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NEW SUPERINTENDENTS. — Mr. John Huxtable, late of the Monmouthshire Canal and Railway police force, was on Monday sworn in superintendent of the borough force, vice Mr. English, resigned and Mr. Hill has been appointed to the office of superintendent, vacated by Air. liuxtable, on the railway. ATHENAEUM.—It is pleasing to find that a taste for literary enjoyments and useful information,-derivable from instruc- tive books, and popu.ar lectures, -is greatly increasing in Newport. We understand that the year just commenced, of the Newport Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute, affords good proof of this- We trust the current session will be marked by advantages which may considerably help to re- cover the institution from the unfortunate position into which it was placed by the "sin king" of a large amount of its funds, in the failure of the Old Bank. WORKING MEN'S INSTITUTION.—This progressing society shows that emulation is prevalent among its members. The study of books, and the acquirement of a proper knowledge of the political questions of the day, are more fitting occupa- tions than one which too frequently proves injurious to health and worldly prospects, and leaves the besotted individual a very useless member of society indeed We are informed that James Brown, Esq., of Bryn Glas, and Ciawshay Bailey Esq. M.P-, have each given the handsome donation of i5 to the committee of this institution. JOHN FROST —Mr. Hume, Mr. Booker, and Sir Joshua Walmsley, have been exerting themselves in endeavouring to prevail upon the government to grant a remission of the sentence of Frost, the chartist These gentlemen had an interview with the Secretary of State for the Home Depart- ment on Saturday, for that purposc.-Globe. WESTERN VALLEYS RAILWAY.-On Monday next, the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company will commence hauling the whole of the traffic upon the Western Valleys, so that none of the old engines, belonging to freighters, will then be used upon these lines. SERIOUS ACCIDENT.—We regret to say that a serious injury was sustained by John Russell, Esq-, of Risca, and the Wyelands, Chepstow, on Saturday last. Mr. Russell was sitting beside his coachman, on the box of his carriage, (Mrs. and Miss Russell being inside,) and having just pre- viously left the county office, where he ofliciated with other magistrates, he felt slightly chilled, and rose to put on an overcoat, while the carriage was on Newport Bridge. In consequence of his pulling the coat at the instant the servant rose, Mr. Russell was'precipitated with much force to the ground, whereby a fracture of the collar bone and a disioca tion of one of his ancles, were caused. The shock to the ladies in the carriage, and the alarm of parties 011 the bridge, were very great, it being feared that the accident was fatal; but on his being rdised, and conveyed to the King's Head Hotel, it was ascertained that the injuries we have mentioned, were the extent of the accident. Mr. Russell was conveyed to his residence at Risen, and we learn, by the latest inquiries, that he is progressing favourably, under the medical treatment of Mr. Robothan, surgeon. CUSTOMS APPOINTMENT.—Mr. John Latch, of H. 1I. Customs in this port, has received the appointment of Collector at Lowestoft, Norfolk. Mr. Latch, by his gentle- mauly and urbane conduct, was generally esteemed by all who transacted business with him in tli" Long Uoom;' and we have no doubt that his promotion, while it will be pleasing to his friends, will be regretted by those who would prefer his doing well, or improving his position, in his naiive town. PRESENTATION. -A pleasing proof that the working classes estimate good conduct and deserving worth in their lellow- men, equally with those in a higher sphere of life, occurred a few days snice, when the employes on the Western alleys railway, presented a handsome silver snuff box to Clement Elliott, a guard on that line, on his obtaining an advancement of position in another quarter. NEW OFFICES.-The staff of clerks, engineer, &c., of the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company, last Tuesday removed from the establishment in High-street, to the spaeipus new offices in the large building on the Dock-road, originally intended for an hotel. The new and capacious station, for passengers and merchandise, which is immediately opposite the offices, is now completed, and ready for u.-e. RAILWAY INSPECTION.—Captain Lallan, the Government Inspector of Railways, is expected to pass over the Newport and Pontypool Hue in a few days and we have heard, from competent authority, that this well-made railway is likely to receive his entire approbation. ERRATUM.—In the following sentence, in the Arcliidi- aconal Yisitation" paragraph, last week, the omission of the word in occurred :—"The Archdeacon addressed the clergy and churchwardens, in a most impressive manner, [in] a short but excellent charge." SHIPPING. The port was never so empty as it is at present; but this state of things will not long continue. We have heard of fit.teen charter parties being already in hand here, awaiting ships to convey large cargoes of coal to the West India islands, for the West India mail steamers. Freights j are now looking up. As soon as an opportunity is afforded, the large ships which have recently put into Liverpool and other ports will fill our dock and river and the large number of hands now unemployed, will bo again briskly in operation. IMPROVEMENT.-The Old Company's steam-packet Dart., having undergone alterations and improvements, now performs her trips, between Bristol and Newport, in a hour less time than was previously the case whiNt her free dom from oscillation, and other qualities, as a fine sea boat, render her a favourite. It is observed as a fact, both ex n- ordinary and gratifying that in the thousands of passage. and the immense passenger traffic, of both old and new com- panies, for so many years, a fatal casualty has never taken place. EMIGRATION.—The wonders of the golden region,-the tales which are every now and then reaching us, almost as wondrous, but more true than those of the glittering wealth produced by Aladdin's lamp,—have awakened a spirit of adventure amongst many of the intelligent "single-men" of the industrial classes, in Newport and the neighbourhood, who are at this moment preparing to start for the auriferous region of Australia. Let those, however, who are doing well at°present, take care that they do not ding away a substance, for a problematical attainment, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." The papers teem with glowing accounts from those who have "gone to the diggins;" and there are, unquestionably, many adventurers who have realised hand- some fortunes. Among recent accounts, we notice the follow- ing One writer says -11 After careful examination, 1 have come to the conclusion that a fair working man can make lull £ 1200 a year on the ground, clear of his expenses at the present rate of food that nine oUt of ten will do this readily and some few hero and there much more. Men have made as much as £ 10,000 in two mouths, four men dividing about ±'4 ',000. When hundreds of thousands of mere labourers can do this, imagine the magnitude of the effects to be produced on the world. A large sheep owner, being iii great troubic about shearing his flocks, went to a party of shearers at the gold diggings, to ask them to shear his Hock, lie fancied, in his innocence, that by offering high wages they would come for a few days, and had fully made up his mind to give what- ever they asked he found the men lying indolently round their tire, and told his wishes they went aside and consulted with each other, when their speaker advanced with gravity, and said they would do it. Wetl,' said our friend, 'let us have a written agreement,' and produced ink and paper. Now what are the wages to put ill Ili;, wool and on no other terms would they come, and he was going away in disgust: but they called him back; and ho, thinking they had relented, returned eagerly. The man then said, .Master, we want a cook, and if you will take the place, we will grve you 15s. a day.—We understand, from a letter received in 15s. a day.—We understand, from a letter received in Newport from Australia, by a friend of Mr. Jnglis, formerly carrying on business as a hatter in this place, that he liTis been to the diggings, and realised well, and that he intends going thither again. ROBBERIES.—An Irish labourer, from Llantrissent, named William Sullivan, was robbed of two t;5 notes, of the West of England Bank, and about a pound in silver, on .Saturday night'last, by a female in Friars' Fields; and John Evans, of Abersychau, was robbed, in ihe same quarter, of 4.2 10; neither of the tiiieves were discovered. A CAPTURE.-A few days since, Mr. Edmund Oscroft, of this town, caught at the Gwastotd lock, with a trout tackle, a salmon, weighing four pounds and three ounces, rather a fine fellow to be captured in the canal. INQUEST.—W. Brewer, Esq., held an inquest last Satnr- day, at the Castle Inn, on view of the body ot James Powell, a^tjd one month, louud dead by his mother s side, in bed, that morning. Mr. Limbrey, surgeon, had been called in, and expressed all opinion that death had been caused by convul- sious. — Verdict accordingly- EQUESTRIAN EXHIBITIONS. —Mr. Bell's equestrian party drew large houses on ednesday, at the cattle market, when the great diversity of amusement provided far spectators was generally productive ot gratification. NARROW ESCAPE,-On Tuesday morning, a little before eight o'clock, an engine was running up on the road by the Salutation Inn, the engineer of which did not cause the whistle to scream until close upon not only the crossing, but also an aged woman carrying two baskets; and she, not sup- posing the engine was to be immediately reversed,—which was done instantly, without any signal,- crossed the line im- mediately behind it, at the very moment that it was reversed. She escaped being knocked down, and probably killed on the spot, by a few inches of space only. Undoubtedly this mode of running to and fro on a crossing, without proper signalling, is reprehensible in the highest degree, and the culpable party will be reprimanded. DEATH BY DROWNING. —On Sunday last, while the tide was running up at two knots an hour, John Saunders, aged 18, one of the ÎJands on board the Sprightly, of liude, Captain Marshall, went from the vessel, at the Penner Wharf, to take a stern rope ashore, and in doing so, overreached himself, and fell from the stern seats of the boat, on which he had been standing, into the river The unfortunate man rose but once, having been doubtless carried up the river, under the surface, rapidly. The customs' gig put off immediately as did other boats but it was without avail-the sailor was not recovered nor has his body yet been picked up. We understand deceased was the chief support of an aged widowed mother, at Clovelly. VERY "HEAVY WET."—A foolish fellow, last Tuesday afternoon, imbibed such large quantities of moistcning," that he was induced to strip off his clothes at the Rodney Parade packet-slip, and take a plunge into the tide, which was run- ning out rapidly at the time. He had miscalculated his strength, and the amount of his sobriety for the tide carried him down so fast, and rendered him so powerless, that had not a friend put off a boat to his assistance, he might have been drowned, as the reward of his druukcn temerity. FATAL ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday afternoon, about four o'clock, William Gregory, the steady and industrious cart porter of the old steam packet company, was coming along Commercial-road, by the side of his horse, eating some bread and meat, when lie observed that the horse wanted to turn into lluperra-street. He at once lifted his hand to the animal's head, to direct him along the road, when it is sup- posed he was struck by the shaft, as he suddenly fell, and in a moment, before the poor fellow could rise again, the wheel of the heavily-laden cart passed over his body, from his shoulders to the legs. Bystanders heard his cry, and ran towards him, when they found him on his face, the wheel having passed over his back. The Rev. H. Wybrow, Mr. Wilson, and others, rendered all the assistance they could and on the unfortunate man's removal to the nearest house, Mr. J ennings. surgeon, was called in, but there was no ground for other than the opinion that he was fatally injured. He died the same evening, in much suffering, having been fright- fully smashed and bruised. An inquest was held on view of the body, at the Trout Inn, on Wednesday, before W. Brewer, Esq coroner, which the Rev. H- Wybrow attended, and a verdict of Accidental Death," was returned. CAUTION.—A correspondent, who signs himself "Not a Builder," cautious carpenters and masons against certain unprincipled prowlers, who show their faces, even in this honest neighbourhood, enter into contracts for erecting houses, and bamboozle hard-working and honest carpenters and masons, who will not get their money until St. Tib s eve, which is neither before nor after Christmas. LARGE EGO.—Mr. Chapman, builder, has an egg, the produce of a Spanish hen, 3 inches in length, 61 inches in circumference, and weighing 4i oz. CHILD DESERTION —On Friday last, two Irishwomen came up from Cardiff to Newport, on foot, and proceeded to the South Wales railway station, where one of them, being somewhat keener than her chance companion asked her to hold "the babe" for her, while she went just inside, to get a relief ticket for the union The unsuspecting friend, not knowing but that it was a relief office, she afterwards said, took the child the other went inside, got a ticket sure enough, but it was one that conveyed her off by the train which came in just at that moment The woman who had thus been favoured with an unexpected gift, told her story to the people around her, when she found the other did not return: and was advised to proceed to the station-house at once. She did so, and the child was removed from that place to the union-house while PC. Batt, made a journey, per rail- way. in search of the runaway mother; but discovered nothing more than that she was thought to be a resident at Cardiff, who was at that particular juncture "out of the way," and could not be apprehended. RAILWAY ACCIDENT. On Monday evening, the down passenger train on the Western Valleys railway, being an hour alter time, a pilot engine was sent up, when it was found that a horse belonging to" Mr. Edmonds, road agent to the company, had been struck down by the engine, and some empty trams, to which the animal had been attached, were knocked off the line. The horse was such an impediment to the engine, having become actually fastened to the lower part of the machinery, that the train could neither be taken forward nor backward; but the pilot engine being attached to the rear of the carriage, drew them up the line, when the body of the horse was disengaged from the engine, and re- moved out of the way, and the train proceeded on to New- port. The delay occurred between Ty Dee station and Tregwillim farm. Fortunately no other damage was done. THE ORANGE PEEL NUISANCE.—A married woman, in a condition likely to be seriously injured by a fall, slipped her foot on a piece of orange peel, near the shop of Mr. Jack, hatter, on Wednesday, and fell to the grouud with much force. A RE-ISSUE.-The Great Exhibition Chart of the Wee" Dkp'rtch, which has undergone careful revision, will be re- issued on the 16th of May, so that parties who have not obtained fcopies may be supplied on the terms stated in an advertisement, to which we call attention.


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