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COLEFORD, MONMOUTH, USK, AND PONTYPOOL RAILWAY. Yesterday, the directors of the above Railway Company assembled at the King's Head Hotel, in this town, to receive tenders for the first four miles of the intended line, between the junction with the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway, and the town of Usk. Ten tenders were received, being from the following contractors :— ° Messrs. Rennie and Company, Newport. Mr. William Fleetwood, Newport. Mr. George Seaborn, Newport. Mr. John Mayo, Newport. Messrs. Richards, Giles, and Gaskill, Pontypool. Mr. Pickering, Swansea Mr. William Hopkins, Neath. Mr. David Davies, Neath. Mr. Robert Gale, Aberdare. Mr. Pearson, After a long sitting, and consideration of the tenders the Board decided on adjourning without adopting either at present. NEWPORT SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY'S CONCERT. On Tuesday evening last, the Sacred Harmonic Socie+v gave a concert at the Town Hall, which was attended by a fnlTow n ClTlminatm2- and numerous audience The the Zlfrtv h if pr0gramme' and when we consider that 11 so recently formed, the effectiveness with which many of the productions of the great masters mentioned were given, and the general success of the con- cert, well merited high commendation :— PART I. Semi-Chorus and Chorml-" Lift up your heads (MESSIAH) -Misses PHELPS and THURSTON, Mr. JONES, and Chorus. Quartett and Chorus—"Plead thou my cause," (MOZART'S 12th Mass)—MissPHELPS, Messrs. JONES, HUNT, GROVES, and Chorus. Recitative (Tenor)-" All they that see Him," (MESSIAH)— Mr. HUNT. Chorus-" He trusted in God," (MESSIAH). Recitative (Tenor)-" Thy rebuke," (MESSIAH)—Mr. HUNT. Air (Tenor)—" Behold and see," (MESSIAH)—Mr. HUNT. Air (Contralto)-" 0 rest in the Lord," (ELIJAH)—Miss CLOWES. Chorus-" Father, we adore Thee," (HAYDN'S 1st Mass). Song (Bass)-" The last man," (CALLCOTT)-Mr. GROVES. ChoTUs-" Hark the Angel voice," (HIMMEL). PART II. Motett—" The arm of the Lord," (HAYDN). Air (Sopranc^—" How beautiful are the feet," (MESSIAH)- Miss PHEBPS. Chorus-" Their sound is gone out," (MESSIAH). Duett (Contralto and Tenor)—"O Death! where is thy sting?" (MESSIAH)—Miss CLOWES and Mr. Hux'f. Chorus-" But thanks," (MESSIAH). Air (Bass)—"Why do the Nations?" (MESSIAH)—Mr. GROVES. Chorus-" Let us break their bonds," (MESSIAH). Terzetto (Two Sopranos and Contralto)-" Lift thine eyes," (ELIJAH)—Misses PHELPS, THURSTON, and CLOWES. Chorus-" Arise! Oh, Judah!" (HAYDN'S 1st Mass). We had taken rather copious notes of the concert, but pressure upon our space unavoidably limits us to a few cur- sory remarks. In Part I., the manner in which the com- mencing semi chorus and chorus were done, afforded preli- minary proof that training had not been neglected. In Plead thou my cause," the quartett was decidedly good, but the chorus was not so well rendered that department, however,improved as the evening progressed. The recitative, All they that see him," was very sweetly sung; but not with such pathos as the air Behold and see." Recitative, All they that see Him," was very correctly rendered. Thy Rebuke," and Behold and See," were admirably and correctly sung the points very accu- rately taken and the pathetic passages very tastefully sung, particularly in the latter piece. Callcott's "Last Man" added a fresh laurel to the brow of Mr. Groves the style was masterly, and the intonation and expression appeared to us as nearly faultless as possible. The piece was warmly encored, and obligingly repeated. Chorus, "Hark! the Angel voice." This brilliant com- position calls forth taste, and a nice precision; and the manner in which it was given on this occasion, was deficient in neither. "How beautiful are the feet." Miss Phelps has a fine so- prano voice, and possesses the happy faculty of striking each note, at once perfectly in tune. The piece was very pleasing. Duett: "Oh, Death, where is thy sting!" The voices beautiful blended here it was a very correct piece of vocali- zation, and Miss Clowes, and Mr. Hunt, of Gloucester, won very deserved applause. But thanks." All the parts were well taken up, and the harmony was finely sus- tained. Why do the Nations." This trying piece was admi- rably rendered—every note: in the difficult triplet passages being clearly enunciated. Let us break their bonds." This was very well done, although a tendency to hurry was very perceptible in- deed the conductor appeared to have some difficulty in keep- ing the buoyant spirits within bounds. Terzetto, Lift thine eyes." This was exquisitely beau- tiful the three ladies were exceedingly felicitous in the piece, and were enthusiastically encored. Arise, O Judah." This rather difficult chorus did not detract from the credit of the performers. Upon the whole, our local favourites sustained their already high professional reputation Miss Phelps and Miss Thurston are good sopranos Mr. Hunt is a most promising tenor, and Mr. Jones is a very correct singer. Mr. Ewins supplied refreshments for the company, and with the usual excellence of his catering.