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ALDERMAN THOMPSON.—We regret to learn that Alder- man Thompson is confined to his bed in a state of health so precarious, as to cause anxiety and apprehension on the part of his friends and family. The family physician, Doctor Latham, and the eminent Doctor Bense Jones, have been in attendance on the invalid at Tredegar. SERGEANT ALLEN.—The painful duty this day devolves upon us, to announce the death of Mr. Sergeant Allen, of this circuit. The learned gentleman died at his residence, Isesborough-street, London, on the 17th inst., after a brief, but severe illness. Sergeant Allen held a distinguished rank in his profession, which he early attained by the exhi- bition of rare forensic talent, and much legal knowledge. He was truly the architect of his own fortune, and might have fairly aspired to the most prized and courted honour of the Bar. The many friends that knew him intimately could, honourable SYNOD.—A synod Was held at St. Mary's Church, in this own, on ast, and the following Divines were pre- r V Rev- Dr. Brown,Very Rev. Tfm p i p •> aQ(l the Revs. Lewis Havard, R.D., wnH-h B D Jamas Arn Fi,sher. RD-> William Water- Neyry, John'toiEd, cS" fef C»™fli, V. L. Woollett, And;;7pe«v PrfM0?""? Lambe, Henry Hopkins, Edward Madden T Rollins P* Sinnott, P. Mlllea, John Dawson, Charles Cavanagh, Oliver Murphy, T. Abbot, 1. JVluldoone, and — Marsh dl A ftpT High Mass, Coram Episcopo, an able and eloquent'sermon, having special reference to the solemn occasion was m-ei.rhed by the Rev. William Waterworth. The rev. gentlemen dined together in the evening, at the presbytery dinner being served from the Westgate Hotel. LONDON SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY AMONG THE JEWS.- On Sunday last, sermons were preached in behalf of the above society, in St. Paul's church, in the morning by the Rev. H. J. Marshall, the deputation from the Parent Society, and in the evening by the Rev. J. D. Winslow. At Trinity Church, Pillgwenlly, sermons were also preached in aid of the same institution in the morning by the Rev. G. C. Hodgson, in the evening by the Rev. H. J. Marshall. Collections were made after each service. The Annual Meeting of the Newport Association, was held in the National School Room, on Monday evening, at seven o'clock. The Rev. J. D. Winslow, in the chair. The Rev. T. Ashton read the report, from which it appeared that the society was progressing in Newport, and the pecuniary con- tributions increasing considerably in amount. The Rev. W. D. Isaacs then addressed the meeting, which was numerously attended, and was followed by the Rev. Henry Marshall, the deputation from London. The Rev. G. C. Hodgson, then gave a very earnest address, after which the meeting con- cluded. The collections, including that made at the close of the meeting, amounted to £21. THE FIRST ROYALS.—This truly soldier-like regiment, composed of some of the finest young fellows of the infantry service, are under orders for foreign service and with their present enthusiasm, accompanied by sterling innate bravery, and high health, the chances of corporal safety, on the part of the wretched serfs of the Czar, may well be considered desperate, and the insurance on their lives, doubly hazardous. It is credibly stated that the crack Militia corps of Mon- mouthshire, will, ere long, be quartered in our barracks. THE FIFTEENTH LIGHT DRAGOONS.-On Monday morn- ing, a troop of this regiment, with a sergeant and corporal, mounted and fully equipped, rode through this town, accom- panied to the outskirts by their comrades mounted, in undress," to proceed to Carmarthen-a similar troop coming from that town to take their place in our cavalry barracks. There was much martial ardour evinced by the gamius" in the streets, who were fully persuaded the "gamius" in the streets, who were fully persuaded the gallant Dragoons were off to enter the lists with the Don Cossacks of Nicholas the Russian. A RUSSIAN SHIP IN PORT.-There is now in the dock, a Russian ship which, it is stated, is henceforward to have a Danish register and papers, it being deemed imprudent to sail under Russian colours" in these dangerous times. CAUTION-WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.—Mr. Huxtable, the superintendent, and Mr. Stockwell, inspector of weights and measures, have entered upon a campaign against unjust weights and measures in Newport. Some parties were last week heavily fined for default, a delinquency at any time, but particularly infamous at the present half- starving prices of provisions. HORSE KILLED.-On Friday afternoon last, a valuable horse said to have been recently purchased for £60., the property of the Mayor of Newport, was accidentally crushed between two large coal trucks near the Gloucester wharf, and falling down immediately, died soon after. SALE OF THE SHIP PARTHIAN.—On Friday last, the Danish barque Parthian, (American built), which recently capsized in our river, and was condemned, was sold by auction, by Mr. Partridge, at the Gloucester Wharf. The hull realised the unexpected amount of £ 240, and was pur- chased by Mr. Miller, shipbuilder, Bristol, who, with Mr. Goold, Pillgwenlly, Mr. Sloane, and others, also purchased considerably of the stores of the wreck. v LoRD RAGLAN.-Lord Raglan, who takes the command of the army destined to support Turkey, is the Grand Uncle of his Grace the present Duke of Beaufort. +v. rpLF ELEVATION.— An excellent lecture was delivered at the lown Hall, on Monday evening last, on behalf of the Working Men's Institution, by the Rev. Mr. Carveth, Wesleyan Reform Minister. TESTIMONIAL. The congregation of Trinitv church, Pi Igwenlly, have presented, through Mr. J. B. Roberts, a valuable pocket testimonial, to Mr. Watkins, architect, for his gratuitous services and loan of his organ, at that church, for a considerable period. A new organ will shortly be opened there. J THE QUEEN'S LEVEE.-Among the Baronets present at her Majesty s Levee on Wednesday, was Sir Benjamin Hall, M.P., Llanover, Sir Robert Price, and Sir Watkin William Wynn. There were also presented, Mr.W. H. James Q C Mr. Booker, M.P., General Lord Raglan, and Mr Lloyd Watkins, M.P. FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT.-On Wednesdav, one of the crew of the Ada, when that vessel was proceeding down the river fell from a yard across the long boat on deck, fracturing his thigh, and fearfully injuring his head. He was brought to Newport by the mate, and placed under the medical care of Mr. C. O'Reilly, and there are hopes of his recovery. ACCIDENT.—Last week, a carriage drawn by a pair of spirited horses, belonging to W. C. Webb, Esq., of Vaindre Hall, was being driven by Mr. Webb's coachman along the Cardiff-road and, on reaching Ebbw Bridge, the horses suddenly turned aside, and ran against the bridge-fence, thereby sustaining some slight injury, and causing consider- able damage to the carriage. Another person was with the coachman on the box but neither party received much injury. It is stated that the coachman had less control than ordinarily over the horses, in consequence of having taken too potent draughts while staving in Newport; and it is considered somewhat fortnnate that no more serious results followed the collision. CORONER'S INQUEST.—An inquest was held at the Rose and Crown Inn, on Wednesday last, before W. Brewer, Esq., coroner, on view of the hody of Andrew Regan, aged 45, a liobbler working upon the wharves, who died suddenly the previous day.—Verdict Death from natural cause* WILL CONSTRUCTION.—LOWE V. THOMAS.—WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MONEY.This case, in the Vice-Chancel- lor's Court, arose upon the construction of the will of Anne Thomas, late of Teignmouth, in the county of Devon, dated 13th September, 1833. It was partly in these words-" I, Anne Thomas, give and bequeath to my brother, John Thomas, the whole of my money for life; at his death to be divided between my two nieces, Rebecca and Mary Lowe my clothes, likewise, to be divided between them my watch and trinkets for my niece, Mary Lowe. I likewise declare that the longest survivor of the above-mentioned Rebecca and Mary Lowe is to become possessed of the whole "money." The testatrix's estate consisted of R860 Bank Annuities, £1,937 17s. 8d. Old South Sea Annuities, and a sum in cash. The question was, whether the word money" included the above stock, and the plaintiffs, the two nieces, filed their claim to ascertain the point. The Vice-Chancellor considered himself bound by the authori. tie, and could not include the stocks in the bequest of money." Captain P. H. Mundy has been appointed to the Royal Horse Art,llery. vice Grant, and First Lieutenant • v'ce Taswell, promoted. Captain Brandling is therefore posted to the 6th battalion, in the room of Captain Mundy, and First Lieutenant J. J. Smith to the 9th battalion, vice Hill.