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General News.


General News. Her Majesty's youngest son, Prince Arthur, attained his second year on Saturday. In the morning the Duchess of Kent paid a congratulatory visit to the Queen, and joined the royal circle at breakfast.—In the afternoon the Duke of Wel- lington, after whom the young Prince is named, and who the same day completed his 83rd year, also visited the palace. The Queen has been pleased to appoint Lieutenant Col. George Rice Lord Dyntvor, of the Royal Carmarthen Regi Hunt of Militia, to be one of her Majesty's aides-de-camp for the service of her militia force, with the lank of Colonel in that force, vice Lord Dinorben, deceased. I'he Chevalier Couni N'ton,elienko, privy councillor, knight of several Russian orders, and financial minister, died on the 6th nit., after a painful illn-ss. Major General James Campbell is appointed to command the troops in New Sou'h Wales, in succession to Sir Edward Buckley Wyniard, who vacates the command on his promo- tion to the rank of Lieutenant general. A goose at Cockerliam, fifty-two years of age, is now sitting upon her eggs. Some Liverpool capitalists are about working a newly-dis- covered copper mine on the coast of Africa—the value of the ore is said to have been estimated at C30 a ton. Fine large new potatoes were last week sold in Bridgewater market, at Is. per lb. The largest copper brewing pan in the empire is in Dublin, and of Irish manufacture. It was made for Alderman Guin- ness; its weight being 12 tons, and it will contain 1,000 barrels. Anoher important remittance o? Australian gold was re- ceived on Friday, by 'he Kate, from Sydney the amount is stated at about £ 200,000. Other vessels are shortly looked for. with fur her large supplies of gold. Within the last six months upwards of 1,600 miles of tele- graphic wire have been strung up by the Electric Telegraph Company, in carrying to completion the communication of the coumry. As a train was, a few days ago, proceeding by the railway from Aianjuez to Madrid, a man on horseback, to show his skill, amused himself in crosjing and recrossing the line; but at length the locomotive struck him and the horse, and caused the death of both. The annual meeting of the British Association for the Ad- i »ancement ol Science will be held in August, at Belfast, at the instance of the Lord Bishop of Down, and the Re». Dr. Henry. Col. Sabine, R.A., is president for the year. During last year 611 vessels belonging to the United King- dom were wrecked. Of the number, 600 were sai ing vessels of 110,670 'onr.age, and 11 steam vessels, the tonnage of which was 1 306. Unfavourable accounts have been received of the state of health of the Right Rev. Dr. Townsend, who had been ele- vated to the see of Meath during the vicerovalty of Lo d Cla- rendon. His lordship is suffering from a pulmonary affection. 1 The preparations lor establishing electric communications between Galway and the metropolis are in a very forward sta'e, and will shortly be completed. It is shown by a return to the House of Commons, that 79 yessels sailing and 20 steam vessels,) belonging to the United Kingdom, were broken up last year. The tonnage was 8,426. A Il't'er fom Monte Video says, "Since Rosas embarked, a cask of human heads has been discovered at his quinta, (country residence,) part preserved in spirits, and part sa>'ed." There are, from time to time, in the Dead Letter Office, London, about £ 11.000 annually, in cash, seeking owners. In July, 1847, 4058 letters, only two months' accumulation, all containing property, were arrested by the bad superscription of the wri er* Three very ancient freehold dwelling houses and premises in Cornhili, were absolutely sold byMegssrs. Shutileworth and Sons, on the 16th ult., at the Auction Mart, for the sum of £ 32,000 —equivalent (wi h reference to the site of the ground occupied), to X400,000 per acre. A confectioner of Blackburn is now very ill from a small partic'e of decomposed matter lia-ing obtained access into his system by means of a scratch or cut on one of his hands. The poison came from a partridge, which was in that" high" con- dition so much adinied by many lovers of game. As a train approached the town of Barton upon the Hum ber, the driver and guard found that the bieaks would not act; the engine dashed on, and plunged through the walls of the station-house, The station master had been alarmed by the cries of the people on the train, and ran out of the ofljce— Teiy fortunately, for the locomotive crushed a counter at which he had been sitting. The driver and stoker leapt on the platform, unhurt; but some of the passengers suffered. A new foun'ain has beem erected at Billingsgate, which is described as follows It is of cast iron, and consists of a basin, about fifteen feet in diameter, with a stem in the centre composed of rushes, from which water will rise to some height. the lip of the basin, at regular intervals, lie twelve (lo1 pliins, which will discharge water for the use of the maiket people." The catalogue of the Easter Book-Fair at Leipsic contains 4,527 works as published, and 1 163 to be published. This is an increase of7<>0 volumes compared with the Michaelmas fair, and of 800 mure than last Easler fair. I he number of publishers by whom the wor ks ha vet been brnnglu out is 903. One house at Vienna has produced 113, aid the Messrs. Brockhatis 9o. r A IVrÍ'rr in a Bristol paper, lells a rather remarkable anec- dote of a 'izard in the collection at the Clifton Zoological Gar- dens. One about a foot long, had swallowed another nearly as long as itself. but not having taken the precaution to bite off it head, it commenced scratching when it got down, and actually scratched a hole in the side of the other, through which it emerged in safety, while the voracious one died from the injury, and was speedily gobbled up in turn by his iela- tions-" 1 his must be the story of ths Kilkenny cats over atr tin. SIR JAMES BROOKE ON PIRACY,— At a dinner given to Sir James, at the London Tavero, on Friday, ihe following obser- vations were made by him in reference to piracy :-The subject of piracy was a most difficult one, and one which h,d given him more trouble than any o'her. He found that the inhabitants of Sarebas and Sekarran, or, in other words, the Malajs and the Dyaks, were in the habit of nuking piratical attacks upon the peaceable inhabitant), carrying off their properly, and destroying everything upon which they could lay their band., and he determined that the peaceable inhabitant mu-t be pro- tected. Supposing there were bordes of bandits continually making invasions on thtir coasts from Brest and Cherbourg, carrying off iheir wives and children into slavery, and destroying their property, what would they du1 If they could not make the deaf adder'* listen to reason, he did not believe there was a man to be found who would see his daughters dishonoured and his sons murcered-who would submit to the indignity, and go about proclaiming to the world their cowardice aod shame amongst men-he did not believe there was a man to be found from one end 01 England to the other, who would not rise and determine by force to put down he marauders. (Hear, hear, and cheers.) Had not the na'ives of Boineo-the peaceablt- and industrious oatives-auffered from these pirates and wlioi had been done, was to sweep the seas of these pirates, and make the law honoured and respected, by showing that it could pro tect the innocent, and was powerful against the guilty. (Loud cheers.) As at home, if the smuggler resisted the law, shot and shell did the work of pulling him down; and if a felon attempted to escape from a policeman, a tap on the hoad m..de him qUlel-( laughter )-so, in Borneo, if the pirates wuuld not be quiet otherwise, they were made to be so. (Chee:s.) The north-western portion of the metropolis was visi!ed on Sunday with a heavy storm of wind and rain, with large flakes of snow, lollowed by a very uncomfortable sleet. The wind blew from the north-east, and the glass was as low as 40. The body of a respectably-dressed man was found on the pavement of Banhmy-court, Long acre, on Sunday morning, and conveyed to King's College Hospital, hut life was found to be extinct. I he body has not been identified, and as the court in question is inhabited by some of the iowest-characte a in London, the occurrence beais a suspicious appearance. It is since been ascertained that deceased was killed in a brothel ad- 'oining.