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REBICCAIIM. Jeha Ricbtrdt, John Phillips, and baa. J*m«, wer. 18. .ict.d with having, on the 30th of July last,at Trevethin, stolen Mreitl belt and bedding, a quantity of wine aud spirits, and various other articles of hou-ichotd furniture, said in one tountofth" indictment to be the properly of John Moses, a publican in Pontypool, and in a Fecond count to be the pro- perty of the High Sheriff of the county. The case excited great inteiest in Court, from rumours very prevalent thai the noted Rebecca would now appear at the bar all a prisooor. Mr. Daniel, who appeared for the proaacutioo, stated the ha. to the jury, and called William Fiame, who said: f was acting It sheriff's officer tH Pontypool, in July last, in John Moses's house, at Bridgend. It was put in the charge of John Priitlurd and myself. Isaac Jamas was lodging there. I went to bed about eleven o'clock oa Sunday night, after seeing every door and window fastened. After 1 had gone to bed I heard a burning of the doois below, and on going down I heard a gun filed. The person who had the gun was dressed in woman's apparel. He had a tight gown 08 him, black bonnet, and a cap tied under the chin. The gull flashed in my face. Two men then beat me with sticks en the head, and one man came from the back kitchen, and I atruck me three times with a poker. They then burst the cel- lar door open, and pushed me down into it. Pritchard was tumbled down after me, and they said if we made a noise they would kill us. There were about twelve there altogether. From the gratiog of the cellar, which looks into the yard of the house, I saw a cask of something rolled out by Isaac James end another man. They all went away about three o'clock in the tnerning, and we then found a window aud a door broken down, I missed eleven beds and clothing, one aide of bacon, thirteen pewter dithea, a cask of gin, a cask of port wine, and a cask of rum. I levied on Moses's goods by order of the sheriff. John Pritchard, sworn and eiamined, said I am assistant 'Wiff's officer, and was put in possession of Moses's goods by Mr. Graham. On the night of ithe circumstance described by the last witness, 1 saw a man in the house dressed in women's clothes, and I believe John Richards to be that mil. The gun fired was in the hands of the same min. I was atruck by poker, which broke my collar-bone, and I was pushed down the cellar. I was atruck afterwards three or four times. After I wet struck I went up stairs, and the blood fell from my head "POD the bed quilt, wliere I lost about four or five quirts of blood. I should think there were twelve persons in the house. The goods lost from the house were as described by the last wit. "•as. I can't tall who struck me the blow with the poker. Caroline Taylor sworn and examined, said I know the pri- •oner, John Phillip's house. Richards came there on the *ight of the 30th July, and called up Phillips. George Gar- dener also came there. I looked down through the crevices 9f the floor after the prisoner went down and let in the men, and saw Richards put on woman's clothes. Some time after- wards they all went out, and in a short time returned with a ■ed and quilt. There was blood on the quilt, which I after Wards partly washed out. John Phillips asked his wife for a •J'r or bottle to go back for spirits, but his wife refused, and ?e lay down upon the bed he bad brought home. I remained the house about five weeks. Phillips told me ha had the from the Bridge End. I rose next morning, and some said Rebecca had been at the Bridge End. I told Pbi- "Pa of it, and he said I never saw such a Rebecca ?" He told me they had put the meu in the cellar, while ">ey took away the goods. He and his wife said they had to Day John Richards 30s. for the bed. John Hodden, and other policemen, gave evidence in the and proved some unimportant matter connected with the taking into custody of the prisoners. John Prichard, on being re-called, said he knew one of the P'ds (the one taken from Phillips's house), to be one of the betls laid, because he had made many of the ttxtehes in the tick. In reply to Mr. Rickard, as to how he could swear to the Jtiches, he said some had been since made by a bungler, which he could see very well by the side of his own. You," said Hichards to Mr. Rickard, might make a better stitch, and •f you'll try I'll get you a thimble and needle. (Loud laughter.) tyr. Daniel asked witness if he was a tailor. Oh, certainly, 'j*i or 1 should not have asked your learned friend to take a thimble and needle." (Loud laughter.) Mr. Rickards addressed the jury, and called witnesses. William Saunders proved that last Monday there were no c'evices in the floor the female had alluded to, through which l,]e had sworn she had seen the prisoners in the room below, *°d it appeared to hare been in tne same state for several years Past. v. William Davies proved an alibi In favour of the prisoner John *jchatds. fbomaa proved that he went every Monday morning call Richards at two o'clock to hie work, and it was hia firm belief that hecalled him on the morning in question, i t\1r. Richard Morrison, Blendare colliery, said prisoner had ueen in his employ for a number of years, and always bore a ch^rAotcr# Charles Waite proved that the prisoner James, who lodged **th him. had not been out of his house at night on the 30th ofJuly. iJamea Daffy proved that the grating m the yard of the End Ion, through which one of the prosecutors said he the prisoner taking away a cask, was covered over with "ones on rhe morning in question. He had a cart there to out of the yard to go on an early journey, and he could not ?eUt over the aratiug till the stones had been removed from "-Or his cart would have been capsized. Mr. Daniei addressed the jury at considerable length, going through }he evidence of each witness seriatim. His Lordship, in summing np, characterized the assault the prosecutors as a heinous and aggravated offence, "bleh placed them in imminent peril of death. All connected* "th the outrage, his Lordship said, were alike guilty. The tviderice against the prisoners was so strong and so consistent, that good character could not weigh materially against it. The jury consulted for a considerable time, and on being en- quired of. stated that they could not agree. One of them at said they believed Phillips to have been in possession the same bed, but not guilty of the riot or assault. His Lordship said if they believed that he had the bed, they ~?t believe he broke into the dwelling-house. j- he jury at length returned a verdict of not guilty, imme- rj*tely on which the crowded court clapped their hands and takiUte<* an<* Peered tremendously a large number of respec- jp'e parties near the bench loudly expressing their unqualified "belief of the correctness of the verdict. •Jr. Owen was the solicitor for the prisoner. "u Lordship, previously to another case being tried, desired JTm a new jury should be sworn. He was desirous to get a was perfectly impartial." ih»* ^We° said tiie ballot-box mutt ba introduced ill sweat* a new jury. WOI»J Chairman said it was no business of Mr. Owen, and he « he interfered. ™i- ■nj er the jury had acquitted John Richards, John Phillips, Isaac James, on an indictment for house breaking and lar- they were arraigned on an indictment, charging them 2uh riot and assault on the sheriff's officers, arising out of the y^becca case, at the Bridge End, at Pontyoool.on the 30th of "<% last, leported above, and having pleaded not guilty, the Prosecutor applied to traverse until next sessions, which was panted, and the defendants, each with two sureties, entered to recognizances to appear accordingly. T MISDEMEANOUR. jjf°hn Staunton, aged 20, was charged with obtaining a sove- under false pretences, from John Diamond, on the 7th jj^pril, at the borough of Newport. Guilty.—Two months' P'Uonment. (To be continued in our next.)



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