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SIRHOWY. LECTURE.—An instructive and pleasing lecture has been given at the new school room, Sirhowy. by the Rev. Mr, Stephens, on "Formation of Character." The admission was bv ticket; but early in the evening, two of the large rooms of the "fine building, lately erected by the Ebbw Yale Company, in which to provide the children with a sound education, were crowded to excess. In the absence of Thomas Brown, Esq, of Ebbw Vale, the chair was ably tilled by Mr. Daniel Lewis, of Tredegar, who, in his opening re- marks, expressed his regret that the expected chairman was unable to attend, for it would have been a highly gratifying spectacle to the esteemed employer, to witness so large a gathering of intelligent working men, assembled for mental improvement and entertain- ment.—The lecturer, although expectations had risen high, ex- ceeded all, in the skilful handling of his subject, which he placed before his auditory in a manner that could not fail to be clearly comprehended, while it was also p.easungly instructive. At the close. Mr. Stephens was pressingly solicited to publish his lecture. —A vote of thanks to Thomas lirown, Esq., for the use of the school room, and votes of thanks to the lecturer and the chairman, being carried by acclamation, the interesting proceedings weie brought to a close. CARDIFF, TAFF VALE RAILWAY TRAFFIC For the Week ending April 24. 1852. Total £ 2,481 15 10 I SURVEYS UNDEO THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT.—The bill for the plans of Cardiff for sanatory purposes, lias just been re- ceived from the Boaid of Ordnance, and amounts to £1,0::925. 8d. It is understood that similar plans of Newport, (a town COisi derabl Y larser, and more difficult to survey), wtre executed by Messrs. VVil'iams and Mortis, at a cost of only Y,250 to the rate- payers. Cnuncii AND STATE.—A meeting of the Anti-Churcb and State Association took place at the English Baptist chapel, on the 21st instant, when Mr. Short, of London, and several other gentlemen addressed the meeting, which was not so numerous as on former occasions. CLASSICAL HARMONISTS' SocrETY,-The members of this society, undei the a' le direction of tln.t talented leader, Mr. Highton, gave a public concert at the school-room, in Croek- herbtown, last week. There as a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen of the town end neighbourhood, ail of whom went home highly delighted with the musical treat afforded them and expressed their eulogiums on the proficiency the socie'y had attained. ATHEN.T.UM.—This institution, ue a>e happy to state, exhibits decided symptoms of improvement, r^ing to the indefatigable exertions of AJr. George Smart, that gentleman having taken the responsibility and management of tf,« institute, since the first of last month, from which period ninety new members, chiefly composed of the woiking classes, h«ve been added to the list. I'owv COUNCIL.— At A 'ATE mesiaig of the Board, it ivas resolved, in order to investigate the principle of pipe drainage, that the following members of the corporation proceed at once to London, to make enquiries, &Ci> as well as to have some positive proof ot the efficiency of Mr. Ivamell s plan ol drain- age, Accordirig 1 y, Walter Cotbn, Charles C. Wtlliams, Charles Vachell, and Daniel Lewis, Esquires, left Cardiff on Tumsday, the 22nd instant, for the above purpose. This step will doubt- leis settle the question between the corporation and the rate- payers, in reference to the meetings, S:c., recently held on the above subject. FirtE.-(,'ons Iderable alarm was created in Angel-street, on Tuesday night last) on flames being observed issuing from the Pos:-o(fice window. It appears, on entering the premises, an obstruction in the gas pipe leading from the meter, had caused an escape, which subsequently ignited by a light being in- cautiously placed near If. fortunately, a plentiful supply of water was at hand, and there was no lackof assistance so that the fire was put out without the slightest perceptible damage being done, except the burning of the gas-meter, and some shelves, which were fixed near the escape of gas. CRAWSIIAY BAILEY, ESQ., M.P., v. THE TAFF VALE RAIL- WAY COMPANY,—An inquiry before a special jury to asiess the value of land taken by this company from Mr. Bailey, in the Rhondda Valley, recently took place before the Under-Sheriff, at the Cardiff Arms. Mr. Bailey appeared, supported by his counsel, Sir Alexander Cockburn. (who came down on a special retainer), with Mefsr. Coke and Jones, solicitors. The com- pany were represented by the chairmau of the company, Walter Coffin, Esq., and .f.e resident director, Mr. Bushell, with Mr. J.)oyd,as counsel, and Messrs. Hunt,of Whitehall, as solicitors. It appeared that the company had offered jES40 as the value and compensation for thirteen acres of land to be taken. A number of witnesses were called for the claimant, and Sir A. Cockburn attempted to establish a case amounting to £ 2,570. The jury, after an hour's deliberation, returned a verdict for £832, being £ 8 less than the sum offered by the company. GLAMORGANSHIRE CANAL. Imports and Exports for the week ending April 27th. IMPORTS. April 21st.— John George, Gullrford, Bridgwater, sundries. —John Westley, Biistol, powder.-Adelina, Vestatf, Gtonin- gen, iron—Schiluze, Brunsten, Whitehaven; Galey, Storey, Bullow, Wasp, Davis, Bariow, ore. 22nd.—Egiria, Sully, Whitehaven Elizabeth, Herbert, Barrow; President, Owen, Barrow,"ore.Prosperous, Jones, London, ballast. 2hd.—Miner, Wood, Bridgwater, sundries.—Hope, Davis, Newpo t, beans.—Ann, Ellis, Gloucester, fruit. William, Wood, Bridgwater, bricks.— Hope, Smith,Bristol, timber.— Kitty, Williams, Bullow; Elizabeth, Wood, Nantes; Griffiths, Gazelle, Murphy, Whitehaven, ore. 24th.—Mary, Evans, Barry, limestones.—Robert, Jones, Abertliaw, limestones.-Economy, Birks, Bullow, ore.- Qneen Victoria, Niddcn, Plymouth, Ann and Mary, Davis, Newquay. ballast. 26th -Venus, Gulliford, Bridgwater, biicks.—Lr.rk, Mayo, Union, Mayo, Glouceeter, fruit. Anna Maria, Phillips. Forest Queen, Hill, Bullow, ore.—Freedom, Dunford, Newport, ballast. 27tb. — David, Woodman, Bridgwater, sundries, -Robert, Jones, Barry, limestones. Galley, Storey, Active, Cope, Newnham, Smi'h, Bullow, ore.-Ann and Mary, Davis, New- quay, ballast. N EXPORTS. April, '2l!!t.-Ann, White, Gomer, Thomas, Liverpool, iron. -Reaper, Irwin, Whitehaven, limestones. Trevanances. Henwood, St. Agnes, John George, Gulliford, Bridgwater, coal. 22nd.— Augusta, Baddley, Haiboutg, Agnes, Sophia, Jenkms, Truro, iron.-Beatrice, Catherine, Davis, Liverpool; William Collins, Newport, coal. 23rd.-Penrhyn Castle, Thomas, Elizabeth, Baylifl, Liver- pool; Alberdina, Yoltafif, Rotterdam; Foyle Packet, Snell, Ilarbourg, Countess Moiley, Cleppe, Palerma. Prosperous, Jones, Sunchaels, iron.-William, Coffey, Youghal, Coffey, Youghal, coal -Galley, Storey, Bullow, light. 24th.—Equity, Bastio, Harbourg. Cawdor, Jones, Albion, Jones, Liverpool, iron. Active, Bideford, Liverpool, coal.- John, Donnican, William, Woodman, Bristol, coal. » 36th.—Alida, Theodora, Yaske, Amsterdam; Dolphin, Gazzard, Bristol, iron,-Wasp, Davis, Liverpool, tin.- Dolphin, Griffiths, Llanelly, Hannah, Allen, Bristol, coal.- John, Beer, Bristol, I;glit.-Kitty, Williams, Bullow, light. 27th.-Brothers, Gaitshell, Nantes, Griffiths, Liverpool; Palestine, Jones, Harbourg, iron.—Richard, Fegan, Liver- pool; William, Wood, Miner, Wood, Bridgwater; Ruth, Bowen, Stranlord, coal.Stone, Miner, Jones, Hope, Davis, Newport; Galley, Storey, Economy, Bullow, bricks.—Mary, Evans, Barry, light.

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