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SINGLE HATS AT W HOLES ALE PRICES. ^HIS arrangement continues to give great satisi-iction to Families and the Public generally, who 3r„e^na €(*to Purc'iase at a. Saving of at lea- 2'J per Cent, under the usual Price charced. uood vvaterprsot Beaver Hats. ,u 0,1 i„ Very Fine Waterproof ditto 7. Ss to 10s fid' A very Superior Hat lo's. to 16s Fine Black and Drab Waterproof Felt liats 4s. 6c). to 8s. lhe very Best London Hats.. 18s. 6J., charged by all iher houses tvom 21s. to 24s. Fine Waterproof Gossamer Hats. 4?. to 6s. fid. Most Quality ditto. — 7s. 6d. Rich Velvet and Satin napped llats 10s. to its. 6d. Beaver Bonnets of the most fashionable shape. Every Article warrant to retain its shape and not spot with r :i, there being not. ono particle of Glue used in thcircomposition. '1HIS IS THE ONLY BEAVER IIA v M ANUFAC TORY IN NEWPORT. T. U „ 33.21 APSSr SUPIViSBD A3 'i/SUAI.. 11V iu i'tt'tIT'?5 refer omy to CASH, tlie Profit not being sufficient to admit of Credit. • WATKINS, 135, COMMERCIAL-STREET, two doors from Hill-street. ECONOMISTS IN DRESS ARE RECOMMENDED TO TRY THE ALBION HOUSE, -iL ii-I 38, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. @ if pa *iF wmWm & s Begs to submit to Public Notice AN EXTENSIVE STOCK OF DRAPERY, SUITABLE TO THE PRESENT SEASON, W^CH he has just purchased under circumstances of peculiar advantage, in the LONDON Sl,mn;n advances having since taken place in consequence of Manufacturers having received large orders for ensue. hlna'Iadia' and other places ol great consumption and the general impression is, that further advances will soon Jellafabad^aS'pJiT'S,t r? rv £ Tf°ll0u ing-' vi*10.°00 YA RDS of BLACK and COLOURED Colurg, Britannia, Tvrian nmat,a C„L01 Parisian Lustres. Mem o., and Oileans, in Plan., Figured and Shot a variety ot Printed J.J, „/Jw>e Newest 8,°'™ Lael,m0'" "d U'Lai,es! »'»»' IW -J KMm Ml MM H* T* vy,*hes to direct particular attention to a large STOCK of WOOI, SHAWLS, TURN QVER«5 &c. &c. aome of which are of the finest Cashmere and Saxony Wools and he begs, also, notice of the extraordinaiy Cheapness of a SELECT ASSORTMENT OF T t v. FURS> FEATHERS, AH D FRENCH FLOWERS, \rna' Mtinkets, from 3s. 4'd.White Counterpanes, from 2s. 1 Id. Ticjvers and P>iot CUths, of the best sV Ovigham L mbrellas, in ?reat variety nearer and Silk Hats, very cheap Paris ditto, of the best make, n ry nopkeepers, luilors, and other large purchasers, will find this a favourable opportunity of buying to advantage. H. T. solicits early calls, and undertakes to sell G 0 0 1) A R '1' I C L E S A X 1) O R E A T B A R G A I N S. Particular to observe the Address, ALBION HOI >E, 38, Coiamercial-stieet, two dours from Llaiwith-strcet, and near the West ot England Bank. The Lowest Price asked for every Article, and no abatement trade. UN PIHS I BAWB. ■ ANCI-IO_R HOUSE. mgVW E D W A FITTH 0 M A S GRATEFULLY acknowledges the kind encouragement ar-.l continuous support with which his friends and the public in general have for a long time honoured him and he hopes ;o ser:u:e the perpetuation of their favours by carefully consult- ing their tastes and their inteiests while he pledges himself to i.m-o a large-, well-selected, Cin .ii> stock of Goods, of the vei v BEST (QUALITY. He begs respectfully to intimate that he hns at present a ;]"t extensive NEW S TOCK, which has all been purchased for #T t a6 j' a<jvance), tn the London, Scotch, and Nor;l. f England markets. He politelv solicits the favor of a call from i uS (je"tlemen of Newport and its vicinity. The j-ct at which E. T. diligently aims being a large and quick re- urn, le as, in order to secure the attainment oi his wtshes, a.' sched the lowest jMisibte priccs to the goods, fiom which 110 de- viation will be made. & The following is a list of a few cf the articles kept, that n.c partlculaily cheap, and decided BARGAINS .-— Black Orleans. rt from 4-^d per yard G.een and Blua Quilts from 6s Gd each Co oared ditto T-Jd „ Lane Blankets f.om 5s <Jd per pair e lalabad figures gij Coloured Counterpanes from Is each Dark Pans.an Lustres gjd „ White do fiom 3s 3d each Vigonia Dresses, Blue and Gold Stnp s.. ,.6;6deaeh Co-ton Sheets from Is per pair ast coloured Pnrits mm froir, 2id per yan! Linen Sheeting from4^d pei yard J he newest styles in Print Dresses 3s fid cacli L)o. 2.1 yards wide. from Is 9d per yard rey catco, one yard wide per yard Do. 2 yards u idc from Is 3d per yard JO. do. Miee^UG^ TW0 YARDS wide 7Ad „ White Daraask Table Cloths, 2 yards long, from 3s 6d each o. «ind White. l £ d White Furniture Dimity from 4^d per yard ary l.otit Dowlais, at 7d per yard, warranted all lir.en. "Women's black worsted hose, Irom 3^d per pair. Plain and plaid Camlet for cloaks C-cc from 1 l^d peJ yard. Men's worsted hose, stout, from 7|d per pair. Plain and striped wool and cashmere Cloukings, in great Gentlemen's, Ladies', and Children's HInter Gloves, at ai: variety. prices. Wide and stout blue Pilot Cloth, from Is 9d per yard. Gingham Umbrellas, from 17d each. Superiine Broadcloth, from 4s 9d per yaid. Silk Umbrellas, from 5s 9d each. Do. do. blue, from 5s 9d per yard. Mackintosh Capes and Coats. Vestings of all kinds, very cheap. Good Ruckskius for trowsers, from lfld per yard. A rich assortment of French cap and bonnet Ribbons,direct fustians and cord, from (3d per yard. frpm Paris, selected by the fir*t buyer in London. ——; British Ribbons uf every description. tUR*j—Muffs, Is. Gd. each. Boas, Is. 9d. each. A magnificent stock of Scotch wool and cashmere Shawls, of i An immense variety of Silk, Cotton, and Gingham Hand- the newest style, direct from the manufactory. These, with an ke:e!iie!s. ileal Lncha Silk, fiom 2s 9d each, large size. Rich elegant assortment ot New Dresses and Fancy Goods, will be China siik pockets, entirely white, from 3s 6d each. exhibited in a SHOW ROOM, apart from the shop. ~1 SPLENDID i3RUv.>t>.S C IIPETING, from 3s 6d per yaid. CARPET ROOM > KIDDER.MINS I'Ell DITTO, 2 Id 3 The TIGER RUG, and others, in great variety. Anchor House, next door to the Westgate Hotel, Newport. MOMETf. TO be advanced upon FREEHOLD SECURITY, £ 800.> TRUST MONEY. Apply to Mr. SMYTHIEtv Solicitor, Dock-street, Newport. GUANO CONSTANTLY ON SALE. A PPLY to the Importers, CI DBS, BRIGHT, and CO, a 28, Orchard-street or at GEORGE and .f.lE. BUSH'S Warehouses, Baldwin-street, Bristol, where it fiav be seen. rOR SALE AT JONES'S COACII FAC TORY", No 9 Thomas-street. Newport, an Excellent STANHOPE GIG in good Condition; TO CHEMISTS, DRUGGISTS, exz, e,- COIAUR MEN. TO BEi DISPOSED OF WITH TlUiUEDIATE POSSESSION, AN OLD ESTABLISHED FAMILY AND AGRI. CULTURAL BUSINESS, centrally situate in one o; the principal streets in a large and increasing sea-port town with a FIRST RATE SHOP AND PREMISES for cairy-' ing on an extensive business, and capable of being greatly ex- tended, from various circumstances now in progress to nnke the establishment of very considerable value. Coming in, not exceeding £400. Address H.P. care of the Editor of this Paper. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. II. M. PARTRIDGE, At the WesTGATE HOTEL, Newport, on SATURDAY. tll, 11th day of November, 1843, at G o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced all that valuable LEASSBOLS de. PH,S2VI23^S, CALLED the ANGEL, eligibly situate in G lum^-sTKr.ET, immediately facing the Market-house. The house con- tains a good-sized front Shop, Parlour, Pantry, and Kitchen, with an excellent underground Cellar, and tiirce spacious Red rooms »«T here is also behind the above, and comrr.unieatins; with the street by a side entrance, a Yard and convenient Slaughter- house. The above Premises are held nnder a leise for 39 years, oc of which are unexpired, and are subject to a ground-rent of five pounds per annum. N.B. Part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage of the Premises if required. For further particulars apply, if by lett r, pre-paid, to Mr. H. M. PARTRIDGE, Auctioneer and House A7 Commercial-street. Newport, 2nd Nov., 1843. A VOTE FOR THE COUNTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. E. PRITCFIARD, 0(1 MONDAY, the 13th day of November, 1843, precisely at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, (unless previously < isposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given;. at theTiiEDEGAR ARMS INN, Newport, (subject to such con- ditions as will be then and theie produced), all that FREEHOLD PUBLIC XSOUSS. OUTBUILDINGS, ORCHARD, GARDEN, "-c., Called or known by the name of THE NEW INN, SITUATE on the roadside leading to Goldciiff Church S within six miles of Sewport, In the paiish of Goldciiff and county of Monmouth, the property ot Mrs, Cecilia Mat- thias. The House is newly and substantially built of the best ma- terials, and comprises, a parlour, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, attics, brew-house, cellar, carpenter's shop, stablincr. A:c. The gar- den is partly walled in, and the orchard which is now young, fruitful, and composed of choice trees, and a prolific soil, ad- measure together nearly an acre For furthe. information apply to Mr. SMYTH 1 ES, solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, Newpoit. Price h. qd. per box. TIIIS axcellent Family Pill is a Medicine of long-t: ied effi- cacy for correcting all disorders of the Stomach and Dow- els, the common symptoms of which are Costiveness. Flatu- lency, Spasms, Loss of Appetite. Sick Head-ache, Giddiness, sense of Fulness after Meals, Dizziness of the Eyes, Drowsi- ness, Pains in the Stomach and Bowels. Indigestion piodu- cing a Torpid State of the Liver, and a consequent inactivity of ths Bowels, causing a disorganisation of every function oj the Frame, will, in this most excellent preparation, by a little perseverance, be effectually removed. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of its salutary eficcts. The Stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place and. instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appeaiance. sticngth, activity, and renewed health, will be ihe quick result of taking this medicine according to the directions accompanying each box; and il taken after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural stale of repos Peisons of a FULL HABIT, who are subject to Head- ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singing in the Eik, arising from too great a flow of blood to the head, should never t f with- out them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely oai- ried off by their immediate use. For FEMALES these Pills arc most truly excellent, remov- ing all obstructions the distressing 1 lead-ache so ve.iy preva- lent with the sox Depression of Spirits. Dulness of Sight, Nervons Affections, Blotches, Pimples, and Sallowncss of the Skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite the recom- mendation of a mild operation with the most successful effect, and require no restraint of diet or confinement during tlifi: use. And for ELDERLY PEOPLE they will lie found to be the most comfortable medicine hitherto prepared. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London price Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. per box and by Herbert Williams, chemist, Newport. Vhillips, Cardiff"; Fartor Monmouth; J. H. Morgan, Aber- gavenny Morgan,MerthyrTydvil; Williams, Brecon Gouls tone, Llandovery; Williams, Jenkins, Strick, Daw, and Wil son. S.vansea; Evans, Carmarthen; and by the Yendeis o! v.' ,Aicines g jVl'idicmes generally tbroughou the kingdom. E. V. JENKINS, Druggist, Asent for Newport. Aak for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and observt the name and address "ot Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, lon, 40D," on the Government Stamp. GEORGE MATTHEWS, I PIAI SJ-2* 0 T T S7 2tf E K, &.C., BEGS leave to iaform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Pub- lie, loat his next Professional Visit will commence on MONDAY, the Sixth of November, at ABERGAVENNY, MONDAY, the Sixth d November, at ABERGAVENNY, arrninj ut NEWPORT, on >VEDN ESDAY, wheie he will remain until the following WEDNESDAY, when he leaves lor CHEFS To W. Instruments Re-burled, with patent Felt, and on the most j improved principles. ) Cabinet, Cottage, Piccolo, & Square Pianos.. 2 Guineas Grand Piano 3 ditu> (J M. has on Sale a Grand Piano-Forte, in excellent rep i. a beautifully toned Haip, by Erat, price Twenty- vm guineas. Communications addressed 36, "Idaaarth street, Newport, will receive immediate attention. Monmou'h, October 23, 18.i3. TEE T :{ SEVENTEENTH PEiifoDICAL VISIT. ro the iSobil.ty, Gentry, Clergy, and the Residents generally If the County of Mommouth. MR. L. MOSELY, SU3G30M-SEITTSjiT, Of 12, Bi f.N!-n-siitncr.T, OXI-OIID-SIHEET, LONDON, HAS tlie honour to inform his PA'tlE NT-S. and those who may wish to consult liim, that bis next PERIODI- CAu V151 1' will commence as usual early in NOVLJIBI.H, and will, ttierefoie, esteem it as a paiticular favour of those Parties who may require his professional assistance, to vait his arrival. Days for the different owns, and address in future papers. Air. L. :11. takes this opportunity ot acknowledging the very liberal and encreased confidence repose: in his professional ..Kil and abilities since he commenced juactice III this couuty, now up was us of eight years, and a, the same time has much pleasure in slating that lus references combine very "Jauy °j the resident County Members his patients), and the Medical Profession generally. Coustan' attendance at Town Residence, No. oerners- stieet, Oxfoid-stieel wh-re Pati.nts can always be attended, and Letters achiiessed will meet with immediate attention. London 12, Berners-street, Oxford-street, Oct. 2b, ib43. TO 2S'- £ 3 SiiBT, WITH ¡ .1! MEDIA TE POSSESSION. a COMMODIOUS DWELLING HOUSE, and Garden, situite on Cominereial-road, late in the occupation ot Col. Love. Apply t<. M». JOSEPH L.VTCII. TO SKACZLSSaXTHS, &c. TO HE TJIIT, and Entered upon Immediately, A HOUSE and BLACKSMITIIS' SHOP, near the Bridge, LÀ lately occupied by Mr. Edwaid Lewis, where he has car- vied on the business tor the last 25 years, and now resigns in ,-otistiiuence of ill-health. Apply to Mr. HEN RY EDW. HAWKINS. High-street. Nev.-poit.2nd November, 1813. ELIGIBLE I V!;S I'M ENT. r B 23H O S. » ?a§?SR!?Y FOR SALE BY PilI VATE CONTRACT, LLthcit FARM calle.' GREEN MEADOW FAim" ..I. ">1.. in the hamlet of LI,A:-i VEDW i:i the County of Glamor- gan, within Five miles of Cardiff", and Seven of Newport, comprising about 50 acres of goo.! Arable Meadow and Pas- ture ia id, with a small quantity of C 0 P P I C E W 0 () D, growing theieon, together with a LABOURERS COTTAGE standing at the south extremity of the Es ate. The Land is in a good state of cultivation, and the buildings in tenantable I repair. Tbe Farm is well supplied with water by a brook which runs through the land, in which there is a quantity of excellent trout. excellent trout. i his Property leing Freehold, and situated in a respectable vciu'hboarhood, presents an eligible opportunity lor the invest- ro fiit of capita I. For i'uritier information and to treat for the same, application ro fiit of capita I. For further information and to treat for the same, application 101, t'> be mane to "I r. h'. T.REES, Land Agent, 1:-1 oily House, near Newport, where a Map of the Estate may lie seen. KING'S HEAD INN, CSK, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO SJJ2*15. HEPS »S cîc. OTHERS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, at the KINO'S Hkad INM, Usk, (by order of the Mortgagee, under a Power of Sale contained in the Mort- gage JeeJ), By Mr. WILLIAM LUCE, On MONDAY andTUESDAY. the Gthand 7th of November' 1843, the whole of THE 2*-17 lE/iS ST ITS "3, V T 0 C K 1 X T11A D E .1 S D O TII h 11 F E F E C T S The Property of Mr. CHARLES FORD. rnHE HOUSEHOLD 1- URN ITU R E cjmprises mahogany, JL four-post and tent bedsteads, leather and milSpuff beds, blankets, sheets, quilts, and counterpanes, mahogany and :>.iinied chests ot drawers, maiiogany, dining, and other tables, mahogany and other chairs, 2 clocks and cases, a large quantity ot glass, ware, krchcn requisites, with a numerous assortment II ot useful articles generally found in an establishment of this description. I I he fixtures and stocn in trade comprise one three motion beer-engine, settles, measures, two phaetons, cart horse, har- iess, saddles, bridles, and a quantity ot beer, eider, wines, and -iiits. The whole to be sohi without any reserve. The sale to commence precisety at 11 o'clock ill the Forenoon .1 each d ay. :c.OA"-? OF 30,000,000 r, 1, -) R I REIMBURSABLE by Dividends of £ 30,000. £ 23010 JL' 20,000., flo.aoo., 6iC._ Smallest Dividend £ -A). Ster- ling. General and cnief tiistributiou on the 1st of Deeembei I) cd, at 11-NNA. A few scrips are yet on sale for ,£:3. each; •I for ;1;5.: Li !or £ 30. Sterling, payable by money orders ')1 •emittances. Dividends iepaid at Pans, Frankfort, Vienna. New Yo; k, London, and Dublin. Apply lor Pro.pc tuM:», >mUi full Particulars, without de- liy, to A- J.iCOBS, Sc CO., Bankers, Ilrankfort on Maine. N.B. I o save postages, app.ications and letters may be sen! •or France to their house at Pans, Rue du Cadian," No,'iO ind for England to Mr. JACOBS, 34, Wellclose-iq uare, London, from whence they will promptly be f^rw^Hed. -(,. t "íOJ HR T MUNICIPAL ELECTOHS OF THE WEST W ASB OF THE BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. tfyENTLEMEN,— 1 request you will accept my X thanks for the confidence you have been pleased to 11.pose in vie by tuy Election as one of your Representa- tives in the J own Council. be assured it shall ever be my object to pi-oitiote iiotir ill- terests, by unremitting attention to my duties, and a faith- ful fulfilment of my trust. I remain, Gentlemen, your obedient servant, JOSEPH JONES Newpoit, Nov. 2nd, 1843 FALMSS'S LAMP CACESLES. JUS T received direct from the Manufacturer's a large sup- ply of PALMER'S METALLIC WICK CANDLES, PRICE S COMPoSl I ES, which require no snuffing. KEN. SINGTON MOULDS, and best LONDON DIPS, t>ow sell- ing at the Maker's prices, by THOMAS CLARKE, whole- sale and retail Tea Mart. 39 Commercial-street, Newport. THE CBMSTSM COMPASS'S", NEWPORT. O^RKCTFULLY inform the Public, that the CEME- fi.1; TERY being now nearly completed, will, on MONDAY the Six i) of November next, be PUBLICLY and SO- LEMNLY DEDICATED to its SACRED USES. [Ministers of the several denominations are expected to attend and the public are respectfully invited to witness the Ceremony.—Service will comntcnce at Twelve o'clock at noon precisely. Newport, 26th October, 18-13. { ASYLUM ros, tizsa INSANE, VERNON HOUSE, BRIT 0 N F E K R Y, NEAR N E A T H, PA II EN TS can now be received into tliis Establishment. Prospectuses may be had of the Pioprietor Mr. R. V. LEACH. 1 POUAZ) ZLMWAILI). STOLEN OR STRAYED FROM RISCA, On the night of the 7th of October last, A SMALL SPANIFJL BITCH, mostly,whitej has a large red spot across the back, speckled foie-lefts, short tail, with red spot over, will answer to the name of Dash or Jessie. Any person bringing her to the Old Bridge Inn, Rista, or to Mr CORMACK, Police-officer; shall receive the fcbove reward. TO GL'AM). of best quality, may be had by applying to EDW. W. JONES, agent to the Ballincoliig Royal Gunpowder Mills Co., at his Warehouse, Skinner-streei, New- port (late Messig. Hughes and Co). RISC A, MONMOUTHSmRE. TO BE LET FOR A TERM OF YEARS. SISCJA OLD MALTHOUSE AND BEEWSSY, AND A PUnLIC HOUSE. T!I J,: l\1 althouse may he entered upon immediately; the -i. Brewery after the First of May next, and the Public House after the Second of February next. Fortheiist fourteen years, an extensive business has been successfully carried on in the above Premises, which are situ- a'e i wiihin ten yards of the Monmouthshire Canal Company's tram-road, half a mile below the junction of the two lines of road at Risca, and affording a ready transit for goods, &c., to and from the mining distriets. i he present occupiers are willing to dispose of the Fixtures and Plants, at a moderate price, by valuation or otherwise. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. B I RC Hand DA VIS, Solicitors, Newport, Monmouthshire. TO G £ NTXiS2!IX2N F&RBXS&S, To be let and entered Upon on the 2nd of February next DENESTOW ESTATE, CONTAINING about 230 acres of Supeiror ARABLE and MEADOW LAN D, situated in the Parish of Caldicot, Couuty of Monmouth, distant Six miles from the Market town of Chepstow. and Nine miles from Newport. There is an excellent HOUSE, and Olliees of every description lately erected and fit for the residence of a siiiill genteel family.—For particulars apply to D. CARRUTilEllS, Esq., at the Glandra near Chepstow. 3rd November, 18-13. TO rARMlSJGr BAlZtSFFS, ANTED a WORKING BAILIFF who perfectly 7 ¥ understands the management of a Farm, and can make himself generally useful.— For particulars apply to D. CARRU1HERS, Esq., at the Grandra,near Chepstow. 3rd November, 1843.




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