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TIH E MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN AND GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, No. 1 CORN STREET, CqDki-r-ii UK (Dull THIS Establishment is completely famished with an exten- sive variety of NEW and HANDSOME TYPE, suitable for Book, Plain, and Ornamental PRINTING, Posting and other Handbills, Shipping Noies, Auctioneers' Catalogues, Bills of Lading, Returns of all descriptions, for Iron Works and Col- lieries, Law Forms, &c., printed in a superior modern style, os he shortest notice, and at very REASONABLE TERMS. Addres Cards, Circulars, Invoices Labels, &c. executed in the neaten aadmosttt-otefutmanner. Account Books at Bristol Prices. TO ADVERTISERS. The Advertising Public of Monmouthshire, and the neigh- bouring Counties, are respectfully informed, that the Acents for the "MONMOUTHSHIRE MEKLIN," in the various Towiis. will promptly forward all ADVERTISEMENTS for insertion in the Paper; and Orders from Advertisers it a distance, forwarded to the Office, will receive prompt attention. 13" Advertisements received for the "Gazette," theLonctori Papers, and for all the Provincial Journals of England, Ireland and ScDtland. TARLING'S METALLIC INK.. BANKERS, MERCHANTS, and others, are strongly recommended to use TARLING'S METALLIC INK, prepared expressly for Steel Pens. Manufactured by H. T. Tarling, and sold wholesale by Parsons, .Fletcher, and Co., Printing Ink Manufacturers, Bread Street, London; And may be had of Mr. Christophers, Mr. Mullock, Mr. Morgan Evans, Mr. S. Reed, Mr. Charles Oliver, Newport: or through any Stationers, in Cd., Is. 6d., or 2s. bottles. BREADrUL IVIUNDESL of THOTTS A.NDS. By the Buneflllllse of Deleterious Dings. DR. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Vine Cottage, No. 1S2, opposite the Brewers' Arms, Commer- cial road, Newport, one door from the new Biole Christian Chapel, HA VrlNG devoled his whole study,to the curing of the Vene- real Disease, for the last twenty years, by Herbs only, is enabled to treat with the utmost certainty of a cure in every stage of that dreadful malady, without the use of Mercury restraint of Diet, or any hindrance fiom business whatever. Dr. W.'s He rbai Pills have been experienced by thousands, to be the most valuable yet known for the cure of Gonorrhae, Gleet, Strictures, and Syphilis, or the disease in any other of us morbid forms pains in the head, back, and loius; nervousness, indiges. tion, loss uf appetite, rheumatism. skin diseases, &c. The utmost satetv and confidence may be relied upon by those who entrust t hemscives to the care of Dr. Williams, as the most honourable secrecy and delicacy are observed in every case sFc Attendance Daily from Mne in the Morning until Ten at Night; on Sundays, from Nine till Two. Country Pauents must be particular in stating their cases,as that will render a personal visit unnecessary. Medicine, with the necessary advice, sent to any part on receipt of a ramiltance of IOs. Oas)mvE.—The number of Patients cured at the Establish- ment. Vine Cottage, 182, Pill-road, Newporl, by Dr. Williams, in 1851, amounted to one thousand four hundred and seventy- six. COUGHS CURED FOR A SHILLING. PINNIGEll'S BALM OF LIQUORICE, ffl^HE best and most agreeable Remedy, ever yet offered to the Public, lor the immediate relief and peifect cure of Coughs, Colds, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throats, Asthma, and all complaints atrecting the Lungs. It may be taken with perfect safely by persons of all ages, and is so delicious that no child will refuse it. A long list of Testimonials from psities in the proprietors own neighbourhood, who have recently been cured hy it, is wrapped round each bottle and as a guarantee that the article is genuine, purchaseu are particularly requested to observe that the words, FRANCIS BROOME PINMGI' R, are engraved on the Government Stamp, which is fixed over the cork ot each bottle, without which it cannot be genuine, and to imitate which is felony. The following testimonials are selected from those which are printed on the wrapper which is folded round each bo tfe:— Avebtiry, near MaiIborougb, Wilts, Aug. 18,1848. i Dear Sir,-Suffering for some time from a severe Cold and Cough. 1 was recommended to try your "Balm of Liquorice," and I beg to assure you that it had the dt-sired effect of imme- diately removing the Cough. I th'!n recommended it to some friends, whospoke in very high terms of it, having effected many cures in their parish, where influenza and coughs had been very prevailing. Injustice to yoursell, 1 think so good and valuable a remedy should be made known to the public. I am, dear sir, yours most respectfully, GIOUCE BROWN. Broad Hinton, August 23, 1848. Dear Sir,—Agreeably with your request, 1 beif to answer your enquiries respecting the Balm of Liquorice," you sent me lor my cough, last winter; and I have much pleasure in say- ing that it speedily removed it; and in several instances in my own family tittle, it has also had the de-ired effec', giving relie in every case.I am, sir. yours truly, R.CIIAHD TUCKWKM.. Wanborough Inlands, February 8, 184 i. Sir.-T have used your •' Balm of Liquorice," in my family for some time, and beg to state that I have found it very bene- ficial in cases of Cough, Sore Throat, and Hoarseness aud I will do all in my power to recommend it. I remiin yours, See., RICHARD CANNING. Gratifying Testimonial from his Worship the Mavor of St. Albans dated St. Alban*, August 18, 1818. Dear Sir.— 1 he bottle of Balm of Liquorice" I had at vour abop a few days since has, I am happy to say, been of singular service in the entire removal ot a distressing cough, under Mhi. h one of my little giils (aged lour je^is) had been suffering for about i wo months. I must give you the credit likewise of having fotmed a most delicious Bilm from the Liquoiice Root, thus affoiding the public a remedy at once efficacious and palatable, 31 which was certainly a thing much to be desired. I remain, yours vet y trulv, To Mr. Pinniger. FRlV. WHEELER. A wonderful Cure effected. Spittleboro* Farm, near Wuotton Hass"tt. Feb. 3, 1848. Dear Sir,— James Sir.mge, a labourer in my service, and living at Liidiard Tregoze, begs me to inform you that your I, Balm of Liquorioe" has quite cured a severe Cold and Cough, from which he had long Buffered, and whuh had obliged him to leave his work, and keep his t>ed tor some d .ys, until I g.ive h m a small bottle of your excellent remedy, wlmh quite cuied him, and lie is now able to work again as well as before he was taken ill. Hoping your '• Balm of Liquorice" will become universally known, I remain, dear sir, yours truly, WM. PIIIDY. Swindon Gas Works. Sir,-After taking three bottles of your agreeable Balm o Liquorice," I found relief from a bad Cough, which had long troubled me, and lor winch I could before get no relief. I remain, s r, your most obedient servant, J. JEFFIIFYS. Gratifying testimonial just received from Mr. Edward Jteol) the very extensive caitle dealer of Glamorganshire, who is well- known also throughout the West of England and South Wales. —-Dated February 19ii), 1H5"2. Sir,-I beg to^request ih<U you will send me, as soon as you can, an 8s bottle ot your Balm of Liquorice, as I shall never like to be without it again. Three winiers ago, I was obliged 10 travel outside a cuach in Herefordshire, the coach being lull in- aide, and having unfortunately left my great coat behind, I took a most vIolent culd and cough, from which I was three whole months before I iecovered and e-ery winter since I have been subject to a most distressing cough, which has prevented, to a gredt extent. my following my business. But fortunately 1 heard, a few months ago, of the wonderful cures your Balm of Liquorice had effected in own your neighbourhood, and I itsolv, d to try it, and its effect was even beyond what I had heard for whereas, tor winters past, my doctor's bill has been poundf, I have found one 2s. fcid. bottle entirely cure me, and I wanlthis 8s. bottle for some acquaintance, as the larger size is much cheaper than the small. I will recommend it all lean, and hope you v. ill appoint an agent in every town in Wales, for it deserves recommendation- l am, Sir, your very obedient servant, To Mr. Pinniger. EOWARD JAcon. Piepired only by FRANCIS BHOOME PtNMcm, Chemist. Swindon, Wilts, where it is sold,(wholesale and retail, in battles, Is., 2s. 6d., 4s. 6d., and tts. each. A great saving is effected by purchasing the iarger size. Wholesale London Agents: BARCLAY AND SONS, Farringdon Street SUTTON AND Co, Bow Chuich Yard Local Agents: Aberdare Evans, Jones Abergavenny. Do<vns, Hirst Bromyard Philpot Bristol Pooling, High-street Bath King, Walker & Son Brecon Shaw, Hooper, Hay Carmarthen Tardrew, Morgan Cardiff Coleman, Evans, Phillips Cheltenham Gnnstone Ci,ep,tow Williams Gloucester Rose, Fouraere Haverfordwest Phillips, Harris Hereford Jennings, Davies, Duggar Merrick, T Hook, Binstead, Abley Ledbury Rogers, Gibbs, Meacham Lecmioster Davies Ludlow Cocking, Maiston, and Evans, Statione Malvern Anderson, Archer Meribyr Tydvil. Davies, Morgan Monmouth Crooks, Fanar, Heath Newport Phillips Newbiid,ge Newh. Hibbert Fontypoot Conway, Wood e ss Cooke, Cocks Daw & Son, Griffiths ^ro?ld Tombs, Gay Tredegar Evan# W orcestet Stringer, Farmer & Bird Any Cnemi8t who may possibly not have it in stock, can pr « cure it m a few days, from London. ONE HUNDRED FA VITLIES WANTED. TO EMIGRANTS AND CAPITALISTS. FOR SALE 300,000 Acres of Land in the "Valley ol Nucees Western Texas, the •' Italy of America." The quality of the soil for all purposes, cannot be surpassed, and the climate s of unequalled salubrity. The Hon. H. L. Kinney, the pro prietor, has authorised the undersigned to offer to emigrants the following liberal terms, viz. :—To actu 11 Settlers he will let them have Ten Cows on shares, he will sell them 10i) Acres of Land at Six Shillings per Acre, also a Yoke of Oxen and One Horse; Two Shillings per Acre to be paid t.o the Agents in London, and the balance for the I,and and Stock to be paid in Ten Years; he will slsa give them one building lot in the Town of JVucees. The proprietor is the owner of 12,l't)0 horned cattle,2,000 horses, and 10,000 sheep, which enables him to supply settlers with the st, ek on demand. Capitalists will be treated with for sec Ions of not less than 610, and not exceed- ing t'jO.COO acres. Wages, Mechanics,' from 21 to 3 dols. per diem—Labourers,'30 dills. per month, with board. Further a information may be had at the Office Daily, from 10 to 4; and circulars, stating particulars, gratis, if by post, two postage stamps must be enclosed. H. MOSS AND CO., Sole Agents for the Proprietor. 3, Church Court, Clement's Lane London. -0&4' I WuNDRRFUL DISCOVERY. Pll I.VEBM ACII li It's PaIENT PoitTABI-K HYDRO-SLECTRIG CHAIN, ralt PER- SONAL USS. CONSTRUCTED to be worn on thebody under the garments c is the most wonderful discovery its Medicine and ],,Iect, icity ot the present d a v. )t ret eves without shock or a n v disagi wabie sensation IN ST A N 1 A N ICOUS L Y — the moment it is applied — acute nervous painssucli as head, ear, and lomh-ache, r!l'cllmalic pains, tic-doloureux, &c.; and by its mild but continuous and PEKC EP II BLK actionon the body, diseases of ycatsstandinf, such as gout, local paralysis, nervous conipltints, liver diseases, &c. disappi-ar as if ty a miracle. It ptecipitatcs metals from ii.eii- solutions, decomposes wiler, deflects ihe magnetic needle, in short, shows all pi-eiioineti, of a poweiful voltaic pile.—The instrument producing these effects weighs about 2 ounces, can be folded up in a pocket book, is alwajs ready for instantaneous use, and "ill last a man his life-lime, guarding himself, his lan,ily friends, &,c against that immense numberof complaints and diseases i« which MILD STREAMING ELECTRICITY is a perfectly safe,certain and wonderfully speedy remedy. The price of a complete chain is from 4>. 61. to '26:. 6d. Marvellous and incredible as may seem the above facts, ANY PERSON CAN FREELY AND VEltY EASILY CON- VINCE HIMSELF of their truth at any of the depots BE I* O R El I AN 1). The invention has been exhibited with the ereatest success beloie THH ROYAL COLLEGE OF PIIY SIC1ANS, THE ROYAL COLLEGE Olf SL'ltGEONS, THE ROY \L BHII IiSH ASSOCIATION.THE AC. DEAUE NAUOSALK DE MKDr INE AT PARtS, and other Institutions of llie hifcihest order; t e I'roprieiors are in posses- sion of Ihe most firitering testimonials in writing from many of the fiist men in the piofession, aud the chains are already taken into use in most "I the Hospnalsin London. Full description of this wonderful di-covery, with the highest references, numbers of cases cured, Ike., may be had through any respectable Chemist, or on application (by letter lor two stamps I, trom the Depots. 103. Leadt nil a11-st: eei, a nd 71, Recent-street.London.— CII. M EI N IG III Si O EN I MAN G BR. — From that eminent Physicianol Guy's Hospital, DR. GoLDI.NG BIRD, M.D., F.R.S. &c. I can scarcely recommend this ingenious inven- tion toost ongly I,, ihe notice <>f my me iicil brethren. AG EN I S. — Monmouth, Geo. Crook Bjugor, It. Ptitchard MEDICAL ADVICE ON TIm SECRET INFIRMITIES (IF YOU I H AND MATURITY. With PI in D ireciions for their Prevention and Cure. FIFIY COLOURED ENGRAVINGS ON SrEEL. Just Published, in French, English, Getman, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian, in a Sealed Envelope, 2s. 6d., or post-fiee from the Author for Fortv-tw» Stampc. SELF PRESERVATION; A Medical Tre,iii-e nn the Physiology of Marriaee, and on l", the Secret Infirmities and DI,orders of Youth and Maturity, usually acquirtd at an eaily period of life, which destroy the physical and menial powers, diminish and enfeeble the natural feelings, and exhaust the vital energies of Manhood with Practical Observations on the cert sin Prevention and suc- cessful Treatment, f Nervous Debililv, Local and Consti- utional Weakness, Syphilis, Stricture, and all Diseases and derange- ments resulting from as adopted by Lallemand, Ricoid, and other eminent members ot the faculty of France. W ith fifty coloured engravings, illustrating the Anatomy Physi- ology, and Diseases of the Reproductive Organs, explaining their structnre, i)sf-s, and functions, and the various injuries that are produced in them hv solitary habtts, excesses, and infection. Bv SAMUEL LAV. ERT. M.D., 37 BEDFORD-SQUARE, LONDON. Doctor of Medicne, Matriculated Alen.berof the University of Edinburgh. Honorary Member of the London Hospital Medical Society, Licentiate of A pothecarit-s' Hall, London, Member of the lluntenan Medical Society of Edinburgh, &c., &c. work contains a plain and complete description of the anatomy and ph.ysi logy of the reproductive organ*, and of their r^L-1ive conditions in health and disease. Dr. La'Mer', who has taken the hi>;he*' medical honours, as evidenced bj the diplomas antltestinroniüh inserted in the Mork.is the only leg all y qualified medical man who has exclusively, and for many years, devoted his studies'o the trealmeni of these complaints lie may be consulted wiih advantage bv all those v. liose constitutions may have become debilitated through secret ptaciices acquired in youth, or by the excesses Of later yefs. whereby the pleasures of life are. marred, the objects of rnariiaeefrnstrated, and existence itself rendered a term of unceasing misery and regret. Published by the Author, and may be had of J. Gilbert, 49 Paterm s'er TOW II \nnav,fi3, Oxford-Rtree1; Starie.Titcbborne- street, H jymnrket Gordon. 146 Leadenhall-street Mann,23, Cornh:11 or free bv p ist for forty-two stamps, from the author's rt,sid.,nee, who may be consulted on the-e disorders personally, by letter, daily, from ren till two, aud from six till eit'ht. UNDER ROYAL PATRONAGE. PEUFKCT FREEDOM FROM COUGHS? in ten minutes after use, INSTANT RELIEF and a R^PID CURE of ASTHMA, CON- SUMPTION,COUGHS. COLDS, and allDISORDERS of the BREATH and LUNGS, are insured by DR. LOCOCK'S PULMONIC WAFERS. d The extraordinary powers of this invaluable meiicine are now prove by a mass of evidence and testimonials, which must convince the most sceptical, that for all disorders of the breath and lungs, it is the most effectual remedy ever discovered. The following are a few Testimonials received by the Proprietor, many hundieds of which maY be had from every agent in the kingdom. MORE CURES IN TREDEGAR. From Mr. J. P. Williams, Chemist, Church-street, Tredegar. Gentlemen.—A number of my friends have experienced great benefit through taMns: Loeock's Wafers. Please to send me one dozen boxes by post, as some are waiting for them. One friend named Amy ('ala- more (subject to asthma), had a box hist week. and has already received great benefit from them, althongh she did not take the whole, as she riivded the box among some of her neighbours. Every one speaks highly of them, and they are taken by some of the first families in the town. Yours obediently, J. p. WILLIAMS. ANOTHER SURPRISING CURE OF ASTHMA. I From Mr. Wm. Bowen, Cartlett, Haverfordwest. SIR,-Having been afflicted for many years with a violent cough and asthma, and having tried all other medicines in vain, I was recom- mended to try Dr. Locock's Wafers. I sent to you for a box, and, to my great astonishment, I found relief the very fitst night, and hare con- tinued to get better ever since. Their effects are really wonderful. My appetite is now good, whereas formeily I could scarcely keep any food on my stumach. I have myself since recommended them to several persons, who have all received the greatest relief from them. (Signed,) AVM. BOWEN. ANOTHER CURE OF ASTHMATIC COUGH OF LONG STANDING. City-road, Haverfordwest. Sir.I am harpy to inform you that I have experienced the greatest benefit from taking only two boxes of Dr. Locock s Pulmonic Wafers, which you were kind enough to recommend me. Previously to my taking them I could scarcely walk without the greatei-t difficulty of breathing, and my cough would then increase to such a degree that I was nearly suffocated. I had not for mnny months slept for more than half an hour at a time; but I am now able to sleep all night, without coughing, I can truly recommend them to those who are similarly afflicted, as a most invaluable remedy, and you aie at perfect liberty to make my case public if you think proper. 1 am, &c„ JOHN JOHNS, Cabinet-maker. IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING. From Mr. Edward Page, late Director of the Choir and Organist of St. Marie's Catholic Church, Newport, Monmouthshire. GENTLEMEN,—Having frequently suffered much from relaxation of the throat, I have often been obliged to resort to various preparations but since I have had the good fortune to try Dr. Locock's Pulmonic Wafers, I am now but seldom obliged to resort to them, for the extraordinary good effects they have produced are most surprising. Even when the throat appears to be complete] s >.hausted, and the voice to be nearly gone, two or three (at most four) w> I, in the short space of half an hour or so, completely restore its flexibility and power, and they do not act as a mere tempol ary exciting remedy, nor do they leave any lassitude after. Having felt the great value of the remedy, I feel it a duty to generally recommend it, as I am convinced that all persons will And immense benefit from the general and persevering use of iL EDWARD PAGE, 10 Stow Hill, Newport. To Singers and Public Speakers tiiey are invaluable, as in a few hours they remove all hoarseness, and increase the power and flexibility of the voice. They have a pleasant taste Price Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and lis. per box or sent free by post for U. 21.. 3s., or Its. 6d., by Da Silvaand Co., 1,Bride-2ane, Fleet-street, Londr n, Sold by all Medicine Venders. NOTE.-Full.directions are given with every box in the English, Ger- man, and French languages. — Also, may be had, .„™,r>.r,n,Tn DR.LOCOCK'S FAMILY APERIENT AND ANTIBILIOU8 WAFERS.. A mild and gentle Aperient and Stomachic Medicine, having a most agreeable taste, and of great efficacy for regulating the Secretions and correcting the action of the Stomabh and Liver. Sold at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and I Is. per box. Also, DR. LOCOCK.'S FEMALE WAFERS, Tht best medicine for ladies. Have. a pleasant taste. Friae Is. lid., 2a. 9d., and lis. per box.—ALL PILLS UNDER 5IMILAR NAMES ARE COUNTERFEITS. IMPORTANT CAUTION Many Medicine Venders,when asked for Dr. LOCOCK's MEDICINES attempt to sell Pills," Wafers," and other preparations under nearly similar names instead—because they obtain a larger profit by the sale o! such counterfeits than can be obtained by vending the genuine medicine The public is therefore cautioned that the only genuine has the words Dr. Locock's Wafers" in white letters on a red ground, printed in the government stamp outside each box. WHOLISALE AGEWTS Evans, Son, and Hodson, wholesale drugt gists, Exetei. Soldby Mr. E. J. Phillips, and Mr. E.V. Jenkins, Newporl Agent for Merthyr, Mr. White, bookseller, High-street; and acid by a! I medicine venders* THE PUBLIC HEALTH- NDIGESTION, STOMACRF, AND LIVER COUPLA-INTS Speedily Relieved and Permanently Cured. TANNER'S CELEBRATED DINNER FILLS ARE of thoroughly established repute, for the cure of that distressing complaint, Indigestion, the fruitful source of a great portion of the diseases which flesh is heir to." The symptoms of indigestion are flatulency, pain and fullness in the stomach, sickness after meals, head-ache, weight over the eyes and back part of the head, shooting pains in the stomach, cum multis aliis. Two or three doses of these valuable pills will relieve almost all cases, and a perseverance in their use for a short period, will generally restore permanently that greatest of earthly blessings—Health. The proprietor has numerous testimonials from highly respectable families, where these Pills hue been for years esteemed the best of Family Medicines. Price 74d Is and 2s. per Box. The Is. and 2s. boxes are by far the most economical. TESTIMONIALS. Brecon, Sept. 24, 1851. Dear Sir ,-1 feel it my duty to make known the great benefi I've received from the celebrated Dinner Pills, prepared by Mr Tanner, Kingswood Hill, near Bristol. I have been troubled for yesrs by Indigestion, and paid immense sums of monpy to different medical men, and for different Pills; but could not get anything to render me any benefit, until I heard of the celebrated Dinner Pills, and determined to give them a trial; and after taking a few boxes I became that I could take my meals with pleasure, and feel quite comfortable after enjoying a hearty dinner, which for years past, especially meat of all descriptions, I could not venture to take without suffering much inconvenience after; therefore, I consider myself indebted to them, principally, for these great benefits, and beg you will accept my sincere thanks, wishing all who suffer from Indiges- tion to give a fair trial of your Dinner Pills. I am, dear Sir, yours respectfully, AT. A. BOWEN. Y stradgunlais, Vale of Swansea, Sept. 16, 1S51. Dear Sir,—Having been afflicted for many years past with Indigestion, pain and fullness in the stumach, sickness after meals, headache, weight over the eyes and back part of the head. Having been recommended by a friend to try your Dinner Pills, from which I am happy to say I have received the greatest benefit. For the good of others that suffer under the same complaint, you are at liberty to use my name. THEODOSHA MORGAN. Mangotsfield, June 20, 1851. Mr. Tanner, Sir,—I have for a lung period of time suffered the greatest pains in my stomach after eating my victuals, and hearing about a great many people here who have taken your Dinner Pills and (elt great relief, so I tried them, and am now as well as ever I was in my life. Please to send another box for a kinsman of mine, who is suffering shocking bad after eating his dinner: I have sent the money. We tried to get them here, but no druggist sells them here-abonts. I am a bad writer, but you must please to excuse it. I remain, your grateful friend, B. S. Downend, near Bristol, Aug. I. 1851, My very dear Sir,-It is with great pleasure I inform you o of the great benefit that I have derived from your excellent and truly valuable Dinner Pill; being of a very bilious disposition, almost every thinp I ate disagreed with me, and caused me a mrst unpleasant sensation. A triend 01 mine, M.G., who had received great benefits from them, advised me to try a box I did so; and can with truth say lleel quite another person. I shall feel great pleasure in making known their value, for I am certain there is no other remedy so efficacious for Bilious Attacks and Indigestion as your invaluable Dinner Pill. With my best wishes, I am, dear Sir, yours faithfully, R. B. Whiteway, St. George s, near Bristol, Aug. 20, 1851. IUr. Tanner,—Havinc for severnl monihssuffered from enlarge- ment of the liver, and having tried several Medical Men, and many different medicines without eflect, consequently I was pre- vented from following my usual employment; but since trying your Dinner Pills I have received very great benefit, and am now enabled to resume my work. With gratitude, 1 remain, Sir, yours faithfully, JOHN WAKE. Prepared only by H. A. TANNKR, PROPRIETOR OF THE CELEBRATED RESTORATIVE COUGH PILLS, Kingswood Hill, near Bristol. And may be obtained of most Patent Medicine Vendors in town and country. Wholesale agents in Bristol.—T. and A. Warren, Redcliff- street, and Pearce and Co.. Bridge-street. Wholesale Agents in London :—W. Sutton and Co., Bow churchyard, and Drew, Heyward, and Barron, Bush-lane, Cannon-street. LOCAL AGENTS. Newport—Mr. E. J. Phillips, chemist, and Mr. E. V. Jenkins, chemist. Pillgwenlly—Mr. W. H. Davies, chemst. Abergavenny—Mr. George Ackrill, chemist. Brecon—Mr. R. Prosser, chemist. Cardiff—Mr. Griffith Phillips, chemist. Carmarthen—Mr. R. M. Davies-, chemist. Mr. J. White, Chemist Haverfordwest—Mr. O. E. Davies, chemist. Monmouth—Miss Elizabeth Heath, printer andbookbinder Merthyr—Mr. T. Steven .chemist. Neath—Mr T. Woolcock, chemist. Narbeith —Mr J Evans, chemist. Pontypool and Abersychall-Messrs. W. and E. Wood, chemists. Ponlypridtl-Mr. Charles Bassett, Chemist. Pembruke-Mr. T. Briggs, chemist. Sw ansea—Mr. W. Al. Brewster, Cambrian Office. Mr. ('. T. Wilson, chemist. Tredegar—Mr. J. Crosswell, chemist. THE HUAD TO HEALTH H OX. X.O WATT'S PILLS CURE OF A DISORD EKED LIVER AND BAD DIGESTION. Copy of a Letter from, Mr. R. IF. Kirkus, Chemist, 7, Prescot- Sireet, Liverpool, dated 6th June, 1851. To Professor HOLLOW AY, SI R.—Your Pills and Ointment have stood the highest on our sale listof Proprietary Medicines, (or someyears. A customer to whom I can refer for any enquiiies, desires^me to let you know the particulars of her case. She had been troubled for years with a disordered liver, and bad digestion. On the last occasion, however, the virulence of the attack was so alarming, and the inflammation set in so severely, that doubts were entertained of her being able to bear up under il; fortunately she was induced to try your Pills, and she infonns me that after the first, and each succeeding dose, she had great relief. She continued to take them, and although she used only three Boxes, she is now in the enjoyment of perfect health. I could have sent you many moro cases, but the above, from the severry of the attack, and speedy cjre, I think, speak tmncb in favour of your astonishing Pills. (Signed I KIRKUS. AN EXTRAORCINARV CURE OF RHEUMATiC FEVER, IN VAN DIEMAN'S LAND. Copy of a Letter inserted in the Hobart Town Courier, of the 1st of Ma ch, 1851, by Mojor J. Walch. Margaret M'Coinican. nineteen years of age.residincatNew Town, had been suffering from a violent rheumatic fever for upwards of two months, which had entiielv deprived her of the use of her limbs during this period she was unde Mbe care of the most eminent medical men in Hobart Town, and by them her case was considered hopeless. A Iriend prevailed upon her to try Hollov.ay's celebrated Pills, which she consented to do, and in an incredibly thort space of time, they effected a perfect cure. CUHE OF A PAIN AND TIGHTNESS IN THE CHEST AND STOMACH OF A PEnsON 81 YEARS OF AGE. Fiom Messrs. Thew § Son, Proprietors of the Lynn Advertiser, who can vouch for thefolluwillg statement.—August 2nd, 1851. To Prcfessor HOLLOW AY, SIH,— I desire to bear testimony to the good effects of Hollo- way's Pills. For some years I suffered severely from a pain and tightness in the stomach, which was also accompanied by a shortness of breath, that prevented me from walking about. I am 84 years of age, and notwithstanding my advanced state of life, these Pills have so relieved me, that I am desirous that others should be made acquainted with their virtues. I am now rendered, by their mean", comparatively active, and can take exercise without inconvenience or pain, which I could not do before. (Signed) HENRY COB. North-Street, Lynn. Norfolk. AN EXTRAORDINARY CUKE OF THE GRAVEL, AND A MOST DANGEROUS LIVER COMPLAINT. Copy of a Letter addressed to J. K. Hey don, Eg., Sydney New 0 South Wales, dated February 2zth, 1851. SIR,—A Mr. Thomas Clark, a Settler at Lake George, was for a considerable time seriously afflicted with a complaint of the Liver, together with the Gravel. His medica I attendants, after trying all their skill, candidly told him that his case was hopeless, and any further efforts useless. In this situation, and when expecting every day would terminate his existence, a friend recommended him to try Holloway's Pills, and as a for- lorn hope, he did so the first dose gave him considerable relief, 1 he therefore persevered in taking them according to the directions, and is now restored to perfect health. He will feel great pie sore in confirming this statement, or even make an affidavit to the same effect, should it be required. (Signed WM. JONES ,Proprietoro fthe GoulbBrn Herald, New South Wales WONDERFUL EFFICACY OF HOLLOWAY'S PILL. „ IN CASES OF DROPSY. Persons suffering from Dropsy, either about the turn of life,or at other tiroes, should immediately have recourse to these Pills as hundreds of persons are annually cured, by their use, of this direful complaint, in its different stages, when all other means had failed. These celebrated Pills are wonderfully efficacious in the followmS complaints.— Ague, asthma, bilious complaints, blotches on the skin, bowel complaints, colics, constipation of the bowels, consumption, debility, dropsy, dysenteiy, erysipelas, female irregularities, 'evers of all kinds, fits, gout, head-ache, indigestion, inflamma- tion, jaundice, liver complaints, lumbago, piles, rheumatism, retention of urine, scrofula, or king's evil, soie throats, stone and gravel, secondary symptoms, tic douloreux, tumours, ulcers, venereal affections, worms of all kinds, weakness, from whatever cause, &c., &e. Sold at the Establishment 6f Professor HOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicihes, throughout the Civiliied World, at the following pi ices-h. lid, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d lis., 22s., and 33s. each Box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of Patients in every disoder, are affixed to each Box. MOOR LAND TO BE LET. A Few Pieces of very superior quality, at reasonable rents For particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, Por- ten, Goldcliff. CHOOSE THE BEST REMEDY PARR'S LIFE PILLS Are acknowledged to be the oes t Medicine in the uorld. ECONOMY should be practised in all things, but more E particularly in matters of medicine. J he restoration to health haa generally bepn purchased at a costly price and ccitainly if health could not be procured at any other rate, a costly price should not be an object of scruple. But where is the wisdom, where is the economy, in spending vast sums on a physician's attendance, when sound health and long life may be ensured by the cheap, safe, ¡,nd simple remedy of Parr's Life Pills. The general use of this medicine having been the result of the benefits experienced by thousands of persons, and that the know'' "e of such may be" useful to all, we recommend a care- perusalof the following Testimonial. The sale of PAIIR'S LifE PILLS amounts to upwards of 30 000 I boxes weekly, more than all other patent medicints put together This simple fact needs no further comment; it tells plainly that the PILLS of OLD PAnii are the Best Medicine in the Wodd. From Mr, JOHN HEArON, Agent, Leeds. 7, Brigsate, Leeds, Aug. 15. 1C51. DEAR Sins,—I some time since forwarded you a Testimonial as to the tfiicacy of PARK'S LIFE PILLS, in this neighbourhood. I am happy to be able now to inform you that my opinion of their excellence continues unaltered, and the unvarying testi- mony of my customers assures me that they are a great boon to the working classes their use having, in a great numt er of cases which have co ne under my notice, been attended by the most beneficial results, in the removal or abatement of the most distressing maladies,-in many instances amongst persons « hose -circumstances rendeied it utterly impossible for them to avail themsetves of medical treatment, and in many others where medical treatment had been resorted to without avail. It is always s; tisfactory to knnw that what one is the means of in- troducing or circulating is likely to serve the desired purpose and there is no medicine I sell with greater satisfacrion or coya-9 fidence, on account of their exceitence and efficacy in all respects than PARR'S LIFE PILLS. I am, dear sir, yours faithfully, Messrs. Roberts, and Co. JOHN HEATON TO LADIES. PARK'S tIFE PilLS are especially efficacious in all he variety of aliments incident to the Fair Sex. Ladies even of the most delicate constitutions will find them particularly benefitial both before and after confinement r and for general use in SCHOOLS, they cannot be too ittongly recommended. They mildly and speedily remove all Skin Eruptions, Sallowness of complexion, Nervous Irritability, Sick Head-ache, Depression of Spirits, Irregularity, or general derangement of the system. IMPORTANT CAUTION. None are genuine, unless the words" PARR i IFE PILLS are in White Letters on a Red Ground, on the Govsri mentSt imp pasted round each box also the tac-oimile of the signature of the Proprietor," T. ROBERTS and Co., Crane-court, Fleet-street, London," on the Directions. Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and family packets at I Is. each. AGENTS.—E. J. PHILLIPS, Chemist, and E V. JENKINS, Chemist. Newport Mrs. WHITE, Bookseller, Merthyr Tydfil; G. ACKRILL,Chemist,Abergavenny ;and G. PIlILLlPS, t hemist, Cardiff. OBSERVE! A REWARD OF £200. HAS long been publicly offered for any means of curing NERVOUSNESS and INSANITY as speedily and certainly as Rev. Dr. WILLIS MOSELEY has cured them for 30 years. But as no application has been made for the Reward, it is evident no other means exist. What, therefore, should Sufferers from MIND or NERVOUS FEELINGS DO ? Go, or write to the Rev. Dr. WILLIS MOSELEY, who cured him- self of fourteen yeais' NERVOUSNESS,and is the only person who experimentally understands it, and can cure ii, having cured thousands. All can be cured, either by the ordinary means at their own house, or, by the extra means at the Doctor's, 18, Bloomsbury-street, Bedforrl-squaie, London. At home from II to 3. Apply, or write. Means ol cure sent to all parts. The following are a few recently received of thousands of Tes- timonials of perfect cures :— From a Clergyman. Axmouth, January 28th, 1852.-Rev. Sir,—There can be no doubtot the improvement in mv mental as wel I as bodily health, under your valuable lemedies, when all others had proved in- effectual.- Yours, &c." Pwllheli, Wales.-Sir,-I have this day finished your won- derful medicines, which (D. V. ) have removed every symptoinof my nervousness.- Your humble servant, W. K." Birmingham.—Rev. and dear Sir, —I thank you for the cure you have effected in me; I am now quite well.- Yours, very truly, S. C., surgeon." Hochdale.-Hev. Sir,-[ thank you for the cure your medi- cines have effected of my nervousness.—Believe me, gratefully youis, A. B." Newark, Notls.-Dear Sir,—It was a Divine Providence that led me to apply to you, and I shall never forget to praise God for the cure elfected.— Yours, J. H." Portland-place. — Dear Sir,—I cannot leave London without expressing my gratitude for the benefit I have derived fiom the use of your remedies.-Youls, very truly, J. L., at Lord D's." II Hay, Brecon—My dear Sir,—I have the pleasure to in form you that my daughter is quite restored.-Yours faithfully D. G." The Advertiser has had above 20,000 applicants in seventeen years' public practice, and he knows not fifty uncured, who have followed his advice as Ladv H-d did, after Marsh, Crompton, Esquirol, and Pinel, had' tiitd six years in vain and Miss E. Hill, a niece of the late Lord 11 ill, Admiral Pearson, General Sir John May, Sir David Leighton. Mrs. Admiral S-, Mr. Bolton, of Luton Miss Jenkins, of Dublin; Hev. W. P-, Rev. D—, rector 01 —t; Rev. J curate of — J. V-, Esq., barrister Mrs. D—, Stocktoo-on fees, and many thousands. All, therefore, who suffer from Depression, Involuntary Blushing, Sleeplessness, Restlessness, Dislike of Society, Unfit- ness for Business or Study, Headache, Failure of the Memory, Confusion of Thought, Giddiness, Delusions, Blood to the Head, Ground'ess Fears, Indecision, Hysteria, Wretchedness, Blasphemous Thoughts, Thoughts of Self-Destiuction, Fear of Insanity, Insanity itself, and all other Mental or Nervous symp- toms, hnve their choice of a perfect cure by these means, or a miserable existence. Let none, therefore, despair, as the cure is certain, and the expense comparatively small. This is done from benevolence rathpr than gain. In six weeks a majority have for years been reported to be cured. Extra and moie speedy means of cure, at the Doctor's house. At home from 11 to 3, ltev. Dr. Willis Moseley,18, Blooms- bury-stieet, Bedford-square, London. Means of cure sent to all parts. These means of cure can be obtained from the Doctor, as above. A PAMPHLET GRATIS. N.B,-If further particulars are required, A PAMPHLET will be franked to any address, if one stamp is enclosed. '■MIE present Propiietor of IIALSE'S CELEBRATED 8 MEDICINES, having been a vendor of them. and having heard from his customers of the all-but miraculous effects of them, and knowing that they had not been brought before the public in the provinces, (although their sale in London,is very large), in a manner ihai they ought to be, was induced to offer a certain sum for the Recipes, Titles, &c., to the original pro- prietor. After much time. and paying a much greater sum than he intended, he has accomplished his ot ject. He has no doubt, however, that the invalid public will ultimately well pay him for his outlay. HALSE-S SCORBUTIC DROPS* A sure Cure for Scurvyt Bad Legs, and all Impurities of the Blood. t Their effect in purifying the blood is all but miraculous.' This medicine is generally admitted to be the most certain purifyer of the blood of any as yet discovered, a remarkable change in the appearance-from a dea h-tike paleness to the l roseate hue of health- taking place within a very short time. Pnee2t. 9d. each bottle and in pint bottles containing nearly six 2s. 9d. bottles, for lIs, patent duty included. I Declaration of the Guardians of Brent, Devon. We, the undersigned, solemnly declare, that before Thomas Rolins, (one of our parishioners), commenced taking flalse's Scorbutic Drops, he was literally covered with large running wounds, some of them so large that a person might have laid his fist in them; that before he had finished the first bottle, he noticed an improvement, and that, by continuing thorn for some time, he got completely restored to health, after everything else had failed. He had tried various tortsof medicine before taking Halse's Scorbutic Drops, and had prescriptions from the most celebrated physicians in this county, without deriving the least benefit. Halse's Sco/butic Drops have completely cured him, and he is now able to attend to his labour aa well as any man in our parish. From other cures also made in this part, we strongly recommend Halse's Scorbutic Drops to the notice of the public. Signed by JOHN ELLIOTT, Lord of the Manor. JOHN MANNING. WILI.IAV1 P^ARSE HENRY GOODMAN. ARTHUR LANGWORTHY. June 21, 1843." The medicine haa the same action on the impurities of the blood as an antidote has on poison, viz., by imwediatelv robbing it of its evil qualities. Its effects ale indeed astonishing, and will scarcely be credited until tried. Halse's Scorbutic Drops o ay be procured from any respecta- ble Chemist, or from the Wholesale Agents. BARCLAY and SON, 95, Fariiogdon-stieet, City and C. KING, 4L Carter. atreet, Walworth, price 2" 9d. and lis. per boule. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COM- PANY. NO. 1, PRINCESS-STREET, BANK, LONDON. ESTABLISHED AUGUST 1, 1837. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, IV. Vict. cap. IX. Colonel Robert Alexander, Blackheath Park, Chairman. ADVANTAGES OF THIS INSTITUTION. HALF Credit Rates of PremiulI1.-Perscns assured accord- ing to these rates are allowed credit for half the amount of the first seven Annual Premiums, paying interest thereon at the rate of five per cent. per annum, with the option of pay- ing off the arrears of premiums, at any time, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when the Policy be- comes a claim. Increasing Kates of Prornium.-A Table of Rates peculiarly applicable to cases where Assurances are effected for securing the repayment of debts, and to all other cases where a Policy may be required for a temporary purpose only, but which may be kept tip, if necessary, throughout the remainder of life. Policies revived, without the exaction of a fine, at any time within twelve months, if health remain unimpai ed. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at two o'clock, Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Medical Attendants remunerated in all eases for their reports. Extract from the Half Credit Rates of Premium. Annual Premium required for an Assurance of £(00) for the Whole Term of Life. Age. Half F'remium lor Whole Premium seven years. j after seven years £ B. d. £ s. d. 30 1 1 9 2 3 6 40 1 9 2 2 18 4 50 2 2 6 4 5 0 60 [ 3 6 8 6 13 4 E. R. FOSTER, Resident Director. ANDRREW FRANCIS, Secretary. AGENCIES. Newport E. V. Jenkins, 41, Commercial-street. Cbepgtow-Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, solicitor. Cardiff—Mr. Thomas Ballard, Bank. Merthyr Tydvil—Mr. Walter Thomson, West of England and South Wales District Bank. Bristol—MR John Moxham, Bank Court, Corn-street. Bath-Air. A. H. English, solicitor. Hanham—Mr. Wni. Lapham, Jefferies Hill. SILENT FRIEND, IN SIX LANGUAGES, FORTIETH EDITION, Containing the Remedy for the Prevention of Disease. Illustrated by One Hundred Anatcmical and Explanatory Coloured Engravings on Steel, ON PHYSICAL rrsetTAtrFICATIONS, GENERATIVE INCAPACITY, AND IMPEDIMENTS TO MAKHIAGE, A new and improved Edition, enlarged to 195 pages, price 2s. ôd. by post, direct from the Establishment, 4s. 6d. in postage stamps, THE SISjSNT FEIIiNO;" A Practical Work on the Exhaustion and Physical Decay of the Sys- tem, produced by Excessive Indulgonce, the consequences of In- fection, or the USP of MercuTV, with explicit directions for the use of the Preventative Lotion, followed by Observations on the State, and the Disqualiifcations which prevent it; Illustrated by One Hundred Coloured Engravings. By R. and L. PERRY and CO., Consulting Surgeons, 19 Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. Published by the Authors, and SJJd by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row; Hannay, 63, and Sangar, 150 Oxford-street, London J. and R. Raimes and Co., Leith-walk, Edin- burgh; D. Campbell, Argyll-street, Glasgow; J. Priestley, Lord-street T. Newton, Church-street, Liverpool; R. H. Ingham, Market-street; Manchester and R. H. Powell, 15, Westmoreland street, Dublin. Part I treats of the anatomy and physiology of the productive or- gans, and is illustrated by 28 coloured engravings. Part II. trea's of the consequences resulting froir excessive indul- gence, and their lamentable effects on the system, producing mental and bodily weakness, nervous excitement, and generative incapacity. It is particularly addressed to those who are prevented, in consequence, from entering into the marriage state, and points out the sure means of per- fect and secret restoration to manhood. It is illustrated by 10 explana. tory engravings. Part 111. treats of the diseases resulting from Infection, either in the primary or secondary form, and contains explicit directions for their treatment, illustrated by 62 coloured engravings. Part 1 V. contains a remedy for the Pievention of Disease by a simple application, by which the danger of Infection is obviated. Its acion is simple, but sure. It aots with the virus chemicallv, and destroys its power on the system. This important part of the work should not escape the reader's notice. Part V. is devoted to the consideration of marriage and its dutie The reason of physical disqualiifcation, and the causes of unproductive, unions, are also considered, aud the whole subjectcritically and philoso-. phically inquired into. • The Authors regularly educated members of the Medical Profession, having had long, diligent, and practical observation in the various Hos- pitals and Institutions for the relief of those afflictf-d with Syphilis, Se- condary Symptoms, Stricture, Venereal and Scorbutic Eruptions of the face and body, have perhaps had an unusual opportunity of witnessing their dreadful and destructive consequences in all their various stages. Hence, knowing the practical necessit) of sound judgment in such seri- ous eases, and having seen the injury that has arisen from the careless- ness and neglect of its study, Messrs. R. and L. Perry have devoted their attention exclusively to this peculiar claEs of maladies, and the reo lief they have consequently been enabled to render to their fellow creatures, is fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients, and others, daily arriving in town, from all pirts of the coun- try, for the express purpose only of personal consultation while their exertions have been crowned with the most signal advantages; yet, from what they have experienced in inquiring into thenature and causes of these infectious complaints (from I heir most simple condition to that of the most dangerous and inveterate), they have always entertained the possibility of their prevention and removal, and likewise invariably found, that the more horrible and malignant forms of the disease could almost always be traced to one of the following causes: ignorance, neg- lect, or the ill effects of unskilful 8:,d improper treatment; therefore, Messrs. Perry have succeeded in discovering, in the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual, and cautious course, omitting all combina- tion of remedies which bear an equivocal charactar, as well as those whose premature or injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences in the bands of private individuals. In short, the laudable end of this remedy is the lesseni ng of a great mass of human misery, by the alleviation, relief, and prevention of those grievous afflictions that are in reality the secret foes of life, and which, while thev so extensively surround us, call aloud for our skill and interference for their examina. ^Messrs. R. and L. Perry and Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, from eleven till two, and from five til "eight in the evening and on Sundays from eleven to one. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE, AN ANTI- SYPHILITIC REMEDY, Is recommended in Syphilis and Secondary Symptoms. out and purifies the diseased humours from the blood, and cleanses the system from all deteriorating causes. Its influence in the restoration to health of persons labouring under the consequences which inevitably follow contamination, is undeniable, and it also constitutes a certain cure for scurvy, scrofula, and all cutaneous eruptions. Its active prin- ciples are transmitted by the medium of the circulating fluid throughout the entire frame, and even penetrate the more minute vessels, removing and expelling in its course all corruptions and impurities from the vital stream, so as altogether to eradicate the virus of disease, and expel it with the insensible perspiration through the medium o ithe poresof the skin and urine. Price lis. or four bottles in one for 83s. by which lIs, is saved, also in £5 cases, by which will be save £ I 12s. To be bad at the London Establishment. Contamination from viru ;o fthe venerea disease, if it be not removed when it fi.,s displays itself, may linger in the system for many years, before itshows itself in any palpable form, being occupied meanwhile in sappine the foundation oithe vita powers,and destroying the springs of life at the very fountain head. The disease, under these cir- cumstances, wi suddenly, when leas expected break out and over- whelm the sufferer with wretchedness and horror at his fearfuIstate. Those persons who may be suffering from any of the varied forms of secondary symptoms, sue as eruption on the skin, blotches on the head and face, ulcerations and enlargement of the throa tonsils, and uvula threatened destruction 0 the nose, palate, &c., nodes of the shin or collar bones, or on the bones o the head, or from any of the painfu affections arising from the dangerous effects caused by the indiscrimi- nate use of mercury or o itsaccumulating in the system or from the evils following an imperfect plan of treatmen t,wil derive the most ex- traordinary advantage and benefitfrom the use of the Concentrated De- tersive Essence, in arresting the ra ages of these various disorders, re- moving all scorbutic symptoms, and fully and coinp.etely reno- vating the tone and viaour of the constitution. Those persons also who propose to themselves the participating in the holy and refined pleasures of the marriage state, if they have had in early life the mis- fortune to be tainted with the virus of disease in any of its forms, will act advisedly in submitting themselves prtWiously to a course of this medicine, a proceeding to them of the utmost importance, as should there lurk tain of disease in their systems, it may, and will in all probability, be visited on their consorts and offspring, impairing their health and destroying their happiness. while at the same time the children are born puny. diseased, and unable to struggle against the ills and mischances of life. It must be remembered that when the fountain is polluted the stream that flows from itcannot be pure. Tilt: CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUxM Is expressly employed to renovate the impaired powers of life, when ex- hausted by the influence exerted by solitary ind. Igence on the system. Its action is purely balsamic its power in I invigorating the frame in cases of nervous and sexual debility, obstinate gleets, impotency, bar. renness, and debilisies arising from venereal excesses, has been demon- strated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. To those per- sons who are prevented entering the married state by the consequences of early errors, it i, invaluable. Price lis. per bottle, or four quantities in one for 33s. The 45 cases of Syriacum, or Concentrated Detersive Essence, can only be had at 19, Benvers-street, Oxford-street, London, whereby there is a saving of 1 125., and the patient is entitled to receive advice with- out a fee, which advantage is applicable only to those who remit £ S for a packet. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Constitute an effectua Iremedy in all cases of Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Stric- ture and Diseases of the Urinary Organs. Price £ s. 9d.,4s. 6d., and lis. per box. Patients are requested to be as minute and concise as possible In the detail of their cases, noting especially the duration of the complaint, the mo le of its commencing, its symptoms and progress, age, habits of living, and position in society. Medicines can be forwarded to any part ofthe world; no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed and carefully protected from observation. These medicines are prepared only by Messrs. R. and L. Perry and Co., Surgeons, who may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berners-stree, Oxford-street, London, from eleven till one, and from five till eightt; Sundays from eleven till one. N.B.-Medicine Vendors can be supplied by most of the Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London Sold by Thomas A. Roberts, chemist, Conway; John Brown, Chro- nicle Office, Bangor Robert Griffith, chemist, High-street, Caernarvon; William Edwards, chemist, Denbigh; H. G. Hughes, chemist, Holy- head John Beale, chemist, High-street, Wrexham; E. Ward, chemist, High-street, Brecon; Philip Price, Post Office, Bridgend; II. Webber, Guardian Office, Cardiff; Walter Thomas, chemist (opposite Angel), Merthyr- J. W. White, chemist, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen; W. Williams, chemist. High-street, Cardigan; O. E. Davies, chemist, Haver- fordwest Joseph Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; R. C. Treweeks, chemist, Pembroke; Thomas Evans, chemist, High street, Swansea; John Moore, chemist, Broad-street, New Town Thomas Stephens, chemist. High-street, Merthyr Tjdfll; Fwrisand Score, druggists, Union- street Bristol, John Watton; Chronicle Office, Shrewsbury; James Chilcott, bookseller, broad-street, Leominster; Draper, chemist, Broad- street, Hereford; T. Farror, Beacon Office, Monmouth; E. V. KINS, Commercial-street, Newport and J. PHILIPS, r i High-street. Newport; of all of whom may be hud the 11 Silert't Friends Should any difficulty arise in procuring these medicine!, by sending. e amount to 19 Berners-street, Oxford-street, London)- they will be warded direct, securely packed, to any address. < r