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0 d MOUTHS HIRE. i r ^Oj? r r, e ™"rter o HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General >,<c*#4 of the Feace for the County of Mon- lh <lav ai the Town Hall, in Us/c, on MONDA Y, J March, 1854, and that the Court will sit at t t> °a(h lef°renooni and immediately proceed to admin- Magistrates and other persons desirous of f 5 %it then proceed ivith all business relating to the ) o'j. PpNation, and management of the County Stock !f"*Many Fund or Funds used and applied in aid t^e3e)>ia^e orders for payments, and consider and '^fts lera^ business of the county. ^ty demands relating to the public expenditure of fo,f0 tlts( be delivered into the office of the Clerk of •l-r$l!'r*'een days before the Sessions, and all Appeals \te ? must be entered with the Clerk of the Feace, at ° c}°c^c in the afternoon on the first day of the c the1 h°ur the trial of appeals will be proceeded Se j-Sacral business of the county shall have been by hlf"lsPosed of. nine <j clock on Tuesday, the 21st day of March, » V t Tan'l and Fetty Juries will be called over, and are '%l° l^eir names, or in default thereof, they toill be £ -1 Persons bound by recognizances are to attend, as Proceed to try appeals, indictments for felonies, „t-*> and transact the other business of the sessions. l0ns and recognizances, and all informations and \h'Ust delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of clear days previous to the sessions. ti€(^ ^ie county, must be taxed at the same V will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES FROTHERO, wrf Clerk of the Feace. February, 1854. FROTHERO, Esquire, Clerk of the Peace ^We ^°r ^ie County °f Monmouth. t. f tfltUttfers>ffncd, being two of her Majesty's Justices (?o \/eacei residing in and acting for the said of reh/ give you Notice, that at the next Quarter b^ill i Peace, held in and for the said County, the tiu§t?e 1noved to make a Petition to Her Majesty, V *»lli an^ Wm. 4th, c. 102, representing that the Places, for the said County, are seven in k '> A lS to say> Abergavenny, Chepstow, Monmouth, 44 ontYPOOZ, The Rock Inn, in the parish of Bed- J*ajeaty I and that they are insufficient and praying e that by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, fe Got(flJ^e following places may be Polling Places for nty, in addition to those above-named, that is RAGLAND 4 LLANVIHANGEL CRCJCORNEY R* the pa- I TRKLLKCK KJVAS Rechva) CROSS ASH (in the parish [ WIT'S I of Llantillio Crossenny.) I l9Meenth day of February, 1854. £ TIfOS. POPE, TIIOS. GRATREX. j. PROTHERO, Esquire, Clerk of the Peace Rrjj for the County of Monmouth. J jJ^ie undersigned, being two of Her Majesty's ofS^Ces °f the Peace, residing in and acting for the L Monmouth, hereby give you Notice, that at the s Quarter Sessions of the Peace, held in and for ( t}ie Court will be moved to make a Petition u&j(l-ajei'ty, representing that it would be expedient that Place called the Rock Inn, in the parish of in the said County, should cease to be such, and in the parish of Monythusloyne, in the said be. substituted as a Polling Place, in lieu Hitufri/0y Her Majesty, by and with the advice bat,0/! to declare that such alteration and his tvcZp ^ade. tteth day of February, 1854. THOS. POPE, TIIOS. GRATREX, J* J* GALLIE' 0^ER AND GENERAL AGENT, (|%J.YPICE» 3, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT, W*0RSE8 ADVANCED on Household Furniture, jPlate, *O L RRIAGES' ANTLEVER7 description of available V^SOLD by Auction. Sales effected in Town or GENUINE BUSINESS. ^^H immediate possession, a large and SVLTRADO°U!LFREE Licensed SPIRIT HOUSE, doing an /IO per annum, £ 25 let off. In- Satisfactory reasons will be given for V'SSC?3^ APP1^ TO MR- J- J- GALLIE, Auctioneer, V^V^ATREET, Newport, Mon. I^^FA ALFRED ASTON, AN^ General Ironmonger, L3A ^J FOR the Sale of all Articles in the HARD- ^OQIRV,- NO. 4, High Street, Birmingham ercial Street, Newport. FLT ^OST promptly attended to and if accom- V' TEI'once, the goods in general, sent off the & — — —~ Bookselling Establishment STREET, USK, AND CAXTON J HOUSE, CARDIFF. L H. CLARK, Proprietor. 5 Pocket Books, and Diaries, of every Collection of Books for Christ- ^IAT<LN5NIN Superior and Common Bindings to any Sko«lon ^RGES. V th rfROIIL THE London Publishers "Weekly. X^ITUUOIF'0YAL Fire, Life, and Hail Insu- -SYLUM FOR the Insane, MI' NEAB MONMOUTH. LEE,LSE(L SURGEON, & RESIDENT PROPRIETOR X. ■L-O34), has Vacancies for either sex. •K —^ Terms moderate. VsT ERERS, Hotel Keepers, and Families JF, Furnishing. 4/ 70 LNSO^T AND COMPANY, 72, 73, 74, and 75, WESTMINSTER. ? of A"F D. LAMBETH, having purchased the -(A. ^RGE Wholesale Furnishing House retiring ^OO'T & KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS, 4, R^> WORSTED & WASHING DAMASKS, 6TL Covers, Quilts, Counterpanes, Blankets, otton Sheetings, much under the market ^TOCK of the American Leather Cloth. ^ITW^LNG'S METALLIC INK. SI L IFO R I fevi t^ ant8) ail(i others, are strongly recom- ^UF;IC^6EL darling's Metallic Ink, prepared ex- HI^TR^^CHEI3^ T. Tarling, and sold wholesale by LONDON11"1 CO'' FRINTILLG INK MANufacturers, :NTN«EMA<LOF MR- Christophers, Mr. Mullock, Mr. V OR THR REED, Mr. Charles Oliver, Stationers. °LLSH any Stationer IN 6D.» 1». 6d., or 2s. III,, ]Plt)ENCII IN A MONTH. T\^1 FJDLTION-, 3s. 6d,. Boards. v P0IIQUET'S TRESOR, °3Q1?1,IS'1 INTO French at "SightSeretaire X/'M RF;'{!!L- ^GRAMMAR, 3s. Gd. —Phraseology, ^H 0LR'MPKTNU^TBO;,K' 2S- G' ;—Dictionary, 5s. \7 40 Marshall, and Co. 3 Italian, French, and German, by MAY BE had. r*"— 'TVD11' General ANNUAL J TRUU TRUSTEES of the ABERCARNE >L' °A \r OF MVNVRN UE HCLCL AT THE NEWBRIDGE INN, TAT £ °NDAY, TBE'SW7N' in the county of Mon- 118AID 'r °U' FOR +>,P ('Y °f March next, at Twelve andmakin?^^ °f Auditins tl,e Account8 A Y of 6 OF the I°RP A statement of the Income ? S^ID ^DABER 1 RKQ '^ST' FOR THE year ending the W TH» S8T- AND 011 OTHER business relating >»Ui^e22addayofx. 7 of February, 1854, at Newport, Mon- ,OJtiA.S MORGAN LLEWELLIN to thQ isoid Trustees. ''h SHROVE TUESDAY. EXTRA-STRONG HAMMERED FRYING-PANS, at E the following Low Prices, at ASTON'S. 139, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT: No. 0, 5d.; No. 1, 6d. No. 2, 7d. No. 3, 8^d. No. 4 lOd. No. 5, Is.; No. 6, Is. 2d.; No. 7, Is. 4d., with every other article in the Ironmongery Department at the lowest possible prices consistent with honourable dealing. DO YOU BRUISE YOUR OATS YET ? NEW Oat Crushers, £ 2 15s. 6d. ditto, £ 4 5s. 6d. Chaff Cutters,. £ 1 7s. 6d.; ditto, £ 2 10s. 6d.; Man- gles, £ 2 10s. 6d.; Flour Mills, £ 4 10s. 6d. gles, C2 10s. 6d.; Flour Mills, 1:4 10s. 6d. MARY WEDLAKE & Co., 118, Fenchurch-street, London. £20 REWARD. NEWPORT AND PONTYPOOL RAILWAY. WHEREAS, on Monday Night last, the 20th instant, some evil-disposed person or persons did wantonly Open a Pair of Points, and Remove the Scotches from under the Wheels of Two Trucks, standing on a Siding at Aber- sychan, and let them run down the Main Line in the direc- tion of Pontypool, thereby endangering the safety of the public; This is to give Notice, that any person or persons giving such information as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive the above reward. WM. LANE, Superintendent. Traffic Office, Dock-street, Newport, Feb. 21, 1854. .t: THE^RHYMNEY^ RAILWAY. JOHN BOYLE, ESQ., CHAIRMAN. HENRY AUSTIN BRUCE, ESQ., M.P. STEPHEN CAVE, ESQ. THOMAS COLLINGDON, ESQ. JAMES CURRIE, ESQ. JOHN NIXON, ESQ. FREDERICK ROWTON, ESQ. C. T. SIMPSON, ESQ. ADMIRAL SIR GEORGE TYLER, K.H., M.P. JONATHAN WORTHINGTON, ESQ. THE DIRECTORS have the satisfaction of informing the Shareholders that the Rhymney Railway Bill has this day passed the Standing Orders in the House oj Com- mons, and has been ordered to be brought in by Sir George Tyler and Mr. H. A. Bruce. (By order) THOMAS WATKINS, Secretary. 16th February, 1854. 28, Great George-street, Westminster. GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS. WILLIAM BAULCH respectfully intimates that he has on sale a choice assortment of FLOWER SEEDS and GARDEN SEEDS, at his shop in Caerleon village, and on Saturdays, at the Market, Pontypool, and at New- port Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. BREWING. TO INNKEEPERS AND OTHERS. XTOW to fine Ales bright as the finest Sherrv IN ETCTTT JUL HOURS, even if but a week old. intijc Brewer, of many years' experience. P SC1 Address Mr. J.CARTER, Highmead Villa, Blakenev nearNewnham. laKeney> NEWPORT AND CARDIFF. IN ATTENDANCE PERIODICALLY. MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON-DENTIST, of No. 5, Unit)' Street, College Green, Bristol, begs most respectfully to announce that it is his intention to meet his engagements for his usual periodical visit to Newport and Cardiff, for which purpose he will be in attendance at his Apartments, Mr. Wansbrough's, plumber, No. 4, Commercial-street, Newport, on Wednesday, March the 1st. Mr. T. Mitchell's, Angel-street, Cardiff, on Thursday March the 2nd. and periodically on the first Wednesday and Thursday in every month, where he may be consulted on all cases re- lating to his profession. Mr. YOUNG takes this opportunity of stating that his method of performing the various operations appertaining to Dental Surgery, combines every modern improvement; and that, from a long and successful practice, he is enabled to guarantee the entire success of all cases of a' mecha- nical nature undertaken by him; the workmanship and finish of which he will engage shall be unsurpassed by anything to be obtained in London or Paris. Mr. YOUNG'S references combine manyof the mostdistin guished families and leading medical men of the neighbour hood; and he trusts, by strict Integrity and moderate charges, to maintain the very high confidence hitherto re- posed in his professional skill N.B. Where it is practical, Mr. Young would feel greatly obliged by parties desirous of consulting him, leaving their names (at either of the above addresses) previous to the day of his visit, as the increased demand for his attention will not otherwise allow him sufficient time to get through his business in a day. Bristol, February 21st, 1854. AGRICULTURAL SHOW ROOMS. THE Largest Stock of New IMPLEMENTS and MACHINES in Monmouthshire, may be seen at the above Rooms, Great Dock Street, Newport, J. S. STONE, Proprietor. TO BLACKSMITHS. WANTED immediately, a thorough good WORKM A \r at STONE'S Wheelwright Yard, Great Dock Strl^' Newport, Mon. None but Steady Men need apply. THOMAS SPENCER, Vulcan Iron Works, West Bromwich Staffordshire. "|\TANUFACTURER- of Railway Wheels and Axle<» ITJL Scrap Tyres and Axles all kinds of Hammered Iron' f01c ^rCia ?oGr Shafts heavy Iron Work' Sole Maker of Camber's Patent Wrought Iron Wheels. CAPTAINS of Vessels are requested to visit ASTON'S IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT," 139, Commercial Street, previous to making their purchases. The Hardware Stock consists of William Bullock and Co.'s Manufacture • Hill Top Foundry Company; andMiddleton's, of Smethwick.' 4W Every article warranted.—Terms Cash. THE Times," Herald," Chronicle," Post," "Advertiser," and Daily News," forwarded to all parts of the United Kingdom, on the Evening of Publication, at 19s. per Quarter, Cash, or 25s. Credit; the Day after Publication, at 13s. and. 17s. Post-office Orders made pay- able to WILLIAM BRUNTON, News Agent, 38, Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, London. WHEREAS a Petition of ELIZABETH. GREEN WAIT of the Ship and Custom-House Inn, other- wise the Ship Afloat, or Ship Aground Inn, Skinner-streot, in the county of Monmouth, widow, licensed victualler, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed in the County Court of Monmouthshire, bolden at Newport, in the said county and an Interim Order for Protection from Process having been given to the said Elizabeth Green Wait, under the provisions of the statutes in that case made and provided, the said Elizabeth Green Wait is hereby required to appear in the said Court, to be holden at Newport aforesaid, before the Judge of the said Court, on the 8th day of March next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely, for her First Examination touching her Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said statutes and Notice is hereby given, that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said Elizabeth Green Wait, or who have any of her Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS, the Official Assignee, Dock-street, the Clerk of the said Court, at his Office, at Newport, in the said county. — — IN the matter of the Petition of JOHN COCKRANE, residing at present, and for three years last past, at the Sailors' Home beerhouse, No. 30, King's-parade, Pillgwenlly, in the parish of Saint W^oollos, near Newport, in the county of Monmouth, beer retailer, sailors' boarding and lodging- house keeper, clothing store keeper, and sailors' outfitter, having his clothing stores at No. 31, Pillgwenlly, aforesaid, and formerly residing at No. 3, Castle-street, Pillgwenlly, aforesaid, sailors' boarding and lodging-house keeper.— Notice is hereby given that the County Court of Mon- mouthshire, at Newport, acting in the matter of this Peti- tion, will proceed to make a final order thereon, at the said Court, on the 8th day of March, 1854, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely, unless oause be then and there shewn to the contrary, i TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. BUILDERS desirous of sending in Tenders for the Erection of a HOUSE, near Abergavenny, Monmouth- shire, for Mr. W. F. BATT, Solicitor, can see the Plans and Specifications of the same, with the Quantities of the several Works, at my Office, from MONDAY, the 20th, to SATURDAY, the 25th instant, inclusive, and from MONDAY, the 27th, to SATURDAY, MARCH 4th, inclusive, at the office of Mr. BATT, Abergavenny. Tenders to be sent in to me on or before TUESDAY, MARCH 7th. The Lowest, or any other Tender will not necessarily be accepted. CHARLES E. DAYIS. Bath, February 10th, 1854. 3, Westgate Buildings. NEW BEDDING MANUFACTORY, i 15, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. B MAG-OS. RTH>M HEAL and SON, Tottenham Court Road, London,) begs to invite the attention of Families Furnishing to his large Stock of French and English Bedding, oonaiating of Feather and Milpuff Beds, Horsehair, Wool, Cocoa Fibre, and Alva Mattress, Palliases, &c. 4 FEET 6, by 6 FEET 3, WOOL MATTRESS, 12s, 6d. IRON BEDSTEADS! IRON BEDSTEADS B. M. wishes to call attention to his large Stock of Iron Bedsteads, allfttW with the Patent Joint, which for sim- plicity, strength, and cleanliness, is preferable to any other. THE PATENT FOLDING IRON BEDSTEAD, 12s. 6d. A Large Stock of Counterpanes, Quilts, and Blankets, MATTRESSES RE-MADE EQUAL TO NEW. ■ m 11 "THE TIMES WE LItE IN." NOT A MAN, BUT WHO, IN SOME SHAPE OR OTHER, IS STRIVING FOR THE MASTERY! BUT TO COMPETE WITH NORRIS AND PRIT CHARD, IS IMPOSSIBLE! THE Ready Money system of Business adopted by them, gives them the opportunity of Buying and Selling at 20 per Cent, less than others in the trade, and this advantage they PLEDGE TO TH3 £ JPUBLIC. The Finest Black Tea 4s. Od. per lb. The Finest Jamaica Coffee £ » Is. Od. per lb. Finest Lump Sugar 0s. 5d. per lb. Finest Raw Sugar 0s. 4d. per lb. And other Goods equally Cheap. NORRIS AND PRITCHARD, LONDON TEA WAREHOUSE, 31, Conaiiercial Street, Newport, and 5, Bute Street, Cardiff. W I N T E R F ASH. I iO N S. HENRY WOOD, Tailor and Draper, 172, Commercial Street, Newport, RESPECTFULLY informs the Gentry, Clergy and inhabitants generally of Newport and its vicinity, that he has just completed his purchases of Goods suitable for the ensuing seas0n~all of which he has carefully selected from the best manufacturers. J Gw EQUESTRIAN PONCHOS AND WATERPROOF CLOTHING. THE REMAINDER OF THE WINTER STOCK AT THE ALBION HOUSE, NEWPORT, Is now SELLING OFF, at extremely low prtqes, COBURGS, ALPACAS, FRENCH MERINOES, FURS, IHAWLS, MANTLES, &c PILOT CLOTHS, SIBERIANS, WHITNEYS, DOESKINS, TWEEDS, &c. BLANKETS, QUILTS, FLANNELS, &c. HENRY THOMAS begs to solicit early calls, as the goods are to be sold at such prices as to effect a quick clearance priority of choice is always an advantage. No Deviation can be made from the Prices asked. yo- WORKING MEN!! BUY YOUR BOOTS AND SHOES AT 124, COMMERCIAL-STREET, (OPPOSITE CROSS-STKEET), AND 105, COMMERCIAL-ROAD, PILLGWENLLY, (Next Door to the Pottery,) Where you will find the largest assortment of BOOTS and SHOES to select from, and at the lowest possible prices. J. HOBXER WOULD remind the public that a large trade, with small profits, is more remunerative than a small trade, with large profits, as is sufficiently proved by the penny postage system. J. Horpej^being determined to stand upon the above principle, informs the public that Boots and Shoes are sold at- his establishments at an unprecedented rednction on the usual prices, and at the same time assures them that every article is warranteuto be of the best Style and Workman- ship for the quality of his materials, he would solicit one trial, feeling assured that ifc will establish him in the confidence of his patrons. Wellington Boots 10s to 12s Oxford Shoes -i £ *f 5s to 7s Od Best French ditto 14s to 16s Tie Shoes ''jBK 4s to 6s Od Short Wellington Boots 8s to 10s Sailors' PUmt»s 4s to 6s Od Best French ditto Hs to 13s Ladies' C 3s to 4s 6d Clarence Boots 8s to 10s Ladies' — 3s to 4s 6d Blucher Boots 5s to^ 8s ,D.■ t?_ §s_6d Children's Boots and Shoes, in endless variety.—Clark's Registered Bo0ti$hd Shoes. Warne's Patent Antigropelos. American Over Shoes.French Clogs, Pattens, &c. J. Horner, in returning thanks for the very flattering support he has received for the last Nine years, begs to inform his friends and the public in general, that his Bespoke Business is carried on as usual, with the strictest attention to the latest fashions. Observe the name,—J. HORNER, Proprietor. PIANO FORTE WAREHOUSE, No. 2, DOCK STREET, NEWPORT. PROPRIETOR,-H. J. GROVES, ORGANIST OF ST. WOOLLOS CHURCH. PIANO FORTES FOR SALE AND ORGANS OR HIRE. PRIVATE RESIDENCE, STOW-HILL. THE THE ELLIPTIC COLLAR, ><T'7FN*? ELLIPTIC COLLAR, TO FASTEN AT THE BACK, H^\ T° FASTEN IN FRONT. 00 „ WITH PATENT ELASTIC WITH PATENT ELASTIC §1 1! FJL FASTENING FASTENING. J/THE.GORCEIa iL T l \L DIRECTIONS FOR MEASUREMENT. HE GORGET combines novelty with U/ PAT E N T b Roun'1 the Chest, over the Shirt, perfection of Fit is acknowledged by A 2. Round the Waist, over the Shirt. K.&5& /SELF ADJUSTING! I »«*• I eo.n-r 1 Len^t of S Sle,ve> fro„ oenir. of including* the°REGISTERED ELLIPTIC WL SHIRT M Back down seam of Sleeve, to bottom WRISTBAND, 42s. the half-dozen. 6. j^ngth G> SMrt at back< The ELLIPTIC 3-fold COLLAR, quite The first four measures must be taken unique, in all shapes, with PATENT Sample Shirt forwarded npon re- tight. ——— I ELASTIC FASTENING, 12s. the dozen. ceipt of a Post Officc Order Say if the Shirts are to open back or front. The PATENT ELASTIC COLLAR for Ss. 6d If with Collars attached (3s. the half- FASTENING can be attached to any Collar, PATENTEES dozen extra). opening back or front, Six sent by Post on If Buttons or Studs in Front. leceipt of 13 Postage Stamps. COOPER AND PRXER, If Buttons or Studs at Wrist. NEXT DOOR TO, THE HAYMARKET THEATRE, LONDON. THE CITY OF BRISTOL CABINET MANUFACTORY, CARPET WAREHOUSE, AND COMPLETE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 2, SAINT JAMES BARTON. THE Proprietors, C. &. W. TRAPNELL, take this opportunity respectfully to present their very sincere acknow ledgments for the UNPRECEDENTED patronage with which they have been honored since their commencement and with a view to sustain their old reputation for 9 EXTENT of CHOICE, QUALITY, AND ELEGANCE of STYLE, In their works, they have much pleasure in inviting the inspection of parties furnishing to their very FIRST-RATE and COMPLETE STOCK of CABINET and UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE, now on Sale j of their genuine Manufacture, and made from the most approved and original designs. They would at present invite especial attention to their elegantDrawing-room CHEFFIONEERS, in Italian Walnut and other woods, from £ 4 10s. to Eighty Guineas. One of the most extensive assortments in CHIMNEY GLASSES, from new and fashionable designs, and in a style very superior to the ordinary stocks kept by other houses, and at much lower prices. Magnificently Veined Walnut and Rosewood, Circular, Oval, and other shaped Loo, Card, Occasional, and Work CABLES varying from 45s. to £ 25. A great variety in Easy, Vesper, and other CHAIRS, combining ornament, utility, and real comfort, from 30s. to. ko 8s. each. Substantial Dining-room Furniture, including SIDEBOARDS, from 27 to £ 30. DINING TABLES, from jE4 10s. to Fifty Guineas. Handsome Dining and*Drawing-room Chairs, Couches, and Settees, many of which are beautifully carved, and finished ln rich morocco, velvet, silk, bayadere, tapestry, hair-cloth, and other coverings. i Furniture presents an equally Extensive Variety, in half-tester, four-post, French, and other Bedsteads. -beds, Mattresses, and Bedding of every kind bold and handsome Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Wash-stands, and iables, with massive marble, and other tops and a profuse variety in Dressing Glasses, of the best make and finish, from Is. 6d. to £6 6s. In the Upholstery Department are contained large stocks of Damask, Silks, Taburettes, and other Tissues, of the present taslnonable kind, from the first English and Continental Establishments. the largest display in Bristol of elegantly mounted Gilt and other Window Cornices, with the newest style in Window Curtains, fixed for inspection a few Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels, Dutch, and. other Carpets, of the best quality only, left on hand, and to be cleared during the enlargement of the premises; together vith several hundred pieces of Union and Wool Uamask, ai exceedingly moilevate'piices. The Proprietors beg to observe that being genuine MANUFACTURERS on the largest scale, and practically acquainted with every branch of their business, they are in a much better position than houses of less experience to meet the wishes of all who may be pleased to favour them with their commands and in whatever class of furnishing whether for a houso of four rooms at £19, or a mansion at JB1000, there will be found the same genuine and substantia] quality of make, and suitability to the purpose so that this establishment shall demonstrate that beauty of finish, and soundness of quality, we attainable M due proportion at the same, and iu many cases lower prices than are LOST in the purchase of ill-shaped and inferior articles. and inferior articles. Drawings, Plans, and Estimates, are given for Furnishing Houses, in any part of the kingdom, and to any extent (tf price, pattern, and style. 1, The City Cabinet Manufactory, 2, Saint James Barton, C. & W, TRAPNELL, UNDERTAKERS. ADDRESS AS ABOVE. m JOHN C" GWILLIM, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 11, Commercial-street, (nearly opposite the TVestgate Hotel,) Newport, KEEPS on hand an assortment of Elastic Stockings, Knee Caps, Ancle Socks, India Rubber and Elastic Bandages, patent and common Trusses, &c., together with a well-s» ected stock of pure and unadulterated Drugs and Chemicals. Portrait of Mr. Thomas Stephens, of Merthyr. THE Friends and Countrymen of the above distin- guished gentleman-—Author of the Literature of the Kymry," History of Trial by Jury," and several other elaborate Prize Essays on difficult questions connected with Celtic antiquarian researches,-have determined to PRE- SENT HIM WITH HIS PORTRAIT, as a small notu of their esteem; and they hereby solicit the co-operation of those who might be equally desirous to evince their estimation for native genius and talent. To meet the wishes of Mr. Stephens's numerous Friends, the Portrait will be superbly engraved; and every Sub- scriber of 10s. 6d. will be entitled to a copy. As soon as a sufficient number of Subscribers is obtained to bear the expenses, a Workiug Committee will be formed, and the work proceeded with forthwith. HON. MEMBERS: W. Needham, Esq., Beaufort. Mr. J. Reynolds, Merthvr. E. James, Esq., Cwmcelyn. David Howell, Aberga- Mr. LI. Williams, Blaina. venny. All Persons who kindly wish to have the Portrait of Mr Stephens, will please to intimate the same to Mr. D. HOW ELL, Ifor Hael Cottage, Abergavenny, or to Your very obedient servant, THOMAS GWALLTER PRICE. Beaufort, January 30th, 1854., GLENFIELD PAT ENT STARCH, (Used in Her Majesty's Laundry), and TT7" OTHERSPOONS' Machine-made CONFEC VV TIONARY, MARMALADE, JAMS, JELLIES, &c., (which gained the Prize Medal of 1851), May be had of all Grocers wholesale of WOTHERSPOON, MACKAY, and Co., 66, Queen Street, Cheapside, London. BRISTOL.—34, COLLEGE GREEN. JCOCKRAM, MUSIC-SELLER to the QUEEN, by • Appointment, respectfully Informs the Inhabitants of Newport, that his Stock of PIANO-FORTES by COLLARD and COLLARD, BROADWOOD and SONS, and other Makers than can be depended upon, may be Purchased of Him equally Cheap as at the Manufactured, and will be Delivered in Newport, Carriage Free. New Musie at Half Price. -"J -:r-=E "U lovely Peace, with plenty crowned." IVTOYF.LLO'S CliEAP MUSIC is sold bv Mr. W XX CHRISTOPHERS Book-seller, and Mr. E. NEW- MAN, Music Seller; and by every respectable Music Selier and HooisseHer in this Town and Neighbourhood. Cata- logues, post-free, on sending six stamps to 69, Dean-street, Soho, Londsn STEAM BETWEEN NEWPORT, LIVERPOOL, and WHITEHAVEN. THE fine Screw Steam Ships "DUMBARTON YOUTH" and ALPHA," will ply between the above places, about every ten days, with goods. For particulars of Freights, &c., apply to GEORGE W. JONES and Co., 28, Llanarth Street, Newport, Mon. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. FOR NEW YORK, Will sail from NEWPORT DOCK, about the 20th March, the first-class American ship "MATILDA," 1000 tons burthen. Capt. LEE. THIS fine vessel, having superior cabin and steerage JL accommodation, presents a very favourable opportunity for persons desiring to emigrate to the United States. Application to be made to JAMES N. KNAPP & Co., Ship Brokers, &c., Pillgwenlly, Newport, Mon. CARRIES A GERMAN BAND OF MUSIC. =i WALTHEW'S LIVERPOOL LINE 0F AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. Established in 1848. Ships. Tons. Destination. To Sail. James Carson 1800 Melbourne March 5. Arabia 1700 Ditto To follow These A.I. Clipper Ships land Goods and Passengers on the wharf, free of extra charge. Fares, JB16 16s. and up- wards. Luvgage insured at the rate of five shillings for every £10 in value. For further particulars, apply to JAMES M.WALTHEW, 46, Chapel Street, Liverpool. TAPSCOTT'S AMERICAN PACKET OFFICES General Office'OLDHALL, OLDHALL-STREET. Passenger Office ST GKORGK'S-BUILDING'S REGENVS-ROAD. The following FIRST-CLASS PACKETS W ill be despatched on their appointed days, as FOR NEW YORK. Ships Tons. To sail. Constellation, (Allen} ..2500.. 26th Feb. Forest King, (Allen) 2'iUO.. 1st Mar. Empire,( ZeregaJ 2000.. 6th Mar. Sheridan, (Cross,) 2' 00.. 11th Mar. Albion, new 2000.. 16th Mar. Shamrock, (S. B Doane) 25lib.. —— Richard Morse, (Dinsmore) 2000.. —— Houghton, (Doane) .OfJO.. —— Kennebec, (Smith) 1800.. ——— Robert ( ooper (T. Zerega) 1500.. —— Commerce, (Lowell) 2500.. —— Centurion. (Coombs).2000.. —— Emma Fields, (Croweli) 2000,. —— Kossuth, (Bell) 2o00.. Sheridan, (J. VV. Porter) .2000.. Cambria, (Perry) 2500.. —,— Underwriter, (Shipley).2500.. —— A. Z., (Chandler^ 1800.. — West Point, (Mulliner) 2000.. — E. Z ( Hartshorne) 18C0.. Siddons, (Taylor) .2000.. —— Andrew Foster, (Ilolberton) .2000.. —— Continent, (E. B. Drummoitfi) .2000.. —— Roscius, ( R. VV. Foster).2200.. —— Compromise, (Zerega) .2000.. —— Emerald fsle. (Cornish), new .3000.. John Rutledge .2000.. —— William Tapscott, (new) Bell ..3000.. —— Garrick, (Foster) £ 00,. Arctic (J. Zerega) 2„25°v And succeeding Packets every nve days. POK NEW ORLEANS. Northampton((Reed), 2;00.. Ranada, i Batclielor) ..2000.. —— FOR PHILADELPHIA Tonawanda, (Julius) 1300..12th Mar. Saranak, ( Decan) 10( 0..12ili Aprl. Wyoming. (Dunlevy) 1100..12th May. Tuscarora, (l urlcy) 2500.. 12th June. FOR BALTIMORE. Flora Macdona\d, (Merrill).IROO.. Scotia, ^M'Leoa.) 1600.. above Miips are of the larg?st class, and com- _|_ manded by men of experience, who will take every precaution to promote the health and comfoitol the pas- sengers during the voyage. Private Rooms (or Families, or persons who wish to be more select, can at all times be had; and deposit? of fl each, to secure berths, should beremiited, which shall have due attention. Surgeons free Cabin P assacesby the above Ship? Persons proceeding to the interior of the United States can know the actual outlay, and make the necessary ar- rangements here, to be forwarded, on arrival at New [ork, witaout, 'öne day's delay, and thereby avoid the many an- IJOyaD'ces emigrants are subject to on landing at New York. 'drafts and Exchange for any amount, at sight, on New xork, payable in any part of the United States, can, at all times, be furnished to those who prefer this safer mode of taking care of their funds Forfurther particulars apply,post-paid, to W. TAPSCOTT, and Co., Liverpool, and J, Eden Quay, Dublin, Agents for W.and J. T TAPSCOTT, New York. I Iggr TAPSCOTT'S EMIGRANT'S GUIDE, 5the^itiof I can be had by [emitting siT postage stamps. AUSTRALIA.—ENCLOSED BERTHS TO MEL- BOURNE, JE16 16s. "BLACK BALL" CLIPPER PACKETS, T70R MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, and JC ADELAIDE, Landing Passengers at the Wharf, SALDANHA 2500 Finley Feb. 28th* LIGHTNING 3000 Forbes to follow BLACK WATCH 3500 Newlands to follow. EL DORADO 2000 Jackson to follow These celebrated Ships are all first-class, and have made the fastest Passages on record. They carry experienced Surgeons, and their 'tween-decks are lofty and thoroughly ventilated.. Provisions and Water are provided for 20 weeks, under Government inspection. Passenger's Baggage is put on board free of expense. Cash Orders issued on Australia, from RI upwards, and Parcels forwarded. Apply to the owners, JAMES BAINES and CO., 6, Cooks-treet, Liverpool. WHITE STAR LINE OF AT7STRA LIAN PACKETS. Landing Passengers at the Wharf free of charge. Passengers for Sydney, Geelong, and Adelaide, by the "Golden Era," will be forwarded from Melbourne at the expense of the Ship. Ships. Tons. Commanders Destination. To sail. Golden Era 3000 J. T. Peat Melbourne Feb. 20 Mermaid 2500 Reed Ditto. Mar 20 BenNevis. 2500 Heron Ditto. tofollow Tasmania 2200 Rudolph Ditto tofollow THOSE Packets are all First-class. The Saloon accomo- _L dations in them deserve the special notice of Passemress being provided with every comfort, elegantly fitted and decorated, also furnished with baths and carry experienced surgeons. Apply to PILKINGTON AND WILSON, Liverpool, N.B. The ships of this Line, to insure their getting quickiy out of Channel, will take steam to Tuskar Light should the wind be unfavourable on the sailing days. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. m BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. The Bristol General Steam Navigation Com- pany's splendid Paddle "il II "I1 IRIIUW STEAMER "DART," CAPTAIN JAMES PARFITT, Or other suitable Vessel, will ply during, tbe ensuing Week as follows:— From Bristol. FEBRUARY. FEBUARY, From Newport. Friday 24 3i after Saturday 2!# 3 after Monday 27 6 morn Monday 27 46 after "1 uesday 28 6 £ morn ♦To and Fro from Bristol. +To and Fro from Newport A Waiting Room is provided oppo iie the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers aie taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the bills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hot wells To and From PORTISHEAD daily, fSundays excepted). FAREs-After Cabin, 3s.; Front Labin, Is. 6d. To and Fro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, :ls.-Four- wheel Carriage, 18s.; Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaeton 8s t wo-wheel Carriage, or light Phaeton, drawn by one hoise, with Driver, 12s.; Horse. 5s Horse aid Rider, 6s.; Uogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriages Shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour before sailing. Williams's PacketCoach daily fromtheCarpen'er's Arms, Newport, on the arrival of these Packets, through Caerleon and Usk, to Abergavenny, Crickhowell, and Brecon, and from the Golden Lion, Abergavenny, three hours before the time of sailing for Bristol; and his Spring Van for goods, will lea^e Newport on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and return on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Further particulars may be obtained at the BrisiolGeneral Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., should be addressed. Bills and other inlorma ion can be obtained of Mr. JOHN JONES, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. Agent at Newpoit, Mr. R. P. JON ES, Rodney Wharf. From Bi-istol-Swift. 12 years, 3s. Carriage, 42s. FEBRUARY Pair-horse phælon, 31s 6d.' Friday -4 3| after Small one-horse ditto, '25s.» Monday 27 6 morn Gig, 20s.; Horse, 20s.» From Cardiff-Swift. Dog, 3s. e FEBRUARY Return Tickets, (available Saturday 25 3 after f°J on* week) Best Cabin Tuesday 28.. 5* morn I8s.; ore-Cabin, 9s. FAktEs-After Cabin, Is. From Haverfordwest &e Fore Cabin, 6d. Juno. From Bristol—Juno and From H'west, Star. calling at From From FKBRUARY. Tenby.—Feb. Pater. Milford Friday 24 3 £ after trl- 8t 3 njorn 8 morn 6 mora From Tenby-Juno and From BHstol calling at Icniy-St.r."3 Friday 24 4 after FEBRUARY Tuesday 28 8& morn Friday 24 3! after FARES—Cabin, 12s. Chil- From Carmarthen, calling d dren under 12 yeais 6s. 6d. Ten by-Star Servants in the Cabin, 8s. FEBRUARY. (including Steward's Fees.) Tuesday 28 5{ morn Deck. 6s. Children under FARES—Same as Tenby NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of JE2 nor for any Deck Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s., unless in each case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery nor will they be answerable for any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NorrcE.—A comfortable Waiting Room is provided, and Pas-engers with their Luggage, embarked or Landed free of expense, at Rownham Ferry, in a commodious Boat. The New Steam Packet Company's Iron-bttilt Screw Steamers, AVON AND SEVERN w< Are intended to Sail during the ensuinr Week as follows — From Newport. From Bristol. FEERUARY. FEBRUARY. Friday 24 2 after Saturday 25 41 after fMonday 27 5 morn fMonday 27 51 after Tuesday 28.. 51 morn And it is intended that the Screw Steamers shall sail daily, Sunday excepted, as under, with Merchandize:— FEBRUARY. FEBRUARY. Friday 24 2 after Friday 24 31 after Saturday 25 31 after Saturday 25 41 after Monday 27 5 mom Monday 27 51 after Tuesday 28 5A morn Tuesday 28 61 morn t To and Fro from Newport. To and Fro from Bristol. FARI:S.—After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin, ls.6d. To and Fro same day; After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Four* wheel Carriage, 18s.; Gig or Light Phaeton, 8s.; Ditto, with Horse and Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s.; Horse and Rider, 6s.: Dogs, Is. Refreshments may be had on board. The Proprietors give notice that they will not be account- able for Passengers' Luggage,&c. and tlnir responsibility in respect of Goods in general is restricted, by the terms of a Notice affixed in their unices, at Bristol and Newport. Goods regularly an 1 punctually forwarded by careful Cou- riers to all parts of the country. For conditions of freight, apply at the Company's Offices. Bell Avenue, Queen Square,, Bristol; and Beaufort Wharf, Newport. a.m. a m, p m. jo. p.m. prgl The South Wales Railway Trains leaves Newport, for Swansea and inter- „ mediate stations, at. 818 11.8 5.10 1.50 9.33 3.20 And arrive at Newport from Swansea & intermediate stations, at 8-48 10 38 S.56 9.15 The Western Valleys Rail- way Trains leaveNewport for Blaina and inter- ,) mediate stations, at. ,.0 1.0 5.0 Andarrive at Newport from Blaina and intermediate Q stations, at W.4a 4.1a 3-45 The Newport & Pontypool Railway Trains leave Newport for Pontypool &intermediatestationsat 8.30 H-1& 2.15 5.30 8.0. AndarriveatN wportfrom Pontypool&intermediate n stations, at .>"• ,fv? NOTICE.—The Public are respectfully intarmedThat the Screw Packet Company will convey Passengers and Merw > chandise (via South Wales Railway Company) for Carmar- then Swansea, Haverfordwest.'« enbj;t Liandilo, and pl&e« adjacent, at very reduced rates. „f ■ ¡-. I l or Rates of Freight, &c., a^p\y at the and to Mr. Prcjbert, Sv. anseq. r February lst? 1B54 JOH^ JI