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TV/fESSRS. TODGOof) & BECKING MAM, IyJL RAILWAY WAGGON BUILDERS, SOUTH WALES WAGGON WORKS, Newport, Monmouthshire. N.b.—Repairs by Contract for a Term of Years. PRIVATE ASYLUM FOB THE INSANE, at WHITCHURCH, near Monmouth. MR. MILLARD, SURGEON, & RESIDENT PROPRIETOR, MR. MILLARD, SURGEON, & RESIDENT PROPRIETOR, (license 1834), has Vacancies for either sex. Terms moderate. RAILWAY WAGGONS, COMBINED AND RAIL- WAY WHEELS, GOODS' CRANES, &c. lifR. JAMES MURPHY is prepared to XTJL supply Wrigons, Railway or Combined Wheels, Rubber Springs, Drawbars, &c., at a short notice. Broad and Narrow-guage Locomotive Carriage and Wagon Wheels, repaired and turned on their axles. Several Wrought-Iron Goods' Cranes, of the most ap- proved construction, capable of lifting Two to Three Tons, ready for delivery. Dock-street, Newport, July, 1854. R. MATTHEWS & Co., TKA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, Newport. A large and well-selected Stock on Sale good quality aombined with moderation in prices. CHRISTMAS GIFTS, &c. ELEGANT BIBLKS, CHUHCH SER- VICES, and PRAYERS, with gilt rims, clasps, monograms, &c. CHRISTMAS BOOKS—"Pippins and Pies," Act- ing Charades for the Drawing Room," Christmas Day RAILWAY AND PARLOUR LIBRARIES, &c POPULAR MUSIC-Threepence per sheet. At W. CHRISTOPHERS', 7, Commercial-st., Newport. Q1 Q° MILNERS' HOLDFAST & FIRE- /vJ-'V RESISTING SAFES (non-conducting and vapourising), with all the improvements, under their Quadruple Patents of 1840 51-54 and 1855, including their Gunpowder Proof Solid Lock and Door (without which no safe is secure.) THE STRONGEST, BEST, AND CHEAPEST SAFEGUARDS EXTANT. MILNERS' PHCENIX (212°) SAFE WORKS, LIVER- POOL, the most complete and extensive in the world.— Show-rooms, 6 and 8, Lord street, Liverpool. London Depot, 47A., Moorgate-street, City. Circulate free by post. Agent for NEWPORT: Mr. ROBERT WEBB, Iron- monger, &c., High-street. MERCANTILE AND MATHEMATICAL DAY & EVENING SCHOOLS, CROSS HOUSE, STOW HILL. CONDUCTED BY MR. ANB MRS. O'BRIEN, AIDED BY MISS AND MASTER O'BRIEN. A Dancing Class every Tuesday and Thursday Evening, ftom Seven to half-past Nine o'clock. ° La Varsovianna, Valse du Temps, Polka Mazourka taught in class, or privately, if required. Music Classes daily, after the School duties are finished. A few Boarders can be accommodated, who will have the benefit of a] the classes, if so disposed. Newport, November 17th, 1855. SIR WILLIAM BURNETT'S DISINFECTING FLUID. FOR the destruction of OFFENSIVE SMELLS in HOUSES, ON BOARD SHIPS, and for the PREVENTION of CHOLERA, has now become so VALUABLE that none should be without it. It is the Only Disinfectant used on board HER MAJESTY'S SHIPS, at the HOSPITALS OF SCUTARI, and at the CAMP IN THE CRIMEA. Sold by all Chemists and Druggists, and at the Office, 18, Cannqn Street, London Bridge, in gallons 5s., quarts 2s., pints Is., half-pints 61. each. N.B.-The publicarecautionedagainstAN IMITATION of this article. GAS FITTINGS. THE largest Assortment of every descrip- tion of Fittings, selected from the best makers, incllldi n" many entirely ne>v patterns for the present season. Estimates and contracts for Gas Fitting, to any extent. None but the best and experienced workmen employed. Reference, if required. JOHN MIDDLETON, No. 151, Coinmercial-sfcrcet, Newport. CANDLE LAMPS. THE high price of' Oil, and the reduction in the price of Candles, has directed public attention to CANDLE L NMPS. Those manufactured by PALMER and Co., may be relied upon as excelling o her' Lamps in facility of management, cleanliness, and general con- venience. They are adapted for giving any decree of lIght, and are suited to all purposes of domestic use Palmer and Co. having rendered both the Candles and Lamps as perfect as possible, care should be taken to pro- cure Lamps and Chimney Glasses, stamped 'PALMER & CO. as they cannot be answerable for the burning of their Candles when the Lamps or C imneys used areliot of their own manufacture. A fresh stock of the above well-known Lamps, handles ka., just received by JOHN MIDDLETON, Ironmonger' 51, Commercial-street, Newport. ° REMOVED TO NO. 74, COMMERCIAL-STREET THOMAS FROST, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, respectfully informs the Inhabitants of Newport and its Vicinity, that he continues, in all its Branches, at the above address, the business carried on by his Uncle, the late Mr. E. F HOST, for the last 25 years. T. F., while soliciting a continuance of the patronage »Injoyed by his Uncle, assures his Friends and Patrons that it will be his study, by moderate "diorges, and unre- mitting attention to the wishes of his customers, to merit their continued favours. An APPRENTICE WANTED. A Premium re quired. Clocks and Watches of every description on the most easonable terms' NHOW ROOMS, 14. WINE-STREET. t' Under the entire Management and Superintendence of Mrs. W C.THOMAS for INFANTS'BASSINETTES, BASKETS, BABY LINEN, LADIES' and JUVENILE OUTFIT.") always ready. JiORNING WRAPPERS from 10s. 6d. PARIS CORSETS that do not require Lacing. ALL THE NEW WINTER GLOVES & HOSIERY The NEW ROYAL BALMORAL and EUGENIE PETTICOAT. Bristol, October 11. 1855. PAPER HANGINGS.—REDUCED PRICES, AT W. W LODER'S, 42, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. YVT W. LODER begs to inform his Friend T J: J and the Public in general, that he is now SEL- Lt G OFF his large Stock of PaPER HANGINGS, at a reduction of 25 per cent., and that all Papers bought of aim will be hung for 6d. per piece. Flocks and Glazed Grounds from Is. 31. per Piece. DAViD DUNCAN, RAILWAY POINTS and CROSSINGS.MANUFACTORY, OAK FOUN- DRY, OAKENSHAW, near WAKEFIELD, Yorkshire, and HOPE FOUNDRY, NEWPORT, MON. For LAMPS, OIL, and COTTON, go to JF -ISTONIS, 139, Commercial-street. FOR GOOD & USEFUL IRONMONGERY go to ASTON'S, 139, COMMERCIAL-STREET, New- port,.and 4, HIGH-STREET. Birmingham. CUGAR !—This very necessary article is now SUGAR !—This very necessary article is now Reduced in Price, to suit every (onsumer. The be*t and Cheapest NEW FRUIT FOR CHR1>TM AS, 5ler offered to the Public, on Sale at COMPTON'S, 58, HIGH-STREET, Newport. SILURIAN LODGE OF FKEE AND ACCEPTED Tn-P T. MASONS, NO. C93. bi Brethren of the ahove Lod^e intend on SAINT11? tog?tller at the WESTGATE HOTEL, Newport, of the S DAY, December 27th, on the occasion °f B*0THER W.M. for V«it^r8Bar'10S' 6d* 6aClj' t0 inclade Th> f ivourofnt £ »at Ve °'c'l°ck precisely, bo appreciated. cotuP*ny of any visiting Brother will Will- WILLIAMS, SECRETARY, December 10tlyl8'.5. 18' Dock-street, Newport. GEORGE HOTEL, CIIEPSTOW. THtf wil1 take place at JL ">o above Hotel, on TOKSDJV, the 8th of January, il 1VT OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Monmouth, will be held. at the Town ff(ill, in Usk, on Y, the 31si day of December, 1855, and that the Court will sit at half-past 11 o'clock in the forcnoon, and immediately proceed to administer the oaths to Magistrates and other persons desirous of qualifying for office. The Court will then proceed ivith all business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County Stock or Rate, or any Fund or Funds used and applied in aid thereof, and make orders for payments, and consider and direct the general business of the county. All bills and demands relating to the public expenditure of the county, must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Recce, fourteen days before the Sessions, and all Appeals and Traverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, before twelve o'clock at noon on the second day of the sessions. At half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday, the 1st day of January, 1856, the Grand and Petty Juries will be called over, and are to Wnswer to their names, or in default, they will be fined; and all persons bound by recognizances are to attend, as the Court will proceed to try appeals, indict- ments for felonies, and traverses, and transact the other business of the sessions. All convictions and recognizances, and all informations and depositions, must be delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace three clear days previous to the Sessions. All costs allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES PRO TITERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 6th December, 1855. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. PERSONS desirou3 of Contracting for the JL BUILDING OF VAULTS in the NEWPORT AND ST. WOOLLOS CEMETERY, are requested to send in Tenders for the same, to the Office of the Board, No. 96, Stow-hill, Newport. J. F. MULLOCK, Dec. 11th, 1855. Clerk to the Board. ROBBERIES FRUSTRATED. A STRONG CHAIN BOLT on the Door, is the best means of preventing Theft in Dwelling Houses. They are easily put on, very efficient, and at a trifling cost. W. BULLOCK k Co.'s Solid Link Chain Bolts cm be obtained at ASTON'S, 139, Commercial- street, from 8d. each. /^J_ORGET Patent Self-Adjusting SHIRT, \Ia Six for 42s. Patent ELLIPTIC 3-Fold COLLARS, 12s. the Dozen. PATENTEES. COOPER & FRFER, LONDON. Agent at NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE, B. EVANS, LONDON HOUSE. List of Agents, see inside Wrapper Bradshaw's Railway Guide. T MODERATOR LAMPS. HES E much-approved and elegant LAMPS, comprising many novelties in design and material, at prices from 10s. to 80s. Colza, oil, cottons, lamp shades, chimnies, &c., &c., &c. JOHN MIDDLETON, No. 151, Commercial-street, Newport. UNCLAIMED MONEY DIVIDENDS. THE Undersigned beg to infor:n the Public that many Dividends of the FRANKFORT- HESSIAN LOAN and BADEN STATE DISTRIBU- TIONS are still unclaimed. Parties who have had au in- terest in these Loan Distributions may hear some- thing to their advantage, and receive free the necessary information on application to MORIZ STIEBEL, SONS, Bankers and appointed Agents, Frankfort-on-the- Maine. TO ALL WHO >1 IT MAf CIJ-NUI^iva DO you want to CUT your CHAFF BRUISE your OATS, and SLICE your TUR- NIPS? The Largest Stock of Implements and Machines of every description,, also, Carts, Waggons &c., may be seen at STONE'S Show Rooms and Works, Great Dock-street Newport, Mon. Catalogues sent, post free, on applicrtion also, Cata- logues of all the Chief Manufacturers, for whom J. S. STONE is the PRINCIPAL AGENT. November 23rd, 1855. TWYN FIRE-BRICK WORKS, RISCA, NEAR NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. WILLIAM BRAIN (successor to the late firm of Brain aud Price), Manufacturer of every description of FIRE BRICKS, of the best quality, BUHs, SLABS, &C. GROUND FIRE CLAY. N.B.-All orders punctually attended to. A WEBBER, HOUSE, -ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGF1STT AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER. Url"J-NA' AW. begs respectfully to call the atten- a tion of Parties desirous of Renting, Letting Selling, or Purchasing Private Houses, Villa Residences' Estates, Land for Building or other purposes Businesses Warehouses, &c., &c., to his Commercial Register, estab- lished for the purpose of Registering (free of expense) every description of Property. The Register lias been found to be a great public convenience. By its use Persons wishing to Sell, Purchase, Rent, or Let, will save themselves much trouble, annoyance, and expense, as probably they will at once hear of places to meet their. views and wishes. Office 145, Commercial-street, Newport, Mon. THE REV. CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS' TESTI- MONIAL. Amount of subscriptions already advertised. £ 187 0 0 R. Seamark, Esq,, Mount St. Albans, Caerleon 3 0 0 I Mr. Llewellin 2 0 0 Charles Vachell, E,q., Cardiff 1 1 0 Rev. C. A. Williams 110 Rev. L. A. Nicholls, Rector of St. Brides, Super Ely 1 1 0 Rev. J. W. Morgan, Incnmbent of Beaufort. 110 Rev. D. Morgan, Victoria. 0 10 6 Rev. W. Powell, P.C., Llanvrechva 010 6 T. Davies, Esq., Newport 10 0 — O'Rourke, Esq., Cardiff 0 10 0 D. Evans Esq., Towy Castle, Carmarthen 10 0 Rev. J. Francis, Rec or of l.lanvaches 10 0 Mr. John Morgan, GlasUvch 10 0 Mr. W. Rees, currier, Newport 0 l't 0 Mr Gwillim, Newport 0 10 C Mr. Joseph Wilcox, Nash 0 10 C Mr. G. Tucker, Bassalleg 0 5 C £2039 ( The subscription list being about to be closed forthwith, the Secretary and Treasurer will feel obliged if the sub- scribers who have not paid their subscriptions,will be kind enough to pay tho same into the South Wales and WeR< of England District, or Messrs Bailey and Co's Bank, Newport; the National Provincial Bank, Cardiff; or tc the treasurer, MR. JOHN SEYSy Graig-y-saison, neai Newport. December 2Dth, 1855. ABERD ARE. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL AND COMMERCIAL INN, CANON STREET. EDWARD WATKINS respectfully an- nounces that ho has just OPENED the above New Es'abliabment the business of the House wlli always be conducted with the view of ensuring every comfort to his patrons. ° A first-class Commercial-room, with private entrance, sitting rooms for private families, excellent bedrooms, and moderate charges. The Best Wines, &c., &c. Coach-house an A Good Stabling. (I;Ir Within two minutes walk of the Val& of Neath and i Taff Vale Railways. December 21st, 1855. TAGRICULTURALISTS. INTRODUCTION Ob POUDRETTE DE BONDY. THE NATURAL EUROPE xN GUANO. MESSRS. B. LAMBKRT and Co., 3, Hattm Court, Threadneedle-street, London, Sole Con- signees for the United Kingdom, of the above Important MANURE, have the honour to announce to the A"ricu'i. turalists and the Public of the South-Western District of ELglaud and Wales, that they have completed arrange- ments for the establishment in Bristol, of an Agency aud Depôt for the Sale and immediate Supply throughout the district, of this incomparable Manure, in ny quantity. Mr. R. Henry Lambert, Bristol, will conduct the District Agency and Depot. The announcement of Local Agents will be made as soon as he shall have completed their appointments. In the meantime, full Information, will be afforded, on application to the office of the Agency for the District—No. 34, PBINOE-STREET, Bristol. TOWN HALL, NEWPORT. Under the distinguished Patronage of Sir CHARLES and Lady MORGAN, of Tredegar Park. AIR,. H. J. GROVES BEGS TO INFORM HIS FRIENDS AND PUPILS, THAT HE WILL GIVE A GRAND CONCERT, AT THE TOWN HALL, NEWPORT, BY THE KIND PERMISSION OF THE MAYOR, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING JANUARY 2nd, 1856, 0"N" which occasion lie will be assisted by all the eminent Artistes announced to appear at the Opening of the Town Hall, Pontypool. Reserved Chairs, 4s. Unreserved Seats, 2s. 6L—Tickets to be had of Mr. NEWMAJJ, Music Seller. A B ALL will take place at the BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL, Monmouth, on WEDNESDAY, 9th January, 1856, under the following distinguished patron- &G°' LADY PATRONESSES: HON. MRS. STRETTON, LADY MORGAN, MRS. HERBERT, MRS. CLIFFORD, MRS. KANE, MRS. GEORGE. MRS. HERBERT, MRS. CLIFFORD, MRS. ROLLS, MRS. A. ROLLS, MRS. KANE, I MRS. GEORGE. STEWARDS MR. O, MORGAN, M.P., COL. CLIFFORD, M.P. MR. STRETTON, | MR ROLLS, MR. A. ROLLS, 1 MR GEORGE, MR. KANE, | MR. T. W. OAKLEY. Major and Bretherton's Band will attend. T> F.CEIYED, ex Pallas," and FOR SALE, JLV> at the STORES of the Undersigned, a Cargo of I Prime Dry CODFISH, arrived direct from Newfoundland. PETER SIMON & CO., Skinner-street, Newport, Dec. 4th, 1855. t -4' ¿-d' EAST INDIA HOUSE, 19TH DECEMBER, 1855. THE COURT OF DIRECTORS of the East India Company, do Hereby Give Notice, that the Finance and Home Committee will be ready on or before WEDNESDAY, 2QC1 January next, to receive Pro- the Finance and Home Committee will be ready on or before WEDNESDAY, 2ad January next, to receive Pro- posals in writing, sealed up, from such PEJ?,0/P?TA'A RN.AY willing to supply the Company with PIG 1RO^, and that the conditions of the said Contract may be had on applica- tion at the Secretary's Office, where the proposals are to be left any time before Eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the said 2nd day of January, 1856, after which hour no Tender will be received. JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary. EDUCATION. COMMMERCIAL ROAD ACADEMY, HEREFORD. THK PRINCIPAL of the above Academy, who has had the benefit of a high Grammar School Education added to great experience as Assistant Teacher, would be happy to treat with any Gentlemen wishing to place their sons at a distance from home. The Course < Instruction comprises the general routine pursued Classical and Commercial Schools, with a sound knov ledge of Fractional anJ Decimal Arithmetic. "THE Terms are from 18 to 20 Guineas per ann"M. T: mopt satisfactory refeiences will be given, eithei at F HEJJ Office of this paper or at the School. The Duties will be Resumed on January 23rd. GOSSAGE'S PATE XT SOAP. 77<< Best and most Economical yet- offered to the Pv< ONE POUND will Cleanse Thorough v more soiled Clothes than would require One PN of Tallow Soap, sold at Five-pence, or Two Pounds ■■ common Yellow Soap, sold at Threepence per pound. I As this cleansing is effected with less fubbing, the clothes are more durable in wear. Manufactured by GOSSAGE'S PATENT SOAP COM- PANY, Widnes Dock, near Warringtou. aMTTtr Wholesale Agent for South Wales, Mr. C. W. bBliiti, 5, Mansel Terrace, Swansea. M;F. Neither Soda nor Washing Powder need be usea this Soap. SOLD RETAIL BY GROGERS, &c. TPv,T The Genuine Soap is Stamped G03SAGE S OVERNMENT EMIGRATION, AUS VJT TRALIA. 1 Agricultural Labourers, Under 4.R 45 & tinder Miners, & Journeymen: 50- Mechauics, married or single. £ 1. 2 Wives aud children,un-. der 14. Nil. 3 Single women under :\5. 1(K Applications to be made by letter, post paid, to the "Government Emigration Agent," 6, Trinity-street, Bristol. ESTABLISHED EXPRESSLY FOR MARINERS. A/IARINE LIFE AND CASUALTY I-TJL MUTUAL ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Offices, 60, FENCHURCH-STREET. TRUSTEES Sir James Matheson, Bart., M.P. Major Moore, East India Company. Capt. Mangles, Director of the Royal Mail, and of the Australasian Pacific Mail Steam Packet Coinpanies. Duncan Dunbar, Esq. DIRECTORS. Chairman—P. D. Hadow, Esq Director of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Deputy Chairman—Capt. Mangles. Director of the Royal Mail anil of the Australasian Pacific Mail Steam Packet Companies. N. B. Acworth, Esq., Director of the General Screw Steam Shipping Company. James Allan, Esq.. Director of the Peninsular and Ori- ental Steam Navigation Company. Samuel Cunard, Esq British and North American Mail Steam Packet Company. Capt George Denny, H.E.I.C.S., 29. Great St. Helen's. William Fane De Salis Esq., Director of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Capt. W. H. Hall, R.N., Managing Director of the Sailors' Home Institution. James Hartley, Esq., Director of the City of Dublin, and British and Irish Steam Packet Companies. Joseph Malcomson, E,-q., Portlaw, Waterford, Director of the Cork and Waterford Steam Packet Companies. Robert Rodger, Esq., Tunbridge Wells, British and North American Mail Steam Packet Company. Capt. Henry Shuttleworth, Director of the General Screw Steam Shipping Company. Arthur Anderson, Esq., Director of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Auditors-W. S. Lindsay, Esq., M P.; C. R. Colman, Esq. Secretary and General Manager W. C. Morgan. Assistant Manager—Henry IIeath. Established for Assuring the Lives of, and Granting Superannuations to, Officers and Seamen of the Naval and Mercantile Marine. Assuring the Lives of Passengers by Steam and Sailing Vessels. Assuring Baggage and Personal Effects, and for General Life Assurance in all its branches. All particulars may be obtained at the Offices of JONES, BROTHERS and CO., Great Dock-street. Newport SOVEREIGN LIFE OFFICE, 49, St. James's-street, London Established 1845. TRUSTEES. The Earl Talbot, I B. Bond Cabbell, Esq.,M.P. Sir Claude Scott, Bart. Henry Pownall, Esq. rjpilIS Office, the new income of which was X doubled during the last year, presents th- security of a large paid-up capital; moderate premiums for home and foreign risks. No stamp duty is chaiged, and all policies are declared indisputable. # The last bonus added four-fifths of the premium paid to some of the participating policies. Provision can be made for the payment of a certain sum F attaining any given age (as 50, 55, or 60), or at death, if i 11 BY ^SRNAU annual payment £ 100 may be secured to a ^Prospec^ivwTand^other"information will be furnished on ? pplication to the AGENTS [ Newport Mr. H. M. Partridge, Auctioneer. Monmouth Mr. J Maddocks. H. D. DAVENPORT, Secretary. Active Agents wanted in other Towns. -rrT EST OF ENGLAND LIFE and FIRE VV INSURANCE COMPANY, Established at COMPANY, Esbblished at Exeter, 18)7. Office for'the Metropolis, 20, BRIDGE SEREEE, Blackfriars, EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. CAPITAL, £ 600,000. TRUSTEES: iv„vif Hon. Earl Fortescue. Sir T. D. Acland, Bart..M.P. Tj'Slil Hon. Earl Morlay* Edward Divett, Esq., M.P. uun Lord Clifford. Samuel T Kekewich, Esq. LIFE INSURANCES. This Company off rs to the Public, besides the Security f an ample paid-up Capital, a Bonus of 89 percent., or 2 ur-fifthsof the Profits, to the Assured for £ 100 and up- rds every successive period of Five Years. The S'A tl*e of Profits allotted to each Policy may be added to the sum insured, aud payable at the death of the Life,-or its present value in cash may be received,—or an equivalent reduction of the future Annual Premium ob- tained at the option of the assured. At the last DIVISION OF PROFITS for the Five Years ending Christmas, 1852, the REVERSIONARY -Bog-LTS decla ed upon the Policies participating in Four- fifths of th; Profits of the Company, RANGED BE- XSVE15N TWENTY-FOUR AND FIFTY-FOUR PER ,T QgXT., according to age, upon the Premium i paid during the Five Years. Assurances may be effected at a lower rate of Premium, without a participation of profits. NO CHARGE FOR LIFE POLICY STAMPS. FIRE INSURANCES Are effected by the Company at the usual Reduced Rates, &od a moiety of the Profits is distributed every Fifth Year, on Policies for £ 300 and upwards. The Forms of Proposals, and Prospectuses detailing the other advantages of the Company, may be had on applica- tion at the Chief Office, or to either of the Company's Agentll. WILLIAM CANN, Secretary. Exeter, December, 1855. AGENTS: N"*yport Mr. David Griffiths. £ Cc pstow Mr. Jos. Davies. f Ni. 4th Mr. Thomas Thomas. application for Agencies, in Towns not at present repre- -tv!. to be made to the .-ecretiry. SPECIAL NOTICE. 3«<)y the dose on the 1st of March, and posals lodged at the Head-Office, or at any of the '.r iuem, çn or before that date, to ill secure th: ad- t-r tage of the present year's entry, and One Year's & ■.■ -itiondt -Bdiius. owr later applidants." ■ ■ MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE. "fHOLE PROFITS DIVIDED AMONGST THE ASSURED. •■f'I'HE SCOTTISH EQUITABLE LIFE I ASSURANCE SOCIETY. INSTITUTED 1831. Incorporated b) Special Act of Parliament. Fartl accumulated from the Contributions of Mem- r'.cee(ls NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. ■ I Annual Revenue exceeds ON E HUNDRED and SIXTY- THREE THOUSAND POUNDS. The Amount of existing Assurances exceeds J? OUR MIL- LIONS and a QUARTER STERLING. Amount paid to the Representatives 01 cleceasea ,4 G. LIONS and a QUARTER STERLING. Amount paid to the Representatives 01 cleceasea Members is upwards of Six HUNDUED and llFTY lHOU- 8and POUNDS, of which SEVENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS are Bonus additions. The Next DIVISION of PROFITS takes place at the 1st of MARCH, 1856, and Policies effected before that date receive one year's additional Bonus over those effected after that date. ROBERT CHRISTIE, Manager. WILLIAM FINLAY, Secretary. HEAD OFFICE 26, ST. ANDREW-SQUARE, EDINBURGH. AGENTTS NEWPORT "WILLIAM GRAHAM, Jun., Land Agent. Oarititt Page Ohlsen and Co., Merchants. PHCENIX FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY, LOMBARD Street AND CHARING CROSS, LONDON, IT [Established in 1782.1 — TRUSTEES AWr, TlTOcinniia Decimus Burton, Esq Octavius E. Coope, Esq William Cotton;" Esq. John Davis E-jq. G. Holgate Foster, Esq. Geo. Arthur Fuller, Esq. James Alex. Gordon, Esq. Henry Grace, Esq. Kirkman D. Hodgson, Esq. l'humas Hodgson, Esq. James Home, Esq. Wm. Jas. Lancaster, Esq. John Dorrien Magens, Esq, J. Master-nan, Esq., M.P. John Timothy Oxley, Esq. Geo. Stanley Repton, Esq. Benjamin Shaw, Esq. Charles H. Turner, Esq. Matthew Whiting, Esq. Francis Wilson, Esq. -T 1 TT J AUDITORS. John Hodgson. Esq. peter Martine*u, Esq. ^SECRETARIES, i Wilmer Harris, Esq. AHPHITEOT Q GEORY;E William Lovell, Esq. „ A OU '>RND SURVEYOR.—John Shaw, Esq. SOLIC xlessrs. Dawes and Sons, Angel Court. INSUR ANCkS against Loss by Fire are effected by the PH(ENTiX COMPANY upon every description of Property in every part of the World, on the most favourable terms. persons insuring with the PHCENIX COMPANY are not liable to make good the Losses of others, as is the case in some offices. i josurances with this Company expiring at Christmas, 0,t be renewed within Fifteen days thereafter, or they ■will become void. Receipts are now ready at the principal Offices, Lom- J Street, and Charing Cross, and with the respective T^ents throughout the United Kingdom. AGENTS FOR MONMOUTHSHIRE. NEWPOBT— COR.VELIUS EVANS & SON, Auctioneers and House Agents. AbergaVenn-v—" Thomas James, farmer. (jhepstow—Messrs. Baldwyn and Morgan, solicitors. ftlont»oU'1'1 '^r-Oharles Hough, bookseller and stationer. pontyp°o1 C' m Philpot, estate agent, pontypri'ld-Vacant. —Michaei Davis, Esq., solicitor. JJETF- RtHlnnr-Vacant. presteign Mr. Henry Martin Jones, printer and book. seller. Merthyr TydvIl-Mr. John Edwards, gentleman. c\m Avon, Aberavon, and Taibach-M-r. Edward J. Burgess, at the Iron Works. (ESTABLISHED 1806.) C ° Y FIRE OFFICE, 50' "EOF,NT-STREET, LONDON. Capital .€100,000. Returns paid to Policy Holders, £ 206,5u0. POLICY-HOLDERS are respectfully in- 'p formed that the Christmas Renewals are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company, and should 'bo pa'1' l)e^orc ^'e 9th of January. Fanning Stock ami Implements, 3s. por cent. No extra charge f°r 'hrastlino' by Steam. The PROVIDENT LIFR OFFICE, established in the same yeal', and under the same management, has been emi- nently successful. POLICY HOLDERS' CAPITAL, £ 1,285,443. ANNUAL INCOME, £ io±.442. BONUSES DE- A CLARED, £ 06»,000. Claims paid since the Establishment of the Office, £ 2,452,124. IQENTS FOR NEWPORT AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. NEWPORT MU. W- DANIEL. Abergavenny .Mr. W. Watkins. Brecon Mr. T.Evans. Carmarthen and Pembroke.Mr. W. Hulm. jjaverfordwest Mr. J Saies. Hereford Mr C. hennett. flfonmouth .Mr. E. Richards. Swansea Mr. J. Hore. WANTED to KENT or PURCHASE, a Convenient DWELLING HOUSE, in Usk or the neighbourhood one containing two sitting-rooms and four to five bed-rooms, with other conveniences is required. Address i)y letter, to "B. Post-office, Newport, Monmouthshire. WANTED TO RENT OR PURCHASE. A CONVENIENT DWELLING-HOUSE, J'L- situated in a healthy spot, either in Newport or the neighbourhood, c-mtaining at least two sitting-rooms, four to five bad-rooms kitchens, and other conveniences. Possession required two to four months' hence. Address, by letter, A., Box 46, Newport Post-office. TO IRONMASTERS AND COAL PROPRIETORS. WANTED, by the Advertiser, aged 30, an APPOINTMENT as Clerk in an Iron or Coal Office. He is quick and correct at calculations, and thoroughly conversant with both systems of book-keeping. References of the higbest respectability. Apply, A. J., MERLIN Office. FORGE AND ROLLING MILLS. I TO B LKT, and Entered upon Immediately, t e above "Works, situate at BLLSON, in the Forest of Dean, comprising a 69-horse power Steam Engine, with Puddling and Mill Furnaces.—Apply to Mr. GOOLD, of Dean, comprising a 69-horse power Steam Engine, with Puddling and Mill Furnaces.-Apply to Mr. GOOLD, Bilsou Colliery. BLAEXAVON IRON WORKS. I TO BE LET, with Immediate Possession, an Excellent SHOP and HOUSE well adapted for car- rying on acy General Trade, situate in the above place, au,l in the principal thoroughfare.—Apply to WILLIAM A. PHILLIPS, Blaenavon. TO BE LET, BELMONT COTTAGE, STOW HILL. B App'.y to Mr. R. H. NICHOLAS, or Mr. CORNELIUS EVANS, 61, High-street, Newport. LLANTRISSANT HOUSE, GLAMORGANSHIRE. To BE LET, Unfurnished, with or without JL Land, this very desirable and healthy Residence, I situated about a mile from the Llantrissant Station of the South Wales Railway, and within five miles of the market and post-town of Pontypridd, eight miles from Cowbridge, and ten miles and a half from Cardiff. The House con- tains a large dining and drawing-room, study, with six best bedrooms, four dressing-rooms, and servants' rooms, a good kitchen, servants' hall, and offices, coach- house, stabling for four burses, two loose boxes, saddle- room, &c. An excellent kitchen g irden, lawn, &c. For further particulars, apply to ALEXANDER BASSETT. Esq., C.E., Cardiff. COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. TO BE LET, with Immediate Possession, a HOUSE and SHOP, being No. 119, in Com- mercial-street. For particulars, apply to Mr. WILDY, Newport. A HOUSE and SHOP fo SELL or LET in VAUGHAN TERRACE, Maindee, near Newport. This property is we 1 worth the attention of either a Purchaser or Tenant It is the corner house of a row of ten houses, where, according to a clause in the Lease, no other Shop is to be allowwi. The situation ia second to none in Maindee. It is at present under a mortgage to a Building Society, which CMi be either continued or bought off at the option of the Purchaser. I For particulars, apply at the Office of this Paper, Com- mercial-street. Both Purchase Money and Rent moderate^. Newport, Oct 24th, 1855. TO BE LET, with Immediate Possession. all that newly-erected DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in a healthy and commandillg position, near Cross House, Stow hill, Newport containing on the ground floor, large kitchen scullery, larder, cellar. and closet; on the en- trance floor, two parlours and china pantry and on the first floor, three bedrooms together with a large garden attached thereto. Applv to Mr. WM. GRAHAM, Jnn., Land Agent and valuer, 6), High-street, Newport, Mon. TO BE SOLI), a Square PIANO-FORTE, by BROADWOOD, in excellent corditioni Apply at the Office of this Paper. sCOrCH TRAVELLING DR\PERY TRADE. IMPORTANT SALE OF ROUNDS. rI^O BK SOLD HY AUCTION", by order 8 of the Executors of the late Mr. WILLIAM WILSON, of Tredegar, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, on TUKSDAY the 1st of January, 1856, at Seven o clock, the TWO HI PORT ANT AND LUCRATIVE ROUNDS, (four weeks, and travelled fortnightly,) the property of the late William Wilson, of Tredegar. Tne Rounds lie in the immediate neighbourhood ot the popivous districts Of Tredegar and Pontypool, and are in first-rate working condition, having been regu arly travel- led over for the last fourteen years. They are aumiraWly adapted to an enterprising man of business, and offer facilities for an extension of trade rarely to be met witn. The books will be open for inspection on the day prior to, and also on the day of sale Approved buyers will be dealt with on liberal terms. Further particulars may be obtained on application to the Executors, Messrs. WILSON AND HYNDMAI^, Great Dock street, Newport, Mon. CLARENCE HOTEL, PONTYPOOL, MON. MR H. M. PARTRI DGE is instructed by- Mr. Arthur W. Ardagh, who has Let the above Hotel, on account of entering into the Wholesale Wtn_ and Spirit trade, fin_Pontypool, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, without any reservation, on the Premises, at the CLARENCE HOTEL, Pontypool, on THURSDAY, the 27th day of December, 1855, and following day, if necessary- That Portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARRIAGES, Stock of Superior WINES. SPIRITS, &c.. not agreed to be taken to by the in-coming Tenant including the Furniture of Eight Bedrooms and Two Sit- J I ting* rooms, comprising four-post, teut. balf-tester, and I French bedsteads, and furniture; fea U ;r and uiilpuff beds, straw and wool mattresses, bed and table linen, blankets and counterpanes, mahogany and painted chests of drawers, wash stands, tables, commodes, towel rails, chairs, and every chamber requisite; a fine-toned 63 octave cabinet piano-forte, in mahogany case cheffioneer, taule. chaiis, splendid chimney glass, i-i richly-gilt frame, mirror and chamber glasses, fenders and fireirons, tr.iys and waiters, knives and forks, and a miscellaneous assortment of useful requisites. Also, an entirely new pair-horse omnibus, four-wheeled phaeton, ditto phaston do.cart, second-hand phaeton, gig; about 2JO dozen of first-class Port, Sher; y, Cta.iet. Ch.).mpa.;ne, &c (which are sold in consequence of Mr. Ardagh's new Stoics not being in a fit state to receive them), a few cases of Kinahau's L.L." celebrated old Irish Whiskey. ? The Port Wines are of the vintages^of 1847 and 1851. The Whole are in first-rate condition, and well worth the attention of private families, and will be sold in ham- pers and cases of two and three dozen, bottles included. The Whiskey, &c., require nt comment. The Sale will commence punctually at 12 o'clock, with tie Chamber Furniture, and the whole will be on view the day preceding. Samples of the Wines may he tasted on the 23th inst., or sent to the residences of any of Air. Ardagh's private customers. Auctioneer's Offices, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, Newport, 5tli December, 1855. LLANWENARTH, MONMOUTHSHIRE.' TO TIMBER MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. Jand H. HERIiEftT WILL SKLL BY • AUCTION, ou THURSDAY, December 27th, 1855, at Two o'clock, at PANT-RHl\V-QOCH L"N, midway be- tween Abergavenny and Crickhowell, 588 lak, 34 Elm, 107 Ash, and other TIMBiiR TREES, numbered with white paint, on the MARDr ESTATE, within three miles of the Abergavenny Railway Nation, viz. LOT 1. 221 Oak, 8 Elm, 4) Ash and other Trees. LOT 2. 193 Oak, 2 Elm, 38 Ash aud other Trees. LOT 3. 40 Oa.<, 24 Eim, 26 Ash and other Trees. LOT 4. 137 Oak and other Treft., on G'.dg Fawr. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ON MONDAY, the 31st day of December next, on the Premises, at Two o'clock in the after- noon, (unless previously disposed of by private contract. of which due notice will be given), all that IRON FOUNDRY, conveniently situated on the bank of the Glamorganshire Canal, one mile from Pontypridd, in the county of Glamorgan, together with a new Iron Water Wheel, and a quantity of Boxes, Patterns, Tools, &c. The Premises, a Leasehold for three lives and 99 years (5 of which are expired), at a ground rent of t2 2s. 6d. Fot further particulars, apply to Mr. EDWARD C SPICKETT, Solicitor, Pontypridd. IMMENSE SALE OF FURS. JL RETIRING FROM BUSINESS. SELLING OFF UNDER COST PRICE 26, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. CHARLES ISAACS Begs to thank his highly-esteemed Patrons for the very liberal support that he has received for the past Eighteen Years, and to announce his intention of RETIRING FROM BUSINESS. HE HAS RESOLVED TO M \KE A COMPLETE CLEARANCE OF HIS STOCK DURING THE APPROACHING WINTER, AND WITH THE VIEW TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. EACH ARTICLE HAS BEEN MARKEiy DOWN IN PLAIN FIGURES. TO PRICES MUCH BELOW THE ORIGINAL COST, THUS AFFORDING TO PURCHASERS AN OPPORTUNITY NEVER BEFORE OFFERED IN BRISTOL. THE SELLING OFF WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE WHOLE IS SOLD. Hours of Business each Day from Ten till Five. P.S.—CLEANING & ALTERATIONS AS USUAL, Executed with the greatest promptitude and care. The Extensive SHOP and PREMISES to be LET. NELSON STREET GLASS WORKS. BRISTOL. THE PUBLIC, by their PATiiONAGE, -jL appreciate being supplied with Table Glass, direct from the above Works, thereby saving all intermediate Profits. The finest and best Specimens of Cut Flint Glass are executed on the Premises, equal to any this country can produce, and suitable either for the Nobleman's or Trades man's Table. Extensive Show Rooms are fitted up and well-stocked with Tab e Glass, of the purest colour, most modern de- signs, and unique shapes. All marked at the lowest Cash Prices, in plain figures. The Company respectfully invite public inspection. Brilliant-cut Ornamental Window Glass. Ornamental Hall Lamps. Electro-Plated Cruet and other Frames, with Glass, &c. MARK BOWDEN AND COMPANY. GILT CHIMNEY glasses. TERMS, STRICTLY CASH. BRITISH PLATES, å INCH THICK, WITH GILT FRAMES:— Size of riate. S. s. d. Size of Plate. £ 8. d. 36 by 24 3 1 6 48 by 36 6 D 6 38 by 26 3 8 0 50 by 40 7 0 0 40 by 30 4 0 0 52 by 42 8 10 0 42 by 32 5 0 0 54 by 44 9 7 0 44 by 36 6 0 0 00 by 50 12 0 0 An extensive assortment of ve superior Bedroom, Chev.il, aud Gilt Chimney Glasses, always in stock. LOOKING GLASS MANUFACTORY, Nelson-street, Bristol. MARK BOWDEN AND COMPANY. BRECON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL. ESTABLISHED under CHRIST COLLEGE of E Brecknock Act, (16 and 17 Vict., cap. 82.) GOVERNORS. The Right. Rev. the I.ORD BrSHOP OF ST DAVID'S. The Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP OF ANDAFF. The LORD LIEUTENANT of the County of Brecon. The Very Rev. the PRINCIPAL OF ST DAVID'S COLLEGE, Lampeter. The Venerable the ARCHDEACON OF BRECON. The Venerable the ARCHDEACON OF LLANDAFF. The Worshipful the MAYOR OF BRECON. SIR THOMAS PHILLIPS, Llanellen, Monmouthshire. CHARLES I LEX. WOOD, Esquire, Littleton, .Middlesex. JOHN POWELL, Esquire. Brecknock. JOHN PARRY DE WINTON, Esquire, Maesderwen, Brecknock. JOHN JONES, Esquire, Glanhorddu, Brecknock. Head-Master and Lecturer in Divinity—The Rev. J. D. WILLIAMS, M.A., late Scholar of Trinity College, Cam- bridge, anÀ..Bell' Scholar. In accordance with the scheme, dated 27th July, 1855, The course of instruction, besides religious instruction, as defined by the Act, shall inclade the Greek and Latin Languages, English Grammar, Writing, Geography, His- tory, Arithmetic, aud Mathematics, and tttJcb other lan- guages and branches of Literature, Art. and Science, as the Governors shaUl presorilje and direct." The C ipit ition Fee has been fixed-by the Governors at £3 per annum, to be paid half-yearly in advance and the entrance payment at E2, of which one-half is to be set apart for a library fund. For further particulars, apply to the Registrar, Mr. FREDERICK WATK1N<. Boarders will be received by the Head-Master. The School Opens on the last day of January, 1856. STEAM-ENGINES. — MINING. PUMP- S ING, WINDING, and other STEAli ENGINES- with and without Wheels for SALE, or TO BE LET on HIRE, by tho Month, or for anv time required. MED WIN'S PATENT, PORTABLE, PUMPING, WINDING, and other STEAM-ENGINES, with and wthout Reversing Gear, Pnmps.&c, adapted to Mining, and applicable w every other purpose whsjre steam power is required. May be set to work without fixing brickwork or chimney shaft; have been successfully employed for up- wards of six years in mining, at home and in the Colonies, and for contractors' work, as auxiliaries in extensive mills and manufactories generally. The Patentee has a very large stock of these Engines ready for immediate deliverv—either TO BE LEI on HIRE, or FOR SALE—of Four, Six, Eight, Ten, Twelve, Sixteen, Twenty, Forty horse power, and upwards, which will be deli vered carriage free. For particulars and terms, apply to Messrs. MED WIN and HALL, Engineers, Surrey Iron Works, 92, Black- friars-road, London. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court P of Chancery, made a Cause ROLFE against JuNES-the Creditors vf RACHEL MORGAN, late of Pant-y-Goytre, in the County of Monmouth, spinster, who died in or about the month of September, 1854 are by their Solicitors, to come in nud prove their debts at the adjourned meeting of Creditors, at the Chambers of the MASTER OF THE ROLLS, in the !'oils' Yard, Chancery Lane, Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Decree. FRIDAY, the 11th day of January, 1856, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for the said Meeting. Dated tbisl7th day of December, 1855 J. V. N J T HARTING. 24, Lincoln's Inn I- i°lds, Plaintiff's Solicitors. TO B!«] SOLD, pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made ip a cause Hoddell v. Watkins, with the approbation of Sir John Stuart, Kni-ht, one of the Vice-Chancellors of the snid Conrt, at the Greyhound Hotel, Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, on Wednesday, the 23rd day of January, 1856, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon pr. cisely, by Mr. Charles Richard Philipps the Auctioneer appointed by the said Vice-Chancellor, for that purpose, a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Dwelling-House and Sh< p, situ te in Flannel street, Abergavenny, aforesaid, now in the occu- pntion of Mr. William Denner, grocer, at the y, a:ly rent of £Z8. Priute I particulars and conditions of sale mny be had fgrat's,) in London, of Messrs. Austen ?nd De (*e-* soli- c tors, 4, Raymond Bail.lings, Gray's I:,n and o- Messrs Cox, Williams, aud James, of No 62 Lit-c i* £ Fields and in the country of Messrs. Trou ldoi, Lea, and Kir by, an 1 Mr. WULam Wilmot, solictor,, of the C.ty of Coventry; of Mr. Charles R.cham Pmlipps, A"rgav^ "aVUUnJ; a3d at t^Oieyuouud Hotel, I ALFRED HALL, Chief Clerk. AUSTEN & DE GEX, Plaintiff's Solicitors, 4, Raymond Buildings, Gr.iy's Ilin, M iddlesex. 01 L acK he, aFnld atulI en\ cyD, IHG ealrits bur rnI, PI JtfA Liver Affections, :>re speedily reatdve^i Iff tfeer usf*"v* COCKLES AN TIBILIOUS and F&JHLY APERfiS$P^ PILLS, which have now been lela-is tblJ highest es.ting^ f tion by all classes of society, for upwards of fifty yewjSv Prepared only by JAMES COCK^LH, Shrgeon, 18 Ne* Ormund-street, London and may he had of all Meller" Venders, in boxes, at la. l!d., 2s. 9J., 4». 6d., and <1 d iU