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THE FIRE AT WARWICK HOUSE, No. 42, Commercial Street, Newport, Monmouthshire, GRUSSFLL begs to announce to his friends and the public generally, that the extensive repairs rendered necessary by • the late Fire, are now completed, and that he will be prepared, on SATURDAY, MAY 1ST, 1852, TO RE-OPEN THE PREMISES With an entire new and fashionable STOCK OF SPRING GOODS, consisting of every description of Linen and Woollen Drapery, Silk Mercery, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Ticks, Sheeting, Calicos, Long Cloths, Irish Linens, Printed Muslins, French Delaines, Cashmeres, &c., &c. For each department, great care has been taken to select only such goods as are known to be ot the very best make, com- bined with lowness of price and durability. u a „ The advantages of purchasing at Warwick House are these—Firstly, every article will be sola at the smallest shade of profit- Secondly, all goods being marked so exceedingly cheap, no second price can be made, consequently all customers may feel confident of receiving the very best value for their money; Thirdly, the business being conducted exclusively for cash, the necessity of making a large profit ^5; MONSTER SHOW OF STRAW BONNETS AND HATS, &C., At the Wholesale and Retail Bonnet Warehouse. J. MINCHIN BEGS respectfully to announce his return from London, with an Immense and varied Stock selected from the best warehouses, of PLAIN and FANCY STRAW BONNETS and HATS, Dress Caps, French and English Flowers, Ribbons, Parasols, Neckties, Gloves, Lace, and Chemisettes, White and Coloured Stays, &c., &c., at prices which cannot be equalled, forreally good articles, by any house in the County. The bHOW ROOMS were RE-OPENED on THURSDAY, April 29th, and will be found to contain a much larger variety than at any former season, embracing every Novelty in pattern and style. Observe!—Victoria House, 140, Commercial-Street, Newport. WANTED. AN energetic PERSON, used to the '• HILLS," to repre- sent a House in the Beer and Potter Trade, An efficient party will be liberally dealt with. party will be liberally dealt with. Apply at the Merlin Office. —— SUHKKEA BEVERAGIS. BATESON AND BUKN, MANUFACTURERS OF 7 SODA WATER, LEMONADE, GINGERADE, AND ALL DERATED WATERS, By Improved Machinery, worked by Steam Power, No. 60, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON GBATESON, in sincerely thanking his numerous patrons t for the liberal support conferred on him, begs to announce that henceforth the business will be carried on under the above firm. Messrs. Bateson and Hum will m^ke it their study to manu- facture every article of the finest quality, equal to any house in the United Kingdom, and surpassed by none, at the lowest terras^ and delivered free at each terminus of the various railway lines in the neighbourhood. All orders executed with punctuality and dispatch. I N.B.-Dealers and Importers of Foreign Cigars. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. fi\ The New Steam Packet Company's Iron-builj § IT f n Schooners, Propelled by Screw, THE AVON AND SEVERN, "Are intended to Sail during the ensuing Week as follows: From Beaufort Wharf, Newport. From Bathurst Basin, Bristol. inn. APRIL. 30 Friday, I after 3C Friday, 21 after I Saturday 2 after 1 Saturday, —« 3j after Monday, 4 mom.. 4 after +3 Monday, 5 morn.. 5 after 1* Tuesday, 5 morn. *4 after t* Tuesday. St morn.. 6 after JS Wednesday 54 morn.. 5 J after 15 Wednesday 64morn.. 04 after 1e Thursday,; 6 morn. 6 after +6 Thursday, 7 morn.. 7 after *7 Friday, —— 6J after *7 Friday, 71 morn.. —— • To and Fro from Bristol, t To and Fro from Bristol and Newport. 7,18 voyages are performed by these Boats usually under two hours, and no long passages are made. Fares, Screw Steamers Avon and Severn—After Cabin,3s. Tore Deck, Is. 6d.— l'o and fro same day, provided ato and fro Ticket is taken.—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin 2s. Children under 12 years of age, halt-price. TheAbergavenny Mail every morning at half-past five o'clock through Caerleon and Pontypool, to Abergavenny, Crickhowell and Brecon, and arrives in Newport every evening at seven.— Morgan and Co.'s Packet Coach leaves the Tredegar Arms ano Bridge Inn daily, on the arrival of the above packets, for Usk and Abergavenny. A Coach leaves the Bridge Inn daily, on thl arrival of the Packets, for Pontypool and Abersychan. Re- leshments may be had on board. Passengers shipped and landed at Cumberland Basin, fre- of charge. The Proprietorsgive notice that they will not be accountable fo Passengers' Luggage, &c.; and their responsibility in respec of Goodsin general is restricted by the terms of a Notice affixed fin their Offices, at Bristol and Newport. Goods regularly and punctually forwarded by careful Carriers to all parts of the country. For conditions of freight, apply at the Company's Offices, Bell Avenue, Queen Square, Bristol and Beaufort Wharf, Newport. A.M. A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. The South Wales Railway^ Trains leave Newport (or f 4;10 7 4g 11;30 2:45 5:30 7:45 Swansea and intermedi-< ate Stations at J And arrive atNewport from") P.M. Swansea & intermediate > 8:10 10:20 12:26 3:3 8:30 0'31 Stations at • ■ ) The Western Valleys Rail-\ wayTrainsleiveNewportf 7. Q 19. n j.jt for Blaina, EbbwVale, & a intermediate Stations at Arriving at Newport from"* Blaina, Ebbw Vale, and £ 10;45 4: 0 8:30 intermediate Stations at j JOHN BLAND, Agent. «q BRISTOL AND NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS THE USK AND DART, A T intended to ply Daily during the ensuing 'Week between BRISTOL and NEWPORT, as follows:— From Bathurst Basin, Bristol. From Newport. APRIL. APRIL. 30 Friday 2J after 80 Friday, — ji *fter 1 Saturday, J. after 1 Saturday, 2 after 3 Monday, 5J morn.. 5 J after 3 Monday, 4 morn.. 31 after 4 Tuesday, 6 morn. 6 after 4 Tuesday, .6 morn.. 46 after 5 Wednesday, 61 morn. fi* after 5 Wednesday, 5 morn.. 5 after 6 Thursday, 74 morn. 71 after 6 Thursday 5i morn. 51 after ? Friday, 8 mc-n.. —— 7 Friday, 0 morn.. —— The "Dart" having undergone considerable improvements with regard to comfort and speed, has resumed her station. 49* A Waiting Room is provided opposite the landing place at the Hotwells, where Passengers are taken on board free of charge, about twenty minutes after the time stated in the bills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. Fares-After Cabin, 3s.; To and Fro same day,*4a. each Fore Deck, Is. 6d; To ard Fro same day 2s. each. Children under twelve years of age, half-price. Dogs, Is each. Four- wheel Carriage, 188; Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaeton for one Horse, 8s; if for two Horses, 10s Horses each, 6s Two- wheel Carriage, or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse only, with one Passenger, 12s Horse and Rider, 6s.—Refreshments may be had on Board. NOTICE.—Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., must be delivered Messrs. Hartnell's Warehouse, St. Stephen's Avenue, Bristol, two hours (at least) before the time stated for the sailing of the Packet,and at Rownham-Wharf, Hotwells. one hour before the time of sailing, to insure their being forwarded. Williams's Packet Coach daily, from the Carpenter's Arms Newport, on the arrival of these Packets, through Caerleon and « \jl° Aber8aven»y. Crtckhowell, and Brecon, and from the Uolden Lion, Abergavenny, three hours before the time of sail— ing for Bristol.—The following coaches leave the King's Head Hotel, Newport, as follows: The Abergavenny Mail every morn. lag at half-past five o'clock, through Caerleon and Pontypool, to Abergavenny, Crickhowell, and Brecon, and arrives in Newport every evening at seven o'clock. The Brynmawr and Nantyglo Wail every Morning ikt half-past five o'clock, through Risca Abercarn, Newbridge, Blackwood, and Tredegar, leaving Brynmawr at half-past two, and airives in Newport at seven P.M.—A Coach leaves the Bridge Inn daily, on arrival of the packets, for Pontypool and Abersychan.—Trains leave Newport for Swansea at 4 10, a.m.; 7 45, a.m. 11 30, a.m.; 2 45, p.m. • 6 30. p.m.; and 7 45, p.m., and arrive at Newport from Swan- Ma, at 8 10, a.m.; 10 20, a.m.; 12 26, p.m.; 3 3, p.m.; 8 30 p.m., and 9 31, p.m.-The Western Vallevs Trains leave New- port for Blaina at 7 0, a.m.; 12, noon and 4 45, p.m.—And leave Blaina for Newport at 9 0, a.m. ;2 15, p.m., and 645, p.m. Packet Offices, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells, Bristol, and Rodney Wharf, Newport' JOHN JONES, Agent. TO VISITORS FROM THE COUNTRY. MECHI'S SHOW ROOMS, No. 4, LEADENIJALL STREET, LONDON. ALL Persons of taste should hasten to inspect the unique and recherche STOCK OF ELEGANCIES now exhibited by MECHI, in his new Show Rooms, 4, Leadenhatt-Street, near the India House. Determined to lake the lead in taste, he has brought out some most superb and novel specimens in Papier Maché. Finding it impossible to display them advan- tageously in his former space, he has fitted up splendid Show Rooms, to which he invites those who are desirous of seeing the most brilliant specimens this country can produce. That the economical may be suited, as we'l as those of the most refined and luxurious taste, will be evident on a perusal of the following list of ELEGANCIES FOR PRESENTS AND USE, Bagatelle tables, £ 3 10s. to fl-5, writing dasks, 8s. to £Ô5 dressing cases, 17s. 6d. to 1:200; work boxes, 10s. to £40; leather writing cases, 10s. to 17 ditto, with dressing case, £ 4 to £45; tea chests, 7s. 6d. to j615 envelope cases, 6s. to £7; iilksiand., in wood, bronze and papier macb £ 6s. tojE7; papier mache work tables, £ 6 10s. lo £ 80; tea trays, 10s. to f45 per set; work and c ike baskets, 10s. to JE4 card racks, 16;. to £3; hand screens, 10s. to £410.; pole screens, E2 5s. to LA 103. netting boxes, card boxes, ladies' companions in pearl, shell, papier rnach £ and leather ladies' scent cases and toilet bottles, ladies' card cases, chess boards and men elegant papier mach6 chess tables gold and silver pencil cases in every variety good tooth blushes, 6d. each cases of plated andsilverdessert knives and forks Sheffield plate, splendid table cutlery warranted razors and strops, 3s. 6J. each sporting knives, and every description of fanfy cutlery. W ith a variety of other articles, of which Illustrated Catalogues may be had GRATIS, and will be sent post free on application. As Mechi manufactures extensively on his own premises, the quality of every article is warranted. 4, LEADENHALL STREET, NEAR THE INDIA HOUSE, LONDON. PATENT HYDRO-ELECTRIC CHAXftr, FOR PERSONAL USE, THE RECORDS of this latest discovery in Electricity, con- taining upwards of Four Hundred communications of Cures effected within the last Six Months, from Physicians of the highest standing, Noblemen, Clergymen, Magistrates, and persons in ail Classes 01 Society, and from all parts of the Country, may now be had at MR. MEINIG'S Head Depots, and from all the Agents in town and country. Being, however, mostly chance-communications, even this great number does not probably represent One-fiftieth part of the Cures actually effected within Six Months, and in the most variegated forms of Nervous and Functional Disease,by this truly miraculous agent. The discovery, that mild, but continuous Electric Currents, as evolved from these Portable Chains, exercise the most decisive injluenflls on the whole system, will, when generally known, range among the greatest blessings that we owe to science, and will prove even more conducive to individual happiness than that other marvel of the day, the Electric Telegraph. The Chains may, as hitherto, be fully tested !ull descriptions, with the highest references, reports of numbers of instantaneous Cures, &c.. may be bad (by post for two stamps), of CH. MEINIG, Head Depots, 103, Leadenhall-street, and 71, Regent-street, London; and from all Agents, in town and country. "I can scarcely recommend Dr. Pulvermacher's ingenious invention too strongly to the notice of my medical brethren. From thateminent Physician of Guy's Hospital, Dr. GOLDING BIRD, M.D., F.R.S., &c. AGENTS: Monm uh George Crook. Bangor .e. R. Pritchard. MEDICAL ADVICE ON THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURITY, With Plain Directions for their Prevention and Cure. FIFTY COLOURED ENGRAVINGS ON STEEL. Just Published, in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian, in a Sealed Envelope, 2s. 6d., or post-free from the Author for Forty-two Stamps. SELF PRESERVATION; A Medical Treatise on the Physiology of Marriage> and on the Secret Infirmities and Disorders of Youth and Maturity, usually acquired at an early period of life, which destroy the physical and mental powers, diminish and enfeeble the natural feelings, and exhaust the vital energies of Manhood; with Practical Observations on the certain Prevention and suc- cessful Treatment of Nervous Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Syphilis, Stricture, and all Diseases and derange- ments resulting from Indiscretion, as adopted by Lallemand, Ricord, and other eminent members of the faculty of France. With fifty coloured engravings, illustrating the Anatomy, Physi- ology, and Diseases of the Reproductive Organs, explaini- their structare, uses, and functions, and the various injuries are produced in them by solitary habits, excesses, and infect By SAMUEL LA'MERT, M.D., 37, BEDFORD-SQUARE, LONDON. Doctor of Medicine, Matriculated Member of the Unive' of Edinburgh, Honorary Member of the London H yital Medical Society, Licentiate of Apothecaries' Hall, I 'on, Member of the Huntenan Medical Society of Ediuu rgh, &c., &c. This work contains a plain and complete description of the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive organ*, and of their relative conditions in health and disease. Dr. La'Mert, who has taken the highest medical honours, as evidenced by the diplomas and testimonials inserted in the work, is the only legally qualified medical man who has exclusively. and for many years, devoted his studies to the treatment of these complaints. He may be consulted with advantage by all those whose constitutions may have become debilitated through secret practices acquired in youth, or by the excesses of later years whereby the pleasures of life are marred, the objects of marriage frustrated, and existence itself rendered a term of unceasing misery and regret. Published by the Author, and may be had of J. Gilbert, 49 Paternoster-row Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; Starie, Titchborne- street, Haymarket; Gordon, 146, Leadenhall-street Mann, 23, Cornhill or free by post for forty-two stamps, from the author's residence, who may be consulted on these disorders personally, by letter, daily, from ten till two, aud from six till eight. THE present Proprietor of HALSK'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES, having been a vendor of them, and having heard from his customers of the ail-but miraculous effects of them, and knowing that they had not been brought before the fiublic in the provinces, (although their sale in London,is very arge), in a manner that they ought to be, was induced to offer a certain sum for the Recipes, Titles, &c., to the original pro- prietor. After much time, and paying a much greater sum than he intended, he has accomplished his object. He has no doubt, however, that the invalid public will ultimately well pay him for his outlay. HALSE'S SCORBUTIC DROPStf A jure Cure for Scurvy, Bad Legs, and all Impurities of the Blood. Their effect in purifying the blood is all but miraculous.' This medicine is generally admitted to be the most certain purifyer of the blood of any as yet discovered, a remarkable change in the appearance-from a death-like paleness to the roseate hue of health- taking place within a very short time. Price 2s. 9d. each bottle and in pint bottles containing nearly six 2s. 9d. bottles, for lis., patent duty included. Declaration of the Guardians of Brent, Devon. We, the undersigned, solemnly declare, that before Thomas Rolins, (one of our parishioners), commenced taking Halse's Scorbutic Drops, he was literally covered with luge running wounds, some of them so large that a person might have laid hit fist in them that before he had finished the first bottle, he noticed an improvement, and that, by oontinuing them for some time, he gotcomptetety restored to health, after everything ^lse had failed. He had tried various sorts of medicine before taking Halse's Scorbutic Drops, and had prescriptions from the most celebrated physicians in this county, without deriving the least benefit. Halse's Scorbutic Drops have completely cured him, and he is now able to attend to his labour as well as any man in our parish. From other cures also made in this part, we strongly recommend Halse's Scorbutic Drops to the notice of the public. Signed by JOHN ELLIOTT, Lord of the Manor. JOHN MANNING. WILLIAM PEARSE. HENRY GOODMAN. ARTHUR LANGWORTHY. June 21, 1843." The medicine has the same action on the impurities of the blood as an antidote has on poison, viz., bytttamediatety robbing it or its evil qualities. Its effects are inoWd astonishing, and will scarcely be credited until tried. Halse's Scorbutic Drops may be procured from any respecta- ble Chemist, or from the Wholesale Agents, BARCLAY and SON, 95, Fariingdon-street, City and C. KING, 41, Carter- street, -Walworth, price 2s. ftd. and lis, per bottle. STATEMENT OF all Monies Received and Expended on Account of the Newport Local Board of Health, ending 29th day of February, 1852. RECEIVED FROM THE COLLECTOR. EXPENDED, AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE. Date 1851 £ II. d. g s. d. Date 1851 £ 8. d. Sept. 6 Cash from the Collector on Balance due to the Treasurer, William account of General District Williams, Esq. 6 19 8 Rate of December, 1850. 41 0 0 SALARIES. 8 The like. 30 0 0 Sept. 9 By cash paid Clerk to Board, salary up to 9 Thelike.2900 1st July 30 0 0 20 The like 37 0 0 H The like, surveyor, 1st July 37 10 0 27 The like. 20 0 0 11 The like, sundries 3 11 5 Oct. 3 The like 23 12 0 1852. 18 The like 12 0 0 Jan. 15 The like, surveyor, 1st October 37 10 0 21 The like 11 16 0 15 The like, IstJanuary 37 10 0 27 The like 10 0 0 19 The like, collector, 1st April 18 15 0 Nov. 3 The like 28 10 0 19 The like, 1st July is 150 5 The like 20 0 0 19 The like, 1st October o 18 15 0 10 The like 78 0 0 19 The like, 1st January 18 15 0 II The like 10 0 0 26 The like, clerk, 1st October 30 0 0 18 The like 35 0 0 Feb. 6 The like, 1st January 30 0 0 Dec. 15 The like 16 0 0 CLEANING, LIGHTING, & REPAIRING STREETS, &c. — (• 1851. 23 The like, on account of rate of Sept. 6 Wiiliam Stockwell, smith's work 7 15 0 November, 1851 •• 203 5 0 6 Moses Scard, on account of scavenging 60 0 0 30 The like 300 0 0 16 John Price, painting street plates 0 10 0 1852. 30 Messrs. Hall and Co., for water cart 18 18 0 Jan. 16 The like 59 11 0 Oct. 4 Henry Mullock, stationery .201 19 The like 37 10 0 6 Richard Budgeon, lamp posts. 4 9 0 28 The I ike 100 18 6 Nov. 12 The Gas Company, on account for gas.. 100 0 0 Feb. 27 The like 31 5 0 1852. ————-—— 732 9 6 Jan. 14 Moses Seard, on further account 180 18 11 3 Amount borrowed from the 15 The Gas Company, due at Christmas, 18()1 830 0 0 West of England Banking 15 Hunt and Jones, mason's work 51 16 G Company.. ° ». •» 1000 0 0 19 The Water Works Company 35 10 0 15 William Watkins, hauling stones, &c. 37 3 .9 15 JohnGorvett, smith's work 112 4 14 Charles Jordan, iron pjpcs .0 5 O 15 Messrs. Hall and Co., repairing water cart 2 7 6 19 Messrs. Egglestaffe and Son, for stones.. 8 7 6 19 Messrs. Egglestaffe and Son, for stones.. 14 18 3 15 William Stockwell, repairing pumps.. 2 17 8 15 John Clarke, painting lamp posts 11 19 9 16 Nathaniel Webb, carpenter's work 140 16 Charles Hanson, for drain pipes 0 6 3 21 Job Evans, for zinc and nail. 0 6 6 Feb. 6 Thomas Davies, for stones. 36 0 0 I MISCELLANEOUS. j Jan. 15 Messrs. Williams and Morris, for town survey 250 0 0 ■r~ j 16 Bristol Packet Company, carriage of stones 0 15 0 • j 15 Charles Knight, for stationery 3 0 0 j 19 Bristol Mercury, advertising 0 17 0 Feb. 19 Wiiliam Latch, repairing town clock 5 O 0 j By cash lent the Corporation. 121 6 0 j „ Amount due from W. Williams, Esq late treasurc-r 18 IS 10 Balance due to the Local Board of Health 46 4 7 JE2134 7 6 £213-1 1 6 To amount received of the Collector in part of 27 By paid part of tie EIOOO borowed Ird Feb. 229 4 6 rate of November, 1851 229 4 6 Balance of loan not paid £ 770 15 6 Total cash received £ 2363 12 0 » e2363 12 0 Balance due from Messrs. Williams, or Mr. William Williams •• •• •• 18 18 10 n Balance due from John Bates,Esq., Treasurer 46 4 7 27th April, 1852-Examined and found correct, JOHNs^LLL^MS, j Auditors appointed by the Burgesses. R. C. SLADE. EDWARD THOMAS, a member of the Council appointed by the Mayor. STATEMENT OF all Monies Received and Expended on Account of the Corporation of Newport, for the Six Months ending the 29th February, 1852. — ■- £ RECEIPTS, & FROM WHAT SOURCE DERIVED. EXPENDITURE, AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE. « *Date loo'i. f s, a. Date 1851 BOROUGH RATE. Balance due to P. Jones, Esq., treasurer 221 0 4 £ 8, d. £ s. SALARIES. Sept.1'2 Ca»h of Mr. Dumayne, on Jan. 16 Town Clerk, quarter's salary, due 1st Oct. 20 0 0 account of rate of 2ifd June 26 The like, due 1st January 20 0 0 „ •• •• n n 20 Elizabeth Jones, quarter's wages, due 1st Oct. 18 The like .10 November, and sundries .« 4 18 6 L-'852., rm. OAA A c, Feb. 28 The like, due 1st instant, and sundries 6 17 0 Jan. 3 The like, of Mr. Sheppard •• 200 0 0 A n RENT- 18 1 T 2/0 Jaa. 16 Mr. William Evans, half-year's ground Sept.13 CaSH of Mr, Jenkins, on account rent, due 29tli September, 1851 15 15 0 no rate on St. Woollos 247 10 0 jg fhe like, moiety of party wall 3 5 0 Oct. 23 The like • *0 0 U jg Mrs. Tombs, acknowledgment for windew 0 10 0 r1 rru vi r inn ft ft 23 Mr. Pyne, rent of Pill Station, due 25th Jan. 13 The like, of Mr. Lane 100 0 0^ in December 11 0 0 1851 307 10 0 lg51 POLICE. Sept. 5 Cash of Supt. English, fees or. Aug.26 to Feb. 23, inclusive-Superintendent and N J. oi »m_ ir.? i > l. in Iff « policemen's wages during these periods 445 0 0 w on °J j^in v Sept. 3 Adam Williams, conveyance of prisoners 16 16 0 Nov. 20 The like,ordered 18th November 14 19 2 4. r 20 0 0 D,e^23 The like,ordered 16thDecember 20 6 6 no 13 Mr. Dowling, advertising !5 1 0 lo52 j,ot.T 01 fin 15 Mr. Fox, fees due to borough magistrates' Jan. 16 The like, ordered 13th January 21 5 11 k 00 Feb. 20 The like, ordered 10th February 29 10 6 lg Mr. jacki for ^'police hat 0 12 O 00 5 5 17 Mr. Mullock, stationery 4 17 11 To amount borrowed from the rent account 83 8 2 J9 Sup.EnKii8h,expensesallowedinCMhen'e The like, from the Board of Health account 121 6 0 case .11 11 0 The like, from Mr. Woollett, treasurer pro. 23 Mr. Phillips, for lamp oil 280 B £ *iue<oVota>Bai«(E.,>»»».« 3 17 7 1852 4 Company, for gas 4 10 0 Jan. 15 Supt. English, allowance for rent, postages, &c.536 ]9 P.C.Bath, for sundries 103 15 William Watkins, for police hats 9 16 15 W. H. Davies, for lamp oil .070 MISCELLANEOUS. 3 Thomas Williams, plasterer's work 0 17 9 15 Benjamin Jefferies, ironmongery 2 15 10 15 The Gas Company, for gas 12 5 4 15 David Lewis, erecting hustings 2 0 0 15 William Stockwell, smith's work 3 15 5 15 Hunt and Jones, mason's work 422 15 Adam Williams, conveyance of prisoners 1510 0 15 John Roberts, for coal. 14 2 0 19 Proprietor of Bristol Mercury, for adver- tising 0160 19 The poll clerks at municipal elections.. 3 13 0 19 Insurance. 4 10 0 20 James Sanders, painting at Pill Station 0 14 3 INTEREST. Feb. 17 Messrs. Woollett, half-year's interest on mortgage, due 1st instant 32 10 0 JE983 17 6 £983ï76 By Balance due to rent account JE83 8 2 Board of Health 121 6 0 „ Thos. Woollett 3 3 3 „ John Bates 3 17 7 £ 211 15 0 27th April, 1852—Exanuned and found correct, JO&N WILLIAMS, S A»dil°"al,p°in'ed b?,heB"rB",eS' EDWARD THOMAS, a member of the Council appointed by the Mayor. CORPORATION RENT ACCOUNT, For the Year ending 29th February, 1852. 1851. RECEIPTS. £ B. d. PAYMENTS. To Balance in the hands of Philip Jones, 1851. £ s. d. £ s. d Es<j. 535 15 6 April 8 By cash paid Hunt and Jones, Rent of Assembly Room, paid into Bank 2114 0 on account of contract for The like, Mechanics'Institute ..5 5 9 „ ^bu,i.1,dinSs 100 0 0 The like, Stores 15 4 0 May 9 The like 100 0 0 To Iatemt allowed by Bank 5 11 9 Jan. 21 The like ,oo o o Sept. 13 The like, being balance 14 0 0 —————— 414 0 0 13 The like, extra work, as per account 15 2 8 13 Mark Chapman, plumber's work 5 3 1 13 William Hunt, carpenter's work 17 19 6 13 Mr. Langdon, architect's commission 22 10 0 13 By Balance due to the Corporation.. 108 15 9 JE583 11 0 £683 11 0 1852 Feb. 6 By Balance due to P. Jones, Esq., on rate account £ 83 8 2 6 By amount of composition from Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank carried down, paid into ° West of England Bank 20 0 0 6 By amount of loss by Bank 5 7 7 To Balance brought doira, due to rent — „ account •• •• £ 108 15 0 £ 108 15 9 To rent of Assembly Room paid to John Bates, Esq. •• •• £ 38 10 0 The like. Mechanics' Institute .700, The like, Stores 25 10 0 Feb. 23 The like, Commercial Room 20 0 0 • 6 The like, composition from P. Jones, Esq. 20 0 0 A 29 By amount in (John Bates, Esq.) trea- Lill00 sum's hands gill 0 0 27th April, 1852—fcamined and found correct, R. C. SLADE, Auditors appointed by the Burgesses. JOHN WILLIAM! EDWARD THOMAS, a member of the Council appointed by the Mayor. I ——— NOM BREWERS' ARMS, GREAT DOCK STREET, ADJOINING THE WESTER- VALLEYS TERMINUS, NEWPORT, MON. j HARRIET PEARCE, widow of the late John Pearce' tl continues to conduct the business of her late husband". usual. H. P., in returning her grateful thanks for past favoHi solici's a continuance of that patronage hitherto so liberal11 bestowed. Every Accommodation for persons travelling by the Train' or Packets. Well-Aired Beds. Good Stabling, Stort Rooms, &c. No connection with any other person of the same name. April 28, 1852. TO BE LET. AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, THAT old-established full-licensed PUBLIC HOUSE, called t THE VICTORIA COMMERCIAL INN, Situated near the flourishing Iron Works of Blaenavon, within eighty yards of the intended Terminus of the Raihoad, leading from Newport to Blaenavon. The house has been very recently well fitted up in the best possible manner, with excellent stabling, and locked-up coalb house, and is well adapted for the reception of Commerce" Travellers. The In-coming Moderate. Satisfactory reasons will be assigned for the present occupiel leaving. i For further particular?, apply to Mr. JOSEPH BEDDOEI Blaenavon; to Mr. James GILBERT, Draper, PontvpoolJ > to Mr. HENRY GREGORY, Brewer, &c., Newport: or to Mr. ISAAC ROSSEIt, Park Place, Tredegar. TO BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS TO BE DISPOSED OF, upon very advantageous terms, a C Good BUSINESS in the above line, together with the j* Leather Selling Business—has been established fifteen yeath 8 and is situated near the Docks at Pillgwenlly, in the flourish" i la ing port of Newport. th For particulars, enquire of Mr. LUKE HORNER, th; pj proprietor, <Golden Boot, Pillgwenlly. fa • re FOR SALE. 39. COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWpoalf r -io BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at the PARROT liotrlfll I Newport, by Mr. T. T. MORRIS, on WEDNESDAY nexTf j May 5th, 1352, (immediately after the sale of the Abercarn6 Copyhold Properly, advertised for sale at the above Inn, on V the above-named daj, at three o'clock in the afternoon,) unlego re previously disposed of by Private Contract, the LEASE Or THE HuUSE AND SHOP, late in the occupation of 1\1r, Phillips, grocer, and being No. 39, Commercial Street, th Newport, held for a term, of which about eleven years are as unexpired, at the rent of £ 26 per annum.. k Tnose acquainted with the above very desirable premises wil'l remember that the late proprietor expended a considerable sufl* It of money in improvements, rendering the house and shop con"'f venient and comfortable, both as a residence and place of >■ business. The situation is excellent. Auctioneer's Offices, No. 41, Commercial Street, Newport. ABERCARN, MONMOUTHSHIRE. W COPYHOLD BUILDING LAND. LICENSED AND DWELLING HOUSES. %/T R. T. T. MORRIS is honoured with instructions to IVl SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the PARROt j INN, Commercial street, Newport, on WEDNESDAY, the, 5tl> J day of MAY, 1852, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon precisely> c0 all those copyhold parcels of building land, Bhops, licensed 8r, and dwelling houses, situate at Abercarn, near Newport, the ] property of Mrs. Margaret Williams, comprising the following viz. Lot 1-All that shop and dwelling house, situate in the centre of Abercarn, for many years in the occupation of Mr. John Jones, grocer, at the annual rent of £20 but now in the occupation of Mis. Elizabeth Jones, grocer, &c., containing shop, with loft over, bakehouse, kitchen, pantry, lumber rooIJJ, three bedrooms, two parlours, &c., with side and back en' trances, adjoining dwellings, the property of Sir BenjarniJ) Hall, Bart., M.P. Lot 2—All those two cottages, situate at the back of Lot 1 r in the occupation of John Evans and Thomaw Waters, let St De ICIO per annum, also adjoining dwellings, the property of Sltl me B. Hall, Bart., M.P. L Lot 3.—All that parcel of garden ground, situate bet Te the above lots and the Monmouthshire Canal, at Aberca.n, le» to the various tenants, and being No. 2736 on the tithe mapr ] containing about 34 perches, more or less. J(T Lot 4.—All that piece of building ground, situate between th the Monmouthshire Canal and the main road, leading frof Abercarn to Mynyddyslwyn, commanding a frontage on tM pej main road, from the lime kiln in the Forge Hammer house, prj about 135 ft., and facing the towing path on the canal si^e' about 86 feet, being No. 2i92 on tithe map, containing abow> 33 perches, more or less. th Lot 5.—All that licensed and dwelling house, commonl1 te called the Forge Hammer, with garden ground attached, ad- •] joining Lot 4, late in the occupation of Mr. James Willi let at jg 18 per annum, but now occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, and being No. 2292 on tithe map. Lot G.-All that dwelling house, shop, and garden ground, ] adjoining Lot 5, in the occupation of Mr. George JoneSi < grocer, let at the annual rent of £ 10.. Itr Lot 7.—All that parcel of building ground, situate betwee* the last mentioned lot and the Royal Oak house, commandifl#, a frontage on the main road, leading Irom Abercarn A Col Mynyddyslwyn, of about 194 feet, and on the towing path of. the canal, of about 150 feet, being No. 2289 on the tithe map,c containing about 2 roods 7 perches, more or less. Lot 8—All that Licensed House and Garden attached, adi joining Lot 7, commonly known as the Royal Oak," now 10 the occupation of Mr. William Waters, let at the annual ren* s* ot £ 15, containing five bedrooms, parlour, taproom, cellafr]] brewhouse, pantry, and two pigs' cots, with garden faentag'ftgi to the main road, suitable for building, of about 33 ftet. llM The auctioneer would respectfully call the particular atten*! < tion of capitalists to this sale, as houses i$the immediate, Qa The auctioneer would respectfully call the particular atten*! < tion of capitalists to this sale, as houses i, the immediate, ba neighbourhood of Abercarne are in great demand, and bwldingj sites extremely scarce, coupled with the fact of the abotejl«_ being in the neighbourhood of extensive coal and minerslj v works. The opportunity is one rarely met with of securing remunerative return for money invested. J J Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer, at hi" Offices, No. 44, Commercial Street, Newport; or of T. M. LLEWELLIN, Esq. °'1 Solicitor, Newport, Mon. — —-— Bti GLAMORGANSHIRE. THE CAMERON ESTATES Near to and in the seaport town of Swansea, including raan 1 f excellent Farms of various sizes, and the Manors of C <urty' v came and Killibion; the whole comprising upwaiis •)» THREE THOUSAN D ACRES, the greater part of which contains valuable veins of Coal, chielly in a virgin state, Also the Cameron Arms Hotel, and several Houses and Shop* in the town. !| ESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, & LYE, have LvJL received instruction to Sell by Auction, st the Cameron Arms HOlel, Swansea, on TUESDAY and WRDNESDAY, June & and 9, at Twelve each day, in 94 Lots, the FEE SIMPLE AND INHERITANCE OF THE CAMERON ESTATES, J situate near to the se i port town of Swansea, G lamorganshire ) comprising the following EXCELLENT FARMS, in tb-, tCl parishes ot Swansea, Loughor, Llaurhidian, Ilstoo, and Listil ai dilotalybont, vi. :-Lee\h Clawdd, Penlan, Cefn, Clawdd-dd^» Dunvant, Bevexe, Prior's Meadow, Whitewalls, Gellyhif; 1- Fairwood, Hafod Mill, New House, Erw Fawr, Cefn Draw, C It Newydd, Peuygraig, Pant-glas, Caerithen, Tir Cothin, Rbjao £ Fawr, Ysilys-y-Rhean, Berthllwyd, Aberkeedy, Pencl*#dd*l Paik Hendy, Cefn-Buchan, Cwmynewidd, Cwmnant, CiionoiEVj ■Cornceuwen, Llanelhn, Killibion, Little Bryngwyn, Trap* tavern, Bringwyn, MaTdylands,Rhydymardy,Melyn-y-Manac»» Llanuaot Fach, Tynharny Fach, Penrheol, Penoefeoard*' Coalbrook Meadow?, Macsybrawd, Pengelly, Tyrharny Fa uh Courtycarne, Island Fields, Pentrebach, Tavern-y-pied, GwyD' tain, Black-hill, and Tyarch-tyr, in tbe occupation of a highly respectable tenantry. Numerous dwelling-bouses, coU«ge9f| and detao ed parcels of arable, meadow, and accommodation land and the •. MANORS OF COURTYCARNE AND KILLIBION, j containing in the whole upwards of 3,000 acres, with several *■ VALUABLE VEINS OF COAL therein, in a virgin state, varying in thickness from 8 to 70 feet Jj 1 also in the town of Swansea, the CAMERON ARMS HOTEL, /1) and Four Houses and Sbops in the High-street, Six Hpuses iOj Welcome-street, Four Houses, with Bakehouse, aud an IroO' Foundry and Bakehouse, in the Strand, the MUSEUM AND THE FLOAT TAVERN PUBLIC HOUSES, IN THE STRAND, and another House in Wind-street. Printed particulars and conditions may be ha3, one tnontD prior to the sale, of Mr. D. 8. BOCKETT, Solicitor, 60, Ho coin's Inn Fields; of Mr. CHARLES BAILEY 5, Stratford- place, Oxford-street; of Messrs. JEFFREYS and GASKOlN* Solicitors, Swansea at CARKAWAY'S and at the Office*, of Messrs. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE, Lancaster' place. Strand, London. AWFUL Fihb.—The village of Harwell, about two miles anii a balf from the Didcot junction of the Great Western Railway sustained a fearful calamity on Saturday and Sunday motnipfp A fire devastated nearly half the village, and destroyed an its' mense amount of agricultural produce. It is s^id the fire war caused by an incendiary. FLOUR "MILL DESTROYED.—On Friday, a windmill betonginf to Mr. Knowles, in Mill-lane, Liverpool, was coi»-f>> destroyed by fire. ROYAL BIRTHDAYS.—Sunday was the anniversary of tbil natal dlly of her Royal Highness Mary, Ducbessof Glouceatet, who completed her 76th year. It was also the birthday of tbo youthful Princess Alice, who attained her 9th year, and Saiuf' day next will be the birthday of the infant Prince named affigo the Duke of Wellington, who completes his 2nd year. Newport, Friday, April 30, 1852, Printed and Published for the Proprietor, EDWA1117 DOWLING, of Mount Pleasant, Hill-street, in the Par isb, of St. Woollos, in the MERLIN General Printing Offisly situate in Corn-street, at the Borough of Newport, bY WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, No. 7, Commercial-fltr«e,M in the said Borough.