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CONGA-, Col.ls, Asthmas, Shortness of Breath Spitting Of "Blur> and all affections of the chest and lungs, eifectu J cured by Limbert's Vs'.hmitia Balsam. Per- sons su:;j -«t to or suiferins; fro"n bronchitis, or any of the above e T,1,ints. slionld immertiatply take a few doses of this ex ordinary medicine, which is a ces t:ii» and efficacious leincdy; it frequently cures persons whirh the faculty pronounce incurable uid there is no othe: medi. cine known that is so certain and effectual.—Extract of a letter Irom Mr. Charles Mumby, chemist and druggis', 53, High s'reet, Gosport, dated December 7th, 185^:— lo \¡r. Wiliiam Lambert, chemist 20, Jermyn-street, Haymirket London: I, Henry John Adams, am agunner in her Majesty's Royal Artillery, and while stationed at Malta, six years Tgo, was suddenly seized, in the ninht, with a violent attack of asthma and was nearly suffocated 'With the great difficulty of breathing and excessive cough for two hours. This visited me accompanied nitii Violent pain in my side, and continued the same interval for upwards of two months, and has troubled me more or less ever since after having been in the hospital twice, and tried every'ramedy that my friends could recommend, or my means command, without obtaining any permanent relief; after reading an advertisement of Lamberts Asthmatic Balsam. I resolved to try it, and wonderful to relate, the cough, difficulty of breathing, pain in the side, &c., that had resisted every other remedy, yielded to t iiB, After taking only four small bottles I amnowcomptetciv free from the distressing symptoms of astuma, and in .ct my health is quite re-estatilishert. -bold in bottles, with full directions, at Is. Ibd., 2s. 3«., and 4s 6d., by all druggists and booksellers. CURE OF SEVERB COUGH AND COLD. —rom Vr. T. Johnson, Chemist, Leek. An elderly gentleman in this town was a short time since labouring under a severe cold and cough; be obtained from me a box of Dr. Locock's Wafers, from which-he derived so much benefit that lie now recommends them to all lus friends suffering in a similar manner. 1 could if necessary, furnish you "With numerous testimonials from persons who have derived special benefit from their use. Dr. l-ococks Pulmonic Wafers give instant relief and a rapid cure of asthma, coughs, and all disorders of the breath and LUNGS To singers and public speakers they are in- valuable for clearing and strengthening the voice. They have a most pleasant taste. Price Is lid, 2s iid, and Us per box.old by all chemists. Nunquam aliud natura, aliud sapientja dicit !-In the invention of his celebrated -:oe-aiti Patent Lever Truss Mr. White has duly observed and acted upon the truth conveyed in the above maxim, for we have never yet seen an instrument, where the obvious requirements of nature have been so fully, scientifically, and success- fully met and complied with, as in the present instance. Whilst skill and ingenuity of the highest order have been bestowed upon the construction of his Truss, the comfort of its wearers has been heedfully attended to, and its cost reduced to the means of the poorest sifferer. Assuiedly Mr White's Truss is an invaluable boon to the public, and the inventor himself a universal benefactor. RIVALRY IN TRADE.—Dr. Normandy, the celebrated analytical chemist, in speaking of the competition between tradesmen of the present day, describes it as a struggle for victory, not by supplying a better article, but one which look as well and cost less. Ihis is a common practice with some dealers in medicine as well as food, and Cod Liver Oil is an instance which may be adduced of this wide-spread evil invading every branch of com- merce Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil. the Durity' and genuineness of which are guaranteed by skilful and careful chemical analysis, having gained a high reputation for its superiority, and being extensively prescribed and in great demand interior or adulteratei oils are frequently offered and substituted as of the same kind and quality, to the great detriment of the health and serious disappointment of the hopes of the patient. To guard aghillst these deceptions, Dr. de Jongh sOil is sold -only in bottles, capsuled and labelled with his stamp and signature, and thus the public are guaranteed against numerous sophisticated preparations, either passively inert and useless, or positively and actively pernicious. Dr. Has*oll, the distinguished author of Food and its Adulterations," has testified his unqualified approbation of Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil in the following flittering terms I have more than once, at. different^ times, subjected your l ight Brown Oil to chemical analysis- and this unknown to yourself-and I have always found it to be free from all impurity, and rich in the constituents of bile. So great is my confidence in the article, that I usually prescribe it in preference to any other, in order to make sure ot obtaining the remedy in its purast and begt condition. NEWPORT SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. ARRIVALS. 1-3 Two Brothers, Bees, Barrow, iron ore; J&k Mercury, Owens, Barrow, iron ore; i^uzai, Phillips, Barrow, iron ore; Dairy Maid, V. TS irrow, iron ore Lively La«s, w iron ore- John, Billbeck, Whitehaven, Bridgwater, fencing I**«RY JaneDavie? Whitehaven, iron ore; Diadem, Weary, \p-| •! 1 orP • Faithful Mother, Jones, White- harm I™ ore; Conquest, Scantlebnry. Whitehaven, iron ORE? John and Mary, Evan, BARROW .r.n ore •, Ann Gpidart Barrow, iron ore Ldgar, liver, .Bristol, snndries- Farmer's Lass Llewellin,Newcastle,.pigiron; Moderator,Roberts, Bristol, sundries; Neptune, Edmunds Bristol, sundries; Defence, Urape, Bristol, scrap iron; Hannah, Woodward, Gloucester, tin boxes; Unanimity, Withycombe Bridgwater, flour; Abbey, Bernard, Iiydney, iron ore; John and Mary, Harwood.Bridgwater, timber; Harriet, Berry. Southampton, iron on. Brothers. Hughes, Cardiff, iron; Seraphina Brown, Minehead. iron ore; Thomas and Barrow iron ore Ellen, Humphreys, Barrow, iron ore, Reuben', Williams, H«le, .rot. i A B.tross, Ke.D, Bristol timber; Uuion. powell, Bnstol, Hon ore; èllary, Lewis. Aberiha\ • Hames, Hideford, sundries; T^ir°n' ^re r Bristol sundries; Conovium, Jones, Tredegar,^YNE',EPistol,^ Hughegj sundries-Taerlcon, Williams. Bristol, sundries; Mode- rator Williams Bristol, sundries; Industry, Thompson, A\Z',lT cord wood; Three Sisters, Davies, Barrow, iron ore Sea Swallow. Allen, Lydney, iron ore; William and Eliza, Bailey, Whitehaven, iron ore; Mathildis, James Barrow, iron ore Mary, Phillips, Barrow, iron ore* Victoria, Hopt-on, Bristol, iron ore Economy, Hay- land' Gloucester, iron ore William, Smith, Gloucester, iron; Alert, Colling, Whitehaven, iron ore; Arendina, Howies, Gloucester, sundries Hawk, Johns, Dublin, oats; Star, Heywavd, Bridgwater, flour; Blessing, Dud- dridce, Bridgwater, sundries; Orion, John, Barrow, iron ore ^Perseverance, Baker, Cardiff iron; Fanny, Whee'.er, Dublin porter; Ceres, Allen, Minehead, iron ore; llesolute James, Barrow, iron ore; Camden, Evans, Barrow, iron ore; Olive Branch, Roberts, Sunderland, pi" iron- Actress. Hicks, Liverpool, sundries Catharine and Jane Jones, Barrow, it on ore; Aeronian, Rees, Porthcawl, iron; Druid. Newall, Barrow, iron ore; Wanderer, Burns, Youghal, pit wood; Lovely Peggy, Griffiths Port Madoc, slates; ftisters, Walters, Birrow, iron ore'; Carl Frederieh, Anuries, Dantzic, timber; Parton j'ones Whitehaven, iron ore Moderator, Dib ;on, Bristol' sundries; Burton, Miles, Bristol, sundries; Martha, Jores, A bertha w, stones William and Mary, Evans, Gloucester, salt; Reuben, Llewellin, Barrow, iron ore; Fanny, Jackson, Bristol, sundries; Mary Lewis, Lewis Barrow, iron ore Mary Ann, Jones, Port Madoc, alates'- 'nes Thomas, Barrow, iron ore; Alcedo, McCarthy,0 Youghal, cattle; Lydney Packet, Grimes, Lydney, iron ore; Susanna, Davies, Barrow iron ore New Diligence, .Morris, Barrow, iron ore; Hampton, Burns, Barrow, iron ore. SAILINGS. Josephine, AH*. Bordeux, 124 tons of iron Fois Alreennes. Legoff. Bordeaux loO tons of iron .Marco Polo Irving. Gibraltar, 210 tons of coal; Canada, Mitchell, Galveston, U.S. 3*25 tons of iron; Pliaenician, Hasseth,'Constantinople, 400 tons of coal; Wild Wave, Williams, Constantinople. 305 tons of coal; Breadalbane, Worden" Balaklava, 350 tons of hay St. Leon, Bevan, Bordeaux 54 tons of iron; Bon P6re de Famille, Le Veux, Bordeaux, 150 tons of iron William B- Dean, Hilton, Baltimore. U.S., 483 toqs of iron; Industrie, Hou, St Thomas, 375 tons of coal; British Lady, Popham, Dieppe, :->10 tons ot iron Marquess of Cnandos, Colenso, Malta, 50i) tons o! coal; Mexico, Westcott, Marseilles, 161 tons of coal; Cultivateur, Mahe, Bordeaux, 115 tons ot iron Marianne, l'.atje, Cape de Verdes, 300 tons of coal Ellen, MeCann, Grenada,4!0 tons of coal; Clarisse, Talva, Bordeaux, 12i) tons of iron Helen It Cooper, Colbaurn, New Orleans, £ 50 tons of iron Orestes, Dannemann, St. iliomas, 390 tons of coal; Bereeau, Aguesse, Alicant, 117 tons of iron; Aline, Codes' Bordeaux, 147 tons of iron. THE LIT'ME TESTIMONIAL.—At a meeting HELD yesterday afternoon at iiadley's Hotel, under the presidency ot Mr. lloebuck, a resolution was agreed to requesting the executive committee to put themselves in communication with the various mechanics' institutes of the kingdom, with a view to the orgarization of local committees in connexion with the above memorial. A subscription was entered into, and arrangements made for holding a large meeting in the Marylebone Court, house, over which Sir B Hall has promised to preside." SCREW SHIP COMPANY.—The prospectus has been issued of an undertaking, with limited liability, to be called the London Auxiliary Screw Ship Company. The proposed capital is £ 20 J,000 in E20 shares, and the object contemplated is not the establishment of any particular line of service, but to have a fleet of iron clipper vessels with the advantage and economy of the screw for constant use on any'stations that may from time to time offer the largest profit PAYMENT FOR THE COLLECTION OF THE INCOME- TAX.—A return recently published, shows that there are same 123 persons leceiving a certain poundage by way of remuneration for their services under the Income-tax in England, in all which ca-ies the poundage amounts to JE200 in the year and upwards. The rate of poundage varies from Id. to 3d. iu the pound, and some ot the col- lectors appear to derive a very considerable emolument from the office. Thus,—Mr. J. F. Anderson received jEl,338 in -853, and £ 2,813 in 1854; Mr. James Bur- chell, the sub-shcrifi of London and Middlesex, received £ 1,332 in 1853, and £ 2,720 in 1851, (at 2d. in the pound) Mr. V/. H. Gem received £ 1,300 in 18-54; Mr. W. L. Hanley, £ 1,0/0; Mr. John Humphreys, £ 1,710; Mr. J. Owen, £ 3,642 Mr. V. Ogilvie, £ 1,560; and Mr. Richard Till, the large sum of £ 5,788 (in 1854)), at 2d. in the pound. Many of the other collectors derive incomes varying from £300 to jESOO; the amount of poundage never being below £ 200. NUPRUITES. LI7"IL!RE'S M -WAIN PATENT LU VER TIIUSS, re.PINING no STEEL RPI >N;_> round the BODY,IS reconimtndecforthe following peculiantis. and advantages: — Its iciiitv T>[ application 2nd PEI'IROT TIEO dorn ■rom liability to hafe or excoriate 3;d it may be worn with equal comfoi? in any, position of the body by NIGHT or DAY ) -1th, it admits ot every kind of exercise without the slightest tuconwnienceto TIN- wearer ,.MU i is perfectly concealed from observation. It) not liesi,ate to give to this itiveii- tion our unqualified approbation and we strenuously advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort, obtain from any other apparatus or truss, as from that which we have the highest, satisfaction iu :hus rcconiniendi.ig."— Church and State (uizette. Recommended by the following eminent surgeons:- WIN. Ferguson, (Jsq., F.lt.S., Professor ot Surgery in King's College, Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &c.; C. G. Guthrie Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital; MR. Bowman, Esq.. F.R.S., Assis- tant Surgeon to Kings College Hospital; T. Callaway, Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; W. Coulson Esq., Surgeon to the Magdalen Hospital; r. Blizard Cuilin?, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital; \V. J. Fisher, Esq., Surgeon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force; Aston Key. Esq., Surgeon to Prince Alb. rt Robert Liston, El q., F.K.S. James Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society Eras- mus Wilson, FRTSQ F.R..S-, and many others. A deseriptivecircular may be had by post, and the Truss which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post, by send- ing the circumference of tbe body, two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer. Mil. WILL ris,-228, PICCADILLY, LONDON. Price of a Single Truss. 16s., 21s., '26s. 6d. and 31s. 6d. losiage Is. Double 31s. 6d ,42s. and 52s. 6d. Postage s. 8d.-Posl Office Orders to be made payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office, Piccadilly. -SILASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, n 8 J &C —The material of which these are peculiarly elastic and compressible, and the best inventIOo for giving efficient and penna- tniadeisrecr.mmended by the Faculty, as being nent supportinallcasesot weakness, and Swel- ling of the Legs, Varicose Veins, Sprains, &c. It is porous, light in texture, and inexpensive and is drawn on like an ordinary stocking. Price from 7s. 6d. to !6s. each. Postage 6d. MANUFACTORY 228, PICCADILLY, LONDON. SPECIUENS MAY BE SEEN AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE TRULY EFFICACIOUS AND MILD. DR. SCOTT'S BILIOUS AND LIVLn PILLS. PREPARED without any Mercurial Ingre- dients from the liecipe of Dr. Scott, of Bromley, Kent. The astonishing efficacy of Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills in affections of the Liver, Stomach, and Bowels, have gained them the highest recommendation 01 Dr. Holland Dr. Davies, Dr. Clark, and many other eminent physician, and surgeons. One or two Pills, a short time after taking them, will remove any uneasiness in the Stomach. Head, or Bowels, Indigestion, producing a torpid state of the Liver and inactivity of the Bowels, causing a disorganization of the whole frame, will, by a little perseverance with this excellent medicine, be effectually removed. For habitual costiyeness, Ihey are most excellent-not, like most aperient Medicines, leaving the Bowels sanfined, nor stimulating so as to produce or aggravate the Bile. The evil effects arising from the excess of the table, will be prevented if recourse be had to them they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose they are particularly effica- cious for Coughs, Colds, Agues, Shortness of Breath, and all obstructions of the Urinary Passages, strengthen the Stomach, reinviyorate the nerves, create appetite, promote digestion, and a healthy action of the Liver. Wonderful restoraiion to good health after four years acute suff,rir)g from disordered liver and digestion :— EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM MR. SIMPSON, OF RICHMOND, SURREY. To Mr. Lambert, chemist, 2", Jermyn street, Haymarket, London. "SIR.—It is witk the greatest pleasure 1 make this communica- ti n, and inform you of the wonderful benefit I have derived by taking Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills, which have restored me to as sound a state of health, as I enjoyed when twentv years of age. I have for the last four years been severely afflicted with a disordered liver, and iudigcsiion in ils most obstinate form I have consulted nmuy eminent medical men, and tried a number of ad- vertised remedies, without obtaining the least benefit. One medical man considered my ca;e so hopeless that he informed me I could not lIve iong. ) was so reduced in appearance and strength, that when 1 got up in the morning I was, to use a common expression, almost lifeless; I had not the least energy of body or mind-unable to shave myself, or engage in the various duties of life, till half the day had passed away. In this dreadful state I continued for mote than four years, and considered myself past recovery, and was compelled to abstain from malt liquor, and very many articles of diet. A very old friend of mine, who had also experienced great benefit by t.king the pills, strongly advised me to give tl-em a trial, and I gratefully aoknowledge the wonderful benefit I derived from taktng a few doses. I am now enabled to drink bottled stout and indulge in the luxuries of the table, hive acquired quite N' robust form, and can engage in the various duties and pleasures of life with comfort and cheerfulness. You are at perfect liberty to publish this communication, and I sincerely hope that all sufferers will hasten to recover the invaluable blessing of health, by making trial of Dr. Scott's liilious and Liver Pills, when they will soon be convinced of their wonderful efficacy." "Patent Medicine Warehouse, next door to "Stuckey's Bank, Yeovil. 41 DEAR SIR,—I take pleasure in telling you that Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills are daily increasing in sale, every one who tries them speaks highly of their efficacy. IN all cases where the liver is affected, indigestion, stomach complaints, oppression and sinking after eating, want of appetite, langour, dejection of spirits, and general debility. I have myself tested their efficacy, and can confidently recommend them as the best family medicine extant: in fact I offer to return the cash to any one who does not like them after puroliasing. "I remain, Dear Sir, yours truly, "August 30, IS52. J. GAMIS.' Prepared only by W. Lambert, chemist, 20, Jerinyn- street, Haymarket, London, in boxes, Is. I 'd., or three 2 boxes in one, 2s. 9D.; and sold by T.J.Jones, Chemist, 5, High street, Newport, Monmouthshire; and by all respectable Vendors of Medicine throughout the Kingdom. IMFOKTANT CAUTK>X. — Be sure to ask for "Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills. If you ask for "Scot's Pills" you will get quite a different medicine if you ask for Bilious and Liver Pills," you will get a spurious compound, which if taken, will not nave the beneficial effects. Take down the particulars — Dr. Scott's liilious and Liver Pills." The genuine are a square Green Package. It frequently occurs that Druggists impose On their cus- tomers a Scot's Pill," in an oval box, which is quite a different medicine, and causes much, disappointment as its medicinal effects are so opposite. Should any difficulty occur in obtaining the Pills send sixteen Postage Stamps to the Establishment and* thPv will be forwarded free. LUEI THE MIRACULOUS REMEDY! HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. TEN YEARS INT :■ RMI L TEXT AT»CKS OF ERYSIPEL AS EFFECTUALLY CURED. COPY of a Letter from Mis. H. Trimmer, of Compton, near C Winchester, dated 13th Sept. 1853.. To Professor Holloway, SIR,—I suffered for a period of ten years, (until the last six months,) with the most tireadful intermittent attacKs of Erysipelas which confined me to my bed during the whole of the summer months 'o, in each year. I consulted the most eminent medical men in Win- chester, but was from time to time doomed to be disappointed in my hopes of obtaining any relief to my sufferings, although I complied strictly with the directions my advisers gave me. At length I was persuaded to give your Ointment and Pills a trial, by a female friend who had been cured of a bad leg by using them; to my surprise and delight, a change for the better was quickly produced, and in a very short time, they caused tke Erysipelas totally to disappear, and my health was entirely resuscitated, which has remained good ever since. I remain, gracefully yours, (Signed) HARRIET TRIMMER. ASTOUNDING CURE OF SCROFULA. "William Pogue, of Emyvale, (a young man well known in that neighbourhood,) was afflicted three years with Scrofula on the left arm there were four uicers, which discharged continuously, and reduced the poor fellow to a mere skeleton. He was for a kng time under the care of one medical gentleman, and consulted many others, but derived no benefit whatever. At last he had recourse to Hol'loway's Ointment and Pills, and byperseveringwiththe.se remedies in the course of eight weeks his aim was completely -es,, led well, and his health thoroughly re-established The truitb of this statement can be verified by many of the Inhabitants of Emy vale, and particularly by Mr. Patrick Me Kenna, Druggist, of that place. ASTONISHING CURE OF AX ULCERATED LEG! AFTER THREE HOSPITALS FAILED! Copy of a Letter from Mr. W. Hare, of Exeter, dated Sept. 22, 154. To Professor Holloway, A man named William Hall, in the employ of Me. C.Sclates, Nurseryman, of this City, has desired me to make known to yonth benefit he has receivcd from using your Ointment and Pills. For three years this poor mall suffered terribly with a severe ulcerated leg, and during this time he sought relief at Guy's, King's College, and the Devon and Exeter Hospitals, and was finally told by a Sur- geon, that amputation of the limb was necessary to save his life however, instead of taking this advice, hc immediately had recourse to your Ointment and Pills, and they have done him more good than all the other medicines put together, he being now able to follow his occupation, and rapidlY gaining health and strength. I remain, Sir, yours faithfully, (Signed) WILTIAM HARE. THREE EXTRAORDINARY CURES IN ONE FAMILY. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Cottrall Hyatt, late Pay-Sergeant of to 14th Regiment of Foot, dated Irishtown, Athlone, Ctli July, 1354. To I'rofessor Holloway, SIN,—I am happy to bjar testimony to the extraordinary effect of your iqvaluable medicine, the wonders they have worked on three members of my own family, being sufficient to convince the most incredulous of the many virtues they possess. My youngest son, aged 9 years, was afflicted with several lumps on the righ side or msneek which were very painfui, and tende considerably to interfere with his general heaitn «n L?]! ,SON' DGED XI, was similarly afflictfd, and suffered for radir?I V "'P11"211611 period. Both these youths have been TREITMELCOFT B>' THE ?SO OF Ointment and Pills, after the the least BENEFIT'GCONS IN E3C^ INSTANCE FAILED to aflord them EI>H"RARRH'GE^ ,.9; WAS FOR three years a great sufferer w ith him I co" suited ^V„?IHLS "ECK-OFA >'°st severe character: for their treatment WHO ,LIEdical men, both civil and military, hut C o u rs e o f y o u M E d c BIE S^ C °t IF S ."—JUST P"* him under a the sores are completely C'URPAE 13 truly astonishmg, five ot The health of AUTTOF H C^ !E3HNS' "L «oys IS considerably improved- (SIGNED1ICMA'1'' IOURS obliged Servant, The Pills should be used conjointly with F HYATT THE 1'oliowing CASES. 0LNTMENT 1,1 M0SL OF Bad Legs Chieso foot Fistnln« Bad breasts Chilblains G^UT Sore-throats Burns Chapped hands Glandular Sw' Skin-diseases Bunions Corns (Soft) Lutnbaao GS SCURVY Bite of Mos- Cancers PF,ES 8 Sore-heads chetoes and Contracted and Rheaumatiorn Tumours Sand Flies Stiff Joints Scalds W Coco-bay Elephantiasis Sore NippiES Wounds Sold at the Establishment, of PUOPPSTNN TJ „AWS Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and 80 MVDEN^WAY' X-*4' York, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in through, ut the civilized world, in Pots, at Is. LID •)= O? } ,E! lis. 22s., and 33s. each. ZS-JA-, 4s.od., There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every DISORDER affixed to each Pot. 3 AER ARE WKiiT SKtkLXi I DO TO Gt'STH CCTS.SD ? Is the qa :.stion often asked by the afflicted. As your curs depends upon ilw treatment you obtain, apply to DLL 'MO^AS WILLIAMS, r,, o c, r,, o.mxi«UCIAL ROAD, Ne'svpoivr, One do or (ro:u the new Bible Christian Chapel, WHO, having devoted his whole study, for thirty years, to the curing of all Diseases by Herbs only, and fro n successful p-actice iu Newport, for the hSI ten years,is eii -ibled to treat patients with the utmost cer- tainty of a Cu:e. Dr, Herbal Pills have been e::r)frienced bv Thou sands to be the most valuable yet known for the cure of Pains in the Head, Back, and Loins; Nervousness, Indi- gestion, Loss of Appetite, Rheumatism, Skin Diseases,&e. The utmost attention may be relied upon by those who entrust themselves to the care of Dr. William. Attendance tidily, fio-n Nine in the M.>riun<» until Ten at Ni^ht; on Sundays, from Nine till Two. Country Patients inu t be particular in stating their cases, as that will render a psrsonal visit unnecessary. Medicine, with the necessary advice, sent to anv part on receipt of a Post office Order for lOs., payable to Dr- THOMAS WILLilAMS, Newport, Monmouthshire. CAUTION !-The public are requested to take notice that Dr Williams has no connexion with any other person in the profession; and that he can only be seen on cases at his residence, as above. ———————————-————— IN THE HIGH COURT OF CHANCERY. TRIESEMAR. On the 29th of May, 1855, an Injunction was granted hy the High Court of Chancery, and on the tlth of June following was made perpetual, against Joseph Franklin and others to restrain them, under a penalty of ;S),000,from imitating this Medicine which is protected by Royal Letters Patent of En"- land and secured by the seals of the Eeole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. it I l, es B M A R N o. t is a Remedy for RELAXATION T and Exhaustion of the System. TRIESE VIAR No. II. ellectuallv, in the short space of Thiee Days, completely and ntirely eradicates all traces of those disorders which Capsules have so long been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the population. TRIKSKMAR No. III. is the great Continental Remedy for that class of disorders which unfortunately, the English Physician treats with Mercury, to the inevitable-destruction of the patient's constitution, and which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. TRIKSEMAR Nos. I., II., III., are alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauseating qualities. Sold in tin cases, at lis. each; free by post, Ss. extra divided into separate doses, as administered by Valpeau, Lallemand, Roux. &c &c. To be had wholesale and retail in London, of Johnson, 68, Cornhill; Hannay and Co, 63, Oxford street; and Sanger, !50, Oxford street; R. H. Ingham, druggist, 45, Mark- stieet, Manchester a, H. Bradbury, bookseller Deanggate, Bolton; J. Priestly, chemist, 52, Lord street, Liverpool; Powell, bookseJler 15, Westmorland street, Dublin Winuall. bookseller, High street Birmingham: Messrs. Garrett, Bros., Druggists, Newport, Mon. THE NERVO-ARTERIAL ESSENCE, dis- covered and prepared by DR. Wm. BATC.HELOUR, member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Englaud [18'5], and of the Apothecaries' Company [1834], re- plenishes the sources of nervous power, and also promotes a normal circulation of the blood by acting upon the arterial system. Unequivocal testimonials fro-n grateful patients testify to the merits of this new medicine How- ever diversified the phases of disease, the cause is single. Dr. Batcheloiir after deep investigation, is convinced that the prolific cause of disease is no other than the derangement of the nervous system and the arterial system lor he has found that functional disorders are invariably eradicated when he acts upon the special nerves and arteries which supply the particular organs with their functional power. Considering that all the organs of the system are so wnndrously connected with each other, the Nervo- Arterial Essence has been prepared so as to com- bine a number of agencies acting upon all the most im- portant nerves and arteries. In many cases (nervousness especially) it would be almost impossible 10 discover the particular nerves and arteries that, are affected. Most desirable must it therefore be to have a medicine that possesses so wide a scope of opetation as the Nervo-Arterial Ersence. Before introducing it to the public, Dr. Batchelour had availed himself of his new discovery in an extensive pmctice and its almost universal efficacy then and since, leaves no doubt that if there be a panacea, it is the Nervo-Arterial Essence. It has tem already proved in the following cases :— Depression of spirits inability to think, or attend to any occupation, melancholy, loss of memory; giddiness; hoad- ache noise in the ears; nervous deafness exhaustioi^ nervousness, debility; trembling; sinking feeling at the stomach sickness and bilious complaints; pain at the pit of the stomach, loss of appetite weight after food; I lhtulency; palpitation of the heart; weariness of the limbs; lassitude; skin diseases; rheumatism; and particularly in DISEASES OF CHILDREN, &c. Triangle, Hackney, Dec. 13th, 1851. -My dear Doctor, —When you first attended me I was suffering from general exhaustion to such an extent that, after my Sunday labours in the pulpit, I continued almost prostrated for several days you said that my symptoms evinced a deranged and inadequate action of the nervo-arteria! system, but that I should and could be cured by your Nervo-Arterial Essence, which attacked the seat of disease by replenishing the sources of nervous power. By means of the Essence I have, as many of my congregation must have observed become a renovated man. I remain, dear Sir, your sincere friend, WILLIAM WOODHOUSE, Minister of'the Adelphi Chapel, Hackney Road—Dr. W. Batchelour. The Essence is sold in Stamped bottles, with the name of Dr. William Batchelour, M.R.C.S.E and M.L.A C., 4s 6,1,1 Is, and 35s each, at 1J West Street, Finsbury, City 192, Piccadilly; and by all chemists and druggists, or forwarded direct, on receipt of a Post Office Order. The NERVO-ARTERIAL INTESTINE PILLS, for Constipation of the Large Intestines. The NERVO-iU:N AI, PILLS, for derangement of the Nerves of the Kidneys &c. Tùe N EltVO UTERINE PILLS, for diseases of Fe- males. Either of the above Pills may be had in stamped boxes at 28 9d, 4s 6d, and lis each. A small Treatise, by Dr. Batchelour, on his new and Successful system of treatment for Cancer, whereby pain is immediately relieved.—Price 4d, free per post 6d. THE NERVE COCOA.-This preparation is com- pounded according to a recipe by DR. WILLIAM BATCHE- LOUR. It will be found a highly salutary artiste of con- sumption, uniting the nutritious properties 01 Cocoa, with the vitalizing qualities (in a modified degree) of the Nervo-Arterial Essenc?. In Packets Is, 2s, and 48 Depots: 192, Piccadilly, and H West Street, Finsbury Circus, City. Among the numerous extraordinary cures without medicine effected by Du Barry's delicious Health Restoring Revalenta A,r",bica Food, the following are not the least remarkable :lunster, Westphalia, 15 January, 18S?.—I beg to offer my sincere thanks for the benelit 1 have derived from your Revalenta Arabica which has freed me from the most terrible sufferings. I was so emaciated and debilitated, that after a walk of half an hour 1 inuariably fainted. A want of appetite, amounting to an actual repugnance to all kinds of food, nightly copious perspirations and pains in my back, prevented my walking upright, I was extremely restless, and m}' nights without sleep, feeling very low-spirited a day in short, I was dreadf illy ill, I have eaten your hevalenta Arabica now tor some time, and am happy to state that _1 amfiee fron debility, the nightly perspirations and pains in my back have disappeared, and [ now enioy a refreshing sleep and good appetite. — A Lehman bohngen lo January, 1853.-1 have suffered fearfullv dunng five months from cough, with spiitina of Hood which resisted all medical treatment, until my nh • the most celebrated praotitionerin our town'VcommSi me to try your excellent Revalenta -\r-ib-Vn P ? r thankfu1 to say, with the most: happy result.1-A. This Food cures likewise Indigestion n„ Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Debility, Consump^ bpasms, Cramps Acidity, Heartourn, Flatulency D™ y' Dysentery, Durrhsa .Servou,, Bilious, and Liver com-' pl ants, Nausea, Low spirits, and Sickness-ia certified by Doctors Ure, Sh >rland, Harvey, Campbell Wurzer, In^'iam, and 50,000 other resnent whose health has been perfectly restored by it after°^l other means of curehad'ailed. TheVice-Chancellor Sir William Page Wood granted an Tnjunc tion on the 10th March 1854, against Alfred HoopMNeviUfor imita- ting Du Harry' Hevaienta Arabic i Food." In canisters, suitably packed for all climates, and with full in- structions— lib, 2s. 9d '2lb 4s (id Sib, lis. 1b, 22s sune'r-re- lined, lib. 6s.; 21b. lis.; 5lli. 2:!s 10!b, 23s. The 101b and 121b. carriage free, on post office order. Barry dll Barry, and Cc 77, Regent street, London; Furtnuni, Mason, and Co., purveyors to Her Majesty, 182, Piccadilly and the following country aeiits NEWPORT, P. H. Morris, i4, Iligh st.; Clements, Stamp o/lice Mathews & Co.; K J. Philillis Thos. J. Jones, Chemists. ABERDARE D. R. Evans; John Jones. ABERGAVENNY J. P. Watkins. URYNMAWR Ford& Co. CARDIFF: J. B. Hopkins J. Hibbert, 3, St. Mary's st T Flint T. WAKEFORD; SIMESTERS; R.MAGGS; HAYLES &CO.; J. JOHN 1'ARRV ] BUTE STREET. CHEPSTOW: R.Taylor; J.Gormau; W. R. MILLER MEHTHM: T. PRICE, MARKET SQUARE; MRS. VV WHV°- R W GA> HIGH ST. T. STEPHENS D. JONES T. LOVERI<W MONMOUTH: DYKE & CO. T. FARROR. A Pu.LGWi.Ni.L.Y;U.Faulkner,Chemist. 1'OSTYPOOI,- H. Hughes; W. Sanders; J. B Churchill.

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