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BRYNMAWR. "OMEGA" IN A FIX! [TO THE EEITOR.] SIB,—In reading Ome",a II second letter, in your columns of last week, I was much amused to find my dose taking such effect on him as have deranged his mental vision, and caused him to write so long and confused a letter. But Omega must not blame me for it, seeing that I did not his „ consfcitutiol'v, an(f therefore, had to PRESCRIBE BY CHANCE. But, in this my second epistle I am not quite 80 much in the ;iark as to know, pretty nearly, who Ome^a" is • for it is Drettv eertain the FOX is not far off when you can see his TAIL; and from the repetition, and rambling remarks of Ome^a tbrathei» « K S,t fai.lt iitl, those who'are3]!40 b°-th" '"w T that I am afraid of foUowinf'^AJ3Upf,n?ra" .Jere lt,Dot letter, much might -ITL °me-a, ,ln wrltln« a, lo"f will VJ. ? ai<* 0n some of nis remarks, but I nliiP ^.8elf by criticising a few; and in the first think nf says he did Dt mention my name, or If If 'u en, •¥ waa writing. Pray, who did he think '] fun ° W Pni hQ address his letter, but to myself a.n. eW°w-ratepayers, whom he taxed with want of mental sight, and business talents. Omega's" version may satisfy himseli, but it does not. satisfy me and my fellow-towns- nieix. He also lays great emphasis, and makes a great noise about there being so few of the respectable inhabitants at the meeting. I may just say there were three causes why there were not more there; and first, the members of the Hoard of Health were not invited, because the subject would come before them in the form of a petition. Secondly, a great number had signed the requisition in favour of the meeting and lastly, the weather was very stormy, which kept many of the respectable inhabitants away, and they, therefore, entrusted the meeting with their views and senti- ments on the subject. '» Omega" then makes a bold attack on me, for signing my name to my letter, and says it was to gain populariiy. But, sir, if "Omega" is ashamed to come out and speak his mind, so that all may know who is, I am not bound to follow his example, nor will I; and, therefore, fling back his insinuation With disdain, and I very much question whether, if he had been honoured with the chair, we should have seen his civility in your pages. In the next plaee, he complains of my allowing two or three persons to speak at the same time but he also forgot to tell us that he was one of the two or three that broke the order, at the close of the meeting. The next topic that seems to give him offence, was the resolutions, which he terms half-starved, gasping for breath, and only filling a few lines in your pages and here allow me to say thit Omega very clearly shows the shallowness of his mental capadty, and that he prefers nonsense to com- mon-sense, and fiction to facts; and that, because the reso- lutions did not, like his letter, fill up nearly a page of your paper, they were half-starved, &c,, &c. It is, therefore, quite evident that Omega does not measure resolutions bv himself. There are some other things mentioned in his letter which I do not think worthy of notice for Omega is not con- tent to and fault with the living, but even the dead have not escaped his bitter attack. Fearing that I have trespassed too much on your space, I will now conclude by reminding Omega that, though he assumes the character of adviser, poet, scholar, drama- tist, divine, and I know not what, yet he leaves out one of the great laws of moral duty—namely, Mau, know thyself." Had he done this, he would not have said that Omega was not a sacred name. I know as well as he does, that the words Alpha and Omega, are the first and last words in the Greek alphabet; and I know also, that our Saviour applies them to himself, when he says, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, which terms denote his perfection and eternity; the force of which will appear by comparing Romans ch. i., v. 8; and many other passages might be quoted, if required, to show that the word is sacred. I alD, dear sir, yours very sincerely, WILLIAM FORD. Beaufort-street, February 2, 1854. N.B. Omega," in his first letter, made a great ado respecting our Literary Institution, but, like much that lie said in his letters, it is only froth for I cannot find his name on its books, eittter as a subscriber or donor,






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