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PONTYPOOL. POXTYPOOL POLICE COURT.—SATURDAY. Before J. Thompson, Esq., and the Rev. David Jones WM. James was charged with leaving, without notice. the employ of Grawshay Bailey and others, ironmasters. The accused pleaded guilty. Sentenced to ten days' im- prisonment, with hard labour. M. A. Williams was summoned by Margaret Hopkins for the sum of 19s. 6d., alleged to be due for washing and ironing. Case dismissed for want of jurisdiction. Attor- nev for defendant, Mr. Greenwav. Elizabeth Alsop was charged with having beaten and ill- treated a little boy, named William Thomas, about four years of age. Theie was also another charge against the defendant for assaulting the mother of the child. Wit- nesses were called who proved the two charges, and also. the violent conduct and obscene language used by the de- fendant. Fined 5s. and 12s. 6d. costs. Attorney for complainant Mr. Greenway. Ann Hipkiss appeared to prefer a charge of assault against Mary Griffiths, who lodged with complainant. It appeared that the complainant had said something to the husband of Mary Griffiths, which had caused him to beat his wife, the marks of which were still visible—and that complainant had called the defendant a Nanny goat," which so provoked her, that she attempted to strike the complainant with her open hand-but no blow passed. Case dismissed. Attorney for the defendant, Mr. Green- way. Edward Edwards against the Churchwardens and Over- seers of the Poor of the parish of Llanover Upper. This was an appeal against the poor rate—the appellant claiming to be rated at a higher sum than that at which he was assessed. The case had been twice adjourned for the attendance of the overseers, and the production of the last rate. The overseers had on each occasion neglected to attend. The Bench animadverted upon their conduct^ and ordered them to pay the appellant's costs. With res- pect to altering the rate, the magistrates thought that as there was to be a meeting on Thursday next, for the pur- pose of considering the propiiety of making a re-assess- ment of the whole parish, the matter had better stand over for another week. Attorney for the appellant, Mr. Green- way. David Bowen was charged with being drunk and disor- fees ALSED with a caution and paying statioa-hous* Richard Cairns was charged with being drunk and disor- derly.-—lo pay 8s. 6d. Edward Jenkins was charged with neglecting to obey an order in bastardy, upon which order there was Sl Gd due. The complainant Elizabeth Williams proved the charge'. The defendant was ordered to pay the amount due and 63' 6d. costs. He paid £1, and was allowed a fortnight to pay the remainder. ° James Ellick, landlord of the White Hart beerhouse, at Blaenavon, was charged by P.S. Merewether, with keeping his house open for the sale of beer, between the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon of Sunday, the 12th instant.—The defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s. and 14s. costs. Susannah Hurley was charged with assaulting Mary Ann Jones. Covicted in 40s. and costs, or one month's impri- soment. George Gulleymore, of Blaenavon, was brought up in custody of P.S. Merewether, charged with being a deserter from the 1st Royals. The defendant pleaded guilty, and was committed to Usk prison until sent for by the military authorities. TUESDAY. Edward Bevan and William Roberts were charged with committing an assault on John Griffiths, on Saturday night last.—The defendants were fined £5 each, or three months' imprisonment. Thomas Jones was charged with stealing a shovel, the property of W illiam Warren.—The case being clearly brought home to the prisoner, he was fully committed to take his trial.



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