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CORNELIUS EVANS, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, AND ESTATE AND HOUSE AGENT, GRRAT DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT, BEGS to intimate to the gentry and the public, that actuated bv the suggestions, and encouraged by the kmd promises of support, of men of business, and influential parties, Com- mercial and Agricultural, to whom he has been long and well known, he has- taken out a License as an Auctioneer, Appraiser, &c. The advertiser mav hope. without incurring the charge of presumption, that a residence in Newport of upwards of tmr y- three years a personal acquaintance with mcst of the trades- men and other inhabitants of long standing in the place and a general knowledge of its local interests, will entitle him to a fair share of the support and business patronage of nii e ow- townsmen and residents in the neighbourhood, a continuance of whose favors it will be his anxious care to merit, by a zealous and persevering attention to his duties, and undeviaUng and scrupulous honor as regards his transactions. Ail sale accounts promptly settled. Newport, July 5th, 1849. HENRY GREGORY, CAMBRIAN BREWERY, BANES WELL ROAD, NEWPORT, Brewer, Dealer in Irish Porter, Cider, Malt, Hops, and Grain, IN returning thanks to his friends and the public generally' I. for the favours conferred on him during many past years' begs to announce that he has removed his business to the above premises, and from the facilities he now possesses for extend- in:; his trade, and his determination to supply articles of first- rate quality, he trusts will, with his assiduity and attention to their commands, merit a continuance of their patronage. „% A Traveller Wanted. GUANO, OF the best and purest quality, imported direct from Peru. Sold, warranted genuine, by PHILLIPS and GETHING, Iron and Oil Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Newport, Monmouthshire. LAW. WTTANTED, by the Advertiser, a situation. He has been TT engaged in the profession since 1834. Application to be made to A. B Mr. LODER'S, Stationer, Post Office, Newport, Monmouthshire. WANTED. A STEADY, active, industrious, YOUNG MAN, as an Assistant in the Grocery and Drapery Business. He must be well acquainted with the Drapery business. Application to be made to Mr. RICHARD BR OWN Abersychan Iron Works. EXCURSION TO WESTON-SUPER-MARE. rpHE Steamer "ECLIPSE" will proceed (weather per- 1 mstting) with passengers to WESTON-SUPER-MARE, on MoxDAY. the 23rd instant, and return the same evening. Particulars will be advertised next week. 13th July, 1849. MONMOUTHSHIRE TO WIT. AT the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, held at Usx, on MONDAT, the 2nd day of JulT, 1849, the fol- lowing dexands were ordered to be paid. JE. s. d. Mr. William Gething. for way leave on hauling stone 0 11 8 Mr. John Phillips, for painting half the iron work ofChepstow Bridge 24 0 0 Davrd Roberts, for work at Monmouth Bridge. 6 10 8 Thomas Thomas, for ditto, at Lanvihangel Cru- corney and PandyBridges 14 0 3 William Rosser, for ditto at Chepstow Bridge 0 14 0 Samuel Beach, for repairs to County-hall. 4 3 7 John Watkins, for work at Hhydy Blew Bridge.. 0 2 0 Samuel Lucas, tor ditto at Usk Bridge 2 7 6 Edward Morgan, for ditto at (Jaerleon Bridge. 0 10 0 Trustees of Newport Roads, for repairs to Rum- ney and Gwasted Bridges 14 16 8 For fhe support of Joseph Warwick, a criminal lunatic, thirteen weeks 7 16 0 Monmouthshire MERLIN account for advertising 19 15 6 Monmouthshire Beacon, account for advertising.. 19 9 0 Mr. William Gething, for raising stones 8 15 0 Mr. Barrett, for a quarter's expenditure of the county gaol 412 10 31 J. Hawkins, for work done at the county. gaol. 0 10 6 Mr. James Boalton, a quarter's salary, as surgeon of house of correction. 20 0 0 The Rev. Kenvon Homfray, chaplrin ditto 50 0 0 Air. Graham, a year's salary and disbursements as inspector of weights and measures 26 11 11 Mr. Morgan Evans. for printing and stationery.. 4 4 0 Mr. Merrett, a quarter's expenditure of the house of correction 473 7 7 William Kees, for work done at Dowlais bridge.. 1 8 0 Mr. B. M. Bradford, coroner, a. quarter's account 5 4 5 Mr. Thomas Phillips, for maintenance of Ruth Williams, a pauper lunatic 13 00 NetYport Union, expenses incurred on behalf of Ruth Williams, a pauper lunatic. 9 7 10 Mr. William Brewer, coroner, a quarter's account 71 11 5 Mr. William Brewer, Jun., deputy coroner, a quarter's account 29 19 2 Mr. Thomas Hughes, coroner, a quarter's account 146 13 0 For alterations and improvements in the county gaol 188 0 0 R. Lane, hall-keeper, Monmouth, half a year's account 13 10 0 CHARLES PROTHERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 11th July, 1849' MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY AND CANAL. CONTRACTS FOR COKE. THE Committee of the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Jt. Company, are prepared to receive Tenders for the supply of Screened Coke for Locomotive Engines, for Six Months, from the 1st of ACGCST next. The quantity of coke required will be from 100 to 130 tons weekly, and must be delivered in sacks, containing one cwt. each. at the Company's Depot, at Newport. The tenders to specify the description and name of the bed of coal from which the coke is proposed to be made. Terms of payment, cash monthly. The tenders must be sent in on or before the 19th day of JULY instant; they will be taken into consideration the day following, and parties whose tenders are entertained, will then receive notice to furnish samples, of five tons each, at such times as may be fixed by the directors, not later than the 29th of July next. By Otder, Newport, Monmouthshire, R. RUSCOE, Chief Clerk. July 7th, 1849. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. FOR BOSTON, Now in the Newport Dock. and to Sail direct from thence, THE fine, first-class, British Ship "BROTHERS." Jt 400 Tons burthen, Lawrence English, Commander, will Sail on or about the 20th instant, (wind and weather permitting.) This vessel has most excellent accommodation for passengers, her 'twe?n decis being of great height, and otherwise most comfortably fitted up, the greatest regard being paid to the health of all on board. At only a Ivery limited number will he taken, immediate application to secure berths is absolutely necessary. Apply to the Commander on board, EDWARDS, ROGERS, and Co., Ship Brokers, Newport, and EDWARDS, ROGERS, and CALDFR, Ship Brokers, Bute Docks, Cardiff. Newport, Mon,,9th July, 1849. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES To Sail about the 25th JTJXY, for Beaten, THE magnificent A. 1., American Ship, "THOMAS B. l WALES," 1250 Tons burthen, David Crocker, Esq., Commander. This ship presents a valuable opportunity to respectable persons wishing to emigrate to he New World; her accommo- dations for passengers being unsurpassed by any ship in port. Every attention will be paid by the Captain to promote the comfort of persons going by her. Early application should be made to secure a passage. For terms apply to the Captain on board, or to JAMES N. KNAPP & Co., Pillgwenlly. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. To Sail about the 25th instant, for Newburyport, THE fine A. 1, American Ship, "EUPHRASIA," 800 J. Tons burthen, Caries Bunting. Esq., Commander. This ship presents a rare opportunity to persons desirous of emigrating to one of the most beautiful and prosperous towns in the United States, where the communication by rail to every part of the country is cheap and expeditious. For terms an early application is necessary, to the Com- mander on board, or to JAMES N. KNAPP and Co., Ship Brokers, Pillgwenlly. WILLIAM COOPER, ACCOUNTANT, AUCTIONEER. ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENT, GRATSFU L for the patronage and support he has for many years received as an Accountant, takes this opportunity of respectfully informing the nobility, gentry, professional gentlemen, tradesmen, his agricultural friends, and the public generally, he has commenced business as an AUCTIONEER, ESTATE. AND GENERAL AGENT, in HIGH STREET, CHEPSTOW, where, by a zealous and prompt attention to the interests of his employers, in all sales, valuations, or agencies, entrusted to his management or superintendence, he hopes to meet with encouragement from a discerning public, to merit which his careful and constant attention will be always given to procure the best possible prices for property of every description. Business transacted on the most liberal terms, and accounts adjusted and settled immediately after sale. All communications, addressed as above, or Pwlmeyric, near Chepstow, will receive prompt attention. INSOLVENT DEBTOR to be heard before the Judge of JL the County Court of Gloucestershire, holden at the Shire Hall, in the city of Gloucester, on the Thirty-first day of July, 1849, at Ten in the morning precisely — LLEWELLYN GILBERT SHELLARD Csued as Llewellin Gilbert Shellard,) formerly of the Green Dragon turnpike gate, Chepstow, Monmouthshire; manager of turnpike gate tolls, and renter of the Llangwm, Llansoy, Devauden, and Shire- newton turnpike gates, Monmouthshire, aforesaid; and the Lydney and Beachlev turnpike gates, in Gloucestershire and also of the east, north, and Crwysbwychan turnpike gates. Cardiff, Glamorganshire; then in lodgings at the White Hart Inn, Chepstow, aforesaid and late of Lydney, Gloucestershire, aforesaid renter of the Llansoy and Desuiuden turnpike in Monmouthshire, aforesaid; the Lydney and Beachley turu- pike gates, in Gloucestershire, aforesaid; and also renter of the market house, shambles, stalls, and standings, in Chepstow, aforesaid: and of the harbour dues, in Chepstow, aforesaid. IMPORTANT. STTVENS' ORIGINAL GRF.EN GINGER WINE is recommended as a certain remedy in cases of an attack of the present alarming and wide spreading disease, and also a valuable preventative against it. May be obtained of Mr. Henry Sheppard. Grocer, Newport. Mr. J. E wins, jun., Confectioner, Newport. Air. John Stewart, Grocer, Newport. Mr. Thomas Clarke, Grocer, Newport. Messrs. Clarke and Son, Grocers, Cwmbram. Mr. James Harris. Grocer, Pontypool. Messrs. Bull and Co., Grocers, Lsk. SOCIETY FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF CHURCH MUSIC. THE ARCHDEACONRY OF MONMOUTH. rflHE Second Annual Meeting of this Society will take place I at Newport, on TUESDAY, 17th JULY, 1819. Divine Service will be held at St. Woollos Church, at eleven o'clock A M- The sermon will be preached by the Venerable William Crawley. M.A., Archdeacon of Monmouth. The General Meeting of the Society will be held at the National School Room, at two P.M. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of LlandatI, President of the Society, in the Chair. By order of the Committee, WILLIAM A. WILLIAMS, JUN., Llangibby, near Usk, Secretary. 23th June, 1849. DENT'S IMPROVED WATCHES & CLOCKS. EJ. DENT, Watch and Clock Maker, by distinct appoint- • ments, to the Queen, H.R.H. Prince Albert, and H.I.M. Emperor of Russia, most respectfully solicits from the public an inspection of his extensive STOCK OF WATCHES AND CLOCKS, embracing all the late modern improvements, at the most economical charges. Ladies gold watches, with gold dials, jewelled in ft ur holes, cight guineas; gentlemen's, with enamelled àials, ten guineas; youths' silver watches, four guineas. Warranted accurate going lever watches, jewelled in four holes, six guineas. E. J. Dent, 82, Strand, 33, Cock- spur Street, and 34, Royal Exchange (Clock Tower Area.) THE NATIONAL PERMAMENT INVESTMENT SOCIETY. 24, BRIDGE STREET, BRISTOL. THE Directors of this Company, the objects of which are the making advances to the shareholders for the purchasers of property, or the paying off mortgages, and providing a secure mode for the investment of money at 6 per cent. com- pound interest, are ready to receive applications from persons desirous ot becoming their distiict surveyors or agents. A copy of the rules will be forwarded on receipt of sixteen postage stamps. for particulars, apply to EDWARD GREVJLE, Mviager. REDUCTION IN HATS. W WATKINS, HAT-MANUFACTURER, 135, COMlVIEHCIAL-ST., NEWPORT, HAS REDUCED THE PRICE OF HIS GOODS to the following LOW EST POSSI BLE or CASH Good French Hats, :3s. 6d. and 5s. W aten-roof Beaver or Stuff Hats 3. t Superfine ditto, 8s. 6d.. 12s., and 14s. Youths and Children s trench Hats, the Fine French Merino Hats, 6s. 6d. each. most fashionable shapes. WATERPROOF BLACK AND DRAB FELT HATS, 31. 31. and 4s. 3L Leather Hat Cases, 3s. each. Men's and Boy's Navy, Military, and every other description of Cap. The public will please observe the above are not the PICKED REFUSE of a general stock, probably the accumulation of years, put forth merely to figure low in an advertisement, but are fresh finished and fashionable goods. Agent for the Sale of the Patent Alpaca Umbiella. W. WATKINS, 135, COMMERCIAL-STREET, Two Doers from Hill-Street. CARRIAGE FREE. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES, No. 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE. TH E at'ention of Families and Large Consumers is paiticularly directed to the advantages deiivable at the above Lstablishmen where l eas and Coffees are supplied at tbe IMPORT PRICES, without the usual addition of intermediate profits. The present time is an excellent opportunity tor purchasers to replenish their stocks, as piices are unusually low, and the quality of this season's Teas is remarkably good. W e beg to offer BLACK TEAS. Per lb. BLACK TEAS. Per lb s. d. i s. Q Good common Black Tea •• •• •• •• 2 8 Finest Lapsing Souchong (exceedingly scarce and rare. Good soond Congou Tea (a very good common Tea) 3 0 This lea would have fetched 10s. per lb. a few years Strong Connou Tea (au excellent Tea for domestic since) GREEN TEAS*. 5 ° FmeCoiVou Tea, Pekoe flavour '(we recommend this Good common Green 3 0 nartirularlvl 38 l1 ine I wankay Tea 34 Pekoe Souchong Tea (a very superior Tea) 4 0 j Young Hyson 3s 8d. 4s. 4d. 5s. Fine Pekoe Souchong (this is the finest ot its class, very Hyson, 3s 10d., 4s. 4d as., 6s. rich flavour) •• 4 4 Gunpowder, 4s 4s. 4d., 5s.. te., 7s. It will be seen we have not made remarks about our Greens, as they are generally used to flavour the Blacks, and are used according to the choice of the consumer. COFFEE. s. d. Fine Plantation Coffee 1 2 n i .09 finest Java ditto l 4 Good commou Coffee n in n 1 n i- i 0 10 r mcst Cuba ditto i IiL*tditto •• •• 10 Finest Mocha ditto i Our Coffees are roisted by patent machinery, by which the aroma is preserved, and all acidity removed. Where parties are unknown to the hrm. a reference in town is expected. MANSELL & CO., Tea Dealers, 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside, London.- Delivered, carriage free, to any part of the Kingdom Agent for Newport,—H. KNIGHr, Grocer and Flour Dealer, 33, Marshes Road.—Chepstow,—CHAS. HODGSON Chemist. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. ry^O BE LET with immediate possession, that well accus- L tomed house, called the PILLGWENLLY HOUSE," Pillgwenlly, and where there has been a very lucrative trade carried on for the last two years. Satisfactory reasons can be given for the present tenant leaving. Stock-in-Trade, furniture, &c., to be taken at a valuation. Apply on tbe premises; or to Mr. C. B. Palmer, 27 and -8, Commercial Street, Newport, Mon. 21st June, 1849. MISS PARTRIDGE'S Boarding and Day School will Re- LVjL Open on the 26th JULY instant, and her Dancing Academy on the 27th. St. Woollos House, Newport, 10th July, 1819. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. 5 <&. 6, CLIFTON-PLACE, STOW-HILL. MRS. SIMONNET informs her friends and the public, that her School will Re-open on TUESDAY, the 17th 3—>ir Simonnet, a Graduate of the University of Paris, Professor of Latin, Modern Languages, and Drawing, attenus schools and families. GRAMMAR-SCHOOL, NEWPORT, MON- MRS. C. TOOLE BEGS to inform the friends of her pupils, and the public L) generally, that the duties of her Establishment, for Young Ladies and Gentlemen, were resumed on TUESDAY, JULY 10th. Prospectuses, and all other particulars, may be obtained on application. ABERGAVENNY. MISS PUGH'S SCHOOL will Re-Open on the Twenty- fifth instant. Tudor Street, July 2nd, 1849. CARDIFF. m/f ISS YAUGHAN'S SCHOOL will Re-Open on MONDAY M JULY 30th, 1849. CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, NEWPORT. CONDUCTED by J. B. NICHOLS. The Duties of this Establishment will be resumed on Tuesday, the 17th instant. CHURCH OF ENGLAND ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOITXG GENTLEMEN, Under the superintendence of the Rev. G. D. SPARKS, Newport ^pHE Business of this Establishment will be resumed on 1 MONDAY, the 30th instant. There are a few Vacancies for Boardtrsi:: the Principal's house. 5, Victoria PI ce. COMMERCIAL, MATHEMATICAL, AND CLASSICAL ACADEMY. CROSS HOUSE. STOW HILL, NEWPORT. ATR.KEDDLE, in declining his connection with the academy, be^s to recommend as his successor, the Rev. M. SANDERSON, member cf tne college of preceptors, and formerly of Cheshurrt college, Herts., who has received the highest testimonials from his classical tutor, the Rev. W. Newlands, A.M., of 19, West-square, Southwark. Mr. S AN DERSON respectfully solicits the kind support of the public, assuring tho-e parents who may place their children under his tuition, that every attention shall bepaidto their health, c( mfort, and improvement in useful learning. He purposes to educate youth, in all the usual routine of commercial education, for £ 20 per annum, including bouù. Latin, French, Greek, and Hebrew, Two Guineas extra. Ministers' sons, £15 each per annum. Young men preparing for the ministry, £.24 per annum. Terms for day scholars, reading, writing, and the first rule3 of arithmetic, 10s. per quarter English grammar, and composition, geography, and the higher branches of arith- metic, Iôs. per quarter; book-keeping, mensuration, land surveying, and mathematics, £ 1 h. per annum. Mrs SANDERSON'S Seminary for Young Ladies, Cross House, Stow Hill, will Open on the 23rd of JULY. LONG ASHTON ACADEMY, NEAR BRISTOL. THIS Establishment is under the active Superintendence of 1 Mr. KEMP, aided by Masters of the first abilities. The pupils are carefully instructed" and expeditiously qualified, either for the learned professions, or mercantile pursuits. Particular attention is paid to their gentlemanlike deportment, — and their heal h, morals, and religious instruction, are objects constant solicitude. The diet is unlimited, and of the best quality. Terms, which are moderate, may be known on application to the Principal. The Vacation will terminate on WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant. CLASSICAL & COMMERCIAL BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF —MR. BURNETT has the pleasure to announce that his School for the Educa- tion of Young Gentlemen, will be Re-opened on MONDAY the 16th instant. July 10th, 1849. OVERN LODGE. DOWNEND, NEAR BRISTOL. MRS. CURTIS continues to board and instruct YOUNG LADIES in Music, French, and every department of English, for £LO per annum undfi ten years of ago, £16 ditto. Siuging, Drawing, Fainting, Italian, and German, three guineas each. Overn Hill has long been celebrated for the salubrity of its air the house is exceedingly large, and the rooms are spacious and well ventilated. The domestic arrangements are liberal- food unlimited and it is Mrs. Curtis's constant im, by kind, judicious treatment, and the proper use of physical exercise, to promote the health and secure the comfort of her pupils (as they will readily testify), while their religious instruction and moral improvement are objects of particular attention. Mrs. Curtis, having finished the education of noblemen's daughters, with whom she resided in England and France fifteen years, can command testimonials of the first respectability. A Parisienne resides on the Establishment. The duties of the ensuing half-year will commence on the 16th ot July. One or two parlour boarders recsived. BLENHEIM HOUSE ACADEMY, LEA, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. CONDUCTED BY MR IRVING, F S.A. AT this Establishment, noted for salubrity of situation, Young Gentlemen are carefully prepared for the learned professions, military colleges, and for agricultural and com- mercial pursuits. The course of instruction embraces the Greek and Latin classics, French, by a resident master, (a native of France,) German, and mathematics, together with plain and ornamental writing, arithmetic, drawing, practical land surveying, mer- chants' accounts, &c., &c. The treatment is mild, and the system of tuition calculated to ensure tbe pupil's rapid progress in his studies. The pro- minence is given to religion whic>; its importance demands. Reports of conduct and progress are issued quarterly, and rewards periodically distributed by which, and other means, a spirit of emulation is excited, and the fuil powers of the youthful mind are drawn into action, without any recourse to corporal punishment. The present principal has been at the head of the establish- ment eleven years, and can give the most satisfactory re- ferences to numerous clergymen and others, whose sons have been educated by him. A prospectus, and lithographed view of the house and pre- mises, together with the terms, which are moderate, and, if required, inclusive, will be forwarded on application. Distance from Gloucester, ten miles; Ross, five; numerous coaches to and from which pass the premises daily. The pupils will be expected to assemble punctually on the 18th July. OVERNDALE HOUSE LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL, Three and a half miles from^-Brutal, on the -BoJ#a«nd Road CONDUCTED BY MRS. HAKEK. No Day Pupils received. IT is with much pleasure and gratitude Mrs. Baker tenders her sincere thanks to her numerous friends, for their greatly-increased patronage, as well as for their very kind and flattering testimonials of approval; and she respectfully in- forms them, and the public, that the duties of her School will re-commence on the 18th of July, 1819. The course of instruction includes every requisite of a sound liberal, useful, polite, and Christian Education, embracing the modern European Languages, English Grammar, &c.with every other accomplishmentbefitting the gentlewoman. The French language, (so indispensable in the education of a gentlewoman,) is taught by a well-educated native French lady (a Protestant), residing in the house. For the encouragement of a spirit of emulation, and for the inducement of habits of industry, prizes are awarded to the excelling pupils, and the increased large number of rewards, for good conduct alone given at the close of the last half-year, strongly evinces the moral efficiency of Mrs. Baker's system, which is founded on religious principles. The house is large, situated on a lawn of great extent; the locality is one of the healthiest spots in England, which fact the unvaried good health of the pupils corroborates. Mrs. Baker deems the health of her pupils of paramount importance, hence she positively asserts that the best of food (abundant in quantity), a pure \ir, and healthful exercise, are eminently secured to them. In fine, Mrs. Baker's most anxious desire and aim are, that the arrangements of her establishment should be, in all respects, such as to render school a happy home and her every effort, both preceptive and maternal, is conscien- tiously and untiringly directed to the attainment of such a desideratum The pupils have the frequent use of a pony and phseton, for pleasureatle drives. TERMS.—Beard and tuition in English, Writing, and Arith- metic (by a master), music, French, astronomy, the globes, and all kinds of needlework, 23 guineas per annum. The other accomplishments at moderate charges. References are kindly permitted to the pupils' parents and other friends Prospectuses (elucidating the system) with a drawing of the premises, will be forwarded on application. A vacancy for an Articled Pupil. TO RAT CATCHERS. A SKILFUL RAT CATCHER may find employment for a short time, at EBBW VALE, Monmouthshire, on application to HENRY LAXTON, Esq., Surgeon, Ebbw Vale. 13th July, 1849. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A SUBSTANTI AL and convenient D WELLING HOUSE, with the Garden, Malthouse, Stable, and other offices, situate at Cross-y-Ceilog, within three miles of Pontypool, on the road to Newport; where an extensive and respectable con- nection has been formed in the Malting business, by the late proprietor, Mr. Thomas Davies, deceased. The in-coming tenant will be expected to take to the stock of malt now on hand. Application to be madf to Miss DAVIES, on the prenuteo. July 11th, 1849, A TREAT FOR NEWPORT & ITS VICINITY. S. POLAK, WISHING to add every novelty and comfort to his TV already tamed Establishment, has been appointed Aryent for NICHOLL'S celebrated REGISTERED PALETOTS^ oi which he has already a stock on hand at the LONDON PRICES. S. P.'s stock of Trowserings, Vestings, Lustres. <tc., &c., are, as usual, highly choice and extensive and the superior talent of his Cutter, too well known to need any remark. Great attention paid to the fit of juvenile clothing combining fashion and economy. Mourning on the shortest notice. Livery and pages suits in all its branches. ADDRESS—SAMUEL POLAK, Merchant Tailor, and Shirt Warehouse. MOYIIES COURT. NEAR CHEPSTOW. 1'0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at the GEORGE HOTEL, 1 Chepstow, by Mr. WILLIAM COOPER, on WEDNESDAY! I the 18th day of JULY, 1849, at twelve o'clock at noon, (under a power of sale,) A large and commodious Mansion, with all suitable out- buildings and offices, called Moynes Courterected bv Bishop Godwin, in 1605, on the site of an ancient mansion, or religious house, crllcd :\1 anks Court the gatev.ay of wLich I still remains, and is extremely picturesque, consisting of a high Gothic porch, flanked with lofty towers, forming the entrance into the court yard in front of the home; with three cottages, barn, gardens/orchards, and several pieces of arable, meadow. salt marsh, and pasture land adjoining containing altogether about one hundred and seventeen acres, in the parish of Mathern, in the county of Monmouth. The estate will be offered for sale in one lot, and the timber which is very valuable, will be included therein. The property is bounded by the river Severn, and commands beautiful and extensive views of the surrounding country. For particulars apply to Messrs. EVANS, Solicitors Chepstow. HEREFORDSHIRE. IMPORTANT & VALUABLE INVESTMENTS FOR SALE BY AUCTION. jVf" R. H. P. GOOD 11, according to instructions he has re- LTJ. ceived, will offcrfor SALE B V AUC 1'ION, at the ANGKL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, on t HLHSUAY, the 23rd dav ot AUGUST. 1.)1f. of .J.)¡hs undivided SHARKS of remarkably rich and productive F U.ELHOLD ES rATES, in the parish of Clodnck, near to Langtown, in the couuty of llereiord, in 4 Lots, as follow:- Lot 1. An undivided Share of 4-9ths of the productive Free- bold Farm, called Cwmbwbloe, in the parish of Clodock, com- prising Fartn House, PremIse., Labourers' Cottages, thriving uods and Coppices, and lIlJA. On. 25P. of very rich Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, in the occupation ot M T. Williain Monkiev,as tenant from year lo year, at the annual rent of f10; the vendor's Share being £20. Lot 2. !"our-ninths undivided Share in the Farm called Upper or Northern Bryn, in the palish of Clorlock, wi'h the Farm 1 House, Buildinus &C., and 124A. 3R. 22p. id' capital Araol.. Meadow, and Pasture Land. in the occupation of Mr. Darnel Ellis, as tenant fr"m rear to year, at the yearly rent of ;MO, the vendor's shure burn; £26 13s. 4d. Lot 3. An undivided Share of4-S[hsin the valuable Farm, calhd Old Cwrt, adjoining the last Lot, and in the parish of Clodcck, with ihe Farm House, Buildings, and 181A. 2R. 5p. of very productive Anble, Meadow, and P. sturc Land, now held by JJr. He"ry Thomas Harris, together with Lot 4. as yearly tenant, at ti e low yearly apportioned tent of £95, the vendor's shire beine £ 4'2 4s. 5 £ d. L't4. An undivided Interest of 4-9ths in the Farm, called Jenning's Land, King contiguous to the last two Lots, in the hamlet of I.ongtown,in the parish of CKdock, and cotitainins 27A. 3K. 4P. 01 Arable, Meadow, and Pastuie Lands, now he!d with Lot 3, by Mr. Henry Thomas Harris, as yearly tenant at the annual appoitioned rent of flo; the vendor's share being £6 13s. 4d. I he above Estates are in a ring fence,bounded and intersected by very fine Trout Streams, in a picturesque country, ex- tremely well Wooded the Lands are capable of great im. provement, by a moderate outlay Timber of all sorts grows quickly and there is every facility for making this a very productive and ornamental Estate. Printed particulars, with plans, are in course of preparation, and will be ready for delivery 21 days prior to the day of sale, and may be had at Ùe principd Inns in the neighborhood or on application to JODas Gregory, E^q., Clement's Inn, London! to Edward Bradley, Esq., Treguff-place, near Cowbrid.8; or to H P. Goode, Land Ageot and Surveyor, Haverfordwest. Sale Postponed to the 21 st dag of August, instead of the dag originally advertised. RADNORSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, Within Six Miles of the town of Bnilth, for Sale by Auction. MR. H. P. GOODE has received instructions to submit for SALE BY AUC 1 ION, on TUESDAY, the 21st day of AUGUST next, at the LION HOTEI., in the town of BUILTII, at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, the following nch and valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, called Lower Llaneon, Bettws Mill, Gwernbusman Glanore and Glanafon, in four Lots as follow — LOT 1. The Farm of Lower Haneoa, situate in the pmish of Glascwm, in a very picturesque valley, well sheltered and watered, containing 88A. 2B. 6P. of capital Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. with Coppices of very thriving Timber Trees, and extensive rights of Common, in the occupattonof Mr. Ed- ward Morgan, as tenant from year to year, at the low yearly rent of ,£40.. h The turnpike-road from Bud!. to new Radnor, passes through tlrs Farm, and it has a capital stream ot water, capable of being ppplied to working machinery for mills, &c> LOT 2. Bettws Mill and Lands, comprising Mill, Premises, Water Courses, and 16.. IR.I.IP. of excellent ueadow and Pasture Land, situate in the parish of Gla.sc*wm,and in the cccu- pation of James Jones, as tenant from year to year, (but except- ing that portion of the same holding in the parish of Bettws Desserth,) together with a poition of the Farm o| Gwernhusman, in the parish of Glascwm, consisting of ^A. ZR. "7P. of rich Pasture Land, in the occupation ot Mr. John Wilde. The situ- ation of the Mill is particularly well adapted f;ir the convenience of the suirounding country, and the sucplv of Water is always abundant. The reserved lent of the Mill and Lands, as now held, is £ 17.. Lor 3 The very excellent and valuable Farm of Gwernhus- man, situate in the parishes cf Bettws IJesseith and Llansaint- fraid, in Elvet, (but exclusive of that portion in the same occu- pation, in the paiish of Glascwm,) containing IB^A. 3K. 30i'. of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lands; together with extensive rights of Common, in the occupation of Mr. John^Wilde, as tenant from year to year, at the low yearly r.:nt of £ïS. Also, that portion of Bettws Mill Lands in the parish of Bettws IJts- serth. now held by Mr James Jones, conlaiaing IA. IR. Ip. of Pasture and Garden Ground. Lot 4. Two highly productive Farms, called Glanare and Glanafon. lying in a ring fence, having a south aspect, and very improvable, with extensive rights of Common, situate in the parish of Hettws Desserth, containing together 130A. In. OP. of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lands, in the respective occupations of Mr. Richard Watkin, and Mr. David Jones, as tenants from year to year, at rents amounting to £71. The above Estates lie in very sheltered valleys. The turnpike road from the town of Builth to new Radnor and Presteign passes through Lot 1 and there is flom it an easy clpprNtch to the other LOis. Tunber of every desciiption thrives rapidly, wiih ordinary care, and by a comparatively small outlay in draining the property, may be ucrly doubled in value. Printed particulars, with lithographic plans, &c., are in coarse of preparation, and may be had 21 days jjrior to the day of sale, at (he principal Inns in the neignbourhood, and on application to Jonas Gregory, Esq., Clement's Inn. London; to Edward Bradley, Esq., Tregntf pI lice, near Cowbridge; and to H. P. Goode, Land Agent, Surveyor, &c., Haverfordwest. IMPORTANT FREEHOLD PROPERTY, In the Town of Brecon and its environs. AND TITHE RENT CHARGES OF PARISHES IN THE I COUNTY OF BRECON. MR. H. P. GOODE hns been honoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the CATTLE HOTEL, (BRECON, on WEDNESDAY, the 22:.d day of August, at the hour of Two o'clock in the afternoon, The following valuable FREEHOLD HOUSES, GAR- DEXS, and LANDS, situate in and near to the rapidly- improving Town of Brecon also, tbe RENT CUARG&S m- lieu of Tithes of the Parishes of Llanfihangel-nant-bran and Llandilof me, in the County of Brecon. Lot 1. —A valuable Walled Garden, and the Meadow attach- ed, called the Turnpike Meadaw, in the Parish of Saint Mary, Brecon situate on the north side of the London lioad, and exter.din"'eastward from the lurnpike Gate along the said road, for^pwards of 650 feet, presenting; a valuable frontage for building, containing 1A 3R. 3<3I?. of excellent Meadow land also a Cellar under the Turnpike Toll Hjmse. The Garden and'\leadow are i.e'd by Mr Thomas GrittUhs, as tenant from year to year, at the 10' yearly rent of £] 3. 108 and the cellar by Thomas Bryant, at the yearly rent of 15s. Lot 2—Three Houses and Workshop, situate in High-street, in the town of B econ, at the junction of that street with the Bulwark severally occupied by John Thomas, Mary Davies, and William Matthews, at rents amounting to £ 28 10s Lot 3- All thaL\lansion House, with its convenient and exten- sive premises, as now occupied by the widow of the late Thomas Batt, Esq., held with a garden, part oflot4. as tenant at will, at the very low apportioned rent of JE42 10s., situate in the Bulwark, a wide, spacious, and principal street and thoroughfare. The man- sion comprises extensive under-ground wine, beer, and coal eel- lars, large dining and breakfast parlours, entrance and servants halls, pantries, kitchens, a splendid drawing room and nine bed rooms; also, coach house, four-stalled stable, surgery, back-kitchen, with lofts over, fronting Glamorganshire-street, the whole forming a spacious and convenient residence of a very commanding appearance. Lot 4-All those modern-built and conveniently-arranged coach house, stables, saddle and harness rooms, andyard, with hay and corn lofts over situate in Lion-street, now held by Mr Joseph Bryant, as tenant from year to year at the low annual rent of £ 15, together with the garden adjoining, now held with lot 3, at the apportioned rent of £ 5. This lot has two desirable lroniitiies, one to the Bulwark and the other to Lion-street, of about SO feet each, and forms a valuable Building Site either for genteel Private Residences or Houses of Business, being in the centre of the Town. Lot 5.-All that Piece of very rich Meadow Ground, called CAE WEAH., in the parish of Saint Mary, Brecon, skirted on one side by the river lhk. containing by admeasurement lOA. OR. 13P., or thereabouts, now held by Thomas Protiieroe Price, Esq., as tenant from year to year, at the low yearly rent ol £ 32 10s. Od. f D Lot 6.—The Undivided Share of 4 9ths ot the Kent Charges in lieu of Tillies of the parish of Llanhhancti-nant-bian. to the county of Brecon, which have been commuteu at £227, the vendor's shsre being £ 100 17s. 9d. Lot 7.—An Undivided Share of 4-9ths oi the Rent Charges in lieu of Tithes of the parish of Llanddofane, in the county of Brecon, which have been commuted at £113, the vendoi's share being £ 76 17s. 9d. Tiihe Kent Charges are now mada (from the security they af- ford, and the summary mode of recovering arrears provided for in the Tithe Commutation Acts) one ot the most desira- ble investments for capital. They are especially relieved from charges for repairs, and risk of bad tenants, or losses of any kind incidental to other securities. Printed particulars, with plans, 6tc. are in course °rPrePa5u" tion, and will be ready for delivery iwenty-one days prior to day of sale, and may be had at the principal Inns in the neig bourhood or OD application to Jonas Gregory, Esq.,Clem Inn, London; to Edward Bradley, Esq., t Cowbridge; or to H. P. Goode, Land Agent,&c., Haver SALE POSTPONED. 1%/J R- H. M. PARTRIDGE begs to announce that the Sale [M of Mrs BEAUMONT'S FURNITURE, &c., advertised to take place at Bryn Hyfryd House, on the 1st of AUGUST next, is unavoidably POSTPONED until the 29th of THK SAMB MONTH. St. Woollcs House, Stow Hill, Newport, 10th July, 1849. BEER-HOUSE TO BE LET. TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, the "ODD F'ELLOWS' ARMS," situate in Commercial-street, near the New Church, Newport. A club of seventy members ireets at the house which contains a good club-room, skittle- alley, &c. For further particulars apply on the premises. MONMOUTHSHIRE. I IMPORTANT & VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. In and near the market towns of Abergavenny, Usk, Mon mouth, Chepstow, and Newport. MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at the ANGEL INN, ABERGAVENNY, on THURSDAY, the'2nd day of AuousTnext,(instead of Wednesday, the 1st of August, as previously advertised), highly eligible FREEHOLD ESTATES, in the county of Monmouth, subdi- vided into Lots, for the convenience of purchasers, and com- prising the" Maindiff Court Estate," with the Manor, or re- puted Manor, of Main'liff, the chief renl s, heriots, and other ma- norial rights; together with two first-rate Commercial Inns and Posting Houses, in the town of Abergavenny; and various beautiful sites for the erection of Villa and other residences, near that town; some excellent Farms and eligible allotments of Land, Houses, Cottages, Gardens, and Orchards, situate in the several parishes of Abergavenny, Landilo Pertholey, Lan- y gattock Lingoed, Lanvapley, Lanartti, Usk, Langibby, Lantris- sent, Tredunnock, and Shirenewton; and containing 960 Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land. Also the idvowson of the Vicarage of Monmouth, and impropriate k ithes of Dixton, Lanvaches, Penhow, Kemys Inferior, Usk, log, Lanbaddock, Glascoed, and Lanishen. Igg" Printed Particulars, and conditions of sale, are now ready, and may be had of Messrs. Watkins and Hooper, Solicitors, 11, Sackville-street, London; Osmond- Wyatt, Esq., Troy House, near Monmouth at the Angel and Greyhound, Abergavenny; the White Lion, Bristol; Beaufort Arms, Chepstow, and Monmouth; King's Head, Newport; Three Salmons, Usk; the Castle, at Merthyr and Brecon; the Bell, Gloucester; at the Auction Mart, and Garraway's Coffee House, London; and of Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-street, London. PORT OF BRIDGWATER, SOMERSETSHIRE. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP OWNERS, AND OTHERS. MR. LILLY has been directed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Fountain Inn, Bridgwater, on TUESDAY, the 31st of JULY, instant, at six o'clock in the evening, SEVEN SUPERIOR AND VERY CONVENIENT VESSELS, (the greater number having been recently built,) in the following lots, viz:- Lot I—The sloop or vessel called "The Ark burthen, per register, 62 (1473—3500) tons N.M. will carry 110 tons with an eight and a half feet draught, of water. Lot 2-Thl? sloop "Eleanor"; burthen, per register, 62 (2221—350O) tons N.M.; will carry 110 tons with an eight and a half feet draught of water. Lot 3—The sloop "Garside"; burthen, per register, 61 (3298—3500) tons N.M.; will carry 100 tons with an eight feet draught of water. Lot -1-The sloop Emily burthen, per register, 67 (37— 100) tons; will carry 110 tons with an eight and a half feet draught of water. Lot 5-The schooner "Olive Branch' burthen, per regis- ter, 66 (1595-3500)tons X M.; will carry 100 tons. Lot 6-Tte schooner "Lass of Courtown"; burthen, per register, 46 (2S1—3500) tons N.M.; will carry 76 tons with a seven feet four inche. draught of water. Lot 7—The schooner or vessel called The Chard burthen, per register, 5i (If99—'3;>0'J) tons N.M.; will carry 88 tons with a seven feet nine inches draught of water. Together with their boats, (nearly new,) stores, apparel, anchors, cables, sails, and materials; the whole of which are in excellent condition. The above vessels sail without ballast, are well found in every respect, and tit for immediate use; they are well adapted for coasting and for the coal and culm trader; several of the vessels have carried timber, and are admirably suited for these, and other purposes. Lots 1. 2, 3, 4, and 7, are now lying in the Floating Dock, at Bridgwater, where they may at any time be inspected, and lots 5 and 6 may be inspected at the same place one week prior to the sale. Printed inventories of the stores, and all further information may be obtained on application to Mr. LILLY, Auctioneer, Fore Stre°t, B' idwater, Somerset Dated, liridgwater, Juh 12th, 1819. SCOTTISH EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, s Incorporated by Act of Parliament. Head office-26, St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queenserbry, President. Total sum assured £ o,067,376 Annual revenue 114,106 Accumulated fund 496,555 View of the progress of the society. [ Amount Annual Accumula- Assured. Revenue ted Fund. At 1st March, 1837 J £ 74'>.462 fM.993 £;J6,U5- ditto 184:3 .j 1,707,716 64,000 227,7.5.5 ditto 1849 3,067.376 114,106 496,555 The whole profits relong to the policy Holders, among whom they are allocated every Three Years. Policies are made pay- able in any town in Scotland. England, or Ireland, where the proposers wish. It is therefore impossible for any Assurance office to afford greater advantages. A policy for JE1000, erieced on 1st March, 1832, ilil now increased to £1429, and other policies in proportion. ROB1. CHRISTIE, Manager. AGENTS. NEWPORT—WM. GRAHAM, Jun., 57, High Street Brecon—Stephen B. Evans, Solicitor. 0 Ilay—Thomas James, Solicitor. Swansea—Wiliiam Penrose, Assay OfSce. Pembroke-J. R. Bryant, Surgeon.




Monmouthshire Midsummer Sessions.

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