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MR. G. L. Fox AND His TENANTRY.-At a recent meeting of the tenantry of Mr. George Lane Fox, of Bramham Park, Yorkshire, it was unanimously resolved to offer that gentleman an increase of 10 per cent. on the rents of his tenants, in consideration of the reduction of 10 per cent. they received from Mr. Fox during the last period of agricultural depression. Mr. Fox, in acknow- ledging the receipt of this resolution, says:—"The ad- dress I have this morning received from you is most gratifying to me, reflects the greatest credit upon my tenantry, and makes me feel justly proud of you. I am aware that your farms are fairly let; but during the short time the energies of the British agriculturists were para- lyzed, by the too sudden introduction of free trade, I thought it my duty to give you a helping hand. You are now most considerate in wishing to do the same by me; but I will not at present take advantage of your liberality, hoping ere long peace may be restored to us, and more moderate prices rejoice the hearts of rich and poor. In the meantime, let me strongly advise you all, in these money-making times, to improve your farms. You will then be prepared to meet any sudden check to prosperity, or, in after years, should the present state of things con- tinue, to pay an increase of rent if I ask it." On the receipt of this answer, another meeting was held, at which it was determined to offer the sincere thanks of the tenants to Mr. Fox, and to ask, as a favour, that he would sit for his portrait, in order that they might pre- sent it to Mrs. Fox, as a mark of their gratitude and esteem. The request was readily complied with, Mrs. Fox expressing her willingness to accept the portrait as a family heirloom.