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Ai)vERTistMENTS.-Adverii,ertit.nt,e are of the greatest coo- itderaMon to all commercial nations, facilitating the operations of commerce, by bringing togeiher idlers and buyers. The columns of a newspaper afford the means of every man commu- ilicating to the multitude ihe invoice of his wares—a catalogue of his merchandize and whilst ministering to the wants of olherl, lie gleans the information where to obtain that which he himself requires. The Newspaper-" the map of busy life, i's fluciua tions, and its vast eo near a,i a forms all where nearly every- thing is to be obtained, and where the sopeifiaous may best be disposed of. Advertisement* are the only oraclea by which the trader can push the sale of his commodities into notice, the only means of realising, in a short period, such remuneration as pro inises relaxation from the toil and anxiety consequent on trade occupation, by so largely increasing his business, that a short period of close application will enab'e him to secure an inde- pendence, which formerly took years of labour, perhaps a whole life, to accomplish, though distinguished by the most industrious and frugal habits. To the enterprising, advertising offers the most enticing prospects. Money judiciously expended must realize remuneration, if there be any merit in what is put forth for publicity. The public are prompt to patronize when the appeal is well-founded and it is to be remembered, however extended a private coooexion or circle of » party or company may be, its operations, without the aid of advertising, must necessarily be ciroumscribed. By advertising in I"eal journals, the business announcements of tradesmen of the town and neigh bourhood, without trouble to themselves, at braught before all elassesttf inhabitants, at the mere cost of 'be price of insertion. Advertisers arc mainly concerned in the fjiiteoreff newspapers, and in their growing circulation. "Thf great majority of news- paper readers to the country can, indeed, only be approached by advertisers through the medium of their own local jouruais. Newton,





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