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NEWPORT TOWN COUNCIL MEETING. 1 A special meeting of the Town Council was convened on Friday last, tor the purpose of receiving the resignation of Mr. E V, Jcn- OF ;UL,HTOR; T0 APPOINT a committee under the Public Health Act; and to affix the corporate seal to the con!acts lor the survey ot the town, the supply of lamp posts, lamps &C. lhe following gentlemen were present :-The Mayor, presiding, and Messrs. Edwards, Hughes, TOWN send, James Davies, Kdward Thomas, Stephen Iggulden, William Evans, Thomas Turner, T. I\ Lewis, and J. N. Knapp. The Town Clerk read the letter conveying the resignation of Mr. Jenkins, and expressing the readiness of that gentleman to pay tho ten pounds fine for such resignation. A general discussion ensued, but more conversational than other- wise. Several speakers advocated excusing payment of the nno and a case was cited, occurring previously to 1845, wheu a coun- cillor resigned, but was not compelled to pay a penalty for doing so. To this, the Town Clerk replied, by quoting the G and 7 Wm. 4, cap. 104, which directed that as no provision was made in the act tor resigning any corporate office on payment of a fine or otherwise' every person elected to any corporate office in the borough, might at any time resign such office, on payment of the fine which he would have been liable to pay for non-acceptance of the same office The Municipal Act, O and 0 Wm. 4, cap. 76, sees 51 and 90 ordered that the council should have power to make a bye-law, asscssing a fine for non-acceptance of the olflcc of MAYOR' AT NOT acceding one audi P UMLS; :LN<L DO'I-G'PTANEE by aldermen, councillors, WERPTJ 0I' TSRN01TI F- NOT "CC']LNS ««}' pounds. The bye-laws SI10™6 LL- *I°' ? PRESENT WASTHC case of resig- na on of office since that period. From these grounds, the Town „ W ,TLLECOFAL T0 DMV LHE IM>P«' conclusion, that tho vacated 1 TY WAS UCCES"AIT' BEFORE THE OLTICC COULJ B« Much conversation cnsue(V some members contending that the < could not be contravened, and that the penalty must be paid the OUT!1 P LSL.NS ^R- Jenkins, however, to pay it under protest; and TN 1 1S 'I '"1111' T'L(! appointment of Mr. Jenkins as auditor, (said FNRI^VT "AI concocted for the purpose of preventing his coming v ^01IR 01 '1VC °THUL" gentlemen, also put into office last AS 11 S°°<1 scheme, at the bottom of which, Mr. Townsend mated, was the Town Clerk. ten >US JUK''T MR. E. V. Jenkins forward, who, after paying thc IIOSI!°UL1' said he did so from no improper ambition to TOWIFRM^T0 OUOURS' "but to defeat thc insidious attempt of the IFT™. ,!> -° deprive him of his elcclion as a Town Councillor, A™R a late contest." lhe Town Clerk said there WAS nothing irregular on that oeca- slOn:-the proeeedings were all open—the meeting was convened by si II N*I ? AS RC(LU'RC(l by the act, and affixed to the hall door, iiein R niayor and two aldermen, one of whom (Mr Hughes) g now present, could corroborate him in saying, nothing illegal ther PROL'?R HAFL ,JML DONE 0,1 THE occasion. Mr. Woollett then LOWINSCUT for the voting rapers, BY which it appeared that the fol- owing persons voted tor those opposite their respective names .— JAHEJ; Haime, Church-street, for John Phillpotts, solicitor. Charlf* Parfitt, Dock Parade, for Thomas Latch, merchant. 4 nomas Woollett, Oommercial-st., for T. J.Evans, accountant. Johu Hyndinan, Cross-street, for E. V. Jenkins, druggist. 4. J. Evaus, Cardiff road, for John Davies, grocer. Charles Parfitt, Dock Parade, for Henry Sheppard, grocer. i,'FYD'NAN, Cross-street, for Stephen Campbell, agent. >V. Phillips, Comniercial-st, for W.Williams, timber merchant. Mr Jenkins said he could prove that those lists were all filled CL' a-11- PHTCED in the hands of the gentlemen voting, by thc Town MIVVF' LN.S*JEA^ calling ou the meeting to select what parties they MI?HT wish to vote for. 1 } I'ECEIVCDCS^NA^0N :UU' ^'1C ^CN L)0UILT^ °F Mr. Jenkins having been BRIN.VI^F^.11^ gave .N°TICE of a motion which he said he should Town FA 01I° COULU'il> IN reference to the proceedings of tho A I M this matter. "■<ird TRFFKCON^°5SATI°N, very desultorily carried on, ensued with re- others W V° P°,NT,RACT F01^ the survey of the town, which contract, and they WERE^'LL (LULY1! A'0U1ILE'' LU°cting on Tuesday, when aPPointed,heCmeeU^ of the whole council having been the separated. ELECTION OF A COUNCILLOR. and TNII" 1\11', Alderman Hughes. with Mr Davies auu AH. Sheppard, assessors, sat in the west ward to receive votes for an election to fill the vacancy occasioned by the elevation (V Council or Townsend to the rant of aldermam MR E V j, NKMT" diuggist, was thc only candidate in thc field for FLU seat Just after the first vote had been recorded an onnosit VACA started, which, however, was presently withdrawn, and Mr T™kins was declared duly electcd; immediately after which, he took £ oaths, and qualified. K