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msvA- OPENING OF THE NKW WESLEYAN CHAPEL. I We last week reported the proceedings connected with laying the foundation stone of a new church at liisca; and now have the pleasure to record the completion and opening of a handsome and spacious chapel, by the esleyans of the same tin iving place. For some time past, placards and otlu-r means of announcement., have invited pubiic attention to the services in connection with the setting apart of this edifice for religious worship and the Wesleyan community of this distilet have antieipHU-d the event with great interest. Thursday ( yesterday ) was fixed for the opening services and a large number of persons from Newport and the Hill district beyond the scene of attraction, poured into the picturesque vale of liisca by the trains of the Western Volleys Railway. We have always considered llisc i Valley as one of the most charming it bus been our lot to witnes" but it has seldom ap- peared to us so pie ising as yesterday, when the v, rdtn eless an dun" aspect which winter casts over its encompassing bills, had been superseded by the bright and glowing hues of spring; and the vegetation coveiing is slopes and meadows, though not luxuriant, looked liehly verdant from recent rain aud genial sunshine. The new Wesleyan chapel has added ano- ther ph asing feature to the numerous attractions or this in- teresting ioc d.ty and the admirer of art, V well as- the "genius inspired of Nature," may now find Something to contemplate with satisfaction. The new building stands upon the site of the former chapel, and is a commanding and rather stately structure the de- sign is in the Anglo-Norman style of architecture, bilil!. witl; the red and grey stone 01 tne neighbourhood, with Bath stone dressings. The external dimensions are 65 teet by 51 feet, and about feet in height. The front faces the road, and is marked by three arched windows, with a bold moulded door under on each side there is a window, also with a door be- neath, one leud.ug to the gailery and the other to the vestry, flanked with a buttress ou each 6itie of the entrance. Over th( centre window is a turret, for the purpose of ventilation, about 50 feet in height The sides are divined by piers with an arched window between each pier. The interior is sp .cious and open; the seats are divided into a double row in the middle, and a single row on each side. I lie timbers of tt.e roof are open and arched, supported by eight light, circular Bath stone pillars, with carved capitals. J here is a spacious end gallery, with preparation for side ones, when found neces- sary to increase the accommodation. The chapel will comfort- ably seat about SOI' persons, and can be adapted by uture additions to aecomtuodatc 1100. ) he pews and roof are to be stained in imitation of oak, and varnished. I he contract was taken bv Nir. Monks, ol Bristol, for E750, executed from designs by Mr. James Wilson, of Bath, md completed without extras. The building is well situated, and presents a pleasing ecclesiastic tl appt ararice, considering the very moderate cost. Among the audience at the opening services were the ltev. I'. Jones, superintendent minister of the Newport circuit; and the Hev. F. Payne and the Kev. Edward Guest, the other ministers. Mr. W. C. Webb, Mr Knapp, Mr. E. W. Jones, and other liberal contributors towards the erection of the edifice, were also piesent; with some of the leading familes of Bisca and its neighbourhood. the Rev. J. Rattenbury, of London, was appointed to officiate on the occasion and preached in the afternoon at two o'clock, and in the evening at half-past six. 'I he text selected in the morning was the 7th verse of the 84th Psalm—" I liey go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion ap- peareth before God." The preacher gave an elaborate exposi- tion of this passage of scripture, and eloquently dwelt upon it3 sentiments, as involving what he termed a contemplation of character of employment, and of privilege. J he sermon was listened to with marked attention by a large congregation; and was followed by a collection amounting to £ 30 18s. '2d. The evening text was the Kith verse of the 28,li chapter of Isaiali—' Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation he that beliaveth shall not make haste;" which was ably elucidated and enlorced. 'I he collection amounted to jj26 18s. 7d. The opening services are t > be continued on Sunday next, ¡ and Sunday, the 16th inst., by eloquent and popular ministers; and high hopes are entertained that the contributions to the chapel fund, at these services, will leave but a comparatively small amount of debt upon the building. TREDEGAR. THE RAILWAY.—The active peol,le of this great focus of in- dusiry are much pleased al the opening of the Western Valleys Railway to Ebbw V-)!<•,—«s an adv-oce :n the liyht direction,— and hope Ihllt TlHIR opeoing day IS not tar duiaot, as the g.ea benefit 'o the txa-litquer of the Monmoutbshiie Railway end Canal Company, short ta the time is since Ellbw V-it) has bten reached, by all account, gives light good encouragement to do as much for the tliou«»od» liviojj at Terra del Fuego, (as a spgni-b vi$noi lat«!y calit-d our town,) m has been done fot theC yclop an tegion in the V.le 01 Ebbw. Unfo tuo<tely there is no omnibus running between ut and the Ebbw Vale station, 81 a corret pondem stated in the MERLIN recently, and with whom, I sup- pose, he ivtsh was father to the thought but peihap«, ere long, somts knight of the wli'ip, pattaking of the Charles Phillip* spirit, will put on" a snug concern between two such populous places, sod do well by his enterprise. This would be the means of bringing Trodegar within two hours journey of Newport. FUNERAL SERMON.—funeral sermon was receotly patched at the Eaglwh Uuptut Chapel, on the lamented demise of the late Mr Turner, manager at Mr Spooner's pottery, a man whom ail who knew, esteemed or loved for his many very amiable qualities. Mr Spooner and his family paid the last tribute of ietpeci to the deceased, by appearing at the chtpel, with hij family, in mourning. Mr Turner was known in the musica world, having conducted concerts at- Bath, Bristol,.Gloucester, Hereford, aod Worcester. POWDER MAGAZINE.—A correspondent lays" Although not an atarmis*, I certainly think there is muob peril in the posi- tion of our powder magazine, aituated as it is in the most densely- inhabited part of the town, and from which about three tons ot powder are weekly distributed to the collies and miners. People an living oo each aide ot the magaiine, being ooly ditided there. from by a atone wall, and should a fire take place in any one of the workmen's house*, the consequences might be terrible in the extreme. If the resident partner turns his sctite mind to this matter, there is oo doubt that the cause of alarm will be soon removed."