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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence.

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«.— To the Editor of the Monmouthshire…

To the Editor of the Monmouthshire…

To the Editor of the Monmouthshire…




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The Page, trained by Holman .of Chehenham. has be^u soldby auction for a few pounds at Birming ia remainder of h he is condemned to painful drudgery for the remainder of h.s miserable ll,e- „ _The quantity of wool brought to our fa £ on MondaJ last *as lar*er than k°n 3"y preV1°US simil« occasion for some years, and there being a great number 0f buveis the whole, or very nearly so, was disposed of. prir ranged from 9Jd. to lid.,which is about an average of 1 Jd. perlb. rangea irom w)sh we cpu|d g,ve 8S favourav. account of the cattle'and stock departmen. hut here, unfortu- nately. M at Leominster on ]• r.day, although the supply Was not "arge, business was extremely dull and money very sctlcel Faf cows went at 5jd. per lb but we heard ot some prirae at 6d. Stores sold at a low figure. Of shtep there was a large supply, and fat wethers went at 5id. coup|es at rates- Store pigs sold considerably lower. In the anything like a good animal, of which description there were few indeed, was eagerly sought up at a fa.r piice.In .L of Agricultural Implements we observed a tedding machine made by Mr. S hell, of Itoss. that was much admired both for principle snd sound woikmansh.p. The reversi^ cear for turning the hay is exceedingly simple, and not likely to get out of order; Ihe whole being boied up so as l0 p.event the grass getting into the cog-W heels, which-.s not unfrequently the case w„h machines for this purpose. An iron plough on ti e lever principle, we understood to be the fourth of the same pattern going to one farm. c same I D.ARRiiceA OR BOWKI. COMPLAINTS CURED BV HOLLOWAY'S iLi s. At this season of the year disordered Bowels are most prevalent, caused many instances, by eating too freely of vegetables or fruit. Let those suffering from this compU>°t try Holloway s Pills, which are of so strenethening a nature, that they quickly restore the impaired tone of the stomach, and permanently renovate the digestive orcans Bile and disordered liver may be infallibly cured by their use, therefore residents m the East and West Indies cannot have recourse to so irahiatdci a remedy and again as a family medicine, it is unequalled it may be safely used by both fexes at any aire. BRISTOL SUGAR MARKET, JULY 11.—After an almost total suspension of business for a' Week owing lo the reduction ol duties which came into operation on the C»h in,st- market re-opened on Satuiday last, since which about «ao hds. of West India have been sold at p'ricesj about 6d. previously curreut, the reduction of duty b ■ makes the amount pretty equally divided seller. A cargo of Mauritius consisting of 6500 Mats has also been disposed of.