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ABERDARE. | 4, CRICKET. On Thursday last, a match was played on the Aberaman cricket ground, between the Aberdareclub and eleven gentlemen from Cardiff. The former were successful, with five wickets to spare. The playing was good on both sides, and the day being remarkably fine, there was a large number of spectators. The Aberaman band was in attendance on the field, and contributed much to enliven the day's proceedings. VICE-CHANCELLOR'S COURT—TUESDAY, JULY 17 (Before Yice-Chancellor Sir J. Stuart.) Aberdare Canal Navigation Company v. Thomas.- This was a motion for an injunction to restrain the de- fendants from obstructing the plaintiffs in the use of cer- tain sidings or partings of a tramway. The plaintiffs bad been in possession of the sidings in question for up- wards of 20 years. Recently the defendants had pulled up the rails and blo-eked up the way with poles and wao-. gons, and thereupon the plaintiffs instituted this suit. °* Mr. Malins and Mr. Rogers appeared for the plaintiffs in support of the motiou, and Mr. Bacon and Mr. Selwyn for the defendants, opposed it. I The Yice-Chancellor said that the plaintiffs were the owners of the tram-road: in question, and had been in en- joyment of the use of the sidings for several years The defendants claimed the slips of land along the tramroad on which the sidings were constructed, and had torn up Sad If °k,st™ctfcd the plaintiffs in their use of the of the r,lVnH^ 'i l tr it U,COTlrt t0 Preserve the be determined5 "nt m of the parties should term* of tZ r °U^ grant an inj™^ion in the S?nr tb 1 T T ? m°tlon' with liberty to the plain- they might SUdl 1>K>cee(UDSs lw a» they might be advised. MEETING OF THE BOARD OF HEALTH. The fortnightJy meeting of this Board was held on Mon day last, at the Town-ball, David Williams, Esq., in the chair,—Messrs, Thos. Joseph, J L Roberts, Y. Jones, P. John, G. Dayies, and the. Rev T. Price were also present. After reading the minutes of the previous meeting, the Clerk stated that he bad .waited upon the Serjeant of Po- lice, in accordance with the order of the Board, to request him to be present at the pulling down of Phillips's house in order to prevent anything like a disturbance, but he re- fused to do so except by order of the Superintendent Mr. Rhys thought the police would have been in an awkward predicament had a disturbance occurred Mr. Joseph remarked that the Board were acting under the powers of an Act of Parliament, and the police were simply required to -countenance tho law. But he must confess they are a very useful bodv of t,.™ ti take care to keep out of the way when they are wlnted^ SURVEYOR'S REPORT wanted. The following report of tho Surveyor hfr w a -n ling) was then read w- s- Ramp- Mr. Chairmen and gentlemen Tn •> the resolution of the last meeting I bave nvl-°e locomotive crossings upon the roads within of the Board, with a view of ascert^ eessary for the protection of tho public Tl.fwi -ne~ list comprises all within my knowledge •— following Francis Crawshay, Esq., has a narrow guage single line crossing over the turnpike road, leading f?0nf Hirwain U, Neath, and another crossing the parish road from Aberdare to Hirwain at two points. "Jn connexion with the Abernant works is a double line broad guage crossing, over the parish road at Llwyd- coed, a narrow guage across the parish road at Abernant and another crossing the parish road i-u two places near Ynyscynon. The Vale of Neath Railway Company have three broad gaage level crossings—the first crossing the road at Ilhymerich, the second over the parish road at Cwinaman and the third over the parish rcad at Cwmdare. Crawxhay Bailey, Esq., has a level crossing over the turnpike road, leading from Aberaman to Mountain Ash. At none of the crossings have gate?, signals, or any- thing been provided for the protection of the public, as required by the Railway Clauses Consolidation Act. As the act itself clearly prescribes the sort of protection which must be provided, I need only quote the 47th section for the information of the Board :—' If the railway cross any turnpike road on a level, the Company shall erect, and at all times maintain good and sufficient gates across such road on each side of the railway, where the same shall communicate therewith, and shall employ proper persons to open and shut such gates, and such gates shall be kept con- stantly closed on both sides of the railway, except during the time when horses, cattle, carts, or carriages passing along, shall have to cross such railway; and such gates shall be of such dimensions and so constructed as when closed to fence in the railway, and to prevent cattle or horses passing along the read from entering upon the rail- ""faF and the person entrusted with the care of such gates shall cause the same to be closed as soon as such cattle, carts, or carriages shall have passed through the same, in i>a penalty of forty shillings for every default there- af'rp rovided always, that it shall be lawful for the Board j,, r.? e> any case in which they are satisfied that it oil an! ^iducive to the public safety, that the gates elnsflA, crossing over any such road should be kept kent an eiOSa ,16 railway, to order that such gate shall be In,inStead of across the TOad' &c"' to which TV S0Wage matter on the Maesgare estate, no steps hav«aVj0 ore called your attention, I find that now a acource fQ ta^en remove the same, and it is bonrhood. In t)> .cons'^erable nuisance to the neigh- tial that BomptbH thickly-populated locality it is essen- being more calculat8^° + 1)0 done delay, nothing demic disn?Refl ea engonder cholera, or other epi- The contractu accumulation of noxious mattsr. Gadlys road, and W cIeansing of High-street, the channelling, seweriD<raiX reet' .an<^ ^or tbe paving, completed in a Batisfact have been the measurements ™anner, and I have made out to-day. be laid before the Board The resolution of tho J which George Phillips was e r 1U re^erence to the house without having submitted hi«]in 18 011 Common ried out on tha day of your lw 8 f?r aPProval, was car- nutes it was levelled to the er and in a few mi- handed in a plan, in qonsequeSe'S *1 Ho bad previously the magistrates, which I consirl Proceedings before grovipd that »o roads have been ,olyectionable on the n made m accordance with the usual requirements of the Board, while the intended position of the privy is in front of the house. I would again direct the attention of the Board to a nuisance arising from the accumulation of ashes, animal and vegetable matter, in High-street, nearly opposite the Town-hall. It adjoins the public street, is in the centre of a very crowded neighbourhood, and being both unsightly and offensive, its removal is desirable. Edward Jones and William Williams have deposited notices and plans for building-the former, a cottage, and the latter, an out-house-upon Hirwain Common. The plans deposited by the following parties are unob- jectionable :—Evan Evans, a cottage on Forchneol; John Morgan, two cottages at Abergwawr Thomas Williams, Morgan Morgan, and John Jones, conveniences in Hill- street: David Williams, a cottage on Ynysllwyd estate Mr. R. Jones, alterations at the Black Lion Inn the Trustees of the Miners' Arms Benefit Society, three cot- tages, Mill-street Thomas Jones, two cottages, Aber- gwawr Thomas Williams, three cottages, Mill-street; and the Trustees of the Bethel Chape], alteration of pre- sent chapel. In reference to the level crossings, Mr. Rhys drew at- tention to two other level crossings by the Vale of Neath, one on the parish road leading from Aberdare to Merthyr, the other from Llydcoed to Cwmsmynteu. At those cross- ings gates, closing towards the door, were certainly provided by the Railway Company, but they only kept men to open and shut them until the last train had passed, and persons riding along the road after that time had to get down and open them, which, in wet weather especially, was very in- convenient. The Company ought either to have gates closing against the line, or keep persons there constantly to open and shut them. The Clerk stated that he had already written to the Company in reference to this subject, but no notice had been taken of the communication. The Surveyor explained that he understood he was to report only upon those crossings at which no protection was provided for the public. After a short discussion, it was proposed by Mr. Joseph, seconded by Mr. G. Davies, and carried mem. con., That the Clerk of this Board be directed to write to the proprie- tors of the several railways, crossing the public roads in this parish upon a level, requesting such proprietors imme- diately to comply with the 47th section of the Railway Clauses Consolidation Act, and in the event of their failing to do so, legal proceedings be taken to compel them to comply with the same." The question of the state of the drainage on the Maesy- dre estate also led to some discussion. It appears that the Board have the power of entering upon any lauds for the purpose of constructing sewers, &c.; and Mr. Griffiths, on behalf of the dean and chapter of Gloucester, expressed his willingness to enter into a guarantee to idemnify the Board for any expense they might have to move in carry- the sewer in question through a field on the Bute estate but the Board thought it advisable that the Clerk should previously wait upon Mr. Corbett on the subject, and the matter was consequently postponed. The recommendations of the Surveyor in regard to the building plans, were in every instance acted upon by the Board. RETIRING MEMBERS. The first year of the existence of the Board being on the point of expiration, ballot was taken for the retiring mem- bers, and the following names were withdrawn:- Messrs, David Williams, David Davis, John Jones, and Crawshay Bailey, M.P. These members are all eligible for re- election, and at the suggestion of Rev. T. Price, the other members of the Board.pledged themselves to do all in their power to promote the re-election of those gentlemen This was the only business before the meeting.








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