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PREPARATIONS FOR WAR. The preparations for war are being urged forward in the most energetic manner. The men in the dock-yards and ar- senals are employed extra hours in forwarding ships and pre- paring stores recruiting parties are spread all over the country the pensioners and naval volunteers are coming in rapidly and there is every reason to believe that in a few days, the magnificent Baltic fleet will be fully equipped, and the various regiments made up to their full war-strength. It was expected that the troops destined for the Mediten-a- nean would have embarked on Monday, but their departure is postponed for a short time; meanwhile, however, they are rapidly repairing to the points of embarkation. The force will, it said, be raised to 26,000 men, including a ca- valry contingent. Wherever the troops destined for service have appeared, they have been greeted with the warmest acclamations, and such is the feeling amongst the men themselves, that the Rifles, and Sappers and Miners, just returned from the Cape, have volunteered almost to a man, to proceed at once to the Mediterranean. It is stated by the Times," that the entire force will be armed with Minie rifle, and that the whole machinery of the Training School at Hythe will be transported to Malta, in order to teach the troops the perfect use of that formidable weapon. For the conveyance of the troops, Government have chartered four steamers belonging to the General Screw Company, three belonging to the Peninsular and Oriental Company, two of the Cunard liners, and one of the Austra- lian Company. The call for tenders for sailing ships, has been answered by a host of offers, but several have been al- ready secured. It is believed that the Himalaya and Great Britain will also be employed. The abstraction of all these ships will not affect the regular despatch of mails and goods. The only appointments actually sanctioned at present, on the Staff of the Expeditionary Force, are-Lord Raglan, Commander-in-Chief; Sir George Browne and the Duke of Cambridge, Generals of Divisions Colonel Bentinck, Sir Colin Campbell, Colonel Airey, and Colonel Eyre, Brigadiers; Colonel Cator, Commander-in-Chief of the Artillery; and Colonel Steele, Coldstream Guards, Military Secretary. INSPECTION OF THE GRENADIER AND FUSILIER GUARDS BY H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT. On Monday morning, the 3d battalion of the Grenadier -Guards, and 1st battalion of the Scots Fusilier Guards, were inspected by his Royal Highness Prince Albert, preparatory to their .embarkation for the seat of war in the East. At ten o'clock the troops were paraded in service marching order on the extensive parade ground on the west side of Wellington Barracks, St. James's-park, and their arms, accoutrements, and clothing inspected by the captains of companies, and subsequently in line, by their respective colonels and field- officers. The battalions then formed line in open order, to await the coming of the Prince Consort. Shortly before 11 o'clock, his Royal Highness Prince Albert, accompanied by Lord Hardinge, Lord Raglan, the veteran Lord Gough, his Royal Highness the Duke of Cam- bridge, and attended by a numerous and brilliant staff, arrived on the ground by the "Western entrance, and was received by the troops presenting arms, the bands playing the national anthem. Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess and the Princess Mary of Cambridge were present, and the portion of the ground near the General was occupied by several of the elite of society. His Royal Highness and stafl having made a most minute inspection of the men, who had all the appearance of being eager for the fray, subdivisions were formed, the column marched past in slow and quick time; the latter pace was enlivened by the air of the British Grenadiers." Line having again been formed, the troops were marched four deep into square, enclosing the staff, and were addressed by his Royal Highness, who expressed un- bounded satisfaction at their orderly and soldier-like appear- ance. The troops fell back again into line, when a general salute was given, and the inspection terminated. When the announcement was first made that an auxil- iary army was about to be despatched to Malta, which was intended, incase of need, to proceed thence to Tur- key, it was understood that the body of troops actually under ordeis for that service, constituted but the firsl division of the British contingent destined to co operate with our French ahies m the East. No steps had how evert r1 cou'd warrant the positive state- fi.^llv ite despatch of a second force had l determined. It was known that 1,200 men were about to embark for the Mediterranean, but the extent to which that demonstration was to be followed up had not been settled. Weare now able to announce that another force, of equal strength, will at once be organised and despatched with the least possible delay The regi- ments which are to make up this force have not yet been named; but it may be considered as quite arranged that we are to have from 24,000 to 25,000 of our best so'diers engaged in repelling the aggressions of Russia upon Tur key. An army in all respects so perfectly equipped has never left our shores, and should unfortunately its ser- vices be required in the field, the country may look for- ward with confidence to the result. It may, perhaps, serve, as a salutary check-upon that impulsive enthusiasm with which people are too apt to regard the commencement of a war, if we draw attention for a moment to one feature in the arrangements con- nected with the present expedition. The medical stores requisite have been provided partly from Apothecaries hall, and partly from the well known firm of Savory and Sons. in New Bond-street. The latter have supplied 12 large medicine chests and 30 panniers, to be carried on mules and donkeys, and neatly packed with every de- sc: iption of madical and surgical appliances. Among the items included are 1,0001b. of lint, 1,0001b. of tow" 2no old sheets, and 1,000 yards of adhesive plaster. It took four waggons to convey Messrs. Savory's part of the medi- cal stores to the lower. No doubt the drugs are of un- exceptionable quality, the chests and pannier arranged in the most convenient way for the emergencies of medical practica in the camp, the splints and other mechanical auxiliaries to the healing ar t, vast improvements upon what were in use during the last war; but those who get very enthusiastic about prospective military operations on the Danube, woull do well to remember the 1,0 0 yards of adhesive plaster and the bales of lint which form a necessary part of the expedition. POTSMOTJTH, FEB, 20. The following orders have this day been given from headquarters relative to the first em barka-ion of troops in this military district. The first battalion of the Cold- stream Guards embarks at Southampton at 9 a.m. on Wednesday in the Orinoco for Malta. The battalion to leave Chichester station at b a.m. by a speciallrain. The 3d battalion of the Grenadier Guards to arrive at Southampton from London and embark, at the same time in the steam ships Ripon and Manilla. The 1st battalion of the Scotch Fusilier Guards. will embark at Ports- mouth in her Majesty's steam-frigate Simoon on the 28th. and the 2d, battalion of the Rifle Brigade in her Majesty's steam frigate Vulcan, on the 24th inst. 70 volunteers from the 76th Highlanders crossed from Portsmouth to Gosport at half-past 7 o'clock this morning, and left, with 60 of the 42d Highlanders, by train at 8.15 a m. to (make up the complement of the 93d Highlanders who embark from Plymouth. These gallant volunteers, on leaving their quarters, preceded by a splendid band, and accom- panied by a large concourse of the comrades in arms and the inhabitants of the garrison were loudly and con- tinually cheered down to the ferry, the band playing I left behind me," Auld lang syne," &c. 1 he Master-General has obtained her Majesty's sanction for an augmentation of one battalion to the Royal Artil- lery regiment, and of 21 gunners and drivers for each company, to complete the establishment of the 12th battalion to 118 gunners and drivers per company, and her Majesty has been pleased (,Q approve of promotions accordingly. r





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