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WANTED, a SHEPH'RRD, sober and of good character, for 2!) or 24 score Sheep. Apply to Mr. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk. WANTED to Purchase, One Hundred and Twenty Ions of CONTRACTOR'S RAILS, New, or good Second-band. Weight, about 401bs. to the yard. Address—P.W., Mr. J. R. ROBINSON'S, Walsalt, Staffordshire. WANTED, in a WINE, SPIRIT, ALU, & PORTER MERCHANT'S OFFICE, a Young GENTLEMAN, of good address, and who will be capable of exercising a general Superintendence iu the carrying out of the details of the Business, and to take short journeys occasionally—calling particularly on private families. A good handwriting and unexceptionable references are required. Address, stating salary required, &c., to W. care of Mr. H. HUGHES, Stationer, Pontypool. MONMOUTH UNION. -I TO GROCERS, MILKMEN, & COAL MERCHANTS. PERSONS desirous of Contracting with the Guardians of the above Union, for supplying the Workhouse and the several divisions of the Union with Gro- cery, Cwals, Milk, and all other article susuallyusedin|Work- houres, from the 21st day of December to the 19th day of June next, are requested to send tenders to the Clerk at his Office, in the Workhouse, o* or before Friday, the 14th day of December next. The Tenders must be sent to the Clerk, as aforesaid, be- fore the hour of six o'clock in the evening of the above day, otherwise they will not be received. It is desirable that Tenders should be made according to a form, which may be had of the Clerk, on application at his office aforesaid, where any information required will be given. Samples of such articles as admit of them must be sent at the time of sending in the tenders. Security will be required for the due performance of the contracts, and sureties named at the time of sending in the Tenders. The Guardians do not pledge theuselves to accept the lowest Tender. By order of the Board, E. RICHARDS, Clerk. Monmouth Union Office, Nov. 27, 1855. UNCLAIMED MONEY DIVIDENDS. THE Undersigned be o inform the Public that many Dividends of the FRANKFORT, HESSIAN LOAN. and BADEN STATE DISTRIBU- TIONS are still unclaimed. Parties who have had an in- terest in these Loan Distributions may hear some- thing to their advantage, and receive free the necessary information on application to MORIZ STIEBEL, SONS, Bankers and appointed Agents, Frankfort-on-the- Maine. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on J_T| the Second day of APRIL next, application will be made to Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assembled at Quarter Sessions, in and for the County of Monmouth, at Usk, in the said County, for an order to stop up so much of a certain footpath or highway, leading from Pentonville to the Risca Road, as passes through a field belonging to Sir Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan, Baronet, called the Gold Tops, and to divert or turn the same into the path alongside of the road, running parallel with the said first- mentioned path, at the top of the said field and also, so much of another footpath or highway, leading from Bane's- well to Alteryn, as lies between the northern extremity of the South Wales Railway Company's workshops, and a point near the centre of the field, numbered 113 on the Tithe Map of the said Parish of St. Woollos, and to divert and turn the same into and along the path now formed along the side of the new road or street lately made up the said field called the Gold Tops, from the said northern extremity of the said South Wales Railway Company's workshops, to the said road at the top of the said Gold Tops, and thence along the footpath now formed across the fields', numbered 124, 128, and 113 on the said Tithe Map (all which fields are the property of the said Sir Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan), to the said point in the last- mentioned field before referred to and also, to stop up a certain other footpath, running diagonally across the said field called the Gold Tops, from a point near the said ex- tremity of the said South Wales Railway Company's workshops, to the north-western corner of the said field, and to divert or turn the same into and along the said footpath alongside of the said new road, into and along the said road at the top of the said Gold Tops aforesaid and that the Certificate of two Justices, having viewed the same, &c., with the plan of the several old and pro- posed new highways, will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said county, on the 1st day of January next. Dated this 23rd day of November, one thousand eight hun- dred and fifty-five. C WILLIAM RODERICK, Surveyor of the Highways of the Parish of St. Woollos. THE LANDOWNERS WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES LAND DRAINAGE AND INCLOSURE COMPANY. (Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1848.) DIRECTORS. William Porter, Esq. (Chairman), Hembury Fort, near Honiton. The Right Honourable Lord Clinton, Heanton Satchville. Sir John Kennaway, Bart., Escott. Ottery. Sir Thomas Tancred, Bart., Stratton House, Cirencester. bir Charles Lemon, Bart., M.P., Carelew, Cornwall. Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, Esq., Peamore, near Exeter. Richard Meade King, Esq., Pyrland Hall, Taunton. Richard Sommers Gard, Esq., Rougemont, Exeter. Thomas Snow, Esq., Franklyn, near Exeter. Thomas Huasey, Esq., Waybrook, near Alphington. Williain Wippell, Esq., Rudway, Thorverton. Arthur Whitehead, Esq., Dix's Field, Exeter. John Stogdon, Esq., Southlands, Heavitree. William Denis Moore, Esq., Pennsylvania, Exeter. Robert Bradford, Esq., Royal Exchange Buildings, Lon- don. William Cole Cole, Esq., Highfield, Exmouth. Richard Edward Arden, Esq., Sunbury Park, Middlesex. Robert Cook, Esq., Park-street, Bath. Thomas Sheffield, Esq Palace Gate, Exeter. William Henry Place, Esq., Gloster Villas, Maida Hill, London. John Swaffield Orton, Esq Upper Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, London. DIVIDENDS PAID LAST TEN YEARS HAVE AVERAGED £ 5 12s. PER CENT. THE extension of Works into nearly all the Counties of England requiring a larger Capital, the Directors have determined to issue some of the remaining SHARES OF £ 25 EACH. £ 2 10s. per Share, payable on allotment, or the whole amount can at once be paid rp. A Committee of the House of Lords sat in June last, to consider the powers of the threJ Drainage and Improve- ment Companies' Acts, when the Inclosure Commissioners of England and Wales were examined, and admitted that tlte Works executed by this Company were most satisfac- tory that the powers of this Company's Act of Parlia- ment were very great for a private company, more parti- cularly the power authorising owners of land to make PERMANENT charges for the cost of draining and improve- ments whilst under the other Companies' Acts a charge could only be made for a term of years. Application for Shares to be made to the Secretaries, or to PP Mr. J. M. SCOI'T, Insurance Agent 29, Ruperra-street, Newport. By order of the Board, BID WILL and BRODIE, Secretaries. Offices of the Company- 9 BEDFORD CIRCUS, Exeter; 30, PARLIAMENT-STREET, London. tiiS! NEWPORT, ABERGAVENNY, AND HEREFORD RAILWAY. NOTICE—ALTERATION OF TRAINS FOR DECEMBER. On the 1st December, and until further notice the following Alterations will be made in the running of Trains :— MAIN LINE.—DOWN TRAINS. The 10.20 a.m. Train from Hereford to Newport will be discontinued The Express Train leaving Hereford at 12 10 will stop at Patuly and Penpergwm, in addition to its present stoppages. The times at the various Stations being as fol- lows Pontrilas, 12.31 Pandy, 12.41; Abergavenny, 1.0; Penpergwm, 1.7; Pontypool Road, 1.25; and New- pert, 1.40. „ „ The 2.50 p.m. Train, now 1st and ^ncl Class only, will be made 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Class from all Stations. UP TRAINS. The Express Train leaving Newport at 20pm., will leave at 2.5; arriving at Pontypool Road at 2-0; Aber- a gavenny, 2.40; Pontrilas, 3.5; and Hereford, o.oO p.m. The 4.30 p.m. Train from Newport will start at o.30 p.m., and will be one hour later at all intermediate Stations and Hereford. This Train will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Class. The 6 45 p.m. Train from Newport to Hereford will be discontinued. TAFF VALE EXTENSION. The Train at present leaving Crumlin at 3.30 p.m., will start 15 minutes earlier, arriving at Pontypool at 3.30, and pontypcol Road at 3.35 p.m. The train now leaving Crumlin at 6.45 p.m., will not leave untl18.;). arriving at Pontyppol at 8.20, and Ponty- pool Road at 8.25 p.m. CHRISTMAS DAY, The Trains on Christmas Day will run the same as on Sundays. By Order, PERCY MORRIS. General Manager s Office, Hereford, Nov. 26th, 1855. irAYE'SWORSDELL'S RESTORATIVE \1 K PILLS have obtained a world-wide celebrity. humorous Jtestimonials are enclosed with each box, attest- in" their efficacy. Every family studying the preservation or"their health, should possess them. Sold throughout the Empire, Is. l^L, 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depdt, 22, BREAD-STREET, London, TRAVELLERS AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, Nos. 42 & 43, POULTRY, LOMDOX. TRUSTEES. The Right lIon. Earl Fitzwilliam, K.G. Sir Charles Fox. Matthew Marshall, Esq., of the Bank of England. William Smee, Esq., of the Bank of England. ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE. 4C2 per year will insure £1,000 at death, and zC5 per week, while disabled by accident. PROSPECTUSES and every information JL may be obtained, on application to Mr. J. M. SCOTT, 29, Ruperra-street, Newport, who, having resigned his connexion with the MERLIN Establish- ment, purposes devoting the whole of his time to Insurance Business. See Evidence before the COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS On Adhlxeration oj Food, Coloured Tea," &c., TIMES, July 19, 1855. HORNHfAX & CO.'S PURE UtfODLOUKED TEA. -4 HORNIMAN & Co., Tea Importers, London, believing •> '/ni J that the public would use TEA of j *>,erti"S Quality, in preference to that '•Ml rj u R E a ma'le UP Appearance, have for some ("llRED vears directed the Chinese Factors at R TEA Shanghai, with whom they corres- ONLY 1,1 to forward all to them in the s^j in package*, d same pure state as drank in Lhina and A('RNTS p.pijU' tJ not covered on the surface with pow- theKingUom ;dered mineral colour 3, as is usual with tiJ Hij/ most sent to England,—by which L— -y precaution, H. and Co. protect the friends of their Country Agents from the ill effects of this pernicious practice, as this keeping to the natural colour not only preserves the icholesomeness of the Tea, but also prevents the brown jiavourUss Autumn leaves, which are but of tittle value, being coloured in imitation of the costly black-leaf Spring sorts,—a practice that is a constant source of toss and disappointment to the consumer here. HORNIMAN k, Co's PURE UNCOLOURED TEAS are conse- quently more even in quality, more rich and full in flavour, and prove in use the strongest and cheapest. Price 3s. 8d., 4s., and 4s. 8d. per lb. in Catty Packets of 2-oz., i-lb., o-lb., I-lb., and 31bs. Nett. Sold only by AGENTS. ABERDARE Mr. Thomas, Commercial Street. ABERYSTWITH Mr. Jones, Pier Street. ABERGAVENNY Mr. Watkins, High Street. BRYNMAWR Messrs George and Son. BLAINA Messrs. George and Son. BRISTOL Messrs. Ferris and Co., Union St. CARDIFF Mr. Kernick, 23, Duke Street. CHEPSTOW Mr. Hodgson, St. Mary Street. COLEFORD Mr. Hough. GLOUCESTER Mr. Fouracre, Cross. LONDON Mr. Purssell, 80, Corn Hill. LYDNEY Mr. Hathaway. MONMOUTH Mr. Cossens, Post Office. MERTHYR Mr. Stephens, High Street. NEWPORT Mr. JENKINS, 41, Commercial St PONTYPRIDD Mr. Hussey, Market Street. SWANSEA Mr. Wilson, Castle Square. TREFOREST Mr. Richards. USK Mr. Edwards. MONMOUTHSHIRE. NEWPORT BRITISH SCHOOLS. Boys' School commenced 1814 Girls' School 1833 Infants' School 1854 The number of children now under instruction exceeds 300. THESE Schools were established with a view to satisfy the moral and social necessity of affording to the children of the Labouring Population of this rapidly-increasing town, Education of a useful and religious character, free from sectarian peculiarities and for a number of years now, they have been conducted with considerable success. At present, the Boys' School, and Girls and Infants' Schools, are carried on in premises far removed from each other, which, for many reasons, is in- convenient the accommodation also afforded is inadequate to the demand. For these considerations, and on account of the dilipidated condition and ineligible site of the Boys' School room, in conjunction with the advantages that will arise from having all the branches of the institu- tion brought together under one roof, the committee has determined with the concurrence of the subscribers, to dispose of the present premises, and to apply the proceeds towards the Erection of a Commodious Building, with a handsome exterior, although not of an unnecessarily expensive character. To this end, the committee has agreed to lease for 99 years, a piece of ground near the bottom of tow-hill, the property of Sir Charles Morgan, Bart who has liberally met the wishes of the committee, by charging a very reduced ground-rent for the same. To carry out this object in its integrity, JE1500 will be required, in addition to the proceeds of the sale of the old premises; and the committee now appeals with confi- dence to the known liberality of the friends of education in the town and neighbourhood of Newport, for donations towards the completion of the design. The following contributions have been already pro- mised :— £ s. d. Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. 20 0 0 Mr. Thomas Brown, Ebbw Vale 100 0 0 Mr. James Brown 50 0 0 Mr. T. B. Batchelor 50 0 0 Mr. Wm. Evans 50 0 0 Mr. George Gething 5;) 0 0 Messrs. Rennie, Logan, and Co. 50 0 0 The West of England Bank. 50 0 0 Mr. Crawshay Bailey, M.P. 40 0 0 Mr. William Graham, jun. 30 0 0 Mr. Samuel Homfray 25 0 0 Mr. J. N. Knapp 25 0 0 Mr. S. M. Phillips 25 0 0 Mr. John Davies 25 0 0 Mr. George B. Gething 25 0 0 Mr. W.C.Webb 25 0 0 Messrs. William Willmett and Son 25 0 0 Mr. Powell, The Gaer 25 0 0 Mr. Octavius Morgan, M.P. 20 0 0 Sir Thomas Phillip", Knight 20 0 0 Mr. William G. Habershon, London 20 0 0 Mr. T. M. Llewellin 10 0 0 Mr. Thomas Turner 10 0 0 Messrs. J. J. Cordes and Co. 10 0 0 Mr. George Goodwin 10 0 0 Mr. Lewis Edwards 10 0 0 Mr. Thomas Hughes 10 0 0 Mr, Charles Hall 10 0 0 Mr. William Jenkins 10 0 0 Mr. John Lewis, Tydee 10 0 0 Mr. Richard Burton 10 0 0 Mr. Stephen Campbell ••• 5 9 9 Mr. T. F Lewis » 0 0 Mr. Thomas Latch. ••• ••• ••• r 9 9 Mr. Henry Sheppard ••• ••• c99 Mr. Charles Lyne ••• ••• 2 9 9 Mr. H. J. Davis ••• ••• £ « 0 Mr. James Birch ••• ••• ••• 0 0 Mr. Thomas Gratrex 0 0 0 Mr. R. C. Slade 5 0 0 Mr. William Burton 5 0 0 Mr. Henry Farr 5 0 0 Mr. Wm. M. Jack. 5 0 0 Mr. Henry Burton. 5 0 0 Mr. P. Woodruffe, Machen. 500 Mr. Thomas Jones. 5 0 0 Mr. G. W. Jones 5 0 0 Mr. Henry Phillips 5 0 0 Mr. Joseph Firbank 5 0 0 Mr. Edward James Phillips 500 Mr. Samuel Batchelor 500 Mr. Charles Lewis 5 0 0 Mr. H. Oakley 5 0 0 Mr. John Philpotts 5 0 0 Mr. Martin Morrison 5 0 0 Mr. Joseph Corsbie 5 0 0 JS975 0 0 A committee of gentlemen has undertaken to solicit additional contributions, and in the course of a week or so additional contributions, and in the course of a week or so will wait upon the inhabitants of the town generally for that purpose. Contributions will also be thankfully received by the Treasurer, Mr. S. M. PHILLIPS and by the Secretary, Mr. GEORGE BATCHELOR. By order of the Committee, GEO. BATCHELOR, Hon. Sec. t 'I fj ri 11 if 'N ll- V S STEAM-ENGINES. —MINING. PUMP- ING, WINDING, and other STEAM ENGINES- with and without Wheels, for SALE, or TO BE LET on HIRE, by the Month, or for any time required. MEDWIN'S PATENT, PORTABLE, PUMPING, WINDING, and other STEAM-ENGINES, with and without Reversing Gear, Pumps, &c., adapted to Mining, and applicable to every other purpose where steam power is required. May be set to work without fixing Vrickwork or chimney shaft; have been successfully employed for up- wards of six years in mining, at home and in the Colonies, and for contractors' work, as auxiliaries in extensive mills and manufactories generally. The Patentee has a very large stock of these Engines ready for immediate delivery-either TO BE LET on HIRE, or FOR SALE—of Four, Six, Eight, Ten, Twelve, Sixteen, Twenty, Forty horse power, and upwards, which will be delivered carriage free. For particulars and terms, apply to Messrs. MEDWIN and HALL, Engineers, Surrey Iron Works, 92, Black- fnars-road, London. THE LANCASHIRE" INSURANCE SOCIETY. CAPITAL: TWO MILLIONS. EXCHANGE-STREET, ST. ANN'S SQUARE, MANCHESTER. Chairman of the Company—NICHOLAS HEALD, Esq., Manchester. Deputy-Chairman of the Company—EYRE ISVANS, Esq., Liverpool. London Chairman—JOHN CHEETHAM, Esq., M.P. London Deputy-Chairman—THOMAS A. GIBB, Esq. Liverpool Chairman-EYRE EVANS, Esq. Glasgow Chairman—W. F. BURNLEY, Esq. Greenock Chairman-ROBERT STEELE, Esq. LIFE DEPARTMENT. RATES OF PREMIUM.—The Bonus Hates are lower than those of most other Offices of t equal stability, and those for Assurances without Bonus are equally moderate. EXAMPLE:- Age. £ s. d. Age. £ s. d. Age. £ s. d. Age. £ s. d. Age. £ a. d. Bonus rates 20 1 17 0.30.2 6 0.40.3 0 6.50.4 6 9.60.6 7 6 Without Bonus 20 1 13 10.30.2 2 6.40.2 16 9.50.4 2 6.60.6 2 6 The Bonus Fund, which accrues from laying aside 80 per cent. of the profits, will be appropriated in 1857, and will be applied as may be most convenient to the Assured. Subsequent bonuses will be declared triennially. N.B.-The Third Year's Bonus and Reserve Fund amount to upwards of £ 19,000. MEDICAL FEES.-All medical fees and other charges paid by the Company. STAMP DUTIEs.-Life Policies are issued by this Company without charge for stamps. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Fire Insurances effected at very moderate rates. Prospectuses, forms of proposal, and all further particulars may be had at the offices, pr agencies. Parties desirous to become Agents for any of the towns in Monmouthshire or South Wales, are reqnested to address Mr. J. M. SCOTT, District Superintendent Agent, 29, Ruperra-street, Newport; or JAMES KENNEDY, General Manager, Manchester. GREAT ATTRACTION FOR LADIES! AT J MINCHIN'S FASHIONABLE MILLINERY AND STRAW BONNET SHOW ROOMS, WHICH are replete with every Novelty for the Season.—RIBBONS and FLOWRS, of the newest styles. VELVETS and FANCY SILKS, in great variety. OBSERVE.—WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, VICTORIA HOUSE, 140, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. Apprentices wanted for the Millinery. CARPET AND FURNISHING WAREROOMS, 13, ST. AUGUSTINE'S-PARADE, BRISTOL. SMITH and CO. invite the attention of Parties Furnishing, who consider durability and economy, desiderata, to visit their Establishment before deciding elsewhere. The Show Rooms, being the most extensive in the West of England, contain an assemblage of the most fashionable designs in CARPETS, CLKTAINS, &c., and at prices (quality considered) much lower than is visually quoted in delusive estimates. TURKEY and AXMINSTER CARPETS, VELVET & TAPESTRY do, BRUSSELS & KIDDERMINSTER do SILK and WORSTED DAMASKS. CHINTZES, and PRINTED TOURNAYES EMBLOIDERED MUSLIN and NET CURTAINS, GrLT CORNICES, BRASS and other POLES, VENETIAN, SPRING, and other BLINDS. SMITH and Co. solicit an inspection of their BEDS and BEDSTEADS, assuring their friends that the whole of the Bedding Department will be manufactured on their own premises, of materials that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. Iron and Brass BEDSTEADS, in every variety. BEDDING, BEDS, BOLSTERS, and PILLOWS. MATTRESSES and PALLIASSES, BLANKETS, QUILTS, and COUNTERPANES. LINEN and COTTON HEETINGS, &c. S. and Co. cannot refrain from mentioning, for the guidance of those at a distance, that quality, combined with cheapness, good taste, and immense variety, are the essentials of this Establishment. I PROTECTED BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WATERPROOF, AIRPROOF, BRITISH AND AMERICAN VULCANISED INDIA-RUBBER, GUTTA-PERCHA, AND MACINTOSH DEPOT, 3, CLARE STREET, BRISTOL. ALPHABETICAL LIST. Abdominal Belts Cups Goloshes Sponge Bags Airproof Articles Cushions Hat Covers Sponging Baths Apron Bands 11 for Billiard Tables Horse Brush and Ring Boots Springs Aprons Cylinders „ Cloths Stockings Arm Gussets Decanter Stoppers Knee Caps Stoppers Baby-jumper Straps Deck Boots „ Shoe Pads Straps Babies' Bibs Dissecting Gloves Stockings Surgical Bottles Bags (waterproof) Diving Dresses Hose and Suction Pipes Bandages Balls Door Springs Hydrostatic Beds Swimming Belts Bandages Dress Preservers Inflated Beds Stethescopes Bands 0 Dress Dilators Cushions Soles for Boots and Shoes Bathing Caps Drinking Cups Injection Bottles Sheep and Dog Stockings Baths Driving Gloves Jar Covers Stay Webbing Bed Sheets Dolls ■ Ladies' Pages Tents Beds Ear Bottles „ Paletots Tobacco Pouches Bellows Ear Trumpets Life Belts Travelling Bags Belts Ear Pads „ Buoys 11 Beds Boats (inflated) Elastic Bands, for papers, Ligatures » Cushions and Pill Bonnet Hoods, with short letters, &c. Liquor Bottles l°ws. capes Elastic Belts Locomotive Pipi Travelling Caps Bonnet Preservers Elastic Gusset Web Malting Shoes >> Rugs Book Covers Elastic Sacking Mattresses Trouser Straps Boots Elastic Sandal Web Moulded Articles Tubing, Braided or Plain, Bottles Elastic Woven Bandages Mud Boots f°r watei, steam, or gas Bottling Corks and Bungs Elastic Ribands Neck Pillows Urethra Bottles Brace Fronts Enamelled Sheets Nipples Urinals Braces Enemas Nursing Aprons Umbilical Belts Breast Bottles Engine Packing Over Shoes Vagina Bottles Buffer and Bearing Springs Erasing Rubber, in squares Over Suits Valves Buoys and bottles Overalls Vulcanized India Rubber Body Belts Exhausting Bells Packing Wagon Sheets Canteens Emigrants'Wrappers Pads 0 Washers for flangeand socket Carters Capes Felt, for lining boxes Parcel Bands joints Capes, with sleeves, or Loose P me Sheet Slubber Pessaries Water Pillows r, Coa^s Finger Stalls Pic Nics Waterproof Cloths, in the Capsules Fishing Boots P'llows piece, of various descrip- Cart Sheets >> poa's. l*ping < tions, double and single Carriage and Chase Aprons „ Stockings Playing Balls texture Chemical Aprons „ Trousers Plug Valves Nebbing for Gussets „ Gloves „ Bags Railway Travelling Cushions „ 0 for liaces "Sleeves 11 Hats 11 Conversation Tubes" for Elastic Boots Chest Expanders Foot and Pump Valves, for Rick Covers >f for Surgical Bandages Chesterfield Wrappers ocean steamers Riding Belts Wheel Tires ° ÇI Clyster Bottles Foot Balls Rings, Strips, and Cords, for Window-blind Cord Coachmen's Coats Gaiters Elastic Springs Wristbands Corals Garters Reversible Coats Wellington Boots Corn Protectors Game Bags Safety Tubes and Belts Weather Protectors Corrugated Rubbers Gas Bags Sandaling Whips Crib Sheets Vessels Ship Sheets Water Basins Cricket Gloves Gig Aprons Shoes Yachting Trousers Bat Covers Gloves Shooting Boots „ Coats Cumulators, or Power Pur- Gum Rings „ Hats 11 Hats chases, for projecting and Gun Covers Coats lifting apparatus Gusset Webbing So., Westers SURGICAL ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE-CAPS, ANKLETS, LEGGINGS, &o„ in Silk, Thread, and Cotton, (20 per cent. below the usual prices) of superior quality Importers of AMERICAN OVERSHOES, and General Dealers in India-Rubber and Gutta-Percha, Articles. Waterproof, Airproof, Vulcanised India-Rubber and Elastic Articles, of all kinds, made to order, or repaired with care and promptitude. Orders by post promptly attended to. The Trade supplied upon the best terms. BEESLEY & HEYES, PROPRIETORS, 3, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. LEA & PERRINS' CELEBRATED PRONOUNCED BY l|f EXTRACT of a LETTER CONNOISSEURS, §f| from a MEDICAL ■ I GENTLEMAN at Madras, TO BE THE to his Brother at "ONLY GO OD SAUCE" jffilSI WORCESTER, May, 1851. "Tel1 LEA & PERKINS AND APPLICABLE TO that their SAUCE is highly esteemed in India, and is, iSVERY VARIETY in opinion, the most palatable as well as the OF DISH most wholesome Sauce that i^njiii^ m WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. Sold univer*aUi by the principal dealers in 8&11.0810 DR. DE JONGH'S LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed with complete confidence by the Faculty, for its purity, efficacy, and superiority over all other kinds in the treatment of CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, GENERAL DEBILITY, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS. EXTRACTS FROM SELECT MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS: ARTHUR H. HASSALL, M.D., F.L.S., M.R.C.F., Chief Analyst of the Sanitary Commission of the Lancet, Author of Food and its Adulterations," &c., &c. I have more than once, at different times, subjected your Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil to chemical analysis- AND 1 HIS UNKNOWN TO YOUSELF-nlld I have always found it to be free from all impurity, and richin the constituents of bile. So great is my confidence in the article, that I usually prescribe it in preference to any other, in order to make sure of obtaining the remedy in its purest and best condition." The late JONATHAN PEREIRA, M.D., F.R.S.E., F.L.S. Professor at the University of London, Author of "The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics," &c., &c. "I know that no one can be better, and few so well acquainted with the physical and chemical properties of this medicine as yourself, WHOM I REGARD AS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY ON THE SUBJECT. The Oil which you gave me was of the very finest quality, whether considered with reference to its colour, flavour, or chemical properties AND I AM SATISFIED THAT FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES, NO FINER OIL CAN BE PROCURED." The MEDICAL CIRCULAR," May 10, 1834 We unhesitatingly recommend DR. DE JONGH'S Light- Brown Cod Liver Oil as the best for medical purposes, aud well deserving the confidence of the profession." Sold ONLY in Bottles, capsuled and labelled with Dr. DE JONGH'S Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE AKE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and CO., 77, Strand, London, Dr. DE JONGH'S sole accredited Consignees and by most respectable Chemists in Town und Country. Half-pints (la ounces), 2s. 6d.; Piuts (20 ounces),4e.9cl. Quarts (40 ounces), 9s. IMPERIAL MEASURE. SOLD IN NEWPORT, by T. J. JONES, Chemist, High- street; J. C. GWILLIM, Chemist, 11, Commercial-street, J. PHILLIPS, Chemist, 92, Commercial-street H. FAULKNER, Chemist, 153, Pillgwenlly; W. MORGAN, Chemist, corner of Commercial-road, Pillgwenlly. MONMOUTH, by W. SPENCER, Chemist, Agincourt Square. ABERGAVENNY, by .1-. WATKINS, Chemist, High-street. CHEPSTOW, by Mrs. WILLIAMS, Chemist, High-Street. PONTYPOOL, by W. CONWAY, Chemist, 2, George-street. « Nothing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Age an I shortens human life more than Diseases of the Chest. i UNDER THE A AND PATRONAGE OF < THE PRINCIPA L THE QUEEN NOBILITY. f»HoEp™sY ROYAL^TH IiVV UT ,N WARD MEDICINE IS Hoopiny Cough, I lluoyza, Chronic Strains, Bruises, Lumbago the Chest, and Local pa"ns. Uheumatic Affections, Diseases of MORE WONDERFUL CURES, FROM MANY THOUSANDS OF OTHERS:— e;rc A.TTACK OP RHEUMATIC PAINS CURED. ..lnK suffered many years Irani severe attacks of ?erfverl ffrea^ hpS'i r great Pleasure in telling you that I hava frorn -vour invaluable Plaster. I shall most cer- MCO 'mend it to all my friends, all medical aid being of no fiwnt r' are at leave to publish this in any way you tlnnk proper—I am> dear sirSj yours truly -1 Leamington, Aug. 12th, 1854. R. MAYOR, M.A. AFP HCTEO SEVEN YEARS WITH A DREADFUL COUGH. r„nfi South Carlton, near Lincoln, Dec, 15, 1854. e™en> I am requested by a poor man in this village wnte to you respecting the effects of one of your Roper's Plasters. He has been afflicted with a dreadful cough for the last sevsn ) years, and for which he has been advised to try one of your Plasters, which he has now had on three weeks, and which I am happy to inform you has been attended with beneficial results, ,e co|1gn is not so violent, and the phlegm, which at first was and tough, has been changed to ordinary spittle.—I rernaiD, yours obediently, To Messrs. Hoper and Son. SAML. BEECH. Unprincipled Shopkeepers, for the sake of pain, have vended spurious Imitations. Purchasers are therefore cautioned to I ICE!—The words ROPKK'a HOYAL 3ATH PLASTER, Engraved on the —j back thus:- Prepared only by ROBERT ROPER and SON, Chemists, Shef- field. On Medico-Chcmical Principles, from British Herbs and the Gums and Balsams of the Eastern Clime where The trees drop balsam, and on all the boughs Health sits and makes it sovereign as it flows." Full.sized rasters, is. lad. and for Children. each or by post, on receipt of Is. or Is. each in postage stamps. Sold by PHILLIPS, Chemist and Druggist. Newport, and most Vendors in the United Kii'gdoDl. T. IMITATIONS!—P<« particular to ask for ROPER'S PLASTERS. "A FRIEND IN NEED." IIUNDREDS OF CURES have proved ROPER'S PILLS (though originally only intended to assist the operation of ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTER) the l'est remedy for all those distressing symptoms attending a weak and disord3red Stomach, Liver complaints, Bilious irregu- larities, Indigestion, such as Nausea or Sickness, Loss of Appetite Loathing of Food, Pain in the Bowels, Langour and Depression of Spirits, Giddiness, Swimming or determination of Blood to the Heac, &c.. the forerunner of apoplexy. Proofs of efficacy :— (Communicated by Mr. J. C. UlilNHARDT, Chemist, Hull.) Sproatlev, near Hull, Oct. 3rd, 1853. Sirs, Having found great benefit from Roper's Royal Batl, pi,'61" an<^ I wish to make mycase known for the advantage °f those who suffer, as I have done for a long time. I have been afflicted with spasmodic pains in the chest, and palpitation of the L heart, arising from indigestion and liver complaint; I was under medical treatment many months without feeling any better, at last I tried one of Roper's Plasters and a Box of Pills, which gave me relief in a few days, from which time m health has improved, and I am now quite well—I remain with thanks, yours respectfully, ELIZAULXH THOMPSON. PAIN IN THE SIOHACII, WITH STOPPAGE OF URINE—To Messrs. R Roper and Son.—Gentlemen,—Having been afflicted for two years with a severe pain in the pit of the stomach, and with stoppage of urine, which prevented me from working more than six months, 1 placed myself under the care of several medical practitioners, both in this and orher towns, without experiencingt the least benefit. twasindueedtotryoneofyour Royal Bath Masters and by your advice, took a box of your Bath Plaster Pills to assist the operation of the Plasters, which 1 had not used a week when I resumed my work, which is very heavy and laborious, and I have not lost a day from illness since. Yours, with gratitude, W.WILLCOCK formerly of Birmingham, Railway spring maker, at the Sheaf Works, Sheffield. Msy 2nd, 1845. 11 oper's Pills are a purely Botanic compound, and warranted free from any deleterious ingredient, being composed of choice herbs, roots, gums, and balsams, by ROBT. ROPER and SON, Chemists, Sheffield, in boxes at Is lid, 2,1 9d. and 4s Gd each. Sold by most Chemis and Booksellers in the United Kingdom. ASK OR ROPER'S PILLS. MORNING POST. LONDON DAILY NEWSPAPER. THE MORNING POS r advertising charges are on the following reduced and reasonable scale :— s. d. Tradesmens' advertisements, 5 lines and under 2 6 Every additional line 0 6 Servants' advertisements 4lines. 10 All advertisements on an equally moderate scale. For a series of advertisements for the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, contracts may be made on a moderate reduc- tion of the scale price. As a MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISMENTS the MORNING POST offers the greatest advantages for the speedy and extensive publicity of all announcements addressed to the affluent and purchasing portion of the community, especially the nobility, gentry, and monetary interests of the country. The large circulation of this long-established Journal embraces the most influential classes of society-the Political, the Aristocratic, and the Commercial. A consistent Advocate of Conservative Progress, and Constitutional Liberty-whilst it maintains the Establshed Principles of Church and state-it constantly seeks out error, and promotes its reformation. It contains the FULLEST and LATEST intelligence of every description whether POLITICAL, COMMERCIAL, CLERICAL, LEGAL, or FASHIONABLE, with all Newsrelatingto ARTS,SCIENCES,and LITERATURE. Experience has shown that the MORNING POST possesses, by far the most reliable informa ion on every important political subject of the day. Iu its FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE, especially, it has been distinguished by remarkable rapidity, and by the accuracy of its in- formation derived from the best sources. Combining with its Political features, ALL THE NEWS OF THE DAY, down to the latest hour of going to press each morning, it has ong enjoyed a circulation and reputation essentially European. Wellington Street, North, Strand. CARRYING A MAIL.—EAGLE LINE STEAM TO AUSTRALIA UNDER 60 DAYS. r I ^IIE Liverpool and Australian J- Navigation Company's Steam Clipper ° ROYAL CHARTER, Of 2,719 TONS REGISTER 200 II )uSE POWER F. IIOYCE, late of the Eagle, Commander, Will be despatched for MELBOURNE DIRECT, on the 17th JANUARY, forwarding Passengers for Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart Town, &o., Fares, from 16 to 60 Guineas. Built expressly for the Company. This vessel com- bines all the advantages of a Steamer, with those of a Clipper Sailing Ship, and offers the only opportunity yet presented to the public, of certainty in the time re- quired for the voyage. The Main Saloon is beautifully fitted up. The Passen- ger Deck is 8ft. 4in. high, with side ports every 6 feet, exclusive of other ventilation. Baths are provided for all classes of passengers and the arrangements for cook- ing and carrying live stock are perfect. Passengers are respectfully informed, that this Steamer must be sent to sea PUNCTUALLY to her time, they must be in Liverpool not later than the 15th, their Luggage being forwarded on or before the 12th and that no Cargo will be taken after neon of the 11th January. All Letters and Newspapers must be forwarded through the post-offico, and endorsed Per Royal from Liverpool otherwise they will not be forwarded. Apply to GIBBS, BRIGHT, and CO., Agents, 1, North John-street, Liverpool; or to HENRY ED- WARDS and Co., Ship brokers, Newport, Monmouth- shire Parcels sent to the care of BRIGHT, BROTHERS, and CO., Melbourne, will be carefully forwarded to all parts of Australia. THIRD CABIN PASSAGE, £14. THE "LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. TO SAIL ON THE FIRS JANUARY. J&P MELBOURNE direct, well-known clipper-ship SALEM, Captain vrffir? Flynii, 915 tons register, 2,100 tons burthen. A 1 at Lloyd's, THIS SHIP has made some of the quickest JL passages to Melbourne, and is fitted up for all classes of passengers in the most comfortable and commo- dious manner. Carries a surgeon. Passengers will be forwarded to any ports in Australia, Van Dieman's Laud, or New Zealand, at extra rates. Money orders granted freee of charge. Apply to the owners, Messrs. P. Magee and J. Leving- ston, and JAMES M. WALTHEW, 46, Chapel-street, Liverpool or to THOMAS DRYDEN, Swansea or to JOHN PUGH, Abergavenny. Emigration to America, by First-class Packets. TAPSCOTT'S LINE FOR NEW YORK, Sailing Weekly. ISS&S!^ COPE'S LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA, Sailing on the 12th of each Month. And first class Ships to other American ports occa- sionally. For terms of passage, and other particulars, apply to W. TAPSCOTT & CO., Old Hall, Old Hall-street, and St. George's Buildings, Regent-road, Liverpool. Agents in New York, TAPSCOTT&Co., 86, South-street Money Orders and Passage Certificates issued by the aboie either in New York or Liverpool. THIRD CABIN PASSAGE, S14. THE LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS, JT OR MELBOURNE direct, the well-known Clipper Ship "FREDERICK" J_ well-known Clipper Ship "FREDERICK," wriilr Captain Morton, 863 tons register, 2000 tons burthen A 1 at Lloyd's. This Ship is fitted up for all classes of passengers, in the most comfortable and commodious manner, and carnes a Surgeon. She made her last passage to Melbourne in 75 days. Passengers will be forwarded to any ports in Australia. Van Dieman's Land, or Now Zealand, at extra rates Money orders granted free of charge. Apply to the owners, Messrs. P. MAGEE and J. LEVING- STON, and JAMES M. WALTHEW, 46, Chapel-street, Liverpool; or to THOMAS DRYDEN, Swansea or to JOHN PUGH, Abergavenny. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY nIUSTOc. tC"¡ D NEWPORT. rp H E Bristol General Steam AfSj&y&ccr*' | Navigation <Jon p?i'jy's splendid Paddle STEAM Eit I) A R T CAPTAIN JAMES PARFITT, Or other suitable Vessel, will ply during the ensuing Week as follows:— From, Bristol. From Newport. DECEMBER. DECEMBER. Saturday 1 10 mom Monday 3 11 morn Tuesday 4 n after Wednesday 5 1 after Thursday 6 3A after Fritiay 7 2J after Saturday 8 44 after fSSr A Waiting Room is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers aie taken on hoard free of charge, about fifteen minuies after the time stated in the bills for'sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the HotwellsTo and From PORTISHEAD daily, (i-undavs excepted). FARES-After Cabin, 3s.; Front Cabill, Is. 6d. To and Urn sime dav After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, ^s.—Four- I I parriasre 18s.; Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaeton, ST'wiS'i »' lis'" b»7* horse, with Driver, 12s.; Hoise. Horse aid 'J'der, 6s • Dogs, Is.each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriages bhipped at Bathurst. basin one hour before sailing. Farther particulars may be obtainetl at the Brisiol Genera] Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where 11 Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c.. should be addressed. Bills and other"iniormation can be obtained 01 Mr. JOHN JONES, liownham Wharf, Hotwells. Asent at Newport, Mr. 11. p..Il)N ,.S, Rodney Wharf. From Brisiol—Swift$Usk. '2^ Gig, 20s.; Horse, 20s.; DECEMBER. m0rn ReturnTickcts, (available vratU!i 1 after for one week) B-st CabiD, Wednesday 5 2* after 18s.; Fore-Cabin, J Is. Friday 7 •• 4 For Milford, Pater, and From Cardiff—Swift § Usk. Haverfordwest-Shamrock.' DECEMBliU. lJECEMBhR* An 'P j a i ? £ Saturday 1 •• morn luesday 4 •• U aftel" J 3 10j morn FARES —Same as lenby. t "TaUiv 4 •• 12 noon From TWsdav 6 "2 after Milford to Waterford, Saturday 8 3 after 7 miles from Haverfordwest From Bristol-Juno. } Roilway Station. rom Wednesday ii,vemngs at 8 DECEMBE o'clock, or as soon after as Friday •• a circumstances will permit. From Tenby-Juno. FARES Best Cabin, 25s. DECEMBER.. Fore-Cabin, 7s. 6d. Satursday 8 7 morn Waterford toBris.olPridays. FARES—Cabin, 13s, Chil- From Bristol, calling at dren under 12 yeats, Gs. 6d. Tenby— Juno. DTOCEMBEII. Servants in the Cabin, 8s. jrrjjay 7 4,i rrorn (including: Steward's Fees.) From Carmarthen, calling at Fore Cabin, 7s 6d. Children limby-Juno. under 12years,4s. Carriage, DECEMBER. 42s; Pair-horsephceton, 31s | Saturday 8 4 morn 6d.; Small one-horse ditto, FAREs-Same as Tenby NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of L2 nor for any Deck Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damagpd) above the value of 20s., unless in each case entered as such, and freight in ) roportion paid for the same at the time of delivery; nor will they be answerable for any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at thf time of delivery ARRIVED, H I IN the Loftus, from Liverpool, 400 Bar|ll4 of American Flour.. i i In the Pheasant, from Liverpool, 652 Barrels of Floor. j i In the Pilot, from Waterford, 450 Sacks of Flour and«5. Bales of Bacon. In the Sarsfield, from Cork, 150 Firkins of Butter. } EVANS and GOODWIN, Importers, Newport. November 30, 1855. NEWPORT ATHENJSUM AND MECHANICS,r1 INSTITUTE. THE Committee have much pleasure in. informing the Members, and the public generally/ that Mr. W. CHRISTOPHERS has kindly consented to deliver a Lecture ON CHAR\CTER," at the Towif HALL, on TUESDAY, DEC. 4, 1855. Admission Mem- bers Free; Non-Members 3d. each. W. A. DIXON, ) t T. G. HARRIS, I Hon. Sees. 4 H. JAMES, j I Newport, Nov. 28, 1855. I UNDER ROYtL mt PATRONAGE. PERFECT FREEDOM FROM COUGHS in ten minute3 aft« list. INSTANT RELIEF and a RAPID CURE of ASTHMA ,j S, CONSUMPTION. COUGHS, COLDS, and all DISORDERS 0 the B" EATH and LUNGS, are insured by DR. LOCOCK'S PULMONIC WAFERS. The extraordinary powers of this invaluable medicine are now 1 proved by a mass of evidence and testimonials, which must convince the most sceptical, that for :ill disorders of the breith and lungs, it is the most effectual remedy ever discovered. The follow in, are a few Testimonials received by the Proprietors, many hundreds of which may be had from every agent in the kingdom J CURE OF 29 YEARS' ASTHMATIC COUGH. I .J.iiddleton, near Manchester. Sir,—I am now 44 years of age, and I have been afflit-ted with an asthmatic cough since I was a bov of fifteen years of age .) during that time I have resorted to every means in my power to remove it, but in vain, until last Sunday, when I sent Tor a small box of Dr. Locock's Waters. I have taken two boxes since, and from the effects they have had upon me, I feel no doubt of a speedy recovery. G. STBINGER.. | Witness, M. LYNC", Chemist, Market Stieet. J ANOTHER SURPRISING CURE OF ASTHMA. From Mr. William Bov/e'i, Cartlett, Haverfordwest. Sir,—Having been afflicted for many years with a violent cough,and asthma, and having tried all other medicines LI vain, I was recommended to try Dr. Locock's Wafers. I sent to you for a box, and, to my great astonishment, 1 found reJiefthe very first night, and have continued to get better ever since. Their effects are really wonderful. My appetite is now good, whereas formerly I could scarcely keep any food on my stomach. I have myself since recommended them to several persons, who have all received the greatest relief from them. (Signed) WM. BOWE> ANOTHER CURE OF ASTHMATIC COUGH OF LONG i STANDING. I City Road, Haverfordwest. | Sir,-I am happy to inform you that I have experienced the greatest benefit from taking only two boxes of Dr. Locock's Pulmonic Wafers, which you were kind enough to recommend me. i Previously to my taking them, 1 could scarcely walk without the 1 g e;itest difficulty of breathins, and my cou-h would then increase to such a degree. that I was nearly suffocated. I had not, for many months, slept for more than half an hour at a time but lam now able to sleep all night without coughing. lean truly recommend them to those who are similarlv afflicted, as a most invaluable remedy, and you are at perfect liberty to make my case public, if you think proper. I am, &c "JoHN JOHN, Cabinet maker." CURE OF SEVEN YEARS' COUGH. From the Rev, Geo. Dawson, Primitive Methodist Minister. Bridge Street, Peel, Isle of Man, Jan. 29, 1851. Gentlemen,—My wife having been afflicted with a severe cough for seven years last past, during the last spring was brought so low, that Ler life was despaired of, when a friend recommended her to try Dr. Locock's Pulmonic Wafers. She did so, and the benefit she derived from them was truly amazing. She was, after taking a few boxes, again able to return to her domestic duties. I think it would be a great blessing to the afflicted in our island, were they advertised here, as they appear not to be known. Yon are at liberty to make what use you may think proper of my testimony.J "I am, your's, &c. GEO. DAWSON, Primitive Methodist Minister" IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING. From Mr. Edward Page, late Director of the Choir and Organist of St. Marie's Catholic Churc h, Newport, Monmouthshire. "Gentlemen,—Having frequently suffered rmuch-from relaxation of the throat, I have often been obliged to lesort to various prepitrations; but since I have had the good fortune to try Dr. Locock's Pulmonic Wafers, I am now but seldom obliged to resort to the-, for the extraordinary good effects they have produced are most surprising. Even when the throat appears to be completely exhausted, and the voice to be nearly gone, two or three (at most four) will, in the short space of half an hour or so, completely restore its flexibility ani power, and they do not act as a mere temporary exciting remedy, nor do they leave anv lassitude after. Having felt the great value of the remedy, 1 feel it a duty to generally recommend it, as I am convinced that all persons will find immense benefit from the general and persevering use of it. "EDWARD 10, Stow Hill, Xewport." To Singers and Public Speakers, they are invaluable, as in a few hours they remove all hoarseness, and increase the power and flexibilitj of the voice. THEY HAVE A PLEAS.INT TASTE. Price Is. ljd.,ar,d 2s. 9d. per hex, Sold by all Medicine Venders. Note—Full directions are given with every box, in the English, I German, and French languages. | -\1 DR. LOCOCK'S COSMETIC, g A delightfully fragrant preparation, j FOR IMPROVING AND BEAUTIFYING run COMPLEXION. 1 Rendering the akin clear, soft, and transparent, removing all eruptions, freckles, sunburn, tan pimples, aad roughness- curing gnat bites, and the stings of insects. In the process of shaving, it allays all smarting, and renders the skin soft and smooth. Sold in bottles, at is. £ d., 25.901., and 4s. Cd. each. Beware of counterfeits. Observe the government stamp outside the wrapper. Sold by all respectable chemists. Sold by Mr. E. J. Phillips, Newport.-Agent for Merthyr, Mrs. White, bookseller, High Street; and sold by all medicine vendors. f FIIAMPTOVS PILL OF HEALTH. THE manifold advantages to the Heads of families from the possession of a Medicine of known ulhcacy, that may be resorted to with confidence, and used with success in cases of temporary sickness, occurring in families more or less every day, are so ob\ious to all, that no question can be raised of its importance to every house keeper in the kingdom. They are an excellent aperient, crf'ate appetite, relieve languour, and invigorate the spirits j and it taken after an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. For upwards of nine years (writes Mr. Thos.Province, of Wiiichtiiore-hill, ,\1 iddll'o'rx), I have experienced the efficacy of this excellent medicine. I had long previously been afflicted with headache and indices;ion but a friend having induced me to make a trial of Franipton's Pills, I now inform you that a few doses gave rae great rdief; and durng this long period of time, I have taken them in pre- ference to any other medicine; and I have the happiness of saying that I never had a better state of health, which I attribute to Frampton's Pills. I beg further to add, that this medicine is in general use by my family, and we know of nothing to equal it. Persons of a FULL HABIT, who are subject to flead- ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singing in the Ears, arising from too great a flow of Biood to the Head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. For FiiMALBS, these Pills are truly excellent, re- moving all obstructions, the distressing Head-ache so very prevalent with the sex; Depression of Spirits,I)ulness of Sight,Nervous rlffections, Blotches, Pimples,and Sullcw- ness of the Skin and produce a heaithy complexcn. To MOTHERS they are confidently recommended as the best medicine that can be taken; and for children of all ages, they are unequalled. As a pleasant, safe, and easy Aperient, they unite the re- commendation of ainila operation with the most succesful effect. By regulating the dose, according to the age and strength of the patient, they become suitable for every case, in either sex, that can be required. Sold by all Medicine Vendors,Price Is. l^d. and 2s. 9d. per box. See the name of Thomas Prout, 22U, Strand, London," on the Government Stamp. DURATION OF PARLIAMENTS. -The present Parlia-" ment has long since entered the fourth year of its exist once, it having been clected in July, 1852. The preceding Parliament endured just five years. The Parliament of 1841, which induced the accession of Sir R. Peel to office, may be said to have died a natural death, as it was not dissolved till the end of the session of 1847. The Peel Parliament of 1835, on the other hand, only lasted two years and a half, and the first reformed Parliament only two years. The Parliament elected on the accession of Queen Victoria endured barely four years. No general election has taken place in the middle of winter since that of January, 1835, nearly ten years ago. This produced the memorable Poel Parliament, convoked shortly after the dismissal of the Melbourne Ministry by his late Ma- jesty King William IV and to the adverse majorities of which Sir R. Peel was forced to succumb in the space o two months. GUN-UOATS.—The Admiralty arc using every exertion to procure the constructiou of a very large flotilla of steam gun-boats, of the class which have been found so useful in the Baltic and Black Seas. Not only are the royal naval dockyards in full operation with the craft, but the services of the the most eminent private builders have been called into requisition. Mr. John Laid, the well-known builder of this port, is constructing ten >. wooden steam screw gun-boats, of 240 tons each, and about GO-horss power, the machinery being made by £ Messrs. Penn and Son, of London. They will be similar^ i, in size and armament to the Lynx, Arrow, Viper, Snake, t Beagle, and other gun-boats which have become ;i famous in the history of the operations of this war. Mr. Laird is building five of these boats at, his yard, on the margin of the great float at Birkenhead, and five on this side. Although the order for them was only received i from the Admiralty six weeks ago, about 1,000 feet ofcgtl: building have been already erected at these yards, and ,y fitted with gas, so that the men can work at the v^els v both night and day. Ab mt 130 sawyers are alsj.-lfusy at J work, preparing timber. Four of them are welt advanced f in frame, aud the whole are to bo rclfdy for «ea by March next. Mr. Laird is also con^tiEficting some iron mortar vessels, one of which was launched last week, and Í is now at Portsmouth.—Liverpool Standard. • Newport, Saturday, December 1, 18-55. Printed and Published for the Proprietor, EDWARD DOWLING, of Mount Pleasant, Hill-street, in the BorougL of Newport, in the MfiBLOf General Printing Office, situate in Commercial-street, at tbo Borough of Newport, by WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, of No, 7, Commercial- street, in the said borough,.