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corporation refund the company the £42, on completion of the drain, to the satisfaction of the surveyor, all the public drains in that locality being allowed to empty into it. The plan of the new road from High-st., near Masters' corner, to Market-street, provided for by the 10th section of the company's act of 1852, was laid before the meeting, by which it appeared that at a point near Masters', the road Would only be made 19 feet 10 inches wide, instead of 22 feet, as required by the act, but that the company were prepared, by pulling down some buildings, to ease the curve in the road, it was considered that the Local Board of Health ought not to insist on the works being carried out to the very letter of the act. Resolved, to report to the next meeting of the Council, and recommend the confirmation of the above arrange- ments." Mr. Rennie said, had he been present at the meeting, he would not have consented to give £100, nor 100 pence, to the company, for doing that which ought to be done without asking the Board for a farthing, since so large and influential a company ought to act in a more spirited manner, especially in a matter affecting their own interests. Tho Mayor said the company were most deficient in liber- ality, nor could they see, in regard to their public works, an inch beyond their noses. (Laughter.) Had he been present at the special meeting, be should certainly have voted against the proposed agreement. Mr. Batchelor vindicated the course adopted by the spe- 'cial meeting though he said the present meeting had to decide if the agreement should be confirmed or not. Mr. Jenkins expressed himself, on the part of the com- pany, as indebted to Mr. Batchelor for his observations and wished, before the proposed agreement was condemned by those gentlemen who had "not seen the plans, nor made themselves acquainted with the nature of the transactions, that the question should be fairly entered upon and re- viewed. The Mayor said the company should not have been in such a hurry—they should certainly be able to see before them for a fortnight or a month, instead of requesting Council meetings to be called, just when they pleased. Mr. Lyne considered that as the matter was urgent, the Town Clerk had done right in calling a specia and eany meeting. The Town Clerk said he had consulted with some mem- bers of the Board, previously to summoning the Council. The Surveyor then reported the nature of his interview with Mr. Hawkshaw, as to his cost for plans for drainage, &c., which would be 5 per cent. on the general charge for the whole work. Mr. Batchelor, Mr. Llewellin, and others, 'advocated the engaging of Mr. Hawkshaw and a discussion following, as to whether the works should be carried om on Mr. Hawk- shaw's plans, at the contemplated cost. The Mayor said that engineers were not always able to carry out their works as they desired or proposed, being often interfered with, as was the case between the Canal Company and their engineers. Mr, Jenkins said it appeared to him that Mr. Brown, whenever the Canal Company was alluded to, seemed to be possessed of a mono-mania against that body. (Laughter.) After a protracted discussion, it was resolved to enter into an arrangement with Mr. Hawkshaw. The Board decided on not raising money for the Public works, at present, excepting such amounts as might be ob- tained at their bankers, for immediate purposes. A letter from Mr. William Graham, on the subject of tha drainage, &c., of that part of tneborough which was in the parish of Christchurch, was read, and shortly dis- cussed, but the subject was not furthei entertained. Mr. Townsend complained of night soil being placed openly on a field near the town on the Chepstow road and Mr. Lewis condemned the practice of the scavengers under the Tredegar Wharf Company, placing filth of all kinds on the open spaces in Ruperra-etreet—both which matters called for immediate attention from the Surveyor and the Board gave directions which, though not likely to effect at •once the removal of the nuisances, will prevent a repetition of such disgusting annoyances, so very dangerous to health. Mr. Lewis brought forward the subject of compelling the owners of houses to bring drains from their premises into .the main sewer now being constructed on Stow-hill. He hoped the Board would not enforce any costly materials for such drains, though it was essential that the work should be done. Many gentlemen of the Board were in favour of glazed six inch pipes. The matter was ultimately; left in the hands of the sur- veyor. The Clerk informed the Board that Mr. Cornelius Evans, the late collector, had settled and paid in the whole of his rate account. The meeting then separated.