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General News. tim^ °f t'n* Daily News slates, that for the first no ^W1 "le metlDOry the oldest inhabitant, there will be suin C0Url ca°didate" by the borough of Windsor at the en- to th ^enera' election. Tiie number of voters now attached and e,roya' household is about fifty tradesmen, pensioners, and other employed in the royal domain, might bring this up to 120; and there are 710 names on the register. Mr Grenfell is tbe Free Trade candidate. General Reid and Mr Vansittart, the rolec,'Qni»t8. One of the last acts of her Majesty, during ro'v r| £ Cenl soj°urn of the Court at the Castle, was to issue her hioh jC.0mrna.D^3 that no officer attached to her person, however ele "S' Pos'on» shou'd interfere with the free exercise of the ?ra' franchise of her servants or tradesmen at the coming election, on paia of dismissal, be ^/jesly aQd P'ioce Albert have authorized their names to j fu( 'he head of a subscription list for the sufferers, by the » the Birkenhead, and the members of the Cabinet have aiao become subscribers. of th6 "ceompanied by the Prince Consort and a portion W 6 Z0''8' fara:'}'i intends paying a summer visit to Bristol, al!.a,er Dublin, and Holyhead, en route to the Scottish hn-Um3a' re!reat Balmoral. Ttie Court will remove to Os- *[jpDT'^e 22nd of May, and her Majesty will embark from ,'e Wight, soma time after (not before parliament is •* Oived) oo board the royal steam-yacht Victoria and Albert at p* 10 ProCeS8 °f refit and embellishment for the royal service ortsmouth dockyard), for the summe: CI iise. s Archdeacon Law, Rector of Weston super-Mare, proposes to cla m •t^a' t0WD a co''e§a ^or ,'1S youth of the middle 81 ^'s own expense, the cost being estimated at from £ 4,000 to £ 5000. :u'Jt 16 Jol'owing is from a fly.leaf in the Edinburgh Review -0lu —Messrs Longman and Co. have to announce that the J jurn-il and papers of the late Thomas Moore are in pre- T?; V 10?»^or Publication, arid that they will be edited bv the Th p°n L°rd John t'm pectrtc Telegraph Company have just completed their L°U/f '4aSe °* w're (118 miles^) from London to Bristol. Lord Paamure died at Brechia Castle, on Tuesday, at the age of eighty.two. He was throughout an unflinching Liberal, gensrous patron, and a kind friend. By his death Mr Fox e succeed to his title and great estates. tweo'6 v 0r'" '°r t'le esta')'l3^ment a submarine telegraph be- 'r. "n "no'aQd and Belgium will be commenced without delay, e,XI,eme P°'n's of the line will be—in England, at Dover: T,si»lumi at Nieuport, and not Osiend. orn Island, in the centre of Milford Haven, is to te fortified tnuphk3' °' aad the 'ort °' Pf'tr is to be fitted with tell ,er g^s tban those hitherto placed there. The Mar- 0 tower, or fort on the Slack Rock, is proceeding this is uated oear to the entrance of the haven, in a verv command- os situation. T A" of fi-'8 cas^s Journal s'ates that most important discoveries ,rj ironstone have been recently made in the co ite dis- (jjg near Thirsk, amongst which are the beds known as the '"•■I. an £ I the Northampton. There is a great variety of s s.' ''on being found in combination with the lime and "A I006 as -veil as the clay of the geological foimation. Whh 6 occurre(^ at Cjtteaham, Cambtidgeshire, on Thursday, • ich destroyed property to the amount of £ 4000, and is coafi- f e.Qt,y attributed to an incendiary. The hie originated in a q tl! and was not subdued until thirteen housss and a Ur^e I1 QUty 0f farm-produce were consumed. p 'niol!en churchyard, the resting place of the celebrated 8'n3\ ^ljl'er M'ss Ponsonby, there is the following £ Ular inscription on a tomb — Our life is but a winter's day, Some only breakfast and away, Others to dinner stay, and are full fed The oldest man but 6ups and goes to bed. Large is his debt who lingers out the day; Who goes the soonest, has the least to pay." A 3iJ, now in the House of Commons, has been printed, Prepared by the Attorney General, by which it is proposed to £ od the criminal law, by empowering magistrates within jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Cour: and the Metro- ''an roiice District, to imprison persons for a period not ex- ceeding six months, for uttering counterfeit coin, or he may sead the case to the sessions. 10 larcenies and misdemsanours, where t ii offence is confessed and summary puaishment is ae- •red, roagistratei may imprison with or without hard labour for a period uot exceeding twelve months. Tiie present L:rd Chancellor of England, Biron St. Leonard's, Tiie present L:rd Chancellor of England, Biron St. Leonard's, Youth, an 0 1010 was, in his youth, an office lad to Mr Hyde, formerly a rtspect- fcoie attorney of London. It is generally understood that, as a counterbalance to sub- scr.ptions to the Aati-Corn Law League, the sum of £ 15,000 was subscribed in one morning at the Carlton Club, to carr'yon the electioneering warfare.— Oxford Herald. The 5upourteis of Earl Derby's ministry, uiih scarcely an exception, s'ate in their addresses to the constituencies they hope to wm the approval of at the general election, that "they a,ev8r Cor-seot to tax the popr man's loaf again !"—thus the D Growing overboard Projection, upon whicti principle JJsrby party took office; and raising for their cry—(for at eleclioQs there should be a cry on each side)—"Coufidence III tha D;rby ministry." II Protection," II. it is termed, may l&srefore now be considered abandoned. appears that the case of Wallecsteic against the Em- 'peror of Austria, which has now been pending above two hun- dred years, is still dragging on. Eich decision is made nuga- "ry by the discovery of some fresh matter bearing upon the of the case. IV.- hear (says the Scaniard) that the Right Hon. Sir rit^ord Cinning, ambassador at Constantinople, is to be ^tsed to the peerage by the title of Viscount Stratford de ■^edcliffe, of Redcliffe, in the county of Somerset. The Eirl of Cawdor is to be appointed lord lieutenant of Carmarthenshire, in room of Lord Dynevor, deceased. The rise of the Phil/polls family, which now contains so many eminent members—(the most eminent of vvtiom is the &'S'iop of Exete'j—is very remarkable. The father of the bishop was first a small cowkeeper ia the neighbourhood of ^iouoester, and himself supplied several families in that city ,th miik; he then became aa auctioneer and afterwards an 'Qnkeeper. His wife lived to see one of her bons in the House ()t Lords, one in the House of Commons, at, one an eminent Merchant. The Lightning steam-vassel, Master-Commander H. W. Allen, returned to Woolwich on Friday afternoon, from off Yarmouth, having left the vessels of Captain Sir Edward I Belcher's Artie expedition outside the SJndo. proceeding north from Stromness, at the rate of from 6 to 7 knots per hour. 3 ^e Assistance, Captain Sir Edward Belcher, C B, and the ^■asaiu'e, Captain Kellett, C B, tONe,j by the Basilisk and 4 Desperate steam sloops, and the Nor'h Star, by the African steara-vesiel, the Intrepid screw-steamer, Commander M'Clin- tock, and the Pioneer screw-vessel, Lieut..Commander Qibora, havicg their steam up, and keeping well up with the other vessels of the squadion. The Lightning brought back various parties and dispatches, with details from the time of ieavicg Greechithe, for the Adroiialty. the election for the ci'y of Worcester was proclaimed for Wadnegday. Every preparation had been made for a severe struggle but on Friday last, Mr W. M'Garel, the Conservative candidate, retired from the cootest. The promises he had re- ceived did not warrant his going to the poll. Ia coosequeoce of Mr M'Garel's retirement, Mr Laslett, the Radical, would be elected without opposition. The excitement caused by the recent election movements in elis, has not yet abated. The presse. of the opposite parties 3re still engaged in hot "war of words." Each .gentleman 1 has declared his determination to meet the electors at the poll, aDd the inhabitants await the dissolution of parliament in the greatest suspense. A memorial has been drawn up by the electors, and sent so the retiring Conservative member, Richard Blakemore, Esq, tes'ifying their sorrow for his ill health, and gratitude for his kiadoess to them whilst their re- presentative. We are happy to say-and it reflects great Credit on the psrties-the document was signed by several persons who were opposed to that gentleman, both in religious and political opinions, bat who did not aiiow party feeling to interfere with courtesy. The circuits of assize just finished have been signalised by an amount of capital crime fearfully extensive and enormous. And searcely has that leaf of our criminal annals been turned over, than another is begun to be inscribed which threatens to be more fearfully ex'ensive and enormous still. The records of the week before last gave six capital convictions. Last week we had seven more cases of murder, and suicides out of num- ber. And this in Christian England! Nor is it confined to capital offences. Crime in all its degrees is evidently increasing most frightfully amongst us. Hundreds 01 thousands in all directions around us are living in a state of heathen ignorance, godlessness, and depravity, which' it is terrible to contemplate. Kay. many of the heathen to whom we send out missionaries, would shrink from the pollutions of our own population at home, Christian though it be called.* The usual festivities in commemoration of Shakespeare's birthday, took place at Stratford-upon Avon on Friday. A business meeting was held at the Shakspeare Hall, in the morning, Dr. Thomson, president of the Shaksperian Society, in the chair. Tne report stated the finances to be in an unsatis- factory condition, the debt amounting to £ 82 19s. The whole of the purchase-money for the poet's house has been paid, with a trifling exception, and the property in vested in the Earl of Carlisle, Mr. Pyne Collier, and Dr Thomson. Owing, however, to the difficulty of meeting the current expenses, an application has been made to government to relieve the committee of the custody of the property, but no reply has yet been received. Since the 1st of May, 1851, the house has been visited by 2216 persons, whose countries are thus arranged, on the authority of their signatures in the visitors' book England, 1642: United States, 444; Scotland, 58 Germany, 18 Ireland, 9 Holland, 3; Hraiils, 5 France, 4; Austria, 4 Hungary, 3; Italy, 3 j Australia, 3; Russia, 2; Switzerland, 2; California, 2; Cape of Good Hope, 2 Belgium, 1; Maderia, 1; Sweden, I South Ameiica, I Newfoundland, 1; Channel Islands, 1; East Inuies, 1 New Zeatand, 1; Canada, 1; Mauritius, I FInland, I Bagdad, 1. •





Kossuth at St. Louis, America.