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Sporting Intelligence « NEWMARKET FIRST SPRING MEETING. FRIDAY. Match of 1PO sovs, h ft, was won by Lord Glasgow's Sister to Caracara, beating Altitude. The Newmarket Stakes of 50 sovs each, (24 subs), was won by Lord Exe er's Stockwell, beating Maidstone. Father Thames,Child of the Mist, and Ilex ° Match 100 sovs, h ft, was won by Mr. W. E. Hughes's Sophis- try, beating Fernande. 101 ateh -100 sovs, was won by Lord Clifden's Harpsichord, beating Don John. THE CHESTER MEETING. This celebrated meeting has been gradually rising in importance ever since the establishment of its cup in 1824. and the meeting this time was expected decidedly to possess more attractions than any that had hitherto preceded it on the banks of the Dee. Each of the. small stakes was fillel1 well, and the entry and acceptance for the cup were without precedent. All this was owing in a great measure, to the indefatigable exertions of that masterly caterer of sport Mr Topham, who deserves all the praise that can be awarded to him, and to the large sum of public money contributed, amount- ing to nearly sixteen hundred pounds. TUESDAY. The Grosvenor Stakes of 10 sovs each, h ft. with 30 added was won by Mr. Whieldon's Ianthe. beating Sanita Sharavogue, Ed- ward of York, Vatican, Puritan, and Evadne. Won by a head Match, 300 sovs, h ft, Grosvenor Course was won by Air. Mor- ris's Ilungertbrd beating Paddy Bird in a canter by three lengths. Sweepstakes of 5 sovs each, witlt 30 added, was won by Mr. Osborne's Priam the Third, beating Sir (J. Napier, First Fruits, l'rince Rupert, Night Star, Queen of Sapin, and Cyclops, by a length. The Palatine Stakes of 15 sovs each, h ft, with 10) added, was won by Mr. Magenis's Caloric, beating Calot, Lady Agnes, Rathe ree, I bis, and Diamond, by half u length The Mostyn Makes of 10 sovs each, with 100 added, for two yrs old, three quarters of a mile, 02 ,\tV;.), was won by Mi. Merry's Charming Woman. beating Maid of Avon 1, Louis c, Whalebone. Molasses and Jaqhenctta, bv a short half-length. The Chesterfield Stakes (handicap) of 1 sovs each, with 100 added/for three vrs old, was won by Lord Waterford's Lancaster, beating Lucie, Bess of Hardwick, llis Grace, Mary Ann, Helen Faueit, and Jemima filly. by a neck. The Optional Selting Stakes of 5 sovs each, and 30 added, for three yrs old and upwards was won by Mr. J. Osborne's King of Troy, beating llappy, Cyclops, and Stranger's Daughter, by halt a length. WEDNESDAY. The Corinthian Handicap o: ft sovs each, with 20 added, was won Nlr. Morris's Harcsfoot, beating G^jlad, Emerystone, an i Happy Queen, by half a length. The fhot year of the Secon i I riennial Produce St ikes, of 10 sovs each, h ft, witii 30 added, was won by Mr. Drewe's Deli- unce, beating Jaquenctta by a neck. THE CIlKSTKR CUP, Of ?0!) sovs, added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 25 sovs pneb, loft, and only 5 if d: clarfd. The second to receive 50 sovs out of the stakex, the third to save his stakes, and the winner to pay 15 sovs towards expenses. The winner of either the N01 thamptor.sliire Makes, the Metropolitan Stakes, the New- market Handicap, or the Somersetshire Stakes, in ls52, to eitl ry extra or if any other handicap race of the value of 20') sovs, including the winner's own stake, 5lb extra. Cup Course, about two miles and a quaitcr. 210 sulis, 81 of whom ¡](>(>1arpd Mr. Farrance's Joe Miller, 3 yrs, 4st 101b..(IT Goater) ] I Mr. Micklera's Stilton, 3 yrs, 5st 81bs, including 101 os exli a ( Aldcroft) 2 Lord Clifden's Poodle, 3 yrs, 5st 31bs. including lOlbs extr.i (J Sherrard) 3 Mr. Whildon's Benita, 3 yrs, 4st.(Fordham) 4 The following also stinted but were not placed — Mr. *tanpan's Itussboron^h, 5 yrB. 8st 7ibs (15. Keegan). Mr. Osbaldiston's Mountain Deer, 4 yrs, 88t 6105 ( I f iett). Mr. E. Phillips's Truth, 4 yrs. 8, 2lbs (.1. Doyle). Mr. Mnzeley's A lonz'\ 5 yrs, 8st (Simpson). General Anson's B.ickbiter, aged, isl 121bs (Charlon). Mr. Greville's Ariosto 4 yrs, 7st lOlbs (l)ockerav). Lord \\il.lon's Lady Evelyn 6 yrs 7st Nibs ( Flat'man), Lord Fglintoun's Itipi olytns. 4 yis,7st gibs (J. Sharp). Mr. Phillips's Le J uif, 4 yrs, 7*t filbs (Knott). Mr. Palmer's Goldfinder, 4 yrs, 7s 1 Gibs ( \V. Sharpe). Mr. F. li. Clak's Old Dan Tucker, 6 yrs, 7st 51bs (G. Mann) Mr. Saxon's UL,ek ¡Ioctor, yrs, 7st oltis (J. Osborne). Lord Waterford's Duc-au-Dhurras. aged, 7st (D. Doyle). Sir W. ISo.nil's Retail, 0 yrs, 7st ( Ki chener). Dlike of Bedford's Hesse lloiiiburg, 4 vrs, 7st ( Fsling). Mr. Nott's Biiininghaui, 4 yrs 6s1 l'ilbs (carried 7st 121bs) (Knight). 1\1r Morris's Mungerford, 4 yrs, 6st lOlhs (Basham). I\!r. II Hill's llothorpe, 4 yrs. 6sf Kllbs (Arnold). Mr Langshaw names Chulub Singh, 4 yrs, bst lOlbs (H. Ne p) Lord U uterford's Cackcrow, 4 yrs, 6st SIbs (W. Wyme). Mr. '\Ia'ttinson.'d View Halloo (h b), 6 yrs, (1st 61bs (E. Harrison). Mi. Fisher's Breba, 4 yrs, 6st 41bs (Hickman ). Mr. Farrance's Cardinal Wiseman, 4 yrs. 6st 41bs (I.Wyme) Mr. Drinkald's Dulcet, aged, Gst (Pavis). Mr. Delamere'8 Harp, 4 yrs, 6st (Atheiton). Mr. Disney's Indian U'auior, 3 yrs, ost lllea (T. Smith). JVr. It. Stewait s Wilmont, 5 yrs, 5st lOlbs (carried 6.sl lib (Chilinnn). Mr. Thomas names Sister to Fencer, 3 yrs, ost lOlbs (J. Do, Ie). Mr. Osborne's Merrybird, 3 yrs, ost filhs (Carroll). Mr. Filling's The High Sheriff 3 yrs, 5st Gibs (T. Sher- wood). Lord Waterford's Redmond O'llanlon, 3 yrs, 5st bibs (in- cluding 5lbs extra), (Garvey ). Mr. Copeland's Lady Ainyoit, 3 yrs. 5st (Kendall). Mr. I'nidips's Koh-i-uoor, 3 yrs, 5st (carrried 5st SIbs) (Wells). Mr. W. 1). Hollby's 01rica,3 yrs, 4st »21bs ( A Dodd). Mr. Saxon's Richard Primmer, 3 yis 431. IOltJs (Quinton). Fel). Mr. Greville's Scarecrow, 3 yrs, 4st 71bs (Meggies). Mr. C HtHnd. Barleysugar, 3 yrs, 4st 41bs (carried 4st 81bs) (Clilt). J\L.j.lr Pitt nd. Vamuire, a2ed,6-t lOlbs (Glasebrook). Betting. 7 to 2 against Stilton (taken), 8 to 1 against Joe Miller (taken). 14 to ) against Nancy (taken), 15 to 1 against Merrybird, 10!) to G against Goldfinder, 21 to 1 against Betiita, 20 to I against Lady Evelyn, 2f. to I against Indian Warrior, 30 to I against Poodle, 3:3 to I against Cockcrow, 33 to I against Black Doctor, 35 to 1 against Harp (taken), 50 to 1 against High Sheriff, and 50 to 1 against any other. Lord Waterford declared to Will with Cockcrow. Joe Miller made nearly all the running, and won in a canter, by a length and a half Poodle a good third Benita a fourth Black Doctor a fifth. Run in 4 min. G sec. The City Members' Plate, of GO guineas, added to a sweep- stakes of 3 sovs. each. Once round and a distance. 'I uuumvogue 1 Sanita 2 Lady Agnes 3 The Queen's Plate, of 100 guineas. St. :M ichael. 1 Marquis 2 The Scramble Handicap, of 5 sovs. each, and 30 added. Three quarters of a mile. M iss Fanny 1 Tancred 2 Jemima filly 3 Derby. 15 to 1 against Joe Miller (taken). RACING FIXTURES FOR 1852. MAT. Newmarket H Bath and Somerset 18 Shrewsbury 12 Liverpool H. If Uurham 13Epsoui IS Wye Zt JUNF. Lenliam 2 Newcastle. 21 Manchester 2 Bibury 21 Southwell 3 Stockbridge 14 Ascot 8 Winchester. 2J beverfey !> Knighton 25 Ila," pt" C:1rllslc 29 Newton 16 Ludlow go JULY. Salisbury tStamford .< NewmarketS.S. — C Nottingham 28 Worce 6 Knut,furd. 21 Lancaster ? Goodwood .0 21 Liverpool. 14 AUGUST. North Staffordshire 3 York is Iirighton ••••• R:i<!cliffe 33 Great Yarmouth 10 Lincoln at Heading It Egham SEPTEMBEK. Warwick 7 Leicester 21 Doncaster ••••• 14 Manchester Autumn Bi Kglinton Club 21 Newmarket F. O M Bedford 22 OCTOBER. heater Holywell Hunt M orkshire Union Hunt 6 Richmond 11 exham 7 Newmarket Houghton M wnairket S. NOVEMBER. Worcester Autunn 2

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