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LONDON MARKETS, fee. MARK LANE, MONDAV AFTEIINOON, JULY 2.1849. The weather continues favourable for the growing grain cropi, and the reports from the country are still of a satisfactory cha- racter. The wheat trade, nevertheless, maintains a tolerably firm tone. At A] aik lane, to-day, theie was a very small show of samples, by land carriage, from the home counties, and none fresh up coastwise. The best qualities were placed early, and realised rather higher prices; but secondary sorts did not sell freely, and were certainly nLt dearer than on this day se'nnigbt. The country demand for foreign wheat was rather slow,and the local millers being exceedingly cautious, operations were by no means extensive. Polish Odessa and similar descriptions scarcely sold so well as on Monday last; but superior qualities, whether white or red, were quite ap dear as before. There was not much doing in flour, and its value underwent no change requiring notice. Barley was taken slowly, but the little business done was on terms fully equal to those previously current. Malt moved off tardily at about former rates. There were a few parcels of oats fresh up coastwise, and several cargoes from abroad, making together a good display of samples. Really fine corn being comparatively scarce, com- manded (ully as much money as on this day week, and though the sale for other sorts was tardy in the extreme, prices were not lower. English beans were rather dearer, but Egyptian were freely offered at previous prices. Peas of all sorts held firmly at pre- vious terms. We heard of no transactions in Indian corn. Mumngs per quarter. Old. New. %VHFAT. E, ssex & Kent, white 44 52 46 54 Diltored.4246 40 46 Norfolk and Suflolk 42 47 1»ye, — —— 22 2i BARLEY, Essex, Kent) Distillers'&Grinding Norfolk,and Suf- £ com. Maltiog — 26 28 folk ) Chevalier — — 29 31 MALT, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. — 68 Kingston, Ware, and town made — — 58 62 OATS, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, and l'orksliire, feed 15 18 Ditto, Poland and potato 16 20 Northumberland, Berwick, and Scotch feed 18 21 Devonshire, and West Country feed or sack 14 16 Dundalk, Newry, and Belfast, potato 18 22 Limerick, Sligo, and Westport, potato 11 21 I)it to, feed 16 1 Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Youghal, and Clonmel, black 13 18 Ditto, white 15 lit Galway 12 14 BEANS, Ticks — 29 31 Hatirow 31 36 F.EAS, non-boiling 26 27 flog and gray 30 32 FLOUR, town made (per sack of 280lbs.) — 39 44 Norfolk and Suffolk, household (ditto). — 33 36- WEDNESDAY, JULY 4. The supplies have increased of foreign wheat. upwards of 9,000 quarter having been reported. The trade is slow to-dar for all grain at Monday's prices. ARRIVALS.—English: wheat, 320; barley, —; oats, 1,660;, Irish: barley, oats, Foreign: wheat, 9,260;. barley, 1,550 oats, 40,010 qrs. English Flour, SlOsacks. SMITHFIELD CATTLE MARKET, MONDAY, JULT2. The supply of beasts on sale in 10-day's market being con- siderably on the increase, and of excellent quality, the demand for all breeds was in a very inactive state, at a decline in the quotations realised on Monday last of quite 2d. per 8lbs. There was a decided falling off in the number of sheep. Prime old Downs (which were scarce) sold at prices fully equal to those obtained on this day se'nnight. Oiherwise, the mutton trade was far from active, at unaltered currencies. We had a full average supply of lambs on offer, the time of year considered. Only a moderate business was transacted in this description of stock, at last week's quotations. Calves were in fair average supply, and limited request, at late rates. The pork trade was heavy. In prices, however, we have no change to notice. Per Bibs, to sink the offal. s. d. s. d. a. d. s. d. Coarse and Inferior Prime coarse wool- Beasts ..2 4 2 6 led Sheep .3 6 3 8 Second quality do.2 8 3 0 Prime South Downs Prime lame Oxen.3 '2 s 4 ditto .3 10 4 O Prime Scots, &c..3 0 3 8 Large coarse Calv«s3 0 3 8 Coarse and Inferior Prime small ditto..a 8 310 Sheep .3 2 3 4 Large Hogs .3 2 3 6 Second quality do.3 4 3 6 Neat small Porken.3 8 4 0 Lambs.4 6 5 Suckling Calves,,18s. to 24s.; and quarter-old Store Pigs, 16s. to 21s. each. LON DON PROVISION MARKET, MONDAY, JULY 2. IRISH BUTTER. S. S. CHEESE. S. 8. Carlow Nevv 30 to — Double Gloucester. 56 to 66 Sligo 76 80 Single ditto 46 56 Banbridge Clieshire 56 74 Cork, 1st 76 86 Derby 62 6G Waterford 78 American 50 5f Edam and Gouda 40 4& ENGLISH HOTTER, per cwt. BACUN: New 70 Dorset — 9G Middle 50 60. BAMS. FOREIGN, per cwt. Irish S2 — Prime Friesland 9S — WestmoVeVand" 80 8* Prime Kiel 85 00 York 8t Fresh liutter, 6s. Od. to 10s. 0d. per dozen." WHITECHAPEL, WEDNESDAY, JULY 4,1849. The trade of this market to-day was rather brisk, with a slight increase in pr'ces. Best beef, from 3i. 4d. to 3s. 8d.; inferior ditto, 2s. 61. to 3s. Od.; best murton, 3s. 4d. to 3s. 8d. inferior ditto, 2s. -Id. to 2s. IOd. larai 4s. Sds. to 5s. Od.; veal 3s. 8d. to 4s. 4d,; pork, 5s. 3d. to 5s. Od. per 81bs. by the carcase. SEED MARKET. The operations in the seed market were of very little imports ance, indeed so trifling have been the transactions of late, that quotations must, to a certain extent, be regarded as nominal. Cloverseed, red, 35s.to 40s. fine, 45s. to 635.; white, 34s. to 48s Cow Grass tQ _g Linseed (per qr ) sowinst 54s. to 60s.; crushing 42s. to 48. Linseed Cakes (per 1,000 of 3lbs.each) £ 8 10s. to i'10 Oa Trefoil (per cwt.) 14«. to 21s Bapeseed, new (per last) £ 32 t0 f-ie Pitto Cake (per ton) £ 4 l5s (oX £ Mustard (per bushel) whites. 5s. to 10a.; brown (nominal). Canary (per qr.) 1 los. to 119s. fine 1355. to 155s Carraway (per ovt.) 28s. to 29s new, 30s. to 31» BARK. Per load of 45 cwt. English, Tree £ 15 0 0 to £16 0 0 Coppice. 16 0 0 17 0 0 LIVERI'ooi. (DUTY FHKE).—Quercitron, £8. 6s. to f9. gs Dutch Oak, per ton. f4. to £5.; German, £ 3. 10s. to f6. HAY MARKETS, SATUKDAY, JUNE 30. SJIIJTHFIELD-A full average supply, and a sluggish demand. CUMBERLAND—Supply tolerably gond, and trade rather dull. WIIITECIiAPEL-Trade dull. at barely stationary ptioes. At per load of 36 trusses. Smithfield. Cumberlan Whitechapel Meadow Hay 50sto 75s 62s to 78s 53s to 75s. Clover Hay- 55s 100s 56s 96s 5os 100s. Straw 28s 33s 30s 35t 29j 34g. BRISTOL HAY MARKET. Hay per Ton X,2 0 0 to t3 10 0 Straw per Dozen 0 1 1 to 0 1 4 Vetches. 0 1 0 to 0 1 4 LATEST CURITENT PRICES OF METALS, LONDON, JUKE 29. ENGLISH moN. a per ton. ENGLISH COPPER. d Bar. bolt,ksquare,Loiidon C) 0 0 Sheets, sheathing, and> 0 9 Nail rods 6 15 0 bolts, per lb. Hoops 7 15 0 Tough cake jter ton 79 10 O Sheers, (singles) 8 15 0 Tile jo 0 Bars,at Cardiff & Newport 5 15-5 5 Old coppere.. perlb. 7id Refined metal, Walesf 315 0 FOREIGN COPPE'R f Do. anthracitef 3 15 0 South American, in bond Pigs ill Wales. 3 10-4 5ENGLISIT LEAD. g Do. do. iorge 1217 6-3 5Pig, .per ton 10 0 0 Do., No. 1,Clyde—net cash 2 4-2 7 Sheet. 15-17 Blewitt'sl'atent Refined^ Red Had 17 {0 0 Iron for bars, rails,&c. ■ White ditto .22 0 0 free on board at New-f 0 u Shot (patent) 19 15 « port+ .) JOREIGN LEAD, H Do., do., for tin-p!ates,7 Spanish, in bond 15 5-15 10 boiler-plates,&c.,ditto5 American, ditto — Stirling'sl'atent; inGlasg'2 17 6-:> 2 6 ESOLISII TIH. i ToughtnedPigs J inWales 3 10—4 Block .per cwt S 17 0 Staffordshire bars, at) r n Bars 3 18 0 the works f ) 0 0 TIN. k Pigs, ditto 30-3 10 Banca, in bond.3)8.4 0 Rails 5 5 0 Straits •••• 3 I6 „ Chairs 4 0 0 Peruvian(0 mo. p.e dis.) FOREIGN IRON, b „ TIN PLATES. I iS" 'ji'2 ic ? £ »,]p"»»'; Ssi — «<«. i• Gourdieff pi,.00 spELTER. m Archangel Di,t AWarehous<d pr-ton 15-15 10 TOREIGN STEEL, c to arrive 0 C 0 Swedish keg „ P ZINC, n Ditto faggot 15 nghsh sheet.per ton 24 0 O UICKSILVER 0 per lb. 0 3 2 TERMS.-a, 6 months.. r 2. per cent. dis. b, ditto; c, ditto; d, « months, "J.3 l'er.Cditto ^'ne'tca^ °r 2} per ccnt- dis"; f< ditto *• ditto; ditto, ash; q month5, or 3 per cent. dis.; m. net cash; «, 3 ^oal^'Z3^ dis ditto, li discount. t Loid a,t, free on board in Wales. REMAPS- ^ere IS no alteration to notice in the iron market KhlS "mafntaS h! 6 advance io Scotch pig-iron has not been «"Ifa'D.ea. 'he puce having fallen back to about the old *r mixed I ??,ke5- We t>uote ,he P'ice «o-day 43s. 6d. There is a pnni'iw n 4,4s' for a" No" l> ,ree on bo"rd at Glasgow, ft Riinr-nrr i6ra, e accumulation of stock at Glasgow; and, known A, .u ^leetwoodi larger stocks than we have ever >r »k«, i" former port it is estimated at 45,000 tons and. ,i r> OOo tons. Advices from the United States repre- ne tion market there to be exceedingly depressed, and that ie stocks of both pig and bar iron had increased to a great ex- tent. Under these circumstances, unless the make be much re- duced, it is considered highly probably that lower prices will ru le.