs at Gwastoed bridge 2 10 3 Thomas iirooks. for work at Maindy and four other bridges 4 11 0 Thomas Powell, for work during 1856, at Skenfrith bridge. 1 17 6 Thom ;s Thomas, for work at Llanvihaugel and four other bridges 8 14 0 S lIn uel Lucas, for work at Usk and Rhadvr bi-idges .218 8 Thomas Hughes, for work at Wye and Monnow bridges 22 12 5 Thomas Griffiths, for materials and labour repairing road over Chepstow bridge. 12 14 6 Charles Ro^sor. for labour at ditto 0 11 0 COUNTY GAOL ACCOUNTS. The Governor, a quarter's salary 45 0 0 The Matron, ditto 7 10 0 The Chaplain, ditto 30 0 0 The burgeon, ditto 20 0 0 The Monmouthshire Gas Company, for gas 14 11 10 The Monmouthshire Water Company, for wator 3 0 0 Messra.P.TeagueandCo., for coal 12 9 0 Mr. J. Davi s, for cord wood 2 4 0 Mr. T. Baker, for bread 19 20 6 Mr. J. Whitly. for meat. 52 0 Mr. W. Hígin, for meat and groceries Jo 1 5 Mn X. £ L f. u>uk 14 2 6 Mr. T. Dyke. for potatoes 4 10 0 Messrs. Evans and Co for officers' uniform 17 0 0 Mr. G Carter, for officers' boots 012 0 Mrs. M. Coates, for ironmongery and repairs.. 3 0 5 Mr. T. Farror, for advertising 12 8 Mr. W. Jones for coopers'work. 0 19 1 Mr R. Lano, for repairs 0 17 7 HOUSE OF CORRECTION ACCOUNTS. The Governor, one quarter's salary 50 0 0 The Matron, ditto 7 10 0 Mr. William Jones, for bread 47 12 7 Mr. James Williams for suudries 31 18 6 Messrs. Hayc -x and James, for milk 31 9 6 Tue L.;«k Gas (Jompuuy, for gas 26 11 0 IYlr Benjamin Scriven, for horsehire 10 8 0 Mr. Philip Powies, for beef 8 18 6 1Yh8,;r. Ford, Halo, and -on for soap 8 18 3 Mr. Richard Bowman, for cord. 7 1 7 Mr. AVill' aiii Jones, fur officers' boots 6 14 0 Mr. J. H. Clarke, for stationery and printing. 6 9 0 Mr. Charles Webb, for mops 4 18 0 Mr. John Burfield, for smiths' work 3 9 5 Mr. William John Hiatt, for handcuffs 3 8 3 Mossrs. T. G. Matthews aud Co., for soda, &c. 2 15 10 Mr. John Auley, for sweeping chimneys 2 5 0 Mr. James Richards, for coopering 2 4 4 Mr. Charles Nicholas, for carpentering 2 16 Mr. John Edwards, for sundries 1 14 3 Messrs. Newton and Heanes, for brass cocks 1 14 0 Messrs. James Widiams and Co., for lead pipe 13 4 Mr. Thomas Farror, for advertising 0 19 0 Mr. Cuarles Kossiter, for meal. 56 12 6 SHIhE HALLS. James Edmonds, for plumbers' work at the Shire Hall, Monmouth 0 18 3 James Beach, for work in the interior of Hall 0 13 5 Thomas Watkins, for repairing cells, &c., at ditto 0 19 4 Richard Lucas, for tilers' work at Usk Hall 0 6 0 John Burfield, for smiths' work at ditto 0 13 2 Monmouth GasCompany, for lighting the Shire Hall 2 2 0 REPAIRS, &c., TO GAOLS. David Roberts, balance of contract for building north boundary wall at the Monmouth Gaol 65 2 0 Ditto, for sundry repairs at the Gaol 6 13 0 James Edmonds, for plumbers' work at ditto 4 17 11 Thomas Watkins, builder, for work at ditto 3 6 3 Richard Lucas, for tilers' work at House of Correction 1 6 10 REPAIRS TO MILITIA STORES. Thomas V\ratkins, builder, for contract work at the Castle House, Monmouth 38 10 0 Ditto for further ditto 15 0 0 Ditto for sundry other work at ditto 15 17 9 Thomas Farror, for insurance premium and duty on the Honse 2 5 0 CORONERS' ACCOUNTS. Thomas Hughes, coroner, a quarter's account. 10 6 5 C. M. Ashwiu, deputy-coroner, ditto 71 17 6 William Brewer, coroner, ditto 76 13 1 W. H. Brewer, deputy-coroner, ditto 105 13 7 B. M. Bradford, coroner, ditto 6 3 6 MISCELLANEOUS. William Millard, for maintenance of a pauper lunatic 6 10 0 Messrs. Degrave and Co., for repairing and adjusting standard weights, and getting same verified 5 5 6 Edward Finch, for preparing plans for widening Newport bridge 20 0 0 John Merrett, a quarter's annuity 5 0 0 Inspector of Weights aud Measures, a quarter's salaiy 18 15 0 Thomas Thompson, chief constable of Christ- church 2 0 0 j Jane Real, for winding Usk Ilall clock, during „ 1856 .° | f J William Preece, for prosecution expenses ? p, Edmund Wheeldon, for ditto J. H. ( lark, for stationery „r J. II. Clark, for printing l egist r of ••• oa 0 0 The Clerk of the Peace, his account relating to the register of voters, for l^6". V" ••• 72 0 6 Edward Dowling, for advert's"J2 IN THE MON- MOITHSHIKK MBBLm/"r S1X m,011tns 24 18 0 Thomas Farror, tor d>tl° ^owmlhshire Beare.n, for ditto t 23 14 6 Samuel Polak, f°r Cl0tUiUS of superintending- constables 51 12 0 Morgan -Evans, for print,ng, &c 814 6 o CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 13th Janur.ry, 1857. ERECONSHIRE COUNTY GAOL. PERSONS desirous of Contracting for sup- plying the Material?, consisting of Stone, Brick, Sand, and Timber, according to the Specification now deposited and open for inspection at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, Shire Ball, Brecon, are requested to send in Tenders for the same on or before the Tenth day of I February next, under cover, addressed to To the Clerk of the Pence, Brecon." Probable quantities required,— "STONE —GOO Perches of Sandstone for foundations 300 Perches of Bluestone for external walling. BRICKS.—000,100. Samples to be produced With TIMBER.—Pitch and Yellow Pine, 1,0,0 feet, Meuiel, a, or Dantzic, in logs, 500 feet Deals, 1,000 feet. SAND.—1,000 Cube yards. —TTT T T EDWARD WILLIAMS, Brecon, January 8, 1857. of the Peace. [1000 CHAFF-CUTTERS. PURCHASERS will derive the benefit of JL J ^TONE'S REDUCED PRICES of CHAFF- i CUTTERS; the £ 4 ones are selling this year for j63 16s., and all other sizes in proportion. Catalogues sent post free, GilEAT DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. [1002 T NEWPORT DISPENSARY. HE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Supporters of this Institution, will beheld (by permission of the Mayor), at the TOWN HALL, on M EDNEsDAY, the 21st instant, at Noon precisely, in j order to receive the Annual Report, and consider the present state of the Institution ;-to appoint a Surgeon. arRl Eighteen Directors, for tha year 18oj, and on other affairs of the Charity. T r. WILLIAMS, Treasurer. January 7th, 18o7. [1()07 111, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT SERVANTS' OFFICE. JANE W. PUGH, widow, returns her most sincere thanks to her numerous friends and the public, for their kind support during the last five years, and hopes by strict at, ention still to merit their kind support. SERVANTS' OFFICE, 111, COMMERCIAL-ST., NEWPORT, Three doors from Dr. Morgan's. Newport, 12th Janna857. w CAXAL-PARADK, CORN-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. Br HER MAJESTY SI ROYAL LETTERS PATENT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHING MACHINES. To Manufacturers, Iron Masters, Colliery Proprietors, H Merchants, Wharfingers, Shopkeepers, S,e. ENRY POOLEY and SON'S PATENT T™nE0?'nVEIGllll'G MACHINES, WITH or w ITHOU T LOOSE WEIGHTS. Makers to H.M. Board of Vrdnance. Customs, Navy and Dockyards, &c. EIGH-BRIDGES for Railways, Roads, Collieries, &C., to every required Dimensions, Power, or Situation. Pooley's Patent Counter Scales, well adapted for retail business prices reasonable. Repairs and Adjustments, by Annual Contract or other- wise, on moderate terms., [1015 CM I L N E S, TAILOR and DHAPER, • respectfully announces to his Friends that he has REMOVED from LLANARTH STREET to No. 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, Two Doors from the Wesleyan Chapel. [1013 BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. IN pursuance of a Requisition, signed by several Burgesses and Ratepayers, I hereby convene a PUBLIC MEETING, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of petitioni ug Parliament for a REDUCTION of the increased I VCOM ti TAX, to be held at the TOWN-HALL, on WEDNESDAY, January 21st, at 7 P.M. S. D. JENKINS, Mayor. Cardiff, January 13th, 1S57. TO MASONS, BPICKLAYEPS, A-Ni) (ITHbits. HP HE Cardiff Local Board of Health are pre- L pared to receive TENDERS for the Construction of URIN ALS within their district, in such situations as shall be determined by them. A General Drawing and Specification may be seen at the Surveyor's Office. Tenders to be delivered at my Office on or before the 29th instant. By order of the Local Board, T. WATKINS, Clerk. Dated 8th January, 1857. [1017 r- r, MUSICAL PRESE^TED FOR THE PRESENT SEASON. J MAC RON E, Organist of St. Mary's < Cnurch, Cardiff, respectfully announces that he has just received a Large Assortment of the LATEST QUADRILLES, POLKAS, GALLOPS, &c., as well as It va- riety of OPERATIC and SACRED Music, SONGS, &c, oy Russell and other popular Composers, for Voice and t'ianoforte. Davidson'ci Cheap %,utsic, and the Muaical Bouquet" Observe the Address:—At 227, BUTE.ROAD, (.ear SAINT MARY'S CHURCH) ,r i ?n r>arc0' twice a week. Pianofortes carefully 1uned. Agent for the Sale of ALEXANDERS Six GUINEA HARMONIUM. [1018 TO THE INHABITANTS OF CARDIFF, PENARTH, AND THE VICINITY. THE "CARDIFF & PENARTHSTEAM: FERRY COMPANY" (Limited) beg to announce that it is intended to run early in April, a SPLENDID NEW SCREW STEAMER, with comfortable cabin accommodation, &c., several times daily between Cardiff and Penarth The Steamer will also be employed in fetching the Captains of Vessels lying at anchor in the roads, and will be placed at the service of the public for Excursion Trips. The Times of Saiting wiil be duly advertised in the local papers. j BO WEN, Cliff Villa, Penarth. Honorary Secretary. [991 CARDIFF. GLAMORGAN HOUSE, 10, SMITH-STREET, AND BUTE PARADE, BUTE DOCKS. WILLIAM LEWIS respectfully solicits an Inspection of his Extensive STOCK of GOODS suitable for the present SEASON, just received. [783 M R. PETER PRICE, AUCTIONEER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, MJRVEYOR, AND VALUER, OFFICES-MESSRS. JAMES AND PRICE, EAST WHARF. CARDIFF. PRICE begs to thank his Patrons for the greit favour already accorded to him, and trusts, by prompt anil busiuess-li.;e attention to merit a continually -increasing patronage. His long experience as a Contractor, Valuer, and Land Agent, and his local knowledge enable him to ^ive efficient a,lvice and assist- ance to all who contemplate investment in Cardiff, atlll to negotiate the purchase or sale of Leasehold or Freehold Property. ACCOUNT BOOKS INVESTIGATED OR OPENED BT SINGLX OR DOUBLE ENTRY. Building Contracts and ^Specifications prepared or cor- rected, and Disputed ^Building Accouuts adjusted. [927 PRIVATE ASYLUM FOR THE INSANE at WHITCHURCH, near Monmouth. MR. MILLARD, SURGEON, & RESIDENT PROPRIETOR, (licensed 1834), has Vacancies for either sex. Terms moderate. r: NOTICE. TVpr.REAS, TWO SHEEP, which turn out to have been in a Diseased ^tate, wore a few weeks ago, It ft in a field adjoining the ANCHOR BREWERY, by a person giving the name of JOHN LANE—This is to GIVE NOITCH, that uidess the same be claimed and taken away before WEDNESDAY, 21st instant, they 'i>}Jl be SOLD at the CATTLE MARKET, Newport, either by- Auction or Private Contract, and the proceeds applied towards defraying the expenses incurred. Newport, Jan. 14ih, 1857. W~HAT~T~OF & SOX, WHOLESALE if CONFECTIONERS, SUGAR BOILERS, MINT LOZENGE, COMFIT, AND JUJUBE MAX UFACTURERS, 21, UNION-STREET, & 18, MILK-STREET. BRISTOL. The Cheapest House in the West of England. Samples sent per post. [620 GE N T LEMBN'S O Y E U C O A TS Supplied by T- MILL'S & Co., CLOTHIERS, &c iJdgate and Lombard-street, London The FASHIONABLE TALMA, or LOOSU OVERCOAT, h" 25s., 30s., 35s., 42s. FREE TO ANY RAILWAY STATION. Ouly Measurement required Chest, Waist, and Height. Payment by Post-office Order. [421 ECONOMY IN FEEDING SrOCK. I) US HE & BARTER'S PATKNT R"OT ) GRATERS, manufactured by ALBERT AND THEODORE FltY, (late fOWLER AND FRY), TEMi LB GATE IMPLEMENT i-ACTORY, BRISTOL, are very much improved this Season No. 1, Single Grater, Price £ 3 10 0 No. 2, Double Ditto, 5 0 0 No. 3, Ditto, ditto, larger size GOO Extra for Driving Pully, adapted to Steam-] ower, 10s. They are now tha cheapest, most sitnp'e, and, at the eauie time, most effective Machine for the purpose of reducing roots of all descriptions into vejy. sea di Gratings or Shreds. CORNE'S CHAFF MACHINES,c., kc. Testimonials, and directions for use, Vt&y 1)3 oV^jned free on application, V> i i