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I* I General Notices- AN EXTENSIVE NEW STOCK. )F DRAPERY GOODS, AT THE GOLDEN KEY P. JOHN K-# £ GS to inform his friends and numerous customers that he I j~ has just returned from London, where he has purchased n ,8e Lot of Goods, adapted for the present season, which, P"ce and quality, will bear the test of comparison. An early call is solicited. Golden Key, 169, Commercial Street, Newport. THOMAS LEWIS, •j TAILOR AND DRAPER 146, COMMERCIAL STREET, B»early opposite the West of England Bank, Newport, EGS to call attention to his Large Stock of Superior „ Woollen Cloihs, Fancy Trowserings, and Yestings of the for7ifSt Fashion, all of which he has carefully selected the coming season. An early inspection is solicited. P PERUVIAN GUANO. HlLLlPS AND GETHING supply this season, at a Re- Y duced Price, their well-known quality of the above r uable Manure, selected out of the finest and driest cargoes, Reived by them direct from Peru, without landing, and sold Ranted as imported. tha>AUTr0N and G. are. in self-defence, compelled to add a ? Damaged, Inferior, and Artificial Guano are being sold l*i Peruvian, in some cases by respectable agents, who n°t their real origin. Some in.i;a iii l.t t: i;\ t ( (; i i 11 1 < (<' < < 111 pear- or smell. Coxnmercial Buildings, Newport, 1852. to BACON CURERS, PORK BUTCHERS, AND OTHERS. hICHARD ROGERS, of 140, Commercial-street, Newport, wishes to dispose of his Business, Plant, Stock, &c., to ■ ? Person desirous of starting in the above line. A very large fa t ^Ucra'ive business is well established, and the most satis- hn .y reasons can be given for parting with it. A personal in- P?cti°n of Books, &c., will be allowed, but bona fide parties jy Will be treated with. early application is requisite. NOTICE. ALL PERSONS Indebted to the Estate of the late THOMAS WILLIAMS, of Caerleon, Maltster, deceased, are requested by the Executors of his will, to pay the amounts *espectively due from them, to Mr. THOS. M. LLEWELLIN, Solicitor, Newpori, forthwith, and all claims upon the Estate 4re to be forwarded to him for examination. Dated May 12tb, 1852. THOS. M. LLEWELLIN, Solicitor to the Executors. BREWERS' ArtDIS, GREAT DOCK STREET, ADJOINING THE WESTERN VALLEYS TERMINUS, NEWPORT, MON. HARRIET PEARCE, widow of the late John Pearce, -t-M. continues to conduct the business of her late husband as Usual. H. P., in returning her grateful thanks for past favors, Solicits a continuanee of that patronage hitherto so liberally Bestowed. Every Accommodation for persons travelling by the Trains or Packets. Well-Aired Beds. Good Stabling, Store Rooms, &c. No connection with any other person of the same name. April 28, 1852. NEWPORT FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. TENDERS FOR ROADS AND DRAINAGE PARTIES desirous of Tendering for the several works re- quired in forming Roads and making Sewers and Drains On the Societv's Estate at Fairoak. may inspect the plans Actions, and specifications, at the Offices of the Society's Sur. "'eyor, Commercial-street, Newport, between the hours of Ten rue Sealed Tenders to be delivered at the Surveyor's 7f,Ces> before FOTJK o'Clock on MONDAY, the 24th inst. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept th<; lowest tender. R. G. THOMAS, Architect and Engineer, Surveyor to the Society. May 14th, 1852. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that David Lawford Evans, of Number 12, Thomas-street, Newport, in the of Monmouth, grocer and provision dealer, hath, by .^denture of Assignment, bearing date the 29th day oi April, 'ri the year of our Lord 1852, duly assigned all and every his I'rsonal estate and effects, whatsoever and wheresoever, unto i°8eph Lang, of Hambridge Mills, in the parish of Curry *«*ell, in the county of Somerset, corn miller, and Samuel "ooper Grimes, of Newport, aforesaid, corn merchant, upon trust, for the general benefit of such of the creditors of the 8al;i David Lawford Evans, as shall execute such deed of Assignment, or signify their assent thereto, within two calendar ttpnths from the date thereof. And Notice is Hereby also Given, that the said Indenture was duly executed by the said David Lawford Evans, on the day of the date thereof, and by the said Samuel Cooper Grimes, on the sixth day of May in- stant, and such executions were respectively attested by George Blakey, of Newport, aforesaid, attorney and solicitor, and that such Indenture was duly executed by the said Joseph I'&ng, on the eight day of May instant, and such execution attested by Frederic Alfred Trenchard, of Taunton, in the Said county of Somerset, solicitor. And Notice is Hereby further Given, that the said Indenture Dow lies at the office of the said George Blakey, No.7, Cunmer- cial-street, Newport aforesaid, for the signature of the creditors of the said David Lawford Evans, who are required to execute the same within the period above mentioned, or they will be deluded all benefit arising therefrom. Wated this thiiteenth day of May, 1852. GEORGE BLAKEY, Solicitor to the Trustees. DENTAL SURGERY, TWENTY-FIRST YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. Mondays, Chepstow; Tuesdays, Abergavenny; Wednesdays, Newport; Thursdays, Cardiff; Fridays, Merthyr; Saturdays, Monmouth. MR. LEWIN MOSELY, Surgeon Dentist, of 30. Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, HAS the honour to announce to his patients and the residents generally of the Principality, that he will Commence his usual PERIODICAL VISIT, on Monday, the 3rd of May, when he may be consulted in all relating to his Profession, on Mondays, at the George Hotel, Chepstow; Tuesdays, at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny; Wednesdays, at the King's Head, Newport; Thursdays, at the Cardiff Arms, Cardiff; Fridays, at the Castle Inn, Merthyr; (all at private apartments); and on Saturdays, at Mr. J. Powell's, Plumber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Attendance from Ten to Five. Mr. L. M. is enabled to offer to his Patients advantages only attainable in the Metropolis the whole of the Mechanical Department is designed and executed at the Town Establish- ment, whereby a sure and accurate fit is guaranteed and Mr. L. M. being the manufacturer of the newly.invented Mineral Teeth, a great saving is made to the patients-set, and partial *ttt being made for little more than half the usual charges. Every recent improvement adopted in the construction of Artificial Teeth, to suit each individual case, among which is the last new invention of adding an Artificial Gum o the Teeth, whereby the youthful contour of the countenance is perfectly restored. The Teeth are also fixed upon atmospheric principles, so as to cause a perfect articulation and mastica- tion they are quite indestructible they never change colour, and are fixed from one to a complete set, without extracting the stumps, and are worn with perfect ease upon the most tender gums. Filling with gold, and the various cements now in use, Scal- ing, Children's Teeth attended to, and every operation per- taining to Dental Surgery. Consultations Free, and every information without expense. References to the Faculty, and very many Resident Families. Constant Attendance at Town Residence, No. 30, B, rners- ttreet. Oxford-street, where Patients can always be at'ended, and Letters addressed will meet with immediate attention; and Mr. L. M. begs to remind his Patients, that he has not any connection with any Dentist residing at Bristol, or elsewhere. London: 30. Berners-street, Oxford.street, April 17, 1852. MISS HOLMES, GRATEFUL for the extended patronage accorded to her for several years past, respectfully announces that she has made extensive improvements in herpremises, and adapted them to the increased requirements of her business. Miss H. having just visited the metropolis, has selected a large assortment of goods suitable for the present season, com- prising the newest designs in French and English Millinery, Mantles, Ribbons, Parasols, Gloves, Straw Bonnets and Hats, Grecian and Swiss Fancies, Leghorns, &c., which she intends Submitting to her friends at prices which cannot fail to secure their approval. The SHOW ROOMS are now Open. 55, High Street, Newport. THE LATE REV. D. RHYS STEPHEN. THE REV. D. RHYS STEPHEN, the eloquent preacher, the instructive lecturer, the bard and patriot—the man of brilliant intellect, of cloudless temper, and of social heart, has passed away from amongst us. The feelings of esteem, affec- tion, and sympathy, with which we are actuated for departed excellence, are, in this instance, rendered melancholy, by a consideration of the fact, that Mr. Stephen has died in poverty -too often,alas the cheerless concomitant of genius-and has left his widow and six children to the humane consideration and mercies of his countrymen, in whose service his best years and energies were spent, zealously and without stint; for all who knew the deceased, are well aware, that his patriotism was as generous as it was unaffected, fervent, and constant. At a meeting held at the room of the Mechanics' Institute, Town Hall, Newport, on the 27th of April, it was resolved- that committees of the friends and admirers of the late Rev. D. R. Stephen, be formed in Newport and other towns of the district, in order to solicit the humane co-operation of a generous public, ever ready to comfort the afflicted and alleviate distress-in order to raise a fund, which may be prudently ap- plied in succouring the family of one whose abilities have been uniformly devoted to the instruction of his fellow-man, and who has performed so distinguished a part on the theatre of human life. Fondly is it hoped that this beneficent work may prosper- that the helpless wail of woe may be calmed and comforted- and that the benefactions of the commiserating, may, in the hour of serious thought, in this life of vicissitude, afford a sunshine to the heart of the willing giver. COMMITTEE. Samuel Homfray, Esq Mr. T. F. Lewis Thomas Brown, Esq „ Phillip John James Brown, Esq Edward Thomas Charles Prothero, Esq Henry Thomas George Gething, Esq „ R. C. Slade George Harrhy, Esq „ John Williams Edward Dowling, Esq William Fergusson William Evans, Esq f, John Hyndman Lewis Edwards, Esq „ D. H. Evans Samuel Phillips, Esq William West Robert Stack, Esq, M.D. Thomas Lewis R. F. Woollett, Esq „ Thomas Williams James Hawkins, Esq „ Thomas Richards W. W. Morgan, Esq „ John Lloyd Robert J. Cathcart, Esq. II Edward Wells Thomas Latch, Esq „ John M. Scott Richd. M ullock, (Alderman) William L. Kelly James Murphy, Esq. II William Ree& Arthur Murphy, Esq. William Vaughan Rev. William Thomas Henry Evans Hev. David Edwards „ William Tombs Rev. John Thomas Evan Morgan Rev. G. Griffiths „ William Pitt Mr. John Davies „ James Salter William Christophers GEORGE HARRHY, Esq., of the West of England and South Wales District Bank, Newport, has kindly consented to act as Treasurer. Any kind Friends who may be desirous of soliciting contri. butions in aid of this benevolent object, may be furnished with Subscription Books, on application to the undersigned. The Committee are requested to meet at the MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, in the TOWN HALL, every TUESDAY EVENING, at Seven o'clock precisely. W. DOWNING EVANS, Secretary to the Relief Committee. 29th of April, 1852. 'A -W- I I THE NEWPORT CHORAL SOCIETY'S THIRD FRIENDS NIGHT CONCERT OF SACRED DC, SECULAR MUSIC WILL he given at the MASONIC HALL, on FRIDAY, the 21st of May, 1852. Tickets of admission—(limited to 150)—Members, 6d.; Non-members, Is. each to be had of R. M. TOOGOOD, > ALFRED BARFOOT, Secretanes. For Particulars, see Programmes and Books of Words. To commence at eight o'clock- POaT OR HARBOUR OF NEWPORT. WE, the undersigned, being Eight of the Commissioners of the Port or Harbour of Newport, in the county of Monmouth, Hereby Give Notice, that the General Yearly Meeting of the Commissione s of the said Port or Harbour, will be holden on FRIDAY, the 28th day of May instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the TOWN HALL, Newport, for the purpose of Auditing the Accounts for the year ending the 31st day of March last; and to report the state of the said harbour; and also for the transaction of general business. Dated this 6th day of May, 1852. FREDERICK JUSTICE, WILLIAM JENKINS, JOSEPH LATCH, MARTIN MORRISON, THOMAS LATCH, STEPHEN CAMPBELL, RICHARD BURTON, CHARLES LYNE. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk to the Commissioners. 2jf MONMOUTHSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the County of Monmouth, holden at the Town Hall, in Usk, in and for the said county, on MONDAY, the Fifth day of APRIL, 1852, are continued by adjournment to, and will be held at, the Town Hall, Usk, aforesaid, on IUESDAY, the Twenty-fifth day of MAY instant, at Ten o Clock in the Forenoon, for the purpose of trying prisoners committed for trial, for offences within the jurisdiction of the Court at which time and place, all Bailiffs and other Officers, Prosecutors, Witnesses, and others concerned, bound by recogni- zance or otherwise, are required to give their attendance. I he names of the Grand arId Petty Juries will be called over at the hour aforesaid, and they are to answer to their names, or in default they will be fined. All Persons having Bills of Indictment to prefer, are requested, I to send instructions for the same in due time, to the Clerk of Imiictments, at Usk, aforesaid. All Recognizances, Informations, and Depositions mutt be deli- vered to the Clerk of the Peace, at Newport, three days previous to the said adjourned Sessions. CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, May 3rd, 1852. MONMOUTHSHIRE. COURT OF SEWERS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an Adjourned General Court and Session of Sewers, for the Levels of the Hundreds of Caldicot and Wentlooge, in the county of Monmouth, will be held at the house of John Lloyd. commonly called or known by the name of the KINO 18 HEAD INN, in the Town of Newport, in the said county, on Thursday, the 20th day of May instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, when and where all persons who shall feel themselves aggrieved by any present- ment found at the last Court, may attend and enter their tra- verse thereto, otherwise the same will stand confirmed. Dated this 5th day of May, 1852. A. WADDINGTON, Clerk. NEWPORT HOUSE, HIGlI STREET, NEWPORT. J. PRICE AND CO., HAVING recently visited the London, Leeds, and Manchester Markets, most respectfully call the attention of the Li. Inhabitants of Newport and Its environs to their Stock of Summer Dresses, Shawls, Ribbons, Alpacas, Plain and Fancy Bonnets, Flowers, Hosiery, Gloves, &c., &c., which, for variety and cheapness, carnnot be equalled in Newport. J. P. and Co., in bringing the various departments before the public, desire to say, they feel assured that their STOCK OF BLACK AND COLOURED GLACE, SATIN, AND MOIRE MANTLES, both in Magnitude and Cheapness, surpasses everything of the kind ever offered in any country establishment, they having, within the last week, received upwards of Four Hundred New Styles direct from Paris. Newport, 13th May, 1852. DO YOU WANT TO BUY GOOD BOOTS AND SHOE g Then apply at 124, Commercial Street, Newport, OPPOSITE CROSS STREET, WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE LARGEST STOCK IN NEWPORT, FROM 0 WHENCE TO SELECT. s. d. s. d. Wellington Boots •• •• 10 6 Sailors'Pumps 4 6 DittoFrench 12 G Ladies' House Boots .26 Ditto Best English Make •• 14 0 Ladies'Cashmere Boots. 3 0 Short Welington Boots 7 6 Ditto Cloth Boots 4 0 Ditto (very good) 10 6 I Ditto Patent Slippers. 2 6 Men's Bluchers 4 6 Ditto ditto (very good) 3 0 Ditto (very good) •• 7 0 Ditto Dancing Slippers 3 0 Men's Shoes 5 6 Gentlemen's Dress Boots and Ladies' Opera Slippers. Children's Boots and Shoes, in endless variety, and Cheaperj than at any House in the Town. French Clogs, Is. 3d. to 2s.-Best Toe-capped Pattens, Is.-Common Pattens, 9d. Children a Pattens and Clogs at the Makers' Prices. HAWKINS' PATENT ROTARY BOor AND SHOE HEEL. It is a well known fact that most persons wear the heels of their boots unevenly, by reason of their treading more on one side than the other, which causes the boot or shoe to fall over on the other side; whereby not only an unsightly appearance is caused, but it occasions them to crack at the side, thereby spoiling them before half-worn out. and, in a great measure, is the means of producing corns. These objections, however, are entirely prevented by Hawkins' Rotary Boot and Shoe Heel. This is effected by turning the heels round occasionally, so that by giving a change of surface to every part of the heels, they are al,vays kept level-repairs are no longer necessary, re-heeling is dispensed with, and the SOLES WILL WEAR CONSIDERABLY LONGER. LICENSED AGENT FOR NEWPORT: James Horner, Boot laker, 124, Commercial Street, Newport. THE FIRE AT WARWICK HOUSE, No. 42, Commercial Street, Newport, Monmouthshire. C RUSSELL BEGS to announce to his friends and the public generally, that the extensive repairs rendertd necessary by the late fire having been completed, he has Re-Opened the Premises with a New and Fashionable Stock of Spring Goods,, Consisting of every description of Linen and Woollen Drapery, Silk Mercery, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Ticks, Sheeting Calicos, Long Cloths, Irish Linens, Printed Muslins, French Delaines, Cashmeres, &c., &c. For each department, great care has been taken to select only such goods as are known to be of the very best make, com- bined with lowness of price and durability. The advantages of purchasing at Warwick House are these—Firstly, every article will be sold at the smallest shade of profit. Secondly, all goods being marked so exceedingly cheap, no second price can be made consequently, all customers may feel confident of receiving the very best value for their money. Thirdly, the business being conducted exclusively for cash, the necessity of making a large profit is avoided. G. R. respectfully solicits an early inspection, g RUSSELL, WARWICK HOUSE, NEWPORT. NEWPORT ATHENAEUM & MECHANICS' INSTITUTE GRAjVD EISTEDDFOD. THE Committee have much pleasure in Announcing the following LIST OF PRIZES, to be competed for at their GRAND EISTEDDFOD, intended to be held in SEPTEMBER NEXT :— Prize of £ 10.—Lady Morgan £ 5, Lord Bishop of St. David's £ 5.—For the best English Essay on the Comparative Influence exerted upon the People of England during the last half-century, by the Augmentation of Wealth, the advance of Literature, and the achievements of Science and Art. with a view to determine which of these causes has contributed most directly and successfully to the present elevation of England. Prize of 15, by Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, for the Best Performance on the Triple Harp, Prize of £ 3 3s., by Edward Dowling, Esq., forthe best Memoir of, and Monody on, the late Rev. David Rhys Stephen; the attention of writers being primarily requested to the patriotism of the deceased, his zealous support of the great principle of civil and religious liberty, and the cause of education—the productions to be in the Eng!iah language. Prize of E3 3s.—Mr. D. H. Evans jEl Is., Mr. H. James 10s. 6d., Institution £1 lis. 6d.-For the best Elegy, in Welsh, on the Rev. D. R. Stephen. Prize of £ 2 2s.—Lady llall £ 1 Is., Mrs. Williams, of Bassalleg, £ 1 Is.—For the best Specimen of Welsh Flannel. Prize of E2 2s., by Mr. Edward Wells, for the best English Song—the composition of resident in Monmouthshire or °'a Priz^of £ 212s 6d., by Miss Clowes, Mr. T. R. Price, Mr. H. J. Groves, and Mr. R. M. Toogood £ 1 l is. 6d. by Institution £ 1 Is—for the best Original Air and Accompaniment to the Song Ihe Heart, the Heart, by Eliza Cook, published in the MEHLIN of May 7. „ „ Prize of £ 5 by W. C. Webb, Esq., for the best English Essay on the Press, as a means of national enlightenment. Prize of £ 2 2s.—Miss Price £ l is. Mr. James Davies, £ 1 Is.—for the best Performance on the Triple Harp, by a Lady., Prize of E5, by Charles Morgan, Esq.. to the best party of Glee Singers. Prize of £2 2s., by Mr. R. M. Toogood, to the second best party of Glee Singers. Prize of E3 3s., by the Institution, for the best Critical Essay, in Welsh, on the Welsh Prize Poetry of the Eisteddfodau of Wales and Monmouthshire, since, and including, the Royal Eisteddfod held in Cardiff in 1834. Prize of £1 Is.—Mr. J. Polak 10s. 6d., Institution 10s. 6d.—for the best pair of Drawings in Black Lead or Crayon, by an Ametetir. Prize of E2 2?.—Mr. J. N. Knapp jEl Is., Mr. Nash ft Is -for the test Performance on the Pedal Harp. Prize of E2 2s.—Octavius Morgan, Esq., M.P-. £1 Is., Institution jEt Is.—for the best Specimen of Carving in Wood, the production of the Exhibitor. Prize of F,2 2s.—Mr. J. H. Phillips £1 Is., Institution igl Is.-for the best English Essay, by a Working Man, on the Necessity and Advantages of a safe and lucrative mode of Investment for the Working Classes, including the advantages of the present system of Savings Banks, Benefit, Building, Friendly, and Life Assurance Societies. Prize of £ 2 2s., by T. B. Batchelor, Esq., for the best Penillion Singing. Si Prize, entitled the Honeysuckle Vase, (a group of Wax Flowers, with glass shade and stand), for the best Poem in Welsh, (tree metre), on the Flowers of Spring. Prize of £ 1 Is., bv Mr. Henry Sheppard, for the best Group of Wax Flowers, by a resident in Monmouthshire. Prize of £ 1 Is., by Mr. E. V. Jenkins, to the best Singer of a Comic Song. Prize of 10s. 6d., by Captain Hughes, for the best Two Enijlynion to the schooner Ariel." Prize of £ 2 2s., by Mr. E. J. Phillips, for the best account of King Arthur, asserted to have been crowned at Caerleon on Uske," giving chronology of his birth and life, with an account of his deeds, yet divested of some of those illusions that fancy and affection have raised. „ Prize of £ 1 Is. by Mr. Titus Lewis, for the best Welsh Translation of the Old Arm Chair," by Eliza Cook. Prize of £ 1 Is. by Charles Lyne Esq., for the best English Translation of a Welsh Song, to be advertised next week. Prize of 10s. 6d' by the Institution, for the best Specimen of Penmanship, by a Boy under 15 years of age. o Prize of ft Is.—Mr. W. Al. Jack, 10s. 6d., Mr Charles Lewis, 10s. 6d.—for the best Specimen of Fancy Needle-work, (not Berlin), Crochet, or Knitting, by a Lady. resident in Monmouthshire. The Committee would be happy to receive Donations for other Prizes, or Donations towaids the General Prize Fund, on or before the 22nd instant, after which the list will be closed. The names of judges, instructions to competitors, with other particulars, will be published in programmes, as soon as the prize list is closed. All communications to be addressed to the Secretaries, W. M. JACK, "J CHAS. LEWIS, J-Hon Sees. May 5th, 1852. A. G. CULLUM, 3 CONTINENTAL AND ENGLISH PAPER HANGINGS. More than Twenty Thousand Pieces, and about Ten Tons Weight. THE STOCK embraces every class of paper, from the sim- )t ple and economical to the most costly in use, in colour and style so varied as to suit every taste, and at prices quite in accordance with the prevailing economy of the day. PAT ) ERNS forwarded POST FREE, together with the table I to measure rooms—by which parties resident in the country, can ascertain the exact number of pieces their rooms may re- quire. And from so large a stock the orders can be imme- diately executed, thus obviating the inconvenience consequent on waiting for papers to be made. Builders, Painters, and the Trade, supplied on liberal terms. COTTERELL BROTHERS, 46, Broadmead, Bristol, and 5. Bridge-street, Bath. TSSSATSNGO OSMOLITLUN OF XHB CRYSTAL PALACE. IN consequence of many thousands of persons in the United Kingdom having been unable to obtain a copy of the GREAT EXHIBITION CHART, Printed in Colours, and Presented by the Proprietors of the Weekly Dispatch to their subscribeu and the public, ia the months of January and February last, A RE-ISSUE Has been determined upon, to take place on SUNDAY, the 16th of MAY. The Chart, which has undergone a careful revision, shews by simple diagrams the number of persons that visited the Exhibition daily, the amount of money taken at the various entrances, the quantity of refreshments consumed, the names of the Royal Commissioners, an account of the origin of the Palace, and its dimensions in feet. I In order that every individual in the country may possess this statistical reflex of curious and interesting results, to mark the demolition of the building, and to serve as a memento of its existence, the Chart will be delivered GRATIS to every sub- scriber and and purchaser of the Dispatch on the day stated. *»* The Dispatch is published at four p'clock every Saturday morning, in time for the first railway trains leaving London, and for the morning mails. Early orders should be given to all Newsvendors, in town or country; or to Mr. R. J. WooD»f*No. 139, Fleet Street. N.B The News Agents will have a Copy of th, Chart "Ih every Dispatch of May 16th. ■% V TO GROCERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED, immediately, an Active YOUNG MAN. Testimonials to moral character and business habits will be required. Apply to E. MASON, Cloth Hall, Tredegar. TO VISITORS FROM THE COUNTRY. MECHI'S SHOW ROOMS, No. 4, LEADENHALL STREET, LONDON. ALL Persons of taste should hasten to inspect the unique and recherche STOCK OF ELEGANCIES now exhibited by MECHI, in his new Show Rooms, 4, Leadenhall-Street, near the India House. Determined to take the lead in taste, he has brought out seme most superb and novel specimens in Papier Mach6. Finding it impossible to display them advan- tageously in his former space, he has fitted up splendid Show Rooms, to which he invites those who are desirous of seeing the most brilliant specimens this country can produce. That the economical may be suited, as well as those of the most refined and luxurious taste, will be evident on a perusal of the ollowing list of ( ELEGANCIES FOR PRESENTS AND USE, Bagttelle tables, £ 3 10s, to £ 15 writing desks, 8s. to £ 65; dressing cases, 17s. 6d. to £ 200; work boxes, 10s. to £ 40; leather writing cases, 10s. to £ 7 ditto, with dressing case, £ 4 to £ 45 tea chests, 7s. 6d. to £ 15 envelope cases, 6s. to £ 7; inksiandft in wood, bronze and papier macb6, 0s. to £ 7; papier macb6 work tables, £6 10s. to £ 80; tea trays, 10s. to f4,5 per set; work and cdke baskets, 10s. to JE4; card racks, t6<. to £3; hand screens, 10s. to £ 10.; pole screens, L2 5s. to E4 10s.; netting boxes, caid boxes, ladies' companions in pearl, shell, papier maché, and leather ladies' scent cases and toiletbottles, ladies' card cases, chess boards and men; elegant papier maehe chess tables; gold and silver pencil cases in every variety; good tooth biushes, 6d. each cases of plated and silver dessert knives and forks Sheffield plate, splendid table cutlery warranted razors and strops, 3s. 6d. each sporting knives, and every description of fancy cutlery. With a variety of other articles, of which Illustrated Catalogues may be had GRATIS, and will be sent post free on application. As Mechi manufactures extensively on his own premises, the quality of every article is warranted. '4,LEADENHALL STREET, NEARTHE INDIA HOUSE, V* LONDON. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. ALTERATION OF TIME OF THE GOODS TRAIN. ON MONDAY, the 17th, and on Succeeding Days, (Sun- days excepted), the GOODS TRAIN will LEAVE CHEPSTOW at 6.30 A.M., instead of 7 30 as at present, and will arrive proportionably earlier at all the Stations. It will Leave Swansea at I.SOr.M, and arrive at all the Stations on the Up-joumey about one honr earlier than at present. Swansea Terminus, May 11, 1852. EXCURSION" TICKETS', at SINGLE FARES for the DOUBLE JOUIINEY, will be ISSUED on SUNDAY MORNINGS, on this Railway, AT ALL STATIONS BETWEEN GLOUCESTER AND SWANSEA; # The holders of the 1st and 2nd class tickets will be conveyed by any train running on the line. The 3rd Class Excurson Tickets will be available bt any Train except the 5: ail Trains. The Tickets are not Transferable, and can only be used for the day on which they are issued. Passengers having luggage can only be conveyed at the ordinary fares. EXCURSION FARES. 1st Class. 2nd Class 3rd Class s. d. s. d. s. d. Swansea and Neath. 16 10 0 8 „ Port Talbot 33 20 11 Chepstow 17 3 11 0 62 Cardiff and Newport 26 16 011 „ Bridgend. 50 33 18 » Chepstow and Newport 1 40 26 15 „ Cardiff 6 9 4 6 2 4 Cloucester and Newnham. 2 6 1 9 0 10 Chepstow East 6 6 4 0 2 2 &c., &c., &c. Swansea Terminus, May 10, 1852. MONMOUTHSHIBE RAILWAY AND CA. AL COMPANY. RAILWAY AND CANAL OFFICE, NEWPORT, APRIL 28, 1852. N OTICE is hereby piven, that the Half Yearly Meeting or General Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Navigation, will be held at the Canal Office, on Wednesday, the 19th of MAT next; at Twelve o'clock, at noon. TKe Transfer Books of the Company will be closed at 4 p.m. on Friday, the 14th day of MAY next, and will not be re opened until Thursday, the 20th of that month. By Order, GEORGE HARRISON, Chief Clerk. a NEWPORT, ABERGAVENNY, AND HEREFORD RAILWAY. NOTICE OF CALL. Fifth Call of t2 per Share, making £ 12 paid. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Directors of the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Railway Company have this day made a Call of f2 per share upon the respective Shareholders in the said Company, payable on Friday, the 4th day of June next, and the Shareholders are requested to pay the same accordingly, to any of the undermentioned Bankers; LONDON Messrs. Masterman and Co., 35, Nicholas Lane, City; the Union Bank of London, 2, Princes Street, City. HEREFORD. The National Provincial Bank of England; any of the country branches of the National Provincial Bank of England, in England or Wales. ABERGAVENNY Messrs. Bailey and Co. Interest, at the rate of C5 per cent. per annum, will be charged on all sums not paid on or before the said 4th day of June, 1862. By order of the Board, THOMAS PRITCHARD, Secretary. 26, Spring Gardens, London, May 6, 1852. TO IRON MASTERS, &c.- "¥Tf7~ANTED, by a person who has for many years filled the Tv situation of Cashier and Book-keeper in an extensive Iron Works, and who has also been accustomed to make out Forge and Mill, Blast Furnace, and Colliery Pays, a situation somewhat similar elsewhere. Unexceptionable references can be given as to character and capability, and satisfactory reasons for leaving his present employment. Address A. B. C., MERLIN OFFICB, Newport, Monmouth* shire. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, W. TAPSCOTT AND CO., EG to inform their numerous Correspondents, 13 and Persons intending to Emigrate, that the fol- lowing magnificent Ships, which comprise their Superb Lines of American Packets and Passenger Ships, sailing from LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK, PHILA- DELPHIA, NEW ORLEANS, BALTIMORE, and other American Ports, will continue to be despatched as follows FOR NEW YORK. Ship. Tons Bur. Ships Tons Bur. "Constellation" 2500 Kossuth" 2250 John Stuart" 2500 "Continent" 2000 "Meridian" 2250 Emma Fields" 2000 "Florida" 2000 Benjamin Adams" 2000 Robert Kelly" 1800 Andrew Foster" HBO "Waterloo" 1800 Garrick" 1800 "Henry Clay". 2250 "Arctic" 2000 Underwriter" 2500 Antarctic" 2000 "Rappahannock" 2250 "Centurion" 2000 "Hungarian" 2000 "J Z." 1600 "Roscius" lfiOO A. Z." 1600 "Siddons" J800 State Rights" 2000 One of the above Packets will be despatched on the 1st, 6th, l iih, 16th, 21st, and 26th of each Month. And other First-class Ships will be depatched at intervals, to meet the wants of their numerous applicants at the busy season, thereby preventing the possibility of delay in Liver- pool, so injurious to the welfare of the Emigrant. FOR PHILADEPHIA. Ship. Tons Bur. I Ship. Tons Bur. Tonawanda" 2000 Wyoming"1800 "Tuscorora" 2000 "Saranak" 1650 The above are despatched on the 12th of every Month. FOR NEW ORLEANS. f Carnatic" 1000 "North Atlantic" 1750 Loodianah" 1000 "Arlington" 1500 "Carrack" 1400 "George Green" 1760 City of Lincoln" 1000 "JudahTouro" 1500 "Carrack" 1400 "George Green" 1750 City of Lincoln" 1000 "JudahTouro" 1500 Twice a Month. FOR BALTIMORE. Flora M'Donald" 1800 | Johannes" 1400 "Scotia" 1600 J Harvest" !400 Once a Month. Many of these Ships are quite new, built expressly for the trade, and fitted up especially with a view to accommodate all classes Of Passengers, having private rooms in poop for families and others wisbing to be more select, and most of them carry an experienced surgeon; while their strict punc- tuality of sailing and successful passages, have gained for this line the highest reputation of any in the trade as a proof of which tre may state that no less than 40,000 souls were for- warded by (I Tapscott's Favourite Line," during the year 1851. For Times of Departure, and Rates of Passage, application should be made to W. TAPSCOTT AND CO., American Emigration, Forwarding, and Exchange Offices, St. Georg- Buildings, Regent Road, Liverpool, or to Mr. CbiAliLJ PEATEY, Stationer, &c Castle-street, Tredegar; N.B.—For the accommodation of Passengers, Drafts, to4 any amount, at sight on New York, can at all times be had, which will be found safer and more convenient to Emigrants than any other mode of taking out their funds.