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EXTENSIVE FIRE IN BRISTOL. One of the most serious eonfl igrations that has occurred in Bristol for many years, took place on Tuesday morn- ing. Shortly before one o'clock, Mr. Warry, silversmith and jeweller, of St. Augustine's-parade, was awoke by a smell of bumid" in his house, and, on getting out of bed he found that a fire had broken out in the lower oart of the premises. The flames spread with such rapidity, that the escape of Mr. Warry and his housekeeper (the only inmates of the house.) was for some time doubtful. At last a dragpole, belonging to the Humane Society, was procured, and, being raised to the bedioom, Mr. Warry made his way in safety down it to the street. The house- keeper, Mary Brown, was not so fortunate, as, either from fright, or some other cause, she let go her grasp of the pole, and fell to the ground, fracturing both her legs. The unfortunate woman was taken to the Bristol Royal Infirmary, where she still lies in a very precarious state. Information of the fire having been conveyed to the Clifton and central police stations, a large body of men under Mr. Supeiinten !ent Fisher and Inspectors Attwood and Bell, was despatched, with the police engine fire- escape, and stand pipe, to the spot. They were quickly followed by the engines and brigade of the West of Eng- land, Imperial, Sun, and Norwich Union offices and a plentiful supply of water having been obtained from the plugs of the Waterworks Company, several copious streams were directc.l on the burning building. The flames, however, had obtained such a mastery over the premises, that these efforts were fut some time in vain, and the fire spread to the adjoining house of Mr. Jones, wholesale and retail confectioner, and at one time threat- ened the premises of Mr. Linter, draper, and Mr. Plum, cutler. By four o'clock the names were subdued, but not until the houses of Messrs. Warry and Jones had been burnt to the ground, and the valuable stocks which they each contained either totally destroyed, or considerably damaged. A quantity of gold guardchains, bracelets, lockets, brooches, &c., have been recovered by the police from the salvage, which is still under search. The stock of Mr. 'Linter has been much injured by the water which was poured upon it. The premises occupied by Mr. Warry were insured in the imperial, and the stock in Hie Norwich Union, for £ 800 which is stated to be about one-thud of its value. The house and stock of Mr ^pSnfeMC0VreC! l>y, an "SUrance in the Imperial, and those of Mr. Linter by a policy with the Protestant Dis- senters office. During the progress of the fire, Police- constable 70, and P.C. Cridland, foreman tff the fire- escape, sustained some severe injuries. They were con- veyed to the central station, and, under the care of Mr Bernard, surgeon to the force, are progressing favourably". Captain Fisher, the superintendent of the force bad a very narrow escape, and only saved himself from the fall of a quantity of burning floor, by springing backwards and avoiding the danger, with which he was threatened. It is somewhat remarkable that a fire broke out in the house adjoining Mr. Warry's, which is at present void, on Saturday last, about midday, and was extinguished by the police.


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