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BISHOP'S COLLEGE BRISTOL. tatrons: His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, n < The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bnstol. visitor r.. The Right Rev. the Lorjl Bishop of the Diocese. rRINCtIFAL: The Rev. Jambs Robertson, J6,11115?0^6 ^olleBe> Oxford, late Head Master of bt. Paul s School, Southsea. SECOND Master AND Chaplain-Rcv. Samuel SJlllTH BThih^^Ustbk—Mr. J. Dudley Caroill, Saint John's, THIRD MASTER-Mr. J. DUDLEY CARGILL, S::unt 0 n s, I^knch Masteb—Monsieur De Ridder. GERMAN MASTER-Herr Braumhardt. DRAWING MASTER-Mr. Rorert 1 uckbr. Civil AND MILITARY Engineering AND Navigation.— Mr. WILLIAM HILL. rriHE College will Re-Open on TUESDAY, the 28th January, |_ 1851. For Terms and all further particulars, apply at the College, Park Street. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY No. 1, PRINCES-STREET, BANK, London. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, IV. Vict., c. IX DIRECTORS. William Baidgctt, Esq. I John Drcwett, Esq. Samuel Bevington, Esq. Robert Eglinton, Esq. William Fechney Black, Esq. Erasmus Robert! oster, Esq. George Cohen, Esq. I Peter Morrison, Esq. Mallis Coventry, Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. AUDITOnS. „ B. Bevington, Esq. < F.B. Cockerill, Esq. I J-D_Dow,Esq. Medical Officer.—John Clendinning, M.D., Wimpole-stieet, Cavendish-square. Standing Counsel.—The lion. John Ashley, New-square. Lincoln's Inn. Mr. Sergeant Murphy, M.P., Temple. Solicitor.—William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. Bankers.—Messrs.Drewettand Fowler,Princes-street,d n rrHIS Institution is empowered by a SpeeialAct of Parliament, I and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assu- rance in their fullest extent to Policy Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually ottered by any other companies. Among others, the following important advantages may by enumerated*— < Increasing Rates of Premium on a new and remarkable plan for securing loans or debts; a, less payment being required on a Policy, for the whole term of life, than in any other office. Credit Table. By this table the premiums may remain un- paid for five years, upon satisfactory security being given for the quidation of the same, at the expiration of that period. HALF CREDIT RATES OF PREMIUM. Persons assured according to these rules, are allowed credit (without security) for half the amount of the first seven Annual Premiums, paying interest thereon, at the rate of five per cent per annum, with the option of paying off the principal at any time, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when he policy becomes a claim. Policies may be thus effected at lower rates than arc generally required for the term ot seven years only; whilst the holders have the same security for the payment of their claims, whenever death may happen, as if they paid double the amount of pre- miums, which would be charged for assurance effected in the same way. Policies revised without the exaction of a See, at any time within twelve months. 4 Board of Directors in attendance daily at two o'clock. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Medioal Attendants remunerated in aU cases for their reports Extract from Increasing Rates of Premium, for an Assurance of £ 100. for the WholeTern of Life. j I Annual Premiums payable during j (Age* 1st Five > 2nd Five < 3rd Five 5 4th Fire S Rcinai n < | j Years, j Years, j Years. | Years. 5 of life, j i j £ s. d. £ s, d. j £ s. d. j £ s. d. j £ .8. d 1 S »0 1 1 '4 5 1 5 10 1 10 11 1 16 9 2 3 8 { 30 I 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 > 2 7 4 'I 17 0 j 40 j I 16 1 2 4 4 2 14 6(3 7 3 4 3 4 I j 60 ) 2 16 7) 7 9 4 j 4 5 5 j 5 6 3 > 613 7 30 I 6 4 i I 12 2 I 19 I > 2 7 4 t 17 « j 40 j I 16 1 2 4 4 2 14 6(3 7 3 4 3 4 I j 60 ) 2 16 7 7 9 4 j 4 5 5 j 5 6 3 > 613 7 Extract from the Half Credit Rates Premium. Annual Premium required for an Assurance of JC100 for the Whole Term of Life. Halt Premium for J W hole Premium J Age, > Seven Years. i after Seven Years. < £ s. d. I £ s- d. | 30 119 236 <35 1 4 II 2 9 10 } 4 1 9 2 2 18 4 I 45 1 14 10 3 9 8 50 226 450 55 2 12 9 5 5 6 5 j 60 j 6 8 ? 4 J PETER MORRISON, Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to he mode of effecting assurances, may be obtained on application t o the following agents — Newport—Mr. R. V. JENKINS, Chemist. Chepstow-Mr. J. L. BALDWYN .Solicitor. Bristol-Mr. JOHN MOXHAM, Banker. Coin-street. aBRISTOL AND NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS THE USK AND dart, intended to ply Daily during the ensuing Week ^ESSSESkKP between BRISTOL and NEWPORT, as follows:— From the Hotwclis Bristol. From Newport. JANPART. JANUARY. 4 Saturday 7 morn.. —— 4 Saturday, 6J morn. 6 Monday, 8 morn.. —— 6 Monday, 7 mrrn.. —— 7 Tuesday, 9 morn.. -— 7 Tuesday, 7l morn. 8 Wednesday. 9J morn.. —— 8 Wednesday, 8 morn.. 9 Thursday, 10 morn.. —— 9 Thursday, 8 Iloorn.. 10 Friday, 10$morn.. 10 Friday, Nj morn.. 11 Saturday, II mora. —— II Saturday, 9 morn,. Refreshments may be had on Board. Fares—After Cabin, 3s.; To and Fro same day, 4s. each Fore Deck, Is. 6d; To and Fro same day 2s. each. Children under twelve years of age and above two years old, half-price. The Proprietors of the above Packets give NOTICE, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Par- cel, (If Lost or Damaged,) unless Booked at either of their Offices, in Bristol or Newport; and if above the value of 40s. •ntered at its value, and carriage paid at the time of booking. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., must be delivered at the Warehouse, Clare-street Hall, Clare-street, Bristol, two hours( at least) before the time stated for the sailing of the Packet, and at Rownham-Wharf, Hotwells. oue hour before the time of sailing, to ensure their being forwarded. Williams's Packet Coach daily, from the Carpenter's Arms, Newport, on the arrival of these Packets, through Caerleon and Usk, to Abergu8nDY. Crickhowell, and Brecon, and from the Golden Lion, Abergavenny, three hours before the time of sail- log for Bristol.—The following coaches leave the King's Head Hotel, Newpoit, as follows :—The Abeigavcnny Mail every afternoon at two o'clock, through Caerleon and Pontypool, to Abergavenny, Crickhowell, and Brecon, and arrives in Newport every morning at ten o'clock.—The Tredegar and Nantyglo Mail every aftemoon at two o'clock, through Risca, Abercarn Newbridge, and Blackwood, and arrives every morning at eleven o'clock.-—The Brynmawr and Nantyglo Mail every morning at eight o'clock, through Risca, Abercarn, Newbridge, and Blackwood, leaving Brynmawr ai ten minutes past twelve, and arrives in Newport at ten minutes past four, r.M.— A Coach leaves the Bridge Inn daily, on arrival of the packets, for Ponty- Dool and Abersychan.—The Hero to Worcester every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at Ten,—Trains leave New- port for Swansea at 5 20, a.m.; 7 55, a.m. 12 40, p.m.; b, p.m., and 8 10, p.m.; and arrive at Newport from Swansea, at 9 55, a.m.; 12 10, a.m.; 3 36, p.m.; 7 32, p.m., and 9 36,p.m. Applyat the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; or to Packet Oltices,ltownham Wharf, Hotwells, Nelson-street, Bristol, and Rodney Wharf. Newport JOHN JONES, Agent. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. The New Steain Packet Company's Iron-buil Schooners, Propelled by Screw, >f STf i THE AVON AND SEVERN, Are intended to Sail during the ensuing Week as follows:- Beaufort Wharf, Newport. From Bathurst Basin, Bristol JATS0 ART JIANVART. 4 Saturday, 6 morn.. —— Saturday, 7 morn.. 6 Monday, 7 morn.. —— 6 Monday, 8 morn. 7 Tuesday, 76 morn.. —— 7 Tuesday, 8! morn.. -—— 8 Wednesday, 7J morn.. —— 8 Wednesday,8J morn.. 9 Thursday, 8 morn.. —— 9 Thursday, 96 morn.. —— 10 Friday, 84 morn. 10 Friday, 10 morn.. 11 Saturday, 9j morn. 11 Saturday, 11 morn. To and Fro from Bristol, t To and fro from Bristol and Newport. The voyages are performed by these Boats usually under two hours, and no long passages arc made. Fares, Screw Steamers Avon and Severn After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Deck, Is. 6d.; To and fro same day, provided a to and fro Ticket be taken, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.; Children under 12 years of age, half-price..—Refreshments may be had on board. The following Coachisleave the Kmg s Head Hotel, Newport, daily:—The ABEHGATFNNV MAIL every afternoon at 2 o'clockl through Cuerleon and Pontypool, to Abergavenny, Crickhowel, and Brecon, and arrives in Newpoit every morning at 10.—The BRYNMAwRand Nantyglo MAiLCveiy mornmgat 8 o'clock through Risca, Abercarnc, Newbrioge, Blackwood, and Trede- gar, leaving Brynmawr at 12 o'clock, and arrives in Newport at four o'clock in the afternoon.—The IIeho toWorcester every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at Half-past Nine o'CIock, returning on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.— A Coach leaves the Bridge Inn daily on arnvrl of the Packets for Ponty- pool and Abersychan. The Caerphilly and Newport Omni- bus starts from the Castle Inn, Caerphilly, every morning at eight o'clook, and leaves the Carpenters'Arms, Newport, every afternoon at four o'clock. The Proprietorsgivenoticcthatthpy will not be accountable for Passengers' Luggage, &c.; and their responsibility in respect of genera) is restlictcd by the terms of a Notice affixed in their Offices, at Bristol and Newport. Goods regularly and punctual! forwarded by careful Carriers to all parts of the country. For terms and conditions of freight, apply at the Offices, Bell Avenue, Queen Square, Bristol and Beaufort. Wharl, Newport. A.M. A.M. r.M. P.M. r.M. The SouthWales Railway Trains! The SouthWtdes RaHway Trains) the terms of a Notice affixed leave Newport forSwansea and 5 5 20 7 55 12 40 5 0 8 10 intermediate Stations at J And arrives at Newport from () ,n 8wansea Ac intermediate Stations j 3 <36 7 32 9 30 JOHN BLANn. Agent t "Throw Physic TO "IUS Doos 1'1.1. none OF it." MEDICINE SUPERSEDED. LIFE HEALTH PROLONGED PRESERVED AND BY THAT UNIVERSAL PREl ARATION, ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTER. lnr>h has been tested by many years experience to oe h W nJ. and Cheapest Remedy for Coughs, Asthma. VV Best ana p Palpitation of the heart, Croup, Hoarseness, Ind'*g Chrpnic Strains, Bruises Lumbago SaliSiS **«»»• u" ,n" SplDal and •SSSSml COM" Poplar New Town. Middlesex. „,c ago I became afflicted with a severe Dear Sir.—Fifteen years B^¥-ce possjj,le without deriving cough. I procured the bes |a(e ^jr Fowler, surgeon, benefit. I wall recomroen C to try yonr ROYAL BATH of 57. Penny Fields, poplar, ay since wearing them. I am PLASTER. 1 am happy l<? Ji skill of my medical at- perfectly cured, after having 1)8 tendants.—Yours respectfully» ELIZA GEE. To Meisrs. Roper and Son. —THE LUNGS. INFLAMMATION Ol hoU(,e, June 1,1850 Fore-street, t te your ROYAL BATH Meisrs. Roper and Son.—1 ,?,nk of Inflamation of the PLASTERS curcd me of an alia" Lungs. J. HORNSBY. N -¡;-AIN AND WEAKNES REMARKABLE CURE OF «,anrfinC) IN THE SIDE, (of 'i'cn yeaS,rM-y7ihf1849. 1 having made en- To Messrs. Roper and Son.—^ quiries of the purchasers of your ROi ,;<rlily satisfied* l beg as to their effects, all express themselves (jeorge llcnry to enclose you the following remarkable sUflered from p»in Hammond, of Thoindon, near Eye> vears, ',as 'oun m"/e and weakness in the side, for the last ten YI en from anything he benefit by the application of yourPlaslel t deer the treatment 01 used before, although lie has been 1 (^self quite cuieu. eminent medical men. In fact he consiue person wishing to In gratitude he will be happy to answer a 3 ulm? make enquiries.—-Yours very respcctlu'^y jq^jaS BARBJ*;A Tl Plasler en- Notice the words "Roper's Roya' graved on the Covern- ,<•- S. s, roont Stamp, and the 'y'/ C'/ Proprietors Autograph cr^— printed on the back, <rr „ Mcdico- thuii, mooun('et' linc and These truly invaluable Plasters are c<> g „oBliW-) Cbemico principles, fiom british her v, _riotors, 0jnt- k.Uarns of the Easlern Clime, by the \^d\y the.r aPP"^ Fopbr & Son, Chemists. Sheffield, an United gposi ment by most Chemists and Stationers i oJ. direct Full site, Is. lid.—for Children, n'r Us. eaeb» -jn from the Proprietors, on receipt of BEWARE OF lMlTATlOM3ri>E V* PI/abtjbh OAKLEYS LARGE DRAPERY SALE WARWICK HOUSE, 40, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. The whole Cosily, Varied, and Modem Stock, must be Unreservedly Sold Off. HENRY OAKLEY b^s to inform the Inhabitants of Newport and neighbourhood, that he has just completed arrangements for the DISPOSAL of his DRAPERY BUSINESS. He is under a positive engagement to Sell Ofl the whole of his extensive and choice Stock, within a limited time. All Articles are therefore marked down in jtltmi Jrgutcst ant considei ably below the wholesale priecs; from which NO abatemknt can be made; and he feels assured, from the iiuperior quality of the Goods, and under the circumstances of the case, that a like opportunity for obtaining llliiAL BAliuAlNo, will seldom again occur.. The Slock consists of Shawls, Dresses, Silks, Furs, Flannels, Blankets, Sheetings, Carpets, V\ oolien Cloths, Hats, ike. ifST Small Traders will have an Extra Allowance, by Purchasing to the amount ot lor Cash. THE SALE IS NOW PROCEEDING. Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company. WESTERN VALLEYS LINE. rpms RAILWAY was OPENED for the CONVEYANCE of PASSENGERS and PARCELS, on MONDAY LAST, I DECEMBER 23, 1850. The Times of DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL of the TRAINS are as follow, until further Notice. Greenwich Time is kept at all the Station's on this Railway, which is 12 minutes earlier than local time. UP TRATNS- DOWN TRAINS. AVP.KK DAYS. FARK8. WF.BK DAYS. FARMS. Ist'inU lst2nd ,st 2nd 3rd lJ,sl.fn,<) 1st 2nd 3rd STARTING PROM & 3rd £ 3rd Cla9s# Class_ cluss STARTING FROM & 3rd & 3rd CJasg_ (.,ass cl;iss (Ilass Class. ^»ass ^lass. g' a.m! p.m. s. d. s. d. s. d. 'g a.m. p.m. s. d. s. d. s. d. Newport 9*45 4 30 5T Blaina 7 0 145 Newport. 9 45 4 30 5T Blaina 7 0 145 34 Rhvmncv Junction 10 4 4 4!) 10 0 (> 0 3 Abertillery 7 15 2 0 0 9 0 4 02 7 Rise? y 10 28 5 12 1 9 0 10 0 7 4 Aberbeeg Junction 7 24 2 9 1000 04 FOR trfdfgar" FROM ebbw valb. 10 Aberearnc .10 45 530 2 6 1 3 010 7 Crumlm 742 221 » 010 0 7 12 Newbridge 10 57 543 3 0 1 6 I 0 8 Newbridge 748 2 33 2 0 1 0 0 8 13 Crunilin U 3 5 49 3 3 1 8 1 0 Abercarne 8 0 2 45 6 13 0 10 ]fi Aberbeeg Junction. 11 21 6 7 4 0 2 0 1 4 Id Risca *••• FOR EBBW VALE. TREDBGAB. 171 Abertillery 11 30 6 16 4 3 2 2 I 5 161 Rhymney Junction. 8 41 3 27 4 0 2 0 1 4 20 Blaina H 45 630 5 0 2 6 1 8 20 Newport 9 0 d 4o fj (I I G 18 The PASSENGER STATION for Newport, is, for the present, at COURTYBELLA but the Passenger Carriages wil I leave the Dock Street Station, 10 minutes before the advertised time for starting, and will be due there 10 minutes after th appointed time of arrival, where only Parcels to be conveyed by the Passenger Trains, will be received and delivered. REGULATIONS. Children, under three years of age, no charge above three years and under twelve, half-price. LUGGAGE—l'irst Class I'asscngers arc allowed 112 lbs. of Luggage; and Second and Third, 56 lbs., free of charge, not being merchandize, or other articles carried for hire or profit; all excess will be charged for. PARCELS RATES. 14 lbs. and under 0s. Gd. I Above 28 lbs. andial:: t! 0a. 10d. Above 14 28 0s. 8d. | „ 42 5G Is. 0d. 2d. additional for every 14 Ibs. above 5G lbs. These charges are irrespective of distance and delivery. To the Inhabitants of London, and to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Families in the United Kingdom.. t f TEA is so identified with the ordinary requirements of life, as to render its Price an object of consideration to all Classes of Society. It is gratifying to announce that the consumption of Tea in these Kingdoms is rapidly on the increase; affording proofs that temperate habits, combined with social and domestic comforts, are generally prevailing. \V e need but adduce the fact, that whilst in 1839 (the year before prices were effected by the disruption in t,hina) the duly paid on Tea amounted to £ 3,473,951, it had increased last year to £ 5,471,641, or at the rate of 571 per Cent m te,i years. We wish to draw a comparison between the different Clssses of TEA, viz., the Commonest, winch is always subject to extreme fluctuations-the Medium, which maintains a more equable value, and lorms the great bulk of lea used in this country-and the FINElt SORTS, which, owing to their limited use, are (like the Commoner) speedily affected in Price, by a lartre or insufficient supply. In addressing ourselves to this point, we would remind the lubiic, that all 1 ca, bad or good, the best or the most uorthkus, pays an uniform duty of 2s. 2 £ d. per lb., and is necessarily subject to equal charges for Freight, Porterage Wharfage Dock Dues, &c., &c.; consequently, the Commonest is much heavier taxed, m proportion to its real or marketable value, than either the Medium or the Finest Class Teas-thus, whilst at present The price of Common Congou, in anton.is ^■t°4(j'^er ( It follows that Common Congou pay, KeG Duty D."CS' &.C; 2s. 2jd. j and Duty, 400 per Cent. The price of Middling Congou, in Canton, is ]2d. to 15d. per lb. 1 It follows that the Medium Class of The Freight, Dock Dues, &c. 4d. v Tea pays, in Charges and Duty, The Duty 2s, 2|d. j 200 per Cent. TVip nripp of Finest Class Tea, in Canton, is 20d. to 2s. tid. per lb. It follows that the Finest Class of The Freight, Dock Dues, &c. 4d. V Tea pays, in Charges and Duty,only The Duty 2s. 2 £ d. 3 100 per Cent. So that the Commonest Tea, which costs 7d. per lb. in China, is sold in England at — 3s. 4d. and 3s. 6d. per Pound. The Middling quality, per m Chlua» <01 wore than double,) is sold £ 3s> 8(L and 4s- per Pound. Whilst the FINEST, tlle I,rite of tl"e Commonest, J 4s 4(L t0 6g pcr round. It must be thus apparent that, with a fixed charge of 2s. Gd. per lb. upon alt Tea, mere price alone is no criterion of either good value or cheapness and we especially direct the attention of those who arc solicitous to economise their expenditure, to this fact and in their determination to Purchase at the Lowest Prices, they voluntarily tax themselves double or quadruple what they have any necessity for doing. We invite attention to the following rates,at which we are supplying the various descriptions, strongly urging on all classes, that THE BEST ARE THE CHEAPEST BLACK TEAS. GREEN TEA.S-continued. s. d. s. d. Fine stiong Congou ••:••••■ 3 8 The finest Young Hyson, or true) 6 Q The finest Congou, wiry blackish leaf.. 4 0 Ouchain, rich burnt flavour .$ Very fine rich Pekoe Souchong, strong. 4 4 Good Gunpowder, strong burnt flavour 4 4 Fine Lapsang Souchong,rich and full.. 4 8 Fine Gunpowder, fresh burnt flavour.. 5 4 Choice Assam Souchong 50 Finest Gunpowder, small close twisted (6 n} highly leaf S ) recommended. This is the finest Black Tea imported. CuriousGunpowder, small bright pearly } 7 n GREEN TEAS. leaf t s. d. COFFEE. Fine Hyson, fresh and full flavour .4 0 Fine Java Coffee 12 Choice Cowslip Hyson 5 0 Choice Ripe Mountain Ceylon 1 4 The finest Hyson imported 6 0 Very Choice West India 1 6 Superior flavoured Young Hyson 4 0 Fine Mountain Jamaica 1 0 « v TT c A> highly Old Picked Mocha •• •••» 1 8 Genuine Ouchain, or Young Hyson •• 5 0j recommended. The Finest Coffees imported 1 10 SIDNEY, WELLS, & MANDUELL, TEA AND COFFEE Meiichants, No. 8, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. Families residing in the Country, if accompanying their Orders with a respectable reference, a Remittance on receipt of Goods, will be satisfactory. Respectable AGENTS appointed in KVERY TOWN throughout the Kingdom. v Newspaper for the Farming and Gardening Interest. JANUARY 4TH, will be Published, price Sixpence, Free by Post, each Volume complete in itself. Enlarged to 24 Folio Pages THE FIRST NUMBER FOR 1851, OF THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE AND AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE; A Weekly Record of Rural Economy and General News. THE HORTICULTURAL PART EDITED BY PROFESSOR LINDLEY. The FARMING PART (under the Editorship of a practical Farmer) treats of- The Practice of Agriculture I Results of Experimental Farming I Foresting Agricultural Science Growth and Rotation of Crops Roadmaking Animal and Vegetable Physiology Management of Stock Farm-Buildings Improvements in Implements, described by I Veterinary Science Labourers Woodcuts whenever requisite Drainage Treatment of Poultry Better Modes of Husbandry Irrigation Agricultural Publications. In short, whatever affects the beneficial employment of Capital in Land. Reports are regularly given of the English, Scotch, and Irish Agricultural Societies and Farmers' Clubs—London Markots, Priccs of Corn, Hay, Cattle, Seeds, Hops, Potatoes, Wood, Coal, Timber, Bark, &c., and the Weekly Averages. As regards the GARDENING Part (under the editorship of Dr. Lindley), the principle is to make it a weekly record of everything that bears upon Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, or Garden Botany, and such Natural History as has a relation to Gardening, with Notices and Criticisms of all Works on such subjects. Connected with this part are WEEKLY CALENDARS OF GARDENING OPERATIONS, Given in detail, and adapted to the objects of persons in every stage of life; so that the Cottager, with a few rods of ground before his door, the Amateur who has only a Greenhouse, and the Manager of extensive Gardens, are alike informed of the routine of operations which the varying seasons render necessary. It moreover contains Reports of Horticultural Exhibitions and proceedings—Notices of Novelties and Improvements—in fact, everything that can tend to advance the profession, benefit the condition of the workman, or conduce to the pleasure of his employer; Woodcuts are given whenever the matter treated of, requires that mode of illustration. REPLIES TO QUESTIONS connected with the object of the Paper, are also furnished weekly. Lastly that description of DOMESTIC and POLITICAL NEWS is introduced, which is usually found in a Weekly Newsnaner It is unnecessary to dwell on this head further than to say. that the Proprietors do not range themselves under the banners of any party their earnest endeavours are to make THE G iRDKNEllS' CHRONICLE and AGRICUJA URAL GAZETTF a full and comprehensive Record of Filets only—a Newspaper in the true sense of the word-leaving the Reader to form his own opinions; their object being the elucidation of the laws of Nature, not of Man. The reader is thus furnished, in addition to the peculiar features of the .Journal, with such information concerning the events of the day, as supersedes the necessity of his providing himself with any other Weekly Paper. A Prospectus, with List of Contributors, may be had on application, or by letter, at the Office, 5, Upper Wellington-street, Covent jutending to commence with the New Volume, had better give their Orders at once to any Newsvender. BROAD MEAD, READY MEAD, BARLANDS AND COCK'S FURLONG INCLOSURE. 1 JAMES PEACIIEY WILLIAMS, of Albion Chambers .• in the city and county of Bristol, the Valuer acting in the matter of the Inclosurc of Broadmead, Ready Mead, Barlands, and Cock's Furlong, situate in the parish of Redwick, in the ciMinty of Monmouth, heieby give Notice, that a Schedule of an Claims and Objections which have been made in the matter of the said Inclosure, and of my determinations thereon, has been deposited at the dwelling house of Mr. LKW1S WIL- LIAMS, in the said parish, lor the inspection of all persons interested therein. Given under my hand this sixteenth day of December, in the year of our Lord 1850. JAMES PEACIIEY WILLIAMS. CALDICOT CVVM NEWTON INCLOSURE. IJAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS, of Albion Chambers, i_ J in the city and county of Bristol, the Valuer acting in the matter of the Inclosurc of Caldicot Moor, Rogictt Moor, Ben Acre, Common Sea, Earlswood Common, Cwm Wood, and Mynydd Bach, situate in the parishes of Caldicot, Ondy, Llan- vihangcl, Rogiett, and Shirencwton, in the county ot Mon- mouili, hereby give Notice, that I shall hold a Meeting on Wednesday, the 15th day of January, 1851, at the George Hotel, in the town of Chepstow, at one o'clock in thcaftcrnoon, for the examination and determining of Claims in the matter of the said Inclosure, and for the attendance of all parties concerned therein. Given under my hand this 16th day of Dec., in the year of our Lord 1850. JAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS. [DUTY FREE.] PUBLIC HEALTH ACT. mHE Corporation of the borough of Newport, in the 1 county of Monmouth, sitting as the Local Board of Health, will, on Tuesday, the 14th day of January next, receive APPLI- CATIONS from persons desirous of being appointed COLLECTOR OF RATES; and also of Candidates for the combined ofiice of SURVEYOR AND INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES, in accordance with the recommendation of the Committee, in their report laid before the Council. and of which the following arc extracts, so far as respects the above appointments:— 5th. That a Collector be appointed for the collection of all the Rates made by the Local Board, at a salary of £75 per annum and it is recommended that the person appointed to that office shall be expected also to collect the Property and Income Tax, and the Land and Assessed Taxes, at the per centage allowed by Government for such collection your committee highly approving of the system of consolidation, in the collection of rates." "6th. That the offices of Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances be combined, and that the salary of the party ap- pointed be j6150 per annum, with an office in the Town Hall; and that he be an Engineer, and be allowed to carry on any private business which may not be inconsistent with the duties of his office." The Public Health Act requires Security to be given by Officers appointed under the Statute. Applications and Testimonials to be sent in under cover, to the TOWN CLERK, on or before Monday, 13th of January. THOS. WOOLLETT, Council House, Newport, Mon., Town Clerk. 23rd Dec., 1850. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE INVESTMENT OF CAPITAL SELDOM TO BE MET WITH. TO DRAPERS, GROCERS. AND GENERAL SHOPKEEPERS. ,4 N OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, in the ccntrci^of JA the Mineral District in Monmouthshire doinj, a goo neral Trade, TO BE DISPOSED OF,-the Premises either 0 be Sold or Let.. Cardiff, Letters pre-paid, addressed A.Z., Guardian ( will meet with immediate attention. November 18, 1850. — ABERCARN TURNPIKE TRUST. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT theGenera^Aiinual X Abercarn 1 urn pike Trust, Wii county of INN, in the parish o January next, at Monmouth, on Mon >» purpose of Auditing the Ac- twelve o clock a no making out a Statement of the Income and Expenditure of the saId 1 rust, for the year ending the 31st day ol December 1850; and on other busmcs relating t0Datcd'the 18th day of December, 1850. EDWD. H. PHILLIPS, J Trustees of the TIaVID JONES, Abcrcarn w. W. PHILUPS, > Ttu«t. iJssemfcw 1.0th* TO BE LET, ON the 2nd of February next, in the Parish of ITTON, in the County of Monmouth, II A WKS'S FARM, with the late FOX AND HOUNDS, making, together, Eighty-two Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with a good FA « M HOUSE, and convenient buildings; within three miles of Chepstow, with good roads thereto. nm? For further particulars, apply to WILLIAM CURRE, Esq., ttton Court, near Chepstow. EMIGRATION FROM BRISTOL TO NEW YORK. ,-|^o SAIL, 14th January, 1851, being her third 1 trip since the latter end of April last, the fine JkSSSw fast-sailing copper-fastened British Barque, MARY ANN PETERS, 900 Tons Burthen, and classed at Lloyds: JOHN Browne Commander. r This fine Ship is just a rived at Bristol, from New York, in 2;3 days, and has already the greater part of her cargo engaged. No Charge for Passengers' Luggage. For Freight, or to secure Berths in First Cabin, Sccond Cabin, or Steerage, apply to MARK WHITWILL, Licensed Passenger Broker. Middie Avenue, Queen-square. Bristol; to Captain BROWN E, 011 b >.u d or to the Owner, Mr. GEORGE COLE, 15, Maudlin-streef, Bristol. Bristol, Dec. 20th, 1850. THE NORTHERN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Founded in 1836, and Incorporated by Act of Parliament. OFFICE IN LONDON, 1, Moohgatb Street. FIIHE Second Period fixed for the Ascertainment and Division 1 of Profits amongst the Assured, is the 30th of April next, and policies effected before that date, will be entitled to share in the profits of the previous five years. Aobnt AT Ahergavenny.—W. F. BATT, Esq. Solicitor. Medical Adviser.—F. C. BATT, Esq., Surgeon. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, 50, Regent-street, and 2, Royal Exchange Buildings, l.ondon. fl^HE Directors ol the County Fire Office, beg to inlorm tbeir L Policy-holders, that the Christmas Renewals are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company, and that the same shonld be paid before the 9th of January. The terms of the County Fire Office. are highly beneficial to the Insured. Returns are paid at stated periods: they amount at the present time to £ 163,<500. Agents are appointed in all the principal towns ( who are also Agents for the Provident Life Ofhee), of whom every informa- tion may be obtained. Agents roil Newport and its Neighborhood. Newpoit Mr. George Latch Abergavenny Mr. W. Watkins Brecon Mr. T. Evans Carmarthen and Pembrokeshire Mr. W. Hul-n Haverfordwest Mr. James S.)ies Hereford. Mr. C. Bennett Monmouth Mr. E. Richards Swansea Air. J. Hore SPECIAL NOTICE. To Secure the Advantage of this Year's Entry, Proposals tnnS be Lodged at the Head-Offic ■, or at airy of the Society's Agencies on or before 1st March. Policies Effected on or before Isl March, 1851, will receive Six Years' Additions at the Allocation at 1st March, 1856. SCOTTISH EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament. EDINBURGH, No. 26, ST. ANDREW SQUAUB London, No. 61, A, Moorgate-Stueet President,— His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch & Queensburv* ri^HE leading feature of the Scottish Equitable is. that ii» I WHOLE PROFITS are allocated every THREE YEAI}^ amongst the Policy-holders of more than five years' enduran • in terms of the Laws of the Society. These allocations are n°0' as in most other Offices, made on the original sums assured 1 on the sums assured and also on ALL PREVIOUS aimi TIONS, so that the Bonus of £ 2 per cent, declared at 1st At last, was equal to about £ 2 14s per ccnt. per annum < sums originally assured by the earliar Policies. 0n tlle The following additions, amounting to £ 440 (5G5 1 made to Policies at the Triennial Allocations -L ^Ccn In 1841. £ 75,239 In 1847. £ J29 Qa.* > In 1814. 83,210 In 1850. 152)230\ £ 410,665 tJ- 5 The effect of these additions is, that a Poliov v,< 1st March,1832, becoming a claim before 1st u dated receive no less a sum than £ 1457 lbs—beint'n 1 t?51, would percent, on the sum originally assured-—and tK y Fouty-six the same proportion according i0 t]le:r j. ottler Policies in The ANNUAL REVENUE is ah!! 7-,™ ACCUMULATED FUND exceeds £ .572 ooo '°0°~and the AgST' CH'KI™' NEWPORT WILLIAM OliAIlAM Tnr> r 1 > iro Commercial-street. im> Jun-> Land-agent, 162, Brecon—Stephen B. Evans, Solicitor Hay—lliomas James, Solictor Swansea—William Penrose. nm rmuM i.». flij.ni, Vu«SofliM' MATRIMONY MADE EASY: OR. HOW TO WIN A LOVER. MISS ELLEN DAWSON will send free to any address, 011 leeeipt ol thirteen postage stamps, plain directions to enable ladies or gentlemen to win the affections of as many of the opposite sex as then hearts mitY desire. The proposal is simple, and sn captivating and enthralling, that all may be mar- ried, urespective 01 age, appearance, or position j and last, ilioiigh not least, it can he arranged with such ease and delicacy thiit detection is impossible. lust Publislit-il, t'iiee is or free by post for fifteen Stamps, E11QUB1 IE, ON LOVE: 011 ADVICEON MAR 111 AGE. By Ht.LtN Dawson, Your Character seen in your Handwriting, Tin Ouioinal GUAj-uioLOfiisT continues wiih unmensesur- cess to delineate thc character of individuals from a graphiological examination of, their handwriting. All persons desirous 01 tes- ting this new alld Intcfesling scicoce, are invited to forward a spucimeiiof theirown or their friends' writing, stating age, sex. anil profession, eJclosin; 13 stamps, and they will receive, per return, an unerring description of their mental and moral quali lie,, pointing out gilis and defects hitherto unsuspected, with heir probable influence 011 future lile, with advice in all eases of dislless, doubt, and difficulty. The many thousands who have thankfully acknowledged the value of advice .;iveu, and ilie accuracy ot Miss Dawson's de- line.itionof chanctcr, establish the truth and value ol Ihe science beyond a doubt. authentic 1 ushmonials. 1 beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, and the accu- racy of Ihe delineation of her character; the description of her mental and inoril qualities, virtues, and failings, &c, weie ama- zinnly coirect, and has quite convinced me of thedeservine merit and truth of ttiu new and ellotraurdlllary art."—Professor Wilcox. Camberwell. Many thanks for your description of my friend's character it confirms nlHfftt I have been told of him. The value and i portauce of jury biology is indeed immense—false friends ma vv detected, and tto* character of all in whom we are interested r -r rectly.known."—Mih. £ ee, St. Jves. j Your pourtrayal of my character is admitted to be ti IJy; all my fricnds.Miss M. Caunton. 1 Address Miss HtLiiN DAwsoN, Post-oftice, Gray's Inc ^0, London. rjRAMPTONS pill or heat a Price Is. ltd. per.box. THiS excellcnl Family PiLL is a Medicine of :*d T efficacy, for correcting all disorders ot Ihe St, 1 r J i Bowels, the common symptoms of which are costive .s?;, ii-ti. j lency, spasms, loss of appetite, sick liead-achc, gidi r.w*, sciise j of fulness after meals, dizziness of tite eyes, dre pains in the stomach and bowels indigestion, pro pid state of the liver, and a consequent inactivity in tile causing a disorgallisation of every function of the frame, win, 'j this most excellent preparation, by a little perseverance, be effectually removed. Two or three doses will convince the atHicted of its salutary effects. The stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the liver, bowels, and kidneys will rapidly take place; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, will be thequick result of taking this medicine,according to the directions accmnpanying each box. These pills are particularly efficacious for stomach coughs, colds, agnes, shortness of brtath, and all obstructions of the urinary passages; and, if taken after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. Persons of a FUEL HABIT, who are subject to head-ache, giddiness, drowsiness, and singing in the ears, arising from too giddiness, drowsiness, and singing in the ears, arising from too great a flow of blood to the head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried oil by their immediate use. For FEMALES, these pills are most truly excellent, removing all obstructiuns, the distressing head-ache so prevalent with the sex; depression of spirits, dulness of sight, nervous affections, blotches, pimples, and sallowness of the skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. To MOTHERS they are confidently recommended as the best medicine that can be taken during pregnancy and for children of all ages they are unequalled. As a pleasant, sale, and easy aperient, they unite the recom- mendation of a mild operation with the most successful effect, and require no restraint ot diet, or confinement during their use. By regulating the dose, acoording to the age and strength of the patient, they become suitable for every case, in either sex, that can be required; and for ELDERLY PEOPLE they will be found to be the most comfortable medicine hitherto prepared. Sold by T. Piout, 220, Strand, Loudon. Price Is. LJd. and 2s. 9d. per box and by the Venders of Medicines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and observe the name and addres* of" Thomas Prout, 229,Strand, London, on the Government Stamp. IMMENSE SUCCESS or THE NEW MODE or TREATMENT. As adopted by Lalleinand, Ricord, Deslandes, and others of the Hospital des Veneiiensa Paris, and now uniformly practiced in the country, by WALTER DE ROOS, M.D.. 35, ELY PLACE, HOLBORN HILL, LONDON. AUTHOR OF THE MEDICAL ADVISER, 168 pages, improved edition written in a popular style, devoid of technicalities, and addressed to all those who are suffering from spermatorrhoea, seminal weakness, and the various disqualifying forms of pre- mature decay resulting from infection and youthful abuse, that most delusive practice by which the vigour and manliness oflifj are enervated and destroyed, even before natuie has fully established the powers and stamina of the constitution. It contains also an elaborate and carefully written account of the anatomy and physiology of the organs «f both sexes (illus- trated by numerous coloured engravings, with the author's obser- vations of marriage, its duties and hindercnces. The prevention and modern plan of treating gleet, stricture, syphillis, &c. Plain directions for the attainment of health, vigour, and conse- quent happiness during the full period of time allotted to our species. The wotk is illustrated by the detail of cases, thus rendering it what its name indicates, the sileot but friendly adviser of all who may be suffering from the consequences of early error and vice,-a work which may be consulted without exposure, and with every assurance of complete succcss and benefit. May be-liad in (I sealed envelope through allHoohsellcrs, 2s Gd., or, to avoid difficulty. mil !>e sent direct from the Author, post free for 40 Postage St&mps. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Extract from the Medical Gazette and Times.—" Fortunately for our country, a moie efficient (because certain) mode of treat- ing those deplorable complaints is at last introduced and we haillhe time as not far distant when such diseases shall be com- paratively unhealdof; we would earnestly recommend all persons afflicted with any kind of generative derangement, to avail them- selves of the information contained in almost every page of Dr. De Roos' work, which we unhesitatingly pronounce the best extant." THE MEDICAL ADVISER is indeed a boon to the pub. lic, as it has the two-fold advantage of plainness, and being written by a skilful and duly qualified man, who evidently well understands his subject."—Daily Times. "This is a work of superlative excellence, and one we should recommend to the perusal of all; in fact, the information therein conveyed it is quite essential to those of either sex who contem- plate marriage-"—Record. Many a n)an,who,unmartied and miserable, is now enduring in silentsorrow the penalties of former folly (perhaps committed in ignorance), had he possessed such a book as this, would have been a happy husband, a honoured parent, and useful member of society."—Dispatch, January HI. The diffidence and fear of exposure, consequent 1111 these affec- tions, fiequently prevent persons applying for assistance, until great mischief has been inflicted on the constitution and powers of life. It is hoped the perusal of this work will leach such persons the evils of delay, and lead them at once to seek that as- slstence which alone can save them from the horrors of an ex- istance protracted amidst long enduring wretchedness, both mental and physical. Lasting benefit can only be,reasonably expected at the hands of the intelligent and practical physician, who, departing from the loutiue of general practice, devotes the whole of his studies to this class of disease, the lamentable neglect of which by oidmary medical men, and their futile attempt* at cure by mer- cury and other equally dangerous medicines. have produced the most alarming results. „ u From the great extent of Dr. »e Koos practice for many years, and his former connection with the various Institutions both in London and Paris, for the relief of those afflicted with debility, syphilis, secondary symptoms, strictures, gleet, vene- real and scorbutic eruptions, &c., Ace., of the face and body, he his had perhaps unusual facih-ics tor observing thepccuharities and consequences of etc!. paiticulai stage. Hence he is enabled confidently and conscientiously to undertake the removal of every symptom (not excepting the most inveterate or long standing) in as short atime as is consistent with safety, or return the money. ,1 „ Country patients wishing to place themselves under treatment, will be minute in the detail of t ieir cases and to prevent trouble, no letters from strangers til be replied to unless they contain £ 1 in cash, or by Post Office Order payable at ihe Hol- bom Office, for which Advice and Medicines will be sent. Pa- tients corresponded with till cure*. At home for consultation, daily, from 10 till 1, and 1 till 8, (Sundays excepted )■ unless by P™*10™ ar., NERVOUS DElHLin. "JJUI JI lONs. kc., fcc. DE ROOS" CONCENTKMK^GUll.4.: Vn^ (OR Is as its name implies, a safe c,,re [ot ev"V variety of disease arising from solitary > >1■ •u'delus'vc excesses, and infection, such as gonnofrhoea. syphtj.s, which tmm neglect or improper treatment by me cury, copaiba, cubebs, and other deadly poisons, invanably end 10 some of ihe following forms of secondary symptoms, viz. paiiis and swellings in the bones ioints, and glands, skin erroptions, blotches and piuples, weakness of the eyes, loss of hair, disease and decay of the nose sore throat, pains in ihe side, back, and loins, fistula, piles' obstinate disease of the kidneys and bladder, gleet, stricture, seminal weakness, nervous and .sexual debility, loss of memory, and finally such a state of drowsiness, lassitude and general probation of strength, as unless skillfully arrested soon end-, in a miserable death. This medicine is deservedly popular in the prevention and re- moval of th" foregoing symptoms. and as a restorative of manlv vigour whether deficient from eaily imprudence, or residence in hot climates, &c. From its properties in removing allllisorclers of Females, stiell as barrenness, lencon hcca oY" the whiles. headache, giddiness, indigestion, palpitation of the heart, dry cough, lowness of spirits, &o., &c.. it isadmirsbly adapted to this class of suffeieis, as it creates new, PUIC, and rich blond, (thereby purifying and strengthening the whole system,) and soon rt,stotes the invalid to 1 sound health, even after all other remedies (which have usually a depressing tendency) have failed; hence its almost uupara- lelled success. May be obtained with directions, 0\C., at «is., 01 jour quantities in one large bottle for 33s. by which Us- "Te saved, through alt Medicine Vendors, or it will be sent securely packed from the estab- lishment on receipt of the price bit Post Office (rrder payable at the Holborn Office n <• • PAX'MS IN THE SACK. GRAVEL, lumbago, rheumatism, gout, indigestion, debility, De Ro' STRICTURE, GI-.EET, &c. 11 Y, Roos' Compound Renal PilU (of which there are useless imitations under other titles) have in ™^ cure when-ill oihcr means li:ui failed, 3ll £ < j j ''shed by th? consent of the Faculty as t^^ remedy ever discovered for the abov0 dangc^ 8enera||y< and diseases ol the Kidneys and Urin which, if neglected, frc_ resulting from imprudence 01r 01 |ingering death j, quently end in si»ne of the bla ( an(i ,i,etlma,jsrii ls an established <acl tl,at ,nbined with diseased urine occurring after midd e age, are c thusaffllCtt.d should attend bow necessary is i' then, 1 salutary action of these pi|Js to these important matters, cy rcct ^i|e aod indigestion on acidity of the ^.Ititions, thereby prevent.K th' purify and promote tl?c '^li.hfngfor life a lioallhy performance foi ma.ion of stone,and estabt sn ig of the functions t>' }^%rCclions #c-, "l ls 2?' Mai, be obtained vtlh J Vendors, or shou d any dij- and Us. per box: through MMuUc f t Jicnlty occur, the. 35, Ely Place, Holborn II,U, Postage Stamps by TO p* On llie P"t,llc I, .lireoled llie name llie l,r"j Commissioners ol • < on tlie(iovernmcnt Stamp afhxt'J prieior to be en^ia |etteis on a red ground, without flts Medicines, 10 "■e none is genuine. ,lPinjSf, Conway Brown, Chronicle vmce, Sold by Roberts, cl^^ Caer„arvon Edwards, Rangor; Griffith. t- lieS|Cllenijst, Holyhead; Bealc, c hem's chemist, Denbigh 6 yv'ard, chemist, High-street. Riecon High-street, Wrc*'1 'e pridgend Thomas, chemist (oppo- Price Brothers, P°A ".i.yr' White, chemist, Guildhall Square, site the Angel), »,e chcmist. High-street,Cardigan Davics, Carniai'then Wilh^1 j (j/fice, llaverlordwcst; Treweeke, che- chemist, Potter, JianSt chemist, High-street, Swansea Moore, mist, Pembroke jfgw Town Stephens, chemist, lligh- chemist, Broad *lr.e?, ferrif and Score, druggists. Union-street, street, MerthyrTyd" Office, Shrewsbury Chilcott, book- Bristol Walton, '• "j 0Injnster — Draper, chemist, Broad- scllcr, Broad-street, lieacon Office, Monmouth J EN KINS, street, Hereford;ra j |'HJLI'1PS. High-street, Newport, of Commercial-street, ,«Tmb Anvrsth." all whom may bej}<*l )ty occurs in obtaining aft* Of N.0.—Where dime dklBlf HWM dklBlf 004tilge itioal ENGLISH'S PATENT CAMPHINE. ENGLISH'S PATENT CAMPHINE COMPANY.or HULL (Sole Patentees,) BEG to CAUTION Consumers against various imitations, such being dangerous and unpleasant in burning. The Genuine is protected by a Capsule, embossed, English's Patent Caniphine," and the Cork covered with a Label, signed John Watson, Manager." The recent improvements in the Lamps, with their Camphine, effectually prevent smoke and smell and consequent upon the great advance in the price of Lamp Oils, the Patent Camphine is by far the cheapest article offered to the public. For the convenience of Dealers, in the West of England and South Wales, they have established a Depot in BRISTOL. For prices and terms, address, "English's Patent Camphine Company, Bristol." IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS!! JONES' NIPPLE POWDER. rf^HIS Valuable Powder, for the cure of Excoriated Nipples, X has only to be known to be appreciated. It has been long used in private practice, and with complete success, and is now made public that mothers and nurses may have a safe, sure, nlld speedy remedy, when agonized by the terrible pain arising from Excoriated, Sore, or Chapped Nipples. This Powder also prevents the complaint called Whitemouth, so common to infants, and should be used by every mother as a preventive 10 both these Diseases. Sold by DIE TRIGHSEN and HANNAY, No. 63, Oxford- stieet, Sole Wholesale Agents in London; Also in Boxes at I s. l^d.each, and in Boxes including Protectors, at 2s. 9d. each, by all the principal Medicine Vendors in the Kingdom. Wholesale and Retail Agent for Wales, MR. C. PEATY, T edegar. Agents, Mr. Crowe, Druggist, Tredegar. iVir. F, J. Phillips, Druggist, Newport, Monmouthshire, r.¡; Wood, Chemist, Pontypool. ;• Ackrill, Chemist, Abergavenny. 1 P. Kernick, Chemist, Cardiff. 1 nriffiths, Chemist, Llandovery. NEW AND IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE CURE OF SYPHILLIS AND SKIN DISEASES. MESSRS. P. B. I,1.OYD and Co., Consulting Surgeons, 16, Char 1Y lotte-street, second door from Park-street, Bristol, ann 4, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, inform the public in general that they have, after intense study and deep researcji, at length discovered a most wonderful remedy for the effectual eradication of Venereal, Syphillitic, and Skin diseases, no matter of how virulent a character, or how long standing thousands can, and arc willing to testify to its extraordinary success. Messrs. Lloyd are the only Surgeons who are in possession of thi valuable remedy, which, combined with their extensive practice and acknowledged skill, must prove that they are the only parties to whom the afflicted can apply with safety and certainty of cure. 11 We have heard with surprise of the wonderful discovery made by Messrs. Lloyd, surgeons, of Bristol and Birmingham, for the cure of syphillis and skin diseases, which will no doubt prove an everlasting benefit to mankind."—London Papers- Extract of a Letter from Glasgow, dated Nov. 1849, to Messrs Lloyd.r Gentlemen.-Impelled by a feeling of gratitude, which lean neve, sufficiently repay, for the skill and kindness experienced at your hands 1 write to inform you that the dreadful eruption on my head and face has entirely disappeared. I lose as little time as passible, in informing you of the pleasing fact, as I am anxious to atone for the want of confi- dence I expressed in your truly wonderful discovery; but surely your goodness will hold me excused when you take into consideration th* number of medical men I had consulted previously to yourselves, with- out deriving any benefit from their prescriptions. Ever gratefully and sincerely yours, J. M. Just Published, the Thirtieth Thousand, Price One Shilling; free by post, in a sealed envelope, for One Shilling and Sixpence, the "FAITHFUL MONITOR A Medical Work on the exhaustion and physical decay of the system produced by excessive indulgence, the consequences of infection, or the use of mercury, with observations on the married state, aud the dis- qualifications which prevent it, by P. B. LLOYD, and Co., Con- sulting Surgeons, l(i, Charlotte-street, Park-street, Bristol, and No. 4, Great Charles street, Birmingham, authors of Hope tor Nert'ous Invalids," Faithful Monitor," &c., Sec. Published by the authors, and sold in London by Hannay and Co r63, Oxford street and by all Booksellers throughout the kingdom. This work contains an accurate and complete account of the Ana- tomy and Physiology of the Reproductive Organs, and of their re lative conditions in health and disease. Nor are these the sole con- tents of the work; the means of escape as well as the nature of the dan- ger. are pointed out in clear and intelligible language. I t deservedly re quires the closest attention and study, for what subject can be of more importance than the preservation of health and of the physical capabili- ties of which every man should be possessed. REVIEWS OF THE WORK. This is evidently a very talented work, and we strongly recommend the perusal of it to our readers."—Chronicle. This is decidedly one of the best works of the kind evei written. Era. LLOYD & CO's., ERADlCATIVE HERB PILLS, Price 2s. 9d. and lis. per box, are ananti-sypliillic remedy for purifying the system from venereal contamination, and is recommended for any of the varied forms of secondary symptoms, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from all foulness, counteract every morbid affection, and re- store weak and emaciated constitutions to pristine health and vigour. THE CORDIAL BALM OF ANGELICA is eminently calculated to renovate the impaired functions of life, its action is purely balsamic, is power in reinvigorating the nervou system, is unrivalled, it rn moves general and local debility, gives tone to the stomach, enrichc6 and purifies the blood, and for the cure of generative weakness will be found invaluable. Sold in bottles at lis. and 33s. each. Extract of a Letter from Madras, dated Ded. 1841 "1 duly received the second package of the Balm of Angelica, and although the tin with which the case was lined had started from one corner of the box, it was so well packed, that not a single bottle was broken. 1 am happy to inform you that 1 feei quite recovered, and have reason to bless the day I first wrote to you. Gratitude compels me to add that I shall make you an early call on my ariival in Eng- land." Consultation fee, if by letter, tt.-Patients are requested to be as minute as possible in the description of their cases, stating age, occu- pation, &c- Notice—Hours for consultation daily, from 10 till 2, and from 5 until 9 in the evening.—On Sundays, from 10 till 12.-All letters im- mediately replied to, if containing the fee of £1 for advice. 16, Charlotte street, Park street, Bristol, and 4, Great Charles street, Birmingham. LLOYD'S ERADICATIVE HERB PILLS may be had of Mr. Cross, Milsom-street, Bath; Mr. Trix, chemist, High-street, Exeter; Phillips, High-street, Newport; Thomas, High-street, Cardiff; and by all Medicine Venders. The "Faithful Monitor," and Hope for Nervous Invalids," price One Shilling each, may be had of Mr. PHILLIPS, High-street Newport. THIRTY-FIFTH EDITION, CONTAINING THE REMEDY FOR THE PREVENTION OF DISEASES. Illustrated bY 26 Anatomical Coloured Engravings on Steel. ON PHYSICAL "DISQUALIFICATIONS, GENERATIVE INCA- PACITY, AND IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE. A new and improved Edition, enlarged to 196 pages, price 2s. 6d.; by post, direct from the Establishment, 3s. 6d., in postage stamps, THE SILENT FRIEND." A Medical Work on the Exhaustion and Practical Decay of the System, produced by excessive indulgence, the consequences of infection, or the abuse of mercury, with explicit directions for the use of the PreTen- tive Lotion, followed by observations on the Married State, and the dis- qualifications which prevent it; illustrated by 26 coloured engravings, and by the detail of cases. By It. and L. Perry and Co., Consulting Surgeons, 1fJ, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. Published by the authors, and sold by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row; Hannay, 63'and Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; Starie, 23, Titchbourne-street, Haymarket; and Gordon, 146, Leadenhall-street, London; J. and R. Raimes and Co., Leitliwalk, Edinburgh D. Campbell, Argyll-street, Glasgow J. Priestly, Lord-street, and T. Newton, Church-street, Liverpool; R. H. Ingham, Market street, Manchester. Part the first of this work is dedicated to the consideration of the ana- tomy and Physiology of the organs which are directly and indirectly engaged in the process of reproduction. It is illustrated by six coloured engravings. Partthe second treats of the infirmities and decay of the system pro. duced by over indulgence ofthe passions, and by the practiceof solitary gratification. It shews clearly the manner in which the baneful conse- quences of this indulgci ce operate on the economy, in the impairment and destruction of the social and vital powers. The existence of ner- vous and sexual debility and incapacity, with their accompanying train of symptoms and disorders, are traced by the chain of connecting results to their cause. This section concludes with an explicit detail of the means by which these effects may be remedied, and full and ample di- rections for their use. It is illustrated by three coloured engravings, which fully display the effects of physical decay. Part the third contains an accurate description of the diseases caused by infection, and by the abuse of mercury primary and secondary symp- toms, eruptions of the skin, sore throat, inflammation of the eyes, dis case of the bones, gonorrhuea, gleet, stricture,&c., are shown to depend on this cause. Advice for the treatment of all these diseases and their consequences, is tendered in this section, which, if duly followed up cannot fail in effecting a cure. The part is illustrated by seventeen coloured engravings. Part the fourth contains a remedy for the prevention of disease, by a simple application by which the danger of infection is obviated. Its action is simple, but sure. It acts with the virus chemically, and destroys its power on the system. This important part of the work should not escape the reader's notice. Part the Fifth is devoted to the consideration of the duties and obli- gations of the married state, and of the causes which lead to the happi- ness or misery of those who have entered into the bonds of matrimony. The operation of certain disqualiifcations is fully examined, and infeli- citous and unproductive unions shown to be the necessary consequence. The causes and remedies for this state form an important consideration in this section of the work. THE CORDIAL BALM UFSYIHACUM Is a renovator of the impaired functions of life. Its influence on the human system is especially directed to the treatment and removal of those affections which are produced by disorders of the generative or- gans, wlictherconstitutional or acquired; and it is especially intended for those cases in which,by the practice of Onanism, the powers of the frame have, by undue and unnatural excitement, been reduced to an unwonted amountof depression, and the vigour of constitution, together with the social happiness of existence, appears to be entirely and irre- vocably lost; the >nental faculties being at the same time in a state of extraordinary impairment, so that the springs of life appear to be tapped at the very foundation, and the only prospect left for the unfortuuate victim of evil example, is a lifetime of misery, and A wretched and early death. The consequcnees which follow the dangerous practice we con- demn, are not merely physical, the mind participates in the infatuation, and it is gradually led into a fertile field of seùuctive error, the result being an absolute loss of the powers of manhood, from a pernicious application of those inherent means which nature wisely imparted to us for the propagation of the species. Such an one carries with him the form and aspect of other men, but without the vigour and energyof that season of life which his early youth gave lum every reason to expect he would attain, and many cense to be ,ncn> or at ]east t0 the qualifications of manhood at thirty. Persons so situated arc earnestly advised to consult and study the hi LENT FRIEND which thev will find to be an excellent guide. It should be carefully read before a course of °n- For such cases as these, the Cordial rpLf of ihwe who hv anV' a?ted' 'he direct object of which is the » norcinate and unnatural indulgence, hre d^ranidW to hat n r, ,nS,,tUtion' »<" those who, while ^^e^S 0sSrr^^sr"^io„, are troubled wi.h any as the various affections of the nervous ^1 War" ol lts *PProach' s"^h irreimlariiv, obstruction or imperfection"'m' ^stinate gleet, > ecncral and partial,total impotence hn cer,amevacuations debility, savei|CC 11S"' °rf°Ur'lt 1,S"ln °ne bottle for 33s. by which Us. are SaThe' concentrated Detersive Essence an Anti svphilitic-remedy for purifying the sys m veI1(!ie;i] t tjon js recommended n W^hlotclies on thThca,! ',dary symptoms,such as eruptions of the skin, Ia threatened riand face, enlargement of the throat, scurvy scorbutic humours, old Wou^,Y'C'ion of ,hu nose' I,alatf- &c- and sores glandular swellings, ervs.^?'. cers' 8ore 1<!Ss»venereal ulc«rs diseases of the skin, cutaneous Crunr S> lePr0Sy> king's evil, pimples all impurities of the blood. i>rk.u P'jons on any part of the body, and The deplorable consequences a, > a"d 33s per bottle. result from gonorrhoea, syphilis &e i lnan-v 'mrribl.: diseases winch influ. nee on men, and drive them tQ l;lve. no doubt, a very great are coyi, riry to law, morals, and the tIe cOlUmission of offences which Preventive has long been a descent being of society. Aceitain arc now enabled to oiler in the Lor"' aml this tl,e JVIcssrs- rerr> "ie printed directions, it affords a s if°n Uscd in •lecordance with disease, which can be at once seen 'r"ar<' against the approach of SILENT FRIEND" y Procuring a copy of "T11E „ I'EKBi » 1 ul'il'Yl\(j Sl>1. Constitute an effectual remedy in all <.a„ '-ClFIC PILLS ""—diseases of the urinary organs. iiriUSof Bonorrh<ea,gleet, stricture, Jlic. £ 5 cases of Syiiacum or Collet ntr °. 2? fid, 4s 6d, and lis per box. be had at 19, Berners street, Oxford Detersive Essence can only saving of £ 1 12s. and the patient is ^"ndou whereby there is a ■f' wl'ich advantage is applicable n. 1 to receive advice without l" fc 'L °»'y to those woo remit £ 5 for a n.im,fUUutio" fee- if by letter, £ |p.i(. and ,,osslhle in the description of n'°nls are requested to be as and^posmon in society. f tl>u'r cases, stating age, habits, str^^n^ «iwo, Werners street, Oxfor* ,f So,d b^VZarA R „ 1Ue l° eigUt'' °r & >'S Office, Bangor; Ko'hert Grifimf; John Brown, Chronicle \Yilliam Edwards, chemist, Denbigh • .T' UiR»» street, Caernarvon • head, John Bcal, chemist Hitrh stmHuelies chemist, Holy, High street, Brecon Philip Trice p Wrexham; E. Ward, cbewist, Guardian Ofiice, Cardiff; Walter'Ti" °flice, llridecud; H.Webber, Merthyr; J. VV. White, chemist rf'?lnas. chemist (opP^ite AngeO, Williams, chemist, High street' (n' ,1'1" Square', Carmarthen; V; Haverfordwest; Joseph I>„Uer 'Wn ('). E 1)avies, chem^ Trcwecks, chemist, Pembroke -n,L„rilld Office, Haverfordwest, R- C~ Swansea John Moore, chciiii,. 1;vans, chemist, High street, Stephens, chemist, High street' iu ,,d streei, New Town; Thomas druggisJ, Union street, Bristol ,MeIrl,h) r Tydfil Ferris and Score, Shrewsbury; James> Chilcott, bookin1" ^a"on, Chronicle Office, chcmistt ]4-„ rGr* street, Leotnin&ter |lontt'"U}h I P' J' Fatr'jr' Beacon Office- Mir #*»••», «5?)'B,ai Street, Nswpott «»tl notice •mini ip MARKET will be held at Caldicot, Mon- X it nn the 14th of Januaev, 1851, for the Sale of S^LmS- inVto be continued on the Second Tuesday in "nIbIT1Waggon and three Carts to be Sold by Auction at one o'clock. — one o'clock. — THE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Established in 1836. Empowered by Acts of Parliament. Offices—8 anil 10,W..cr-StKet Limpool; 20 »d 21. Poultry, London* AdM DIRECTORS IN LIVERPOOL. Chairmall-W-illiam- Nicol, Esq. Deputy Chairmen-—Joseph C.Ewart, j^^rence^«i Thomas Brocklebank, lisq. Harold Littledale, Esq. William Dixon, hsq. hQ Marriott, Esq. William Earle Esq. Kdward Moon, Esq. T. Steuart Gladstone, Esq. Lewin Mozeley, Esq. George <?rant, Esq. joaeph Shipley, Esq. Francis Haywood, Esq. Stolterfoht, Esq. £ „Ho8&r John Swainson, Esq. John Hore, Soul!, Esq. DIRECTORS IN LONDON. Chairman—William Ewart, Esq M.iJ. Deputy Chairman-George Frederick Young, Esq. Sir W. P. De Bathe, B J John Rankingi Egq. William Brown, Esq., » • ( j Mi Kosscter, Esq Matthew Forster, Esq., M.P. Seym0ur Teulon, E«q. Frederick Harrison, ES1. Swint0n Boult, Esq., Sec- James Hartley, q. t0 the Company. ■So/ififiirs—Messrs. Cla,. S^Ul, and W.g.uKe, ^«'ot>-«ourt, Liverpool; Messrs. Talmer, France, and Palmer, Bedford-row, L°l £ Ll Referees—James Vose, M.D., Robert Bickerstcth, Esq., Liverpool; Marshall Hall, M.D., I .it.8.; Alexander Anderson, Esq., F.R.C.S., London. ^"CONSTITUTION.—Liability of the entire body of Share- L-holders »nlimitcd.[EDEpAKTMENT Agricultural. Manufacturing, and Mercantile B'sks.^e^ Insured Foreign and Colonial Insurances effected. Premiums as in other established Offices. Settlement of Losses liberal and prompt. LIFE DEPARTMENT. Premiums as low as is consistent with safety. Bonuses not 1 Acr>t nil Profits being declared and guaranteed when the Is effected. Surrenders of Policies favourably dealt Thirty days allowed for the renewal of Policies. Claims V inthrec months after proof of death. Policies not dis- P i erceDt on the ground of fraud- P'Full Prospectuses may be had, on application at the Offices rnmnany as above or to any of the following of the Company, AGENTS. ..W. Williams, accountant, High-street. Newport ,•••• John Williams, and John Sheed. Abergavenny William Cooper. Chepstow j Morgan. Cardiff John Williams. Conway .Roger Bevan. Monmouth .••••• .Hugh Pugh. Pwllheli Evan Anwyl. Portmadoc Townshend AVood. Swansea .Horace Shepard. Usk IN ONE HOUR, fbequkntlv IN HALF AN nOUR, BY GOUT AND rheumatic BAXTER'S OU" „ho takes them himself, 6nds all p»m re- rpilE Propr,et°f» the firstdose. They areequallygood I moved lenminut jumbago, tic-doloreux, and all for rheumatism, sci • and f#ce> a|ways effecting a cure in rheumatic pain* in «'e noopiu,n or other dangetousmedicme a few days. confinement 1101 alteration of the usual They squire neither o aresa,isfied with the result. habits, and all who 'ti,f,Cioij letter has been received from The following highly s can vouch for thei truth Mr. Allsop, Vhemfbv Sntoo Carlill, 7, B.galey's Court Sir -lam desired by fofm youol t|,evory great benefit Waterside South, Lincolo. Gout and R|,eura,„c P,lls. he has received ^rv s|Vere attacks for a considerable time, He has suffered from very cou]J obtaiD) w„hout receiving and has tried every remcaj heafd Qf youf pi,,Sj one dose of any benefit, until he fo tu and a couple of small boxes which immediately «iie wi|, bg happy t0 answer aDy have completely cure yours truly, inquiries. 1850- F. J. ALLSOP. Lincoln, Jujy m another Testimonial a noVfiom gout in the foot were iotense, and Sir,-My ng* ,he remedies 1 tried, I sent for a box of getting no relict i messenger returned with the cheermg your gout pill«> should be relieved in less than an hour. 1 information that i tam|y within half an hour I felt quite took the Pills, an rapl(j was ,ny recovery, that by twelve another beiog ■" abie t0 f0n0W my business. o'clock the same 1 j remain, &c. JOSEPH DAVIE, Watchmaker. 201, lJilth Halboro, Feb. 9,1850.. preparedonj Barc|ay, Edwards, Sutton, Newberry, Sold ^h"JfdSanger; retail by Jenkins and Phillips, Newport; £ ind Spencer, MonnombWard, Br^on Oawe & sons, Swansea: Stephens, Merthyr lydfil; and Wood Pontypool; Coleman, Cardiff Cocks, Rom Davies, and Wooa, cCOre,Bristol; Davis,Leominster; Leer, ^R npr Hereford • Lea & Perrins, Worcester; ProsserScCo. Gloucester, and by all Medicine Vendersin the country, in boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. THE ONLY RATIONAL REMEDY IS THAT FINE HERBAL MEDICINE, PASR'S LIFE FILLS: THE extraordinary success of this medicine is the wonder 0 the age it has been tried by hundreds of thousands as an nprient, and lias in every instance done good it has never, in liehtest degree, impaired the most delicate constitution. T sof thousands have testified that perseverance in the use of pD '«I ife P'"s w'" completely cure any disease, and are living .Js of the benefit received from this invaluable medkine. witne ate received daily, and it would be impossible, in lesumon pubhsh one-half received; and the following a new«p P > people well-known in their respective neigh- *re seiecieu whoge testimony is unquestionable. Further bourhoods, .als „Dd the ..L,fe and Times of Old Parr," ^eelL°fJd Gratis, of all Agents. may m nN.*LS F*voun 0F PARR 8 LIFB PltLS. addressed to Mr. DRURY, Bookseller, Lincoln. Copy ofalett Lincoln, Octobers, 1847. .ioe Foster, ground-keeper to Henry Sheppherd, Sin,—1» C' October 5, 1846. attest to the following state- Esq., do this dayi g |0D^ time, proceeding from pain in mentHaving bee considerable fever, very faint, sick in my body, attended ab|e t0 discharge anything from the the morning, w,th°^tite whatever, with many other disagree- stomach, and no »PP«"1 D0 medical man was able to benefit able symptoms all „ strcDgth so muoh as to prevent my me and 1 became reduoe Hearing the many benefits attending to my I decided at once to give them a derived trom Old Pa" s aj yonr shop, near the Mone Bow, trial and purchased a box y Ieasure to inform you that the & £ !••*> £ £ £ {»<> »»» cotirelj reslored i> a coup?" S™il I 'mrned.1' ,„„„ishiD8i effect Parr". Pill. of his'Dills bring me righ • scarcely believe that I am haie ifad upon me !• «Jh^Jfhi ago; I felt then „s though my the same man I a.fe v i feel hearty, and able o undertake ife was nearly ended, no exeft|0Q( wl,|101,t feeling that ex- anv description of Work^an tak)nK them lt IS real,y and cesMve fatigue I dld Pr have given this statement voluntarily, truly new life w fcUoW creatures who know nothing oToid Parr's wonderful P1''8*^ ours respectfully, ol Old t »rr x rcmain, sir, y chaRLES F0SXER. ■r, -.latnrn ol Parr's Lif Pills. To the Pf0P been given me this day from the Sirb—The above cas who came for two boxes, and who lips ol Mr- Charles Fos,^ay wiiliout sending you word of the was not dispose to■ benefit he has receiveu. remain, yours, &c., e JAMES DRURY. appointment, by E. Edwars, 67, Saint Sold wholesale, Dy '^tC|ay and Sons, Farringdon-street, Paul's Churcliyard; ^|1|irchyard, London; J. and R. Ilaimes Sutton and Co., "ow ^ottershcad and Co., Manchester and Co., Edinburgti, evely I'own in the United King- also Retail by our AR ,.peCtahle Medicine Venders in boxes at dom, and by mos boxes at 2s. 9d., contain three fd.(2 s 9d. and veat2s.9d. small, and those at lis- n CURES FOK THE UNCURED HOLLOWAY'S ointmeht. cure Scrofula, or King's Evil. An exir" l Mr. J. H. Alliday, 209, Iligh-street, Chelte Extract of a Letterfr i;r,0.—To Professor Holloway.—Sir,—My ham,dated the 22nd Jari}' „s 0f 3ge, -was afflicted with a Glandular eldest son, when about s a s|1()rt tjme broke out into an UJcer. Swelling in the neck, w 1>ronounced it as a very bad case ot Scrofula, An eminent medial,m 1 Je thne without effect. The disease then for nd prescribed for a c n. in virulence, when besides the ulcer years went on ,j.e jcft knee, and athird under the eye, n the neck, another former wjth a tumour between the eyes, besides seven on During the whole of the time my suffer- .l^vTaVrccTived the constant advice of the most celebrated mcdical "° » at Cheltenham, besides be.ng for sevcra months at the v.entieme where one of the surgeons said that lie would amp-i- tat el he left arm,' but that the blood was so impure, that if that lira* -»«»taken off it would be tlien even impossible to subdue the diseawv Tn this desperate state I determined to give your pills and ointment • trial and after two months perseverance in their use, the tumour gra dual'lv began to disappear, and tlic discharge from all the ulcers percep- tibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were per. fectly healed, and the boy thoroughly restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment of a large circle of acquaintances, who could testify to the truth of this miraculous case. Three years have now elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these circumstances I consider that I should be truly ungrateful were I not to make you acquainted with this wonderful cure, effected by your medicines after every other means had failed. (Signed) J. H. ALLIPA*- Cure oj Acute Hhellma Cureoj Acute Rheumatism of four years' standing. Extract of a I.ctter from Mr. John Pitt, Dudley. I9th Jan., To Professor Holloway.—Sir,—It is with the greatest pleasure »' write to thank you for the benefit I have received from your p« der ointment, which have completely curcd me of the rhoun'* j "s'hardlr which I suffered for this last four years at times I was so Da rec(}m. to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of oipdic"16 would gi»* mended, without receiving any benefit. I at last ci,emist, of this your medicincs a trial, nnd purchased from Mr. Ileum. (hree weeks, town, two boxes of pills, and two of 0'nTt,llen ,eStored to health and through them and the blessing of God. I was was jn my life. I strength, and am now as well able to walk as years in it, with an am well known in this parish, having bee" t ot- foot. exception of ten years 1 served in the24 JOHN PUT. (Signed) *irti/ years' standing. Cure of a Bad Leg of Vty^>»h »ear HuI1> ha(? ,uIct>rls Mr. Barker, of No. 5, Graham s 1'«c • ards of eighty,and although on his let from the age of eightee advice in the country, nothing for many years he had sought t nften snflered most excrutiating pain was found to eure them, tie "j„eapacifatedhim from attending to hi^ for long periods together, wlncn q[ geUi„g a cure, when at last business. He had KivenIJU,H„wav'» Pills and Ointment, which he did, he was persuaded to try appear, the leg was thoroughly healed and however wonderful it may i t)ie pi)ls aiom,ajtel- ),js ]eg was by their means, and by co" i-aie a„d hearty as now to be more- well. he has become in S^ty active tlian most men ■y" (jjnar« statement can be vouched N.iJ —Tile j^pjj'/hardt, 22, Market Place, Hull. February 20th 1RSO.c /»-m nf sir liners ,r for by Air. J. C. R Jl; /»-m nf sir liners Ii;.J"H,lin ,r Care -f tl" most eminent surgeons Lima, l-'l" "J, Z.jta] of Peru), had a child covered with Ringworm for in Lima, (the 'p^_ va-n jjg exhausted all his art in his endeavours more thani six y • succeeding, he consulted among liis bretliren, the to effect a c Jlicd|-caj practitioners of the city, but nothing was found m0Sir, the child service, when lie was persuaded by Mr. Joseph P. ? t]ie English Chemist and Druggist, residing at No, 74, Calle do Palaeio to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which was done, and after using six largo pots of t he ointment, with a proportion of the pjHs the child was radically cured, to the surprise of the whole medical pro' fession. The name of the patent,from motives of delicacy, is withheld The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most „f „ following cases:-Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Burns, Bunions, Bite of M chetoc* and Sand-flies, Coco-Bay, OhieRo-foot, Chilblains n. V hands, Corns (Soft), Cancers, Contracted ad Stiff Joints vli„i:. a,,l,ed, Fistulas, Gout, Glandular Swellings, Lumbago, Piles' >P|lanl,«si»1 Scalds, Sore Nipples, Sore-throats, Skiiudisease*. SenrJ, "eUTnatisui, Tumours, I'lcers, Wounds, Yaws. ^> ^ore-heads, Sold by the Proprietor, 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar I by all respectable venders of Patent Medicines throimbr, 'Cndnn, and World, in Fo's and Boscsi la. HJd., 3a. dd() 4c <i(j 1 ,lle eivilued tatrh. There 1a a *«ry rf-n0!dct(<»e navlM# in !i,?'\ >:i'' 39". AGENCIES. ■ NATIONAL PROVINCIAL PERMANENT INVEBT. H MENT COMPANY. H Established June, 1819. Head Offices, 24, Bbidgb-Street, Bristol. THE General Objects of this Company may be stated to bo:— First.—To provide for the Shareholders a secure means of investment at a guaranteed rate of 96 per cent., compound In- terest, the payments being made either in one fixed sum or by small periodical instalments. Secondly .—To advance to the Sharehotders, the purchase money of Premises in their own occupation or otherwise. Thirdly.—To make loans to Shareholders to enable them to pay off Mortgages existing upon their Property, or for any other purpose. The Directors will receive applications from persons dsMreuc H of becoming their District Surveyors or Agents, in places in H which the appointments have not been made, and which the Secretary will shortly visit. A copy of the Rates will be forwarded on receipt of 16 H Postage Stamps. For particulars, apply to EDWARD GREVILE, H Managing Director. —. PERFECT Health is invariably restored without inedicio I inconvenience, or expense, to the most nervous, delicate- sdyspeptic, constipated. bilious, debilitated, or shattered con titutioo, by DU BARRY'S delicious Health-Restoring Food- THE BEVALENTA ARABZOA, I t Which saves fifty times its cost is other means of cure, and effectually removes indigestion (dyspepsia), constipation, aod diarrhoea, nervousness, billioosness, liver complaint, flatulency, distension, palpitation of the heart, nervous headache, deafness, noises in the head and eats, pains in almost every part e( the ■ body chronic inflammation and ulceration of the stomaeh, ery- sipelas, eruption, of the skin, incipient coasumptioo, dropsy, ■ rheumatism, gout, heartburn, nausea and sickness during ptog- ■ nancy, after eating, or at sea, low rpirits, spasms, craaipe, spleen, general debility, paialysis, asthma, oough, inquietude, ■ sleeplessness, involuntary blushing, tremors, dislike to aooiety, H unfitness for study, loss of memory, delusions, blood to the head, H exhaustion, melancholy, groundless fear, indecision, wretched- H ness, thoughts of self-dctsructioo, and many other complaints. It is the best food for infants and invalids senoially, as it never turns acid on the weakest stomach, nor interferes with a good liberal diet, but impaits a healthy relish for lunch and dinner, and restores the faculty of digestion, and muscular end nervous energy, to the most enfeebled. H Discovered, eschisiveiy grown, and imported by Du Barry H and Co., 127, New Hond-street, London, sole owners of the H Revalenta Arabica Estates, and ol the Patent Maehiawv, by ■ which alone the curative principles of th* plant can be developed H -hence none other can be genuine. H DU BARRY AND CO., 127, NEW BOND STREET, ■ LONDON. ■ COUNTRY A GENT a. ■ Newport, A. Clements, Stamp Cowbridge, John Parsons H Ottice. Haverfordwest, o. E. Daries H Pontypool, H. Hughes Hereford, Edward Weymtss ■ Monmouth. Dyke Brothers Ross, Cary, Cocks, aod Roper ■ Abergavenny, J. P. Watkins Brtetol, Jerris and Score, ■ Brynmawr, John Cunliffe Union street; Pointon and ■ Tredegar, Charles Ptaty Hathaway,27,Clare-street; ■ Swansea,Jooatlian Duty Thomas C. Pwrting; C. H Cardiff, J. B. Hopkins Gnest, Hetwel"; Thorns. ■ Carmarthen, R. M. Davies, 49, and Co., 5, Bridge-parade ■ Kinc-8Ueet I A FEW OF 50,000 TESTIMONIALS. ■ Not. UKASB BY THE EMFEBOH OF 8USSIA. I Russian Consulate General, London, December 2,1847. I The Consul-General has been ordered to inform Messrs. Du ■ Barry and Co., that the Revalenta Arabica they had sent to his H Majesty the Emperor, has, by imperial permission, been for- I warded to the Mioister of the Imperial Palace." ■ Case No. 2. ■ Analysis by the celebrated professor of chemistry, and analy- H tical chemist, Andrew Ure, M.D., F.R.S., &c., &c. ■ London, 24, Bloomsbury-squaie, June 8,1849. ■ I hereby ceitify, that having examined I Da Barry's Reva- ■ lenta Arabica,' 1 find it to be a pure vegetable farina, perfectly ■ wholesome, easily digestible, likely to promote a healthy action ■ of the stomach and bowels, and thereby to couotcract dyspepsia, I constipation, and their nervous consequences. ■ -ANDREW URE, M.D., F.R.S.&c.. ■ Analytical Chemist. ■ Case No. 3. I 3, Sydney Terrace, Reading, Berks, Deo. 3,1847. ■ Gentlemen,—I am happy to be able to inform you, that tbe ■ person tor whom the former quantity was procured, has derived ■ very great benefit from its use; distressing symptoms of long ■ standing have been removed, and a feeling of restored health ■ induced. Having witnessed the beneficial efocts, in tbe ■ mentioned case, I can with confidence recommend it, and shall ■ have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity oilers, ■ &c., &c. "1 am, gentlemen, very truly jmb, ■ •• JAMES SHOKLAND, late 8uigeon96tb RegU ■ Case No. 4. I II Dublin, March 2nd, I860. I Respected Sir,—I have now suffered thirty years' iadescri- I bable agony, and have applied in vain to the most eminent of the ■ acuity, both in London and here. I had given up all hope ot a ■ care having experienced no relief form any of tbe remediea I suggested- As a last resource, I tried your invaleable and I delicious food, and am at last happy to say that I am perfectly I cured. I think it due to the interest of suffering humanity that I the world at large should be acquainted withandappreciateyout I delicious food. I am, sir, your most humble servant. I "CORNELIUS O'SULLIVAN, M.D., F.R.C.S." I Case No. 76. I From the Right Honourable the Lord Stuart de Decies. I I have derived much benefit from Du Barry's beelth.rpstwtng I food. "STUART DE DECIES. I Dromana, Cappoquin, county of Wateiford." I Case No. 180. I Twenty-five years net vousness, cotmtipation I indigeition, and I debility, from which I had suffered great misery, and which no I medicine could remove nor relieve, have been effectually cured by Du Barry's health-restoring food, in a very short time. Pool Anthony, Tiverton." W. R. REEVES. Case No. 461. Sixty-years' partial paralyais, affecting one-half of my frame, and which had resisted all other remedies, has yielded to Du Barry's health-restoring food, and I now consider myeelt a stranger to all complaints, excepting a hearty old age. «' WM. HUNT, Barrister-at-Law. King's College, Cambridge." Case No. 1734. Not expected to live six days loager, I was eered by Du Barrv's admirable health-restoring food. « Moffat., Scotland." MAGDALENA PURVIS. Case No. 4298. Eight years' dyspepsia, nervousness, debility, wtthcrantpt, spasms, and nausea, for wbich my servant had consulted the advice of many, have been effectually removed by Du Barry's health-restoring food, in a very short time. I shall be happy to answer any inquiries. Rev. JOHN W. FLAVELL u Ridlington Rectory, Norfolk." Case No. 1609. Three years' excessive nervousness, with pains in my neck and left arm, and general debility, which rendered my life very miserable, has been radically iemoved by Du Barry's health, resloiingfood. "ALEX. STUART, "Archdeacon of ROlli, Skibbereen. Case No. 2704. I consider you a blessing to society at large. It is not to be told all the benefit Du Barry's health-reatoring food lias been to me and my little boy cries for a sauM^i^er^mornin| "2, Maoning-place, Five Oaks, Jersey. Case No. 3906. "Thirteen years' cough, indigestion, and general debility,have been removed by Du Barry's exoellent health-restoritog food. Athol-street, Perlh." "JAMES PORTER. Case No. 81. Twenty years' liver complaint, with disorders of the stomach, bowels, and nerves, has been perfectly cured by Du Bsrry's health-restoring food. "ANDREW FRASER. Haddington, East Jothian." Case No. 3483. Twenty years' dyspepsia, in a patient 31 years of age, with the most distressing symptoms of flatulency, constipation, siok- ness at the stomach, acidity, and irritability, which nad resisted all medicines, has been entirely removed by Du Barry's health- restoring food. "SAMUEL BARLOW, Chemist. "Dartington." Case No. 3120. Two years diarrhoea, with all its attendant symptoms, has been removed by Du Barry's health-restoring food. Market-street, Leicester." "SAftfUEL LAXTON. Case .0.79. "Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex. Gentlemen,—The lady for whom I ordered your lood Is six months advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shortly after eating them, having a great deal of heartburn, and beini constantly obliged to resort to physic or the enema, and some- times to both. I am happy to inform you that your food pro- duced immediate relief. She has never been sick since, had but little heartburn, and the functions are more recular," &c. "THOMAS WOODHOU8B." Case No. 77. « n«,. q,_ T.. Louisa Terrace, Exmouth. Dear Sir,—1 beg to assure you tbat its beneficial effects have been duly appreciated by, dear sir, most respectfully, "THOMAS KING, Major-Genera)." Case No. 2821. "Dewsbery, Yorkshire. Gentlemen,—I am using your food with great success. Be- fore I commenced I could not take a meal ot any description but was sure to suffer great pain after it, from indigestion, 1 sup- pose but, thank God, I am much better. I have recommended your food to a great many of my fellow-sufferers, ALEX. CALDER, Sergeant Royal Sarpers an Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewabuiy. Case No. 710. Winslow, Bucks. t have found it to be a simple, though very efficacious and pleasant food, doing good to my own and others, functional dis- orders. t, ( Rey.) CHA RLES KERR." Case No. 72. "21, Queen's-terrace, Bayswater, London. °, Mr. Dampier will thank Messrs. Du Barry and Co. to send him another canister of their restorative food, it agreeing so well with his infant." (This infant was six days old when it com* menced living on the Arabica.) Case No. 926. "2, Princes-street, Manchester. Repected Friend,-I think no one who had received or seen so much good and comfort result from it as in my mother's ease, would be without it in sickness. Thou art at liberty to use this letter as thou thinkest best, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries. I am, thy friend, "EDWARD CORBETT, Sanitary Engineei." Case No. 2160. St. Saviout's, Leeds. For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable con- dition of health, having been subject during that period to most severe pains in the back, chest, and right and left sides, whiah produced vomiting almost daily Next to God, low* you a great debt ol gratitude. 1 have not had any sickness at the stomach since [ commenced your foed, &c., &c. I remain, Gentlemen, yours very truly, "(Rev.) THOS. MINSTER, of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire." Case No. 2871. "22, High-street, Ayr, Scotland. "Gentlemen,— I cervainly mun y»j jo« th» compliment of stating that you have not said more ih favour of jrour excellent food tbau it deserves. No A. WILSON." "Nuing VicSrage, near WalthanrCross, Herts. Having read bv accident an account of yoar Revalenta Arabica Food, I wa8 determined to try If it would do me only lialf the good others said they had derived from it j fori felt I should be well satisfied it such should prove the case, having for severs' years spent a great deal of money on physicians. Ac- cordingly I commenced eating it ihree times a day. When I first read what other people said about your food, I thought their letters mast be puns, but now I feel as though they had not said half enough in its praise. "ELIZABETH JACOBS.' Case No. 8,069. Peniance Dear Sirl-Several persons of high standing in this nei»h bourhood, who have been sufferine from nervous debilit* J incipient pulmonary confumption, have entirely recovero.l .• health and strength under tbe influence of your excelli-m n lenta Arabica Food. A little girl of mine, affecield with hdoping cough, accompanied by fever ot a low type, prodor>;n. °P,nR debility and exhaustion, has also much benefitted i. ex'renie which was the only thing she could retain on thp ^ou.r '°°d« which shortened the paroxysms of the cough. 8tom»ch, and A full report of important curcs of the ^^RNISII." a copious extract from 50,0<KI testimonial Ve comPl»ints. and highest lespectability, is sent gratis by lJu'tl '0m Part,e8 '^e plication. Important Caution Numcin ar,<* ^0"' 011 received from invalids, ol' their heahl i°S .Con'P'a's have been paired by spurious compounds ot i)P 'lnK ')een tearfully im- meal, palmed off upon them under ,^Se')s* I"dian and oat- a» Krvalenta, Arnbmn Revalenla os?'y similar osincs, such Du Barry have taken the troulil Powder, &c.; Messrs. pounds, and lind litem to b«> 1 °' analysing all these corn- utterly devoid ol all curativ > r,nlefs food to the healthy,b«t and irritating tendenev tl ,,rinclP,C8 «nd being of a flatulent ease, than oil to quench'i eV #re n° ^er adapted to cure dts- taiive impostors show u ? CODfl!>g'aiion. Nor can these imi- Arabtca has rrrpiv«,i.? 8,"S'e c»re, whilst Du Barry's Hevaleuia persons of hieti ret 16i flattering testimonials from 60,0'KJ lo this exlraor.l.n C'd lyinor is it an esaggeratio" to ascribe crease ol disca food a fair share in the great de- 20(1 deaths, perii ln<)r,a,"y in ,,le metropolis—a deciease of and°sfCani8,ers. with full instMictions, and beariogthe seal, en.1, R?Ulre of Du Barrv and Co. ( without winch i.one can be RC"J»nc), weighing ] lb. at 2s. 9d. 2 lbs. at 4s. 6d., 5 lbs. ? '2 lbs. at 22s.; super refined quality, 10 lbs, at 33s.- o. at 22s. 1 )u Barry and L'o., 127, New Bond-street, l*>ndon • also ol Kortnum, Mason, and Ce Purveyors lo l.er Majesty! 'he Hedges and JJutler; Barclay; Sterry, Sterry, and C°-; l-vans, Leaoher. and Co.: Kdwards Rumsey Sutton Newherry danger; Hannay ;and through all respectable grocers' chemists, medicine veodors, and booksellers in the kiuednm DU BARRV'S PULMONIC BoN BONS A nice, safe, and efffettufll remedy fbt fcOMghgiCnfd astlmnn nnd VII ttflecllohs pHIib Ittntl««flW C* tl likCfe fl?»l flM if, 4 V t