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WANTED, A 1ST ASSISTANT in the STRAW BONNET BUSI- NESS one who understands the work in all its branches. Apply to Miss HOLMES, 55, High-street. SPRING BONNETS. MISS HOLMES begs to inform the Ladies of Newport and vicinity, that she will be prepared to submit to public inspection, on THURSDAY next, March 2nd, a choice and extensive assortment of Bonnets, trimmed and untrim- med, suitable for the season comprising all the newest designs in Fancy and Plain Straws, and selected from the first houses in the Metropolis. An early call is respectfully solicited. IMPROVERS AND APPRENTICES WANTED. 55, High-street, Newport. TO EMIGRANTS. Ship Biscuit Manufactory, Pillgwenlly, New- port, Mon. JABEZ M. HAIME invites the attention of EMI- GRANTS to his Stock of Biscuit, Flour, Rice, Peas, Oatmeal, Hams, Bacon, Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, &c., which he will supply at Jow price8. J. M. H., for the accommodation of Emigrants, keeps a stock of Tin Goods, such as Water Jacks, Cups, Plates, Dishes, and every other requisite for a sea voyage. N.B.—J. M. HAIME'S SHIP BISCUIT MANUFAC- TORY, PILLGWENLLY. BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. THE Annual Election of AUDITORS and ASSESSORS for the ensuing year, will take place at the TOWN HALL, before the Ward Aldermen, on WEDNESDAY, the let day of March next, at Nine o'clock in the Forenoon. IMPORTANT FACTS! WHERE is the only large Stock manufactured, com- prising upwards of one thousand Wigs, Fronts, Braids, Ringlets, Long Hair Plaits, Twists, &c., of the most beautiful foreign hair ? At W. E. THOMAS'S, 31, Lower Arcade, Bristol. Where is the only shop to buy cheap, and get suited with any article of pre-eminent style and quality ? At Thomas's For he is the only large purchaser of Foreign Hair and Partings, and manufacturer. Where! is the only large sale of Ornamental Hair ? twenty articles being sold to one at other shops therefore a small profit does at Thomas's. Where only can you get the hair effectually and perma- nently dyed, and made to grow thick, when falling off, for the charge of half-a-crown only ? At Thomas's Where is the only splendid stock of three hundred character Wigs, Beards, Whiskers, Moustaches, &c., lent out for one shilling each ? At Thomas's Where is the- only steam apparatus for curling Fronts, Ringlets, in durable curl, at 3d. each ? At Thomas's, 31, Lower Arcade, Bristol, who purchases every description of Hair. TO CURRIERS, SHOEMAKERS, &c. EBENEZER TERRACE, Near the William the Fourth Inn, Newport, Mon. MR. T. T. MORRIS Respectfully announces that he has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, On the Premises, as above, on WEDNESDAY, the 1st of March, 1854, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE Of Mr. John Lewis, Currier, who is relinquishing the retail branch of his business, CONSISTING of about 20Q pairs of Wellington, Cos- sack, and quarter boots, women's strong kid and cloth boots and shoes, about 30 dozen white strains, suitable for druggists or shoemakers, leather, hemp, pitch, rosin, shoe hairs, men's block and women's lasts, awls and hafts, hob nails; Moss's patent cork socks, hedging cuffs, glass and emery paper, sandstones, and sundry other articles. Also, four dozen pattens and two dozen French clogs. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely. Auctioneer's Offices, 44, Commercial-street, Newport. TO GARDENERS. TO BE LET, at a Moderate Rent, and entered upon on the 1st of May next, the Early and Productive GARDENS, with Cottage attached, at GILESTON MANOR, situated six miles from Cowbridge, and fourteen from Cardiff. Any competent Gardener taking the above, can have as much additional employment in the neighbourhood, as he may wish. A good character i8 indispensable. Apply to the Rev. F. EDWARDES, Gileston Manor, Cowbridge. BERTHLLANDERRY FARM, MONMOUTHSHIRE, Four miles from Usk, and one mile from Ragland. Mr. W. GRAHAM Has received instructions from Mr. William Morgan, (who IS giving up the farming business), TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the above Premises, on THURSDAY, March 9th, 1854, the whole of his very useful and carefully-selected LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, Flock of 50 Sheep, 32 head of Hereford Cattle, 16 draught and nag Hordes and Colts, five store pigs, Implements in Husbandry, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE: COMPRISING 49 ewes, in lamb, one ram six cows, in calf, one barren cow, three fat cows, eight two-year-old steers, four ditto heifers, 10 yearling cattle, 14 draught and nag horses and colts, good workers and steady in harness five-year-old nag filly, suitable for a Jady; two-year-old horse colt, by Merrylegs five store pigs one broad and three narrow-wheel wagons, with thripples, two broad and one narrow-wheel carts, ploughs, drags, harrows, scufflers, winnowing-fan, several sets of long and short harness, G.O. ditto, rollers, corn-screen, sieves, pikes, rakes, dung-hooks, shovels, ladders, lire.. 150 Bushels of Wheat in the straw. The Dairy Utensils consist of barrel and other churns, cheese cowls, trindles, vats and followers, milk pans, strainers, scales and weights; and the Brewing Articles include coolers, mashing vats, tubs, strainers, tuDpail, tap, bottle, ladder, &c. The Household Furniture comprises bedsteads, beds and bedding, tables, chairs, dressing-glasses, washstands and ware, dressing-tables, chest with drawers, linen chest, fenders and fire-irons, dinner and tea ware, kitchen and culinary requisites with a variety of useful effects. Refreshments on the table at 10 o'clock.—Sale to com- mence at One to a minute. Blue Broom, Ragland, Feb. 17th, 1854. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, TpIGHT undivided sixty-fourth SHARES in the Sloop TY CHEPSTOW, of Chepstow, a regular trader between Bristol and that port. The purchaser to take to the same, as regards profits and outgoings, as from the 1st January last. Sealed tenders may be sent, by post, previously to the 10th of March, addressed to, and conditions of the sale may be seen at the office of, CHARLES BEYAN, Solicitor, Small-street (ground floor), Bristol. NEWPORT SHIPPING LIST. ARRIVALS. -i. Moderator, Dibden, Bristol, goods; Comet, Brunei, Wortliington, iron ore Bransty, Lacey, Whitehaven, iron ore; Bris'ol Packet, Williams, Jmrra&Bristol goods; Friends, Davey Bristol, iron ore; Sarah Ellen, Brown, Chepstow, iron; Richard, Harwood, Bridgwater, bricks; Loftus, Hicks, Porthcawl, iron Newnhani, Smith. Lydney, iron ore; Fanny, Jack- son, Bristol, goods; William, Haylan, Gloster, iron; Endeavour, Hawkins, Gloster, iron ore; Carleon, Jones, Bristol, goods; Levina, John, Barrow, iron ore; Unani- mity, Wythycomhe, Bridgwater, goods; Ann, Gough, JFowey, iron ore John Barkin, Orr, Troon, iron; Mode- rator, Williams, Bristol, goods; Commerce, Rawles, Gloster, iron ore; Statira, Evans, Newry, potatoes; Mary, Perry, Falmouth, iron ore; Friends, Linch, Cork oats: Gleaner, Thomas, Cardiff, iron; Merit, Clitsome, Bridgwater, sleepers; Fame, Nicholls, Swansea, iron;, Mary, Camp, Gloster, iron ore Jane, Cook, Gloster, iron ore Hero, Saw Ie, Y oughal, pitwood Maria Ann, John, Whitehaven, pie-iron; Star, I'arwood, Bridgwater, flour; Bristol Packet. Duddridge, Bridgwater, bricks; Defence, Brame, Bristol, iron ore; Montrose, Rees, Bristol, rats; Edgar/liver, Bristol, goods; William and Susan, Herbert, Bridgwater, beans; Unity, Bowden, Swansea, iron. OUTWARDS, Speed, Jackson, Cape de Verd, 348 tons coals; Sun derland, Woodruff, Alexandria, 377 tons iron; Herman, Schulte, Seville, 2'9 tons coal; 0 J. Chafee, Nickels. St. Thomas, 58S tons coal; General Hoche, Ceyrel. Rio de Janerio, 2 7 tons coal; St. Helena, Clausen, Malta, 350 tons coal; Ada Dawkins, St. Thomas. 45() tons coal' Enterprise, Ross, St, Thomas 358 tons coal; Triton, Jord- bug Lisbon, 75 tons coals; Louisa Ann, Evans, Madeira, 165 tons coal; Pauline, Wholler, Seville, 15H tons coal; Angelique, Rault, Barcelona, 200 tons coal; Nive Felix; Costa, Madeira, 100 tons coal. The Emperor of Austria has distinctly intimated his de- termination not to assent to the arrangements for the neu- tralitv of Germany, projected by the Saxon and Bavarian governments at the instigation of Russia. Accounts received from Wallacliia, show that important veents are anticipated in the Danubian provinces. Every pre paration was being made for a great battle. Letters from Krajova, of the 10th instant, state that the march of the Russian troops towards Kalafat was incessant. An order of the day has been published in St. Petersburgh, commanding that 12 frigates and corvettes shall be prepared for sea at the breaking up of the ice, and appointing officers to command them. The Government have announced their determination to allow the return of Smith O'Brien to his native land, upon his parole of honour, not again to mix in political move- ments. John Martin, the great painter, is dead, having breathed his last at Dorglas, Isle of Man. The embarkation of the 28th at Liverpool, the Coldstream and Grenadier Guards at Southampton, and the Queen's Own (the 50th) at Dublin, on Wednesday, was accomplished amidst the greatest enthusiasm of both the public and the gallant fel- lows who quit England's shores to combat with the soldiers of the Northern disturber of the world's peace. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have Kil-en notice to all lieutenants in the Royal Navy, mates and Midshipmen, second masters and masters assistants unem- ployed, to send their addresses, on or before the 1st of March, or they will be considered as ceasing to belong to her Majesty's service.





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