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BLAINA. FATAL AND DISTRESSING ACCIDENT.—A young ma.n, named David Rosser, met with his death, in the new Hen- wain Pit, under the following circumstances :—On Saturday morning, he was let down the pit on the barrel, before the night shift had finished and being a man of very indus- tnons habits, his absence was not noticed until Sunday morning, when, not making his appearance, it was surmised that there was something wrong. A party was therefore let down the shaft, when, after a search, the lifeless form of the poor fellow was discovered in the sump or well, a place of about 18 fathoms deep, made for the purpose of draining the work. The engineer in charge stated that ho is quite positive that, when letting the deceased down, he did so to the exact length of chain. The watchman also declared that he heard the usual signal of (as he supposes) All right;" but this, in reality, must have been a cry for j help, as there can be little doubt, upon deceased arriving at the bottom, in making a spring to get off, he must have precipitated himself into his watery grave. What renders the case more distressing is, that an aged mother, who is now seriously ill in bed, was dependent upon the deceased for support. The iuquest on view of the body was not held when our report left, it being necessary that the Home Secretary should be first communicated with. FATAL ACCIDENT.—An accident of a painful character occurred, 011 Friday last, to a man named Thomas George, who formerly, and for some length of time, was employed under the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company, but who was last engaged by the Coal Brook Vale Company as breaksman. It appears that whilst in the act of coupling some carriages on the line, near Blaina Church, two of them came into collision, frightfully smashing his thigh between the buffers. He was at once conveyed to the Lion Inn, where Mr. Innes, surgeon, of Coal Brook Vale Iron Works, was quickly in attec dance. Amputation would have been at once attempted, had not the system received so violent a shock. The poor sufferer expired on Monday, and W. Brewer, Esq., coroner, held an inquest on view of the body next day, when a verdict of accidental death" was re- turned. BLAIBTA INSTRUCTION SOCIETY.—Mr. Charles delivered two interesting lectures on burlesque, at the society's rooms, last week, to numerous and overflowing audiences. The talented leeturer was heartily applauded throughout.








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