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LOCAL ISTELLieUSCE. NEWPORT CATTLE MARKET.—There was but a small supply at our market on Wednesday, and prices ruled a shade lower. We noticed a fair lot of beasts, brought from Bristol, by Mr. Collett, and a good pen or two of sheep from Somer- setshire, on offer by Mr. Robert Duckham. Beef fetched from 5(1. to 5jd per lb.; veal, from 5d. to 6d.; mutton, from Gd. to aid.; lamb, 6d. to did. Porkers were in small request. NEW STEAMER.—The Bristol Navigation Company's new steam passage boat, the Dart, has made her appearance 011 the station, and as far as model and symmetry go, has been admired as one of the most beautiful specimens ot a river boat ever seen on the surface of the Usk, but it is said that her sailing powers are not yet up to the mark—that a craft of such excellent build was expected to do the voyage in better style. Improvements, it is said, will be easily accomplished, and that then she will go ahead like winking." PLEASURE TRIP.—On Monday morning, the "Eclipse" steamer conveyed a large public party from the dock gates to the Flat Holms, where a pleasant day was spent on the sunny J isle of the Severn. All were pleased with the civility of the I captain and crew, and returned delighted with their excursion, [ and not a few were found to exhibit their sunburnt cheeks, as | an evidence of the standing out a scorch. Two other bands 1 of holiday folks, one from Bristol, and the other from Cardiff, « were visiting the Holms at the same time. We perceive, by >. advertisement in this day's paper, that the Eclipse will { shortly make a pleasure trip to the delightful watering-place of Weston-super-Mare. CRICKET.—During the week, the corporation grounds have presented an animated appearance, the members of the renowned old club having appeared, like giants refreshed, again in the tented field, while 011 the same extensive ground, the members of the new club are making wonderful progress. Numerous spectators attest the interest they take in the manly gamo. Music.— e understand that Mr. Page, professor of music, has kindly offered the committee of the Newport Athenceum and Mechanics' Institute, to deliver two lectures on music, in the course of the ensuing month. MUSICAL PROFICIENCY.—We are gratified to notice in the London papers of Wednesday, a critique on the musical talent of Miss Rachel Evans, youngest sister of Mr. David Evans, professor of music, of this town. The article states, that at the fourth concert of the Royal Academy of Music, in the Hanover Rooms, London, Miss Evans, a pupil of the academy, played a solo on the piano, in the second part, and in her performance of it, exhibited fine style and good articulation in Hammell's concerto in E.: winning, it may be said, more than ordinary applause." We understand, also, that Miss Evans received high commendation from her teach- er, Mrs. Anderson, who had been the musical preceptress of her Majesty; and that the congratulations given her by that lady were of the most flattering' description. It is very pleasing to find native talent thus exhibit itself, and receiving deserved approbation. NEWPORT RACES.—It is expected that the particulars of the forthcoming Newport races, will be published in a few days, when the bill of fare is likely to meet the wishes of those who intend to enter their high-mettled racers on the banks of the Usk. The subscription list is said to be taken in hand with spirit. I BARLEY.—A friend has obligingly sent to our office (where it shall remain for inspection for some days), one of the finest specimens we ever witnessed, of the black and the common barley. APPOINTMENT—Sergeant Huxtable, of the Newport police force, has received the appointment of superintendent of the new force which the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company are about to establish, in connexion with the West- ern Valleys and the Newport and Pontypool lines. While this appointment is a matter of regret to the inhabitants of the borough, as they thus lose the services and great efficiency ot Mr. Huxtable as an officer, well proved by nine years' valuable services, yet there exists a measure of satisfaction, and we believe the feeling is general, that this meritorious officer should obtain such an excellent promotion; so well calculated as he is to fulfil its onerous duties, with credit to himself, and justice to the company. We understand, that Mr. Huxtable was enabled to lay'the highest testimonials before the committee of the railway compauv.-On Tuesday evening last, lie was permitted by'the Watch Committee to resign without the usual notice; and liirh encomiums w ere passed upon his services, by that body. The men of the borough force have presented their late sergeant with a token of their esteem, a very handsomely-chased and massive silver pencil-case, which bears an appropriate Inscription and we hear that the gentry and tradesmen of the town are subscri- bing to some kind of testimonial in appreciation of the zeal with which he has assisted in watching over the property of the town, during the past nine years. CeRE FOR DIARRHOJA.—A rev. gentleman of this town, who has unquestionably proved the immediate efficacy of what lie recommends, informs us that a tumbler of water, with one teaspoont'ul of salt and half a spoonful of pepper, mixed, will, if taken when diarrhoea begins to be rather alarming, cause an almost immediate beneficial effect. He has tried it himself, and has known others try it, and in no case found it ineffectual in arresting the disorder. So simple a remedy, which, too, is always at hand in every house, should be generally known. Of course, full reliance on the merits of this mixture should be encouraged. Send for the doctor as soon as you become poorly," and, no doubt, lie will be as pleased as his patient to find so simple a remedy had operated favourably. ODDFELLOWS' ANNIVERSARIES —Three of the lodges 1 of the numerous and important order of Oddfellows of this locality, raiiiely-tlie Trefdyth Castle, the Prince of Wales, and the Rock of Hope, celebrated their opening days, at their respective chib-nousos, 011 Mondav last, and, without doubt, went through the varied mirthful scenes right joyously. Anniversaries are extraordinary occasions when members of benefit societies, who are generally toilsome and mdus-nous men, calculate upon a day s festivity. Great preparations are generally made to celebrate the event, in what the brother- hood consider a becoming manner—that is, so far as £ c"a?-rs OddfeHowship, at least, by an extra expenditure for the purchase of sashes, stars, ribbons, aprons, &c., &c., and tor the purchase or borrowing ot regalia, as well as that great SJ;:C qua non at an anniversary, a band of music. AlthoNo'1 J these fine tilings come not necessarily within the purport and practice of the principles oi Oddfellowship, yet, Per!laP?' should not be philosophically criticised as the annual ebulli- tion of a festive feeling. The spectacle was certainly capital, on Monday last, when the three lodges named, formed a procession, and paraded the town. First marched our two police sergeants, Messrs. Harlow and Hill, wearing the deco- rations ofthei-i lodge office, and also carrving shields and I drawn swords, emblematical of their determination to "keep the peace." Then followed a splendid banner supported by two brothers, in a most energetic manner, it be'iiihot work these dog-days. Upon this widely-spreading banner were painted the usual descriptive and allegorical groupings, which represent the philanthropic features of the order. Then came a truly excellent band of music, engaged expressly for the occasion, from Bristol, and led by an accomplished master Mr. Maby, trumpet-major" of the Duke of Beaufort. After these, followed the brotherhood, forming, for the nonce, one triune lodge—three in one. The first ot these was the Prince I of Wales lodge, whose weli-decorated dispensation" ornamented the body. The Trefdyth Castle lodge followed and the Rock of Hope brought up the rear. Among these lodges, the silver insignia of the order glittered and sparkled ¡ most attractively, accompanied by devices, swords, mace: &c., '¡" sufficient to form a goodly lord mayor's show. This gay procession—accompanied by great crowds, and gazed on from I ranges of well-filled windows—paraded the town, their lively music and martial tramp spreading mirth and joyousne.ss through the streets. In due time for service, the procession halted at St. Paul's church, where, having taken their seats, the brothers, in close array, heard an appropriate discourse, delivered by the ilev. Henry Wybrow, from the text,"Lovest I thou me t; The service being concluded, the procession resumed their ranks, and the brothers marched through the town again; ultimately proceeding in divisions to their respective lodges. The Trefdyth Castle, finding ther march provocative of a strong desire for a capital dinner, found such ready spread on a long table at the rear of their lodge-house, the Crown Hotel; and we need not say that justice was done to the capital catering of host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkius, on the occasion. Dinner being ended, tbe brothers went to their lodge-room, where Mr. YY YV. Morgan, surgeon, presided, and Mr. Francis, an officer of the order, officiated as vice-president. The Prince of Wales brothers enjoyed them- selves in equal good-humour and good appetite, at their lodge- house, tbe George and Dragon, Pentonville, where Mr. T. F. Wade presided, and Mr. Hill occupied the vice-chair. The Rock ot Hope enjoyed their dinner at the King's Arms, Pill- gwcully, and Mr. William Allen, of the Loyal Victoria and Prince Albert Lodge, Blaenavon, there presided; Mr. Henry Milsom occupying the vice-chair. At each of the gatherings, due loyalty and a full share of" brotherly love" were exhibi- ted, and after a proper enjoyment of the creature comforts" abundantly set forth, song and sentiment formed a pleasing variety to the substantial courses. It will be proper, in this brief notice of these festivities, to state, that the mother lodge," the Temple of Peace, meeting at the Old Bush Inn, did not participate in the pleasures of her offspring, on tins °CANNIVERSARY AT BASSALLEO.—On Monday last, the lodge of Oddfellows, meeting at Host Irwin s, Bassalleg, brated their anniversary and enjoyed it, too, inJ,00a y A paragraph was kindly forwarded us, eonta. ^10t particulars of this anniversary, for which we c TRUE IVORITES.—The Ifor Hael Lodge of J'Vj^Yo^the assembled at the Old Bush Inn, on Tuesday last, top iuc number of sixtv, and enjoyed their annual than usual spirit and hilarity. Mr. James i>avies, currier, presided; and Mr. W. W. Morgan, surgeon, filled the vice- chair. Lectures and poetry in Welsh and English were delivered by Messrs. Morgan, and Davies, Newport; Jones, St. Mellons; J. and A. Jones, Gellygroes, and others, in behalf of the society. The interesting proceedings closed at a proper hour. TRINITY INDEPENDENT CKAPEL, PILLGWENLLY.—On Sunday last, three sermons were delivered in aid of the Sabbath School connected with this place of worship that in the morning, by the Rev. John Thomas, the minister of the chapel; in the afternoon, by Mr. John Orphan (YVesleyan), Mr. Bovan kindly assisting in the service; and in the even- ing, by Mr. William Allen, superintendent of the school. The hymns were read by Mr. Bowman. A statement of the present position of the school was read, and it appeared that its numbers have increased since the commencement of the present year, from under twenty, to one hundred and thirty, and that more children are waiting to bo admitted. The collections were liberal, HEALTH OF THE TOWN.—Since our last, there have been I three fatal cases of cholera, with some others of a milder character, which soon yielded to medical treatment. A most active member of the sanatory board, and a medical gentleman of extensive practice, were, in the early part of the week, seized with serious illness, and much public sympathy, and, indeed, alarm, were consequently excited, but we are happy in being enabled to state that both gentlemen are now rapidly recovering their usual good health. The domiciliary visits are constantly paid to the poor, and the corps of health continue to carry on a steady war against filthy habits, care- lessness, and the other hereditary causes of cholera. WESLEYAN OPEN AIR TEA MEETING.—This interesting gathering took place in a pleasant field at Bassaleg, on Wed- L nesday last, when sumptuous fare, pleasing music and singing, and interesting addresses, contributed to render the festivity entertaining and profitable. YVc have no doubt that the benevolent object, for which the meeting was projected, has been materially assisted by the enterprise. ROBBERY.—Last night, the office at Mr. Fothergill's Iron works, near Caerleon, was broken open, and E50, in notes and gold, carried off by the burglars. CAERLEON ANTIQUARIAN ASSOCIATION.—In our fourth page we present our readers with a report of the very inte- resting proceedings which took place at the annual meeting of the above association. The classical scholar, the man of taste, and the antiquarian, will read with pleasure the papers then brought forward, and w ill anticipate with sanguin ex- pectation tne future discoveries and ingenious disquisitions of the society. CHOLERA IN CAERLEON. — Only one decided case has occurred here during the last week, but that one was of a most malignant character. No medical assistance was applied for, until the sufferer was breathing his last. The crowded sta«,e of the apartment in which the patient died, had pre- vious,y attiacted the notice ot the sanatory committee, the bieathing space for each individual being less than 50 cubic feet. he wai mugs anil threats ot those employed in sur- veying these crowded habitations,were resolutely disregarded and what had been anticipated so long, took place. Ateleven o'clock at night the patient returned from his work at Lis- werry, vomiting and purging. Shortly after four o'clock next morning, lie had breathed his last, leaving a widow, and an infant fifteen days old. Next week, we purpose giving a list of cases from the commencement, with their duratioii. ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday, the Usk and Newport van, while returning from the latter place, met with an accident which at first was feared to have been attended by serious results. While coming down the hill near St. Julian's inn, one of the wheels came off, and Mr. Davies, the driver, was thrown from his seat, but, fortunately, out of the way of the other wheels. The horse started off uncontrolled, but was stopped before further damage, the passengers having prudently kept their seats. Mr. Davies was much bruised, and required a little attention at Caerleon after which, lie proceeded again on his way. The poor man has since died. PIC NIC PARTY AT GOLDCLIFF. — A very charming assemblage of this nature, took place for a praiseworthy object, which sanctified the mirth—namely, the means of instruction for the poor, at Coldclin—last evening. The undertaking was adopted by those who generally and deservedly succeed in such matters—the ladies and every- thing passed off with hilarity. The refreshing channel breezes, gratefully tempered the glorious summer weather, and,the refreshments were worthy of a tea-party on Mount Olympus.






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