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CARDIFF. A R UNA-WAT WRECK.—The Lord John Russell, which was recently wrecked on the beack between Penarth and Lavernock, having been lightened of about 200 tons of c»l, and her anchors and chains, floated in with the tide on Monday evening and the parties to whom her safe keeping was entrusted, not having takeu the precaution to secure her properly, she drifted down channel, and did not stop until she had reached Lavernock Point. Being foung missing, tug steamers were sent after her, and she was towed back to Penarth on Tuesday eveniug's tide, and on Wednesday her hall, masts. topmasts, and b..w- spi-it, were sold by auclion, by Mr. M. Marks, -for the benufit of whom it might ooncorn, for JE160. Her stores were sold in separate lots CARDIFF CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS.—The extension of the Christmas holidays to the day before Christmas, is be- coming quite general. The drapers and ironmongers of this town will not open their shops on Monday, the 24th instant, in order that they may give their assistants three clear d iys' relaxation ifrom business. We trust that the fpublio will make their necessary purchases of the previous Saturday, so that tbemiployers may experience no annoy- -ance in thus breaking a link in the enslaving chain of the shop and bed" and bed and shop" system indu ed by the late hours to which the shops in this town are kept open. CARDIFF EXHIBITION OF FINE ARTS. The success of this very excellent exhibition becomes more apparent as the nature and extent cf the entertain- ment are beoomicg better known. Jt,is a peculiar and beautiful trait in exhibitions of this nature, that so far from satiating, they rather increase the appetite of those who visit them over and over again. The judicious management which has characterised all the arrangements from the commencement, has, no doubt, been one of the chief causes of its success The ^e wisdom which ensured for the -exposition such a splendid opening, is manifest in the Variety of entertain ment and instruction which is day by day provided. The lovers of music-are especially cared for. On Saturday, It-ite Cyfarthfa. Band. (one of the best in the kingdom) w as, thiough the kindness of R.T. Crawshay sq., in attendance, at a grand promenade concert. The hall was crowded with a very brilliant circle of ladies and gentlemen, whe were well repaid in the rich performances of the evening. The following is the rKO&RAMMB—PART FIRST. Overture—G-uillame Tell" .Rossini. Polka—■" Mllitaire Kuner. Cavatina—' Robert Toi Que J'AicM, Op. K.4 bert Ide Diablo" Meverbeer. Waltz-" Star of France." D'Albert. PART SECOND. Overtare—■" Semiramide Rossini. Quadrille,—" La Fete de Lilas" La Motte. Glee-" Blow Gentle Gales" .Sir H. Bishop. Patpouirri—Op. les Hugenots" .Meyerbeer Fiuale-" Pariant pour la Syrie," and" God save the Queen." On Monday afternoon the Royal Qlamorg n Band-de- lighted the -premenaders by ixecutiug in first-rate style the folio wing-pieces Slow MarchNorma Bellini. Cavatiua—•" Do not mingle Do. Waltz—Qoeen of Roses" .D'Albert. Polka-" gut-tan's Do. Selection—" Lombardi" Verdi. GaJop-" teen's "u'Albett. In the evening Richard Bassett, Esq., was called to the chair, and he. introduced Mr. Thomas Warren, who de- livered a. highly useful lecture on Russia. The Band afterwards played the following programme Slow March-H The Queen's Lettef"Hobbs. Sflection—" Lombardi" Waltz-" Suiemer Flowers" .Tinney. All is lost—" Son nam bula" Bellini. Matiril-" Sebastopol .D'Albert. Ca.va.ttna.—" Vi Ravviso SonuambuleC" Galup-u Spirit of the Ball" Tuesday was also a crowded day. The Royal Glamorgan BaTlfl wa,s again present, and their performances were as spirited as on -&ny previous occasion. Sin the afternoon the pieces played were :— Slow March—L- Colonel Tynte" Quick March-" Love Not Selection• ifflle du Regiment". Donizetti. Polka— feasant" Kalodzky. feoug— les, fcM a spell Hiam. nlL 1__J. ,¿L ,riu ,,T i evening wa* delivered by J. W. Nicholl Came, D.O.L under the .presidency of the worshipful the^ Mayor. The subject chosen was an in- teresting one—'Poetry and its influeuce on the Human Mind." The anlheuc? was principally composed of (as tha Dean of Llan<-biff-c fj&atifuUy expressed dt.) the true poetry of Ufa—meatMng. of course, the ladiea. The lecturer, in a highly interesting-style, glanced at the great, English poets from the earliest! times to the present; and read with con- siderable ability, a^tkracts from most of England's bards often adding tø the. beauty of the lines by /pleasing com- positions of an opposite tendency in oontrast-as in giving an extract from Gawper's Task" and Chevy Chase. After alluding to our present laureat—Tennyson—whose compositions on-the war, Mr. Carne thought-fell far short of Byron and Campbell, the lecturer concluded by a high eulogy on the great Glamorganshire bard, lolo "Morganwg, than"whom a greater poet never lived. He however, re- gretted that no stone :*s yet marked the resting place of the poet. Dr. Edwards, at a subsequent part ijf the eve- ning, corrected the learced lecturer, on this point-a day or two previously ane,lpiment sculptor passed through Cardiff, who has received instructions to raise a .fitting monument over lolo Morgauwg's grave. This announce ment was received with;leud applause. The Mayor, in proposing a vote of thanks to the able lecturer, gave an interesting account of his acquaintance with the Welsh poet, and narrated many a-little anecdote of him which were rapturously received by the audience. Some obser- vations from the lecturer and the Mayor on the Exhibition, and the good effect it w.w 'lifeely to have on all, and the working classes in particular, coucluded the meeting. !In the course of the evening,the Royal Glamorgan Band performed the following pieços iSlow March, Era Paco—Lucia di Lammerueaor Bellini. WAltz-" Flowerg of the Fiolct D'A.Ibert. Selection-" White the Heart*" Bellini. Polka—Peasant Air- Do not mingle — .Bellini. Galgp-CLickoo Gongo. THE FINE ARTS. t' As we .promised in our last, we now resume our notice of the contributions in the Fine Art department. From the large number of pitillLings. engravings, &c., all we can do is to fuwrish a list of the contributors without attempt- ing anything in the shape of criticism. H. A. Bruce, Esq.. M.P.hassent a fine paintipg sub- ect—Temple .of Juno Lucina, Girgenti and Licenza, near Tivoli. Mr. Jefferson is a large contributor; he has sent the following paintings and engravings :—The P(,rester s Family The Keeper's Daughter Facsimile after Muller (lithograph) Blue Lights after Turner a Flower Piece The Guardian Aggels; Madonna Colla Stella; Lord Nelson Facsimile, after Prout a Flower Piece (by Brett) Infant Timothy Yierge au Rosaire Gipsey Shakespeare; yachtfa on the Beach; The Deer Pass; Salvador"Mutidi; and Lord Nelson. Thomas Seddon, jun,, Esq., has sent a landscape- Sunset at the Pyramids of Ghizeh and the Valley of Hermon seen from the west on Bethlehem road; An Evening on the i\ ile, painted' on the spot by himself. Thomas Seddon senior, Esq., has sent—Mount Zion from the South of N ebbI Daoud, painted by Mr. T. Seddon on the spot. John P. Seddon, Esq., has forwarded-Hotel at South- erndown South-west Angle of St. Marks, Venice near Bettwys-v-coed, North Wales; Giotto painting the por- trait of Dante, Cimabuc looking over his shoulder, and Guido Cavalcanti on the platform with Dante looking at Beatrice passing in the procession below i-all painted by himself and also Peat Bog, from Turner's Libet Stu- diorum. A. C. Bell, Esq., has sent the following, which are his own productions :-The Vale of Neath; In St. Fagan's Wood; The late Dr Cariyle, Edinburgh Study of Trees at Fairwater; and also Sketch of a figure, by Revier; Ivy Bridge, Devon (his own); On Dartmoor; Innocence a Beech Tree. James Insole, Esq., has sent—Haddon Hall, Chapel, Derbyshire Sunset; and Sunrise. Mr. P. Mitchell, artist, has contributed—Cave at Mullion, near the Lizard, Cornwall At Sopwell-on-the I Tavy, Devon; Baredown Bridge, Dartmoor ahd On the I 1 Dart. Mr. S. Cork, artist, has sent -On the West Lynn, North Devon Part of Plymouth Sound Dead Game. Richard Bassett, Esq.. contributes—an Interior; a Ca) III in the Bay of Naples; a Storm in the Bay of Naples Landscape. ( Ohlsen Esq., sent— Cloister in the Church of San Juan, Toledo; Fruit Piece; Flower Piece. Mr. P. R. Williams sent two of his own pictures—Ro- bert Murray, Esq and Lord Brougham. Mr. B. Marks has sent two of his own paintiugm-a Por- trait ditto. Mr. James Viney's contributions are Dead Game; ditto ditto ditto a Portrait; ditto ditto the Duke of Wellington. Dr Harrison has sent the following paintings, by him- self Oil the West Lynn (a specimen of painting with starch, invented by Dr. Harrison) a Landscape. Mr. Graves has contributed Coming of Age in the Olden Time; Infant Timothy; F.M. Lord Raglan Samuel the Duke of Wellington. Mrs. Read has sent Cattle, after Cooper ditto Por- tl ait of Mrs. Charles furrows. Earl Grosven"" contributed A Dromedary and Arab of Mount Sinai at the City of the Dead (painted on the spot, by M. T. Sedclon). W. D. Bushell, Esq., has contributed: Landscape; Ruins Judith with the Ilead of Holofernes The Calm The Storm Age and Innocence. Messrs. Pritcbard and Seddon, architects, sent a. Design for a BlIIk at Bristol, and a Design for Canton Church. Mr. Horice Jones architect, also contributed Caversham House (seat of W. Crawshay, Esq.), and Tpwn Hall and Judge's Lodgings, Cardiff. Mr. J. Horler sent two paintings by himself: In the Pass of Lhn berris and A bergweflsin, North Wales Thrower Herring, Esq. contributed': The Threshing Floor of Swoam, painted on the spot by T. Seddon. Esq. Monsieur Monaghan sent A Miniature Portrait and a Nymph. Mr. -k, Bassett sent two designs? One for a proposed bridge at Pontyptidd the other for proposed Baths and Wash-houses for Cardiff. E. F. D. Pritchard, Esq., hns sent two of his own pictures L indscvpe, and a view on Neath Canal Night- ingale Valley; view on the Bristol Channel. Mrs Deuroohe forwarded a view of Tallymore Park, D. von and a sketch by Warren M S. Wolfe sent one of his own pictures—Oyster dredging off the Mumbles Mr Morris—The Shepherd, (a £ 50 Art Union prize.) Mr. Miches—Tha Three Children Mr Sydnev Evans has sent a Landscape, by Vickers. Mr. Jacquier-The Marquess of Bute. Mr. Arthur Hughes-contributed one of his own pictures —a Finished Sketch. W. Richards, Esq sent—The Pass oT Dolwyloflivm. R H. Cox, Esq The Factories of Hong Kong. Mr E. Davi^ contributed—"St. Matthew; The Chess Players Tha Fortuno Teller J Knight, Esq., sent-Flora; a Landscape; Ecce Homo Mr. E. Payne'contributed a Portrait: and a eopy from Staenfield. Among other contributors, are Mr. Arthur Jfaghes who sent a aainting by himself. 0 C Waldron, Esq whose contributions are, a Clssical subject and Interior. Mr Strickland, who has sent the Madonna Mr R. B David, (artist) who has sent two of his own composition—Preparing a Bait. and the Cottage Steps. Mr. John Woons—A Dutch Landscape 3 Mr. ISaSsett Jones srnt the Prince of Wales. Mr G< orge Wolfe (artist), sent—After a Storm, and the Bristol Floating Station- Severn other ladies and gentlemen contributed valuable productions All the walls in the Hall, and on the stsiir- case, were covered with these brilliant paintings and en- gravingr, the whole forming a striking and picturesque view.


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