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HUSSEY'S AMERICAN REAPER. Price £ 18 complete, -with Delivery Board, &c., Delivered at Bristol. HUSSEY'S "CHAMPION" REAPER IN YORKSHIRE From Sir Tatton Sykes, Bart., to Mr. Crosskill. S,p # Sedmere Castle, Driffield, Sept. 9th, 1851. I have just been seeing your machine for reaping,and am very much pleased with it. It does its work beautifully. 1 have no doubt they -will soon be in general use. I am, sir, your obedient servant, (Signed) TATTON SYKES. Hussey's Champion" Reaper in Lincolnshire. Fairford House, I,outh, March 13th, 1852. ^ir, I enclose a cheque for £ 18, the cash price of Hussey's eapmg Machine. I should have done this earlier, but have w,en^nuich engaged, and waited to try it. I have done so on neat stubble, and find it answer beyond my most sanguine expectations. I am, your, &c., (Signed) WM. J. 03LEAR. W ^r' ^"ross^> b'everley. W. Crosskill will warrant Hussey's Reaper to cut stand- mg" or laid" corn, across "ridge and furrow." W. C. is now making three reapers a day for purchasers who have already gi,en orders for delivery in May, but cannot guarantee o deliver juture orders in time for harvest, unless given imme- diately, ° L' Full particulars and report of the Cleveland Challenge and ^co-. will be forwarded gratis, on application per post. wtOSSKILL'S "COUNCIL" GREAT MEDAL PATENT CLOD CRUSHERS AND WHEAT ROLLERS. G^"°r Young Wheats in the Spring, &c. At the Exhibition the highest award of the CouncilPrize Great CJod W3S awar<^ed to Crosskill's Patent Serrated Roller and +v„ Crusher, with this commendation—" It repays its cost IQe first season of its use. &c." Reduced Prices, £ 18 size, now £ 15 cash. 'Skill's Council" Great Medal One Horse Carts, mounted 2\f upon patent Wheels and Axles, P^ctured almost entirely by Machinery, Reduced Prices \rv,en, er Cent Discount off orders for Three Sets of Patent heels and Axles. ,p Crosskili's "Council" Great Medal Wilis. Six ir most powerful and economical Mills, of Two, Four, and j ^prse Power, for grinding all kinds of farm produce, luding bones for manure; and particularly recommended *h«e Steam Power is used. Lists of Prices may be had gratis, on application per post. Please Address—MR. CROSSKILL, BEVERLEY. PRAMPTON'S PILL Or HEALTH. Price Is. lid. per box. THIS excellent Family PILL i9 a Medicine of long-tried efficacy for correcting all disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, the common symptoms of which are Cosiiveness, Flatulency, Spasms, Loss of A ppetite, Sick Head-ache, Giddi- ness, Sense of Fulness after meals. Dizziness of the Eyes, Drowsioess and Pains in the Stomach and Bowels: Indigestion, Producing a Torpid state of the Liver, and a consequent inactivity of the Rowels, causing a disorganization of every junction of the frame, will, in this most excellent preparation, oy a little perseverance, be effectually removed. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of its salutary effects. The stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the liver, bowels, and kidneys will rapidly take place and instead of listles sness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health. will be the quick result of taking this medicine, according to the directions accompany- Ing each box These pills are pa'ticularly efficacious for stomach coughs )Ids) agues, shortness of breath, and all obstructions of the ^r>nary passages; and, if taken after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. •jj-rS0DS J' a HABIT, who are subject to head-ache, giddiness, drowsiness, and singing in the ears, arising from too great a now of blood to the head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. For LFS, these pills are most truly excellent, removing ail obstructions, the distressing head-ache so very prevalent with *«e sex j depression of spirits, dulnessof sight, nervous affections, blotches, pimples, and sallowness of the skin,and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. To MOTHERS they are confidently recommended as the best nf ,,ci*ne ,hl*t can be taken during pregnancy and for children j*" ages they are unequalled. me a p!easan'» sa'e< an<* easy aperient, they unite the recom- lDendatlon of a mild operation with the most successful effect, rj require no restraint of diet, or confinement during their use. y regulating the dose, according to the age and strength of the pattern, they become suitable for every case, in either sex, that can be required; and for ELDERLY PEOPLE they will be found to be the most comfortable medicine hitherto prepared. Sold by T. Prout, "229, Strand, London. Price Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. per box and by the Venders of Medicines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and observe the name and address of Thomas Prout, 229,Strand, London," On the Govrenment Stamp. THROW PHYSIC TO THE DOGS. I'LL NONE OF IT.Shahespeare UNDER THE AND PATRONAGE CF THE THE PRINCIPAL QUEEN, NOBILITY. ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS SUPERSEDE the use of Inward Medicine for Coughs Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the heart, Croup, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Chronic Strains, Brutses, Lumbago, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, Diseases of Ihe Chest, and Local Pains. MORE WONDERFUL CURES, SELECTED FROM MANY OTHERS TOO NUMEROUS TO PUBLISH Important Testimonial from F. Cupiss, Esq., M.R V.C., author of the Prize Essay on the diseases of the Liver of the Horse. Diss, Norfolk, March 22, 1851. To Messrs. Roper and Son. Gentlemen,-For the last three winters Mrs. Cupids has felt a great delicacy of the chest, accompanied with occasional pain, cough, and hoalseness. Having had your valuable Bath Plasters recommended to her, she made trial of one, and it was attended with the most beneficial effect, in consequence of which she has made frequent use of them, and invariably with the same good results. It is to be regretted they are rot more generally known, as I am sure they would relieve much uffering, and tend to pro- long life- I remain,y urs respectfully, FRANCIS CI PIS. CURE OF TEN YEARS LOSS OF VOICE Communicated by H. Platt and Son, Chemists to her Majesty Dear Sirs,—I have an excellent case of cure In hesier, from the use of your Royal Bath Flasters-viz., a ferr ale who had lost her voice for nearly ten years, and the second plaster restored her. She came spontaneously to thank me, and said she would write you a letter. Yours, respectfully, Chester, October 23rd,1850. H PLATT. Communicated by C. Parsons, Postmaster. To Messrs. Roper and Son, Sheffield,—Sirs,— I Munk it my duty to inform you that it is now about four years since I introduced your Royal Bath Plaster to the inhabitants of Princes Ris- brough and its vicinity. In the course of that time I have sold some dozens of them; and I have the satisfaction of informing you that in every case where they have beent.irlytried.they have proved beneficial, particularly among children. We have one lady in the neighbourhood who keeps a few constantly by her, I have applied them to my own children in hooping cough, and the result was highly gratifying so much so, that I sent for a quantity, and strongly recommended them to my neighbours who were all well satisfied, and, in many cases truly thankful I apologise for thus troubling you with this note, but I think that auch a valuable remedy cannotbe too highly extolled. I am, sirs, yours, respectfully, CHARLES PARSONS. Post office, Princes Risbrough, Jan. 6,1851. P.S.-You are at liberty to make any use you please of this or the advancement of the plaster WONDERFUL CURE OF COUGH. Sheffield, Nov. 5th, 1850. Sirs,-From a feeling of gratitude to you, and duty to the pub- lic, I wish to bear my testimony in favour of your invaluable Roper's Plasters and Pills, I have been afflicted for years with a bad cough, brought on by repeated colds. I was also afflicted with pain in the stomach, sickness,tooof appetite, &c. I some- times thought I had three sorts of cough at the same time one attacked the other, and then it was dreadful. I could not lie down, but was forced to sit up coughing until life seemed to be nearly gone. When I was suffering thus, a friend advised me to try your Roper's Plasters and Pills, aud the following day I procured one box of pills and one plaster, and. to the astonish- ment of all that knew me, I wasreetored to health again. Praise the Lord for all hrs mercies. I forgot to state, my age is 64. Wicker, near the Post-office, MARTHA MALL1NSON NOTICE the words "Roper's Royal Bath Plaster" en. graved on the Govern- ment Stamp, and the Proprietor'sAutograph </ S c? on the back, thuB*.— x ~"=3» These truly invaluable Plasters are compounded on Medico Chemical principles, from British herbs, and the gums and balsams of the Eastern clime,— Wheie shrubs yield balsam, and where flowers and trees Distil some genial balm for all disease. Prepared only by ROBERT ROPER & SON, Chemists, Sheffield and sold by most Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom.-Ful size Plasters, Is. lid.; and for Children, 9id. each, or direct by post from the Proprietors, on receipt of Is. 4i., or Is. each.—For the use of Hospitals, Infirmaries, Dis- pensaries, Poor-law Unions,the Medical Profession, Famtiy use, and Charity purposes, &c.,—in tin cases, at 4s Cd., Us. 22s. 33s., each case. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS-BE PARTICULAR TO ASK FOR ROPER'S PLASTER THE NATIONAL BLESSING. TANNER'S RESTORATIVE COUGH PELLS, Proved to be a most safe and efficacious medicine for the relief and cure of coughs, asthma, pulmonary complaints, hoarse. ness, difficulty of breathing, and all obstructions of the chest and lungs. nnHE salutary and most extraordinary efficacy of this JL medicine, in cases known to the proprietor, where many have been rescued almost from the brink of the grave, has in- duced him to extend its sphere of usefulness. They quickly afford relief in all cases of coughs—the frequent precursor of consumption; and speedily relieve that unpleasant and dis- tressing sensation of tickling in the throat and in cases of consumption and spitting of blood, many have found great benefit from their use. They afford permanent relief in long- standing cases of asthmatic coughs, and hundreds have already been completely cured of the most severe ordinary coughs. They do not contain a particie of opium, or any drug likely to injure the constitution. The trial of a single box will satisfy any sufferer of their astonishing efficacy. They heal the sore- ness of the chest, occasioned by violent coughs; and aged per- sons will find the greatest relief from taking them. 0 The following TESTIMONIALS are published (by permission) out of a great number received by the Proprietor. The original letters, and various other proofs of the efficacy of these celebrated PILLS, may be inspected by any person desirous of seeing them at the Propiietor's house :— Bristol, J une 14,1851. Sir,—It is now seven or ei^ht years since I caught a dreadful cold accompanied with a most distressing Cough, which returned regularly every winter I tried a great number of different ic medicines without much effect, until some time since I was re- commended to try your Restorative Cough Pills, from which I found great relief, and by occasionally taking rtiis valuable medicine I am quite recovered and feel no smyptoms of a return of my old complaint, but 1 feel it a duty 1 owe to make thns statement, that others suffering from Coughs, Colds, &c. maiy obtain a remedy at once cheap and efficacious ia taking miner's Cough Fill?. I remain, Sir, yours respectfully, S.H. Bitton, near Bristol, July 12, 1850. Mrs. Mc A begs to acknowledge the receipt of a. box of Cough Pills which Mr. Tanner kindly sent her, and begs :o state that she found great relief from the very first dose, and after taking three or four doses her Cough and Hoarseness quite left her, and considers it her duty to thank Mr. Tanner, and to recommend them as a safe and valuable remedy for Coughs, Hoarseness,c. Hanham MflIs, near Bristol. Sir,—Grati'.ude eompels me to return you my best thanks for the great benefit that I received from taking your Cough Pills. Christmas last I had a most severe and harassing Cough, which so troubled me day and night that I could get no rest, rnd was so reduced hy it that my friends had but little hope of my re- covery but shortly after taking your Cough Pills, I felt great relief, and was very soon enabltd to take my rest and follow my usual employment again without interuption I really con- sidered every dose of Pills was worth a sovereign to me. I shall feel great pleasure in recommending them and giving any infor- mation that may be required. I am, with gratitude, yours truly, J. Hunter. Price 6d. and 13}d. per box. The 13id. contain three times the number of the 6d. size. Prepared only by II. A. TANNER (Proprietor of the celebrated Dinner Pills), Kingswood-Iiiii, Bristol. Wholesale Agents in Bristol: T. & A. WARREN, ReddLS- strpet; andPEARCE & CO., Bridge-street. Wholesale Agents In London: W. Sutton, & Co., Bow-church- yard and Drew, Heyward, and Barron, Bush-lane, Cannon- street. COUGHS CURED FOR A SHILLING. BY PINNIGER'S BALM OF LIQUORICE, r^HE best and most agreeable Remedy, ever yet offered to the Public, for the immediate relief and perfect cure of Coughs, Colds, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throats, Asthma, and all complaints affecting the Lungs. It may be taken with perfect safety by persons of all ages, and is so delicious that no child will refuse it. A long list of Testimonials from parties in the proprietor's own neighbourhood, who have recently been cured by it, is wrapped round each bottle and as a guarantee that the article is genuine, purchasers are particularly requested to observe that the words, FRANCIS BROOME PINNIGER, are engraved on the Government Stamp, which is fixed over the cork of each bottle, without which it cannot be genuine, and to imitate which is felony. The following testimonials are selected from those which are printed on the wrapper which is folded round each bottle :— Avebury, near Matlborough, Wilts, Aug. 18,1848. Dear Sir,—Suffering for some time from a. severe Cold and Cough. I was recommended to try your "Balm of Liquorice," and I beg to assure you that it had the desired effect of imme- diately removing the Cough. I then recommended it to some friends, who spoke in very high terms of it, having effected many cures in their parish, where influenza and coughs had been very prevailing. In justice to yourself, I think so good and valuable a remedy should be made known to the public. I am, dear sir, yours most respectfully, GEORGE BnowN. Broad Hinton, August 23. 1848. Dear Sir,-Agreeably with your request, I beg to answer your enquiries respecting the "Bairn of Liquorice," you sent me for my cough, last winter; and I have much pleasure in say- ing that it speedily removed it; and in several instances in my own family circle, it has also had the desired effect, giving relie in every case.! am, sir, yours truly, RICHARD TUCKWELL. Wanborough Inlands, February 8, 1848. Sir,—I have used your Balm of Liquorice," in my family, for some time, and beg to state that I have found it very bene- ficial in cases of Cough, Sore Throat, and Hoarseness. and I will do all in my power to recommend it. I remain yours, &c., RICHARD CANNING. Gratifying Testimonial from his Worship the Mayor of St. Albans, dated St. Albans, August 18, 1848. Dear Sir.—The bottle of Balm of Liquorice" I had at your shop a few days since has, I am happy to say, been of singular service in the entire removal of a distressing cough, under which one of my little girls (aged lour years) had been suffering for about two months. I must give you the credit likewise of having fotmed a most delicious Balm from the Liquorice Root, thus affording the public a remedy at once efficacious and palatable, which was certainly a thing much to be desired. I remain, yours very truly, To Mr. Pinniger. !• RED. WHEEL EN. A wonderful Cure erfecfed. Spittieboro' Farm, near Wootton Bassett, Feb. 3, 1848. Dear Sir,—James Strange, a labourer in my service, and living at Liddiard Tregoze, begs me to inform you that your Balm of Liquorioe" has quite cured a severe Cold and Cough, from which he had long suffered, and which had obliged him to leave his work, and keep bis bed for some days, until I gave him a small bottle of your excellent remedy, which quite cured him, and he is now able to work again as well as before he was taken ill. Hoping your Balm of Liquorice" will become universally known, I remain, dear sir, yours truly, WM. PttIDY. Swindon Gas Works. Sir,-After taking three bottles of your agreeable Balm o Liquorice," I found relief from a bad Cough, which had long troubled me, and for which I could before get no relief. I remain, B. r, your most obedient servant, J. JEFFHEYS. Gratifying testimonia) just received from Mr. Edward Jacob, the very extensive cattle dealer of Glamorganshire, who is well- known also throughout the West of England and South Wales. -Dated February 19th, 1852. > Sir,—I beg to request that you will send me, as soon as you can, an 8s bottle of your Balm of Liquorice, as 1 shall never like to be without it again. Three winters ago, I was obliged to travel outside a coach in Herefordshire, the coach being full in- side, and having unfortunately left my great coat behind, I took a most viol't cold and cough, from which 1 was three whole months before I recovered and every winter since I have been subject to a most distressing cough, which has prevented, to a great extent, my following my business. But fortunately I heard, a few months ago, of the wonderful cures your Balm of Liquorice had effected in own your neighbourhood, and I resolved to try it, and its effect was even beyond wbat I had heard for whereas, for winters past, my doctor's bill has been pounds, I have found one 2s. 6d. bottle entirely cure me, and I want this 89. bottle for some acquaintance, as the larger size is much cheaper than the small. I will recommend it all I can, and hope you will appoint an agent in every town in Wales, for it deserves recommendation. I am, Sir, your very obedient servant, To Mr. Pinniger. EDWARD JACOB. Prepared only by FRANCIS BROOME PINNIGER, Chemist, Swindon, Wilts, where it is sold,(wholesale and retail, in bottles, Is., 2s. Od., 4.. 6d., and 8s. each. A great saving is effected by purchasing the larger size. Wholesale London Agents: BARCLAY AND SONS, Farringdon Street SUTTON AND Co Bow Church Yard Local Agents: Aberdare Evans, Jones Abergavenny Downs, Hirst Bromyard Philpot Bristol. Pontine, High-street Bath King, Walker & Son Brecon Sbaw, Hooper, Hay Carmarthen Tardrew, Morgan Cardiff. Coleman, Evans, Cheltenham «•••«« Gunstone Chepst#w Williams Gloucester Rose, Fouracre Haverfordwest Phillips, Harris. Hereford Jennings, Davies, Duggsr Merrick, Hook, Binstead, Abley Ledbury Rogers, Gibbs, Meacham Leominster ••••«« Davies — c Lndlow Cocking, Marston, arid Evans, Statione Malvern. Anderson, Archer Merthyr Tydvil. Davies, Morgan Monmouth Crooks, Fanar, Heath Newport Phillips Newbridge Neath Hibbert Pontypool Conway, Wood Ross Powle, Cooke, Cooks Swansea Daw & Son, Griffiths Stroud. Tombs, Gay Tredegar, Evans Worcester Stringer, Farmer & Bud Any Chemist who may possibly not have it in stock, can PIO- cure it in a few days, from London. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COM- PANY. NO. I, PRINCESS-STREET, BANK, LONDON. ESTABLISHED ARGUST 1, 1837. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, IV. Vict. cap. IX. Colonel Robert Alexander, Blackheath Park, Chairman. ADVANTAGES OF THIS INSTITUTION. HALF Credit Rates of Premium.—Persons assured accord- ing to these rates are allowed credit for half the amount of the first seven Annual Premiums, paying interest thereon at the rate of five per cent, per annum, with the option of pay- ing off the arrears of premiums, at any time, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when the Policy be- comes a claim. Increasing Kates of-Premium.—ATable'of Rates peculiarly applicable to cases where Assurances are effected for securing the repayment of debts, and to all other cases where a Policy may be required for a temporary purpose only, but which may be kept up, if necessary, throughout the remainder of life. Policies revived, without the exaction of a fine, at any time within twelve months, if health remain unimpaired. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at two o'clock. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Medical Attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports, Extract from the Half Credit Rates of Premium. Annual Premium required for an Assurance of £100 for the Whole Term of Life. j Age. j Haii Premium tor i YVhole Premium seven years. after seven years £ s* i s. d. 30 1 1 9 2 3 6 40 1 9 2 2 18 4 SO 2 2 6 4 5 0 60 3 6 8 6 13 4 E. R. FOSTER, Resident Director, AzDrtILEw FRANCIS, Secretary. AGENCIES, Newport—Mr. E. V. Jenkins,41, Commercial-street. Chepstow—Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, solicitor. Cardiff-)Ir. Thomas Ballard, Bank. Merthyr TydÙI-Mr. Walter Thomson, West of England and South Wales District Bank.' ° Bristol—Mr John Moxham, Bank Court, Corn-street Bath—Mr. A. N. English, solicitor. ¡ Hanham—Mr. Wm. Lapham, Jefferies Hill. SILENT FBIEND, IN SIX LANGUAGES, FORTIETH EDITION, Containing the Remedy for the Prevention of Disease. Illustrated by One Hundred Anatomical and Explanatory Coloured Engravings on Steel, ox PHYSICAL Dlsat-AIIFICATIOSS, GENERATIVE INCAPACITY, AND IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE, A new and improved Edition, enlarged to 195 pages, price 2s. fid. by post, direct from the Establishment, 4s. 6<j. in postage stamps. "THE SIZiSNT FRIEND A Practical Work on the Exhaustion and Physical Decay of the Sys- tem, produced by Excessive Indulgonco, the consequences of In- fection, or the use of Mercury, with explicit directions for the use of the Preventative Lotion, followed by Observations on the State, and the Disqualifications which prevent it; Illustrated by One Hundred Coloured Engravings. By R. and L. PERRY and CO., Consulting Surgeons, 19 Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. Published by the Authors, and Sold by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row Hannay, 63, and Sangar, 150 Oxford-street, London J. andH. Kaimes and Co., Leith-walk, Edin- burgh; D. Campbell, Argyll-street, Glasgow; j. Priestley, Lord-street T. Newton, Church-street, Liverpool; R. H. Ingham, Market-street, Manchester; and R. H. Powell, 15, Westaoreland-street, Dublin. Part 1. treats of the anatomy and physiology of the productive or. gans, and is illustrated by 28 coloured engravings. Part II. trea's of the consequences resulting froir excessive indul- gence, and their lamentable effects on the system, producing mental and bodily weakness, nervous excitement, and generative incapacity. It is particularly addressed to those who are prevented, in consequence, from entering into the marriage state, and points out the sure nieang of per- fect and secret restoration to manhood. It is illustrated by 10 explana. tory engravings. Part III. treats of the diseases resulting from Infection, either in the primary or secondary form, and contains explicit directions for their treatment, illustrated by tJ2 coloured engravings. Part IV. contains a remedy for the Prevention of Disease by a simple application, by which the danger of Infection is obviated. Its action is simple, but sure. It acts with the virus chemically, and destroys its power on the system. This important part of the work should not escape the reader's notice. Part v. is devoted to the consideration of marriage and its dutie The reason of physical disqualiifcation, and the causes of unproductive, unions, are also considered, and the whole subjeetcritically and philoso-. phically inquired into. The Authors, regularly educated members of the Medical Profession, having had long, diligent, and practical observation in the various Hos- pitals and Institutions for the relief of those afflicted with Syphilis, Se- condary Symptoms, Stricture, Venereal and Scorbutic Eruptions of the face and body, have perhaps had an unusual opportunity of witnessing their dreadful and destructive consequences in all their various stages. Hence, knowing the practical necessity cf sound judgment in such seri- ous cases, and having seen the injury that has arisen from the careless- ness and neglect of its study, Messrs. R. and L. Perry have devoted their attention exclusively to this peculiar class of maladies, and the re lief they have consequently been enabled to render to their fellow creatures, is fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients, and others, daily arriving in town, from all parts of the coun- try, for the exprcs.i purpose only of personal cor sultation; while their exertions have been crowned with the most signal advantages; yet, from what they have experienced in inquiring into the nature and causes of these infectious complaints (from their most simple condition to that of the most dangerous and inveterate), they have always entertained the possibility of their prevention and removal, and likewise invariably found, that the more horrible and malignant forms of the disease could almost always be traced to one of the following causes ignorance, neg- lect, or the ill effects of unskilful a.id improper treatment therefore, Messrs. Perry have succeeded in discovering, in the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual, and cautious course, omitting all combina. tion of remedies which hear an equivocal character, as well as those whose premature or injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences in the hands of private individuals. In short, the laudable end of this remedy is the lessening? of a great mass of human misery, by the alleviation, relief, and prevention of those grievous afflictions that are in reality the secret foes of life, and which, while they so extensively surround us', call aloud for our skill and interference for their examiua. tion Messrs. R. and L. Perry and Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, from eleven till two, and from five til leight in the evening and on Sundays from eleven to one. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE' ESSENCE, AN ANTI- SYPIIILITIC REMEDY, Is recommended in Syphilis and Secondary Symptoms. Jtsearches out and purifies the diseased humours from the blood, and cleanses the system from ail deteriorating causes. Its influence in the restoration to health of persons labouring under the consequences which inevitably follow contamination, is undeniable, and it also constitutes a certain cure forscurvr, scrofula, and all cutaneous eruptions. Its active prin- ciples are transmitted by the medium of the circulating fluid throughout the entire frame, and cren penetrate the more minute vessels removing and expelling in its course all corruptions and impurities from the vital stream, so as altogether to eradicate the virus of disease, and expel it with the insensible perspiration through the medium o ithe pores of the skin and urine.. Price lis., orfoar bottles in one for 33s. by which lis, is saved, a'so in £ 5 cases, by which will be save £ i 12s, To be had at the London Establishment. Contamination from viru so fthe venerea disease, if it be not removed when itfirs displays itself, may linger in the system for many years, before itshows itself in any palpable form, being occupied meanwhile in sapping the foundation o tha vita ;powers and destroying the springs of life at the very fountain head. The disease, under these cir- cumstances, wi suddenly, when leas expected .break out and o.er- whelm the suiferer with wretchedness and horror at his feirfuistate. Those persons who may b2 suffering from any of the varied forms of secondary symptoms, sue as eruption on the skin, biotches on the head and' face, ulcerations and enlargement of the throa tonsils, and uvula,threatened destruction o the nose, palate, S:e., nodes of the shin or collar bones, op on the bones o the head, or from any of the painfu affections arising from the dangerous eifects caused by the indiscrhv.i nate use of mercury or 0 its accumulating in the system or from the evils following an imperfect plan of treatment,wil derive the most ex- traordinary advantage and benrfi tfrom the use of the Concentrated De- tersive Essence, in arresting the ravages of these various disorders, re- moving ail scorbutic s>mpto-.ns, and fully and completely reno- vating the tone and vigour of the constitution. Those persons also who propose to themselves the participating in the holy and refined pleasures of the marriage state, if they have had in early life the mis- fortune to be tainted with the virus of disease in any of its forms, will act advisedly in submitting themselves previously to a course of this medicine, a proceeding to them of the utmost importance, as should there lurk tain of disease in their systems, it may, and will in all probability, be visited on their consorts' and offspring, impairing their health and'destroying their happiness, While at the same time the children are born puny, diseased, and unable to struggle against :he ills and mischances of life, It must be remembered that when the fountain is polluted. the stream that flows from itcannot. be pure. THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM Is expressly employed to renovate the impaired powers of life, when ex- hausted by the influence exerteà by solitary indulgence on the system. Its action is purely balsamic j its power in r invigorating the frame In cases of nervous and eexua) debility, obstinate gleets, impotency, bar. renness, and debilisies arising from venereal excesses, has been demon- strated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. To those per- sons who are prevented entering the married state by the consequences of early errors, it is invaluable. Price lis. per bottle, or four quantities in one for 33s. The £5 cases of Syriacum, or Concentrated Detersive Essence, can only be had at !9, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, whereby there is a saving of £ 1 12s., and the patient is entitled to receive advice with- out a fee, which advantage is applicable only to those who remit 1;5 for tpacket. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Constitute an effectua Ireinedy in all cases of Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Stric- ture, and Diseases of the Urinary Organs. Price is. 9d.,<s. 6d., and lis. per box. Patients are requested to be as minute and concise as possible In the detail of their cases, noting especially the duration of the compliint, the mode of its commencing, its symptoms and progress, age, habits of living, and position in society. Medicines ean be forwarded to any part of the world no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed and carefully protected from observation. These medicines are prepared only by Messn. R. and L. Peiry and Co., Surgeons, who may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berners-stree, Oxford-street, London, from eieven till one, and from five till eightt; Sundays from eleven till one. N.B.-Medicine Vendors can be supplied by most of the Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London Sold by Thomas A. Roberts, chemist, Conway John Brown, Chro- nicle Office, Bangor Robert Griffith, chemist, High-street, Caernarvon; William Edwards, chemist, Denbigh H. G. Hughes, chemist, Holy- head | John Beale, chemist, High-street, Wrexham; E. Ward, chemist, High-street, Brecon Philip Price, Post Office, Bridgend; H. Webber, Guardian Office, Cardiff; Walter Thomas, chemist (opposite Angel), Merthyr J. W. White, them Guildhall square, Carmarthen W. Williams, chemist, High-street, Cardigan; O. E. Davies, chemist, Haver- fordwest; Joseph Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; R. C. Treweekt, chemist, Pembroke; Thomas Evan6, chemist, High.street, Swansea; John Moore, chemist, Broad-street, New Town Thomas Stephens, chemist, High-street, Merthyr Tydul; Ferris and Score, druggists, Union- street, Bristol, John Watton, Chronicle Office, Shiewsbury; James, Chilcott, bookseller. Broad-street, Leominster; Draper, chemist. Broad* street, Hereford; T. Farror, Beacon Office, Monmouth; E. V. JEN- KINS, Commercial-street, Newport and J. PHILLIPS, chemist High-street, Newport; of all of whom may be had the Silent Friend.' Should any difficulty arise in procuring these medicines, by lending l e amount to 19. Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, they will be jwarfted^Jirect, securely to *py addle. GOOD KEEP, ON SALT MARSH, for HORSES and CATTLE, to b< entered upon the First of MAY, at the following terms: — Cattle Per Week. Horses Per Week. Yearlings 1 3 Cults j g Two-year old 1 G Two-year old 2 0 Aged .2 0 Aged .2 6 Apply to Mr. H. JAMES, Sunny Bank, St. Brides or to Mr. THOMAS JONES, late JAMES DA VIS, Wharf Keeper DRSABFUL MURDER THaUSA,I>iDS, E-y the Baneful use of Deleterious Duig f. DR. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Vine Cottage, No. 182, opposite the Brewers' Arms, Cormier- cial.road, Newport, one door from the new Bible Cbristiar Chapel, U HAVING devoted his whole study, to the curingof the Vene- JH real Disease, for the last twenty years, by Herbs only, is enabled to treat with the utmost certainty of a cure in every stage of that dreadful ma!ady, without the use of Mercurv restraint of Diet, or any hindrance from business whatever. D; W.'s Herbal Pills have been experienced by thousands, to be the most valuable yet known tor the cure of Gleet, Strictures, and Syphilis, or tbs disease m any oilier of its morbid forms; pains in the head, back, and ioitis; nervousness, indiges. tion, loss of appetite, rheumatism, skin diseases, &c. The utmost safety and confidence may be relied upon by those who entrust themselves to the care of Dr. llliams, as the most honourable secrecy and delicacy are observed in every case Attendance Daily from Nine in the Morning until Ten at Night; on Sundays, from Nine till Two. Country Patients must be particular in stating their cases, as that will render a personal visit unnecessary. Medicine, with the necessary advice, sent to any part on receipt of a remittance of 10s. OBSERVE.—The number of Patients cured at the Establish- ment, Vine Collate, 132, Pill-road, Newpon, by Dr. Wii'iiams, in 18ol, amounted to one thousand four hundred and seventy- six SOLE AGENT IN NEWPORT FOR i XIX.OY&'S CBLE2EATSD IYlEDXCINES MR. P. H. MORRIS, Chemist and Diugsist,14, High-street,near the Railway Station. IN ail cases of Syphilitic or Skin Diseases, Strictures, Affec- L tioosof the Prostrate Glands, Scorbutic Eruptions of the Face and Body, Secondary Symptoms, Gonorrhoea, Physical Exhaustion, and all Diseases arising from a fee tioa or Excess, &c LLOYD AJTD CO.'S ERADICATIYE HEKII PILLS, price 2s. 9d. and lis. per box, will be found the only safe and effectual cure'. These pills are mild and effectual in their operation, and re- quire no restraint of diet, loss of time, or hindrance from busi- ness; with each box is given a Treatise, containing full instructions by which all persons are enabled to cure themselves with ease, secrecy, and safety; this medicine is also an anti- syphillir; remedy for purifying the system from venereal con- tamination, and is recommended for any of the varied forms of secondary symptoms, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood, and restore weak and emaciated constitutions to pristime health and vigour. LLOYD AND CO'S PROGENITIVE DRO^S, for the effectual cure of impotency. The extraordinary powers of the Progeni- tive Drops consist of their acting directly upon the seminal vessels; this medicine imparts tone without producing irrita- tion it strengthens without inflaming, or temporarily exciting the procreative powers; it cures, by removing the proximate cause of debility and disease, and so permanently restores the lost energies of the system. This invaluable medicine also removes barrenness, and debilities arising from excess, and has been demonstrated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. To those persons who a.re prevented entering the marriage state by the consequence of early errors, it will be found invaluable.—Price Us. and 22s. per bottle, The COKDIAL BALM OF ANGELICA is exclusively designed for the cure of diseases produced by early indulgence in solitary habits and other excesses, whereby the attributes of manhood are subverted ere they are fully developed, inducing exhaution and prostration of physical health and energy. The Cordial Balm of Angelica is an invaluable medicine to persons entering the matrimonial state, and who are labouring under mental or physical infirmities. Its properties being both balsamic and stimulating, it is peculiarly adapted, being pleasant to the taste and smell, gently astringes the fibres of the stomach, and gives that proper tensity whicfc?a good digestion requires. As nothing can be better adaptedto help and nourish the constitution, so there is nothing more generally acknowledged to be peculiarly efficacious in all inward-waatings, loss of appetite, indigestion, depression of spirits, trembling or shaking of the hands or limbs, obstinate coughs, shortness of breath, or consumptive habits. — Price lis. and 33s. per bottle. THE FAITHFUL MONITOR," a medical review of every form, cause, and cure of nervous debility, impotency, loss of mental and physical capacity, whether resulting from youthful abuse, the follies of maturity, the effects of climate, of infection, &c., addressed to the sufferer in youth, manhood, and old age with the author's observations on marriage—its duties and dis- qualifications the prevention and cure of syphilis, sperma- torrhoea, and other urino-gcnital diseases. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS, "The primary object of this important work will be easily understood, and is pointed out to suffering humanity as the p z, result of many years' extensive practice, addressing itself to those who are labouring under debility or disease, and all who are acquainted with the nature and extent of the evils it is the author's object to pourtray, and should be read by all who value health, and wish to enjoy life, tor the truisms therein contained defy all doubt."—Farmers'Journal. Agents in Bristol for Lloyd's celebrated medicines—Mr. G. Spracket, chemist and druggist, Wine Street; Bath—Mr. Cross, chemist and druggist, Milsom Street.—CardiM, Mr. Morgan Thomas, Medical Hall, High Street.—Swansea, Mr. Pollard, Druggist, Castle Bailey Street,—Newport, Mr. P. H. Morris, druggist, 14, High Street, of whom also may be had the Faithful Monitor." XTCSDICAXs ADVICE. BRODIE ON SECRET DEBILITY, THE CAUSES OF PREMATURE DECLINE, AND IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE. Illustrated with cases and numerous Coloured Engravings. Just published, 31st edition, 183 pages, enlarged and revised, price Is, free by post Is 6d (in a sealed envelope,) direct from the authors, or any of their agents, THE SECRET COMPANION, a Medical Essay, on the treatment of diseases emanating from certain delusive and so:itary habits, which bring on premature decline, and exhaustion oft lie sexual and re-ptoductive functions on nervous complaints, their origin and effects marriage, in its social, moral, and physical relations, with advice to both sexes for the removal of all constitutional or acquired impediments, followed by plain and practical lules for the cure of gonorrhoea, gleets, syphilis, stricture, secondary symptoms, &c., by R. J. BRODIE and Co., consulting surgeons, 72, Rodney-street, Liverpool, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London and Paris. Published by the authors, and may be had direct from their residence; of Sherwood and Co., Paternoster-row, London Priestley, Chemist, 52, Lord-street, and E. Howell, Bookseller, Churcn-street Liverpool Wostmacoit, Chemist, Manchester; and Barnes, Chemist, Fishergate, and Drummond, Bookseller, Preston Reinhard and Son, Chemist, Leeds Balton, Blan- cliard, and Co., York. Messrs. BRODIE having devoted many years' close and undivided attention to the study of these matiers, have, in a practice of unlimited extensiveness, been able, by the peculiar treatment they adopt, to eradicate the worst forms of disease, debility, and constitutional infirmities and whilst their method of treatment involves no actual restraint or confinement, it has invariably been attended by speedy and most effectual results, by which even ibe most shattered constitution may be restored, and reach the full period of life allotted to man. BRODrE'S CORDIAL BALM OF ZEYLANICA; or, Nature's grand restorative, is exclusively directed to the cure of nervous and sexual debiiity, obstinate cieets, irregularity, weak- ness, impotency, barrenness, loss of appetite, indigestion, con. sumptive habits, and debilities, arising from venereal excess, &c. The Cordial Balm of Zeylanica is an invaluable medicine to persons entering the matrimonial state, and who are labouring under mental or physical infirmities. Its properties being both balsamic and stimulating, iT. is peculiarly adapted.—1. To remedy and remove physical defects. 2. To strengthen the system where there is atony or debility. 3. To regulate the w hole functions when deranged. 4. To excite or diminish the action of the genital apparatus. 5. To eradicate every impurity of the blood, and contamination of the system. And 6. To tranquilise the imagination and mind. Price lis. and 33s. per bottle, incloding a treatise treating on the above diseases. The je.j. cases of Cord-ial Balm of Zeylanica may be had as usual direct from tbe establishment, which is a saving of Ll. 13s. BRODIE'S PURIFYING VEGETABLE PILLS, Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lIs. per box, is a safe, salutary, and specific remedy, for purifying the system from venereal contamination, and is recommended for any of the varied forms of secondary symptoms, such as eruptions on the skin, blotches on the head and face, enlargement of the throat, tonsils, and uvula threatened destruction of the nose, palate, &c., scurvy, scorbutic humours, old wounds, ulcers, sore legs, venereal ulcers and sores, glandular swellings, erisipelas, leprosy, king's evil, pimples, diseases of the skin, cutaneous eruptions on any part of the body, and all impurities of the blood, irritation of the bladder and kidneys, as well as secondary symptoms, &c. They are the most effectual cure for lues venerea, gonorrhoea, gleets, strictures, and other urino-genital diseases, ever discovered, and may be taken without confinement or hindrance from business. Messrs. R. J. BRODIE and Co;, may be consulted daily at their Residence, 72, Rodney-street, Liverpool. Entrance to the Surgery first door in Knight-street. Hours of attendance, from Eleven till three, and Five till I Nine. Sundays from Eleven till Two. One personal interview with a country patient is sufficient to j effect a rad^^ and permanent cure. Medicines sent to any distance securely packed from observation. Letters containing the usual fee of £1., will receive prompt attention. Sold by E. J. PHILLIPS, Chemist, High-street, Newport, and of whom may be had the Secret Companion. Saotld any difficulty arise in procuring the msdicmes, by ending bs amount tfl 72, Rodney-street, Liverpool, they will se forwarded direct, securely packed, to any address. i PAINS IN THE BAOK., GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, INDIGESTION. DEBILITY* STRICTURE. RI.bi-T N?/V°?S' V°^0UND ^BA Al'PILLS, as their name AS (Renal or the Kidneys) indicates,have been long established as a most safe and efficacious remedy for ti,e abo e dan™ compiaints discharges of any kind, and d.seases of X Kidneys and Urinary Organs generally, whether resulting • from imprudence or otherwise, which, if neglected, freauentlw end m piles,fistula, stoneo** the bladder, and a Lingerinc death! For gout, sciatica, rheumatism, tic doloreux, erysipelas, droDsv > scrofula, loss of hsir and teetb, depression of spirits, blushine* incapacity for society, study, or business, confusion, giddiness* drowsiness, sleep without refreshment, tear, nervousness and even insanity itseff, when (as is often the case) arising from or combined with urinary diseases, they are unequalled. By tlieis salutary action of these pills on acidity of the stomach, they I correct bile and indigestion, purify and promote the renal secre- tions, thereby preventing the fofmation of stone, and establishing for life the hcafthyfunctionsof all these organs. ONE TRIAL will convince the most prejudiced, of their sur- prtsingproperties. May be obtained, with directions S;c., nt Is. 1 \d 9d., 4s. 6d.t and 1 Is per box, through all Medicine Vendors, or should any dif- ficully occur, they wilt lie sent (free) Oil receipt of the price in Postage Stamps, by Dr. De Root, 35, Eiij Piace, llvluorn Hilt. London. boxesB'~A coasicierab,'e savicS effected by purchasing the large TO PREVENT FRAUD On the public by imitation of the above valuable remedies. Her iilajesty's Honouiable Commissioners of Stamps have directed th9 name of the proprietor to be engravedon the Government Stamp affixed to all his Medicines, in while letters on a red ground, without which none is genuine, and to imitate which is felony and transportation. Sold by JENKINS, Commercial-street, & PHILLIPS, High. street, Newport; tarror, Beacon Office, Monmouth; Watkin 1-Jgh-st., Abergavenny Ward, chemist, High-street, Brecon- rice brothers, post office, Bridgend Thomas, chemist (oppo, ite the Angei), Merthyr; White, chemist, Guildhall Square, Carmarthen; Williams, chemist, High-street,Cardigan Davies. chemist, Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; Treweeke, ohe- mist, Pembroke Evans, chemist, High-stieet, Swansea; Moore, chemist, Bread street, New Town Stephens, chemist, High- street, Merthyr lydfil; FE-rris and Score, druggists, Union-street, Bristol; Chilcott, bookseller, Broad-street, Leominster Draper, chemist, Broad-street, Hereford; Roberts, chemist, Conway; Brown, Chronicle Office, Bangor: Grffith, chemist, High-street, Caernarvon Edwards,chemist, Denbigh Hughes, chemist, Holyhead Beale, chemist, High-street, Wrexham- of ail whom may be had THE MEDICALADVISER." N.B.—Where difficulty occurs in obtaining any of th* a.b.9n t rc\c £ € postage tamps to the establishment, SKIN DISEASES. NERVOUS OGBILITY SCROFULA, SWELLINGS OF THE BONES, GLANDS &c DR. DERfjOS'CONCENTRATED GUITÆ VITÆ OR LIFE DROPS, Is, as its name implies, a. safe and permanent restorative of manly vigour, whether deficient from residence in hot or cold climates, or arising flom solitary habits, youthful delusive ex- cesses, infection, See. It will also be found a speedy corrective of all the above dangerous symptoms, weakness of the eyes, loss of hair and teeth, disease of the nose, sore thioat, pains in the side, back, loins, &c., obstinate weakness, loss of memory, nervousness, headache, giddiness, drowsiness, palpitation of the heart, indigestion, lowness of spirits, lassitude, and general prostration of strength, usually resulting from neglect, or im- proper treatment by mercury, copaiba, cubebs, and other deadly poisons. From its peculiar properties in removing obstructions, creating new, pure, and rich blood, (thereby eieansiog and strengthening the whole system,) it soon restores the invalid to health even after all other remedies (which have usually a depressing tendency) have failed; hence its uniform success in FEMALE complaints. May be obtained, with directions, Sr., through all Medicine Ven- dors, at 4s 6d 5i \\s per bottle, or fortr eleven shilling quantities in one large bottle for 33s. by tthich lis. uill be saved or it will be sent, securely packed, from the establishment, on receipt of the price by Post Office Order payable at the Holborn Office. IN SIX LANGUAGES, FORTY.SEVENTH EDITION. Illustrating the new mode of treatment and cure adopted by Lallemand, Ricord, Deslandes, and others of the HApital desVeoOiensa Paris, and now uniformly practifedin tbil country, by WALTER DE ROOS. M.D.t 35, Ely Place, Holborn Hill, London. THE MEDICAL ADVISER, addressed to all those who are suffering from the various disqualifying forms of pre- mature decay resulting from infection and youthful abuse, that most delusive practice by which the vigour and manliness of lifa are enervated and destroyed, even before nature has fully established the powers and stamina of the constitution. to It contains also an elaborate and carefully-written account of the atfltomy and physiology of the organs of both sexes (illus- tiated by numerous coloured engravings, with the author's obser- vations oil marriage, its duties and hindrances. The prevention and modern plan ot treatmg gleet,strietuie,syphilis, &c. Plain directions for the attainment of health, vigour, and consequent happiness, during the full period of time allotted to our species. The work is illustrated by the detail of cases, thus rendering it what its name indicates, but medical friend of all who may be suffering from the consequences of early ferrot —a work which may be consulted without exposure, and with every assurance of complete success and benefit. May be had in a sealed envelope, through alt Booksellers, Cs 6d or to av<nd difficulty, will be sent direct from the Author, post free for 42 Postage Stamps. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Sold by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row Hannay, 63, and Sanaar, 150, Oxford-street, London Raimes and Co., Leith- walk, Edinburgh Campbell. Argyll-street, Glasgow Priestly, Lord-street, Newton, Church-street, Liverpool; Westmacott, 4, Marktt-street, Manchester Powell, 15, Westmoreland- street, Dublin and obtainable through all other druggists and booksellers in the kingdom. "THE MEDICAL ADVISER is indeed a boon to. the pub- lic, as it has the two-fold advantage of plainness, and being written by a skilful and duly qualified man, who evidently well understands his subject.fr. Times. This is a work we would recommend to all; the information therein conveyed is really essential to those of either sex who contemplate marrillge.Record. Many a man,who,unmarried and miserable, is now enduring in sIlent sorrow the penalties of former foiiy (perhaps committed in ignorance), had be possessed such a book as this, would have been a happy hasband, a honoured parent, and useful member of saciety.B. A. Dispatch. The diffidence and fear of exposure, consequent on these affec- tions, fiequently prevent persons applying for assistance, until great mischief has been inflicted on the constitution and powers of life. It is hoped the perusal of this work will teach such persons the evils of delay, and lead them at once to seek that as- sistance which alone can save them from the horrors of an ex- istence protracted amidst long-enduring wretchedness, both mental and physical. From the great extent of Dr. De Roos' practice based as it is on many years experience at the various Institutions^ both in London and Paris, for the relief of those afHicted witk debility, syphilis, secondary symptoms, strictures, gleet, vene- real and scorbutic eruptions, &c., &c., of the face and body, he has had perhaps unusual facilities for observing the peculiarities and consequences of each particular stage. Heoce he is enabled confidently to undertake the removal of every symptom (not excepting the most inveterate or long standmg) in as short a time as is consistent with safety. Country patientswishing to place themselves under treatment, will be minute in the detail of their cases; and to prevent trouble, no letters from strangers will be replied to unleie they contain £ 1 in cash, or by Post Office Order payable at the Hot- born Office, for which the necessary Advice and Medicines will be sent. At home for consultation, daily, from 11 till 1, and 5 ti!l 'Sundays excepted ), unless by previous arrangement. Address: W. DE ROOS, M.D,, 35, Ely Place, Holboru Hill London

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