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DOWLAIS. An inquest was held at Dowlais, on Tuesday last, by the Coroner, George Overton, Esq., upon the body of a man named John Jones, who, whilst ascending in the bucket up the Rhes Las Pit, on Saturday evening last, suddenly fell out, and was precipitated to the bottom, instantaneous death being the consequence. A verdict of Died by the Visita- tion of God was returned. A gloom pervades the district from Tredegar to Merthyr, in conseqnence of the alarming illness of Alderman Thomp- son. The great works in which he was interested have been at all times carried on with enterprising energy. It is to be feared that the event of his demise would cause changes in the different departments of his vast manufactories, perhaps not ultimately beneficial to the interests of the neighbour- hood, or the partners of the worthy Alderman. In travelling from Birmingham yosterday, I heard it as- serted by a member of the Society of Friends, that Joseph Sturge and his compatriots were on their way to Siberia, and that none of them were likely to see Merrie England again if such should prove to be the case, and I have no rea- son to doubt ltf I would recommend Messrs. Pease and Co., have no more business transactions with tne Great Czar,—A correspondent. A ridiculous report obtained circulation in Merthyr last week, respecting the late ball at the Bush Inn, to the effect that its promoters wei-e adverse to the tradesmen of the locality joining in its festivities—this is utterly fallacions. A tew evil-disposed persons who rendered themselves ob- noxious to the committee, by their general conduct, were, it is said, intentionally excluded from the list of invitations— hence the malice. The Moustache Movement" is making rapid strides in onr dIstnct; this is the less to be wondered at now that the Cochin China" mania has so entirely subsided. A facetious old lady whom I met, en bon point, in the Taff V ale train, last week, firmly remarked, That she should not be surprised to see the next movement to be, a "Teat rage for men to wear outside their other garments theO old- fashioned siays of the last century."—A correspondent. Mr. Daniel Davis, auctioneer, the Dowlais Robins," has a Cochin China fowl in his possession, weighing 121bs., f which occasionally lays two eggs per diem. She laid an egg, c last week, with three perfect yolks ia it. ) t




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