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y|.f t|t.Awc.(.%fll '.LI « !■ ill II '■ "L — »e——I ■» WILLIAM COMPTON, (PURVEYOR TO HER MAJESTY'S FORCES,) Bpf>a Tvinct rp^nrrtfullv to inform Families, and the Public generally, that he has a choice supply ^nOME-CURED BREAKFAST BACON, YORK HAMS, from 5lbs. to 10lbs. each. RUSSIAN OX and REINDEER TONGUES POTTED MEATS, ANCHOVY AND SHRIMP PASTE. CHOICE TEAS AND COFFEES. FINE NEW FRUIT. RAW AND REFINED SUGARS. WAX, MOULD, (AND DIP CANDLE MANUFACTURER). AGENT FOR HURFORD & CO.'S PATENT TARAXACUM, OR DANDELION COFFEE. 58, IIIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. NEWPORT AND CAERLEON SAVINGS BANK. GENERAL STATEMENT for the Year ending 20th of November, 1847. DRS. THE TRUSTEES OF THE SAVINGS BANK. CONTRA CRS. CHARGE. E. s. d. DISCHARGE. E. s. d. To Balance due on 20th of Nov., 1846, including By sums actually paid to Depositors within the interest as per last return 16,650 13 6 year ending 20th Nov., 1847, including interest 389G 010 To sums received of Depositors, within the year By expenses of management for the same period 64 19 2 ending Olh Nov., ISH. 5,525 16 6 i Repaid Loan by Trustees 20 0 0 o interest on Moneys, viz.:— By Balance on the General Ac- Receipt B, 21st Mav, 1847 267 8 7 count, invested with the Com- •' 21st Nov. 1847 2S0 16 4 missioners for Savings Banks, Interest on sums drawn for. 4 9 9 including interest on the 20th Sale of Books 3 6 8 Nov., IS47 EIS,094 2 8 By Balance m the hands of Wm.Williams, Esq., treasurer 657 8 7 (A) 18,751 11 3 f22,732 11 3 jC22,732 11 3 The Balance due on 20th November, 1847, as above stated (A) 18,751 11 3 N°. uf Depos-tors. whose r ctive balances on the 20th Nov, 1847, (including interest,) did not exceed £ 20. each f3,200 122 172 Were above £ 20., and did not exceed £ 50. each 5,015 13 11 40 Ditto ditto, £ 5D., and ditto, ditto, £ 100. each 2,699 6 1 18 Ditto' ditto, £ 100., and ditto, ditto, £ 150. each 2,048 6 11 1 -I f Ditto,' ditto, £ 150., and ditto, ditto, £ 200. each 999 17 8 ggfl Total number of Depositors.. 13,963 16 9 Charitable Societies. 997 16 9 23 FriendlySocieties. 3,777 610 724 Total number of accounts I. JE18,739 0 4 Surplus 12 1011 Reserved to meet current expenses. 12 10 0 We certify the above to be a true account—Witness our hands this 16th day of December, 1847. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Jux., ) T„n nf JOSEPH LATCH, ) w0 0 the Mana&ers- (Witness,) JAMES SALTER, Actuary. — « — NEWSPAPER FOR THE FARMING AND GARDENING INTEREST. JanuMry 1, will be published, price Sixpence, free by put, each volume complete in itself, ENLARGED TO TWENTY-FOUR FOLIO rAGES, THE FIRST NUMBER FOR 1848 OF THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE AND AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE: A WEEKLY RECORD OF RURAL ECONOMY AND GENERAL NEWS. The Horticultural Part edited by Professor Lindley. The Farming Part (under (he editorship of a practical Farmer) treats of— Tlie Practice of Agriculture Resultsot well-conducted Experimental Foresting Agricultural Science Farming. Road-making Animal and Vegetable Physiology Growth and Rotation of Crops Farm-Buildings Agricultural Science Farming. Road-making Animal and Vegetable Physiology t Growth and Rotaticn of Crops Farm-Buildings Improvements in Implements, described Stock Labourers by Woodcuts whenever requisite Drainage Agricultural Publications, Better mcdes of Husbandry Irrigation 7 In short, whatever aiTects the beneficial employment of capital in land. Reports are regularly given of the English, Scotch, and Irish Agricultural Societies and f armers Clubs-London Market Prices of Corn. Ha, Cattle, Seeds, Hops Potatoes, Wo«l. &c„ and he Weekly Averages. AS regards the Gardening Part (under the editorship of Dr. Lindley) the principle is to make it a weekly record of every- thing that bears upon Horticulture, Floriculture,Arboriculture, or Garden Botany, and such natural History as has a relation to Gardening, with Notices ard Criticisms of all Works on such subjec ts. Connected with this part are WEEKLY CALENDARS OF GARDENING OPERATIONS, Given in detail, and adapted to the objects of persons in ever\ station of life JO that the Cottager, with a few rods of ground before his door, the Amateur, who has only a greenhouse, and the manager ot extensive gardens, are alike informed of the routine of operations which ti e various seasons rencer necessary. It moreover contains report* ot Horticultural Exhibitions and Pro- ceedings—Notices of Novelties and improvements in fect» everything that can tend lo advance (he profession, benefit the condition of the Workman, or conduce to the pleasure of his Employer; Woodcuts are given wheoever the matter treated of requires that mode of illustration. e Replies to Questions connected with the object of the paper are also furnished weekly. Lastly, that description of Domestic and Political News is introduced which is usually found in a Weekly Newspaper. It is unnecessary to dwell on this head further than to say, that the Proprietors do not range themselves under the banners of any party; their earnest endeavours are to make The Gardeners' Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette a full and complete Record of Facts only—a Newspaper in the true sense of the word—leaving the reader to form his own opinions their object being the eluci- dation of the laws of Nature, not of Wan. The reader is thus furnished, in addition to the peculiar features of the Journal with such information concerning the events of the day, as supersedes the necessity of his providing himself with any other weekly paper. A PROSPECTUS, with list of Contributors, may be had on application, or by letter, at the Office, 5, Upper Wellington- street, Covent Garden, London. Parties intending to commence with the New Volume had better give their orders at once to any newsvender. LONDON TO CARDIFF, NEWPORT, &c. THE SCHOONER MARTHA, JOHN SCRIVEN, MASTER, IS now Loading at Cotton's Wharf, Tooley-strcet, London, for Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Dowlais, ALerdare, Aber- gavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridg- end. and placcs adjacent, and will positively sail on Thursday, the 23rd day of December, 1847. For freight, &c., apply to the master, on board Mr. J. Rowe, Moderator Wharf, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Abergavenny Messrs. Prosser and Co., Brecon Messrs. J. H. and G. Scovell, wharfingers, London; or to Mr. W. Bird, Post-Post, Cardiff. London, December 13th, 1847. HODGES AND WRIGHT, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MAKERS, AND GENERAL IRONMONGERS, BRECON. Lis¡ of Implements, c. HAND THRASHING MACHINE, of the newest inven- tion not liable to get out of repair two men will easily work it, and thrash every description of Grain perfectly clean. Patent Thrashing Machines, powerful and cheap,—two, three or four horse-power; warranted to thrash as much as any Machine in England, made quite portable, or as a fixture. Patent Winnowing Machines of a very superior quality, and fitted entjly on a new principle. Patent blowing or corn-dressing Machine. An im! roved chaff-cutter, warranted not to choke-an objec- tion in all others; and will cut by hand-power more than any other yet offered, and with greater ease. A superior large Chaff-cutter, to be worked by horse, steam, or water-power. A small Ciiaif-cutter, adapted for gentlemen's stables, or small farmers, ot a very superior description. Improved Turnip-cutters for cattle or sheep. Superior light wrought-iron Turnip Drills. A ditto double row ditto. An improved Turnip and Manure Drill, for drilling guano, hone dust, or other artificial manure, on the Scotch system it deposits the seed after the manure is covered-a very complete article. Very superior Suffolk or other Corn Drills, with or with- out manure-boxes attached, for drilling artificial manure. A Sowing Machine, for sowing clover-seed or grasses—very light and simple. Wrought Iron Turnip Scuffler, or Horse-hoe, on quite a new principle. A lever Scarifier, or Field Grubber, made entirely of wrouuht iron, on quite a new principle, aud can be regulated to :0 any depth a pair of horses may thoroughly stir up to a tilth six or eight acres per day. Superior light two-horse Iron Ploughs, with or without a Skim, on quite a new and improved principle, which has gained several prizes at the Ploughing Mutches in Dreconshire and the neighbouring counties. Subsoil or Mole Ploughs of various descriptions. An improved Wrought Iron Harrow, made to cut us regular as a rake. A patent Iron Expanding Harrow for one, two, three, or four horses. Norwegian or spiked revolving Harrows. Iron Pressers, for pressing clover lay, &c., preparatory for wheat Iron Field Rollers in two or three divisions. Patent Clod-crushers A double-boarded Moulding Plough, for opening drills or earthing up potatoes. Wrought lion Whipple Trees. Improved Hay-making Machines, to work forward or back- ward. Patent Drag or Heel Rakes, with wheel and levers. Drag or Heel Rakes of the best make, with steel teeth. Patent Road Scrapers. Iron Rick Stands. An improved Lever Horse-rake, capable of raking (perfectly clean) forty acres of corn, hav, or couch, per day. ° Improved Corn-crushers, for malt, oats, &c., and not liable to get out of repair. Malt, Bean, or Corn Mills. Oil-cake Breakers. Linseed Crushers. Gorse Crushers or Cutters. Bone Mills. Hand Bone Breakers. Improved portable Weighing Machines, adapted for gran- aries, warehouses, or weighing of live stock. Light W fúught-hon Sack Trucks. Cranes or Pulleys for Granaries, &c. Improved Lever Cheese-presses, double or single. An improved Curd-breaker, a most useful Machine no dairy can be complete without it. A very superior Vertical Dash Churn, which a lad may work with the greatest ease. Patent Grass-cutters. Garden or Eire Engines. Improved Revolving Barley Stumper, with or without fly- wheel. Iron Mangers for horses or cattle. Iron Racks for ditto. Ornamental wrought iron covered Racks for sheep or deer. Wrought-iron Cattle Cribs. Wrouuht-iron Sheep Racks and Troughs, of a superior des- Cn/ron Water Troughs for cattle or horses. Iron Pig troughs. Circular ditto. "U rought-iron Farm Gates and Posts. Wrought-iron Hurdles or Fencing. Sheep Nets. Wire lattice Fencing for Sheep or Game. Galvanized Iron Stable Bnckets, that will not rust. Ditto Seed Hoppers. Wrought-iron Wheelbarrows. Patent Clothes Mangles.. Ornamental Wrought-iron Chairs and seats. Ditto iron Tree Guards. Verandas, Balconies, or Palisading. Flexible Tube for hoven or choked cattle or sheep. Patent Brick Machines. Ditto Draining, Tile, or Pipe Machines. Case-hardened Cart Axles and Boxes. Patent Cart or Waggon Axles. Hf Steamin§ Apparatu9> f°r tunuPs> roots> Wrought-iron Carriages or Gig Jacks, on an entirely new principle. Ditto Screw for lifting heavy weights. Iron Cart Hames, etc. etc. Any kind of Agricultural Implements or Smith's Work made t0 Pattern or Drawing. A, v Ilodges and Wright most gratefully acknowledge the dis- tinguished preference shewn to the use of their Machines and Implements in general, and beg to assure their friends that every article shall be ot the best description with workmanship that cannot be excelled, being fully aware that the satisfaction and recommendation of customers can only be ensured by a strict determination to make every article auswer its purpose. I DENTAL SURGERY. TENTH YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. Mr. L. IOSELY, SURGEON-DENTIST, OF 30, BERNERS-STKEET, OXFORD-STREET, LONDON, HAS the honour to announce to his patients,and the residents generally of the Principality, that the following are his Appointments for November and December Mondays. Three Salmons Hotel, Usk. Tuesdays Angel Hotel, Abergavenny Wednesdays o. King's Head, Newport Thursdays .Cardiff Arms, Cardiff Fridays George Hotel, Chepstow (All at Private Apartments). And on Saturdays, at Mr. J. Powell's, Plumber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Until Friday, Dec. 24th.-Attendance from 10 to 4. Mr. L. M. s method of fixing his incorrodible artificial mineral teeth is now so well known, that he need only observe, it com- bines a sure fit, comfort in mastleating and articulation, and of so natural an appearance as to defy detection by the closest observer, and not to be detected from the remaining natural teeth in the head. They are fixed from one to a complete set without removing the stump or the remaining teeth, and are wired upon the most tender gums, with ease and comfort. They never change colour, and need not be removed exceot at the pleasure of the wearer. Mr. L. M., from being the manufacturer of the improved arti- ficial teeth, and also from having made several recent improve- Im ments in the mechanical department, is enabled to reduce his charges so as to enable him to bring the aid of the dentist within the reach of all parties wishing to consult him. Stopping, scaling, and every operation pertaining to dental surgery. Children's teeth regulated during second dentation. Mr. L. M. will give his advice, free of any charge, to any one wishing to consult him, and more particularly to those parties who have had artificial teeth made, and, from their not being properly adapted, are not able to wear them. Constant attendance at Town residence, No. 30, Berner's- street, Oxford-street, where patients can always be attended, and where only Mr. L. M. can be consulted, except when on his periodical visits to the Principality. References to the Faculty throughout the Principality, and very many of the most influential residents, his patients. Mr. L. M.'s first visit will be on Monday, the 8th November, at Brecon. London, 30, Berner's -street, Oxford-street, November 30, 1847. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. R I PM^CES'STREET, BANK. LONDOV- Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, IV. Vict., c. IX. William Bard^ett Esq D1RECT^S» Samuel Beviniton, Eso" R U ES1- William Fechney Black Fsq E*1,°ton. Es<l- „ George Cohen. Esq. Q' Robert Foster, Esq. Mallis Coventry, Esq. 11^ i "8^' Esq* H tlenry Lewis Smale, Esq. AUDITORS B. Bevington, Esq. I F. B. Cocketill, Esq. I J. D. Dow Esq. MEDICAL J. CUND"K'D^^ STANDING COUNSEL. The Hon. John Ashley, New-square, Lincoln's Inn Mr. Sergeant Murpby, M.P., Temple. soLlcrTOn. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. BANKERS. Messrs. Drewett and Fowler. Princes-street, Bank. THIS Institution is empowered by a SpeciilAct of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assu- rance in tbeir fullest extent to Policy Holders, and to present rance in their fullest extent to Policy Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually offered by any other companies. Among others, the following important advantages may be enumer.ted:- Increasing Rates of Premium on a new and remarkable plan for securing loans or debts; a less payment being required on a Policy, fur the whole term of life, than in any other office. CHFDIT TABI.K.—By this table The premiums may remain un- paid for live years, upon satisfactory security being given for the liquidation ol the same, at the expiration of that period. HALF CREDIT RATES OF PREMIUM. Persons assured according to these rules, are allowed credit (without security) for half tbe amount of thefii-st seven Annual. iemiiims, paying interest thereon, at the rate of five per cent. per annum, with the option of paying olf the principal at any time, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when the policy becomes a claim. Policies may be thus effected at lower rates than are generally required for the teim of seven years only; whilst the holders have the same security for the payment of their claims, whenever death may happen, as if they paid double the amount of pre- miums, which would be charged for assurance effected in the same way. Policies revised without the exaction of a ..1IC, at any time within twelve months. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at two o'clock. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Medical Attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. Lxtiact from Increasing Rates of Piemium, for an Assurance of £100. for the W hole Term of Life. | | Annual Premiums payable during j Five > 2nd Five < 3rd FiveT75T F7vrnt^jirnd7ri | .Year*, j Years, j Years. < yearS. j of life, j { j £ s. d. £ s, d. £ s. d. J £ a ,i i f- q d > >2° 1 1 4 1 5 10 1 10 I! 3 j 2 3 8 30 1 6 4 I''2 2 I I9 I 2 7 4 { 2 K 6 40 > 1 16 1 2 4 4 2 14 6 < 3 7 1 4 j 50 j 2 16 7 j 7 9 4 j 4 5 5 j 5 6 3 | 13 7 | ~KmacTtr«^ Annual Premium required for an Assnrance of £ 100. for the Whole Term of Life. | j 1IalJ I,r"T"i,,ln for j Whole Premium i j ASe- Seven Years. < after Seven Years. I s• d- I £ ~s <1 » 30 119 2 0 r > 35 1 4 11 2 9 10 40 1 9 2 2 18 4 45 | 1 14 10 3 9 s 2 2 6 450 2 12 9 ) 5 5 6 60 368 613 4 j 1WI „ PETEi<- MORR1 SON Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information a- tn the mode of effecting assurances, may be obtained on application to the following agents:— ppncation Newport—Mr. RICHARD JENKINS, Merchant Cliel,stow-Alr.J. L. BALDWYN, Solicitor. Bristol-Mr. JOHN NIOXIIANI, Baukcx, Corn-street. i TOWN HALL, NEWPORT. THE NEWPORT CHORAL SOCIETY beg to announce L to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport and its vicinity, their intention of giving A GRAND PERFORMANCE OF SACRED MUSIC, On Tuesday Evening, December 21st, 1817. To consist of selections from the sublime Oratorios, The Mes- siah," and" Creation," and, in order to give the Choruses due effect, the voices will be accompanied by a FULL BAND. This being the Society's first Concert, they hope to meet with such a measure of support, as will stimulate their future efforts. The Chorus and Band will consist of Forty Performers. TRINCirAL VOCAL PEHFOKMKKS. Mrs. Tilly, Mr. Tilley, Miss Marsden, Mr. T. It. Price, Mr. "Wastneld. First violin and leader Mr. T. lL rricc. Pianoforte Mr. Groves. Conductor Mr. Tilley. Reserved seats, in the gallery, 3s. Front seats, 2s. Back The doors to be opened at Ilalf-past Seven, and the Per- formancc to commence at Eight o'clock. Tickets to be had at the principal Inns and of the Stationers. NEWPORT ATIIENiEUM AND MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. THE Committee have the pleasing duty to announce that L MR. ELIHU BURRITT, the celebrated American Linguist, has most kindly consented to deliver a LECTURE to the Members and Friends of this In- stitution, at the TOWN HALL, (by permission of the Mayor,) on WEDNESDAY, the 22nd of December, 1847, upon THE PHILOSOPHY OF LABOUR. The Chair will be taken at Eight o'clock. Admission to the Hall: Members, 3d., Ditto and Lady, Gd., Non-Member, Is. To the Orchestra: Member, 6d Ditto and Lady, Is., Non- Member, Is. Gd. It is earnestly hoped, this being probably the only oppor- tunity that will be afforded to the inhabitants of Newport, of heal ing this distinguished Philanthropist, (as he states it to be his intention not to deliver any more Lectures to Mechanics' Institutes, his time being fully absorbed in a "great move- ment,") that there will be an overflowing audience, and that he will be welcomed in a manner worthy of his well-merited and world-wide reputation. E V. JENKINS, > j. a December 9th, 1847 JOHN WOOD,$non' BeC3- ORDERS RECEIVED FOR THE PATENT FUNERAL CARRIAGE, BY S. T. HALLEN, OF THE WESTGATE-HOTEL, NEWPORT. THIS elegant CARRIAGE is peculiarly adapted for the N interment of children by avoiding the offensive, un- sightly, and unpleasant system of placing the corpse across the windows of the common Fly, or Mourning Coach, at all times so disagreeable to the relatives the contraction of the hearse part rendering it suitable for any age, from the child to the adult, and totally distinct from the part in which the mourners ride. WINE & SPIRIT ESTABLISHMENT, NEWPORT. GEORGE MASTERS RESPECTFULLY desires to inform the inhabitants of Newport and its vicinity, that he has refitted, at very considerable expense, his Wine and Spirit Vaults, and that he has added to his stock some of the first-rate quality of Wines and Spirits, which he can with confluence recommend to his numerous friends and customers, to whom hr takes this oppor- tunity of returning his best thanks for the very liberal support he has for the last ltivearsbeen honoured with, and begs to assure them that he will continue to keep a constant supply of first-rate Wines, Spirits, Beer, Porter, &c., of every descrip- tion, and soliciting a share of their patronage, takes this oppor- tunity of stating, that nothing shall be wanting on his part to prove that he may be deserving the preference they may be pleased to bestow upon him. G. M. takes this opportunity of stating that he will not resort to the constant practice of many persons, of advertising to sell at a lower price than their neighbours because it is very well known that every tradesman must get a living profit by the woods sold by him but begs to state that, from his long expe- perience in the wine and spirit trade, and being connected with some of the first houses in London, every article sent out of his premises shall be equal in quality, and at as low a price as can be rendered by any house in the trade in the kingdom. Sole consignee for Newport and the county of Monmouth, for Nicholson's celebrated London Gin. The trade supplied. Puncheons, hogsheads, and halt-hogsheads of Gin always on hand, and can be sent out at a day's notice. A constant supply of Sir Robert Burnett's vinegar. Cigars and chcroots, from one of the first London Houses, sold whole- sale and retail, at the manufacturer's pi ices. Å I FREEMASONRY. THE Brethren of the Silurian Lodge, G93, will open Lodge JL at the Masonic Hall, Newport, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, on Saint John's Day, the 27th instant, for the pur- pose of installing the W.M. for the ensuing year. The Brethren will afterwards dine at the Westgate Hotel.— Dinner on the Table at Five o'clock, when all the members of the Lodge are respectfully requested to attenJ. Tickets iucluding wine, dessert, and waiter, IPs. Cd. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, USK. THE REV. J. FARRAND, M.A., of Cambridge, having J been appointed to the Mastership of the above School, "ill be happy to receive, after the Christmas Vacation, Two Sons of Gentlemen as Boarders. Mr. Farrand having graduated as a Wrangler, and success- fully prepared many Gentlemen for College, this will also be found an eligible opportunity for Mathematical Students, and for such there is suitable accommodation in the town of Usk. For further particulars applications may be addressed to the Rev. the Vicar of Usk. WANTED, N Out-door SERVANT, to look after a Horse and Car- l\. riage, and to make himself generally useful. A good character from his last place will be required. Apply at the MERLIN Office. December 17, 1847. WANTED, TO RENT, In the neighbourhood of either Newport, Pontypool, Tredegar, or Abergavenny, A SMALL GRIST MILL for a Chemical Manufactory. Address, H., MERLIN Office. All letters to be prepaid. PUBLIC CAUTION. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I will not he answerable for any debt or debts that my wife, Ann Edwards, may contract after the date hereof, she having left me. As witness my hand, this day. 3 The mark X of JAMES EDWARDS, Collier. Blaenavon, December 14, 1847. ABEKOAVEXNT NURSERY GROUNDS. JAMES SAUDERS & SON BEG to call the attention of the Gentry and Public in ge- neral to their Establishment, where every article in the Nurserv and Seed Line is supplied on terms equal to the Lon- don or Bristol Nurseries. All lands of FRUIT AND FOREST TREES. Evergreen and flowering shrubs. ° Ornamental trees. Roses (standard and dwarfs), from 400 to 500 choice varieties A select collection of hardy coniferae. AMERICAN PLANTS. Greenhouse and half-hardy plants and shrubs. All kinds of plants for the lawn and flower garden. Climbing and weeping plants in great variety. Bulbous roots imported direct from Holland. Garden tools, Russian mats, and flower pots. Mushroom spawn, guano, &c. Lingham Brothers' monograph labels for trees and plants. Their stock of fruit trees (trained and untrained), arc re- markably fine and clean, including the best kinds of peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, cherries, apples, and about 200 va- rieties of fine Flemish and other pears. J. S. and Son have to offer several hundreds of each, of very fine specimens of elms, sycamore, horse chesnut, lime, Turkey oak, &c., ten to twenty feet high, several times transplanted, and fit to produce immediatl effect. About two million quick of various sizes. Ornamental and forest planting contracted for to any extent. ERISTOL^AN^joW, THE Public are respectfully informed that the WHITE JL LION COACH will leave the Beaufort Arms Chepstow, every morning (Sundays excepted,) nt Half-past Eight, for Bristol. On its retuin, it will leave the Lion Coach Office, at a quarter-p;ist ihree, for Chcpstow. The Bristol and Swansea Mails, and the Bristol and Brecon Coach will in future leave the Beaufort Arms Chepstow, ill- stead of the George, as heretofore. „ „ »• P. WILLIAMS k CO., Bcacnley, Dec. 1>, 1S47. Proprietors. TO INNKEEPERS, BREWERS, AND OTHERS. TO BE SOLD, OR LET, Ar T With Immediate Possession, n .m To LIJ that old-established and wcll-accustomed FuLLlC HOUSE, called the ROCK INN, situate at Bcdwelty, I in the county of Monmouth, on the roadside between Tredegar and Newport, distant from the former place, seven miles Blackwood, one Newbridge four; and Pontypool, eight; com- prising commercial room,"parlour, ciub room, tap room, bar, and two kitchens, with extensive cellars, brewhouso, stabling, garden, and enclosed yard, now, and for some years past, in the occupation of the Lessee. The premises, together with a house adjoining, (let to a good tenant at £ G. 10s. a-year,) are held under a lease from the Sirhowy Tramroad Company, at the yearly ground rent of £10. The Stock, with a portion of the Household Furniture, &c., to be taken at a valuatIOn; but the former having been lately considerably reduced, the coming-in will be moderate. e ,v The Petty Sessional and Tax Meetings for the Dmsmn of Bedwelty, are held at the house and from Its eligible situatwn, and contiguity to several large colhenes, a respectable and remunerating business may be,e"su^„' » t, o For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mrs. Elisabeth Treasure, on the premises,, or to Mr, Charles Rice, Tredegar. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE TOSSESSIOX, A SMALL, but well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, situate near the Custom House, principal offices, tram-road, canal, and wharfs. Incoming about Apply to E. Pritchard, auctioneer and house agent, No. 1.5a, Commercial-street, Newport. FOR SALE, FIVE SHARES in the Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire Bank. For further particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. W. T. Rees, land and estate agent, BFblly House, near Newport. Newport, December 16, 1847. CHTMICAI, WOKKS. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, A LL those suitable and well-constructed Works, situate at iV. Pillgwcnliy, in the Borough of Newport, used for the manufacture of Acetate of Lime and Naphtha. The above Works are "advantageously situate for cither land or water conveyance, being near the Newport Dock, and con- tiguous to the Monmouthshire Canal Company's tram road and canal, from which there is an extensive frontage. Also attached is a large Piece of Ground, adapted for furthrr erection. For further particulars, apply to Mr. H. W. WEBBER, Newport. GOOD INVESTMENTS. TO BE SOLDI Y AUCTION, (Or by Private Contract,) FOUR welMmilt HOUSES, Outhouses, and Gardens, <- situate near the Canal, Newport. They are leasehold, under Llanarth, at a low ground rent, and respectably tenanted, and produce a good rental. Two Houses, situate near the Dock, Pillgwenlly. These arc also in a good state of repair, and are weil tenanted. Also a Beer-house, situate in a populous and improving part of Pill. They will be sold separately, or in four lots, so as to render them an excellent investment. Apply to Mr. Young, Rodney Arms Inn or E. Pritchard, auctioneer and house-agent, No. 1[;5, Commercial-street. MONTHLY SALES. BY ORDER OF THE PROPRIETORS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY E. PRITCHAIID, On Wednesday, December 22nd, 1847, at No. 14, Bonded Stores, Corn-street, Newport, the following merchandise, viz., rilEAS, comprising Congou, Gunpowder, Hyson, and Cape, J Tea. WINES, compiising superior Champagne, Claret, German Wines, Sherry, brown and pale Tent and Madeira. Selected from the finest Brands, and most choice Vintages. The whole will be offered in small lots, and may be viewed previous to Sale, by applying to Mr. William James, at the Warehouse, Corn-street, Newport, or at the Auctioneer's Office, 155, Commercial-street. Approved bills of three months will be taken.—See conditions of sale. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock precisely. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Unreserved Sale of new and second-hand Household Furniture; o-rand Pianoforte, in handsome mahogany case two four- wheeled Phaetons, with turn-over hmd seats, one suitable for a small pony; a few prints and paintings, books, &c., TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. II, M. PAKTMPGF. At his old Auction Mart, 141, Commcicial-strcet, which the Messrs. Day have kindly permitted him the use of for the occasion, on Thursday, the 23rd of December instant. THE Furniture includes a handsome mahogany sideboard; i a neat mahogany bagatelle table and stand complete, with cues, balls, and spirit level; two sofas, lounge, easy chair; mahogany dining, Pembroke, loo, and work tables rosewood loo ditto; mahoganv and birch four-post, tent, and half-tester bedsteads; mahogany and painted chests of drawers; wash- stands and dressing-tables; set of six Spanish mahogany chairs, with hair scats twelve stained rosewood ditto, with cane scats kitchen and chamber ditto; mirror and pier glasses several sets of Venetian drop blinds fenders and f.re- Trons; Brussels and other carpets; wool, nullpulf, and straw mattresses; feather and miUpuff beds; chamber and other ware; glass; lot of eight best block tin dish covers; boilers, saucepans, fountain, frying-pans, and gndlIOns, coal-boxes &c. a few prints and paintings, ana about 100 volumes of b°Sale to commence at Eleven, for Twelve o'clock at noon precisely. St. Woollos House, Stow-hill, Dcc. J, loir IMPORTANT SALE OF FIRST-RATE SIIEPJIY & PORT WINES, IN BOTTLE & WOOD, DUTY PAID. MR. II. M. P.uiTiunGE Begs respectfully to announce that 1 lie lias had consigned to him, by a Gentleman who is declining the Wine 1 rade, TO SELL BY AUCTION, Without reserve, on Wednesday, the 92nd day of December -instant, at his old Auction Mart, 141, Commeicial-stieet, which the Messrs. Day, coach-builders, have kindly per- milted him the use of for the occasion, DOZEN of Snlenrlid Gold-coloured Sherry. ^V 50 Dozen of Fine Rich Port. Six Quarter Casks of Ditto.. „ < n Six Quarter Casks, and Six Octave ditto, of Golden and Brown Sherry. The Bottled Wines will be sold in lots of two dozen each, bottles and hampers included, and that in wood by the octave and quarter cask. Mr. H. M. Partridge begs to call the attention of his friends and the public to this important sale, as the whole of the wines will be found of a very superior quality, and such as cannot fail to give satisfaction to the purchasers. Samples will be pro- duced at the time oLgale, and may be tasted at St. Woollos liouse, on the Monday and. Tuesday preceding the sale. The sale will connivence at Twelve for One o'clock, punc- tually. Saint Woollos House, Stow Hill, Dec. 9, 1847. IVY BRIDGE COTTAGE, LANHENNOOH, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. H. M. Partridge Begs respectfully to aiinounce, that he is instructed by Mrs. » Stewart., TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the premises at Ivy Bridge Cottage, on Tuesday, the 4th of J anuary, 1818, A LL the neat and modern Household Furniture, Co- XA- bur"- harness; a n tun her of Chinese figures and orna- ments several volumes of drawings on rice paper, comprising Chinese Views, costumes, trades, &c.; and miBcettaneous effects, full particulars of which will appear in the papers of the 2.5th instant, and in catalogues. St. Woollos House, Stow JIill, Newport, Dcc. 16, 1847. MONMOUTHSHIRE. OAK AND ASH TIMBER AND COPPICE WOOD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By BURTON and SON, At the Beaufort Arms, Monmouth, on Friday, the 24th of De- cember inst., between the hours of four and six in the after- noon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, the undermentioned Oak and Ash Timber and Coppice Wood. ■yaft "|- OT 1 'I'he present Fallage of a coppice wood, ragaaa on the Grange Farm, in (he parish of Penrose, ragaaa on the Grange Farm, in the parish of Penrose, Elizabeth Frost tenant; together with 54 Oak Stores, crossctl with a scribe, and 57 Oak Timber Trees, ^SSE^siiumbered progressively with a scribe, standing therein. r Lot 2- Eighty-five Oak 1'imber Trees, numbered with red paint, standing on Llwynygare Farm, in the parish of Tragare, Mary Holmes^tenant. Lot 3: Three hundred and forty-five Ash Timber Trees, numbered with red paint, standing on the same farm. The respective tenants will show the several lots; and for further particulars apply to the Auctioneers; or to Mr. Tudor, Wyesham. December 8th, 1847. MONMOUTHSIlIluE FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that cAi>it.it WATER CORN GRIST HILL, with two Cottages, barn, stable, and 14 acres of meadow land, situate in the parish of Shirenewton, in the said county, near the turnpike-road lenfling from 0, to Chepstow, and at a dis- tance of about five miles from the latter place. The mill is large and roomy, and worked with two pair of French and one pair of Welsh stones. It comprises commo- dious flour and corn lofts, and the whole is in complete Attached to the property are valuable rights of pasture on Earlswood and Caldicot Commons. The land-tax is redeemed. To treat for the Purchasc'M^P/- WADDINGTON, Solicitor, Usk. Usk, December 6th, 1847. SALE THIS DAY, SATURDAY. 15; COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. TO B E SO L Dny. A U C T JON, Without the least reserve, by MR. GRAHAM, At Mr. Priteh-iril'-s Auction Rooms, 1.55, Commercial-street, Newport, on Saturday next, December 13th, !847, the fol- lowing Clocks, Watches, Jewellery, &c.. riAWO capital Eight-day Clocks, in mahogany cases one I ditto, in oak case: one alarum; several watches, gold rings, seals, key, and brooches silver watch guards, pencil cases, and toolhpieks; German silver spoons; a large assort- ment of spectacles, nocket-bookb, card-cases, &c., &c. A bird organ, glass cnse mahogany desk, four-post bedstead, feather bed and beddin- dressing-table, and numerous other articles, the property of Mr W Feale, taken in execution by the sheriff. The Sale to commence punctually at Two o'clock in the aitcr- noon. Blue Broom, near Ragland, and Newport, Dec. 14, 1847. GLAMORGA \S II IllK A^D M'ONMOUTHSHI.RE INFIRMARY AND DISPENSARY. Abstract of the House Surgeon's Report to the Weekly Board for the Week endmg Dec. 14, 1847. g (nemilled by last Report. 9 '■g Admitted since 3 -—12 Discharged .••••••••••• • • 0 § Cured and Relieved 1 Died 0 £ L -1 Remaining 11 2 5 ("Remained bv last Report 2G2 g Admitted since o <; Discharged .j* -a Cured and Relieved £ Died 1 6 i 20 Remaining 2<2 MEDICAL OFI iel>Ri> 1011 Physician ^r; Consulting Surgeon l eec.e Surgeon Lewis Visitor. Rev.*W* L. Morgan and Mr. Job James Alfretl l). Andrews, House burgeon. I


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