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THE R PONTYPOOL. TjiE perceivc on every hand active demonstra- -l v.101 i D.v *he engineers and contractors of railroads in our « meiJ ~>uvL°od. The loop lice that will connect this district with j, ale, and the line of which it is a loop—the Pontvpool, >if!i .r|'aVei!n^'f an Hereford — are progressing well; and we nave ani mcu o,. great expcriene'S'^n these matters express their opinion that this most important route may possibly be thrown open in eighteen months so rapidly IMIÙhe numerous forces of that eminent contractor, Mr. Rennie, and*rners, cutting out and level- ling the "line of march." We are also, we understand, on the eve of an important event—the opening of the Pontvpool and New- Port railway. The activity perceptible at the station localities and elsewhere, augur strongly that this little wcll-imished line, which reflects so much credit on the company's engineer, Mr. Dù. Jones, and the contractors, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Giles, Mr. Young, &c., will be opened in about three weeks or a mogth. While on this subject, it may be well to suggest that there is a general hope ex- Pressed in this neighbourhood, that as the line can only be opened to within a mile of Newport, or near the Marshes gate, either the company will provide omnibuses to finish the journey, or that a pro- per reduction in the railway charge will be made because if one or L^e other has not done, travellers will perhaps prefer being coach Passengers from town to town, the complete journey, as they are at present. POLICE BUSINESS. [Bofoie E. H. Phillips Esq., and the Rev. David Jones] James Murphy was fined 5s, and I2s. costs, and in default, imprisoned »°r fourteen dav's, for committing a wilful and mal.cious trespass on the property of Sir Benjamin Hall. Cecilia Jones was charged with committing an assault on Charlotte Powell; but it appearing that both were in fault, they were ordered to Pay 3s. 9d. costs each, and the case was dismissed. William Coleman was charged with assaulting Joshua Davis and was ordered to pav 5s 6d. costs Walter Harris was charged with assaulting David Lloyd.—Allowed to be settled out cf court. Ann Roberts was charged witb attempting to pass a bad shilling at shop of Mr. F. Phillips, groccr.-Discharged, Elizabeth Young was charged wi;h assaulting Mary Harvey. Case dismissed, and complainant to pay costs- John Evans was summoned for neglecting to obey an order of affilia- tion, whereby there became due to Harriet Waters the sum of 19s. Gd. Ordered to pay, with t.S. Gel. costs, Alfred Davis pleadcd puilty to the information of Mr. Joseph Morgan, charging him with riding without reins, and was fined Is, and Js. Cd. costs, or fourteen days'imprisonment. CHAnGE CF BIIEEP STEALING. William Davis, who is a batcher, and also the landlord of the Albion beerhouse in Pontypool, was charged with stealing two sheep, the pro- perty of Mr. Benjamin "Will ams, farmer, Mjnydvvslvvyn.—Prosecutor proved having examined two sheep skins, which he was quite sure were those of his stolen sheep. The ear marks had been cut out, and also toe marks on the cheek, since the animals were stolen. —Jane Lewis, a servant with pt it-oner, proved seeing him dressing a sheep in the beer- house on the previous day, and also seeing two sheep and a lamb hang- ing up in the underground kitchen. Prisoner put the sheep's skins in the cart, to go to Pontypool m irkpt.—Mr. Superintendent Roberts said the skins produced, were admitted by prisoner to be those of two sheep Slaughtered by him, which he had bought more than a fortnight before, on the road to Newport, half a mile below Penyreothcer gate but he did not know the man, nor was any one else present. He atso said the sheep had since been running about the railway, and John Williams's land.-PC Roberts saw the carcases of two sheep, one at the marker and the other at the prisoner's house. They were the same that George Hands compared with the skins.—George Hands, butcher, said he was quite sure the skins were those of the two sheep named by Roberts. The ears had been cut off, which was not a usual thing for a butcter to do.-This was the case and the prisoner, after being cautioned in the terms of the act, said as follows I bought these sheep of John Jenkins, the shepherd for the New Company. I never had only the two of him. I Went with Jenkins, and caught the sheep in a field above the Crown. I brought one home, and he brought the other, to my house, at about six o'clock in the evening. T was to give six shillings each for them.—The prisoner was then committed to take his trial at the Usk sessions,on the 25th of May next, but was admitted to bail, himself in £ i00% and two sureties in £jO. each. His sureties were Mr. Richard Probert and Mr. John, farmer, Mamhilad. John Jenkins, the shepherd spoken of by the prisoner in the prece- ding case, was brought up on suspicion of being concerned in the same transaction but there being no conclusive evidence against him, he was discharged, on entering into sureties—himself in iSnh.and another in the like sum-to appear when called upon. Mr. ThoniasWoodhouse, of the. Swan Inn, was his surety. SATURDAY. (Before E. H. Phillips, John Conway, and W. H. Little, (High Sheriff), Esquires.) » THE ACTORS-A SMALL r JRFORM ANCE. Henry Mangley, a showman, was charged with assaulting James Attls, a brother professionaL-Complainant: Yer verships— The day next the Pontypcol fair, this 'ere Caliban comes up and hits me sicli a precious vop hin my hy, that I sees forked lightning in no time. I vent down on my marrows, hin course and hafore I can hascend hagain, vy he ins to precious 'air like a currycomb, and pitches hinto me a rum un. and no mistake. (Laughter-)-Defendant: 0, I pleads guilty, on my 'onour hut I could a tale unfold, whose lightest word would harrow up, etcetera. In short, the spoons the spoons !—0, my prophetic soul, my uncle Ordered to pay is. 6d. costs. Thomas Jobson, for committing an assanlt on Thyrza Roderick, was fined 6d., and 103 6d. costs, or seven days in prison. David Williams was summoned by ElizabethLlewellin.as the father of her illegitimate child.—Proof as to payment of money for the clothes of the child, and of an admission that he was the father, having been pro- duced against defendant, he was ordered to pay 10s. for the midwife, and -21. per week, and 17s. 6d. costs. Charles Gough was ordered to pay 15s. wages to William Peters, and costs.—Mr. Greenway for defendant. Wary Yorath was charged with cruelly beating William Yorath, her stepson, aged SIX years.-The evidence was insufficient to support the charge, and the Bench therefore dismissed the defendant with a kind caution. The constables for Trevetlin were sworn. The following will be use- ful information for the public, as to names, residences, 8rc.: — Saml. Williams, Cross, blacksmith I John Taylor, Sow Hill, shoemaker Edmin James, Trosnant, coal agent John Powell, George-street, haulier Jer. Macarty, Sow Hill, labourer Wm. Prosser, Sow Hill, labourer JEdmin James, Trosnant, coal agent John Powell, George-street, haulier Jer. Macarty, Sow Hill, labourer Wm. Prosser, Sow Hill, labourer John Jenkins, ditto, carpenter John George, Trosnant, cooper Evan Daniel. George *t., mason Wm. Brown, High st., shoemaker 'Jtephen Collins, Sow Hill, tinman Robert Joliffe, ditto, baker Hy. Evans, George »t., shoemaker David Prosser, Albion road, labr. ChrS. Farringdon, Trosnant, labr. William Thomas, George st, mason MONDA^ (Before E. if. Phillips, Esquire.) John G.ifiths, alias Jack Pontypool, was charged with being dcunk and riotous on Sunday last, and resisting Stephen Collins, a constable, in the execution of his duty.—Fined 15s., or fourteen days in prison. John Davis, a tailor, was charged with stealing E2. 7s., the moneys of John Daniel.—Complainant said he came to Pontypool on Sunday last, to look after a box which he was to have received from Birmingham. He loitered about the town until night, when the prisoner undertook the task of finding him lodgings, and after unsuccessfully trying to do so, he took prosecutor to a back premises behind the Bath beerhouse, and induced him to sleep there; promising that he would remain outside as hisjguard. He went lo sleep in full confidence on the integrity of his new friend, l?ut wa3 awoke by the prisoner's hand searching in his pocket. The prisoner then ran away.—There being considerable doubt about the case, the prisoner was discharged, but was cautioned never to be seen at the bar again. BISCA.




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