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GLAMORGANSHIRE. CARDIFF. POSTPONEMENT OF THE ASSIZES.—In consequence of a communication from Mr. Baron Piatt, one of the judges assigned to hold the assizes for the county of Glamorgan, at Cardiff, on the llthdayof July instant, the high-sheriff has given notice, thai the time for holding the assizes is postponed to .Monday, August !3th. ACCIDENT.—On Saturday last, a labourer named Robert Ingram, on the South Wales railway, had his leg crushed by the balUst waggons. The sufferer was taken to the Infirmary, when amputation was deemed expedient, and the poor lellow is doing as well as can be expected, CUSTOMS OUDEU.—We understand that the Board of Customs has issued an order to ail bonded keepers, that in future only half the usual allowance of spirits and tobacco will be allowed to vessels bound lor foreign parts. COROXEIÙ; INQCEST.—An inquest was held on Wednesday last, before L. Reece, Esq., coroner, on the body of the infant child of Mr. T. B. Smart, Bute docks, shipping agent, who was supposed to have died of cholera. The inquest was adjourned till this evening. COUNTY RATE.—We are glad to notice that the county rate for Glamorganshire is but one farthing in the pound, for the ensuing quarter. SINGULAR CIRCUMSTANCE.— As Mr. James Lucas, fish- monger, was drawing his net one day last week, he was sur- prised on finding a fine sewin, with its head almost eaten off by an immense congei eel, which was captured at the same time Mr. Lucas says he has no recollection of a similar circumstance. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT.-Thomas Webster Ramell, Esq., one of the inspectors appointed for the purposes of this act, con- cluded his enquiry, as to the sanatory condition of this town, on Tuesday last; he has been most assiduous in his duties trom the commencement of the investigation. He visited several parts of the town and judged for himself how far and where conveniences, drainage, &c., were indispensable for the increasing population of Cardiff. The evidence produced at the enquiry WWI so cogent thE t no person really acquainted with the locality could for one moment weaken the case made out; ana even the opposite party, if we may be allowed to make the dis- tinctive expression, begin to feel that something must be done. We hail this as a good omen, and sincerely hope that all party differences will tor ever subside on this sublet,—"Salm popiili suprema lex,and that each will lend a helping hand to place the town, as soon as possible, under the provisions of the above act. Mr. Nicholl, M P., for Cardiff, has liberally presented ten guineas in aid of the Welsh Meeting-house fund. The foun- dation has been prepared for this building and in a short time the work will be commenced. The site is pleasantly situated in front of Nelson-terrace. CARDIFF FAIR —This fair, last week, afforded another proof of the general depression that prevails. Many anxious agricul- turists who had hoped to realise a little money by the sale of s:ock, were doomed to bitter disappointment. Complaints were made by those who had sheep for sale, of want of proper accommodation. FATAL ACCIDENT.—An inquest was held at the Town Hall on Monde;j last, before R. L. Reece, Esq., coroner, on the body cf James Monit, who met his death on Monday last by the wheel of an omnibus going over his neck. He was killed on the spot. 1he Jury retuêned a verdict of Accidental Death. The deceased was a member of the. Odd Fellows, and has left a wife and two cmldrea to mourn his loss. CHOLERA. Iteport of caces from Thursday, July 5th, to Thursday, July 12th, 9 0 clock yesterday, one week inclusive:— IN c-v cases .30 Deaths # # ..18 Recoveries .19 Report of total number of cases from 20th of May, to Thurs- day, Jnly 1-th, Yesterday cases" 341 Heaths .186 Recovered 145 Undcrtreat.ment 12 1 ne Board of Health still continue their sittings, and are using energetic measures to cleanse the ho'jsei where cholera has appear^ as well as to rerrove all existing nuisances. BALLOON ASCENT. APPREHENDED LOSS OF THE AEnoxAUT!-On Monday last, according to previous announcement, the above ascent took place iu a field adjoining the theatre. Long before the time specified, a vast concourse of persons had assembled together, and the streets were lined with spectators. Within the enclo- sure, where the b.dloon was in course of inflation by gas, sup- plied from the gas w orks, a comiderable number of well dressed persons availed themselves of the opportunity of viewing the neatly constructed car and other appendages affixed to the a_*riel monster, f he day was splendid for the exhibition, and the Cardiff amateur band did there best to enliven the proceedings, giving general satisfaction. At seven o'clock, the aronaut, Mr. Richard Green, entered the car, taking with htm a living cat in a parachuLe Excitement was now at its height, and in a few moments after, the balloon, with its living freight, ascended most majestically, amidst the cheers of the spectators. It took the direction of the Channel, and when at r. stupendous height, poor puss was let down in the parachute; the effect was mOot striking, and an amusing inddentoccurred just as the parachute was alighting near the reservoir at the Bute docks. Several sailors took a start in order to secure the cat, and two of them actually swam across the feeder, and outstript the rest, -one of these men after a scramble had the cat safe and sound; the man was offered lns. for his prize, but would not take double that sum. A splendid display of fireworks took place in the evening, which was well attended, and we believe the ex- hibition altogether turned out well for the proprietor Mr. W. Wadham, of Bristol. MERLIN OFFICE, THURSDAY EVENING. We understand that great anxiety has been felt regarding the safety of the Aeronaut, (a relation of the veteran Green,) who on Monday last ascended in a balloon from Cardiff, with the view of crossing the Bristol Channel; and such anxiety has been considerably heightened by information conveyed in a letter written on the 11,h by a gentlemen residing at VVedmore, near Wells, Somerset, to his friend at Newport; from which letter v. e are obligingly permitted to make the following extracts Ye^terGay morning, about two or o'clocki an aiir balloon was found by Mr. Salmon surgeon, residing here, in Godnev Moor he has brought it to Wedmore, and I having just heard that one was seen over the channel, opposite Cardiff, or New- port; and thinking it proba bl; it might have come from your side, I drop you this to apprise you of it. A coat, neck tie pair of boots, and handkerchief, were found in it, all of which were net; which leads to the supposition that it must have pitched in the Channel, and the person or persons in it must have attempted to swim ashore. You may perhaps be able to r-ive such information as may direct the owner to discover his lost property." MERTHYR. PROGRESS OF THE CflOLEllA. The greatest exertions con- tinue to be made to arrest the progress of the cholera by the volunteer visitors, acting under the dictates of benevolence and chanty, and reporting cases of destitution, which are imme- diately attended to by the relieving officers — by the paid visitors, who act under the medical men,-by a night disjen sary, under the superintendence of Job James, Esq surgeon ~dtod-clotherto' the needv 0U: A81"5', a ±0 distfute' j hai taken nlare ,k Sreat decrease of cases and f «;fe'retTo !^P ,v lhc5'"d of last week, but on Mon- The following is thV official re^lcourge was virulent, MENR;,N0ICASES'TUESDA> Total up to 10 o'clock, A.M. yesterday .1055 *cw cases'DopXi° A-M- 19: 9 Total from commencement up to 10 A M yesterday New cases, up to 10 A M., to-day.° G Total r— 463 NEATH, &c. This dreadful scourge is again raging in this town and bourhood. F°r l^e eh ending Monday last there were — 'ir i,ru' Cadoxton 10 4 TAIBACH,&c. We regret to state that the progress of the cholera, as far as Jaibach, Abcravon, and Cwmavon are concerned has bv nn means decreased. A large number of fresh cases of the most malignant Asiatic cholera have occurred within the last two f,r.tnree dr> s- A great proportion of the cases have terminated ■ tally. Among the victims are many well known inhabitants the district. We regret to state that Mr. Joseph, a respect- e.')J?,vision merchant of Taibach, expired this mornin» after a brief illness. We likewise exceedingly regret to state t £ the :T"t<;har<1 and the one or two other medical gentlemen of their ng urhood- have been Precluded from attending to over f'°'e.ssioilal duties, some from exhaustion arising from cholera vi"' others from symptoms resembling those of e sincerely trust that the exertions made in a lence of the'wa/d*^ ^aV8 ei^ect re^us^E8 tbe viru-

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