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p OTyTTrrooit. CALIFORNIAN GOLD.—There has been much interest felt in this town for some days past, in the return of an intelligent and enterprising master in the' merchant navy of Liverpool, Captain George Luce, a native of this place, from the golden region of California, with lumps of the precious metal in his pockets, as large as two-ounce weights; and a fund of inform- ation about that El Dorado on the banks of the Sacramento, as attractive and alluring as arc the wondrous tales of the Arabian Entertainments. Mr. Luce is commander of the Teepic, the arrival of which vessel at Liverpool, lately, with the first great freight of gold at that port, was noticed in the MERLIN at the time and we understand that so thoroughly satisfied is he of the overflowing abundance of the precious metal in California—which he says can scarcely be over-stated —that he intends sailing thither again shortly. Captain Luce first started on his seafaring life, a few years sinee;ffrom the port of Newport. May success attend him FAIR.—Our fair last week was one of the heaviest we have known here for a considerable period. Prices were low, and but a small amount of business was done. POLICE. We are pleased to find the morals of the lower classes in this neighbourhood somewhat improving, as has been exhibited in the decrease of cases at our police court on several recent days of magisterial business. CHOLERA.—Since the commencement of this disease in Pontypool, and up to Wednesday, there have been twenty- two cases, and fourteen deaths. It is gratifying to state that the progress of the disease seems somewhat arrested, a Board of Health, aided most zealously by Mr. Probert and other medical men, having made great efforts in the right direction. Still, there is much to do-scores of nuisances to remove—a mass of prejudices against thorough ventilation, cleanliness, and even healthy ablutions, to set aside. We hope the Board will not relax in its endeavours to improve the public health. DONE FOR.—There is a rumour current in Pontvpool. that a worthy grocer 01 the neighbourhood has just returned from Liverpool, to which place lie had pursued a deceiving debtor, who there cunningly contrived to ease his too-confiding dupe of a few pounds, and send him home, like one of theheroes of Byron-" a wiser but a sadder man." The secret of the double "do," the victim has been unable to keep within his own bosom but though it is public property in Pontypool, we do not wish to give it still greater publicity. A PROMISING YOUNG STEEPLE CHASER'—AS a colt, but two hours foaled, with the blood and lire of "Ganer" in him, belonging to Mr. Samuel Probyn, of this town, was frisking about in the neighbourhood of his maternal parent recently, and even in the short space of time lie was enjoying this ter- restrial scene, an accident occurred, and down the bright young animal slipped over a bank, into a quarry, and in the twinkling of an eye reached the bottom. The extraordinary leap young Gaper thus had taken, was observed by Mr. Pro- bert, who, with a friend, hastened down into the'quarry to look at what they considered would be but a mass of young bones, and tender dog's meat. What was their wonderment, however, on looking at the poor vouug innocent, and ticKlicg his ribs a bit, to find him still alive and in a few moments, the scjon of Gaper was 011 his four pins once more, neighing to the anxious mother, looking down with horror into the quarry. In a few moments, the resuscitated youngster was again capering and frisking by the side of tbe mare. AWFUL DEATH.—Last Savurday night an awful occurrence took place at Harper's pit, Cvvmuantdee. near this town. A collier named James Dando, who had a wife and large family, wanted to ascend from his work in the pit stated, and com- municated his wish to the person at the top. who lowered the apparatus, which was already nearer the bottom than was kno-.vn, and the consequence was the sudden crushing of poor Dando—who had not removed on one side quickly enough- into a lifeless mass. An inquest was held on the body by Mr. Hughes and a respectable jury, when a verdict of" accidental death" was returned. SALEM CHAPEL.-TIHS chapel, built by the Primitive Me- thodists, was opened for divine service on Sunday last. The services connected with the opening were as follow At six in the morning, an interesting and well-attended prayer- rneetmg was held in the chapel, and those assembled, found it good to be there. At twenty minutes alter ten, a proces- sion was formed at the top oi' George-street, headed by the ministers of the circuit, and several local preachers. The procession halted at the Cross, and the Rev. J. Preston gave a short address. It then proceeded to the chapel, where the Hev. Thomas Hobson, of Bath, preached a most appropriate sermon from Psalm 27, 4th verse, One thing have I desired ot the Lord, that will I seek after-that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple." The ser- mon was listened to with intense interest. At half-past two, the Rev. J. Preston, who is about leaving the circuit, deli- vered his farewell sermon Irom the 1st chapter of Philippians. 27th verse. At six o'clock, the Rev. T. Hobson preached again from the 1st Corinthians, chapter 13, verse 1;). On each occasion, the chapel was densely crowded, and manv were unable to gain access. The Rev. J. White preached'in the open air twice. Mr. Hobson preached again on Mondav eve- ning, with great effect. The collections amounted to ±22. 8s. The connexion has been established here twenty years, and though long contending with difficulties, have now as con- venient a chapel as any sect in the neighbourhood, which will comfortably seat about 250 persons. Mr. J. F. Williams was the architect, and Mr. Walker, the builder. The trustees express themselves greatly indebted to Mr. Williams, who kindly gave them the plans and specifications, and was ready at all times to render assistance, for which, together with the kindness and generosity he has shown them during the pro- gress of the work, they feel bound and pleased to make this public acknowledgment.







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