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His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and the Countess of Eglinton, entertained a distinguished party at dinner, at the Viceregal Lodge, Dublin, oil Saturday. Mr. Joseph Silsliee, the American comedian, made his first appearance at the Theatre Royal, Dublin, last night, in the "Yankee Ploughman," and met with a most enthusiastic reception. Valuable rock salt mines have recently been discovered within one mile of the port of Carrickfergus, and the Belfast railway. LAUNCH OF A STSAMER. This morning- a fine new iroee Steamer. 172 !e>t Ion; 2: beam, and il t(et6in hold, was launched from the upper yard ot Messis. Stothert, Slaughter, & Co St. Phillip's. A larCe concourse of persons assembled, ami as 1 lie elegant rraft ulided into the water she was christened h\" Mrs. Whit will,The Queen, and lotnl cheers bursi forth. The Queen 18, we understand, intended for the Cornish trade, in the room of the Bril.iant. She is fi ted with l)tautii'ul engines of Messrs. 8. S & Co's manufacture of 180 horse power, and she will store 370 tons.— Bristol Gazette. Mrs. Bloomer is said to have been killed in Boston, U.S., by her husband, v.ho is insane. Thorn Island, in the centre of Milfurd Haven, is to he fortified at a co-t of £ £ 0'0, and the fort at Puter is to be fitted w tli much heavier guns than those hitherto placed there. The Martellu tower, or fort 011 the Stack Hock, is proceeding this is situated near to the entrance of the Haven, in a very com- manding siuiation. The Lords of the Admiralty have directed the stupendous line-of-baitle ship, the W indaer Castle, the largest man-of war in the world, hniiding in the Royal Dockyara at Pembroke, to be launched eaily in the ensuing summer. She will mount the large numher of 140 guns, and will be fitted with a screw-pro- peller. She is upwards of 3.1:00 tons. It has been suggested by a whaling captain of considerable experience, at Dundee, brother to the ice master of the Erebus that the vessel seen, or supposed to have-been seen, by the mate of the Renovatiou, on the ice near the banks of Newfoundland, might hrive been''white fishing" vessels which had got heset in the ice and driven upon Virgin Rocks, which are not lar from 'he given latitude of 45 dea. 3 min., and where there are soundings of from 5fi to 70 fathoms. Under this supposition it would be desirable that inquiry should he iiiade at the different French ports, whence great numbers of fishermen annually go to the banks of Newfoundland to prosecute the cod fi^hin^. A lighthouse is about to be erected by order of Government in the south Isle of Arran in the Bay of Galway, the height of which is to be 100 feet from the level of ihe rock to the lantern, and another lighthouse of 80 feet in height is to be erected on Brannuk Island. The cost of both is estimated, according to contract, at £ 10,000, and they are to be ready for lighting within two years. In the union of Newcastle, county of Limeriek, the poor house charges and expenditure on paupers generally is near one hundred pounds less than it was during the corresponding period of la, t pear. .Nlr. 'I'uwneley has issued his public address to the electors of the borough of Sligo, and rests his certainty of of success on the support of the Right Rev. Dr. Brown, the Roman Catholic bishop, and of Mr. Abraham Martin, a gentleman of extensive induence in the boraugh. He proclaims himself a Tenant- righter and a Free-trader. It appears to be the general opinion that Sir Thorns Redington will he elected lor the borough of New Ross. Mr. Kirk, of Keedy, an extensive manufacturer, is the fa- vourite at present for the borough of Newry.