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TO BE LET,- OR SOLD, A FREEHOLD COTTAGEs with a good Garden and Orchard, desirably situated at Caldicot, near the Kail- way within a pleasant distance cf Chepstow, with every conve- nience for a small genteel family. Eoth sorts of water, and Xcs a..h. o«c.- TO BE LET. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A COMMODIOUS HOUSE, situated at Pentonville, New- port* late in the occupation of Mr. John Phillips. There is a large garden attached, well stocked with choice fruit trees. R Application to be made to Mr. Phillips, No. 101, Stow Hill; or at the Custom House, Newport. March 2nd, 1848. CAERLEON. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN Old-established PUBLIC-HOUSE, in the Town of Caerleon, called or known by the name of the Red House. For particulars, apply to Mr. H. M. Partridge, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, Newport, orto Mr. W.H. Morgan, Caerleon. This advertisement will not be repeated. March 2nd, 1848. NASH, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE, At the Westgate Inn, Newport, on Wednesday, the 22nd day of March, 1848, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced, the following valuable freehold land :— ALL those Five Closes or Parcels of Fertile and well-culti- vated Land, containing together, by admeasurement, 16A. lR. 17p., being part of the Pye Corner Farm, and situate at Pve Corner, in the county of Monmouth, adjoining to lands belonging to John Jones, Esq., of Llanarth, and the College of Eton Lands, and also the high road leading to Whitson. The land is freehold of inheritance, and being situate within an easy distance o{ Newport, presents a favourable opportunity for an eligible investment of capital. For particulars, apply to the auctioneer; or to MESSRS. PROTHERO, TOWGOOD, & FOX, Solicitors, Newport. RISDA, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A Roomy and Convenient Premises, on therottd side near the Albert Inn, Kisca, with a warehouse opening on the tram road, late in the occupation of Mr. Edward Edwards, (who has taken to the Albert Inn,) where an extensive trade has been carried on in the drapery, grocery, and general provision line. The shop is large, and well fitted up, and has an excellent ware room over, which opens, with foldiusj doors, upon the tram road. The house M convenient, and well-finished, and the whole premises will be let at a very moderate rent. No stock to be taken. For farther particulars, apply (if by letter, pre paid) to Mr' Edward Edwards, Albert Inn, Risca; or to Mr. H. M. Part- ridge, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, Newport. CAERLEON VILLAGE, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE Is instructed by Wm. Llewellin, Esq., who (in consequence of his daughter's health requiring immediate change of climate) is leaving the neighbourhood, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the Premises, in the village of Caerleon, on Tuesday, the 21st day of March, 1848, without reserve, ALL the New and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, in rosewood and mahogany; four-wheel dog cart, for one or a pair of horses; two-wheeled gig single and double har- ness saddles, bridles, and effects, full particulars of which will appear in next week's papers, and in catalogues, to be had on the premises, and at the Auctioneers' Offices, St. Woollos House, and 141, Commercial-street, Newport. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE LET, ON LEASE, KINGSWOOD LODGE FARM and COLLIERY, situate two miles and a half from Bristol; containing about 162 Acres of Pasture Land, of good quality, and about 138 ditto of Arable —There is a very comfortable Farm-house, with con- venient buildings attached, all in good repair, which are on a scale sufficiently extensive for the purposes of the colliery, as well as the farm. There are also two other good Cottages, with large gardens, on the farm, near the above premises. The colliery has, been in work many years, and possesses a very valuable and indispensable drainage for neighbouring col- lieries, by means of a stone drift, several hundreds of yards in length. The coal is bituminous, and has a ready sale at the different works in and around Bristol. For further particulars, apply to Septimus Redhead, Esq., Heathfield-terrace, Swansea; or to Francis Wedge, Esq., Bad- minton, Gloucestershire. SOUTHBROOK FARM. PORTSKEWETT, MON- MOUTHSHIRE. Important Sale of Fat and Stock Sheep and Cattle, Working and Nag Horses, Suffolk Drill, and other Implements. MR. JOHN MATTHEWS having relinquished part of his Farming Pursuits, has deputed Mr. PARSONS to offer for Sale by Public Auction, on the above-named Premises, On TUESDAY, MARCH 14th, 1848, the undermentioned valuable Stock, comprising 60 fat wether sheep; 60 fat ewes; 60 stock ewes and lambs; 30 yearling sheep two fat cows four fat steers two barren cows; twelve cows in calf; three Alderney cows in calf; two-year-old Here- ford bull; three ditto steers two ditto heifers; cart .gelding, six years old, sound, and good worker cart mare, ditto; two nag mares, six years old, good roadsters two nag horses, good to ride or drive; two-horse Suffolk corn drill; broad-wheel cart; three ploughs drags; two sets of long harness; set of short ditto set of plough harness, &c., &c. The Auctioneer can with propriety call the attention of his agricultural friends and the public, to Mr. Mathews's stock, which, though not extensive, is of'a very superior description. The sheep are of the Leicester and Cotswold breed, and of good quality. The cattle are principally of the Hereford breed, and well selected. Refreshments will be on the table at 11 o'clock, and the Sale will commence at 12. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOL D 13 Y AUCTION, BY MR. WILLIAM DAVIS, On Friday, the 17th day of March, 1848, at the Castle Inn, in the Town of Usk, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, the fol- lowing Lots of Valuable Oak, Ash, Elm, and Birch Timber, subject to such conditions as shall then be produced, LOT J. SIXTY-SIX OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with o white paint, from 1 to 66. 75 Oak stores, marked in white paint, with a cross. 26 Birch timber trees, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 26, 40 Ash stores, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 40. And four Wytch trees, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 4, all standing on the Pandy Farm, occupied by Thomas Jenkins, in the parish of Goitrey. LOT 2. Sixty-six Oak timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from 1 to G6. 60 Oak stores, marked with a cross from 1 to 60, with white paint. 24 Ash stores, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 24. 1 Birch tree, numbered with red paint; and four Elm timber trees, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 4, all stand- ing on the Prescoed Farm, in the parish of Lanbaddock. LOT 3. Sixty-seven Oak timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from I to 67. 44 Oak stores, marked with a cross, in white paint, from 1 to 44. 24 Ash stores, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 24. -5 Wytch trees, numbered, with red paint, from I to 5; and 3 Beech trees, numbered with red paint from 1 to 3, all standing on Alltabella Farm, in the parishes of Langwm Ucha, and Langeview. LOT 4. Ten Oak timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from 1 to 10. 3 Ash timber trees, numbered with red paint from I to 3 and 2 Birch timber trees, numbered wirh red paint, I and 2, all standing on a farm, occupied by Mrs. Rowland, in the parish of Langeview. LOT 5. Forty-one Oak timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from 1 to 41. 12 Oak stores, marked with a cross in white paint, from 1 to 12. 10 Ash stores, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 10; and 7 Wytch trees, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 7, on Kevenbrech^n Farm; and 7 Ash trees, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 7, standing on Tybac-y-lan Farm, adjoining Kevenbrechan, all in the parish of Langwm Ucha. LOT 6. Eighty-one Oak timber trees, marked, with white paint, from 1 to 81. 98 Oak stores, marked with a cross, in white paint, from 1 to 98. 9 Ash stores, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 9; and 6 Wytch stores, numbered, with red paint, from I to C, all standing on Tyryfarm Lands and the Limekiln Brakes, in the parish of Langwm Ucha. LOT 7. 120 Oak timber trees, numbered, with red paint, from I to 120. -232 Oak. storaaT m»rkaU with a. of white paint; anti 8 Ash stores, numbered with red paiut from 1 to 8, standing in Coidy Farm Coppice Wood, in the pariah of Langwm Ucha. LOT 8. Thirty-seven Q*k timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from 1 to 37. 32 Ash trees, numbered, with red paint, from 1 to 32. 1 Wytch tree, numbered with red paint; and 1 Oak pollard, marked with a cross, all standing on a farm occupied by George Paske, in the parishes of Langwm Ucha and Wol- vesnewton. LOT 9. Twenty-four oak timber trees, numbered, with white paint, from 1 to 24, standing on Tyrlay Farm, occupied by David Whitney, in the parish of Langwm Ucha. LOT 10. A capital oak coppice wood, growing on the Pant Farm, in the parish of Ragland. measuring 4A. 2a. OP., and 50 oak stores, numbered with red paint from 1 to 50. N.B.—Charles Hughes, of Langwm, will shew the respective lots from 2 to 9, inclusive. Thomas Jenkins, the tenant of the lots from 2 to 9, inclusive. Thomas Jenkins, the tenant of the Pandy lot, Mr. Jones, of the Pant Farm, lot 10 and any fur- ther particulars may be known on application to Mr. William Davis, land agent, Usk. MONMOUTHSHIRE. MESSRS. BURTON AND SON, i tt,at thev have received instructions Jtespectfuily announce that inej from the proprietor, Frederick Q. Turner, Esq., who is leaving the neighbourhood, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On Monday, the 20th of March, 1848, and Twelve o'clock each day, at his residence, The Tump, near Rockfield, two miles from Monmouth, ri'Hfi whole of the Superior Modern Furniture, m rosewood 1 and mahogany, for the dining and draw ing ro°™S' ^rpry' &c., a six octave rosewood piano-forte, by Edmeads and Co, a choice collection of paintings, the excellent furniture throughout of eight bedrooms, offices, &c., &c- Also one superior Alderney cow, in full milk one halt-Diea ditto and calf; two heifers; twenty-four ewes and lambs, or to lamb; eighteen yearling sheep one sow, in farrow; part ot a rick of hay, (to go off); a superior shifting body dog cart, nearly new; double and single sets of harness, in good condition; saddles and bridles; about 1,000 gallons of good apple cider, and the casks; an excellent iron garden roller, garden lights and tools, &c., &c. The whole forming an assemblage of valuable pioperty, as will appear in descriptive catalogues, to be had in due course at the office of the auctioneers, St. Mary's-street, Monmouth. MONMOtJTHSfllRE. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, ANEATandCOMMODIOUS HOUSE,situate in the parish of Penhow, midway between Newport and Chepstow, near the mail road, lately in the occupation of Mrs. Howells, deceased. The House is in a thorough state of repair, possesses every comfort, and has recently been painted, papered, &c., regard- less of expense. Attached to the house are good Stables, with a large and prolific walled-in Garden, planted with the most choice Wall and other Fruits, &c. The above premises would be a desirable residence as a re- treat for a retired tradesman or an invalid.—The nighbourhood is highly respectable and the rent low. Apply to E. Pritchard, Auctioneer and House Agent, 15o, Commercial-street, Newport. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, the BUTCHERS' ARMS, situate in Commercial-road, Newport. The above house commands the principal business of the New Cattte Market, being the corner house leading to it, and is now carrying on a lucrative trade. It contains a parlour, bar parlour, tap room, and drinking room upstairs, together with commodious bed rooms, kitchen, good brewhouse, cellars, skittle alley, &c. The incoming will be moderate. Apply to Mr.Parry, Butcher, Newport, or E. Pritchard, Auctioneer and House Agent, 155, Commercial-street, Newport. NEWPORTT TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE well-frequented Public or Beer-house, called The Cin- _t. der Hill Tavern. It is situated on one of the principal wharfs in the fast-improving port of Newport, and the only house between the Monmouthshire Canal and the River. It is also facing, and almost the only entrance to the Nantyglo, Tre- degar, and other wharfs, and bounded on one side by a dense population. The business now carried on is profitable, and satisfactory reasons can be given by the present proprietor for leaving. Coming in very low. Apply to Mr. Cohen, the landlord; or E. Pritchard, auc- tioneer and house-agent, offices, 155, Commercial-street, New. port. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. Bz EWARD PRITCHARD, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract On Monday, the 6th day of March, 1848, at the King's Head Hotel, High-street, Newport, at Three o'clock in the after- noon, precisely, in one or more lots, subject to such condi- tions as shall be then and there produced, ALL that Dwelling-house, Buildings, Garden, and Premises, situate near the Watch House at Pillgwenlly, now in the occupation of Mr Mullins, at the annual rent of £ 10. All that other Dwelling-house, Buildings, Garden, and Pre- mises, adjoining the foregoing, now in the occupation of Mr. Davies, at the annual rent of ,£10. And all that piece or parcel af Building Ground, adjoining the last-mentioned premises. The above houses are in excellent condition, being substan- tially built, containing four rooms, each with suitable conven- iences, let to good tenants, and held under lease from the Tre- degar Wharf Company for a term of 59 years, from the 25th of March, 1844, at a ground rent of £ 1. per annum. Also all that Dwelling-honse, Buildmgs, Garden, and Pre- mises, known as Hope Cottage, situate in the Commercial- road, Newport aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mrs. Eliza- beth Lewis. These premises are lately most substantially erected, contain- ing seven rooms, tastefully decorated, with offices, no expense having been spared to render them most commodious and con- venient. The above properties afford a most eligible opportunity for the investment of capital. For leave to view, application must be made to the tenants and for further particulars, to Messrs. T. G. and J. Phillpotts, solicitors, Newport, and Mr.T.M. Llewellin, solicitor, Newport, and to the Auctioneer. TO BE LET, WITH POSSESSION IN MAY NEXT, A HOUSE and SHOP, capitally situated, at Pillgwenlly, J\. for Grocers or other Business, requiring good shop and two cellars. The house consists of five bedrooms, two sitting rooms, and kitchen, &c. For further particulars, apply to Mr. William Morgan, drug- gist, Pillgwenlly. Pillgwenlly, February 24th, 1848. MONMOUTHSHIRE. CAERLEON DISTRICT OF TURNPIKE TRUSTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the TOLLS arising nt the Toll Gates, upon the .m turnpike roads in this District, called or known by the names of the Goldcroft Gates, Pen-yr-heol-hyr Gate, a Side Gate on the Cold Bath road, and the Christchurch Gates, with a Chain on the Christchurch hill road, leading to the Town of Caerleon, by a place known as the King's Arms Inn, will be LET BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, (subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced.) at the house of Ann Gibby, called the Hanbury Arms Inn, in the town of Caerleon, in the said county, on Thursday, the 9th day of March next, between the hours of Twelve and Two o'clock, in the manner directed by an Act passed in the third year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, For regulating turnpike roads," which tolls produced the last letting £680, above the expenses of col- lecting them. The above gates will be put up in one or two lots, as may be agreed upon at the time of letting. Whoever hap- pens to be the best bidder or bidders, must at the same time pay one month in advance of the rent at which such tolls may be let, and give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satis- faction of the trustees of the said turnpike roads, for payment of the rest of the money monthly in advance. j JOHN HARRfES, j Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Caerleon, February 10th, 1848. LLANTHEWY RYCHERCH, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE LET, COURT MORGAN COTTAGE, About Four Miles from Abergavenny, COMPRISING a good Kitchen, Parlour, Back Kitchen, and Dairy; with four Bedrooms; a large garden and suitable outbuildings. Also an Orchard, and four pieces of pasture land adjoining, planted with hedgerows of choice fruit trees; in the whole about seven acres. possession may be had on Lady-day, or the first of May next, and, for further particulars, apply to the proprietor, on the premises. The house and garden will be let without the land, if required. March 2nd, 1848. N.B.—This advertisement will not be repeated. LANARAVON FARM, MONMOUTHSHIRE, Four Miles from Newport, Five from Fontupool, and Two from Caerleon. Important sale of 16 long wool ewes, with lambs, and to lamb six three years old long wool wethers 20 Radnor ewes, with lambs, and to lamb; 20 Cross-breed yearlings; four short-horn cows, in calf; Hereford cow and calf; seven two years old heifers, in calf; two two years old steers; four yearling heifers; four calves; two barren cows; five fat heIfers; two years old short-horn bull; yearling ditto; two young and powerful draught mares, in foal by the Oxfordshire Cham- pion two ditto horses two four years old nag geldings, steady to ride and drive; one yearling filly,by Performer; Berkshire sow, in farrow; 14 store pigs; rick of hay; rye- grass seed cinquefoil seed wheat straw upwards of 1,000 gallons of cider and perry; 16 hogsheads; agricultural im- plements and household furniture. MR. W. GRAHAM Begs to announce to his agricultural friends and the public generally, that he is favoured with instructions TO SELL BY AUCTION, Without reserve, on the Premises, as above, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 21st and 22nd days of March, 1848, THE whole of the Farming Stock, Hay, Seed, Straw, Cider, perry, casks, implements, and furniture, the property of Mr. Thomas Johnson, who is leaving the county, descriptive particulars of which will appear in handbills and future adver- tisements. The sale to commence punctually at ten for eleven o'clock in the forenoon of each day. Blue Broom, near Ragland, and Newport, Februaiy 22nd, ÚH8. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM, At the Carpenter's Arms, Blackwood in the Parish of Myny- ddilwyn, in one lot, on Wednesday, the 8th day of March 184P, at Three o'clock in the AHernoon, (subject to condi- tions of sale, which will be then produced,) by order of the mo/t?agee,iwitli power of sale,the following desirable LEASE- HOLD PROPERTY that is to say, ALL that well-known and well-accustomed Public House called the Black Horse, at Blackwood, aforesaid, now in' the occupation of Mr. John Jenkins, most desirably situated, being in the centre of the Coal Works at Blackwood, and capi- tallyjadapted for business. Also, Six very convenient Dwelling Houses, HdjoiriiDg the above, together with a stable. The above propeity is held for the unexpired residue of a term of 99 years, commencing from the 29ih September, 1815, at the yearly rent of 25s. For further particulars, apply to the auctioneer, Blue Broom House, near Ragland, and Newport; or to Mr. D. E. Partiidge, solicitor, Usk. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Important and unreserved Sale of valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock. Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, Twenty Acres of Grass Wheat, and the whole of Household Furniture. J. DAYJS Begs most respectfully to infoim his Friends and the Public, that he has been instructed, by the executors of the late Mr. William Jones, of Llanwrney Farm, situate in the Pp,rish of Llangoven, about eight nliles from Chepstow, and seven from Monmouth, to offer FUR SALE BY AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 7th, and Wednesday, the 8th days of March, 1848, COMPRISING 18 prime ewes and lambs, and to Iamb four yearling slieep; 10 very useful cows and heifers, with c;ilves, and to calve two five year old fat oxen two four year old fresh ditto two three year old store ditto; two two-year old steers three yearling steers two three year old barren heifers; one two year old barren ditto; four yearling ditto, two yearling bulls five powerful cart geldings and mares; one nag mare, in foal, seven years old, steady in harness or saddle; one half bred mare, five years old, steady in ditto or ditto one cart filly colt, two years old; one nag gelding, two years old; one pony, in foal; two sows, in farrow three store pigs. One new narrow wheeled waggon, with iron axles two other narrow wheeled waggons; broad and narrow wheeled carts, ploughs, drags, harrows, roller, dray, four sets of long harness, two sets of thiller ditto, two sets of G.O. ditto; yokes, bows, and chains; chaff engine, ditto box, winnowing fan, sieves, rid- dles, pike;, rakes, cow crib, cross saw, malt mill, corn screens, seed lip, half bushel and strike, sack bags, cider hairs, tarpaulin, long and short ladders, road and side saddles, 100 gallons of prime cider, several hogsheads, and other casks and tubs, about 30 gallons of vinegar, with numerous lots not named. Dairy goods,— Chcesepress, cowl, and ladder, vats and fol- lowers, milk pans, butter churns, ditto scales, trindles, and three milking pails. Household,—Six prime feather beds, bolsters, and pillows four-post and tent bedsteads and furniture stump ditto seven pair of blankets, 14 pair of sheets, eight quilts and counter- panes, chest of drawers, swing glasses, dressing tables, wash- stands and ware, clock and case, corner cupboards, dresser and IhelvelS, square and round tables, fenders and fire irons, kitchen and bedroom chairs, large settle, weather glass, lot of pewter plates and dishes, pots, kettle", saucepans, furnace and fixings. Lot of poultry and bees, with a useful assortment of other goods requisite for housekeeping. The grass wheat will be offered immediately after the live stock, under conditions to be produced at the time of ule The sheep are sound, of the Leicester and Cotswold breed. Suffice it to say, the goods are all of that useful description, that require no further comment. The auctioneer solicits an early attendance Refreshments on the table at ten, and sale to commence at eleven o'clock with the liTe stock. Second day, household good*. MONMOUTHSHIRE CANAL COMPANY. I CALL OF £10. ON NEW SHARES. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ri^HAT a Fourth Call of £10. per centum on the New 1. Shares in this Company having been made, the Pro- prietors of such Shares are hereby requested to pay the said Call on or before Friday, the ?lst day of March, 1848, to the Treasurer of the Company, at th- Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank, Newport Interest at £ 5. per cent, will be allowed on the above call, from the 31st day of .'larch next, and interest at the like rate will be chargeable fron the saia 31st of March, upon all calls, until they shall be actually paid. The Company will receive payments in anticipation of calls, allowing five per cent. interest thereon. By order of the Committee, RALPH RUSCOE, Principal Clerk. Newport, February 24th, 1848. NEWPORT UNION. PARISH OF SAINT WOOLLOS. THE Board of Guardians will be prepared to receive, on t Saturday, the 18th of March instant, fenders for the valuation of the property liable to be assessed to the Poor Rate in the Parish of St. Woollos. Tenders to be sent, under cover, endorsed Valuation of Saint Woollos," to me, on or before Friday, the 17th instant. The Guardians do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest Tender. By order of the Board, W. DOWNING EVANS, Clerk. Dated March 1st, 1848. NEAVP0RT_ UNION. TO BUTCHERS, BAKERS, GROCERS, COAL MER- CHANTS, &c. [JERSONS des'rous of CONTRACTING with the Guardians t of the above Union, for the supply of the undermentioned Articles, viz.:— Beef and Mntton, such as the Rice, Carolina, per lb. Master shall approve, per lb. Salt, per cwt. Beaf Heads, each Tea, per lb. Shin Bones, weighing not less Sufrar, per lb. than 121bs. each Coffee, per lb. Bread of seconds, in 41b. loaves, Candles, per dozen lbs. baked not less than 24 hours Soap, best yellow, per lb. Cheese, two-ipeal, per lb. Starch, blue, per lb. Oatmeal, pe» vt. Soda, per lb. Butter, salt, per lb. Coals, per ton Milk, per quark from the 25th of March instant, to the 29th June next; and for the following Articles, viz :— Coats, Waistcoats,and Trousers, Blue Chambrey, per yard for Men, grey cloth Scotch Sheeting, per yard Jackets,Waistcoats,&Trousers, Cot: on Sheeting, per pair for Men and Boys, moleskin Blankets, eight quarters, per Straw Bonnets, for Women pair and Children, black and Ticking, per yard white Coverlids, per pair Calico, unbleached, per yard Women's Handkerchiefs, per Blue Print, per yard dozen from the 25th day of March instant, to the 2.5th of March, 1S19, are requested to send in Tenders for such Articles as they may wish to supply, on or before Friday, the lith instant, addressed "To the Clerk of the Newport Union, Newport," (postage free). The whole of the Articles must be of good quality, delivered at the Workhouse, free of expense to the Union, in such quan- tities as shall from time to time be required, and subject to the approval of the Board of Guardiatis. Each Tender must be signed and sealed (marked on the out- side, Tenders for Bread, kc., as the case may he), and patterns or samples 01 such Articles as admit of them, be sent to the Workhouse, at Newport. The Contractors will be required to give Security for the due performance of the Contracts, and to name their Sureties in their Tenders. The Guardians do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest Tender. N.B. Tenders that are sent in, otherwise than in accordance with the above directions, will not be received. By order of the Board, W. D. EVANS, Clerk. Newport, March 1st, 1848. CARDIFF MEETING, TO CONSIDER COMMISSIONERS' REPORTS. AT a Meeting of the Inhabitants, held in the Town Hall, Carditf, oil Tuesday Evening, the 29th ult., convened by the Mayor, for the purpose of considering the reports of her Majesty's Couimissoners on Education in Wales, It was resolved, with one dissentient, on the motion of the Rev. William Jones, seconded by the Rev. Evan Jones, 1st,—"That, in the opinion of this meeting, the Reports on Education in Wales, lately presented to her Majesty's Govern- ment, exhibit a greater desire on the part of the Commissioners to make out a case for the interference of Government in the education of the people, than to furnish correct information with reference to their real condition." On the mo'ion of the Rev. Evan Morgan, seconded by the Rev D. R. Stephen, and supported by the Rev. Thomas Thomas, 2nd,—"That this meeting deprecates the employment of Commissioners for investigating into the educational state of Wales, who were all utter strangers to the language of the people, and, in religious opinion, opposed to the vast majority of the popuiation. It declares that the reports of the Commis- sioners arc for the most part made up of information derived from partial sources, and based upon unwarrantable conclu- sions and isolated occurrences; and that throughout there is evinced in them an inveterate disposition to exaggerate the de- fects, and conceal the virtues of the Welsh people. This meet- ing, therefore, condemns the said reports as unworthy of confi- dence, unjust in their bearings upon the inhabitants of the Principality, and calculated to mislead her Majesty's Govern- ment." On the motion of the Rev. David Jones, seconded by the Rev. Lewis Powfll, 3rd,—" That a copy of the je resolutions be sent to Lord John Russell, signed by the chairman, '1 behalf of this meeting,and that they be advertised in the 'limes, Merlin, Principality, and Merthyr Guardian, newspapers." On the motion of Mr. W. Williams, seconded by C. Vaehell, Esq, "That the thanks of the meeting be given to the Mayor for his kindness in convening the meeting, and for the use of the Town Hall." C. R. V ACHELL, M.D., Chairman. TRADE PROTECTION, SOCIETY OF GUARDIANS FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE, 13, SWITHIN'S LANE, LONDON. Established in London in 1776. and now extending its operations throughout every part of the United Kingdom. THE objects of this Society are—To caution and protect the J- Trading Community of the United Kingdom, and others, Members of the Society, against the numerous frauds, decep- tions, and impositions, to which they are daily exposed. To make all necessary inquiries for Traders, Warehousemen, and others, previously to their giving credit, and for Landlords previously to the letting of their Houses, Warehouses, &.c. To contribute, from its funds, to Members, the means of prose- cuting those who may have practised any fraud or imposition, or been guilty of any robbery, forgery, embezzlement, or theft andot opposing in cases of fraudulent Bankruptcy or Insolvency; and, general,Y, to afford advice and assistance to Members against whose interests, asTraders, or otherwise, any malprac- tices may have been committed or attempted To assist Mem- bers in the recovery of Debts, Rent, &c. And generallv to protect, support, and assist Traders and others, Members ofthe bociety, mall matters injuriously affecting their interests; and from time to time, as occasion may require, to assist in applica- tions to the Legislature for such repeal, alteration, or amend- ment, of any Law as may appear to be injurious to their interests, an to enact such.new Laws as may be considered beneficial to the Trading Community in general' The Prospectus of the Society may be had, on personal application at the Office, A3 above; or by letter addressed to the Secretary. The Annual Subscription is One Guinea. A; TAFF VALE RAILWAY. Contracts for Works on the Rhondda Branches, THE DIRECTORS are desirous of receiving Tenders for J. the formation of about One Mile and a Half of Railway, commencing at or near the present terminus of the Rhondda Branch, and extending up the Rhondda Pach and the Rhondda Fawr. Plans and Specifications may be seen at the Superintendent's Office, Cardiff Terminus, on and after Tuesday, March 7th. Tenders may be sent in for the whole Work, or separate portions—namely, for Earthwork, or for Masonry. 1 he Company will supply materials for temporary roads and ballast waggons. Sealed 1 enders, addressed to the Directors, and endorsed Tender for Work on Rhondda Branches," to be delivered to the Secretary at or before 12 o'clock on Monday, 13th March. By Order, EDWARD KENWAY, Taff Yale Railway, ) Secretary. Cardiff, Feb. 29, 1848. BRISTOL AND SOUTH WALES JUNCTION RAILWAY. FOURTH GENERAL MEETING. AT the Fourth General Meeting of the Bristol and South Wales Junction Railway Company, held at the White Lion Hotel, in the City of Bristol, on Friday, 2oth Februaiy, 1848, JAMES GIBBS, EsQ." in the chair, The Common Seal of the Company having been affixed to the liegister of Shareholders, It uax resolved unanimously,— 1st.- That the Report of the Directors now read be received and adopted, that it be printed, and a copy sent to every Registered Proprietor. 2nd.—That the nunbcr of Directors of this Company be re- duced to nine. 3rd -—That the Declaration of Forfeiture made bv the Directors of the Shares set forth in the list now produced, signed by the chairman, be and the sanie is hereby confirmed. And this Meet-ig do order that the said Shares so forfeited, or so many of them respectively belonging to the several de- faultcrs as will be sufficient, as nearly as can be ascertained at the time of such sale, to pay the arrears then due from the several defaulters respectively, on account of Calls, together with interest, and the expenses attending such sale and decla- ration of forfeiture, be sold for that purpose. 4th.—That Messrs. James Gibbs, Francis Fry, and Henry Overton Wills, be re-elected Directors of this Company. 5th.—That Mr. Francis Grevile Prideaux be re-elected Auditor. 6th.—That the best thanks of this meeting be given to the Directors, for the zeal and ability with which they have con- ducted the affairs of the Company. JAMES GIBDS, Chairman. The chairman having quitted the chair, the thanks of the meeting were voted to him for his courteous conduct therein. RA UJWAY COMPANY. CALEDONIA^WAI' COMPANY. LOANS ON DEBENTURES. TENDERS of Loans on Debenture Bonds are now received <L in sums of not less than £;)00. for any number of years not exceeding Five. Interest to be at the rate of rive per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly in London, Edinburgh, Glas- gow, or in any Country Bank.. Tenders to be addressed to this Office, giving full name and address of Lender, T. T, T D. RANKINE, Treasurer. Caledonian Railway Omce, Edinburgh, 25th February, 1848. rea!3urer. THOMAS G ARMSON BEGS to acquaint the Public of Pontypooi and its vicinity, that he has commenced business as a Builder, Joiner, Undertaker, &c.; and hopes by combining economy and dispatch with punctuality and good workmanship, to merit a share of public patronage. T. G. has had Fourteen Years experience under eminent firms, and flatters himself that any orders with which he may be favoured will be attended to in a satisfactory manner. Albion Terrace, Pontypool, March 2nd, 1848. TO MILKMEN, &c. TO BE LET, THIRTEEN Acres of Rich MEADOW LAND, situate at Pillgwenlly. Also, an excellent milk walk attached. Inquire of J. Rogers, grocer, Pillgwenlly. Feb. 29, 1848. NOTICE. VLL PERSONS indebted to the Estate of the late MR- THOMAS JONES, Smith and Ironmonger, Newport, are requested to pay their accounts to the Executrix, Miss Mary Jones, on the premises, No. Old Green, Newport. And all persons having any claim on the said Estate, are likewise requested to send in the same immediately. Dated, Newport, Feb. 29, 1848. MONMOUTH UNION. TO BUTCHERS AND BAKERS. PERSONS desirous of Contracting with the Guardians for supplying the Workhouse and the several Divisions ofthe Union, with bread, wheaten flour, and meat, irom the 24th day of March instant, to the 21st day of September next, are re- quested to send Tenders to the Clerk at his Office in the Work house on or before Thursday, the 16th inst. The tenders must be sent before the hour of six in the even- ing of the above day, otherwise they will not be received. It is desirable that tenders should be made according to a form, which may be had of the Clerk, on application at his office aforesaid. Security will be required for the due performance of the contracts, and sureties named at the time of sending in the tenders. The guardians do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest tender. By order of the Board, E. RICHARDS, Clerk. Monmouth, March 1st, 1848. MAXWELL'S CaiVfME'RCIAL, PRIVATE BOARD ANI) LODGING HOUSE, 2 1, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. TIIE pr iprietors of the above establishment beg to inform the inhabitants and visitors of Bristol and Clifton, that they receive boarders and lodgers on the most reasonable terms; and they trust by unremitting attention to the domestic arrangements, and a liberal table, combined with moderate prices, to merit their kind support. Commercial- gentlemen will find the above establishment re- plete with every convenience. Omnibusses pass to and from the railway every half hour. I PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, t made in a cause 11 Roberts against Snead," the creditors of THOMAS LEWIS, late of Saint Pierre, in the county of Monmouth, Esquire, deceased, (who died on or about the 21st day of April, 1847,) are, on or before the 23rd day of March, 1848, to come in and prove their debts before William Henry Tinney, Esq., one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London; or, in default thereof, they will be peremptorily excluded the benefit ofthe said decree. ABBOTT, JENKINS, & ABBOTT, Plaintiff's solicitors. 8, New Inn, Strand, London. ABERGAVENNY RACES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE HUNT MEETING 4 RE fixed for THURSDAY and FRIDAY, April the 27th A and 28th, 1848. FIRST 1>AY—THURSDAY. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE STAKES Of 5 Sovs. each, and £ 40. added by the fund, for Horses that have never won a Plate or Stake, value £50. Ileatoue mile and a half. Three yrs. old, 7st.; 4 yrs. old, 8st, 81bs.; 5 vrs old, 9it. 4lbs.; 6 and aged, 10st. Horses bred in the County of Monmouth allowed 51bs Entire Horses to carry 31bs a' THE MONMOUTHSHIRE HUNT CUP, Value £ 20., added to & Sweepstakes of 5 Sovs. each, lor Horses bona fide the property of members of the Hunt Club, elected on or before the 4th of February, 1848. Three yrs. g, 4 vrs. lost. 710s.; 5 yrs. list. 71bs. 6 and aged, 12st. Half-bred allowed 71'os. and Horses bred in the County of Monmouth 31bs. If ridden ) y Members of any Fox Hunting Club, bv Officers of the Army or Navy, or by person qua- lified by"a Committee of the Monmouthshire Hunt Club, to be allowed 71bs. Heats, one mile and a half. A winner of this cup once to carry 31b?; twice, albs., three or more times 7lbs. extra, or any winner of £5í). and upwards once, 51bs.; twice, 71bs.; three or more times, IOlbs extra. THE LLANDILO SELLING STAKES, A Sweepstakes of 5 Sovs. each, 3 Forfeit, with £ 25. added, for Horses of all denominations. Three yrs. old to carry 9st. 91bs.; 4 yrs. old, 1"s1. 71bs.; 5 yrs. old, list. 41bs 6 and aged, list. 12ibs. Mares and Geldings allowed 31bs. The winner to be sold for 4120. If entered to be sold for JEHM., to-be allowed 51>f £ ?r £ »&* ijlhs.; if for £ 60,, 121bs«; and'lf for £ '40., 15ms. "Tile Stewards reserving the power of first claiming for the benefit of the Race Fund, if they think fit. so to do. The forfeits go to the Second Horse. Heats, aboutonen.ile. THE HUNT HURDLE RACE, A Handicap Sweepstakes of 5 Sovs. each, 1 Forfeit, and jEto added from the fund, for Horses regularly hunted during the present season with the Monmouthshire or Tredegar Honnds- Gentlem<n Riders—to be qualified by a Committee of the Hunt Clu'). To close and name on the 18th of March next, at the Hunt Dinner, Monmouth, when and where the Forfeit must be paid. Distance, about two miles, over six flights of hurdles, three feet six Inches high. The riders to be named in writing to the stewards at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at One o'Clock in the Afternoon of the 26th of April. The weights to appear in the MERLIN and Beacon Newspapers on the last Saturday in March. SECOND DA V—F 11 I D A Y THE ABERGAVENNY STEEPLE CHASE. A Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 Sovs. each, 10 Forfeit, and 5 only if declared on or before 13th April, 1848, (the Forfeit o! 5 Sovs. to be paid at the time of naming ) with £ 50. added from the fund. The Second Horse to save his stakes. About four miles over a fair hunting country, and under the usual Steeple Chase Conditions. Horses ridden bv Gentle- men qualified for the Croxton Park, the Anglesey"at Good- wood, oi members of the M. 11. C. and Officers of the Army or Navy,who have not won a stake vaiue £100. to be allowed 7lbs. To close and name to the Clerk of the Races on or be- fore the 31st March next. The weights to appear in Bell's ¡,iIe on the 9th April next. A winner of £ 100. or upwards, after the declaration of the weights, to carry oibs. extra. '\ION'lOU nISHI RE HUNT STEEPLE CHASE Of 3 Sovs. each, and a Cup, value jg20. for Horses regularly hunted with the Monmouthshire or Tredegar Hounds. About three miles across the country. Certificutes to he signed by the Master of the M. II. C. or the Master of the Tredegar Hotmdf. To be Handicapped between lOst. 71bs. and Ust. and tire weights to appear at Nine o'Clock on Wednesday Evening, the 26th ot April. Horses ridden by Members of any Fox HuntinS Club, by Officers of the Army or Navv, or persona qualified by a Committee of the Hunt Club, "who have not won a stake value £ 100 to be allowed 71bs. A HANDICAP FOR THE BEATEN HORSES Sweepstakes of 3 Sovs. each, 1 Forfeit, with a Purse added by the Ladie:. Heats, about one mile and a half. Forced to Winners of the Monmouthshire Stakes, Monmouthshire Hun: Cup. and the Llandilo Selling Stakes. The Horses to be named and the Forfeit paid, in sealed letters, to the Clerk of the Races, at ti,e ^ey» £ und Hotel, on or before Eight o'Clock in the hveinng of the First Day of the Hacea, and the weights to be declared by Ten o'Clock the same night. Races not otherwise specified, to close and name to the Clerk, bv sealed letters, containing the Stakes, Clerk's Fee, and Colours of the lliders, at or-before Ont; o'Clock, p m. on Wednesday, the 26th of April, at the Swan Inn, Aberga- venny. A certain time will be appointed to start for each Race, when the Horses must appear, with their riders mounted, before the Grand Stand and any Horse not so appearing will be dis- qualified. All Ilorses to be saddled betore the Judge's Chair. Horses"to take a^e from the 1st of January.—Three Horses to start for each Race, or the Public Money will not be given. No Booth or Standing of any description to be'erected on the Race Course, unless by a Subscriber of One Sovereign to the Fund. Horses to stand at the house of a subscriber of One So- vereign to the Fund, and all former Stakes to have been paid, or not entitled ihpMgtwk wMuer. No Horse, though a winner, to be entitled to the Stakes, un- less the owner produce a certificate that he has been plated by a smith who is a Subscriber of One Sovereign to the Fund. No Objection will be received unless made in writing to the Stewards before Ten o'Clock in the Morning of each Race Day, at the Angel Hotel: and the Stakes must be made good to t; e Clerk of the Course, on the previous Evening.—The Stewards' decision (or whom they may appoint) on all points to be final. Any Rider appearing in different Colours to the Entry, to pay half a guinea to the Fund, or not to be allowed to start. Ten ShilLngsto be raid to the Clerk at the time of entry, for each Horse, towards Scnies, Weights, &c., &c. An Ordinary at th" Angel Hotel, on W ednesday, the 2Gth of April, at the Greyhound Hotel, on Thursday, the 27th, and a Ball at the Angel Hotel, on Friday, the 28th. It is particularly requested that all Subscriptions be paid to the Clerk on or before W eLiie3day, the 26th of April. Application for Booths to lie made to the Clerk, on the Race Course, at Ten o'Clock on Wednesday, tbe 10th ot April, and to be completed on or lieiore the 2»tli of April. SIR CHARLES MORGAN, BART., Tredegar, ) a. JOHN A. JONES, ESQ., Llanarth, b Stewards. JOHN RICHARDS, Clerk of the Course. No Gambling of any description will be permitted 0" the Race Course. Police will be in attendance.





ItHË ii A L,I