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§ KUIAV L UKRIGAN, BUTCHER. 41, 1. that,ks to his frioutU and cu-io tiers, for the many gr^at and kiwi favours be has received at their uands, f.<rtinjla:,ttwt;lve years. C I-I 111 }.I A F A R E. One prim^ ox and one heifer from John Logan, Esq., Main lej two priiie heifers from M. T. Smith, Esq. two prime heifers from Air. S. Baker, ilinton two prime oxen, from Mr. Wilmett, Llauthewy Court one prime keifer, froui Mr. H Aiorg .n, M.tmhiLid fi/e prime heifers, from ilr. Charles Milner, l"j]l Tumji, .viator a lot of prime Welsh wethers, Sonthdowus, and a choice lot of porkers. M. H. hopes, by attention to the interests of his friends and customer-, as weii as his 01V11, to meet with a con- tinuance of favours. Newport, 19th December, 1855. THE CHRISTMAS M \RKET. GEORGE BATKSON, PORK AND GENERAL \jr BUTCH ER, 53, COMMEHCIAL-STKEKT, opposite HILL- BTREET, N. "port in catering for the Public, has always sought to deserve the liberal suppor t he has received from the Aristocracy and others of New port and neighbourhood and at this festive season of the year, he with confidence announces that his STOCK FOR THE CHRISTMAS MARKET, is of the best joints, the primest cuts, and the rarest qualities together with the general luxuries, &c.. of the prepared-meat class. The GING'R BKER and LEMONADE BUSINESS eaivied on as usual 58, Commercial-street, December 21, 1855. THE CHRTSTMAS MARKET. EDWAKD MORGAN, BUTCHER, 159, COMMERCIAL-STREET, Newport, gratefully acknow- ledges the kind support with which lie bus been favoured during the past year, and announces that he has made the following purchases of fir»t rate stock :—Four prime Hereford heifers, of Mr. William Baker, St. Biide's Netherwent one fat heifer and two fat cows', of Mr. Win. Watkins four prime heifers, of Mr. William Jones, Farmfield, Nash three two-year-old heifers, of Moses Morgan Esq., Fair Orchard three fat cows, of Mr. Joseph Waters, Burnt House, Nash one fat heifer, of Mr. Lewis Williams, Redwick a pen of fat wethers, of Mr. William Baker, St. Brides, &c. THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. WILLIA M SC A N D R KTT, BUTCHER, IT Co MII EEC IA L-ST R E ET, Newport, has much pleasure, as well as deeming it a duty, to return his sincere thanks to the public generally, for their liberal patronage andanppott. He takes this opport unity of informing bis friends that he has selected his stock of Beef, Mutton Pork, o £ c., from the best breeders and feeders and hopes to have a continuance of their favours. The stock is all of first-rate quality. Newport, December 21, 1855. THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. ROBEPCT DUCK HAM, J UN., BUTCHER, 60, COMMERCIAL STREET, Newport, nearly opposite Hill-street, thanks his numerous patrons for their favours, and begs to inform them that his selection of stock for the Christmas Market, comprises one ftt ox, fed by Mr. Phillips, Newry; two fat heifers, grass and hay fed two prime heifers, bred and fed by John Log n, Esq two fat heifers, bred by Mr. William- Redwic); t ni prime fai heifers, bred by R Baker, K«q., Llanvi ang 1 Court; and one fine heifer, from the st, ck of Mr. Hi J, C ul H .rbour three pens of sheep, of the Rad lor breed, .rJ) the stock of Mr. Sargeant, Macheu I), e pen from Mr John Milner one pen of wethers, shown fur the town cup, by Mr. Pride, of Llanvihangel three house lambs, bred by Mr. Leonard, Abernant four fat «'gs, fed by Mr. Barton and one fat calf, fed by Mr. Aiitt ews, Mnindee. Newport, Decern e 21, 1855. H DOUGLAS, PORK BUTCHER and BACON • CTJRER, 54, (JOMMEHCIAL-STRET, Newport (oppo 81te Hill-street), returns his grateful ncVnowledgments to h i Fr.ends f or their support during he past year, and b trs to state tbat he has pruvided for the present reason s. m9 fine Dairy fed Pork and fat Pigs, from the first feeders m the county. A luge Stock of Home-cured Baeou and Hamt cou itantly on sale. Newport, December 21, 1855. CHRISTMAS BEi-F. WCFFANNING, BUTCHER, CHURCFI- • STREET. Pillgwenlly, begs to apprise his friends and the public, that lie ha- purchased the fine five-year- old cow, bred by Mr. Richard Stratton, Broad Hint'-n, near Swindon, which obiaine i the prizJ at th-j London Cattle Show this year, and at the Tredegar Show of last year. He has also prepared a rare display of other meat for the Christmas Market. THE ROAST BEEF OF OLD ENGLAND. JOHN DIXON, BUTCHER, CHURCH-STRF.ET, Pillgwenlly, avails himself of the present season to thank his patrons for their kind support during the past year, and bJgs to assure them that no effort shall be wanting on his part to merit a continuance of their favours. He has selected some prime beef and mutton for the Christmas market, from the stock of first-rate breeders, an,l hopes to find that his selection wiil be well appreciated by his friends Church-street, Pillgwenlly, Dec. 21, 1855. THE CHRTSTMAS MARKET. ROBERT DUCK HAM, SEN., COMMERCIAL- ROAD, nearly opposite the Salutation lun, while expressing his gratitude to the public for the favours con ferred upon him during the past ye ir, begs to state that his selection of prime stock for the Christmas Market, comprises—-Four prime Hereford heifers, bred by Mr. Edmund Dutfiel I, Penhow Castle; two prime Hereford heifers, bred by Mr. Williams, Llandevaud two prime heifers, bred by Mr. John French, St. Brides; ten prime Southdown wether sheep, bred by Mr. William Baker, St. Brides five prime Welsh wethers, bred by Mr. Thomas Milner; and four prime Leices er wethers, from the stock of Mr. Jamas Mersoa, dealer. The above are all of the most superior quality. Newport, December 21, 1855. THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. WM. LAWRENCE, BUTCHER, 98, COM- MERCIAL-STREET, respectfully inf jrms his Frien.ls that among his purchases for the Christmas Season are- One prime Heifer, grass and hay fed, by Sir Chas. Morgan, Bart., Ruperra Castle; a fine Heifer, grass and hay fed, from the stock of Mr. John Milncr and some prime Wether Mutton from the stock of Mr. Henry James, St. Bride's Newport, December 21 1855. THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. ISAAC PRING, BUTCHER, 97, COMMERCIAL- ROAD, respectfully informs the public that he has made a first rate selection of Beef, Mutton, &c., for the Christmas Market, and hopes to give that satisfaction which it will ever be his stu lv to deserve. Newport, December 21, 1855. THE CHRISTM vS MARKET. XTTTILLIAM JT)N ES, BUTCHER, CASTLE- TOWS and NEWPORT MARKET, thanks his friends for their favours, during the past year, and respectfully apprises them that he has selected some choice stock for the Christmas season, among which will be found the fine hadfer, bred and fed by Sir Charles Morgan, Bait Ruperra Castle, which obtained the silver cup at the Tredegar Show a prime fat prize ox, bred by Mr. Richard Keene, Ltangstone a fine heifer, bied by Mr. Williams and a prime fat calf. MAINDEE. NEAR NEWPORT MON. ISAAC J )N KS, in gratefully acknowledging JL the past kindness of his patrons, respectfully informs them that he has opened a shop at Maindee, where he will always keep a stock of first-rate meat. For Christmas fare, he has purchased two Prize Oxen, grass fed, shown by Mr. Lewis Lewis, Llangibbv; prime Mountain and South Down Wethers, prime Pork, and a choice stock of Poultry, from Breconahire. 143, COMMERCIAL-STREET, (Next door t(ftite English Baptist Chapel ) NEWPORT, MON. 0 SAMUEL RUSSELL, BUTCHER, begs most respectfuUy to inform the Gentry and Inhabi- twits of the town and neighbouihood, that in consequence of the death of Mr. Henrv Booth, he has again taken to the above premises from the Owner, Mr. John Clark, on ? f3?0 W ie!ev. carrying on his business, as a botoher, am opes, by strict attention to the orders of his numerousi patrons and the Superior Quality of his Meat, to merit, a continuance of their kin., support and patronage. S. R. calls the attention of his Pnend. and the Public to the following, amongst other purchases, suited for THE CHRISTMAS TABLE: Five excellent short-horned HEIFERS." fed by Mr vans, of Polshaw, near Wells. One very superior HEIFER, felfc by Mr. Logan, of ( Ono°capual Devon HEIFER, fed by Mr Tayloi, of Barton, near Exeter. Ton capital Wether SHEEP, fed by Mr. Poole, near Usk. Two very superior PIGS, fed by Mr. Edwiu Williams, anwold, Mon. THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. JOHN BLAKEMORB, BUTCHER, COM- MERCIAL-STREET, Newport, respectfully informs the public generally, that he has made the best possible selection of Beef, Mutton, &c.. for the Christmas Market, and hopes to give that satisfaction which the esteemed patronage he has received, warrants him in believing he has generally afforded. Newport, December 21, 1855. GAME, FISH, AND FRUIT WAREHOUSE, I 4 36, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. CHARLES TOWNS END, in returning his C sincere thanks to the gentry and public for their past favours, begs to intimate his REMOVAL to more central premises, in HIGH-STREET, opposite to Mr. John Davies, Grocer, where he will be constantly furnished with a choice stock of Fish, Game,'Poultry, and Fruit. C. T. has in stock an abundant supply of game, &c., suitable for the present season. FISH SAUCES, PICKLES,$e. rpHE ANNUAL DINNER of the TRUE X BLUE BENEFIT SOCIETY, will be held at the CROWN INN, High-street, on TUESDAY, the 1st day of JANUARY next. Dinner on the table at Three o'clock. J. WHITCHURCH, President. Newport, December 20,1855. TO BUILDERS, CARPENTERS, MASONS, AND THE PUBLIC, UNION INN, JACK'S PILL, MON. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE is instructed by the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Com- pany, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Pre- mises. on MONDAY, the 24th December, 1855, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, all the Materials of the above- named House, and of the House adjoining, in One or more Lots, as may be decided upon at the time and place of Sale Auctioneer's Office, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, December 21, 1855. UNION INN, JACK'S PILL, NEWPORT, MON To BREWERS, PUBLIC vNS, COOPERS, &c. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, as above, on MONDAY, the 24th December, 1855, imme- diately after the Materials of the Houses, the following Brewing Plaut, without the least reservation, viz Two square Coolers and Frame, large oval Mashing Tub, with false bottom, large round do do oval Kine Tub, Iron Under Back, Iron Furnace (as fixed), Mashing Stick, 3 Shoots, Bushel Measure, Hop Presser, Working Trough, Pump, large Round Tub. four 3-barrel Pieces, and about 15 other Casks of various sizes. Auctioneer's Office, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, December 21, 1855. ON SALE, AT THE DRY DOCK, NEWPORT, FINE Fresh NORWAY SPARS and POLES, just imported. Patent Roofing and Boiler Felts. Small and Large Chains. Iron Blocks far Contractors, Builders, &c. Zinc and Galvanized Iron Sheets. Galvanized Iron Nails. Stockholm and American Tar. Pitch and Resin. Apply to WILLMETT & SONS. DRAIN PIPES and TILES of every de- scription, on hand, at COURT-Y-BELLA BRICK and TILE WORKS, Pillgwenlly, Newport. Deiiverelllttt the Canal, or at any of the Railway Sta WANTED, in a Merchant's Office, at Newport, a respectable Lad, aobut 16 years of age, as an APPRENTICE. Apply by letter, in Applicant's hand-writing, to Box 95, Post-office, Newport. AUCTION MART, CARDIFF STREET, AHERDARE. JAMKS GA WN has just received an un- usually large consignment of superior New and Second- hand HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, bought at an ex- tremely low price, to which he respectfully invites the at- tention of purchasers. Auction Mart, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, Dec. 8th, 1855 LEA & PERRINS' CELEBRATED PRONOUNCED BT EXTRACT of a LETTER ONUMNINKWRRNA ■ I FROM ■ MEDICAL CONNOISSEURS, ■ I GENTLEMAN .t Madraa, TO BE THE to his Brother at jHKLS WORCESTER, May, 1851. OKI/? GOOD SMJCE" & AND APPLICABLE TO 1 ™ that their SAUCE is HIGHLY J,——-T esteemed in India, and is, IVKILY VARIETY" 'N NY opinion, the most | palatable as well as the NI? ■NTTFIR most wholesome Sauce that OF DISH. Ml'r 'ijB ismade-" VOSCESTERSHlRE SAUCE. "id univ»r«aUi by the principal dealers in 8alloelo NEW LABEL. IN consequence of the great variety of Coun- terfeit Labels of "ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL," now in circulation, and which so nearly resemble the Original as frequently to deceive the unwary-the Proprietors have employed those celebrated artists, Messrs. PERKINS, BACON, antl Co., who at a great cost, have succeeded in producing from steel, "A NEW LABEL, of so complicated and intricate a nature, and of sucti excessive difficulty in its execution, as to prevent it from being forced, either by the old and well-known, or more modern processse of imitation, and which is ac. knowledge 1 by connoisseurs to be a Masterpiece in the art of Kngraving, The Lab-,I surrounding the Bottle is composed of a section of an engine-turned circle, repeated tine Hundred "lid litres, by a process peculiar to Messrs. Perkins, Bacon, and Co and forms an original lacework ground. The subjoined is an outline of a portion of the Label, as it appears round the Bottle. w v —Yuri.$<?& jpaEMggrta,—. y Another portion contains th, signature of the Proprietor in red ink A. ROWLAND & SONS. The whole, with the exception of the profile, being covered with a lacework pattern, in transparent colourless ink. This celebrated Oil is universally in high repute for its successful results during the last half century in the GRO ATH, RESTORATION, and IMPROVEMENT of the HUMAN HAIR. It prevents Hair from falling off or turning grey strengthens Weak Hair, cleanses it from Scurf and J ./and riff, and makes it beautifully Soft, Curly, and Glossy. In the growth of the BEARD, WHISKERS, anil MUSTACHIOS, it is unfailing in its stimulative operation. For Children it is especially recommended as forming the basis of a Beautiful Head of Hair. Price 3a 61. and 7s. Family Bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6.1. and double that size, 21s. ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, An Oriental Botanical Preparation, for IMPROVING and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION, eradicates Cutaneous Defects and Discolorations, and renders the Skin Soft, Fair, and Blooming. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6J. per Bottle. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, Or "Pearl Dentifrice, compounded of the choicest and most recherche ingredients of tbe ORIENTAL HERBAL • it is of inestimable value in PRESERVING and'BEAU- TIFYING the TEETH, Strengthening the Gums, and in rendering the Breath Sweet and Pure. Price 2s. 9d. per Box. Sold by A. ROWLAND & SONS, 20, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, and bv C'H'- MISTS AND PERFUMERS. BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS! TWENTY-SECOND YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. DENTAL SURGERY. DAYS OF ATTENDANCE FOR JANUARY. Mondays, Chepstow Tuesdays, Abergavenny Wednes- days, Newport; Thursdays, Cardiff; Fridays and Sa- turdays, Monmouth. Teeth with Gutta Perrha Linings and Artificial Gums. Ml S RS. MOSL LY, SURGEON D:KTISTS, of 39, Berners-street, Oxford-street, and 42, New Bond-street, London, have the honour to announce that Mr. L. M is now making his ususl periodical visit, and may be consulted during the month of January, Mondays, at the George Hotel, Chepstow. Tuesdays, at Abergavenny Wednesdays, at the KIND'S Head, Newport. Thursdays, at the Cardiff Arms, Cardiff. All at Private Apartments. Fridnys and Saturdays, at Mr. J. PoWELL'3, plum- ber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Attendance from Ten to Five Messrs.MoSELY beg to call the attention of their patients, and those who may wish to consult them that they can now supply Artificial Teeth, with GUT IA PERCHA GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the re- maining Teeth is avoided, and entirely sn'>°rseding the USE of wires or ligaturesof any description T lev are a!s > the Patentees anti Inventors of the new GUM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and pre- vents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in the adaptation of Artificial Teeth Specimens of these beau- tiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every infor- mation given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth,from one to a complete set,at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's ee attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental CHRISTMAS PARTIES AND BALLS. JMINCHIN begs to announce he has now ready for inspection a splendid Stock of qj FLOWERS and HEAD DRESSES, suitable for Evening Parties an.) B.ids Ladies and Gentlemen's White Kill GloveR, in every size and price; Ribbons, Dress Cap, Cap Fronts of the newest designs, Coloured and Mourning Millinery, in great variety also, a large Assortment of White and Coloured Patent Corsets. OBSERVE.—WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, VICTORIA HOUSE 143, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. FURNITURE, DAMASK, & CARPET WAREHOUSE, 137, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON". JONES AND TAYLOR, respectfully announce that they have now in Stock a splendid assortment of Velvet Pile, Tapestry, Brussels, Kidderminster, Dutch, and othsr Carpets. Also, magnificent Brockatelles, French, Silk, and Wool Damasks, superb pattern Chintzes, for Drawing-room ourtaius, Worsted and Union Damasks, Moreens, Dimities, &c^ for Bed and Window Draperies, which, with their immense Stock of FURNITURE, of every description, suitable for Mansion or Cottage, the whole now forming one of the larg-at and most complete Furnishing Warehouses in the kingdom. Floor-cloth, Cocoa-matting, and Door-mats, in great fariety. "THE ROAST BEEF OF OLD ENGLAND." THE CHRISTMAS MARKET. HUGH MORGAN, BUTCHER, 22, COMMERCIAL STREET, Newport, Mon., avail himself of JH the return of the Christmas Season, to express his thanks to his numerous Patrons for the very liberal support with which he has been favoured during the year and to announce that his exertions have been unremitting to procure the very best Stock for Christmas Meats that could be secured by capital and judgmen Among some of his finely-bred purchases are the following — Four Prime OXEN, bred and fed by T. Powell, Esq.. The Gaer. One Four-year-old DEVON HEIFER, bred and fed by Sir Charles Morgan, at Ruporra Castle. Two DURHAM HEIFERS, fed by Mrs. Keene of GoLlcliff. who won the Town Prize. One HEREFORD HEIFER, bred and fed by Mr. Rees Keene, of Pencreeg, who won a Prize. Seven HEREFORD STEERS, bred and fed by Mr. J. Seys The Graig. Four DURHAM STEERS, bred and fed by Mrs. W aters, of Goldcliff. One Prize DURHAM HEIFER, fed by Mr. Price, of Bishton. Pair of Prize WETHEHS, fed by Mr. Dowle, of Claypit, Chepstow. One COTS WOLD EWE, shown as extra stock, by Mr. Fletcher, of Cots wold Hill, Gloucestershire. Four Pens of DOWN WETHERS, purchased from Mr. Kyte, of Caerleon. Two Pens of Prime SHEEP, fed by T. Powell, Esq. of The Gaer. Pen of Prime WETHERS, purchased of Mr. John Milner, of Nash. Five Pens of Prime WELSH WETHERS, five years old, fed on Machen Mountain, by Mr. Roberts. Fine Fat CALF, fed by R. C. Seamark, Esq., Mount St. Albans. Fine Fat CALF, fed by Mr. J. Prosser, of Matberne, Chepstow. Some fine PORKERS, from the celebrated breeder, T LI. Brewer, Esq., Coalbrook Vale. See the List of Prizes. CARPET AND FURNISHING WAREROOMS, 13, 81: AUG US TIDE'S-PARADE, BRISTOL. SMITH and CO. invite the attention of Parties Furnishing, who consider durability and economy, desiderata, to visit their Establishment before deciding elsewhere. The Show Rooms, being the most extensive in the West of England, contain an assemblage of the most fashionible designs in CARPETS, CURTAINS, &c., and at prices (quality considered) much lower than is usually quoted in delusive estimates. TURKEY and AXMINSTER CARPETS, VELVET & TAPESTRY do, BRUSSELS & KIDDERMINSTER do. SILK aud WORSTED DAMASKS CH[N"TZ £ S, and PRINTED TOURNAYES EMBROIDERED MUSLIN and NET CURTAINS, GTLr CORNICES, BRASS and other POLES VENETIAN, SPRING, aud other BLINDS. SMITH and Co. solicit an inspection of their BEDS and BEDSTEADS, assuring their friends that the whole of the Bedding Department will be manufactured on their own premises, of materials that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. Iron and Brass BEDSTEADS, in every variety. BEDDING, BEDS, BOLSTERS, and PILLOWS. MATTRESSES and PALLIASSES, BLVNKSTS, QUILTS, and COUNTERPANES. LINEN and COTTON HEEFINGS.&c. S and Co. cannot refrain from mentioning, for the guidance of those at a distance, that quality, combined with cheapness, good taste, and immense variety, are the essentials of this Establishment. Every Saturday, Price Fourpence, of any Bookseller 24 or 32 large Quarto Pages. THE ATHEWJEUM JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART, (Stamped to go free by post, 5d ) contains REVIEWS, with copious Extracts, of every important New English Book, and of the more important Foreign Works. REPORTS of the Proceedings of the Learned and Scientific Societies, with Abstracts of all Papers of Interest. AUTHENTIC ACCOUNTS of all Scientific Voyages and Expeditions. FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE on subjects relating to Literature, Science, and Art. CRITICISMS ON ART, with Critical Notices of Exhibitions, Picture Collections, New Prints, &c. MUSIC AND DRAMA, including Reports on the Opera, Concerts, Theatres, New Masic, &c. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES of Men distinguished in Literature, Science, and Art. ORIGINAL PAPERS AND POEMS. WEEKLY GOSSIP. MISCELLANEA, including all that is likely to interest the informed and intelligent. THE ATHENAEUM is so conducted that the reader, however far distant, is, in respect to JL Literature, Science, and the Arts on an equality in point of information with the best informed circles of the Metropolis. The ATHEN.EDM is published every SATURDAY, but is ra-issued each Month, stitched in a wrapper. The Volume for 1855, complete in itself, and containing 1,514 large quarto pages, with title-page and index may be had of any Bookseller, immediately after the conclusion of the year, price One Guinea. Office for Advertisements, 14, WELLINGTON STREEI1 NORTH, STRAND, London. PROTECTED BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. WHOLES AXaE (AND RETAIL WATERPROOF, AIRPROOF BRITISH AND AMERICAN VULCANISED INDIA-RUBBER, GUTTA-PERCHA, AND MACINTOSH DEPOT, 3, CLARE STREET, BRISTOL. ALPHABETICAL LIST. Abdominal Belts Airproof Articles Apron Bands Aprons Arm Gussets Baby-jumper Straps Babies' Bibs Bags (waterproof) Balls Bandages Bands Bathing Caps Baths Bed Sheets Beds Bellows Belts 1 Boats (inflated) Bonnet Hoods, with short capes Bonnet Preservers Book Covers Boots Bottles Bottling Corks and Bungs Brace Fronts Braces Breast Bottles Buffer and Bearing Springs Buoys Buffer and Bearing Springs Buoys Body Belts Canteens Carters' Capes Capes, with sleeves, or Loose Coats I Capsules Cart Sheets Carriage and Chase Aprons Chemical Aprons Gloves Sleeves Chest Expanders Chesterfield Wrappers Clyster Bottles Coachmen's Coats Corals Corn Protectors Corrugated Rubbers Crib Sheets Cricket Gloves Bat Covers Cumulators, or Power Pur- chases, for projecting and lifting apparatus Cups Cushions 11 for Billiard Tables Cylinders Decanter Stoppers Deck Boots Dissecting Gloves Diving Dresses Door Springs Dress Preservers Dress Dilators Drinking Cups Driving Gloves Dolls Ear Bottles Ear Trumpets Ear Pads Elastic Bands, for papers, letters, &c. Elastic Belts Elastic Gusset Web Elastic Sacking Elastic Sandal Web Elastic Woven Bandages Elastic Ribands t> Enamelled Sheets Enemas Engine Packing Erasing Rubber, in squares and bottles Exhausting Bells Emigrants' Wrappers Felt, for lining boxes Fine Sheet Rubber Finger Stalls Fishing Boots Coats Stockings Trousers „ JBags „ Hats Foot and Pump Valves, i°r ocean steamers Foot Balls Gaiters Garters Game Bags Gas Bags Vessels Gig Aprons Gloves Gum Rings Gun Covers Gusset Webbing • r) -J Goloshes Hat Covers Horse Brush and Ring Boots Cloths Knee Caps „ Shoe Pads Stockings Hose and Suction Pipes Hydrostatic Beds Inflated Beds Cushions Injection Bottles Jar Covers Ladies' Pages Paletots Life Belts „ Buoys Ligatures Liquor Bottles Locomotive Pipi Malting Shoes Mattresses Moulded Articles Mud Boots Neon Pillows Nipples Nursing Aprons Over Shoes Over Suits Overalls Packing Pads Parcel Bands Pessaries Pie Nics Pillows Piping Playing Balls Plug Valves Railway Travelling Cushions T). ,'V, Conversation Tubes Rick Covers Riding Belts Rings, Strips, and Cords, for Elastic Springs Reversible Coats Safety Tubes and Belts Sandaling Ship Sheets Shoes Shooting Boots Hats x Coats Sou' Westers "'yo.- Sponge Bags Sponging Baths Springs Stockings Stoppers Straps Surgical Bottles >j Bandages bwimming Belts Stethescopes Soles for Boots and Shoes Sheep and Dog Stocking Stay Webbing ° Tents Tobacco Pouches Travelling Bugs « Beds >» Cushions and Pill lows Travelling Caps 11 Rugs Trouser Straps Tubing, Braided or Plain, rT „ vvate'> steam, or gas Urethra Bottles Urinals Umbilical Belts Vagina Bottles Valves Vulcauized India Rubber VV'agon Sheets Washers for flange and socket joints Water Pillows Waterproof Cloths, in the piece, of various descrip- tions, double and single texture Webbing for Gussets for I aces for Elastic Boots for Surgical Bandages Wheel Tires Window- dind Cord Wristbands Wellington Roots Weather Protectors Whips Water Basins Yachting Trousers „ Coats „ Hats SURGICAL ELASTIC STOCKINGS. KNEE-UAro, ANK.L,ETS, LEGGINGS, 8¡-c" in Silk, Thread, and Cottou, (2i) per cent, below the usual prices) of superior quality Importers of AMERICAN OVERSHOES and General Dealers in India-Rubber and Gutta-Percha, Articles. Waterproof, Airproof, Vulcanised India-Rubber and EUstit Articles, of all kinds, mad e to order, or repaired with J care and promptitude. Orders by post promptly attended to. The Trade supplied upon the best terms. BEESLEY & HEYES, PROPRIETORS, 3, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. NEWSPAPER FOR THE FARMING AND GARDENING INTEREST. Saturday, January 5, will be published, price Fivepence, or Sixpence stamped, each volume complete in itself J TWENTY-FOUR, OCCASIONALLY THIRTY-TWO, FOLIO PAGES, THE FIRST NVMBER FOR 1856 OF THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE & AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE: A WEEKLY RECORD OF RURAL ECONOMY AND GENERAL NEWS. The Horticultural Part Edited by Professor Lindley. The FARMING PART (under the Editorship of a practical Farmer,) treats of- The Practice of Agriculture Agricultural Science Animal and Vegetabie Physiology Improvements in Implements, de- scribed by woodcuts whenever re- quisite Better modes of Husbandry T Results of Experimental Farming Growth and Rotation of Crops 0 Management of Stock Veterinary Science Drainage Irrigation » Foresting TI URTTI AFI -1 Road-making Farm-Buildings Labourers Treatment of Poultry Agricultural Publications I I in short, whatever anects we employment ot capital in hand. Reports are regularly given of the English, Scotch, and Insh Agricultural Societies and Farmers' Clubs-London Market Prices of Corn, Hay, Cattle, Seeds, Hops, Potatoes, Wool, Coal, Timber, Bark, &c., and the Weekly Averages. ■ e An Edition is also published every Monday, in f°r post, containing the Mark Lane and Cattle Markets. A3 regards the Gardening Part (under the Editorship ot Dr. Lindley), the principle is to make it a weekly record of everything that bears upon Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, or Garden t'otany, and such Natural History as has a relation to Gardening, with Notices and Criticisms of all Works on such subjects. Connected with this part are WEEKLY CALENDARS OF GARDENING OPERATIONS, Given in detail, and adapted to the objects of persons in every station of life so that the Cottager, with a few red 8 of ground before his door, the Amateur who has only a Greenhouse, and the Manager of Extensive Gardens, are ;dike informed of the routine of operations, which the varying seasons render necessary. It moreover contains Reports of Horticultural Exhibitions and Proceedings Notices of Novelties and Improvements— in fact, everything that can 'end to advance the Profession, benefit the coniHtion of the Workman, or conduce to the pleasure of his Employer. Woodcuts are given whenever the matter treated of requires that mode of illustration. Replies to questions connected with the object of the Iap3r are also furnished weekly. Lastly, that description of Domestic and Political News is introduced which is usually found in a Weekly News- paper. It is unnecessary to dwell on this head, further than to say, that the Proprietors do not range themselves undr the banners of any Party their earnest endeavours are to make the GARDENERS' CHRONICLE aud AGRICUL- TURAL GAZETTE a full and comprehensive Record of Facts ouly-a Newspaper in the true sense of the word—leaving the Reader to form his own opinions: their object bem3, the elucidation of the laws of Nature, not of Man. The Reader is thus furnished, in addition to the peculiar features of the Journal, with such information concerning the events of the day, as supersedes the necessity of his providing himself with any other Weekly Paper. A Prospectus, with List of Contributors, may be had on appplication or by letter, at the Office, 5, Upper Wel- lington-street, Covent Garden, London.. From Returns issued by the Government, it appears that the average weekly number of Stamps supplied to the GARDENERS' CHRONICLE AND AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE, during the last eleven years, was 6,577. Parties intending to Commence with the New Volume had better give their Orders at once to any Newsvendtr, MISSIONARY. WANTED, a MISSIONARY, for a So- T c'ety in connection with the Monkland Iron Works, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He must b3 a Licentiate of an Evangelical Body, and able to preach in the Welsh Applications, with testimonials, to be lodged with MR. GluB, Teacher, Chapelhall, by Airdree, on or before the ord of January, 1856. Chapelhall, Dec. 12th, 1855. See Evidence before the COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSR OF COMMONS "On All alteration of Food, Coloured Tea," &c., TIMES, July 19, 1855. HORNIMAX & CO.'S PUR ill TMAOLOITRED T BJA. ^•aSFOTT0RNIMAN & Co- Tea XX Importers, London, believing that the public would use TEA of i, ;ionNisiAN.rps8 Sterling Quality, in preference to that PURE m,ite up for Appearance, have for some LIURED years directed the Chinese Factors at HI TEA SOV Shanghse, with whom they corres- ONLY IfeSJ P°nd, to forward all to them in the ^pirkajjet. |||L iume pure state us drank in ( liini and KJ inAa!i pmBO0fwBflar "ot c,ovcru(l on the surface with pow- phtbe Kingdom.viljpjr tiered mineral coloui 3, as is usual with fi" pr most sent to England,—by which 1 precaution, H. and Co. protect the friends of their Country Agents from the ill effects of this pernicious practice, as this keeping to the n nural cot. nr not only preserves the wholesomeness of the Tea, but also prevents the br^wn flawuirLss Autumn leaves, which are but of tittle rtilae being coloured in imitation of the costly Mach-leaf Spring sorts,-a practice that is a constant source of loss and dis ,pp ,inlment to the consumer here. HORNIMAN & CO'S PURE UNCOLOURED TEAS are conse- quently m ne even in qu itity, more rich and full in flavour, and prove in use the strongest and cheapest. Price 3s. 8d., 4s. and 4s. 8,r. per lb. in Catty Packets of 2-oz., .1-1b., A-lb., I-lb., and 31bs. Nett. Sold only by AGENTS. ABERDARE Mr. Thomas, Chemist. ABERYSTWITH Mr. Jones, Pier Street. ABERGAVENNY Mr. Watkins, High Street,. BRYNMAWR Messrs. George and Son. BLAINA Messrs. George and Son. BRISTOL Messr" Fenisand Co., Union St. CARDIFF Mr. Kernick, 23, Duke Street. CHEPSTOW Mr. Hodgson, St. Mary Street. COLEFOKD Mr. Hough. GLOUCESTER Mr. Fouracre, Cross. LONDON Mr. Purssell, 80, Corn Hill. LYDNEY Mr. Hathaway. MONMOUTH Air. Cossens, Post Office. MERTHYR Mr. Stephens, High Street. NEWPORT Mr. JENKINS, 41, Commercial St PONTYPRIDD Mr. Ilussey, Market Street. SWANSEA Mr, Wilson, Castle Square. TREFOKEST Mr. Richards. USK Mr. Edwards. Nothing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Ag-e an shortens human life more than Diseases of the Chest. UNDER THE W AND PATRONAGE OF THE PFL 1NC1PA L THE QUEEN NOBILITY. THE QUEEN NOBILITY. THE ONLY REALCURK WI RNOUT IN WAR D MEDICINE IS ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PIASTERS, for Coughs, Asthma R Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the Heart, Croup, Hoopinp Cough, Influenza, Chronic ritrains, Bruises, Lumbago or Pains in the Back, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, Diseases of the Chest, and Local Pains. MORE WONDERFUL CURES, FROM MANY THOUSANDS OF OTHERS:— SEVERE ATTACK OF RHEUMATIC PAJNS CUHEIJ. Dear Sirs, Having suffered many years trom severe attacks of Rheumatic pains, I feel great pleasure in telling you that 1 hav-i derived great bei efitfrom your invaluable Pla»ter. I shall mo»t cer. tainly recommend it to all my friends, all medical aid being of no use whatever. You are at leave to publish this in any way you think proper.—I am, clear sirs,yours truly, Leamington Aug. 12th, 18,H. R. MAYOH, AFT* LICTED SEVEN YEARS WITH A DREADFUL COliGU. South Carlton, near Lincoln, Dec, 1.1, Iis.RI4. Gentlemen,—R am requested by a poor man in this village write to you respecting ttie effects of one of your Roper's Plasters. He has been afflicted with a dreadful cough for the last jevuii years, and for which he has been advised to try one of your Plasters, which he has now had on three weeks, and, hich I am HAPJIV to inform you has been attended with belleficial results, a, the cough is not so violent, and the phlegm, which at first was thick and tough, has been changed to ordinary spittle.—1 remain, yours obediently, To Messrs. Rnper and Son. SAML. BEECH. Unprincipled tiliopkeepers, for the sake of oain, have vended spurious Imitations. Purchasers are therefore cautioned to NOTICE!—The words BATH. PLASTER, Engraved on the —J Government Stamp S and the Proprietor's Autograph on the M back thus:— Prepared only by ROBERT ROPER and SON, Chemiits, Shef- field. Oil Medico-Chemical Principles, from British Herbs and the Gums and Balsams of the Eastern Clime where The tree- drop balsam, and on all t he boughs Health sits ana makes it sovereign as it floks." Full sized t'lasters, I s. IJIL and for Children, each or direct by post, on receipt of I s. 4 A or I s. each in postage stamps. Sold by PHI [.T.I PS, Chemist and Druggist. Newport, and most Patent Medicine Vendors in the UNITED Kiiudom. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!—B* particular to ask for RUPEB'S PLASTERS. "A FRIEND IN NEED." HUNDREDS OF CUHES HIVE proved ROPER'S PILLS It (though originally only intended to nssist the operation of ROPBH'S ROYAL B\TH PLASTER) the lest remedy for all tnose di-tressing symptoms attending a weak and disorlired Stomach, Liver e<Hnpla¡nts, Bi ious irrenu iarities, Indigestion such as Nausea or Sick ess, L >ss ,f Appeti,e Loathing of Food, Pain in the Bowels, Lang >ur Depression nfSpirits, Giddiness, Swimming or determination of gluo,1 to the. See., the fnrerunni r of apnp'exy. Pool's of efficacy (Communicated by 1\11. J. C. RFJNHARDT, Chemist, Hull.) „ Sproatlev, near Hull, Oct 3rd, 1853. sirs,—Having found great benefit froiw Roper's Roval Bath Plaster and Pills I wish to make my ease known for the advantage °L ? W- I° A,S. 1 ,IA.VE done for a longtime. I have been afflictcd with spasmodic pains in the chest, and palpitation of the It art, arising from indigestion an,1 liver complaint; I was under meiiical treatment many months without feeling any better, at last I tried one of Roper's Plasters and a dox of Pills, which gave me relief in a few days, from which time M health has improved, and 1 am now quite weil-I remain with thanks, yours respectfully, EI.IZ-XHETH THOMPSON. PAIN IN THE SIOMACII, WITH STOPPAGE OK UIIlNE-To M essrs. R Roper and Son—Gentlemen,—Hiving been afflicted for two )ears with a >evere pain in the pit of the stomach, and with stoppage of urine, which prevented me from working more than six monihs, placed myself under the care of several medical practitioners, both in this and orher towns, without experiencingt the le.1,t benefit. I was mduce L to try one of your R Bitti Masters, dlld by your advice, took a box of your Blth Plaster Pills TO assist the operation of the Piasters, which T had not used a week when I resumed N.y work, which is very tie t, y and la' orious, and I liavp not L< st a day from iLnes9 since. Yours, with gratitude, W.WILLCOCK formerly of Biimingha Railway spring maker, at the Sheaf Works,Sheffield. M-IV 2nd, 184-i. coper's Pills are, a purely Botanic compound, and warranted frei from any deleterious ingr'ilirnt. bei-IA composed of choice herbs, roots, gums, and balsams, by ROBr. ROPER an,1 SOV, Cllel11Ísts. Sheffield, in boxes at Is qd, 1- 0 1. and 4s lid each. Sold bv 111 1st Chemis and Bo IKSEMPRS in the United Kingdom. ASK OR ROPER'S PILLS. WHAT SHALL I D) TO GET CffRSD P Is the question often asked by the afflicted. As your cure depends upon the treatment you obtain, apply to UIT THO\IAS WILLIAMS, VINE COTTAQB, NO. 1H1,! 'OMMI'KCIAL KOAD, IVRWPORT One door tro-N the new (Slide Christian Uhapel, WH'.l having devoted his "hole study, for thirty years, to the coring of all Diseases by Herbs only, and from successful p aciice in Newport, for the last ten years,is enabled to treat patients with the utmost cer- tainty 01 a Cure. Dr W.'s Herbal trills have been experienced by Thou sands to be the most valuable yet known for the cure of Pains in the Head, Back, and Loins; Nervousness, Indi- rection, Loss of A plJClite, Kueumatisin, Skin !>iseases,&c. The utmost attention may tie relied UpOH by those who entrust themselves to the care of Dr. Williams. Attendance doily, from Nine in the Morning until Ten at Nis<ht; 011 Sundays, from Nillp. till Two. Country Patients niu t be particular in stat.ing- their cases as that will render a personal visit unnecessary. Medicine, with the necessary advice, sent to anv part on receipt of a I'ost office Order for 10s payable to Dr. THO \1 >\S W[ A. US, Newport., Monmouthshire. CAUTION!—The public are requested to take notice that Dr Williams has 110 connexion with my o'.her person in the profession; and that he can only be seen on eases, at his tesidence, as above. MORNING- P )ST. LONDON DAILY NEWSPAPER. THE MOANING POsl a Ivertisinnf charges b are on the fo.lowing reduced an I reasonable scale s, d. Tradesmens' advertisements, 5 lines and under 6 Every additional line Q G Servants' advertisements 41ines. ]. 0 All advertisements on an equdly moderate scale. For a series of advertisements for the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, contracts may be made on a moderate reduc- tion of the scale price. As a MEDIUU FOR ADVERTISMENTS the MORNING POST offeis the greatest ;M!vantages for the speedy and extensive publicity of all announcements addressed to the affluent and piircnasing portion of the community, especially the nobility, gentry, and monetary interests of the country. The large circulation of this long-established Journal embraces the m >st influential clasps of society-the Political, the Aristocratic, and the Commercial. A consistent Advocate of Conservative Progress, and Constitutional Liberty-whilst it maintains the Establshed Principles of Church and state—it constantly seeks out error, and promotes its reformation. It contains the FULLEST and LATEST intellip-once of every description whether POLITICAL, COMMERCIAL, CLERICAL, LEGAL, or FASHIONABLE, with all Newarelatingto ART3,SCIENCES,and LIT FILATURE. Experience has shown that the MORNING POST possesses, by far the most reliable informa ion on every important political subject of the dav. III its FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE, especially, it has been distinguished by remarkable rapidity, and by the accuracy of its in- formation, derived from the best sources. Combining with its Political features, ALL THE NEWS OF THE DAY, down to the latest hour of going to press each morning, it has ong enjoyed a circulation and renutation essentially European. Wellington Street, North, Strand, C II 111 s r M AS PRESENTS AND NEW Y r GIFT S. CHRIS I MAS has ever been rendered dear to the lovers of friendship and hosj.it.dii y trimi the many charming socialities connected with it. The exuberance of the fet linsis amid scpnps of gaiety induces the fair and youthful to shine to advantage under the gaze of many friends, and therefore to devote increased attention to the duties of the Toilet. It is at this kstive season that ROWLANDS' AUXILIARIES OF HRALTH A ,1, IJ B E U T Y are more than usually essential for preserving the Hair i in all its decorative charm, the Skin and Comp exiofl I transparent and blooming, and the teeth in their pearl- | like lustre. I The patronage of Royalty throughout Entope, their general use by Rank .nd Fashion, and the universally- | known efficacy of these articles give them a celebrity un- paralleled, and render them peetili uly paralleled, and render them peetili uly ELEGAN I AND SB YSONABLE PRESENTS. ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OiL > Is a delightfully Fraqrant and Transparent Preparation FO K T H B 11 A I it, and as an Invigorator and Purifier beyond all Precedent. In dre:.sing the Hair nothing can equal its effect. render- ing it so admirably soft that it will lie in any direction, imparting a transcendant lustre, and sustaining it in decorative charm during the heated atmostphpre of crowded assemblies. Price 3s. 6d., 7s Family Bottles (equal to 4 small), 10s. 6d., and douole that size, 21s. per bottle. ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, FOR THE >KIN AND CO U PLRXT0N. Is unequalledfor its Rare and Inestimable Qualities, tM Radiant Bloom it imparts to the < heek. The Softness and Delicacy which it induces of the Hands and Arms, its capability of soothing Irritation, and Removing 1 Cutaneous Defects, Discolorations, and all unsightly ap- pearances, render it INDISPENSABLE TO EVERY TOILET. During the frost and bleak winds of winter, and in cases of Chilblains, Chapped Skin, and Incidental Irritation, its virtues are universally acknowledged. — Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, Compounded of the choicest an 1 most recherche in- gredients of the ORIENTAL HERBAL, and of ines- timable value in PRESERVING AND BEAUTIFYING THE TEETH ',T ItE C STRENGTHENING THE GUlIS And in rendering the Breath Sweet and Pure. Price 2s. 9tl. per Box. BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS! The only genuine of each bears the name of I Rowlands" preceding hat of the Article on the Wrapper or Label. Sold by A. Rowland <5*- Sons, 20, Hatton Garden, London, and by Chemists and Perfumers. .ft Emigration to America, by iirst-class Packets. rp TAPSCOTT'S LINE FOR NEW YORK, Sailing Weekly. COPE'S LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA, Sailing on the 12th of each Month. j And first class Ships to other American ports occa- sionally. For terms of passage, and other particulars. apply to i W. TAPSCOTT & CO., Old Hall, Old Hall-street, and St George's — Buildings, Regent-road, Liverpool. ° Agents in New York, TAPSCOTT & Co., 86, South stree1 Money Orders and Passage Certificates issued by the aboa e either ui'jSew I ork or Liverpool. CARRYING A MAI L.—E AG L E LINE STEAM TO AUSTRALIA UNDER 60 DAYS. n rPHE Liverpool and Australian JL Navigation Company's Steam Clipper filing Ship, ROYAL CHARTER, Of 2,719 TONS REGISTER 200 H RSE POWER > F. BoYCE, late of the Eagle, Commander, I Will be despatched for MELBOURNE DIRECT, on | .the 17th JANUARY, forwarding Passengers for Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart Town, &c Fares, from 16 to 60 Guineas. [ Built expressly for the Company. This vessel com- il bines all the advantages of a Steamer, with those of a I Clipper Sailing Ship, and offers the only opportunity yet presented to the public, of certainty in the time re- quired for the voyage. j, The Main Saloon is beautifully fitted up. The Passen- 1 ger Deck is 8ft. 4in. high, with 'side port8 every 6 feet, | exclusive of other ventilation. Baths are provided for I all classes of passengers and the arrangements for cook- I ing and carrying live stock are perfect. Passengers are respectfully informed, that this Steamer must be sent to sea PUNCTUALLY to her time. they must » be in Liverpool not later than the 15th, their Luggage being forwarded on or before the 12th and that no Cargo will be taken after n<<on of the 11th January. i All Letters and Newspapers must be forwarded though f the post-office, and endorsed Per Royal Charter,r from the post-office, and endorsed Per Royal Charter," from Liverpool otherwise they will not be forwarded. Apply to GIBBS, BRIGHT, and CO., Agents, 1, North John-street, Liverpool; or to HENRY ED- WARDS and Co., Ship Brokers, Newport, Monmouth- shire Parcels sent to the care, of BRIGHT, BROTHERS, and CO., Melbourne, will be carefully forwarded to all par iof Australia. THIRD CABIN PASSAGE, £ 14. I THE LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIA I PACKETS. TO SAIL ON THE FIRST JANUARY. JET? E°r MELBOURNE direct, J^OssThe well-known clipper-ship SALEM, Captain ^-(•ySy Flynn, 915 tons register, 2,100 tons burthen. A 1 at Lloyd's, rI^HIS SHIP has made some of the quickest -J_ passages to Melbourne, and is fitted up for all classes of passengers in the most comfortable and commo- dious manner. Carries a surgeon. Passengers will be forwarded to any ports in Australia, an iJiemati s Land, or New Zealand, at extra rates. classes of passengers in the most comfortable and commo- dious manner. Carries a surgeon. Passengers will be forwarded to any ports in Australia, Van Dieman's Land, or New Zealand, at extra rates. Money orders granted freee of charge. Apply to the owners, Messrs. P. Mageo and J. Leving- ston, and JAMES M. WALTHEW, 46, Chapel-atreet, Liverpool; or to THOMAS DRYDEN, Swansea; or to JOHN PUGH, Abergavenny. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY J BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. ^»THE Bristol General Steam J- Navigation tj-nrspany's splendid Paddle STEAMKR "D A R T," CAPTAIN JAMES PARFITT, Or other suitabte Vessel will ply durin", the ensuing Week* as follows:- From Bristol. From Newport. DECEMBER. DECBMBER, M.it.d.v :?4: 61, morn Saturday 2'2 A after Wednesday 26 7.j morn Monday 2! 4i after Tnursdiy 27 8 morn Wednesday 26 6 after Saturday 29.. 9 morn Friday 23.. 7 morn ill- A Wniti g Roo ) is provided oppo-iie the Landing Place at (Iotwells, where Passengers ate taken on board free of charge about fifteen minuies af'er the time stated in the bills tor sailing trom Bathurst Basin A Packet from the lIoiwellsTo ana From PORTISHEA.D daily. (Sundays excepted). FARES — After Cabin 3s.; Front i abin, Is. 6d. To and Fro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, Vs.— Four- wheel Carriage 18s. Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaeton, 8s.; I wo-whetI Carriage, or light Phaeton, drawn by on* noise, with Driver, 12s.; Horse, os Horse aid Rider, 6s.; i)()gs, ts.CtC)). Refreshments may be had on board at moderatp charges. Horses and Carriages Shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour before sailing. Farther particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General Stemrt Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where 11 Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., should be addressed. Bills and other iniorma ion can be obtained of Mr. JOHN I JONES, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. Agent at Newport, Mr It. P.JON KS, Rodney Wharf. From Bristol—Swift <5, Usk. DECRMBBK. Monday 24 7 morn Wednesday 26 7i morn Thursday 27 11 morr. Friday -28 4morn From Cardiff—Swift § Usk. DBCPSMBBR. Saturday 22 3 after Mou'iay 24 4$after vVednesday '28 5i, after I Thursday 27 6 :after Saturday 29.. 7J morn From Tenby-Juno. DKCKMBIDH. Saturday 22.. 7 morn FAREs-Cabin, 13s. Chil- dren under 12 veal s. 6s. 6d. Servants in the Cabin, 3s. (including Steward's Fees.) Fore Cabin, 7s ifd. Children under I2years,4s. Carriage, 42s; ilaefoll. 31S 6d.; Snyill one horse di> to, 25s Gig, 20s.; Horse, 20s. Dog, 3s. Return Tickets, (available for one week) Best Cabin, 18s.; Fore-Cabin, 1 Is. For Milford, Pater, and\ Haverfordwest-Sltamrock. DECEMBER. Tuesday 25.. 7 mom" •> FAREs-Same as ten by. From Milford to Waterford, 7 miles from Haverfordwest Railway Station. Wednesday livenings at 8 ■•'clock, or as soon after as circumstances will permit. FARES — Best Cabin, 25s. Fore-C.ibin, 7s. 6d. j Water fur d to Brisiol Fridays. From Carmarthen, calling at I Tenby—Juno. [ DECBMBKK. Saturday 24.. 4 morn FARES—S;;oi.e as Tenuy NOTICE.— I be Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin passengers' Luggage (it lost or damaged J above the value of £ 2; nor for any Deck Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 2(h., unless in each case entered as such, and freight in roportion pai I for the same at the time of lelivery nor will they be answerable fo: any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for thfe same at the I time (II deliverv Newport, Saturday, December 22, 18.55. Printed and Published for the Pi-oprietor, EDWARD DOWLING, of Mount Pleasant, Hill-street, in the BorougL of Newport, in the MERLIN General Printing Office, ituate in Commercial-street, at the Borough of Newport, sy WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, of No. 7, Commerciai- treet, in the said borough. ■