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NEW WESLEYAN CHAPEL, NEWPORT. TheWesleyan body of this town, distinguished as is the denomination to which they belong, for their giving" pro- pensity, whenever claims are made upon them for benevolent and religious purposes, seem to be outstripping even them- selves. Recently, a commodious new chapel, built entirely by voluntary contributions, has reared its graceful proportions at Pillgwenlly; which, as well as being a chaste architectural ornament to that locality, affords an extent of accommodation more adequate to the necessities of the population than had been previously provided. Had the chaoel-building spirit subsided here for a time, we should have considered that an object of great importance to the Weslevans had been zealously and promptly accomplished; but the society at Newport, seeming rather inspirited than discouraged by the success of their brethren at rillgw'enllv, have now set to work in good earnest about the erection of a more commodious edifice, on the site of the old building in Commercial-street. After having taken steps tc gaugG. the extent of available resources among themselves, and obtain so. an indication of something above ;C7on, their first public measure was a breakfast meeting, held at the Town-hall, on >V ednesdav last, on the occasion of laying the foundation- stone for the intended structure. The matter was taken up with great warmth and earnestness by the members of the society, who soon made their zealous appeals for co-operation tell upon the public. The result was, that on Wednesday morning last, our Town-hall presented one of the most interesting spectacles perhaps ever witnessed within its walls. A large and respectable assembly, gathered from all the Christian denominations of the town, filled the commodious hall; and partook of au entertainment which would certainly have done credit to caterers of much higher pretensions than those under whose superintendence the arrangements were conducted. The provisions consisted of the requisites for a substantial and satisfactory repast, with many delicacies, and were provided gratuitously, we understand, 'by some of the leading members of the Wesleyan society. The whole was served in a tasteful and agreeable style, giving the greatest satisfaction to the numerous assembly. The finest flowers of this favourable season were scattered in rich profusion over the tables, from one end of the room to the other and suspended in various parts of the ball, wreathed into graceful festoons and crowns,amid flags and banners,bearing appropri- ate inscriptions. About 350 persons sat down to breakfast, after which, Mr. W. Christopners having been requested to preside, addresses suitable to the occasion were delivered by the Rev, Messrs. Barfield, Allen, Lees, of Cambridge, and Owen; Messrs. E. W. Jones, and J.Cole, of Newport, and Mr. Price, of Cardiff. The J)o::ology having been sung, a procession was Formed, composed of the ministers present, the trustees and leaders of the society, and a large body of meui- bers, who walked three abreast, to the site of the intended building. The devotional exercises were conducted by the Rev. C. Tucker, of Cardiff, and the ceremony of laying the foundation-stone was performed by Mrs.E.YV Jones, of New- port, assisted by W. C. Webb, Esq., of Pill, and J. Wilson, Esq., architect, of Bath. At the conclusion of this ceremony, Mrs. Jones was presented, by the Rev. W. Powel. on behalf of the building committee, with an elegantly-bound copy ot the sacred scriptures,which was appropriately acknowledged, for Mrs. Jones, by Mr. Webb. Addresses were subsequently delivered by the 'Rev. Thomas Gillman, Mr. E. W. Jones,&c.; and a vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to the Mayor of Newport, for the facilities he had afforded to the commit- tee, in allowing the use of the Town-hall, and for a. donation of flve pounds, which he had presented to the building fund. The proceedings were concluded with singing and prayer. We understand that T. Walker, Esq., of Cheltenham, who Was to have laid the foundation-stone, was unavoidably prevented from attending. W e believe that i 50 will he added to the building fund, as the result of the day's proceedings.





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