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BLAINA. PRESENTATION OF A TESTIMONIAL TO A CLERGYMAN. — We have pleasure in mentioning that the Blaina church congregation have manifested their esteem for their late curate, the Rev. David Morgan, who has recently re- linquished the duties which had been assigned to him, and which for nearly five years he discharged with so much credit to himself, and satisfaction to the people, to com- mence his stated ministry as Curate of St. David's, Merthyr Tydfil. On Friday last, the 14th instant, a depu- tation composed of the following gentlemen Frederick Levick, jun., Esq., Joseph Hinton, Esq., surgeon to the Blaina iron works, and Messrs. Henry Gould, Richard Anthony, Colin Dunlop and Benjamin Evans-met their late pastor and friend at the residence of his brother, the Rev. J. W. Morgan, incumbent of Beaufort, to present him with a testimonial of their regard and esteem. It consisted of an address beautifully written on vellum, and couched in the most affectionate language, to which w 8 appended a long list of the names of subscribers this was accompanied with a very rich and costly gown and scarf an exceedingly chaste pocket silver communion service' for visiting the sick, the plate bearing underneath an appropriate inscription, and a purse. The address was most emphatically and feelingly read by Mr. Hinton, who after a few kind remarks, presented the testimonial to the rev. gentleman, who with judicious and feeling observa- tions, acknowledged the kindness of his friends The depu- tation and a few other friends, after having been hos- pitably entertained by the Incumbent of Beaufort, re- turned to their respective homes highly pleased with the resnlfc of their very interesting mission. We congratulate Mr. Morgan, and v ish him every happiness and success in his new sphere of labour. DREADFUL ACCIDENT.—Many of the inhabitants of this place were thrown into a state of great excitement, on Saturday last, in consequence of a rumour that a child had been ournt to death, in the Coke Ovens, situated near the British School rooms. Unfortunately the report proved too true. From the evidence of a lad, who was near the spot, it appears that several children had got to- gether at the ovens, to procure warmth, when the unfor- tunate deceased, whose name is John Warren, aged 8 or 9 years, got upon the top of the ovens, and, heedless of the danger, must have stumbled and fell into the fiery vortex beneath him, and from which the ovens receive their supply of fuel. Every method that could be devised was used to recover, if possible, the body from being totally consumed but so intense was the heat, that the limbs of the unfortunate boy were severed from the body in extri- cating it. At the inquest a verdict of accidental death" was returned. BLAINA INN PETTY SESSIONS. Magistrates present: Capt. G. Homfray and Tom LI. Brewer, Esq. SHOP-LIFTING.—Jeremiah Buckley and his wife, Mary Buckley, were charged by Superintendent Jarrett with shop-lifting, and stealing a piece of cotton, about thirty yards, the property of Mr. John Morgan, draper, Trede- gar. The case was clearly proved against them, and both prisoners were committed to take thier trial at the next Quarter Sessions. OLD OFFENDERS.—Elizabeth Jones, alias Barry, and Mary Veter, were charged by Thomas Morgan, police- constable, with stealing, on the night of the 13th instant, from the shop of Mr. H. E. Harris, draper, Tredegar, one piece of figured Orleans, one piece of gala plaid, one pair of socks, one piece of figured merino also a piece of print, and a silk scarf, the property of Mr. John Kershaw, draper, Tredegar. The property being sworn to by Mr. Harris and Mr. Kershaw, both prisoners were committed to take their trial at the next Quarter Sessions, at Usk. Elizabeth Jones, alias Barry, was convicted of larceny at the Quarter Sessions, Cardiff, on the 21st of October 1853 aud was sentenced to be transported beyond the seas for the term of seven years. On the 5th day of Dec. inst., she returned home from Brixton Convict Prison, a» a ticket-of-leave convict.—Mary Veter has been convicted three times, for larceny. INQUEST.—An inquest was held at the Tredegar Arms Tredegar, on Monday last, before W. Brewer, Esq coroner, on the body of George Green, collier, who was killed last week in one of the coal pits at Tredegar. As deceased was cutting coal in his stall, a quantity fell upon him and his partner. The jury .eturned a verdict of "accidental death" Deceased has left a wi low and six small children, one of whom broke his leg lately by an accident in the works Another inquest was held by the same coroner, on the body of Alary Ann Yandel, aged 2 years and 4 months, who met her death by burning. It appears that tho' child's mother left her in the house alone, whilst she went to the sliop During her absence, one of the neighbours heard the child crying, and on going in, found her%lothes in flames, which were with great itifficulty extinguished. The poor child died within a few days. A verdict of accidental death" was returned ACCIDENT.—On the 19;H instant, John Howelis met with a severe accident in the Ash tree pit, by a large quantity of coal falling upon him. Air Sloper. sur eon attended him, and there are hopes of his recovery. ° FATAL COAL-PIT ACCIDENT-—A young man named David Roberts, was billed Oil Thursday last, in the Ash Tree pit, by a stone called the Bell, which was on the top of the level falling on him. His father was killed about six years ago by an accident in a coal mine. CAERLEON. POLICE COURT.—TUESDAY. (Before the Revs. C A Williams, W UI. Powell Thomas Fothergill, and John James, Esqr<.) Michael Sullivan, Octavius Watkins, Wil iam Kerby and Michael Brian, were charged with obstructing the highway in Caerleon, on Sunday last on their promising not to repeat the offence, they were cautioned and dis- charged. John Morgan, retailer of beer, at Tredunnock, was charged with keeping his house open between the hours of three and five o'clock on Suuday afternoon last. Supt. Pt-nnymore saw four men iu tho house drinking and smoking.—Fined XI, and 10s. costs. Elizabeth llovells, licensed victualler, at Tredunnock, was charged with having people in her house between the hour.- U three and five. on Sunday last. She pleaded guilty to the chai ge, and said her next door neighbour had a friend visiting hnn, and they had only just come into the house belore Mr. Btonyniore, and she drew them a pint of beer, without -.huikingo/ the time of dav. Mr U illiauis said as lie believed s'te had spokeu the truth, the hue would be only IDs., and 9s. costs. George Lewis and Thomas. Wiitimns were brnught up charged with stealing cod, at Cwmbran, the properfv of John Lawrencp, hsq Boih prisoners pleaded guilty to the charge, and consenting to he tried by the Bene1., were each sentenced to 14 days' hard labour