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GLAMORGANSHIRE. CARDIFF. FRAUDULENT "WEIGHTS.— CAUTION TO MASTERS OF VESSELS.—Mr. Thomas Yorath, Inspector of Weights, &c., for the Cardiff district, brought a charge against a certain party who had brought on board the Devonshire schooner, Capt. W hatter, laden with oats, to this port, a weight repre- sented as a o(ilb., which was found, on being compared by the standard weights, to weigh 5711). lifoz.—against the captain, lib. How are ships to turnout their true compliment, when weighed by such weights ? There is now a vessel in this port, which has had upwards of £7 kept back on account of her cargo not holding weight; it is high time such things should be closely investigated. The-magistrates ordered Mr. Yorath to keep the weight in charge, and to bring the case forward on the next court day. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT.—A meeting was held at the Town Hall, on Wednesday last, when Thomas Webster Rainmel, Esq., one of the superintending inspectors appointed tor the purposes of the above act, attended to hear the evidence oi several of the inhabitants, concerning the sanatory condition of the town. Messrs. Reece, Watkins, I'hilpotts. Vachell, and Stanley,;opoke in favour of pl:.JcLig the town under the new act; the town clerk, li. P. Richards, Esq., contended that the present local act of the street commissioners would serve every purpose if fully carried out, hut the general opinion of the payers stemed to be in favour of adopting the measure so ably advanced by the above gentlettteu..Mr. Pliillpotts was down upon his old friends, the street commissioners, as usual, and some sharp words passed, but we hope that the im. portant measure for which the meeting was assembled, will not be impeded by party differences. One of the steain tugs at the doc'.ks, was engaged on Mon- day last, to convey a large number of prisoners from Cardiff goal, to the quarter sessions, held at Neath, the following day Shortly after the vessel left the river, an accident occurred to' one of the paddles, this, however, was repaired after a while, and she proceeded on her course, ftd on reaching Laveinock point another accident, occurred to the feed pipe, this it seemed could not be remedied, and the prisoners were put on shore, and conveyed to Neath in omnibuses, and whatever other con- veyance that could be made available for the purpose. CARDIFF BENEFIT ANNUITANT SOCIETY—The anni- veisary oi this society was held on Monday last, when the members proceeded to St. John's Church, and heard a most excellent discourse by the Rev. T. Stacev, from the 6th chap Galatians and the 10th verse. As we have, therefore, oppor- tunity fetus do good Ullto llJ men;" the sermon was appro, priate throughout, and listened to with much attention. Service being over, the procession formed and walked to the school rooiu. preceded by the Royal Glamorgan Band. After the usual business was transacted at this place, the pro. cession re-formed, and went to the Angel Hotel, where an ad- mirable dinner was served up by the landlord, Mr. J. Cross, and which his guests did not tail to appreciate. C C.Williams. Esq.. treasurer,presided,supported by the Rev. T Stacey. After the loyal toasts were given, the lipalth of the young -Marquess of Bute was pledged with enthusiasm. The chairman said he had written to the Marchioness of Bute, to allow her illu-trious sou to become president of the society, in the room of his la- mented father; several other toasts followed, the band pluying appropriate music. The utmost harmony prevailed, arid the proceedings terminated by giving three cheers lor h. P. Rich- ards, Esq actuary for the society. We understand the funds of the society amount to considerably above £ 2,000. FATAL ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday last, a melancholy acci- dent occurred on board the Commerce, of Drogheda, Captain Morgan it appears the vessel was proceeding up the Bristol (jhannel, when one of the sailors fell from the mast head to the ttnfctre*#<>r titmn tn about three hours after the accident. His body was brought on shore on Wednesday, and interred on Thursday morning in the cemetry".


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