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THE MISSES HOLMES RESPECTFULLY announce to the Ladies of Newport and 'the neighbourhood, their return from London with an elegant and carefully-selected STOCK, of tRENCH and EMiLISH MILLINERY, MANTLES, &c. a great variety of STRAW and FANCY BONNETS. The SHOW-ROOM will be Opened on THURSDAY, MAY 3rd when an early inspection is solicited. 55, High-street, Newport. ST. MARIE'S CHURCH, NEWPORT. A SPIRITUAL RETREAT will be Preached in this Church by the Rev. M. W. FUKLONG, the Rev. W. LOCK- KAKT, B.A., (late of Magdalen College, Oxford,) and the Rev. 11. HOPKINS, to commence on Sunday next, April 29th, and to continue till Sunday, May 13th, 1849. DAVID MORRIS LITHOGRAPHER. DRAFTSMAN, AND PRINTER, 139, Commercial-street, three doors from Hill-street, Newport- IJLANS of Estates, Ac., Bills of Sale, Engineers' and JL Architectural Drawings, Music, Bankers' Receipts and Advices, Law Forms and Deeds, (executed in the legal style,) Letters, Fac Similes, Circulars, Crests, Shipping and Customs Papers, Invoices and Bill Heads, Advertising and Business Cards, Labels, Portraits, Landscapes, &c., are some of the numerous subjects for which this art is peculiarly applicable, and which may be executed in any style that may be required. All orders entrusted to D. M. shall meet with prompt and careful attention. GENERAL UNDERTAKING ESTABLISH- MENT. 14, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. JAMES "VVARR and SON announce to the public of New- port and surrounding districts, that they have completed arrangements by which they are enabled to undertake the General Furnishing of Funerals, of every description, in all their branches; and they are determined honestly to adopt every means, by assiduous attention, punctuality, and modera- tion of charges, to equa', if not the pretensions of any similar establishment in the county. tj £ gr Warr nnd Son, 14, Stow-Hill, Newport, Contractors for the several Parishes of the Newport Union. Hearses and mourning equipages, with all the accompanying preparations and arrangements, either for funerals upon an extended scale, or suitable to the circumstances of humble families. J. PALMER'S GENERAL UNDERTAKING, AND FUNERAL- FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 43, Llanarth-street, Newport, next door to the West of England Bank. The stock will be found replete with every article for the no- j bleman, the tradesman, and the peasant, viz.:— Coffins coffin furniture in silver, brass, metal, and tin, of the newest designs, amounting to about 900 sets; ostrich plumes; velvet hangings; cloaks; state tressels, and Genoa silk-velvet palls; velvet coverings; wands; silks; crapes and gloves; hatchments; superb Cashmere robes, bound with satin; flannels cambric shrouds cloths baizes; &c. Hearses and mourning coaches engaged for any distance. Designs for tombs always at hand. No connection with any other house. PORT OR HARBOUR OF NEWPORT. WE, the undersigned, being Eight of the Commissioners w of the Port or Harbour of Newport, in the County of Monmouth, hereby give notice, that the General Yearly Meet- ing of the Commissioners of the said Port or Harbour, will be hidden on FHIOVY, the twenty-fifth day of MAY next, at ten o'clock in tin* forenoon, at the Town-Hall, Newport, for the purpose of Auditing the Accounts for the year ending the thirty first day of March last, and to report the stnte of the said harbour and also for the transaction of general business. Dated this twenty-fourth day of April, 1H49. WM. EVANS, J. J. NICHOLAS, T. B. BATCllELOH, JOSEPH LATCH, JOHN JAMES, JOHN FRASER, R. BURTON, THOMAS PROTHERO. In attendance periodically, at Newport, the first WEDNESDAY, and Cardiff, the first THURSDAY in every Month. MR. YOUNG. SURGEON-DENTIST, BEGS most respectfully to state, that it is his intention to meet his engagements for his usual periodical visit to NEWPOKT and CARDIFF, on the 2nd and 3rd of next month, for which purpose he will be in attendance at his apartments, Jlr Gtcillim's, Chemist, Ao. 11, Commercial-Street, Newport, on Wednesday, May 2nd, and at Mr T. Mitchell's, Angel-Street, Cardiff, on Thursday, May 3rd, where he may be consulted on all cases relating to his profession. Mr. Young takes this opportunity of acknowledging the very gratifying confidence reposed in his professional skill during the period he has visited South Wales and of stating that his method of adapting all descriptions of artificial teeth, and of performing the various operations appertaining to Dental Surgery, combines every modern improvement—whilst from the opportunities he has had of obtaining a thorough and practical knowledge of his profession in all its branches, during the last nine years of practice in the metropolis and country, he feels assured of being able to give entire s3.tisfaction to those who may favour him with their support. In all cases of a mechanical nature, Mr. Young will engage that the workmanship shall be unsurpassed in. beauty and finish by anythill to be obtained in London or Paris; and trusts by strict integrity, and charges the most moderate that can pos- sibly be adopted, to merit a continuance of that confidence hitherto extended to him. N. B.—Mr. Yuung has removed his residence from No. 50, Park-street, Bristol, to No. I, Belmont, adjoining the Royal York Crescent, Clifton. THIS DAY, OCTAVO. 14s. the Language, Social Condition, Moral W Character, and Religious Opinions of the People, considered in their relation to Education. By Sin. THOMAS PHILLIPS. London: John W. Parker, West Strand. CONTRACT FOR BUILDING A BRIDGE. rpHE Surveyors of the Highways of the Parishes of LLAN- i. EDARN and SAINT MELLONS, are ready to receive tenders for erecting a Bridge over the Rhymney River, to con- nect the said parishes in the Counties of Glamorgan and Mon- mouth. Plan and Specification to be seen on application to Mr. David James, Saint Mellons, on and after the 28th day of April, Scaled tenders, endorsed, to be delivered on or before the 8th day of May next, to Mr. David James, or delivered at the White Hart Inn, Saint Mellons, at two o'clock precisely, < n the 8th day of May No tenders will be received later than the stated time. Endorsed tenders, for erecting the said Bridge, to be addressed to Mr. David James, Surveyor of the Highways of the Parish of St. Mellons, County of Monmouth and the committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest tender DAVID J AMES, Surveyor, &c., St. Mellons. BRISTOL AND BRECOIt. THE PRINCE OF WALES COACH. rpHE Public are respectfully informed that the above Coach will commence running on the 1st of MAT, leaving the Lion Hotel, Bristol, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at a quarter before One, through Chepstow, Usk, and Aberga- venny, to Brecon, returning the alternate days, leaving the Castle Hotel, Brecon, at Six a.m. 11. P. WILLIAMS, J. NIBLETT and Co., Beachley, April 23rd, 1849. Proprietors. ARMY CONTRACTS. NnTTnt, of Ordnance, Pall Mall, 10th April, 1849. UilLh is hereby given to all persons desirous of con- TT xr tractlin& t0 supply Meat, Bread, Oats, and Forage, to Her Majesty's Land Forces ( bread and meat for the foot guards and tor the household cavalry excepted,) in cantonments, quarters, and barracks, in the Counties of England severally, in Wales, in North Britain, in the Isle of Man, and in the Channel Islands, for Six MONTHS, from the 1st June next, InclusIve :— That proposals in writing, addressed to the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, sealed up and marked on the outside, 4. Tender for Army Supplies," will be received at the Ordnance Office, Pall-Mali, on or before Wednesday, the ninth day of May next, and tenders may be delivered at any time during that day. Persons who make tenders, are desired not to use any forms but those which may be had upon application at the Office of the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance in Pall Mall. By order of the Board, R. BYHAM, Secretary. HORSE SHOEING WITHOUT THE USE OF NAILS. MR. PARRY, of Plymouth, begs to inform the public that the specification of his patent shall be registered with every possible dispatch, after which he will be prepared to offer to Farriers and others, LICENSES to SHOE HORSES, in accordance with it, on very moderate terms. A general prospectus, containing every needful information, with drawings, is preparing, and when ready for distribution shall be extensively circulated. 41, Connaught-Terrace, Hvde-Park. TO INN-KEEPERS, DEALERS, &c. TOBACCO PIPES, CARRIAGE PAID to Newport; 9-inch, 7Jd. 16-inch Is. 2d.; 18-inch, Is. 7 d. per gross carefully packed in boxes, at Is. each. Cash accompanying the order will insure invoice in course of post. Address, WILLIAM HENRY PARDOE, Manufacturer, near Gas Works, Bristol. SECOND PUBLICATION FOR THE YEAR, 1848. List of persons who have taken out General Game Certificates at £4 Os. (lId. each, including the additional duty of 10 per cent., under the Act of 3 Vict., cap. 17. Schedule (D.) Name. Residence. Gething, James Edward.St Woollos. Humberstone, Edward. Marshfield. Langley, William Lanvair Discoed. Lewis, William Trcllick Grange. Lewis, Thomas Risca. Rodney, William P Lanvihangel Crucorney. Rowland, Edward ..Ishlawrcoed. Thomas, Moses .Machen Lower. Waters, Richard Clawrplyff. Williams, Edward Davis Ishlawrcoed. Wishlade.John Mammoel. Names of Persons Licensed to Deal in Game. Yarnold, Richard .Newport. List of Persons Surcharged in Double Duty for Sporting without Certificates :— Davis, Edwin .Llantillio Pertholey. Davis, Thomas Ditto. ditto. Evans, George Risca. Francis, William St. Mellons. James, William .Risca. Morgan, Rees.St. Mellons. Williams, Edwards Lantrissent. J.O-HN So BARFOOT. Surveyor. 24th April, 1819. DARIN'S ROYAL PATENT COFFEE. No. ONE, ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD, LONDON. DA KIN & COMPANY have much pleasure in announcing that they have appointed Mr. CHARLES NAPPER, Confectioner, ic High-street, Sole Agent for Newport, for the sale of their Royal Patent Coffee. In announcing this appointment, it will be important to point out the excellence and advantages of Dakin's Royal Patent Lottee, and for the purpose of doing so with brevity, the follow- ing copy ot a certificate of Mr. Alfred S. Taylor, and Mr.Arthur j °u If great autllont,es °n Chemistry, Medical Jurisprudence, and the Sanatory question, may suffice We hereby certify that we have chemically examined four varieties of coffee, namely, best Mocha, Jamaica, very fine and good Plantation (Ceylon) Coffee, both in the raw state, and a. prepared and roasted by the Patent Process of Messrs. Dakin. We have likewise chemically examined samples of the same varieties of Coffee. masted at the same time, in the usual way, and the result of this examination is, that in delicacy of flavour, odour, and as an article of diet, the Coffee prepared by Nlessrs. DAKIN'S process is, in our judgment, superior to that prepared in the ordinary way. We have also examined the apparatus used by Messrs. Dakin for roasting Coffee, and we find that all the surfaces with which the Coffee comes in contact during this process, are of Silver. We hnd also that great care is taken so to regulate the degree of heat, and the mode of its application, as to render necessary a longer time and lower temperature to effect the roasting, whereby all risk of charring the berry, or producing empyreumatic od is prevented, the separation of acid vapour is move gradual and complete, and a larger portion of aroma ia re- tained than occurs in the usual methods of Coffee roasting The process of Messrs. Dakin appears to us, therefore, in a chemical view, better adapted than any yet suggested for pro- curing roasted toffes in a pure and wholesome form. "ARTHUR AIKIN, "ALFRED S. TAYLOn, F.R.S., Lecturers on Chemistry in Guy's Hospital. Chemical Laboratory. Guy's Hospital, Aug. 9, 1848 ntlCE CURRENT OF DAKIN'S ROYAL PATENT COKFEI." Roasted in Silver cylinders. The following orts are supplied in sealed bottles, containing two pounds each, and no charge is made for the bottles :— Two pounds of good sound Coffee, in a sealed bottle 2s. 6d. Two pounds of stiong and fine flavoured Coffee, in asealedbottte. 3.. Od. Two pounds of very choice and excellent Coffee, in a sealed bottle 3s. 6d. fwo pounds ot the finest old Mountain Coffee, mellow in ripeness and richness of flavour, in a sealed Lottie 4s. Od. The prospectus, fully detailing the process, and the particulars or the invention, may be bad, or will be fotwarded, gratis, on application to Mr. CHARLES NAPPER, Confectioner, &c., High-street, SOLE AGENT for NEWPORT, for the Sale of DAKIN'S ROYAL PATENT COFFEE. CAMBRIAN HOUSE, NEWPORT. PRICE'S IMMENSE STOCK OF DRAPERY NOW SELLING OFF. B PRICE begs leave most respectfully to announce to his friends and customers, and the public in general, that being • about to give up the Linen and Woollen Drapery Business in Newport, his extensive Stock will be SOLD OFF at such reduced prices as will enable him to effect a complete clearance of the whole before the First of May. Under these circumstances it is plain that there must be a great sacrifice in the price of every article, otherwise it will be impossible to sell so large a quantity of goods in so short a time. The decided nature of such sacrifice will be made apparent in every individual purchase. The stock, which is quite new, and in excellent condition, consists of rich striped fancy and glace Silks, Shawls, Scarfs, Mousseline de Laines, Cachmeres, Lamas, Bareges, Balzorines, Oryandiss, Challies, Prints, Ribbons Parasols, Bonnets, Woollen Cloths, Moleskins, Corduroys, Vesting, Kerseymeres, Irish Linen, Sheeting, Ducks, Dowlaises' Ticks, Printed Furnitures, Moreens, Cobourgs, Orleans, Hosiery, Lace, Haberdashery, Hats, Caps, and Stays. The whole and entire Stock will be Sold Off without reserve. The Sale commenced on SATURDAY, APRIL 7th, and followed up every succeeding day, beginning at Ten o'clock each morning. Every article marked in plain figures, and from which no abatement will be made. N.B.—THE SHOP AND FIXTURES TO BE LET. THE VERY BEST ARTICLES AT REDUCED PRICES HEN RY SHEPPARD, 144, COMMERCIAL-STREET, OPPOSITE THE TABERNACLE, NEWPORT, HAS just received a Fresh Supply of STIVENS'CELEBRATED WINES and MARMALADES, consisting of —VVINES: Jamaica Ginger, Red Currant, rich Raisin, Raspberry, Orange, Port, and Sherry.—MARMALADES; Lemon West Indian Shaddock, and Orange. The quality is unequalled, and extremely low prices are charged, in order to induce a large demand, thus fully carrying out the idea of small profits, and large returns." H. S. acknowledges, with pleasure, the approbation which has been accorded to his system of business for the last six years the continued increase of his trade, affording him ample proof, that an appreciating Public are ever ready to support a fair and honourable competition. A large lot of CONGOU TEAS, direct from Bond, selling at- Good U sctul 3s. 4d. per lb. Plantation Coffee, fresh roasted Is. Od. per lb. Fine Sound. 3s. 8d. Inferior, much lower. Choice, bold, and strong. 4s. Od. Fine Jamaica Coffee is. 4d. A delicious Pekoe flavored,of extreme strength 4s. 6d. The extremely low prices prevailing, have induced II. S. to purchase largely in Provisions and Groceries, which shall be sold at prices to suit the times. Good Raw Sugars from 4d. per lb. Fine Lump. from 6d. per lb. Superfine French, Best Seconds, and Household Flour. Observe !-The Golden Canister, opposite the Tabernacle, 144, Commercial-street. CARRIAGE FREE. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES, No. 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE. TH& attention of Families and Large Consumers is paiticularly directed to the advantages derivable at the above Establishment, wkere l eas and Coffees are supplied at the IMPOHT I'KICES, without the usual addition of intermediate profits. The present time is an excellent opportunity tor purchasers to replenish their stocks, as pricts are unusually low and the quality of this season's Teas is remarkably good. We beg to offer- BLACK TEAS. Per lb. | BLACK TEAS. Per lb. s. d. s. a. Good common Black Tea 28 Finest Lapsang Souchong (exceedingly scarce and rare. Good sound Congou lea (a very good common Tea) 3 U This Tea would have fetched 10s. per lb. a few years Strong Congou Tea (an excellent Tea for domestic sidee) purposes) 34 GREEN TEAS. Fine Congou Tea, Pekoe flavour (we recommend this Good common Green 30 particularly) 3 8 Fine l wankay Tea 34 Pekoe Souchong Tea (a very superior Tea) 4 0 Young llysou, 3s 8d., 4s. 4d.. 5s. Fine Pekoe Souchong (this is the linest of its class, very Hyson, 3s. 10d., 4s. 4d., 5s., 6s. rich flavour) 44 Gunpowder, 4s, 4s. 4d., 5s., 6s., 7s. It will be seen we have not made remarks about our Greens, as they are generally used to flavour the Blacks, and are used according to the choice of the consumer. COFFEE. s. d. Fine Plantation Coffee ] o Good commou Coffee •• 0 9 Finest Java ditto 1 4 Ceylon ditto 0 10 Finest Cuba ditto j iiocst ditto 10 Finest Mocha ditto mm 18 Our Coffees are roasted by patent machinery, by which the aroma is preserved, and all acidity removed. Where parties are unknown to the firm, a reference in town is expected. MANSELL & CO., Wholesale Tea Dealers, 2, Bucklersbury, Ctleapside.- Delivere(l, carriage free, to all parts of Scotland. Agent for Newport,-Il. KNIGIIT, Grocer and Flour Dealer, 33, Maishes Road.—Chepstow,—CHAS. HODGSON, Chemist. .==.=-=-=- LECTURES AT THE TOWN-HALL, NEWPORT. IN compliance with a request from a portion of the Inha- bitants of this Town, Three Lectures will be delivered (by permission of the Mayor,) at he Town-Hall, Newport, on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, May 3rd, 4th, and 7th, 1849 By H. VINCENT, Esu., of London. LECTURE 1. The intellectual and moral characteristics of the age. In- fluence of the press, cheap literature, railways, the electric telegraph, and public meetings, upon our character as a people -gridual improvement of the populace—our moral move- ments—decline of brute force—tendency of the world towards peace, civilisation, and liberty. LECTURE 11. The condition of our poorer classes—importance of using all available means to promote their mental and moral elevation- popular and vulgar prejudices against the efficient elevation of the people—woman, and her mission—the connexion between virtue, intellect, and liberty, and the cause of order and civiliza- tion in all countries. LECTURE III. Civil and religious liberty—past and present history of this question in England and Ireland—dangerous policy of our modern statesmen in connexion with It- Baptlst N ocl s seces- sion—the duty devolving upon the friends of religious and intellectual freedom at this crisis. The Mayor has kindly consented to preside at the first lecture. Admission—Front seats and orchestra, Is. each lecture, or 2s the course. Back seats, (id. each lecture. Tickets may be obtained of T. OLIVER and Co., Stationers opposite the Town-hall, or Mr. T. INGLIS, Hatter, Com- mercial-street. The doors will be opened at fifteen minutes to, and the lectures will commence precisely at a quarter past Eight o'clock. Newport, April 20, 1849. MARBLE MONUMENTS FOR CHURCHES AND CEMETERIES. THE WESTMINSTER MARBLE COMPANY have _L extensively established large works, fitted up with pateat machinery, for extensively executing and supplying every variety of marble work, at a considerable reduction in price, to facilitate the introduction of marble in public and private buildings, in all parts of the country. Sculptors and artists of tirst-rate talent are employed to execute monuments, and the ornamental branches. Designs are sent to all parts of England for monuments, tombs, chimney pieces, &e. A vacancy for a respectable youth as apprentice, to learn the ornamental branches. Direct, Mr. Hartly, Westminster Marble Works, Earl-Street, Millbank, London. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, that old estab- lished house, THE BUNCH OF GRAPES, 14, Skinner- street, Newport, Monmouthshire. The above house is situate in one of the greatest thorough- fares in the improving town of Newport, being near the Custom House, and all the principal Merchants' and Brokers' Offices. Satisfactory reasons will be given for the present proprietor leaving. Application to be made to Mr. David Blackwood, on the pre- mises. Newport, March 27, 1849. GOOD KEEP ON SALT MARSH, fT^O be Entered on the First of May, at the following JL prices :—Cattle, yearling, Is. 3d.; two-year ditto, Is. 6d.; three-year ditto, g. per week. Ilorses yearling colts, ls.6d.; two-year ditto, 2s three-year ditto, 2s. 6d. per week. No unsplayed stock, or any with infectious diseases, admitted, and any taken away within a month will be charged 6d. per week extra. Apply to Mrs. JAMES, Sunny Bank, Saint Brides. TO BE LET, A RESPECTABLE DWELLING-HOUSE, situate near the Rock Inn, Bedwelty, and to be entered upon the 18t of May, 1849. Also a House and Smith's Forge to be Let, with tools. For further particulars apply to Mr. Edward Rowland, Pontaberpengam, near Blackwood, Monmouthshire. TO BE LET, A GENTEEL RESIDENCE, at CLIFTON PLACE, Stow Hill, Newport. Application to be made to M. SIMONNET, Clifton Place, or Mr. BENJAMIN JAMES, Jun., Oakfield Cottage, Stow- Hill, Newport. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. LEASEHOLD PREMISES FOR SALE. MR. II. M. PARI RIDGE is instructed to Sell by Auction' at the Westgate Hotel, on Wednesday, the 2nd May> 1849, at five o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced, in two lots, the under- mentioned valuable Leasehold Houses and Premises, viz. :— LOT I.-All that substantial, roomy, and well-built messuage or dwelling-house, with the coal-yard opening on the tram- road, and extensive premises attached, situate at the end of Fothergill-street, at present in the occupation of Mr. John Leaeh, at the low rental of £30 per annum. LOT 2.—All those three convenient cottages, together with a large stable, loft over ditto, and yard, adjoining lot 1, producing together a rental of je40 per annum. The above property is held under two leases from the Tredegar Wharf Company, for a term, about 51 years of which are unexpired, and subject to annual ground rents, as regards lot 1, off4 LOs., and lot 2, El los. Also, TO BE LET, with immediate possession, that newly. built and convenient Family Residence, situate on the Cardiff- Road, late in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. Joseph Jones, coal-merchant. The house has a neat pleasure ground in front, and an excellent well-stocked garden attached; and contains breakfast, dining, and drawing-rooms, suitable bed and dressing ditto, bath room, water and housemaids' closets, china pantry, good kitchens, pantries, and offices, and is well supplied with both kinds of water. There are also roomy cellars, four stalled stable, coach-house, granary, pigsty, and a large yard behind, and the tenant may also for the first year be accommodated with a few acres of good meadow land. For further particulars, and to view, apply to Mr. H. M. PARTRIDGE, Auctioneer, House, Estate, and General Agent, St. Woolos House, Stow-Hill. MONMOUTHSHIRE. SALE OF COPYHOLD PROPERTY. VALUABLE Copyhold Property for Sale, near the British, Pentwyn, and Golynos Iron Works. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at the Cr own Inn, Pontypool, on Monday, the 30th day of April, instant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more lot or lots, as may be agreed upon at the time of sale, all those NINE DWELLING HOUSES and a Slope, eligibly situated near the British, Pentwyn, and Golynos Iron Works, in the parish of Treveti.in, and county of Monmouth, the property of the late William Pritchard, of Golynos, deceased, now or late in the several occupations of William Gunter, Morgan Edwards, George Richards, John Pritchard, James Powell, Joseph Edwards, David Zachariah, Edward Green, Joseph Butcher, and Samuel Clark, at rents amounting to upwards of £60 per annum. Mr. William Richards, Glazier, of George-street, Pontypool, will show the property and further particulars may be had on application to Mr. CROFT, Solicitor, Newport. Pontypool, 16th April, 1849. TO BE PEREMPTORILY RE-SOLD, PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause LEWIS versus JONES, with the approba- tion of William Wingfield, Esuuire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Angel Hotel, in the Town of Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, on Thursday, the 10th day of May, 1849, (instead of the 12th, as formerly advertised,) at one of the clock in the afternoon, in one lot, A Freehold Estate, situate in the Parish of Llanvetherine, in the County of Monmouth, consisting of a messuage or farm- house, called '• Upper Gelly House," with barn, stables, out- buildings, orchard, and garden thereto belonging, and several closes or pieces of arable, grass, and pasture, and wood land, containing in the whole 67 acres 23 perches, or thereabouts, part of a i'arm called Gelly Farm. Printed particulars may be had (gratis) at the said Mastei: s Chambers, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, JU>n on of Messrs. Gregory and Sons, solicitors, No. lw, C ,,nJon London; of Mr. Raw, solicitor, No. 5, Furruval s > and in the country, of Messrs. Gabb and Secretan solicitors and of Mr. W. F. Batt, solicitor an t> Hotel, Abergavenny. RESIDENCE AND FARM FOR SALE. Beautiful Residence, in the immediate neighbourhood of A cr. gavenny, and an excellent Farm, near the Town of Monmou 1 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. WHITB, at the Angel Inn, Abergavenny, on Tuesday, the 5th day of June, 1849, at twelve for one o'clock precisely, LOT 1.—The delightful residence known as THE STILL HOUSE," with suitable offices, walled garden, pleasure grounds, and finely-timbered park-like paddocks, in all upwards of 75 acres, beautifully situate at the foot of the Derry Hill, and within a mile of the capital market-town of Abergavenny. The house contains large and excellent drawing and dining- rooms, with good bed-rooms, and offices, adapted in every respect to the accommodation of a considerable family and to all persons acquainted with the locality, it is superfluous to state that for convenience, and beauty, and healthiness of situation, this gentlemanly residence is not surpassed, even in the County of Monmouth. The proprietor is authorised to state that should a purchaser desire more land, he will have the option of purchasing 82A. 2R. 30P. of excellent land, chiefly mcadow, immediately adjoining the above, the property of Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., at a fixed reasonable price, which will be named before the sale. LOT 2—"THE RED HOUSE FARM," consisting of a good farm-house and buildings, and 127A. I a. 251', of good land, situate in the parish of Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, near to the fourteen mile turnpike-road from Monmouth to Abergavenny, and distant about four miles from the former town. Printed particulars, with plans, may be had three weeks before the sale, at the principal hotels in this and the adjoining counties; of Messrs. Gabb and Woodhouse, solicitors, Aber- gavenny; of the Auctioneer, Coleford; of Messrs. White, Eyre and White, 1), Bedford-Row, London; and of Messrs. Blouut and Davis, solicitors, Usk, Monmouthshire. -=. FREEHOLD RESIDENCE IN USK. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, all that ncht 1 Freehold Resilience, with convenient fixtures, together with cottage, coach-house, cut-buildings, and two-stall stable, and an excellent garden, now in the occupation of Mr. OREAT- AVOOD, who quits on the first day of November next. l'or particulars apply to Mrs. MATTHEWS, S, Vittoria- Place, West Clifton, Bristol. FREEHOLD LAND, TO BE SOLD, about Six Hundred Square Yards of Building Land, eligibly situated at Clifton Terrace near the Newport Cemetery. Apply to Mr. T. B. BATCHELOR, Newport. UPPER LLANFOIST HOUSE ESTATE, NEAR ABERGAVHNN-Y, MOXMOUTHSIIIRE. TIUS very valuable and highly picturesque Freehold Estate will be ottered for Sale by Auction, by Mr. JOHN WIL- LIAIS, at the Angel Hotel, in the Town of Abergavenny, on '♦kIU(-S(n,"V' day ot May next, at one o'clock precisely, 111 the following lots, and subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, Lot I.-A valuable piece of garden ground, pointing both to the Blaenavon turnpike-road, and to the Brecon and Aberga- venny canal, (opposite to Messrs. Bailey's Govilon Wharf,) and admirably adapted either for a wharf or building purposes, and containing 2a. IlIp. Lot 2.—Three valuable closes of land, all fronting the turn- pike-road from Abergavenny to Merthyr, and most conveniently situate for Ictting-out on building lease, or in garden allotments, the whole containing 10A. 2k. 20r. Lot 3.-Comprises a barn, cowhouse, and fold, and two closes of good arable land, the whole containing 5A. I it. 34r. Lot 4—Two gardens, with stable, &c., adjoining the Brccon and Abergavenny canal company's wharf, a good meadow, and pi ce of rood land, the whole containing 3A. OR. 19p. Lot 5.-Two very valuable closes of rich meadow land, known as the Three Covers and WrIod Fach, with a thriving youn" oakwood, the whole containing 3A. 2n. 0 Lot 6.—An exceedingly valuable piece of ground, called Cae Main, which might be converted very profitably into a garden or building lots, and would be a most eligible site for the erection of a small inn, together with a thriving oak coppice adjoining, the whole containing 5A. 2JI. 18P. The preceding lots comprise the farm of Lower Pentwyn, in the parish of Llanwenarth, containing 28A. 3K. 21 r", now in the occupation of Richard Jones, Esq., or his under- tenants and from their proximity to the village of Llan- foist and Govilon, and advantageous position, these lands would be much sought after, and command very good rents. The following lots arc all situate in the parish of Llanfoist Lot 7.—The very valuable wood, called Upper Llanfoist Grove, containing 58A. On. 33P., which skirts the Brecon and Abergavenny canrl for nearly three quarters of a mile, has a very excellent soil, and is noted for the superior quality of its timber it also contains several beds of excellent stone. Lot 8.—The large and commodious family mansion of Upper Llanfoist, with suitable out-offices, large garden, very rich and picturesque lawn, finely timbered, (and which alone formerly rented at £ LOO per annum,) paddock, and groves behind the whole, containing 27A. 2B. 37p. of very superior land. The scenery from the house and grounds is of the finest description, and of a most varied nature; the noble Blorenge hill, with its base adorned with woods, forms a magnificent background, and adds an imposing feature to the beauty of a landscape very rarely equalled. Lot 9.-The exceedingly compact and fertile farm of Peny- worlod, in the occupaticn of Mr. W. Havard, consisting of a very substantial and picturesque dwelling-house, back kitchen, and dairy detached, with good granary over barn. cart and hack stables, cowhouses and sheds, together with two workmen's cottages, containing 62A. 1B. 8r. of very superior arable, pasture, and wood land. This will be found a most desirable purchase for any gentle- man disposed to farm on a small scale for his own amuse- ment it has all the capabilities for being made a perfect model farm, and the house, with a few tasteful additions, would become a delightful residence, while for the beauty of its site and scenery, it is unsurpassed through the whole extent of the far-famed vale of Usk. Lot 10. Three valuable meadows known as the Bridge Meadows, situate within a few hundred yards of the Town of Abergavenny, and in the occupation of W. Morgan Esq. or his undertenant, the whole containing 4A. 2n. 31 I,. Lot M.—TyrMadog, or Church Meadow, near the Village of Llanfoist, consisting of a very fertile meadow, with oak woods adjoining, the whole containing 10A. 3M.. 111' The following lots arc situate in the Village of Llanfoist Lot 12.—A large and valuable garden, in the occupation of Thomas Dutton, containing 1a. 2h. or. Lot 13.-Tlic Waterloo Inn, with cottage attached, two stables, gardens, and yard, with an exceedingly rich meadow behind, the whole containing 2A. OR. 3Dp. Lot 14.—Three very neat cottages, with garden attached, containing 31 P. Lot 15.-Two very valuable gardens, near the Waterloo Inn, with an extensive frontage, well adapted for a row of cottages) and containing 1020 square yards Lot 16.—A row of cottages, near Llanfoist Wharf, com- prising seven tenements, with gardens attached, the whole containing 37r. Descriptive particulars, with plans annexed, may be had 14 days prior to the sale, at the Beaufort Arms, Monmouth; King's Head, Newport; Plough, Cheltenham Great Western Hotel, Bristol; of the Auctioneer, Brecon-road, Abergavenny or at the Offices of Messrs. Gabb and Secretan Woodhouse, Solicitors, and Messrs. Sayce and Price, Land Agents and Surveyors, Abergavenny, of whom any further information may be obtained. N. B.—The estate may be viewed on application to the respective tenants. ABERGAVENNY. VALUABLE FREEHOLD BUILDING AND GARDEN GROUND FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by MR. W. MERRICK, at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, on Friday, the 4th of May, 1849, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, (under the powers and trusts of a mortgage deed, and subject to conditions then to be produced,) the following valuable lots of BUILDING AND GARDEN GROUND, situate in Tudor Street Waid, in the said town, namely :— Lot 1.—All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, containing in the whole 1421 square yards, with a building frontage to Pant-lane of S3 feet. Lot 2.—All that plot or parcel of garden ground, adjoining lot I, containing 1411 square yards, with a road way of 10 feet from Pant-lane. Lot 3.—All those two cottages or dwelling houses, with the gardens and building ground thereto adjoining and belonging, situate in Tudor-street, and now in the occupation of Elizabeth W illiams and John Hewer, as tenants thereof. This lot con- tains in the whole 865 square yards, and a frontage to the street of 67 feet. Lot 4— All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 3, containing 576 square yards, with a frontage to the street of 48 feet. Lot 5.—All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 4, containing 10.14 square yards, with a frontage to Tudor-street of about 100 feet, and to the Merthyr New- road of about 95 feet. Lot 6.-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 5, containing H)3 square yards, with a frontage to the Merthyr New-road of 60 feet. ° Lot 7.-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot (i, containing 760 square yards, with a frontage of 60 feet to the Merthyr New-road. Lot 8.-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoinine; lot 7, containing BI)6 square yards, with a frontace of IOn feet to the Merthyr New-road. Lot 0 —AH that cottage, with the tenement at the back thereof,together with the garden, &c.,thereunto belonging, now in the occupation of Henry James and Thomas Preeoe, situate on the west side of the Merthyr New-road, containing 32.5 square yards,with a frontage to the road of 35 fcet.-N .B.- This lot is sold subject to a lease to David Nicholas, for the residue of a term of 10 years, from the 14th day of April, 1838, at the rent of X2 JUs. per annum. Lot 10.—-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 9. containing S)65 square yards, with a frontage to the Merthyr New-road of 00 feet* Lot 11.—All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining Lot 10, containing 1250 square yards, with a frontage of 60 feet to the road. Lot 12.—AH that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 11 containing 1520 square yards, with a frontage to the road of 61) feet. Lot 13.-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 2, containing 140!)square yards, with a frontage of 60 feet to the road. Lot 14.-All that plot or parcel of building and garden ground, adjoining lot 1,5, containing 1216 square yards, with a frontage of 60 feet to the road. Lot 13.-All that walled garden, with summer house, adjoining the upper side of lot 14, and containinK 4!)5 square yards, with a frontage to the Brook's-lane of 97 feet. Lot 16.—A)(l those three cottages and gardens, with two stables and coach house thereunto belonging, adjoining lots 11 and 15, now in the occupation of John Rieharùs, Howell Phillips, and James Griffiths, as tenants thereof, and contain- ing 095 square yards, with a frontage to the Merthyr New- road of about 65 feet, and to the Brook's-lane of about 11 feet. A map or plan of the several above-mentioned lots, together with further particulars, may be obtained at the office of Air. W. I". BATT, Solicitor, Monk-street, Abergavenny. NEW DISCOVERY. GUTTA PERCHA VARNISH PENS. PATRONIZED by Merchants, Bankers, Solicitors, and P others. Jackson's Gutta Pertha Solution, and India Rubber Varnish Pens. The inventor recommends them in preference to any others ret introduced, aT the above varnish serves for a coating, and jrevents any possibility of ink or dampness getting to the pen, —consequently a free flow of ink is obtained, and that too often )ccurrence, the wiping of pens, is obviated. The following prices are within the reach of all,-Viz. Id. & id. per dozen or 3s. and 4s. 6d. per gross. s TOE GitAND J un y SYSTEM. 1 he following provision appeare n a Bill now in the House of Commons, brought forward by the Ittorney-General :-It is declared, I hat no indictment shall bl jresented to, or received by, a giand jury at the Central Ciiiiiina- Jourt, or at any Sessions ot the peace holden within the metro" jjolitan police district, unless the charge, in respect whereo1 such indictment is or may be preferred, shall have been previously made before a magistrate sitting at one of the police courts of the metropolis, or before a magistrate of the city of London, sitting at a public justice room withia that city. ¡ DEMONSTRATIONS OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. FROM TIIB (DAII.Y) TIMES OF MARCH 12, 1819.—"The best illustrated and best delivered Lectures on Astronomy we have heard for some (ionsidefable time. The Planetarium is magn ficent; it conveys to the mind at once the correctness of the laws propounded by Sir Isaac Newton. As Mr. Pophani's stay is so liinittcd, we recommend our readers lot to lose the opportunity of so great a treat." For one night only, other engagements precluding the possi- bility of a longer stay. IYI R- C. POPHAM, late of Winchester College, F.A.S., v deliver a Lecture on Astronomy, on Monday Evening, the 30th instant, at the Cymreigyddim Hall, Aber- gavenny, illustrated by a large Planetarium, shewing the revo- lutioll of thp heavenly bodies in theii orbits suspended in space, revolving round the stm, with a panoramic view cf the Heavens, consisting of 2044 square feet of celestial scener/, in which will e seen Upwards of 5000 objects of universal stellar creation, 'petted with dioramic views of the Holj Land, Alpine flights, Avalanches, Icebergs, Marine Views, lluins by Moon- light, Abbeys, &c., &c., consisting of forty-four in number concluding with the Cliromotrope, giving a grand display of oriental fireworks. Doors open at half-past seven, and the astronomical expositions to commence at eight, FroTIt seats, Is 6d.; back ditto, Is.; children and schools admitted half-price to the front seats. pickets may he had of Mr. J. Ht^EY MORGAN, Bookseller. e \t' lectures at Monmouth, on V^ednesday, the 2nd of May at Ross, on Friday, the 4th and at Hereford duriug the ensuing wcefe.


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