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The following has appeared as an advertisement in the Chrol/icle :-H The subscribers to the fund raised in behalf of Emily Sandford, are informed that she has emigrated, at her own request, to Australia, accompanied by her brother, Mr. H. Sandford. She evinced gtron2 feeliogs of gratitude towards itiose who, compassionating her situation, came forward to rescue her from ruin. The total amount of subscriptions was 1683 13s. 3d.; of which f556 5s, 6J. has been expended in providing for the wants of herself and her brother, inclusive of £60, given by her desire, to members of her own family. The balance, f427 7-i. 9d., remaining at Messrs. Gurneys and Co., tj be iemitted as may hereefter be deemed advisable." CUKE OF A DISORDERFD STOMACH, WITH WEAKNESS, ANn GKNKRAL DEBIUTY, BY HOLLOWAY'S Pills.— Mr. M'Kensie,of StornoAay, a retired officer, who had spent many years in warm climates, was afflicted with a disotdered stomach, indigestion, and liver complaint, with complete debility. In his endeavours to renovate his constitution, he visited the various watering- places, and obtained the advice of manv European physicians of celebrity, without experiencing leliet. Under these circumstan- ces, Holloway's Pills were lecommended to him, and, to the astonishment of all who had witnessed his previous sufferings, be is restored to the most buoyant health, by a course ot this inestimable medicine. "I lie young disease, which must subdue at length, Grows with our growth, strengthens with our strength." An improper regimen acting upon a particular kind of con- stitution, late hours" both of retiring to rest and rising in the murning lay the foundation of intestinal as well as skin diseases. To all such we would recommend first a change of system, and secondly, as a powerful assistant for <he recovery of health, that efficacious Family Medicine, Frampion's Pill of Health, which has procured the approbation of persons in every station in society. ENORMOUS CHEESE.—Mr. James Elgar, cheesemonger, Peter- borough, has exhibited an immense cheese, which has. rttracied the admiration of the inhabitants. The weight is 1,474 lbs., its circumference 13 feet, and thickness IS inches. This may be remarked, exceeds in size and weight the one sent as a present to the Queen from Somersetshire, in 1841. which measured 9 feet round, and was 22 inches deep. Mr. Elgar's cheese was made from upwards of 20 hncsheads of milk, of one meal, from 7o7 co,s.-Noi,thanii)toin Herald. PRESENT FROM THE IMAUN OF MUSCAT TO THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.—The ship Arteinisia, Capt -in Hemmett, arrived in the London Docks on Satuiday from Zanzibar. Her mid deck is fitted up as a temporary six-stall stable, which contains five Arabian horses, four greys and a bay, of a small but singula.) perfect make, although somewhat out of condition from a 11J0" sea voyage. These horses, with another which died on il^ passage, were sent over for presentation 10 her Majesty fioin ihC King of Muscat, and will be landed this day and sunt forth 1 to the royal stables at Buckingham palace. Whilst at sea ih provender was oilseed and dates. The Artemisia ha K brought here by an Arab crew, assisted by an Enelish l'he dress and appearance of the ^rabs is very pit.t Svvain- contrasting stiangely with that of our seamen in thedockQ^Ti6, ship and crew have excited much interest. "CKS. ine THE MAGPIE.—The half-nest of the maeoie i« «• by a rural ornithological legend. Once on a iiln couP,e P1 world was very young, the magpie, by some acciiW .il, although she was quite as cunning as she is at nr another, only bird that was unable to build a nest i„PIf?enl' w,as •he she applied to the other members of the fpaii PerPlexl kindly undertook to instruct her. So 0„ .K riCe? ? !t they assembled for that purpose, and the mat 1 app0U|Jpn collected, the blackbird said. P|„e ™ haT* said the m<igpie, I knew that afore." The other birds followed SS NV"' •».-•> »T S."EK,S.-«R Kept raying. Ah 1 Knew luat afnrp A » #u uhen the birds habitations was half-finished, the pa^enSf the company was fairly exhausted by the pertinacious conceit of the P^. so they all left her with the united cxclamatmn 'Well, M»»*ess Mag, as y»u seem to know all about il you may e'en finish your nest vouiself." Their resollllion was obdurate aod final, and o this day the magpie exhibits the eff ct of partial instruction by her miserable incomplete abode.-ZitW Gatetle. THU BKKCON OTTER HouNos.-On Monday morning last. Lorn Martin and his merry little pa.:k were early afloat, and joined by some half dozen of the enthusiastic lovers of the sport, at two p.m., proceeded uo the river to Llyncoed Pit, where they got the first blow." and ran with scarce a check to the Iscar— up which they dashed at a speed which led us to suppose the tvrants of the stream" had sought refuse amid the wocded sides of the romantic dingle down which that bank pours its ciystal waters. However, they soon turned back ',ani* ln the famous holt of Abeibran the otter was mark. d by that trump of a dog, Collier, whose determined him to •« bolt*" and, after a hunt of several hours, the foe 0f the finny tribe was speared by an ania\Y'"P0' °>^ „° his maiden spear in such s„leastocallfortliachcerof approba- fioo from the veteran Tm. ,-Silurian.


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